wrstnot so much i dont like country music much00:01
Unit193...And in -tn they don't arrest you for that?! :P00:01
Unit193Eh, I like some, but TSO is really the good one.00:03
wrsthope not00:03
wrstmainstream country is an embarassment to music00:03
Unit193I'm listening to older country, does that count?00:03
wrstolder country isnt crapola00:05
wrstsome is actually quiet good00:05
Unit193TSO = Trans-Siberian Orchestra00:05
wrstthey are good bit a bit seasonal00:05
wrstfor my taste i think Christmas00:05
* wrst thinks bzr/launchpad just enjoy being slow00:55
Unit193I think I just did something stupid. :D00:59
wrstUnit193:  who hasn't today?00:59
Unit193I think I just perma locked myself out of my VM. :D01:00
wrstthat's not a good thing!01:02
Unit193Well, it's LVM encrypted right?  No problem, I know the password.  One slight problem, only way to type that password in is over ssh, and I just regenerated the keyfile without transferring it. :D01:04
wrsthow do you fix that?01:04
Unit193Unless I can get it to drop me to busybox.01:05
Unit193Set the boot option break=something, then fly by how it feels from there (worked for me...)01:16
Unit193https://wiki.debian.org/InitramfsDebug break= was all I needed.01:17
wrstbreak i dont like that word concerning computers01:19
twaynepricewrst: I'm thinking of getting a phone with ting.  We are staying with att at work and I'm tired of bad service.  I found a real cheap galexy S2.  Thoughts?01:26
wrstgood phone awful battery01:27
wrstting does iphone 4/4s now also twayneprice01:27
wrstpersonally im a rather large nexus 5 fan01:27
wrstmy brother just got his son a s201:28
wrstor is it an s2?01:28
wrsti know an generally preceeds a vowel01:28
wrstany way this isnt grammar chat :)01:29
wrsttwayneprice: my bill last month on ting was 35 bucks and if you do it i would be more than happy to send you a referral link01:29
* wrst goes into sales mode ;)01:30
twaynepricewrst: I definitely holler at you and get a link before ordering.  I should be getting an iPhone 5s with att soon so really any decent phone for ting should work.  My main thing is something that can work on Verizon and something I can tether with on the rare occasion.  The S2 has a small crack but is only $50.  :)01:37
twaynepriceIf it works well, I'll move my wife off of Verizon.  Her contract is up.01:37
wrstyep ting roams voice and text on verizon but not data01:38
wrsti have been very happy with the coverage01:38
wrstits not verizon, but its certainly not terrible and they are lighting up more LTE up just got it in livingston this month01:39
wrstbut voice coverage i have found to be as good as verizon01:39
wrstoh and the link gets you and me 25 bucks off :)01:41
twaynepricecan't beat that.  :)01:42
Unit193wrst: OK, so it wasn't as easy as just that.  Mounting things (encrypted and not) normally isn't fun. :P  Then, because I don't know how it loads the rest of the system, I have to get the key out without using rsync, scp or fun tools. :P01:43
Unit193twayneprice: Howdy!01:43
twaynepricehey there Unit19301:43
wrstthey are pretty cool about giving some credits out01:49
wrstgot 50 bucks for being an early adopter on the nexus 501:49
wrstso Unit193 did you get it running?01:50
wrstthats good01:51
Unit193So, recovery if no networking/ssh isn't a cakewalk, so something to perhaps figure out.01:52
wrstUnit193: cold yet?02:08
Unit193Temp: 3 F (-16 C) ~ Overcast ~ Windchill: -4 F (-20 C) ~ Humidity: 85%02:08
Unit193You tell me?02:08
wrstits 16 here02:10
Unit193I see a 16 in that line, we must have the same weather! :P02:11
wrstwell not negative and not Celsius02:11
wrstwe may drop below 0 sometime this week02:12
Unit193We might in a couple minutes. :P02:12
* Unit193 checks outside.02:12
Unit193Alright, almost looked like there was steam coming off my body...02:14
wrstha ha02:17

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