thebwtHi aocnmsossthrij19:59
aocnmsossthrijhi thebwt20:00
aocnmsossthrijConsidering going towards ubuntu from mac osx20:00
aocnmsossthrijthere is nothing on mac osx and anything that is free on ubuntu costs on osx20:01
thebwtI am not positive I understand20:16
thebwtI think you're trying to aski if there are things that you pay for in OSX that is free in Ubuntu20:17
thebwtor some variation on that?20:17
aocnmsossthrijthebwt: WHich version of ubuntu is for BigTex23:14
thebwtI'm not sure what BigTex is23:15
aocnmsossthrijgive me a download link23:20
aocnmsossthrijtexas ubuntu23:20

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