josedaker, mhall119: yeah, but I meant maybe a list with names and that kinda stuff? if not, I'll file a bug - may be an interesting feature02:27
mhall119jose: was my URL not what you needed?02:47
josenot actually - it displays user IDs and such02:48
joseI can compare and do a cross-reference manually, but the ideal thing would be to have the reg tool to export a list of names of attendees02:48
jose(let's say, if I have 50 or more attendees, so I can print it out)02:49
mhall119jose: ah, we don't have a link between attendee and user03:07
josejust the user number :)03:07
mhall119we don't link attendee to user number either03:08
mhall119jose: file a bug :)03:11
* jose does03:12

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