thafreakso...it seems rackspace found my linked in profile...anyone with 5+ years sysadmin experience looking to move to texas?15:32
thafreaki said i would ask around...lol15:33
thafreaki did15:33
thafreaknow I'm not a liar15:33
jrgiffordthafreak: would they settle for 1 professionally, 2 as a hobbyist?21:38
thafreakjrgifford: i dunno, but i think the main thing is willingness to relocate to texas21:57
thafreakAre you on linked in?21:57
jrgiffordthafreak: yes, and i'm not really that interested21:58
jrgiffordin working for a cloud company21:58
* belkinsa needs to get an LinkedIn account...21:58
thafreakIf anyone wants to connect with me on linkedin just pm me...22:01
thafreakI get lots of recruiter traffic22:02
thafreakmost of my stupid connections on there are actually recuiters...22:02
thafreakit's annoying...I'm like who is this and why do i care that they have a new job22:02
thafreakoh must be a recruiter i accepted a connection from22:02
thafreakOff to teach...see you all around...22:04

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