SamuraiAlbaNaN.  Not A Number00:05
SamuraiAlbaNaan.  A type of flatbread from India00:06
waltmansnow day tomorrow!03:05
InHisName1Bleahhh, the three day weekend with my autistic son just stretched into a five day one......03:14
InHisName1waltman: not 'nan' I said nand   or   ~and gate  (not and gate)03:15
waltman"--> design a 3 input nan" :)03:16
waltmannand certainly makes more sense03:17
InHisName1Musta missed the last part not sent to you.....  here tis: term.  --> design a 3 input nand gate and lay out for 2" wafer.  Give all docs, layouts, layers, . times of furnace baking and so on.  Prepare as final report to submit to your boss for approval to begin 'production'.  Prof selected the 'winning' one, fixed any errors and that became our lab assignment for the next term.  Most called him 'evil'.03:18
waltmanYow! Where was this?03:19
InHisName1Univ of Fl  approx '7303:20
waltmanAh. I still don't know anything about computer hardware.03:22
InHisName1I have both hard, soft and firm wares.   Still HR's still seek out that I lack 3 years of java 7, or 8.   Guess they want someone from Oracle only.  Don't seem to be interested in someone already in their backyard.03:37
JonathanDlet my battery die last night, all my personalized stuff reset.09:40
JonathanDkinda lame.09:40
rmg51forgot caps lock was on10:28
JonathanDdon't let your head get so big, rmg5110:29
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else12:58
lazypowerslow day for news, i'm running out of things to read between deploy cycles17:47
ChinnoDogRead the ham radio technician manual and get a license17:51
ChinnoDogI wonder how many blocks of studying for 10 minutes it would take17:52
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