Kiloshi mazal and others05:18
mazalMorning everyone05:19
Kiloshi bduk1 05:48
bduk1More Kilos en almal05:49
inetprogood mornings05:54
inetproMaaz: tell kilos good morning05:54
Maazinetpro: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:54
Kilosmorning inetpro 05:59
magespawngood morning 06:09
Private_Usermorning all06:14
magespawnhi Private_User 06:19
Private_Userhello magespawn 06:20
Kiloshi magespawn 06:24
Private_Userhi Kilos 06:25
Kiloshi Private_User ThatGraemeGuy 06:27
SmilyBorgMorning folks07:06
* Kilos needs to spend time fighting modems. this timeout thing sucks07:08
mazalGuys anybody here use Xubuntu ? I'm trying to find a " recent files " menu or option , but can't find any07:12
magespawnhowdy SmilyBorg mazal 07:13
mazalHi magespawn 07:13
=== plustwo_ is now known as plustwo
somaunnhi charl07:55
somaunnhi magespawn07:55
charlMaaz: coffee on08:11
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:11
inetproyes please08:11
inetproMaaz: coffee please08:12
Maazinetpro: Okay08:12
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and inetpro!08:15
inetproMaaz: dankie08:31
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend08:31
nuvolarihi somaunn, inetpro08:34
somaunnhi inetpro08:34
charlMaaz: thanks08:35
Maazcharl: No problem08:35
charlmorning inetpro 08:35
* Kilos came again back08:37
somaunnhi Kilos08:37
Kiloshi somaunn 08:37
Kilosgood to see you have become part of our community now08:38
nuvolarihallo oom Kilos :->08:52
Kilosdag se nuvolari  hoe gaanit?08:52
somaunnKilos: 08:58
somaunnKilos: yeah08:58
somaunnone of my goals is to open people eyes so the  can see linux and opensource is the best way to go08:58
somaunnwhich is not easy to do 08:59
somaunnKilos: do you know about secure ninja ?09:02
Kilosnope somaunn ?09:02
Kilosspread the word for ubuntu more than anything09:03
Kilosi want 50 people here then i can retire09:04
somaunnKilos: already started, i'm preparing a sort of HackFest with an install party So peoples can discover Linux with Ubuntu/Fedora as top STAR09:05
somaunn50 Peoples in this channel09:05
Kilosif fedora is like centos then i wont like it09:05
Kilosoh there is help for centos noobs , nuvolari runs them all day09:06
Kilosthis is the best most helpful of all the linux channels im sure09:07
somaunnKilos: Fedora is more like ubuntu but making use Gnome Shell 3.1009:11
charlhi Kilos 09:11
somaunnit's good09:11
Kiloshi charl 09:11
Kilosill hang with ubuntu till i cant use it anymore09:12
somaunnnuvolari: i want to be part of your help session for centos noobs09:12
somaunnnuvolari: is there a specific channel i have to join ?09:12
Kiloslooking forward to 14.04 in kde definitely and will check if unity is getting better09:12
Kilosall help is here09:13
inetproKilos: if we have 50 peeps in here all chatting away you will have to retire09:13
Kilosjust remember the guys are busy somaunn 09:13
inetproyou won't be able to cope with any conversation09:13
Kilosyeah i cant keep up09:13
Kiloshi trender 09:14
Maaztrender: trender: By the way, you have a pile of memos waiting for you, too many to read out in public. PM me09:14
inetproMaaz: what's for lunch?09:14
Maazinetpro: It feels like a KFC day09:14
inetprofirst time I see Maaz telling peeps to PM him09:15
magespawnhi Kilos you staying around this time?09:18
magespawnhi inetpro 09:18
magespawnhi somaunn 09:18
Kilosmagespawn, hi man , it was late09:19
Kiloshi SmilyBorg hows the girl?09:19
SmilyBorgHi Kilos. Doing ok. Still unemployed though. Got a lead on a possible programming job though which could be good. How you doing?09:21
* Kilos holds thumbs for you09:21
Kilosim good ty09:21
psyatwhi Kilos09:24
psyatwhi SmilyBorg09:24
Kiloshi psyatw 09:24
psyatwhi inetpro09:24
psyatwhi somaunn09:25
psyatwhi trender09:25
trenderyo yo09:25
inetprooh hi psyatw09:29
inetproand nuvolari, charl and mage[tab]09:30
Kilosmage has become a yoyo lately09:39
Kiloswb magespawn 09:42
Kilosyoyo again09:42
charlhi psyatw 11:44
charlhi magespawn 11:44
psyatwhi charl11:44
psyatwhello magespawn11:44
charlmagespawn's connection is as stable as a tortoise on a unicycle11:45
Kilosadsl magespawn ?11:59
Kiloshi charl 11:59
charlhi Kilos 12:02
Kiloshi liamT 12:50
jhb_hackerhi there13:00
Kiloshi jhb_hacker 13:02
Kiloslong time no see13:02
jhb_hackerlong time indeed, ive been exploring elementaryOS all this time13:03
Kilosand elemenaryos cant find ubuntu-za13:04
Kilosbad os13:04
Kiloswe have a meeing next tueasday night at 8.30pm hey13:05
Kiloscome join us \13:05
magespawnhi psyatw charl13:05
jhb_hackerno problem13:05
Kilosgonna do some discussing the net in za13:05
Kiloslook for solutions i hope13:05
GolynxHi Kilos . I think i will switch to the Xfce-desktop in Ubuntu. Its 140MB in the repositories.14:06
Kilosits in synaptic14:07
Kilosthen it will show what all is needed14:07
GolynxTicked marked and ticked Apply, that gave me 140MB. Plus some basic apps aswell, like word processor and music player stuff14:08
GolynxThats what i want, a effectsless desktop environment14:09
GolynxIf i knew it sooner iwould've had it by now14:09
Kilosmany peeps like xfce14:11
Kilosi didnt14:11
GolynxSince the gpu takes up over 200MB ram and whats left is 740MB. Unity is wasting extra space14:11
Kilosprefer kde and unity14:11
GolynxYa if you got the hardware for them14:12
GolynxSo Xfce with all its minimal everything, will work for me. 14:13
Kilosim  running unity on a 2.8g cpu with 1g ram14:13
Kilosbit slow but useable14:13
Kilosya its much faster14:13
GolynxYes unity is usuable by me too, but still a bit much on the hardware use side14:14
Kilosthats the nice part about ubuntu you can add on other gui's and choose at boot time which one to use14:15
GolynxI will use the full unity when i got a pc that can handle  that14:15
Kilosjust above where you type in password on login there is a little icon on the top right of the window14:15
Kilosthats where you choose14:16
GolynxYa i like that option too. I was always using Unity 3d , then found that way to change to 2D. But 2D unity still a bit much, so Xfce will have to do14:17
Kilosya unity is a bit heavy14:17
Kilosloves lotsa ram14:17
Kilosim gonna start building custom pcs so you can get one from me one day14:18
GolynxI saw some figures of Unity using 400MB ram ,and Xubuntu using 190MB on a same benchmark14:19
Kilosi couldnt even get unity installed with under 640m14:19
Golynxya i will like to have a pc you built14:19
Kilosbut then maybe it because of old hardware14:20
Kiloswill work out prices14:21
Kilosthe killer in pcs is the cpu cost14:22
GolynxThats true. I just want a basic interface, like winxp will do fine as a look. Fancy Gui's is not what i want now. 14:22
GolynxYa thats true. A core i3 will be fine too14:22
Kilosbottom of the range will be a dual core 3ghx with 4g ram14:23
GolynxAslong as it dont cost more than 7k14:23
Kilosjust built one , it flies14:23
GolynxAh cool14:24
Kilosi3 is 1200 just for the cpu14:24
Kilosdual for R60014:24
GolynxIs intel really better than AMD14:25
Kilosthat ewxtra 500 can nearly get a 500gB hdd14:25
Kilosi have never tried any amd stuff14:26
Kiloswhat inetpro ?14:29
inetprowho's running ntp.is.co.za ?14:29
Kiloswhat is it14:29
inetprotime server14:29
Kilosset your time manually14:30
inetprolooks like their ntpd is down since a day after our attack last week14:30
inetproKilos: ai!14:30
Kilosbring it up in the meet tuesday next14:30
inetproplenty of resources rely on the time service man14:30
Kilosoh ok14:31
inetprosee http://www.time.org.za/14:31
Kilosyou want me to read all that?14:32
inetprook hang on, I suspect there's something else playing here14:32
inetprothe traffic might be blocked further down the line14:33
Kilosoh cant you get it to open14:33
GolynxAi, everytime the modem overheats it disconnects14:33
Kilosput fan or get new one14:34
Kiloswhat modem?14:34
Kilosof dothought it was inetpro 14:34
Kilosyou can remove the cover then they maintain better14:34
GolynxIts a hot summer day here though i'm sweating. Dunno if its that too14:35
Kilosmatches your lappy that modem14:35
GolynxIts a usb stick modem14:35
Kilosmodems are supposed to work even in hot weather14:35
Kilosian had one did same as yours14:36
Kilosremoving the cover sorted the prob14:36
GolynxThe usb pin gets too hot to touch then it disconnects14:36
Kilosnot heat from the lappy?14:37
GolynxMy system temperature readings are below 60 though14:38
Kilosfeel around the usb socket14:38
Kilostry the modem in another one maybe14:39
GolynxThe lappy is hot, but the hard drive is cooking 14:39
Kilosyou work too hard14:39
GolynxFeels cooler where the modem is plugged in. Just the modem itself is so hot14:40
GolynxNope hardly visit sites14:41
Kilosthats an unhappy lappy that14:42
Kiloswhere did you get it?14:42
magespawnlater all15:04
Kilosoh my inetpro wat breek jy15:04
inetproeish nee, ek's onskuldig15:05
GolynxThe modem wont connect with other ports. It gives the same heat though15:13
GolynxBut thats ok, its probably the weather here affecting it15:14
GolynxWill see if thiings improve when the wheather is cooler15:58
Kilosyou got no breeze there?16:02
GolynxYa breeze here coming in the room, but humidity is a bit high16:03
GolynxDunno why they ship firefox as default in Xfce-desktop. I dont think its that lightweight16:06
Kilosbut its everybodys favourite browser16:08
GolynxYa its a great browser for web developers16:09
Golynxgot many debug features too, and plugins for everything16:09
somaunnhi guys20:02
Kiloshi somaunn 20:04
somaunnhi Kilos20:13
somaunnwhat's new here20:13
Kilossame old. quiet20:13
somaunnwas out for a long long time20:14
Kilosnight all . sleep tight20:46

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