quadHelixsorry, bar code scanner fired off there....00:00
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Maadisonat what memory levels is it wise to still run 32bit 12.04 instead of 64-bit on a VPS?00:08
schultzais ubuntu testing release a semi-rolling release?00:08
schultzaor do i have to update like the other to go from one codename to another?00:08
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donj_can someone walk me through installing a tar.xz file?00:28
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lorinhosomebody here?00:30
donj_just me00:30
lorinhoi have a problem here with my notebook... the wireless connection dont work! can you help me?00:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:32
schultzahmm.. where is the more educated question one...00:33
schultzalorinho: what do you already know about your wireless issue? is it not finding wireless networks, connecting then disconnecting.... ?00:33
donj_help me schultza00:34
zhanghi,after i use the ubuntu 13.10, my computer can't link the wireless network ?how can i to deal with ? anyone can help me?00:34
schultzadonj_: what's going on?00:34
lorinhomaybe the driver is not installed.. i dont know00:34
donj_im trying to install mplayer00:34
donj_its a tar.xz file00:34
lorinhonuno_nunes, está aí?00:34
schultzalorinho: what are you experiencing currently?00:34
donj_idk lanything about linux00:35
schultzadonj_: mplayer should be part of the repository. Can you '[sudo] apt-get install mplayer' ?00:35
nuno_nunesenglish plz lorinho00:35
donj_im using crouton on my chromebook00:35
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:36
schultzazhang: is it seeing any wireless networks?00:36
donj_i did that command and it installed something but when i tried to open a video nothing came up00:36
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schultzadonj_: did you open mplayer first?00:36
lorinhoi'm a newbie.... nooo i dont have wireles network... i dont see00:36
nuno_nuneslorinho visinting channel portugues or brazilian plz00:37
donj_i juted typed mplayer in a terminal00:37
nuno_nunesmore info00:37
zhangschultza:any wireless network? what is that meaning ?00:37
donj_i think its showing me controls to operate it but theres no gui00:37
schultzalorinho: right click on your network connections icon and let me know if there is a check-mark on wireless.00:38
schultzazhang: right click on your network connections icon and it should show named wireless networks. do you see anything in there?00:38
nuno_nunesthis wireless is view in terminal this comand !lspci00:38
lorinhono, nothing00:38
schultzadonj_: hang on.. let me boot my linux up.00:38
lorinhoyes... nuno i will try this comand00:38
schultzadonj_: are you using 12.04 or 13.10 ?00:38
donj_im using crouton00:39
nuno_nuneslorinho vai a sala portuguesa pode ser00:39
donj_i installed it on my chromebook00:39
zhangschultza: Yes,i see the list of the names.but i can't connect it00:39
donj_since nothing else can be put on it00:39
schultzazhang: what happens when you try?00:39
schultzahang on guys... switching to irc on linux. might show up as aldaek00:40
zhangschultza:just say "can't connect"00:40
zhangschI install the wicd,00:41
SaidKLEQuestion: I'm trying to compile a tiny program with a glade file using gtkmm; it compiles fine, but when I run it, I get an error about gtk+2 symbols being used. I am not aware of any such symbols, as I am using Glade300:41
zhangschultza : also,i install the wicd,but ,wicd always tell me input the passward00:42
aldaekok. how had the mpalyer issue?00:42
aldaekdonj_: there is another package called "mplayer-gui"00:43
aldaekdonj_: what you need to do now is run this command in a terminal. "sudo apt-get install mplayer-gui"00:43
MichaelPWas runing mint 16.. Installed ubuntu desktop... But i have no shutdown logout.. unity menu will not search anything..00:43
donj_im running it now00:43
zhangschultza: i don't know what passwd i should give.i try the wifi 's passwd  ,but it tell me incorrect00:43
aldaekzhang: over here now.00:44
nevynMichaelP: top right corner.00:44
donj_i see the gui now ;)00:44
aldaekzhang: but its allowing you to use the password. is the caps lock on your keyboard lit/in use?00:44
aldaekdonj_: let me know if  that will open your video file.00:44
MichaelPnevyn: nothing on panel.. no clock or anything00:45
donj_im not seeing the video but i hear audio00:45
aldaekdonj_: one moment.00:45
MichaelPubuntu-desktop only installed 68 packages00:46
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zhangaldaek: capslock is off00:46
Ben64MichaelP: you installed ubuntu-desktop package on mint?00:46
MichaelPBen64: yes i have done in the past with ubuntu-desktop kubuntu-desktop with no problems00:47
aldaekdonj_: do a "file [filename]" where filename is the name of the video you are playing and pastebin the results.00:47
Ben64MichaelP: so you're not even running ubuntu. you'll want the mint support channel, but they may not help you there either00:47
aldaekif you have pastebinit installed, you can just "file [filename] | pastebinit"00:48
Psil0CybinAnyone notice the ubuntus repo of rkhunter is outdated? is that a problem? do you think I should have the most recent version of rkhunter, or it makes no difference guys? from a security stand point...obviously rkhunter does nothing if you are just blatently stupid..00:48
aldaekzhang: password is wrong? are you sure the password is being intered correctly for the right named wireless network?00:48
aldaekPsil0Cybin: what is rkhunter?00:49
zhangaldaek: i am sure. i try many times00:49
Psil0Cybinaldaek: rootkit hunter, it is offered in the default repos00:49
Psil0Cybinif you type in sudo apt-get install rkhunter00:49
MichaelPWell then guess i don't test unity..00:49
Psil0CybinMichaelP: I am no fan of unity, I like Xubuntu alot better..just because of the Xfce.00:50
zhangaldaek:  is the problem of ubuntu 13.10  ?00:50
aldaekzhang: Ok. im at my limit for wireless help, unfortunately on your issue. Maybe another user here can help. It may be a configuration/driver issue on your computer.00:50
aldaekPsil0Cybin: thank you.00:50
aldaekzhang: was it working in 13.04 or before?00:50
zhangaldaek:ok,thank a lot.00:51
Psil0Cybinaldaek: I just recently, fixed my wireless issue by going out and buying a 24$ USB Stick...some drivers are not supported properly.00:51
gordonjcp!mint | MichaelP00:51
ubottuMichaelP: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:51
aldaekPsil0Cybin: do you know how to find out what wireless he has?00:51
Psil0Cybinaldaek: one second00:51
zhangaldaek: before, i use 10.04,there is no such problem00:51
MichaelPPsil0Cybin: I don't like Xfce ... Themes don't want to ever look like they are supose to for me00:51
aldaekgordonjcp: I think he came from mint to a full ubuntu install.00:51
Psil0Cybinaldaek: lspci -v00:51
Psil0Cybinthat will list all his drivers/internet devices in use.00:52
aldaekzhang: can you pastebin the results from this command? "lspci -v"00:52
Psil0Cybinyay finally I can help, I recently...went through this kind of issue. zhang.00:52
Jjanghey. can anyone help me with a network card problem ive been having?00:53
Psil0CybinI am telling you though, after 30 days of googling I had to go out and buy a friggen new card.00:53
MichaelPKubuntu xubuntu mint.. All ubuntu base... Ubuntu-desktop is ubuntu repo...00:53
Psil0Cybinsome hardware is just not liked by certain kernels, and drivers....alike00:53
aldaekJjang: is it wireless? Psil0Cybin may be able to help better...00:53
Jjangyeah its wireless00:53
Psil0Cybinaldaek: it was wireless i had an issue with 02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)00:53
Psil0Cybinslash still do.00:53
aldaekJjang: what version of ubuntu are you running? did it work before in a previous verson of ubuntu? and can you see wireless networks?00:54
Psil0Cybindrops out on me, cannot browse the net or download anything00:54
aldaekPsil0Cybin: my boss has that card.00:54
Psil0Cybindrops out on me, cannot browse the net00:54
aldaekit's still flacky with a file, but he's on debian, not ubuntu.00:54
Psil0Cybinaldaek: garbage with ubuntu 12.04 64 bit i dunno what the heck is wrong00:54
zhangaldaek: how i give you ?00:54
Psil0Cybinwith that card00:54
donj_i got it working by switching the video render aldaek00:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:55
Jjangim running 13.10. both wired + wireless work on my home router, but when i come to my university, it fails. ive narrowed the problem down to install bcm4313 wireless drivers00:55
aldaekdonj_: good. enjoy! :)00:55
zhangPsil0Cybin:grate, can you help me ?00:55
Jjangmy card recognizes the wireless internet available, but when i try to connect, it asks for a username + password, then does nothing00:55
Psil0Cybinzhang i am no expert, but I can try!00:55
Psil0Cybinlets see...what are you using?00:55
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aldaekPsil0Cybin: zhang is new to linux, he may need a little walkthrough.00:56
Psil0Cybinzhang: does typing "sudo dhclient" fix anything (should reconnect everything) if it is wireless.00:56
kruger_Guys, i would like to save the filename in rtorrent as a variable to use in a bash script00:56
aldaekJjang: by do nothing, even with the information entered, it didnt connect or report an error?00:56
kruger_Is that even possible?00:56
Jjangit doesnt do anything00:57
Jjangthe login screen just appears again after i enter it00:57
zhangaldaek: you are right!heihei!00:57
aldaekJjang: does the password prompt stay up?00:57
Psil0Cybinzhang: i might have to go shortly, but if that is the case i will be back later.00:57
Jjangno it processes for like 20 seconds, then it re-appears00:57
zhangPsil0Cybin: o k !  thanks .00:58
Psil0Cybinzhang: no problem! people here are the nicest, do not forget...00:58
aldaekJjang: and it still works at home?00:58
Jjangyeah it works at home00:58
zhangPsil0Cybin: my luck to meet you00:58
Jjangi was looking into some potential problems00:59
Psil0Cybinzhang: if you are new to linux, just remember...patience is key! I learn it all the time here, from IdleOne.00:59
aldaekJjang: what kind of wireless setting does (minus username/password for security) your univserity use?00:59
Jjangwhat do you mean? like dhcp?00:59
jeffrey_fjjang: What type of security does the campus use.  WPA2 Enterprise requires a user+pass.01:00
aldaekJjang: wireless security... like WEP vs WPA. etc.01:00
zhangPsil0Cybin:  ok, i have enough patience01:00
aldaekand yes, there are two different WPA2 settings too.01:00
zhangPsil0Cybin:thanks , see you01:01
Jjangthere are two versions of the internet.01:02
Jjangregular is none, but it has you log in via a website01:02
Jjangthe secure one is WPA & WPA2 Enterprise01:02
EuclidisFaience Ocre icon theme for kde?01:02
konnoranyone know an irc for java development?01:02
Jjangthe regular one doesnt even connect at all. and the secured one asks for a login immediately, but just repeats it01:02
aldaekJjang: did they just give you a username and a password.. did they provide any CA cert/keys for your TLS connection?01:02
Jjangyeah i have a username and pass01:02
Jjangim unfamiliar with the terms you used01:03
aldaekJjang: did they give you any additional files/keys?01:03
konnoranyone know an irc for java development? pls?01:03
Ben64konnor: why even ask in #ubuntu? maybe start off in #java01:03
aldaekJjang: have you worked with their tech support already?>01:03
Psil0Cybinzhang: Just remember: I was having trouble with this (02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)) If this is your card.....derp...buy a new USB Controller, etc.01:03
konnorit says it needs a password and i don't know how to get one :(01:03
Jjangyeah they dont support linux. lol01:04
Ben64!register | konnor01:04
ubottukonnor: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:04
Jjangbut i see my friends using the internet all the time01:04
konnor! register konnor01:04
aldaekJjang: have you tried your username/password on your friends computer? non-linux yet?01:04
jeffrey_fJjang: It isn't about Linux.  Ask them what is required to authenticate to their network.01:04
Jjangyeah it works01:04
Jjangit works on windows just fine01:05
Jjangwhat would i need to authenticate?01:05
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derpwut Psil0Cybin01:05
Psil0Cybinoh your a person derp. eep. sorry.01:06
Psil0Cybini hope eep isnt someone also01:06
Jjangsorry. my wired connection disconnects at times too01:06
ghsIt's secure to update Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 13.10 ?01:07
Jjangwhat would i need to authenticate to their network?01:07
jeffrey_fJjang:  Ask their network team what is required.  If you are being asked for a username and password, then you would need to get those credentials from IT.01:08
Jjangi have those credentials already. its my university log in for every page. its the correct credentials01:08
Jjangi log into it just fine in windows, but it doesnt work on ubuntu. i assume its not a credential problem01:09
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jeffrey_fJjang: next question then, did you try your Ubuntu Login.  Ubuntu may be asking for elevated authority to add the network01:10
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impossiblewhich skype works on 13.1001:16
Beldarimpossible, The one in the ubuntu repos.01:18
Beldarimpossible, Its advised to use the repos version.01:19
impossiblei couldnt find it lol01:19
impossibleill look01:19
impossiblecan i just do sudo for it?01:19
impossiblesudoapt-get install skype?01:20
Beldarimpossible, It's in the partners repo try sudo apt-get install skype01:20
impossibleBeldar, thx01:20
dd0002how to upgrade libreoffice in xubuntu 12.04?01:20
dd0002version in software center is not upgraded, right?01:20
Beldardd0002, only upgrades beyond the ubuntu repos are PPA's, which are not supported here.01:21
dd0002where can i go then?01:21
Beldardd0002, You have not given any detail but upgrade, not the version you have or want, or why this is even needed.01:22
impossibleBeldar, sudo apt get installdidnt work01:23
impossibleaw man01:23
impossibleshould i download the 32bit version from theirbweiste01:23
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TadcrazioHey guys.. i have elementary OS and i have  a note 3. When i wanted to get pictures off my phone but when i plug it in, all of my folders or directories in the phone are completely empty, it is not shwoing anything. Any IDea?01:24
dd0002i have libre office version 3...in website i see versions 4...i don t know how to update it!01:24
rwwTadcrazio: ask the Elementary OS folks :)01:25
Beldarimpossible, You have to make sure all the repos are open run software-properties-gtk and in other software make sure the canonical partners and independent repos are ticked if do so then run a update and try the install again.01:25
Tadcraziorww: i figured it was close enough here01:25
Ben___need help with 12.04 LTS to 12.10 upgrade. Dual boot (windows and ubuntu). When booting system, once Ubuntu is selected in menu, it goes to splash screen goes through BIOS check like normal and then goes to black screen with non blinking cursor.01:26
rwwTadcrazio: Not quite. We split things up down to the actual distro so there isn't confusion when child distros make changes, and so we (or #debian) don't get overwhelmed :)01:26
Ben___I upgraded through the software upgrade feature in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS01:26
Tadcraziorww: thanks!01:26
BeldarBen___, Did you need a graphic driver install in 12.04, they do not follow distro upgrades, use a nomodeset boot to get in01:27
Ben___I don't think so I was using the generic nouveau drive Nvidia (I believe)01:27
Ben___how do I do a nomodeset boot?01:28
Beldar!nomodeset | Ben___01:28
ubottuBen___: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:28
ghsIt's secure to update Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 13.10 ?01:28
Ben___ok I'll check that out01:29
Beldarghs, upgrades are up by releases if not a LTS.01:30
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Beldarghs, 12.04 to 12.10 to 13.04 to 13.1001:31
Ben___how do I set this, if I can't get into ubuntu though?01:32
Ben___do I need to create a boot disk on a usb stick?01:32
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craigbass1976Anyone ever had a torrent go just so far every time you try to download it, even after reboots and trying it on different networks (using different ISPs)?01:34
craigbass1976siren_face2000, BOO!01:35
jotahola quien en español? necesito ayuda!!01:35
siren_face2000I need some help figuring out where to get grub installed.01:35
siren_face2000I have a partitioning scheme that would be helpful.01:35
nrdbI had a VM booting via nfs, but now it is hanging with a message of "rpcbing: Cannot open '/run/rpcbind/rpcbind.xdr' file for reading, errno 2 (no such file or directory)"  ... all the suggestions I have found say to just remove rpcbind ... I don't think I can do this as I must have nfs for the system to work.... what can I do to fix this?01:35
BeldarBen___, read the link01:35
jotabith no entiendo01:36
siren_face2000my current partitioning scheme is /home which is 250 GB01:36
siren_face2000next one is /usr with 10 GB01:37
Ben___ok, I think I see it now, I scanned a little too fast01:37
siren_face2000followed by /var with 2 GB01:37
BeldarBen___, You will edit grub, you may need to tap the shift on powering in to see the grub menu.01:37
rwwwhy do you have so many separate partitions o.O01:37
siren_face2000then /lib with 5 GB01:37
siren_face2000then /boot with 250 MB01:37
rwwubottu: es | jota01:37
ubottujota: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:37
Ben___I usually see grub because I have my system to dual boot between ubuntu and windows but didn't see what I had to hit to edit01:38
siren_face2000then /opt with 5 GB01:38
siren_face2000 and then /etc /sbin and /bin all have 250 MB01:38
Beldarsiren_face2000, pretty old school to partition like that, why is my question?01:38
rwwwhy on earth do you have separate partitions for all of these01:38
rwwnormal people just have a / partition, a swap partition, and maybe /boot if they're doing crypto or something01:39
siren_face2000I found this to be a good partitioning scheme based on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DiskSpace01:39
rww(heck, normal people just let the installer do it, since its values are fine 99% of the time)01:39
siren_face2000I have a 3 TB hard drive, and I can't figure out where to put GRUB.01:40
rwwdo you have any other OSes installed?01:40
Beldarsiren_face2000, did yo see this for some you have partitioned "Bearing that in mind, the following directories should NEVER be placed in their own separate partitions"01:40
rwwthen just install it to /dev/sda or whatever your hard disk is labelled as01:41
siren_face2000right, but I'm running Win8.1 with UEFI01:41
rwwthen go back and undo the stuff you did, and let the installer handle it all01:42
siren_face2000I've tried it a couple of times, and I think I might have to install it to maybe /sdc101:42
siren_face2000but I may have to create a space for that, don't I?01:42
rwwbecause it will do it perfectly fine, including grub installation, by itself01:42
siren_face2000I have Ubuntu 13.10.01:42
siren_face2000and it's obvious that I do have to put the GRUB loader somewhere.01:43
siren_face2000should I install it manually?01:44
nrdbsiren_face2000, whenever I have installed Ubuntu on a windows computer, the install process resized the windows partition and created all the Ubuntu partitions and install grub automatically01:44
rwwubottu: cn | val__01:44
ubottuval__: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw01:44
Guest51101is it weird that ubuntu hurts my penis01:45
rwwGuest51101: Yes. Do you have any on-topic issues we can help with?01:45
val__rww is Chinese ,right?01:45
siren_face2000ok, so I want to run GRUB on windows, but have ubuntu running on my external drive01:45
siren_face2000which has 3 TB01:45
Beldarsiren_face2000, Ubuntu has adapted to W8 dual boots in general, the auto install to a unallocated space should take care of all the placements.01:46
Maadisonif you apt-get install foo, why does apt-get remove foo not remove everything that was installed as a dependency for foo?01:46
rwwis foo a metapackage?01:46
siren_face2000are you saying I should just install Ubuntu to my main hard drive?01:46
Beldarsiren_face2000, Install where you want, to an unallocated space.01:47
jotauna pagina en español para consultar rapido?01:47
nrdbI had a VM booting via nfs, but now it is hanging with a message of "rpcbing: Cannot open '/run/rpcbind/rpcbind.xdr' file for reading, errno 2 (no such file or directory)"  ... all the suggestions I have found say to just remove rpcbind ... I don't think I can do this as I must have nfs for the system to work.... what can I do to fix this?01:47
Semor_In multithread process , when could main thread exit ?01:47
siren_face2000ok, so when I go to "something else" during the install, should I just select my external drive which is sdc, and let it do the rest?01:48
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jotauna pagina  en español para consultar rapido? es urgente!01:48
rwwjota: English here. #ubuntu-es for Spanish, thanks.01:48
jotarww: no responden ahii!01:49
nrdbSemor_, with multi-threading it has to wait for all the threads to finish first (as thread use same memory for the program).. in multi-process I think the main thread (that started the others) can exit at any time.01:49
Nerfherderjota ... para espanol, vaya a #ubuntu-es.  Aqui todos hablan ingles.  Yo no se espanol o Linux bastante bien para ayundar.01:52
Semor_nrdb:I must use pthread_join to wait all thread exit from running ? if I put a endless loop in one child thread , does it running all the time withou any break ?01:53
Maadisonrww yes, foo is a metapackage01:55
rwwMaadison: Ubuntu and Debian handle metapackages stupidly. I use aptitude and editing /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove and changing the packages and sections listed to not-a-package or something helps01:55
rwwdunno if it helps apt-get, since I don't use it01:56
nrdbSemor_, I haven't done much programming with threads, when the main process is finished, just before it exits, it 'waits' for all the child processes to finish before exiting.01:56
Maadisonrww - OK, thanks, knowing it's a meta-pkg problem will help me along.01:56
Ben64aptitude messes up on multiarch last i checked, probably should be careful with it01:56
rwwBen64: works fine for me01:56
nrdbSemor_, see the manpage for wait01:59
aldaekim back.02:00
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Semor_nrdb: To make two child thread run alternately , should I pthread_join each one in main thread?02:05
phil-nsanybody here dealing with using citrix icaclient 13 in xfce? its got some disturbing windows/mouse behaviour02:08
konnorcan i post wine issues here?02:12
Kalelhow is the performance of games playing with 'play on linux'?02:13
konnorthat's a good question i'm downloading mw2 right now.02:13
KalelI'd like to run some windows games on my 13.10..02:13
bazhangkonnor, #winehq after checking the appdb02:14
bazhang!appdb | konnor02:14
ubottukonnor: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:14
macsxscan anyone recommend some good command line programs02:20
macsxsi have basically none that I use outside of the context of programming02:20
macsxslike an IRC client would be cool02:20
quidnuncirssi is a console irc client02:20
macsxsok thanks, but also, I am hoping somebody knows of a list of newbie-friendly progrmas02:21
macsxsor some repository02:21
macsxsto browse by type02:21
maverick2345macsxs: irssi02:21
macsxsmaverick2345 thank you but i am also looking for some help with other programs, i.e. finding a list of programs02:21
quidnuncmacsxs: If you are trying to "learn to use" the commandline you won't do it by finding interesting programs to run02:22
konnori didn't know people actually wanted console programs02:22
konnoris your mouse broken?02:23
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macsxsmacsxs I kinda just want to be able to feel cool by opening up the terminal and running programs in it02:23
macsxslol i just wrote myself02:23
macsxsquidnunc konnor02:23
quidnuncmacsxs: Go to commandlinefu.com02:24
macsxsquidnunc: thank you02:24
macsxsquidnunc exactly what i was looking for02:24
Beldarmacsxs, YOu know your sane when you realize that. ;)02:24
quidnuncmacsxs: you're welcome02:24
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Viking667hello. I'm trying to migrate my Ubuntu (12.10) from a bad drive to a good drive. What commands do I need?02:29
atomxThe network-manager stops each time when I close the laptop lid, and have to restart it with service ... restart. How can I configure it, such that it never stops when I close the lid ?02:29
quidnuncViking667: How much extra space do you have?02:30
quidnuncViking667: What type of error do you have on bad drive?02:30
Viking667it's uhm, a downsize, unfortunately.02:30
Viking667the drive has block read errors, so I'm getting my data off while I still have some to get off.02:31
monokromeHey. Does anyone know how to set up gnome-terminal to use my Xresources file instead of the default Ubuntu colors?02:31
quidnuncViking667: Okay, minimize use of old drive (keep it disconnected until you are ready to transfer). Especially don't do tests on the disk or writes.02:32
macsxsmonokrome did you try going to edit -> profile preferences -> colors02:32
quidnuncViking667: Can you still mount the filesystem?02:32
Viking667I'm on it now.02:32
monokromemacsxs: Yes, but that doesn't use my Xresources afaik02:32
quidnuncViking667: Are you ready to copy?02:33
Viking667mmm hmm02:33
Viking667oh, not yet.02:33
macsxsmonokrome ok i have no idea what Xresources afaik is02:33
Viking667give me a moment, I have to make partitions02:33
monokromeafaik is "as far as I know"02:33
macsxsmonokrome well going to that menu lets you choose custom colors02:34
monokromemacsxs: Yeah, btu that's not what I'm asking02:34
fredouillei have a problem with gnome audio02:34
fredouillei do not have "mix"02:34
macsxsmonokrome ok then02:35
quidnuncViking667: If you have smartctl installed do "smartctl -x /dev/sdXX > /some/place/safe/smartctl-$(date --iso-8601=minutes).log" to get a snapshot of the drive health02:35
fredouillei tried many solution as pulseaudio, alsa and others settings but i failed02:35
fredouillei just want to record sound system and mic02:36
Viking667I already know it's not in happy shape. inode table got a little hammered with read errors, so that's why I'm migrating data off.02:36
konnormy ubuntu desktop freezes every once and a while help! amd 3.2 ghz  quad core with an nvidia gt640 with propriatary drivers02:36
rafantehi, may someone please help me out with a video card driver instalation problem?02:36
fredouillei'm in gnome-shell02:36
quidnuncViking667: The point is to tell how much worse it is getting over a short period of time02:36
quidnuncViking667: Ideally you would have a spare drive as large as the bad drive and use dd_rescue to make an image of the partition.02:37
quidnuncViking667: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery02:37
quidnuncViking667: That helps deal with certain problems, like programs repeatedly trying to read a bad sector (and making it more likely your drive will fail)02:37
quidnuncViking667: Since you don't I would recommend using rsync02:38
Viking667the drive I've got is half the size. /home will go onto a spare drive, the rest of the system will get its files copied into a new drive02:38
Viking667so. You reckon use rsync to copy files from old drive to new drive?02:38
Viking667or just cp?02:38
rafanteI've updated upgraded followed the tutorial here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwgMwa1dYng but when it was supposed to show up a screen with the driver instalation that screen keeps in my toolbar as a message I can see the screen if I alt+tab, but I can't select it and it is shown as a question mark02:38
quidnuncViking667: Yeah, you can't create a block-level image with dd_rescue unless you have 1x capacity of old drive + 1x size of data02:39
quidnunc(to create image and then restore)02:39
quidnuncfrom that image02:39
Viking667mrm. the issue I have isn't really file recovery, I've got that handled. More... how do I make the new drive bootable ?02:40
quidnuncViking667: You should have said so. This is your root parition?02:40
Viking667will be.02:40
quidnuncViking667: You need to set the boot flag on the partition and install a bootloader02:41
Viking667right. hang on, I'll get gparted to do this job...02:41
quidnuncViking667: gparted sets the boot flag02:42
Viking667mmm. I can do the file copying once I've made the relevant partitions02:42
nrdbSemor_, you still there?02:42
Viking667I'll be right back in a few.02:42
fredouilleplease help me with the mix sound of my system02:43
rafanteI've updated upgraded followed the tutorial here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwgMwa1dYng but when it was supposed to show up a screen with the driver instalation that screen keeps in my toolbar as a message I can see the screen if I alt+tab, but I can't select it and it is shown as a question mark02:43
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fredouillei want to record sound and mic in same time02:43
nrdbSemor_, to have two thread run alternatively you would need to have some sort of signalling between the threads.  One way is to use a semaphore, do you know what they are?02:45
macsxsfredouille i want to do that too02:45
fredouillemacsxs, we are two :)02:46
konnori'm recording sound and mic right now02:46
fredouillei'm in gnome and i use simplescreenrecorder02:46
quidnuncViking667: sudo grub-install /dev/sdX # <-- New drive (not partition)02:47
quidnuncViking667: then update-grub02:47
konnorpactl load-module module-loopback02:47
fredouillebut it's impossible to record sound system AND mic02:47
quidnuncViking667: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing02:47
konnorthat's the command for recording both02:47
quidnuncViking667: You can also try Boot-Repair02:47
konnoryou record system sound with that command on kk02:47
macsxswhoa cool02:47
konnorpactl load-module module-loopback02:47
macsxskonnor what is "kk02:47
fredouillebut that does not work konnor with simplescreenrecorder02:47
rafantehey can someone please help me with amd driver instalation I've updated upgraded followed the tutorial here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwgMwa1dYng but when it was supposed to show up a screen with the driver instalation that screen keeps in my toolbar as a message I can see the screen if I alt+tab, but I can't select it and it is shown as a question mark02:47
fredouillebecause, i must to choose device in menu of simplescreenrecorder02:48
Jordan_Uquidnunc: GRUB doesn't care about boot flags, and neither does a properly written BIOS.02:50
quidnuncJordan_U: Okay, was not aware.02:52
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clearcoat_bentrouble with booting 12.10 after upgrading from 12.04 LTS. I have multiple partitions. tried the nomodeset to no avail. reinstalled grub to the sda where ubuntu is located using boot repair. still can't boot ubuntu from disk. able to boot from usb and access files.02:53
Jordan_UViking667: Since you're going to use a new /boot/, not the one that's currently at the path "/boot/" (which is hosted on the failing drive) you'll need to either pass --boot-directory=/path/to/new/boot/ to grub install or chroot into the new installation before running grub-install (which is probably the better way to go, as you'll need to be chrooted to have update-grub configure a grub.cfg for your new system rather than the old ...02:55
Jordan_U... one).02:55
Jordan_Uclearcoat_ben: What happens when you try to boot?02:55
quidnuncViking667: boot-repair might be easier to try first02:55
clearcoat_bentried boot repair. turn laptop on if I click on ubuntu, then it goes to splash screen and then black screen of death. if I select Windows then it boots up fine.02:56
Jordan_Uclearcoat_ben: What if you choose "Advanced options for Ubuntu" and select the first recovery mode option?02:57
xanguaGood night everyone, I am trying to run ppa-purge to remove a repository and also the packages it installed, the problem is it just doesn't seem to do it http://pastebin.com/EDJS71SP02:59
Viking667about the only thing left is that I'll be making the new drive sda... with uuid support, it won't hurt so much.02:59
Jordan_UViking667: What do you mean by "uuid support"?03:02
xanguaGood night everyone, I am trying to run ppa-purge to remove a repository and also the packages it installed, the problem is it just doesn't seem to do it http://pastebin.com/EDJS71SP the message says it does but after I open software sources I see the mentioned repisitory still enabled and none of the packages were removed. After I run ppa-purge and Manually disable the repository you can see the packages are still present http://i.imgur.com/qhJjIjj.png03:03
OerHeksxangua, seems more parts of that big repository have uninstall problems > http://academic.cleardefinition.com/2014/01/17/drat-sparkleshare-unofficial-ppa-includes-breaking-update/03:03
Viking667Jordan_U: simply that GRUB will look for a filesystem with specific signature when it starts up.03:04
Jordan_UViking667: Chrooting into your new installation to run grub-install and update-grub will handle that.03:04
Jordan_Uxangua: It makes it a little easier for us if you run "export LANG=C" before running any commands so that the text is in English.03:07
konnormy ubuntu desktop freezes every once and a while help! amd 3.2 ghz  quad core with an nvidia gt640 with propriatary drivers in 13.1003:17
konnorno one else getts freezing in 13.10?03:20
jeffrey_fIs /boot/images a good way to test other than creating an actual CD or USB stick?03:20
konnorimma just try getting regular linux kernal03:21
Jordan_Ujeffrey_f: What do you mean by "/boot/images/"? What are you trying to test?03:21
konnorthanks for the help  :|03:21
jeffrey_fJordan_U: Through grub-imageboot.....I can place an ISO in /boot/images and run  sudo update-grub2 and I get the option on the grub boot menu to boot an image.03:24
jeffrey_fJust curious if anyone has used this to test live images03:25
Jordan_Ujeffrey_f: I've used the loopback.cfg standard that it's based off of, and that works fine and is a great way to test Ubuntu releases. Combined with zsync, it's an even better way to test daily builds (only download the differences from older images).03:26
Semor_nrdb:yes ,I know what is semaphore03:49
devianshey! has anyone here got any experience with ubuntu and touchscreens? I'm trying to see if I can get one finger scrolling happening03:58
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konnormy ubuntu desktop freezes every once and a while help! amd 3.2 ghz  quad core with an nvidia gt640 with propriatary drivers in 13.1004:00
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Barrin6kinda hard to troubleshoot without more details konnor04:02
monco0421talk something!04:04
konnorwhat other details?04:06
alex`Hello everyone.04:06
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monco0421I have install ubuntu14.0404:07
monco0421but it show me ubuntu13.1004:07
IdleOnewhat does "cat /etc/issue" say?04:09
IdleOnealso if you downloaded to 14.04 iso to test, you should ask for support in #ubuntu+104:09
monco0421ask for support in?how04:10
DroBuddyHey guys. I'm running 12.04 and am unable to get my usb tethering to work properly. Ifconfig usb0 has a valid ipv4/6 address; network manager shows it as connected. `routes` are valid; dns lookups seem to be working as when I ping my server (or any others) the DNS is resolving to the correct IPs, yet pings fail and I'm unable to connect to any services (ssh, mail, http/s, etc). Any suggestions?04:10
DroBuddyUnfortunately, I'm actually having to use irc on my phone to even try and troubleshoot this; it's a nightmare.04:11
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monco0421DroBuddy: i dont`t know04:12
lotuspsychjeDroBuddy: whats going on?04:12
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DroBuddyWhen I enable usb tethering on my phone, Network Manager shows that the connecction is established. I have a valid IP, am able to ping the gateway, but am unable to access any services (such as http/s, imap, ssh, et al).04:13
=== Sleepnbum is now known as Guest76823
DroBuddyRoutes look good. DNS seems to be working.04:13
DroBuddyThe only thing that I've found that seems odd is ip link show's output04:14
lotuspsychjeDroBuddy: ubuntu version?04:14
DroBuddy12.04 precise.04:15
DroBuddyAll up to date and Ihave adb installed and working.04:15
DroBuddyIf I disable tethering, adb devices shows the device and Iam able to connect to it.04:15
DroBuddyThe phone is a Galaxy S4, stock (no rooted).04:15
lotuspsychjeDroBuddy: and what exaclty are you tryin to do?04:16
DroBuddyI have Sprint with unlimited data and have called them. They're not doing anyting to stop usb tethering, only wireless.04:16
DroBuddySimply get online ;)04:16
DroBuddyI'm out of town on business and for whatever reason tethering isn't working.04:16
DroBuddyNot really sure what else to check. Ifconfig usb0 is solid.04:17
lotuspsychjeDroBuddy: you want to link phone to ubuntu laptop to get online with phone?04:17
DroBuddyIp link show: usb0 state is unknown.04:17
DroBuddyBeyond that, everything looks good04:17
DroBuddyNo, not reverse tethering.04:17
DroBuddyI'm trying to share my phone's data with my laptop, so my laptop can get online.04:17
DroBuddyAny ideas on how to proceed troubleshooting it?04:18
DroBuddyI've done a lot of googling and this doesn't seem to be an issue for most. According to what I've read, on 12.04 it's supposed to work 'out of the box'04:19
monco0421you can share your data by hotpoint ,s4 cando it04:19
DroBuddySprint charges you money to use Hot Spot, unless I root my phone04:20
DroBuddyWhich, oddly, I've tried it and it worked wihtout issues.04:20
lotuspsychjeDroBuddy: could it be your device needs an unlock first? http://askubuntu.com/questions/302700/no-usb-tethering-possible-with-galaxy-s304:20
DroBuddyOnly USB tethering is being a pain.04:20
DroBuddyIm gonna go take a look at that link. Brb04:21
DroBuddyThanks, lotuspsychje04:21
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DroBuddyThat app he linked to requires the phone to be rooted.04:23
DroBuddyWhich I do plan on doing eventually... But, my phone is my only means of ccommunication while I'm out of town. So I think I will wait til Iget back home (which wont be for about 6 weeks yet, argh).04:23
ubuntu-gnomedarnit! I'm still having trouble04:24
ubuntu-gnomeI need some serious help here04:24
DroBuddyMaybe I have to create a ccustom udev rule...?04:24
ubuntu-gnomeI've created the required partitions for a basic install on my 3 TB external drive04:25
ubuntu-gnomeBUT, I need to know where to put GRUB on my WIN8 hard drive so I can boot my external drive from there04:25
DroBuddyIdk, I'm pretty good at Linux troubleshooting (I used to work for AWS doing just that), so I'm very confused why this seems to be an isolated issue and I can't get the dang thing to actually work.04:25
DroBuddy@ubuntu-gnome: What's the problem?04:26
DroBuddyI'll try and help you if Ican.04:26
ubuntu-gnomeI have /dev/sda as an ATA ST2000DM001-9YN1 (2.0 TB)04:26
DroBuddyWell, before you tell me your partitioning layout; what are you trying to acccomplish?04:27
DroBuddyRAID? Just custom partition table?04:27
ubuntu-gnomeI have to create a custom partition table for my 3 TB external hard drive.04:27
DroBuddyOk. I didn't notice the external part a moment ago.04:27
DroBuddyGo on.04:27
ubuntu-gnomeso dev/sda3 is a windows recovery environment (loader)04:28
ubuntu-gnome/dev/sda5 is the main windows loader04:28
ubuntu-gnomethen I have /dev/sda6 and dev/sda704:29
DroBuddyStupid question, possible, but if this is an external HDD, why is it allocated as /dev/sda[1-x] instead of /dev/sdb[1-x]?04:29
ubuntu-gnomemy external is described as /dev/sdc04:30
DroBuddyOk, so why are you messing with /dev/sda? That's your default HDDwhich the OS is installed on, or should be at least.04:30
DroBuddyOn a quick side note, I'm glad I have a bluetooth keyboard or this would be a nghtmare trying to type all of this out on a damn phone. Lol04:31
ubuntu-gnome/dev/sda is the main hard drive.04:31
spq_hi, im searching for a place where i can find old packages, those that are not the newest in any ubuntu release, is there something? (debian has http://snapshot.debian.org/)04:31
DroBuddy@ubuntu-gnome: Are you dual booting linux/windoze on sda? What is sdb, also?04:32
=== Pebbe|Away is now known as Pebbe
ubuntu-gnomesdb is the USB flash drive I have linux on.04:32
ubuntu-gnomeI should say that I want to have the bootloader for Ubuntu on my main hard drive so it can boot my external drive.04:32
DroBuddyAh, so /dev/sda is Windows, sdb is linux (pendrive), and sdc is your external you want to partition. Correct?04:32
ubuntu-gnomeI quit the Ubuntu installation program, because I'm not sure what I'm doing right.04:33
ubuntu-gnomeI should say I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.04:33
DroBuddyYou just want to have /dev/sdc available when you boot into linux? If so, you should just partition /dev/sdc as one large partition and modify the fstab in /dev/sdb so that it auto mounts the external HDD on boot.04:34
ubuntu-gnomeso how do I do that?04:34
ubuntu-gnomeI'm a beginner04:34
DroBuddyNo worries.04:34
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
DroBuddyI'll try and walk you through it... But without me having internet it may be a lil' tricky. Haha04:34
ubuntu-gnomeI'm going to create a new partition table for /dev/sdc04:34
DroBuddyI tend to refer to docs constantly, and wont be able to very easily right now.04:35
ubuntu-gnomewhat kind of partitioning should I do.04:35
ubuntu-gnomeI will be right back04:35
ubuntu-gnomejust a few mins04:35
DroBuddyI'm gonna go smoke. I'll hit ya up when done.04:35
DroBuddyF*** it. I'm gonna smoke inside. It's too cold out.04:35
DroBuddyAny networking gurus in here?04:36
DroBuddyI need help troubleshooting my internet connection.04:36
spq_is there anything like http://snapshot.debian.org/ for ubuntu?04:36
DroBuddyI'm really hoping I'm just overlooking somethign stupid. ;)04:37
DroBuddySpq: Not that I'm aware of. Sorry.04:37
ubuntu-gnomeyou know what?04:37
DroBuddyUbuntu: What's up?04:37
ubuntu-gnomeI need to restart my PC, because my PC uses UEFI04:37
ubuntu-gnomeI need to go in and find out if I have the settings correct.04:38
monco0421DroBuddy: http://zhidao.baidu.com/link?url=sJBVHDmyMIJ8lnVWavRVKyHP5Z73-rKJB757_6sLMh7VkXCw7FCRGBQfbSlFP96XX_8sJ-n1qIvzobAHx1f0Ja04:38
ubuntu-gnomebecause according to an article I found online, I have to have fast boot disabled, secure boot disabled, csm/legacy as off and fast startup disabled.04:39
ubuntu-gnomemy computer is a Lenovo H430 by the way.04:39
DroBuddy@monoco: Thanks for the noble attempt. Unfortunately, my phone provider doesn't allow me to use Hot Spot without paying additionally for it. I have to get usb tethering to work :(04:39
ubuntu-gnomeI have IRC installed on my android tablet.04:40
DroBuddy@ubuntu: Just do a normal ubuntu install on the pendrive. Boot that up and then you can modify the fstab to mount /dev/sdc (the external HDD)04:40
DroBuddy@monoco: So, baidu really is that popular in China, eh?  :D04:41
DroBuddyI wonder if my problem is with network manager; I may have to install wicd instead when I get back to the offfice tomorrow.04:42
DroBuddyIdk how my client will feel with my troubleshotng my network while at their office tho. Haha04:42
DroBuddyBetter go use a coffee shop or something, actually04:42
ubuntu-gnomewhat's the server address here?04:44
DroBuddy@ubuntu: It's irc.freenode.org ....04:45
DroBuddyUse AndChat on your table and enable SASAL authentication in the Freenode settings.04:45
DroBuddyFreenode is a default option tho when you install AndChat.04:45
DroBuddyYou just have to enter your NickServ password and nick as your username  and it's respective password in the SASL part of the settings.04:46
ubuntu-gnomeok, is the port 666704:46
DroBuddySounds right.04:46
nicko_94hey guys, does anyone know about bash scripting?04:46
ubuntu-gnomeok, and there's no password required.04:46
Jordan_U!anyone | nicko_9404:46
ubottunicko_94: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:46
staja84fnicko_94: I believe there's a #bash channel04:46
staja84fnicko_94: if you don't find help here, that is04:46
DroBuddyNicko: Yeah, some. What are you trying to do?04:47
DroBuddyI think I'm gonna go make a beer run. My head is starting to hurt from staring at this small (phone) screen.04:47
nicko_94I'm trying to get the location of an image, by extracting a line from a text file, and then opening the image http://pastebin.com/BG2RsiY104:48
DroBuddyIs there a chan dedicated to network troubleshooting?04:48
DroBuddyK. One sec. Lemme take a look.04:48
DroBuddy@nicko. Sorry broha. My head is killing me right now. I'm not gonna be of much use at this point.04:50
DroBuddyI can bash, but it hurts  ;)04:50
Jordan_Unicko_94: What is $ubicacion_real ?04:50
ubuntu-gnomeyou know what? I'm just going to wait and have you help me with this install, at your convenience.04:51
ubuntu-gnomethen I'll go into the BIOS and make sure everything is set up right.04:51
Viking667incidentally,   line=$(grep "whatyouwant" whatyourfileiscalled.txt)   is neater.04:51
DroBuddy@ubuntu: Ok. I'm trying to run some diagnostics right now. Give me a lil' while and I'll try and help ya.04:51
Jordan_Unicko_94: Also, you should quote all your uses of variables.04:51
ubuntu-gnometake your time..04:51
=== dominic__ is now known as mdih
nicko_94Jordan_U oh, mistake, I tried first in a spanish channel...$ubicacion_real should be $cleaned_line04:52
monco0421why i'll be get out for a monment automatically04:52
Viking667personally, it's a bad idea to use a line from a file as execution04:52
Viking667what's archive.txt got in it?04:52
ubuntu-gnomeI think I'll record every step in a text file and send it to my gmail account so I don't forget anything.04:53
nicko_94Jordan_U I tried it with and without quotes, no difference at all04:53
Jordan_Unicko_94: Get rid of the sed hack, put quotes around your variables, "$like_this", test the script, then come back if you have more problems.04:53
nicko_94I already did it, and it doesn't work04:54
Jordan_Unicko_94: Please post the exact script, with all of the changes that have been recommended to you.04:54
Viking667actually, yes, quote your vars, but I'd go one step further:  "${like_this}"04:54
Viking667... because we still have no idea what's in archivo.txt04:54
nicko_94Viking667 it really is a pcmanfm.conf file, with the wallpaper location in it04:55
Viking667so.throw up the relevant section from the conf file in a pastebin, with about three lines either side.04:55
Jordan_UViking667: What's in archivo.txt has no influence on "$var" vs "${var}" which are equivalent in this case.04:55
Viking667mmm. I still do that, I've been bitten by $var.catted where I meant to have ${var}.catted04:56
Jordan_UViking667: Yes, but that has nothing to do with what the variable contains, only with its name and surrounding text.04:57
Viking667I did a bash commandline parser ... in bash. It hurt my head.04:57
Viking667and I still didn't get it right.04:57
Viking667it'd do exactly what I wanted it to do, that wasn't the issue. My real problems lay in whatever edge cases I hadn't considered when originally writing.04:58
nicko_94the original file is this http://pastebin.com/QWrRZqJr04:58
Viking667nicko_94: and?04:59
nicko_94and I want to get the location of the wallpaper, to open it later with an image viewer05:00
Viking667loc=$(grep -e ^wallpaper that-file); eog ${that-file}05:01
Arnie__nicko_94: /usr/share/..... search in that folder05:01
Viking667whoops, sorry. Not what I meant to say05:01
Arnie__subhrojit777: bong?05:01
Viking667loc=$(grep -e ^wallpaper that-file); eog ${loc##wallpaper=}05:02
Viking667^^^ that's what I meant to say ^^^05:02
Jordan_UViking667: You're still forgetting to quote your variables.05:03
Viking667probably true.05:03
Psil0Cybinhey guys how can I find the setting that changes how many last commands are kept if I hit up in the terminal?05:03
ROPAIs there anyway to put my entire ubuntu install, including the home folder into ram and then run it without ever writing to the drive again (as long as the power stays on)?????05:03
Viking667check the bash man page for that, Psil0Cybin05:03
Arnie__HISTSIZE i think05:04
Psil0CybinViking667: what would I search exactly, what is that command called?05:04
Psil0Cybinsorry that is why I came here :P My search terms would be very vauge.05:04
Viking667I think it's histsize, not sure though.05:04
Jordan_Umonco0421: Please don't post spam in this channel.05:04
Viking667whoa. lag.05:04
Psil0Cybinthanks Viking667 :D05:04
Psil0CybinI will search for histsize :)05:04
Arnie__echo $HISTSIZE05:04
nicko_94Viking667 what does eog do?05:04
Viking667Psil0Cybin: use caps when you search for that.   HISTSIZE05:04
Viking667nicko_94: it's a picture viewer.05:04
Viking667You'd use an equivalent... whatever your program for showing pictures is called, use that.05:05
nicko_94it says that there are no pictures in that location; exactly the same error it said with the previous script .-.05:06
Jordan_Unicko_94: That's because Viking667 still didn't quote their variables.05:06
Viking667what's the program called, and what does it expect to see? A filename or a folder?05:06
Arnie__use find /use/share -type f -name *.jpg05:06
Viking667and yes, put ${loc##wallpaper=} into quotes05:07
Arnie__use "find /usr/share -type f -name *.jpg"05:07
Viking667Arnie__: he wants to show a specific picture where the location is in that file he showed an excerpt from.05:07
Jordan_Unicko_94: loc="$(grep -e '^wallpaper=' packmanfm.conf)"; eog "${loc##wallpaper=}"05:07
Viking667Jordan_U: yup. That's the one.05:08
Viking667Jordan_U: but in THAT case, your initial loc assignment doesn't need the "  because the $( .. ) overrides anyhow.05:08
Psil0CybinThanks Viking667 for the tip! you rock05:08
Viking667now if I'm wrong, I'll be surprised.05:09
Viking667Psil0Cybin: heh. don't thank me. Wasn't me - thank Arnie__05:09
nicko_94that works perfectly! Thank you Viking667 and Jordan_U05:09
Viking667I just pointed to man page.05:09
Viking667nicko_94: de nada. You're welcome.05:09
Jordan_Unicko_94: You're welcome.05:09
Psil0CybinThanks Arnie__ as well, found what I needed, but it seems a little bit more difficult.05:10
Jordan_Unicko_94: Do you understand what quoting variables does now?05:10
Psil0CybinI was wondering if i could perhaps just hide certain commands like encfs?05:10
Psil0Cybinfrom displaying on the history :P05:10
Viking667nicko_94: if you don't then check out the #bash channel. They're good at helping.05:10
ubuntu-gnomestill here05:10
Arnie__HISTSIZE is a environmental variable05:11
jarainfHow to install a package I found in the Gentoo repos?05:11
zanzacarwhen I look at what top says for cpu usage of a process vs ps aux I see a large difference does anyone know why?05:11
ubuntu-gnomewaiting for drobuddy05:11
Arnie__sorry it should be an environmental variable05:11
nicko_94Viking667 Jordan_U : That's exactly what I'm going to do now, I need to learn this05:11
=== HDRDanny is now known as HDRDanny|Zzz
Viking667jarainf: you find the sourcecode and compile it up, or use apt-cache (or synaptic) to see if it exists in a Ubuntu repo already.05:12
Jordan_Unicko_94: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide/Practices#Quoting is a good explanation of quoting variables, the rest of the guide is great, and #bash is excellent :)05:12
Arnie__change the package from gentoo for native .deb05:12
jarainfViking667, didn't find it there. How does one compile sourcecode up?05:13
nicko_94Jordan_U:Oh, I'll check it now, thank you very much :)05:13
Viking667you need to install your compiler, and binutils. You will also need whatever the sourcecode needs to compile correctly.05:14
jarainfViking667, how would I find that out?05:14
Viking667Check out README and whatever the configure script inside the sourcecode says05:14
Viking667sourcecode usually should come with README, perhaps INSTALL.05:14
Arnie__Viking667 is right05:14
Jordan_Unicko_94: You're welcome.05:15
Viking667failing that, most of the sourcecode packages use configure, (from autotools) so that'll also tell you.05:15
Psil0CybinArnie__: an enviromental variable, means it can be altered to display what I want? Sorry I really need to pick up basic linux books to learn simple terms, and concepts I have already in my head but no definition for..I am a self taught mess.05:15
jarainfthis was less fun than I imagined.05:16
Arnie__u can export HISTSIZE=1000 from shell05:17
Arnie__sorry if i am wrong. i have a memory problem05:18
Viking667to make that a permanent setting, check out your ${HOME}/.bashrc or ${HOME}/.bash_profile05:18
Arnie__Viking667 to the rescue. hoooha05:19
Arnie__thnx Viking66705:19
Arnie__im in the chat session for windows, i can't check out what i'm saying05:22
jarainfohgod m(05:23
jarainfYou might as well want to set HISTFILESIZE05:23
jarainfAlso: google it05:23
jarainfThere are over 9000 threads on every forum there is.05:23
Arnie__times up i have to go. very nice to be here! lol05:27
Psil0Cybinyuck winblows.05:27
Psil0Cybini stopped giving bill gates my buisness a while ago.05:27
IdleOnevery interesting, not for this channel though. Please stick to Ubuntu support, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic05:28
=== dino82 is now known as zz_dino82
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
llamanaroAnyone know any good stress test software? I want to see how long the battery on this laptop can run under load.05:35
subhojit777I am having PHP issues. I have a AWS server (Ubuntu OS), it has nginx + php-fpm. I am changing memory_limit in correct php.ini file, still it is not taking the value. Any idea please?05:36
b0xrestart apache?05:36
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
siren_face2000drobuddy you there?05:38
somsipsubhojit777: does php-fpm use the php.ini in /etc/php5/apache or /etc/php5/cli ?05:40
subhojit777somsip, /etc/php5/cli05:40
somsipsubhojit777: thought it might. Just making sure you were editing the right one.05:41
subhojit777somsip, okk...05:41
somsip!test | siren_face200005:45
ubottusiren_face2000: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )05:45
siren_face2000trying to figure out how to adjust the sound when a user sends a message in HexChat05:46
siren_face2000I'm also waiting on drobuddy05:46
siren_face2000want to get this ubuntu installed correctly.05:46
DanatoI'm making changes on Grub Customizer and I save, but when I reboot the changes are not there. Is there something else I should do?05:52
siren_face2000there you are05:54
siren_face2000I am now in windows05:54
DroBuddySorry, I'm in multiple channels trying to get this sorted.05:55
DroBuddyHow can I be of assistance?05:55
DroBuddySiren_face, are you aka ubuntu-gnome?05:55
siren_face2000how'd you know?05:55
DroBuddyLucky guess. ;005:59
DroBuddyI think I may be onto something. Bare with me for just a few more minutes, plz06:00
siren_face2000take all the time you need06:00
siren_face2000I'll be up for a couple more hours06:01
siren_face2000DroBuddy, just PM me. I'll be working on something else for the time being.06:03
=== flexology is now known as pradnesh
joshreeterhello, is anyone running Ubuntu on an rMBP using VBox? I cannot seem to get ubuntu to run at native resolution06:22
tozenhi all! folks i want to chenge <Ubuntu Desktop> encription to smth else or remove it fully, so whitch file is need to be configured? thx06:31
somsiptozen: ful disk or home only?06:32
Semor_does htop check memory useage in time ?06:32
somsipSemor_: real time, yes06:32
tozensomsip: what?? o_O06:32
somsiptozen: is the whole disk encrypted, or just the user's home directory?06:32
Semor_somsip: My process new 1000 int ,then delete all ,but htop report memory increase06:33
tozensomsip: sorry for eng, pal! i mean is it possible to change <Ubuntu Desktop> inscription? :D06:34
somsiptozen: if you've encrypted something when you've installed ubuntu, you've either encrypted the full disk or just the user home (AIUI). Answers to both are http://is.gd/v9JDDQ and http://is.gd/qlyXNS06:35
tozensomsip: sorry for eng, pal! i mean is it possible to change <Ubuntu Desktop> inscription? :D06:35
siren_face2000think I might hibernate for a while. I should go to bed.06:37
siren_face2000DroBuddy, I can wait until tomorrow evening.06:37
siren_face2000I stay up late too often.06:37
=== c_smith is now known as c_smith_away
DroBuddyK, siren_face. Where are you at in the install?06:40
ubottuadry: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».06:40
r0ckstarzquestion - anyone successfully get ubuntu running on as a dual boot on an Intel Macbook Pro? Tried last month.. and screwed my paritions something fierce. Not only did I not end up with Ubuntu dual boot via reffit, but the Mac OS partition totally got screwed. Had to reformat the entire HD. Was not fun.06:41
timkofuhi guys06:42
timkofuhow do i upgrade the stock squid on 12.04 to atleast 3.3?06:42
DroBuddy@siren_face: you still here? Ihave a few moments while I wait for someone to read my firewall rules...06:42
somsip!info squid precise06:43
ubottusquid (source: squid3): dummy transitional package from squid to squid3. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.19-1ubuntu3.12.04.2 (precise), package size 6 kB, installed size 125 kB06:43
somsipadry: still no warez here...06:43
somsiptimkofu: so the official version is at 3.1.19. You will only get more recent than that from a PPA06:43
somsip!ppa | timkofu06:43
ubottutimkofu: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:43
somsipadry: reall, still no warez here06:43
IamstupidGood morning everyone. Just a quick question what would you recommend in terms of a local / virtual server for testing websites to save me from uploading to my test vps all the time. Cheers.06:44
somsipIamstupid: install whatever you use on the vps. So if you use LAMP on ther, install LAMP on your local dev machine. Etc...06:45
Iamstupidsomsip, is it really that simple?06:45
somsipIamstupid: you probably could make it more complicated if you want. the tricky bit is usually getting local config files that work differently from your staging and production configs, but most frameworks should offer something to make this easy06:46
timkofusomsip: i installed this ppa https://launchpad.net/~pdffs/+archive/squid-stable but after aptitude update, aptitude info squid 3 still showed only 3.1. Also, how do I know whether I can trust a ppa to provide a stable package?06:46
=== Freejack is now known as Freejack_
Iamstupidsomsip, thank you so much! You're awesome. We're get downloading and see how I get on.06:47
somsiptimkofu: You can't trust a PPA, which is why they are not supported here. That said, many people use them successfully. But you need to get support from the PPA maintainer in case of problems06:47
somsiptimkofu: you did apt-get update && apt-get upgrade didn't you?06:47
timkofusomsip: is it normal that after installing the PPA and updating, it still shows the stock squid?06:47
somsiptimkofu: no. normally after adding...oh, you missed something?06:48
timkofusomsip: i didnt do the upgrade bit, doing that06:48
timkofusomsip: worked. Thanks06:49
somsiptimkofu: ok06:49
JoshuaPIf I purge unity, will everything be the way it was if I later put it back?06:51
tiblockHi. How i can look what version of packet in repository? I find it true "apt-cache search", but how to look version? "apt-get info" or "apt-cache info" dont work.06:53
=== f00dMonsta_ is now known as f00dMonsta
somsiptiblock: you can use the !info command here FWIW06:57
somsip!info apache2 | tiblock06:57
ubottutiblock: apache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.6-2ubuntu2.1 (saucy), package size 84 kB, installed size 455 kB06:57
tiblock!info synergy06:57
ubottusynergy (source: synergy): Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard over the network. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.12-3 (saucy), package size 1035 kB, installed size 2905 kB06:57
tiblockubottu, thank you06:57
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)06:57
tiblocksomsip, oh, i mean thank you06:58
somsiptiblock: np. There is a way to do it with apt-cache - try 'apt-cache madison synergy'06:59
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
tiblocksomsip, oh, its all so complicated. There is (in 'apt-cache madison') different versions. What version will be installed?07:01
tiblocksomsip, precise-backports/universe and precise/universe07:02
somsiptiblock: what version of ubuntu are you on? !info returns for current version (saucy 13.10) whereas apt-cache madison returns for your sources07:02
somsip!info synergy precise07:02
tiblocksomsip, im on 12.04.07:02
ubottusynergy (source: synergy): Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard over the network. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.8-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 538 kB, installed size 1358 kB07:02
siren_face2000ok, never mind about waiting.07:02
somsiptiblock: so, that one07:03
tiblocksomsip, okay. Thank you.07:03
f00dMonstaand I'm back to Ubuntu... I quit computer games, seriously eats up my time07:04
=== sjd_zeus is now known as oOoOxXxOoOo
ROPAI have an ssd and have been reading about changes that should be done to minimize the writes to an ssd. Is there a utility program gui or terminal that manitors the specified drive so that I can really see how often it is being written to????07:11
siren_face2000I guess I'll need to wait, a while.07:11
somsipROPA: iostat might be worth looking at07:12
ROPAsomsip ty.07:13
b0xdont put torrents on it07:18
b0xproblem solved07:18
ROPAsomsip iostat looks perfect, ty again.07:23
JoshuaPif i purge unity and later reinstall it, will unity be the same way as it was before i had purged it?07:23
pdcbhaii friends please help me07:25
pdcbhow to localy chat with xchat07:26
pdcbplease help me07:26
ROPApdcb u want to use xchat to send messages to another user on your home network????07:28
qinpdcb: you mean /help dcc ?07:32
somsip!msg | pdcb07:32
ubottupdcb: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.07:32
somsippdcb: that didn't help. Use /msg {username} to open a private chat07:32
qinpdcb: for over lan you can use netcat, talk, or that Ubuntu gui chatter have local option, empathy?07:35
ROPAif both users are on a lan, you can just click 'private chat', and you can both communicate over the kb. Most servers don't care that both users originate from the same ip address.07:37
ROPAI use xchat all the time to communicate with local users.07:38
qinpdcb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/61995/chat-over-lan-from-linux-to-linux07:40
qinpdcb: One more message and I will add all nick starting from "p" to ignore, CAPISH?07:42
jacky_anyone knows that acidbase package is unavailable in ubuntu13.10 by 'apt-cache search acidbase'07:45
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
somsip!find acidbase | jacky_07:47
jacky_where to get acidbase in ubuntu13.1007:47
ubottujacky_: Package/file acidbase does not exist in saucy07:47
=== root is now known as Guest3885
jacky_no acidbase in saucy, where to get it07:47
aeon-ltdJacky: not in repos? then you have to find a ppa or compile07:48
Viking667hm. I'm a little stuck here. I booted a grml, chrooted to the Ubuntu partition, but there's no dev mounted, and I'm kind of stuck.07:49
Viking667I'm trying to regrub the drive.07:49
jacky_find ppa from ubuntu 12.10 or below?07:49
k1l_Viking667: a very easy way is to use boot-repair07:49
Viking667ugh. I just realised, this drive never got a grub07:49
Viking667I'll try that. Where/what is that?07:50
k1l_!ppa | jacky_07:51
ubottujacky_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge07:51
=== JoshuaP-afk is now known as JoshuaP
foo357Hello, I've tried to add a PPA to the repository list but when I check sources.list after doing so I can't see the PPA listed.07:51
jacky_thank you very much07:52
somsipfoo357: try /etc/apt/sources.list.d07:52
k1l_foo357: on apt-get update the specific ppa is not mentioned, just the launchpad base url07:52
JoshuaPif i purge unity and reinstall it later, will the setup remain?07:52
k1l_JoshuaP: not with purge07:53
JoshuaPk1l_: will it be hard to restore it?07:53
k1l_foo357: see "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d/"07:53
k1l_JoshuaP: depends on your changes07:53
tiblockwhat varisble set screen? I have "Unable to connect to X server" its like SCREEN=:0, but its not "SCREEN". What correct name?07:53
Viking667ahh, found it. Thanks, I'll keep reading.07:54
foo357somsip: k1l_ ok, thanks for the answers.07:54
tiblockFound. DISPLAY=:007:54
andyfiedyou say goodbye, and i say hello...?07:57
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
RajeevKI have created a micro instance at EC2 with Ubuntu OS & installed lamp server but I can't access public DNS by browser08:05
iamstupidHi guys. I can't get mysql to work on local host -> ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES). Any ideas?08:06
=== Timothy is now known as Tim
icerootiamstupid: wrong password as it seems08:06
iamstupidiceroot, does mysql have a default password?08:07
witasI think you set the default mysql pasword durig the instalation08:08
=== root__ is now known as Tim
iamstupidOMG I am so stupid.08:08
witasyou were install lamp server?08:08
iamstupidWas on the phone installing this and forgot. Thanks for your help!08:08
witasHi :-)08:09
somsip!zh | monco042108:10
ubottumonco0421: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:10
chetanI am very new to ubuntu. but I am very enthusiastic and want to learn how to debug ubuntu programs...08:11
chetanmy own gnome-shell has some bug and would like to solve them. Please let me know a good starting point where i can learn on how to debug programs08:11
motaka2hello how can i check the ecncoding of a text file in ubuntu ?08:11
RajeevKCan anybody help with EC2 instance using ubuntu ?08:11
somsipRajeevK: depends what the problem is08:11
somsipmotaka2: file {filename} might tell you something08:12
RajeevKsomsip: I have created a micro instance at EC2 with Ubuntu OS & installed lamp server but I can't access public DNS by browser08:12
somsipRajeevK: open port 80 in your security group for the instance08:12
=== akshay_ is now known as akshay_r
RajeevKsomsip: Oh great. Now it's working.08:14
RajeevKsomsip: I am new to AWS, didn't know this...many thanks to you08:14
somsipRajeevK: it'll do that :)08:14
Timany indians here?08:15
somsipTim: it's not a chat channel. Do you have a support question?08:15
Beldarchetan, Never bothered with this myself, however this may be an informative start. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures08:16
kazak1377hello everybody. Does anybody know an easy method to get an package name, that include some lib? I need to write dependencies to my deb packege. Here is ldd output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6796069/, i think, i need only this ones: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6796071/08:21
=== AbyssOne__ is now known as a1|away
=== a1|away is now known as AbyssOne__
=== root__ is now known as slacko458
somsip!find libqt5 | kazak137708:22
ubottukazak1377: Found: libqt53d5, libqt5clucene5, libqt5concurrent5, libqt5core5, libqt5dbus5, libqt5designer5, libqt5designercomponents5, libqt5gui5, libqt5help5, libqt5location5 (and 56 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libqt5&searchon=names&suite=saucy&section=all08:22
somsipkazak1377: that might help, but you can see the command I used to query the bot?08:23
=== root__ is now known as dpup125
kazak1377hm. query the bot - dont seems right.08:24
somsipkazak1377: ...which gave you a link to search on packages.ubuntu.com...08:25
bjensen82how can I check the last updates done in automatic updates in the unmaintained mode?08:25
somsipbjensen82: /var/log/apt/history.log maybe?08:25
bjensen82somsip: thanks. Do you know if it automatically restarts services? for example mysqld?08:27
Viking667meh. Turns out settings on /tmp were incorrect. 755 permissons for /tmp were stopping users from logging in on the GUI08:27
kazak1377somsip: ok. thank you.08:27
somsipbjensen82: should do but never used it myswlf08:28
Viking667So. What should /tmp permissions be?08:28
somsipViking667: drwxrwxrwt 777 here08:28
Viking667Yeah, thought so. What's that t flag on the end?08:28
somsipViking667: I assume something to do with *t*emp08:29
Viking667looks like I'd better go read the attrib man page.08:29
somsipViking667: http://serverfault.com/questions/482529/what-is-the-t-in-drwxrwxrwt08:29
Viking667yup yup. I'll go check that now.08:29
somsipViking667: oh - sticky for others08:30
=== root__ is now known as micko4695
Viking667ah. thanks.08:35
bjensen82um how do I disable the automatic apt-get upgrades ?08:40
ikoniait doesn't upgrade automatically08:42
=== root__ is now known as ubuntu59
bjensen82ikonia: but does do a apt-get update and restart the corresponding services? (for example mysql was updated last night and now I can see the running version is the same as the one thats been updated to)08:44
ikoniabjensen82: doesn't do that automatically08:44
ikoniabjensen82: nothing is upgraded without user confirmation08:44
bjensen82ikonia: weird then...I started getting errors just around the point the apt-get took place..08:45
ikoniabjensen82: is this ubuntu desktop or ubuntu server default installation ?08:46
bjensen82ubuntu 12.04.1 lts08:46
ikoniano, not the version the distribution, the desktop or server distribution08:46
bjensen82default install yes08:47
bjensen82server, sorry.08:47
tiblocklol. WINE can install KDE for windows. install linux to install WINE to install KDE that made for linux but compiled for windows.08:47
ikoniaok, so two things stand out - 1.) it's not auto updating, because if it was you would be on 12.04.3 (or 4)08:47
ikonia2.) the autoupdate daemon should not be enabled by default08:47
=== root__ is now known as Joshua
ikoniatiblock: don't need that sort of random information in the channel, thanks.08:47
=== Joshua is now known as Guest74080
bjensen82ikonia: Here is a pastie of the apt.log http://pastie.org/865639008:48
rwwtiblock: #ubuntu-offtopic would probably find it hilarious08:48
=== root is now known as jamie58
tiblockikonia, rww, okay, okay, i got it.08:48
Viking667Right. I'm out of here... goodnight from here, all.08:48
ikoniabjensen82: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/automatic-updates.html08:49
=== root is now known as suraj
ikoniasorry wrong url08:49
siren_face2000I have Ubuntu installed, but I can't figure out how to boot from my external drive08:50
aeon-ltdsiren_face2000: is there a bios or uefi option?08:51
bjensen82ikonia: thanks. I see what its saying..I just cant see how I can have an updated version of mysqld if it didnt to the update..08:51
aeon-ltdsiren_face2000: what happens when you try?08:51
siren_face2000it says either legacy or UEFI08:51
=== root is now known as Guest20871
honeybuntuhow do i install ubuntu 12.04lts (prefer to install /home in a separate partition) on a laptop w/uefi bios (sata hdd clean/no windows os). I used gParted (created EFI bios partition).? could any1 provide a worthy url with guidance on this topic?08:51
ikoniabjensen82: have you checked the config to see if updates are enabled ?08:52
siren_face2000basically nothing08:52
siren_face2000I know the hard drive is being accessed, but it only boots to windows.08:52
bjensen82./etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic contents: APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "1"; APT::Periodic::Download-Upgradeable-Packages "0"; APT::Periodic::AutocleanInterval "0";08:53
aeon-ltdsiren_face2000: in this ext hdd is it just ubuntu? and is grub on it?08:53
siren_face2000I'm trying to get my bios to recognize the external drive08:53
bjensen82ikonia: forgot to ping your name. last msg was the contents08:54
siren_face2000I probably have to update my BIOS08:54
ikoniabjensen82: I'm not asking you for the contents of the file08:54
aeon-ltdsiren_face2000: well i think you're gonna have to solve that first before we explore what might be wrong with grub or ubuntu08:54
honeybuntuWhich version of ubuntu is the most suitable to run when you have a laptop utilizing uefi bios?08:54
ikoniabjensen82: I'm asking you to check if auto updates are enabled based on the url I gave you that explains it for you08:54
ikoniahoneybuntu: they are all equal08:55
siren_face2000well, I know when I did the install, the install ran with no problem.08:55
siren_face2000it's just a matter of trying to get my computer's BIOS to see the external drive.08:55
bjensen82ikonia: no its not enabled: http://pastie.org/865641108:55
ikoniabjensen82: security updates are.....08:56
honeybuntu=>ikonia: Thanx ikonia.08:57
bjensen82ikonia: right, but would that result in a apt-get update on security packages?08:57
ikoniabjensen82: ....do you not think the mysql update could have been a security update.....08:57
bjensen82ikonia: yes I think so, but I wonder why it restarted it?08:57
ikoniabjensen82: because the process is running in ram, so updating the package on the disk does nothing, you have to restart the process and get it to parse the update from the disk for the security update to take effect08:58
honeybuntu<=will return after d/l my software updates. thanks for the fast feedback.08:58
bjensen82ikonia: agreed...I didnt restart it. I can see in the logs of mysql that it was restarted at that time of the update08:59
siren_face2000so how do I go about figuring out how to boot my external drive?09:07
cristian_cI've serached for it in the doc, but I don't know how to change the wiifi protocol for a connection09:11
cristian_cHow can I solve?09:11
cristian_cAny ideas?09:11
cloudgeek1How to get rid of Ebury torjan, immediate help09:12
honeybuntumanaged to install ubuntu 12.04lts on a laptop with uefi bios (clean install/no windows OS), created  on /dev/sda1=efi partition =200 MiB = "/boot" ; /dev/sda2= Ext4 partition = 64 GiB mounted at " / " ; /dev/sda3=Ext4 partition mounted at "/home" = 48 GiB; and finally /dev/sda4= Swap [linux swap] 8 GiB unmounted. Will not boot. Any1 know why?09:16
cloudgeekcan any tell if I seek help about regarding malware ? which IRC channel09:16
honeybuntucorrection to previous question uefi bios partition entitled: /dev/sda1 mounted at "/efi"09:18
honeybuntuit booted with grub intact when i installed it using the "clean install method" using the ubuntu12.04 lts iso (dvd)09:21
honeybuntui have scoured all the sites and info on ubuntu for feedback.09:22
=== Atheist is now known as Guest43493
honeybuntuis it advisable to start my own thread on this matter at askubuntu.com?09:22
honeybuntumost knowledgeable end-users of ubuntu prefer to install their /home  (home folder) in a separate partition.09:23
fpghost84Hi, quick question: is the 13.12 fglrx more recent or the 13.11 beta? I would have expected the beta, but can't fathom these versioning convs09:24
honeybuntui had no problems installing it in the manner described my query here. can not determine where i went wrong.09:24
honeybuntui realize everyone is rather busy so i will wait my turn accordingly.09:25
pikarenanyone uses workrave?09:26
honeybuntuinstalled in same manner on exact same model laptop with no problems.09:26
jony_easyriderplease somebody confirm if the Xerox Phaser 3010 is working under Ubuntu09:28
honeybuntui installed it and it ran extremely well. Now  i run ubu 13.10 on that one.09:28
honeybuntuthere must be an op meeting.09:31
ikoniahoneybuntu: why ?09:31
honeybuntuwhy did i wipe and install 13.10?09:32
honeybuntuI wanted to try 13.10, of course.09:32
ikoniahoneybuntu: what are you talking about, do you need op help/assistnace ?09:32
honeybuntuusually when it is this quiet in channel there is a meeting or everyone is very busy helping others.09:32
honeybuntu=>ikonia:no need to trouble the a-ops - just waiting on assistance w/my question -  but thank you for being attentive.09:35
honeybuntui don't want to ask redundant questions in channel but i was told this was a great venue for getting assistance with ubuntu 12.04lts OS.09:37
Ben64it'd be helpful if you described your problem all in one line with any relevant details, i see pages of text from you, with no discernible problem or question within them09:38
honeybuntuSo far, this channel has provided me w/excellent data and guidance re: ubuntu operating systems.09:38
Kartagisjust to clarify: ubuntu is not an operating system, it's a distribution09:39
honeybuntumy difficulty is w/installing ubu 12.04 lts on laptop w/uefi bios (although i have followed the proper procedure).09:39
Kartagisgnu/linux is the operating system09:39
honeybuntu=>Kartagis: thank you for being precise re: pangolin distribution.09:40
Kartagissure thing09:40
honeybuntu=>Kartagis: set that down to memory, thanks.09:41
Kartagissure thing09:42
honeybuntuwhy will ubu 12.04lts refuse to boot when i setup the necessary partitions accordingly in advance w/gParted09:42
honeybuntui had it running fine when it was installed from a clean install using the cd i created from the ISO.09:44
Ben64honeybuntu: have you tried installing without uefi?09:44
honeybuntuNo, i have not, Ben64.09:44
Ben64you should give it a shot. without having to dual boot windows 8 or anything, theres no real reason to keep uefi booting09:44
honeybuntuCorrection: Not on this particular laptop. I have installed on other machines with Insyde BIOS.09:45
honeybuntuI disengaged the fast boot, secure boot mode and the Intel Anti-Theft technology prior to install.09:46
honeybuntuI ran the Launch CSM and engaged the PXE oP ROM.09:47
honeybuntuI manipulated the uEFI bios accordingly in order to install on this laptop.09:47
honeybuntuCheck the hard disk (healthy) - all peripherals (healthy) and intact. 6 GB RAM installed (SATA=320 GB)09:49
honeybuntuI fear if I install an 256 GB ssd on this laptop there will be even more complications arising when trying to install ubu 12.04lts.09:50
honeybuntuAs of this text i am attempting install with a sata hdd (320 GB) utilizing the ahci controller09:51
honeybuntuthe cpu=2117u Intel09:52
honeybuntui simply wanted to make use of the option to install my home folder on a separate partition for expeditious recovery, if necessary in future.09:53
honeybuntui attempted this by doing a re-install of ubu 12.04lts09:54
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ubottuhoneybuntu,: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving09:55
honeybuntusince the original install was a clean install where the default setup requires the utilization of the entire hdd and the home folder is incorporated into the very same partition as the filesystem09:55
honeybuntu=>ubottu: Great scot, its you!! Thanks SO very much for the guiding URL.09:57
honeybuntuOff to revise or remedy my mishap. Thank you all for your benevolence, patience & (as always) efficient assistance.09:58
Roryhoneybuntu: Glad you made it. FYI ubottu is a bot10:00
Rory!ubottu | honeybuntu10:00
ubottuhoneybuntu: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:00
tiblockI just installed ubuntu 12.04.4 on notebook with AMD video card. What up to date manual i should use for installation? Without manual (or with random manual from google) im pretty sure i will kill the system.10:00
honeybuntuOff i  go. Good day. Much appreciation.10:00
ActionParsniptiblock: what AMD GPU are you using?10:01
tiblockActionParsnip, HD 457010:02
ActionParsniptiblock: sudo lshw -C display     will show you10:02
ActionParsniptiblock: ahh that old chestnut, gimme a sec (known issue)10:02
ActionParsniptiblock: https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx10:02
tiblockActionParsnip, thank you10:02
ActionParsniptiblock: the XOrg in 12.04 doesnt like 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx AMD GPUs, that PPA sorts it out :)10:03
yossarianukdoes anyone use a vpn client with kubuntu/ubuntu that supports L2TP over ipsec with private shared key ?10:08
yossarianuk the default tools and the ones in the standard repos do not seem to work.10:08
=== j_f-f_ is now known as j_f-f
ActionParsnipyossarianuk: doesn't openvpn do it?10:10
ActionParsnipyossarianuk: man openvpn     not give any clues?10:11
siren_face2000ok, I almost had it working10:12
siren_face2000came so close, but then the display said no operating system found10:13
trijntjeIs there a way to extrapolate from popcon-installed to acutuall install number. ie. if popcon shows 100 users have installed a package, what is the likely number of actual installs for that package?10:15
siren_face2000think I might just have to give up.10:15
KittyKittenKaton what10:15
siren_face2000I am a total newbie at doing a linux install10:15
KittyKittenKatplease tell me10:15
KittyKittenKati can help :)10:16
siren_face2000I am trying to install Ubuntu 13.1 to an external hard drive.10:16
siren_face2000I have a 3 TB hard drive, and my computer is a lenovo H430.10:16
siren_face2000The attempt I last made was SOOOOOOOOOO close.10:17
siren_face2000except I got an error.10:17
KittyKittenKatwhich was ?10:17
siren_face2000it told me there was no linux os installed and asked me to press any key to continue.10:17
tiblockActionParsnip, looks like https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx dont support 12.04.4. It says "Ubuntu 12.04.3 is not supported." and nothing about 12.04.4 and while installation fglrx crashed, i rebooted notebook and not it have only resolution 1024x768 and Catalyst Control Center fails to start. What my best actions should be now?10:17
KittyKittenKatare you using alternate or desktop?10:17
ubottuadry: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:18
yossarianukActionParsnip: looks like openswan does it...10:19
siren_face2000I know there's a few things that I have to do in order for it to work.10:19
KittyKittenKatsiren_face2000: is it a desktop cd or an alternate cd10:19
siren_face2000it's on a USB flash drive10:19
siren_face2000I was told that Ubuntu 13.1 was recommended10:20
KittyKittenKatby who10:20
siren_face2000one of the people on the ubuntu forums.10:20
KittyKittenKatwell i think 12.04LTs is better.10:21
dyu i don't get an nginx folder when i install nginx from ppa:nginx/stable10:21
jack911Hello! any idea how to spoof local connection mac before pppoeconfig connects?10:21
KittyKittenKatbut thats my opinion10:21
KittyKittenKattry again with 12.04LTS10:22
KittyKittenKathello gara10:23
Garahello too10:23
yossarianukit looks like with ubuntu you need to add a PPA to use L2TP over ipsec with a GUI....10:24
yossarianukwhy isn;t this supported 'out the box'?10:24
siren_face2000I was so close getting it to work, because I had originally had the disk as a GPT system, and then turned it into a MBR disk10:24
KittyKittenKatmake it gpt again and try with a 12.04 disc10:24
alumno_sois todos maricones10:26
ActionParsnipyossarianuk: you could report a bug10:27
alumno_que dceis10:28
siren_face2000ok, now, I would like to make sure that I can have Windows allow me to choose either Ubuntu or Windows 8.1 to boot10:28
yossarianuklooks like you need ppa - https://launchpad.net/~werner-jaeger/+archive/ppa-werner-vpn10:29
trijntjeIs there a way to extrapolate from popcon-installed to actuall install number. ie. if popcon shows 100 users have installed a package, what is the likely number of actual installs for that package?10:31
siren_face2000for now, I'll have to wait until DroBuddy comes back.10:32
yossarianukits not just ubuntu - no distro supports it out the box....10:34
ActionParsnipyossarianuk: sounds like a feature requst then :)10:34
yossarianukits the type of VPN that most Android phones use.10:35
siren_face2000I bet that out of all the people here, I'm the only one who has a lenovo H430 series computer10:37
ActionParsnipsiren_face2000: possible10:37
=== timrc is now known as timrc-afk
KittyKittenKati dont10:38
KittyKittenKati have a custom build machine ;)10:39
ActionParsnipsiren_face2000: 200 quid system, i3 CPU, 1Tb HDD, 6Gb RAM, nothing overly special10:39
siren_face2000I need to make some bios settings disabled. but I'm not sure what I have to disable.10:39
siren_face2000too bad I can't just gain access to my bios from within windows.10:39
ActionParsnipsiren_face2000: how is that Ubuntu relate?10:39
siren_face2000well, in order for me to get it installed, I have to disable a few things.10:40
siren_face2000the Lenovo H430 PC I have I bought last February.10:40
ActionParsnipsiren_face2000: then I suggest you read your manual for how to access the BIOS10:40
KittyKittenKatActionParsnip: core 2 duo, 320GB hdd, 2GB ram, old much :310:40
ActionParsnipsiren_face2000: or contact Dell10:40
siren_face2000I know how to access it10:40
ActionParsnipKittyKittenKat: more than I have10:40
KittyKittenKatActionParsnip, how so10:41
ActionParsnipKittyKittenKat: Sempron AM2 3000 @ 1.6Ghz (single core), 2Gb RAM, 250Gb HDD. Is my most powerful box I personally own10:42
siren_face2000I just need to press F110:42
ActionParsnipsiren_face2000: then reboot and press F1 when you see the Dell splash...10:42
siren_face2000but the settings in the bios are what concerns me10:42
ActionParsnipsiren_face2000: the settings in a BIOS are not supported here. This is Ubuntu support10:43
KittyKittenKatActionParsnip: damn mine core 2 duo clocked at 3.16GHz10:43
ActionParsnipKittyKittenKat: exactly, the only reason its vaguely OK is it has an Nvidia 6150LE GPU10:43
pikarenwhy is linux a penguin10:44
pikareni think a dolphin would be more suitable10:44
ubottupikaren,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:45
ActionParsnippikaren: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tux10:45
KittyKittenKatActionParsnip: nvidia geforce gtx260 with just less than 1gb vram10:45
ActionParsnipKittyKittenKat: yeah yours trounces mine lots10:46
siren_face2000would #ubuntu-offtopic be the right place to talk about my bios, since I can't talk about it here?10:47
KittyKittenKatActionParsnip: i want to get at least 4gb ran10:48
cfhowlettsiren_face2000, off-topic would be perfect ...10:49
ActionParsnipKittyKittenKat: 2Gb is the max for my motherboard. ASUS P1-AH2 Pundit10:50
KittyKittenKatActionParsnip: mines an ASUs p5E10:51
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libpenguinwanna install wine but its returning error - The following packages have unmet dependencies:  wine : Depends: wine1.4 but it is not going to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.11:06
KittyKittenKatyour package is corrupy11:07
KittyKittenKator packages it depends on are11:07
Guest13078Anyone able and willing to walk me through a problem?  I can't seem to empty my Trash.  Someone told me that, maybe I used Nautilus in root mode (I don't think so).11:07
Guest13078I want to be able to empty my trash as me and not as root11:08
libpenguinKittyKittenKat: what package(s) are corrupt ? I'm doinf sudo apt-get install wine11:08
MyrttiGuest13078: have you removed files from an external drive or a netshare?11:08
KittyKittenKatlibpenguin, i didnt know yoi were doing apt.11:09
libpenguinKittyKittenKat: ok, so now what ?11:09
Myrttilibpenguin: what does sudo apt-get -f install do?11:09
Guest13078Don't have a netshare (what is that?).  I've connected usb things, but don't remember having trashed anything from them11:09
MyrttiGuest13078: do you recognise the files that are in the trash as something from the internal harddrive then?11:10
KittyKittenKatlibpenguin: try to use the Ubuntu Software Centre11:10
libpenguinMyrtti: apt-get -f install or apt-get -f install wine ? both are showing the same error ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get -f install wine Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or be11:10
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
Guest13078Myrtti: I've a couple directories that are something like "g2d5ueuir8"11:11
libpenguinThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  wine : Depends: wine1.4 but it is not going to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.11:11
Myrttilibpenguin: without the wine in the end11:11
libpenguinMyrtti: same error msg11:11
Myrttibrb phone11:12
libpenguinubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get -f install Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 265 not upgraded.11:12
Myrttilibpenguin: ahha11:12
Myrttilibpenguin: could you tell me what lsb_release -a outputs?11:12
Guest13078Myrtti: I personally think ... I'm not certain ... that the stuff I want to remove from trash is stuff from the hard drive locally.  I had recovered stuff from my cell phone - could that be the problem?11:13
schoppenhauerhello. I currently run ubuntu 12.04 (lts). I have some recent and necessary software upgrades to make (with software I have to compile myself) but support ends in april, and then the next LTS version will be released... but is it possible to upgrade to some pre-release of 14.04 somehow?11:13
libpenguinMyrtti: ubuntu 13.10 saucy11:13
schoppenhauerBecause configuring software so that it runs till april is somehow ... useless.11:13
schoppenhauerbut waiting till april is also not what I want to do.11:13
=== james_ is now known as Guest41216
Myrttilibpenguin: is there a reason you've not done upgrades?11:13
libpenguinMyrtti: no reasons11:14
Myrttilibpenguin: that amount of un upgraded packages is a bit alarming11:14
Myrttilibpenguin: any PPA's or other repositories enabled?11:14
libpenguinMyrtti: well upgraded or not but it should be working and install wine11:14
libpenguinMyrtti: canonical partner11:15
Myrttilibpenguin: well, it might just work better if you do upgrade - easiest on the command line is doing sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:15
libpenguinthe main problem is with wine1.4 package, is it removed from saucy ?11:15
glitsj16schoppenhauer: support for 12.04 LTS goes on for another 3 years11:15
Myrtti!info wine1.411:15
ubottuwine1.4 (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu7 (saucy), package size 983 kB, installed size 2923 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)11:15
Myrttilibpenguin: doesn't seem so11:16
libpenguinwait , I'll install wine1.4 only see11:16
schoppenhauerglitsj16: ah I see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS - thanks!11:16
schoppenhauereven better!11:16
libpenguinMyrtti: install wine1.4 returns error --- The following packages have unmet dependencies:  wine1.4 : Depends: wine1.4-i386 (= 1.4.1-0ubuntu7) but it is not installable11:17
glitsj16schoppenhauer: if you haven't already, you can also enable the LTS stack which offers kernel and X stack updates for 12.04 --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack11:18
libpenguin!info wine1.4-i38611:18
ubottuwine1.4-i386 (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (32-bit support). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu7 (saucy), package size 20084 kB, installed size 107172 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)11:18
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=== Bazinga is now known as SimonNess
OneillI need to mirror a currently working ubuntu server machine11:23
Oneillto another machine11:23
Oneillwhat would be the way to do this?11:23
KittyKittenKatsymantec ghost maybe?11:23
ActionParsnipOneill: rsync or dd in liveCD desktop.11:23
Oneillroger, ill take a peek at rsync11:24
ActionParsniplibpenguin: what is the output of:   apt-cache policy wine1.411:24
MyrttiOneill: is it exactly similar machine or radically different from the original?11:25
libpenguinActionParsnip: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ apt-cache policy wine1.4 wine1.4:   Installed: (none)   Candidate: 1.4.1-0ubuntu7   Version table:      1.4.1-0ubuntu7 0         500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy/universe amd64 Packages11:25
OneillMyrtti radically diferent, its a virtual machie11:25
Oneillcurrent its a physical machine, somewhat old one. Dual core, 4gb ram11:26
Oneilli need to make a mirror, just in case something happens to the original machine11:26
SONAi need a ubuntu expert, i updated my ubuntu and now i cant get it to boot11:26
bazhang!details | SONA11:26
ubottuSONA: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:26
SONAata_id[316]: HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed for '/dev/sde': Invalid Argument11:27
SONAAlert! /dev/md10 does not exist. Dropping to a shell!!11:28
libpenguinActionParsnip: ??11:29
Guest13078New bit f potential info for emptying trash problem ... I do sudo rm and get rid of all I can see.  When I do a ls-a, there are many things not removed11:29
Guest13078that prevent me from doing a rmdir11:30
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/191862/hdio-get-identity-failed-for-dev-sdb-invalid-argument  SONA11:30
OneillMyrtti So i'll just need to rsync the current machine, install ubuntu server on the VM and then restor the rsync image11:31
OneillMyrtti hopefully that would make it work. I have a bunch of websites and databases. its a webserver11:31
Oneillsweet, rsync works with ssh and with a cron script I can keep both machines up to date11:32
SONAhdparm -i /dev/??? I dont get it11:34
SONAim at a screen (initramfs) _11:35
libpenguinanyone ?11:42
Anonym03how are you?11:43
xananaxHello, I have installed Ubuntu after Windows 7, and on boot I had no win7 entry; I sudo update-grub, and now I have two windows entries, none of which work (both just freeze on an aubergine screen). Any pointers as to what I should be googling?11:43
libpenguinwanna apt-get install wine but its returning error - The following packages have unmet dependencies:  wine : Depends: wine1.4 but it is not going to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.11:43
KittyKittenKatxananax: do you have your windows 7 disc?11:44
Anonym03Wine is a big problem to deal with11:44
xananaxKittyKittenKat, yes11:44
libpenguinAnonym03: meaning ?11:44
KittyKittenKatxananax: can we take this to pm as so not to flood?11:45
Anonym03Meaning even though I have wine installed successfully some apps just crashed, other freezes, some don't even worked11:45
libpenguinAnonym03: yea, thats true but this time its not even being installed11:46
Anonym03Try to look for an alternative like apps design for Linux. For example, Microsoft Office has a clone called Kingsoft Office11:46
Anonym03I'm using Xubuntu 13.1011:47
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
libpenguinAnonym03: I wanna Install one recovery exe for android11:48
ellipsis753Hello. I have an ubuntu server running my wordpress website and it seems that mysql server suddenly went down. A reboot fixed it for now but I'm hoping to work out how I can stop this happening again. I think it might have been killed of due to an out of memory error, where could I find where such an error might be logged? There doesn't seem to be anything interesting in fmesg.11:48
Anonym03libpenguin, meaning a recovery app for android?11:49
libpenguinAnonym03: yes, a recovery app of windows platform to recover files on my android phone11:50
libpenguinAnonym03: if there is any alternative linux or ubuntu app to recover files from android phone's internal memory11:51
Touhou11ellipsis753: Look in /var/log for the mysql logs. Unusual for Wordpress to stress a database though11:51
Anonym03libpenguin, i see i don't know about that, try to google it. or try Clockworkmod11:51
hateballlibpenguin: If you can mount the filesystem of the phone/sd-card you could use testdisk/photorec11:53
Anonym03Finally someone can help you11:53
libpenguinhateball: yes, I have all the data in sd card but how to mount android's internal storage ?11:53
MrMojitoHi there fellow users, is there anyone here who has some time to help me with setting the right settings for a proxy? I have used the forum but everything I try doens't seem to work. For your information I'm a new users so I don't have a lot of experience.11:54
Anonym03libpenguin, i just plug my samsung it mount phone memory automatically11:54
tiblockI use ubuntu 12.04.4 x64 and notebook with ATI 4570HD. I installed fglrx-legacy from this PPA https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx but it says "Ubuntu 12.04.3 is not supported." and nothing about 12.04.4, so drivers not working and screen resolution is broken. Xorg.0.log says this http://pastebin.com/Ep0VWpMd How i can fix it?11:55
libpenguinAnonym03: you mean CWM ? if so then is it installable on laptop or its for phone ? well when you plug in your phone then it mounts sd card and not internal storage, in my case my sd card is fine, internal storage is hat I wanna recover11:55
SONAlooking for a ubuntu expert that can guide me on how to fix ubuntu server from not wanting to boot11:55
SONAusing skype viedo11:56
OneillDoes Rsync copies users / passswords / services etc?11:56
ActionParsnipSONA: hod SHIFT at boot and select an older kernel11:56
ikoniaSONA: just explain the problem and people will help you11:56
ActionParsnipOneill: it copies the files you specify as well as ACLs (may need an extra option for that)11:57
ActionParsnipOneill: grsync is a GUI for rsync11:57
SONAshift does nothing11:58
ikoniaSONA: 1.) explain the problem/error11:58
Touhou11SONA: Post your questions here, but if you want direct (telephone) support you're better off paying someone for it like Canonical11:59
libpenguinhow to install wine ?11:59
SONAata_id[327]: HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed for '/dev/sde': Invalid Argument11:59
SONAi dont mind paying someone11:59
KittyKittenKatlibpenguin, try the ubuntu softeare center!!!12:00
SONApulled a all nighter just want it to work so i can go to bed12:00
=== zz_scottb is now known as scottb
glitsj16libpenguin: Myrtti suggested you do a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" .. did you try that?12:01
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/191862/hdio-get-identity-failed-for-dev-sdb-invalid-argument  SONA that quite clearly spells it out12:02
ellipsis753Touhou11, Thank you. I found the error. Yeah, there's not enough ram for a buffer pool sometimes it would seem. How should I best fix this? Reduce apache to use less ram or just add some swap?12:03
MrMojitoAnyone here want to help me with setting up my internet connection with a domain and a proxy? I'm a new user so I don't have any skill. My languege is Dutch. I have searched on the internet and tried to set the settings in apt.conf but still doens't seem to work.12:03
SONAbazhang spells what out?12:05
SONAi see your link12:06
SONAhdparm -i /dev/??? where am i supposed to type this?12:06
bazhangThis appears to be a problem with how drivers behave with certain external USB hard drives. <-- SONA12:07
OneillActionParsnip its ubuntu server, no GUI ;) rsync -a should copy everything12:07
Touhou11ellipsis753: You don't want to use swap, performance will suffer. Is the server very memory constrained? Could reduce memory available to PHP if that's using a lot, or change Apache prefork processes12:07
OneillActionParsnip so im guessing its something similar to "rsync -a / remote@server /"12:07
libpenguinglitsj16: no, I dont understand, why should I do a mamoth upgrade for just a small app like wine ? it should install in 1st instance. Furthermore install it via SC error scrshot- http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=4607d7812:07
libpenguinKittyKittenKat: ^^^12:08
TeraJLi use a SSD, so i wanted to install Linux3.13 on ubuntu 12.04, is trustfull/straightfoward, or i should only install if i use ubuntu 13.10?12:08
hateball!nl | MrMojito12:08
ubottuMrMojito: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl12:08
hateballMrMojito: If you feel more comfortable in your native language12:08
MrMojitoI'm gonna wait in ubuntu-nl, thank you for your help12:09
ksmthhmmm, is there a way to forward all ports of a KVM guest but a certain one?12:11
glitsj16libpenguin: the software center is just a front-end to apt, so it will show the same error message as using commandline .. also, the fact you didn't run any upgrades for quite a while (since you have 250+ packages outdated) is most likely the cause for not being able to install wine .. you'll have to deal with those dependency issues is the bottomline i believe12:11
ActionParsnipOneill: i'd read some examples online, rsync can talk to sftp which is cool :)12:11
=== Guest45686 is now known as matt_
libpenguinglitsj16: anyway of dealing with a single conflicting package wine1.4 ?12:12
OneillActionParsnip ok, i've been reading seems pretty easy.12:12
ActionParsnipTeraJL: you can instal the 3.13 kernel if you desire but we cannot support it here as it is not the kernel for your release. You can install Trusty but your support will be in #ubuntu+1 til April 201412:12
TeraJLActionParsnip: thanks12:12
glitsj16libpenguin: hard to tell, i don't have a single fix it command idea no12:13
OneillActionParsnip just making sure it is actually that easy ;). I'll probably set the new machine and then rsync the contents from the old machine to the new one12:13
OneillActionParsnip hopefully it will suck all the users and definitions.12:14
ellipsis753Touhou11, Only 512MB of memory so fairly constrained. However the server only really needs to handle 1/2 people trying to load the wordpress page at a time. It's far from a popular website. Apache2 runs 5 processes all the time using 34% of memory and mysqld uses another 10% I believe I am reading "free -m" correctly to say that at the moment I have 254mb of RAM free. It seems kind of strange that it's running out.12:14
=== MrMojito is now known as MrMojito_Break
glitsj16libpenguin: there's a switch you can use with apt-get to do a simulation .. you could run "sudo apt-get --dry-run dist-upgrade" and see if there's anything related to wine that would get upgraded12:17
libpenguinglitsj16: ok12:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 368428 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "[->UUIDudev] 8.10>9.04 upgrade lost raid1" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:17
SONAwhat about that?12:17
libpenguinglitsj16: I did dry-run and it finished instantly with no errors mentioned in the end12:19
libpenguinglitsj16: the main problem is with wine1.4 package and its virtual package wine1.4-i38612:20
libpenguin!info wine1.4-i38612:20
ubottuwine1.4-i386 (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (32-bit support). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu7 (saucy), package size 20084 kB, installed size 107172 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)12:20
glitsj16libpenguin: yes i saw you mentioning that .. did the dry-run command gave you any output on what packages would be upgraded? make a paste of that if it did if you would12:22
libpenguinglitsj16: its saying its not going to be installed and it looks like its i386 package thatsy coz my system is saucy amd6412:22
libpenguinglitsj16: how to paste its output ? half of it is lost up in the screen12:23
=== MrMojito_Break is now known as MrMojito
libpenguinthere are two types of output -- 1st Inst and 2nd Conf glitsj1612:25
glitsj16libpenguin: there's a package to make pasting long output easier, sudo apt-get install pastebinit12:25
glitsj16libpenguin: after you've got that, run "sudo apt-get --dry-run dist-upgrade | pastebinit" and share the URL you get here12:26
libpenguinthis is very handy otherwise everytime I had to switch between browser and terminal with other windows12:28
TeraJLActionParsnip: i've installed kernel 3.13, but nvidia drivers stopped working and couldn't install newers version, better to test it later, i've already revert to 3.8.0-35, thanks for warning ;)12:29
libpenguinglitsj16: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797016/12:31
glitsj16libpenguin: ok, having a look12:31
SamuraiDioI'm tunning my ubuntu to use tmpfs on /tmp e /var/tmp, like suggested on this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/173094/how-can-i-use-ram-storage-for-the-tmp-directory-and-how-to-set-a-maximum-amount12:31
SamuraiDioIt also suggests to mount /var/cache12:32
libpenguinglitsj16: how to show the output in terminal also ? output was pastebinit'ed and not shown in terminal, also what is the duration of this paste, will it be automaticlly deleted after some time or not ?12:32
SamuraiDioDoes the system reuses /var/cache between boots?12:34
SONAim trying to boot up my box i have four 500 gig harddrives on raid10, after ubuntu upgrade it wont boot, even when i try loading the old kernel. how would i go about booting my server, mdadm?12:37
ActionParsnipTeraJL: you need the headers for the kernel, alternatively upgrade to Trusty12:39
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
glitsj16libpenguin: pastes aren't auto-deleted on paste.ubuntu.com i believe .. your paste suggests quite a bit of security related updates available .. i realize that those aren't directly related to you wanting to install wine, but if it was me i'd never run wine on an unsecure machine, just a thought12:39
rustuptwisti want to put ubuntu on my sons oder hp laptop i have downloaded: ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso' is that a good choice for an older laptop say 2-4 yrs old?12:40
TeraJLActionParsnip: i've installed by downloading from here:  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.13-trusty/ , both *_amd64.deb and *_all.deb, then ran sudo dpkg -i on all 312:41
ActionParsniprustuptwist: yes, you will get the choice of Unity2D which will use fewer resources :)12:41
rustuptwistActionParsnip: ok I was thrown off a bit by the word 'desktop' in the file.12:42
TeraJLActionParsnip: do you think i may get any SSD issues (i heard the are sensitive/limited) by using ubuntu 12.04 with 3.8.0?12:42
ActionParsniprustuptwist: it just means it has a GUI, the server ISO is pure CLI12:42
ActionParsnipTeraJL: you can cron the trim command to get trim support in older kernels12:43
libpenguinglitsj16: how to show the output simultaneously in terminal with pastebinit and how to set the pastes to be deleted after a specified period of time ?12:43
rustuptwistActionParsnip:  ok. how new does the laptop have to be so that it will accept a usb drive boot?12:43
ActionParsniprustuptwist: set to boot BIOS first, you will need to use something like unetbootin to put the ISO on to the USB storage12:44
rustuptwistActionParsnip:  ok hope the laptop can do all that12:45
ActionParsniprustuptwist: i imagine it weill, i have older systems which USB boot12:45
pikarenlibreoffice is not great12:46
pikarenmsoffice still got the edge12:46
glitsj16libpenguin: to see output, sudo apt-get --dry-run dist-upgrade > ~/Downloads/dry-run.txt && pastebinit -i ~/Downloads/dry-run.txt && cat ~/Downloads/dry-run.txt .. i don't think you can set pastes to be deleted on paste.ubuntu.com .. you can change the service pastebinit uses in the conf, but you would have to check which one offers a removal functionality, i don't know that otoh12:47
ActionParsnippikaren: in your opinion.12:48
Myrttipikaren: how is that related to anything?12:48
ActionParsnipwell, that was pointless......12:48
pikarensad but true12:49
pikarenit just behaves weirdly every now and then12:49
pikarenmsoffice is more polished12:49
rustuptwistActionParsnip:  so you boot the laptop holding down f10 key and set bios to boot from ?12:50
ActionParsnippikaren: do you have a support question?12:50
ActionParsniprustuptwist: if that is what your BIOS needs to selct the USB to boot, yes12:50
SamuraiDiohow can I start a program on a terminal emulator, and persist it after the terminal windows is closed?12:50
pikaren& then disown12:50
somsipSamuraiDio: like pikaren says, but screen or tmux might be more flexible for you12:52
ActionParsnipSamuraiDio: or use nohup12:52
brontosaurusrexyeah, screen myscript, then ctrl + a & ctrl +d i think, and thats it12:53
jboomzmy drive is formatted yet i see two entries in the uefi bios boot menu when in secure mode for "other devices ubuntu", im guessing those because ubuntu keys? how do i remove them?12:53
rustuptwistis there an option to making a bootable usb other than via the Terminal on a Mac?12:53
brontosaurusrexpikaren, how is the state of silly office apps "sad" ?12:53
gm_i am using debian12:53
SamuraiDiopikaren, somsip, ActionParsnip, Whats best for creating a .desktop to put in .config/autostart?12:54
ActionParsnipjboomz: possibly could be seeing the Grub entries in the MBR (if tahts how UEFI works).12:54
gm_i can't open my zip file (using squeeze)12:54
ActionParsnipgm_: debian is not supported here12:54
ActionParsnipgm_: ask in #debian12:54
jboomzActionParsnip:  drive is formatted gpt, bios is in secure boot mode12:54
ActionParsnipjboomz: not something Ive had to suffer (yet), was a guess12:55
vecihi^^how can connect to freenx enabled ubuntu?12:55
MyrttiSamuraiDio: copying it from /usr/share/applications/12:55
vecihi^^with nx client12:55
=== james_ is now known as Guest58066
ActionParsnip!freenx | vecihi^^12:55
ubottuvecihi^^: FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX12:55
SONA_any ubuntu experts that can do phone support?12:56
SamuraiDioMyrtti, that's a script I created, not int /usr/share/applications12:56
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
SamuraiDioI want to run it like a daemon12:56
SONA_pm me12:56
MyrttiSamuraiDio: copy a .desktop from /usr/share/applications and edit it when in place? although if you want to run it like a daemon, why not actually make it one12:56
Touhou11SONA_: http://www.ubuntu.com/management/ubuntu-advantage12:57
ActionParsnipSONA_: try in #ubuntu-touch if you want ubuntu touch support12:57
SamuraiDioMyrtti, maybe another time. For now, I just need it running. It's a nodejs web server, just to serve some docs. I think nohup may do the trick.12:58
SONA_whats touch support12:58
SamuraiDiothanks, all12:58
MunsterHello ppl12:58
ActionParsnipSONA_: ubuntu on phones, look around for news about it. is that not what you meant?12:59
SONA_no i meant I'm stuck, and wanted someone to help me on the phone13:00
Touhou11Ubuntu on phones isn't happening anymore I think13:00
SONA_or on skype13:00
SONA_upgraded my ubunutu and i think the boot loader or grub got messed up and it won't boot, i have 4 drives in raid 1013:01
SONA_and i just don't know how to get the server to boot13:01
=== KaneKaka is now known as Rodrigruez
SONA_ the /dev/md10 does not exist13:03
SONA_i guess thats what loads the raid array? i have no dam clue ;-/13:03
Rodrigruezsona_: you're screwed then.13:03
Rodrigruezif /dev/md10 doesn't exist, you're f*cked13:04
Rodrigruezgood luck anyways13:04
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
=== kevin is now known as Guest97913
ksmthhow do I boot from a usb stick?13:04
SONA_its a wd passport13:04
SONA_i think13:04
SONA_someone set it up for me13:05
KittyKittenKatby going to your temp boot and choosing your usb, ksmth13:05
jkphey guys, question about the ubuntu apt-repositories13:06
Rodrigruezsure, jkp.13:06
Rodrigruezthrow that question right at us.13:06
jkpif i look here chromium-browser is version 31.0.1650.63-0ubuntu0.12.04.1~20131204.1 for ubuntu 12.0413:06
Rodrigruezwe gotta play fetch, jkp.13:06
RodrigruezI see.13:06
FloodBot1Rodrigruez: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:06
RodrigruezFloodBot1: this goddamn bot is annoying.13:06
jkpbut when i try to install it i get an older version13:07
jkpits coming from archive.ubuntu.com13:07
ksmthhm, KittyKittenKat I don't understand what you are saying, sorry. basically i have ssh access13:07
Rodrigruezjkp, you gotta be a man.13:07
jkpsee here http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/universe/binary-amd64/13:07
KittyKittenKatksmth: i dont think you can boot from a usb over SSh13:07
jkpso the question is is how i get the package version shown at packages.ubuntu.com to install?13:08
ksmthKittyKittenKat ok, I have access to a Lara console - but still I don't have a GUI, that's what I meant13:08
Rodrigruezjkp, PM me.13:08
KittyKittenKatksmth: you usally plug it in and then during boot there should be a press (key) to choose boot options or something. if not, it may be in the bios settings (edit at own risk!$13:09
rustuptwistthis is prob a lame question, more so cause i don't use windows, but in the bios it gives me a choice of: usb floppy, usb diskette on key, USB hard, and to my mind the USB flash is none of those descriptions. What should I choose in order to boot from the USB drive?13:17
YaMoonSunUbuntu's disk utility keeps detecting problems because the hard drive is failing, but I'm running the os from a live disc..13:20
YaMoonSunHow can I make the warns cease?13:20
ikoniaYaMoonSun: fix the hard disk / swap it out for a non-faling one13:26
YaMoonSunOr swap OS to one that doesn't auto-mount the hdd during trial.. Macpup I guess.13:26
SrRaven-workHi, I want to put Linux on an external HD and use my U410 (Touch) with it13:27
SrRaven-workAny valid points why it should NOT work?13:27
IRTH0Rso upstart or systemd?13:27
ActionParsniprustuptwist: try them all13:27
YaMoonSunBecause your external isn't usb 3.0 or your bios is outdated.. Because you formatted the drive wrong..13:28
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
ActionParsnip!away > dhruvasagar_away13:30
ubottudhruvasagar_away, please see my private message13:30
IRTH0Rupstart seems to be getting a kicking recently13:30
mdevI added * - nofile 65535 to /etc/security/limits.conf rebooted13:32
mdevand ulimit -n still shows 1024...13:32
mdevhow do I fix this?13:32
=== Wheelman is now known as x^infinity
ActionParsnipmdev: just reading the man pages...13:35
ActionParsnipmdev: try:   * hard nofile 6553513:36
ActionParsnipmdev: http://ss64.com/bash/limits.conf.html13:36
mdevI have as well as soft, - is support to represent both13:37
ActionParsnipmdev: ahh, i see13:37
ActionParsnipmdev: is 65535 an ok value?13:37
ActionParsnipmdev: have you tried using the example lines from the page I linked, see if they work?13:38
mdevonly thing i care about is file descriptors not the rest of that13:39
mdevand yes as I said I tried hard and soft for nofile - is suppose to represent both at same time, i've tried * and root at same time for user as well13:39
mdevand 65535 is suppose to max it, default is 1024 which is way too low13:40
mdevI got this to work on another server just forget what I type haha, I should start saving things :P13:42
mdevherm seems to work now, weird13:43
mdevoh well, thanks13:43
ralleDoes anyone know how to set MTU for a pptp-vpn connection, established by network-manager, permanently?13:45
BeyondXYHey everybody. How can I install Puppet 0.25.5 for Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)? Can anyone help?13:50
rustuptwisttrying to boot from ubuntu usb drive but I'm only getting two prompts at startup window: Launch Startup Repair or Start Windows Normally13:51
jpdsBeyondXY: Why would you want such an old version?13:52
BeyondXYjpds: Because my customer forces me to use it.13:52
BeyondXYjpds: I reall don't know how to install that old package on my Ubuntu 12.04.13:53
wessmanim trying to create an FTP account in Ubuntu that should have full write permissions in /var/www. I have added the account to the group www-data, but i dont want to give that group full permissions to all folders, as that would be a security risk. Is it still possible to fix an FTP account with those permissions?13:53
jpdsBeyondXY: Tell your customer about security/performance, oh and bug fix.es13:53
SrRaven-workcan I add a swap partition after installing ?13:54
BeyondXYjpds: That's impossible. Do you know how to install that old version?13:54
jpdsBeyondXY: It's not impossible.13:55
jpdsBeyondXY: There's always telling the customer: http://is.gd/D7YZVt13:56
Guest97913Anyone knows how can i view the list of downloaded files?13:56
PessimistSrRaven-work, if there is free space and depends if you use lvm. I suggest you try using a file as a swap :P13:56
miso78ciao a tutti13:57
ActionParsnipwessman: no scope to use SFTP? FTP is painfully unsecure13:57
miso78italian or english13:58
Pessimist!italian | miso7813:58
ubottumiso78: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:58
SrRaven-workPessimist: whats lvm?13:58
BeyondXYSorry I lost connection. So does anybody know how to install Puppet 0.25.x onto Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)?13:59
MunsterGuest97913, in /home/user/Downloads , or the browser you used to download the files14:00
PessimistSrRaven-work, logical volume management. So try using gparted and create a swap partition where you want then mount it. Or use a file as swap memory... it's easier and more flexible (if this is the right word).14:01
SrRaven-workif I want a laptop to boot from USB Hard Drive IF plugged in, whats smarter, uefi first or legacy first?14:01
SrRaven-workits already at the top of my boot order14:01
MunsterEFI mode should work14:03
=== dean|away is now known as dean
MunsterSrRaven-work, make sure USB boot is enabled and first in the boot order too14:04
SrRaven-workit is it is14:05
BeyondXYI get the error message "metaclass is deprecated and will be removed from Rails". How can I fix it?14:05
MunsterSrRaven-work, then it should boot14:06
rustuptwistI'm getting missing operating system message when I try to boot from usb14:06
FloodBot1rustuptwist: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:08
quicklananyone familiar with getting firewire sound cards working with ubuntu studio? ieee1394 getting errors14:08
MunsterSrRaven-work, unetbootin didn't work for me in either mode btw14:08
=== K4P is now known as Ramona
quicklanHi can anyone help with "Could not read topologyMap Error while reading from IEEE1394: : Resource temporarily unavailable" error?14:10
rustuptwistmaybe there is a file or something missing? i can tell. but it won't boot from the Usb14:10
=== james_ is now known as Guest88380
ferghi ben!14:18
kingfisher64I'm new to Ubuntu. Just trying to tweak the system to my preferences. Only thing I'd like to change is the system breadcrumb to a copy & pastable address bar. How do I achieve this in 13.10? Many thanks14:19
kingfisher64It's v handy to be able to copy a local file path14:19
SchrodingersScatkingfisher64: does your file manager have a 'location selector' setting? maybe something under 'view'?14:21
=== jack is now known as Guest8621
SchrodingersScatkingfisher64: I don't have nautilus on me, so I can't check atm, but thunar does.14:22
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: isnt it CTRL+L?14:24
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: I use pcmanfm2 personally14:25
ishwonhi folks. heard Mate will be supported 14.04?14:26
kingfisher64will have a look now SchrodingersScat, ActionParsnip14:26
ActionParsnipishwon: Cinnammon is in the repos for Saucy14:26
kingfisher64Wow, that's spamming14:26
ActionParsnipishwon: Trusty support and discussion is in #ubuntu+1 until release day14:27
ishwonyeah, thanks, i knew about cinnamon. was really hoping to see MATE on Ubuntu one day :)14:27
ActionParsnipishwon: could install gnome-panel, log off then log in to the new session, rather than flogging Gnome2 which is a dead horse14:28
kingfisher64yep you are right ActionParsnip, many thanks. I'm just getting myself up and running. Virtualbox only to go now.14:28
k1lishwon: that comes over the debian sync. if mate gets to debian it will land in ubuntu some time after14:28
ishwonit's coming into debian as well, from what i heard from the MATE folks.14:29
ishwonActionParsnip: gnome-panel isn't bad but it's not as close to Gnome 214:29
ActionParsnipishwon: or use XFCE14:30
ishwonyeah, XFCE is a good alternative i agree.14:31
Hanumaanhow to solve the problem of uid for the external hard disk connecting to different computers ?14:33
MunsterHanumaan, thru your LAN or portability?14:35
HanumaanMunster, through Lan. I have an iSCSI parition which I mount on different computers and my user has different ID on different computers14:36
somsipisieox: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/01/mate-desktop-ubuntu-140414:38
ksmthreading https://help.ubuntu.com/13.10/serverguide/cloud-images-and-vmbuilder.html I wonder about which to use - cloud images or vmbuilder?14:39
MunsterHanumaan, I'm not familiar with iSCSI paritions, and how they work with uids14:44
=== JZTech102 is now known as JZTech101
Shockhello; is anyone familiar with bcache?14:48
gordonjcp!anyone | Shock14:48
ubottuShock: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:48
sbimikehow do i enable the terminal bell in Ubuntu 13.0414:49
Shocki want to wipe out the bcache signature and enlarge the ext4 fs/partition14:49
BeldarShock, What is your reasoning to wipe it for a resize of the partition?14:53
ShockBeldar: i wanna make sure that if i convert my partitions to use bcache i can revert easily to not using bcache14:54
BeldarShock, You using bcache through the kernel or a ppa?14:54
Shockppa, i guess14:54
BeldarShock, From a quick read of what bcache does I'm not sure you have a clear understanding as far as having or not having, from what I can tell you should have no damage if added then removed, as well ppa's are not supported here.14:56
ShockBeldar: thanks for the help, I'm pretty sure I understand how bcache works14:57
Shockat least high/medium level understanding14:57
ramviI chose to keep my Apache configuration after downgrading. I regret my decision. How do I get the maintainers version of the configuration? I would guess dpkg-reconfigure, but what package?14:57
BeldarShock, Cool, seems to be only a read write controller, not sure with than without will cause any change other that in that area is all.14:57
ShockBeldar: bcache will write data to the beginning of the partition14:58
ShockBeldar: it keeps metadata there14:58
=== kevin is now known as Guest33327
BeldarShock, It is in kernels 3.10 and up, I see no warning for these kernels on wiping is all for resizing, you might contact the makers for true info would be my route, not sure here is your best place is all.14:59
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=== hgfischer is now known as hgf
worldwide7477wondering if anyone can help? i canot get youtube to work using pinguyos it worked for one day and now nothing15:00
Beldarworldwide7477, That OS is not supported here is all, I believe they have a channel.15:01
worldwide7477ok thanks Beldar15:01
tiblockwhat current version of 12.04? 12.04.3 or 12.04.4?15:04
pyghassenI have a question about pxe on ubuntu15:07
pyghassencan I use a mix of preseed and kickstart?15:07
tiblocki installed 12.04.3 but lsb_release -a says its 12.04.4, but google/wiki/ubuntu.com says that 12.04.4 didnt published. How that happened? Is that error or its ok?15:08
Beldartiblock, What kernel are you at now?15:09
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
tiblockBeldar, /proc/version = Linux version 3.8.0-35-generic (buildd@allspice) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) ) #50~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 4 17:25:51 UTC 201315:10
=== james_ is now known as Guest64881
rustuptwistanyone know off-hand which of the more recent distress of ubuntu is still 700mb or under. I ask cause i tried the usb boot method and did not work. so I want to (torrent) download an is to burn via CD15:10
Beldartiblock, Same as my 12.04.3, if it is running fine I think you are fine, not sure on the 12.04.4 release schedule however.15:11
tiblockBeldar, ok, thank you.15:11
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
=== syst3mw0rm_ is now known as syst3mw0rm
Munsterrustuptwist, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:18
rustuptwistMunster:  how different is that than a minimal 'live cd' or am i conflating concepts?15:20
BeyondXYCan anybody help. I get the error message "DEPRECATION WARNING: metaclass is deprecated and will be removed from Rails 2.3 (use singleton_class instead). (called from meta_eval at /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/puppet/util/metaid.rb:4)"15:21
BeyondXYWhat's the cause?15:21
ActionParsnipBeyondXY: are there any bugs reported?15:21
Munsterrustuptwist, it IS the minimal cd15:21
rockybananahi! is there a way to arrange the icons on unity desktop on command line?15:22
ActionParsniprustuptwist: minimal installs in CLI mode and will give a minimal OS, or install your desire session from the repos rather than an install CD15:22
rustuptwistok so i guess the whole Live CD thing is of a bygone era now, huh15:23
ActionParsniprustuptwist: if you want. If you get web access in mini and are ok with partitioning in the ncurses based UI then why not, saves downloading a whole CD to then just upgrade the whole thing15:24
HanumaanMunster, did you gave any reply .. I might have missed it due to some disconnection from internet15:25
MunsterHanumaan, I'm not familiar with iSCSI paritions, and how they work with uids15:25
rustuptwistActionParsnip:  no not ok with partitioning ncurses based UI, as I don't even know what those are, lol15:25
locodir-userok i am new to this i will keep looking thanks anyways15:26
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Munsterrustuptwist, use gparted to partition the drive to ext4 first, then use the minimal cd to install ubuntu to it15:28
rustuptwistMunster:  Im trying to install onto a laptop that has windows 7 already installed.15:29
=== c_smith_away is now known as c_smith
angelosHi,  I'm looking for a way to change/add multitouch gestures (mainly I'd like 3 or 4 finger swipe to change workspaces) using unity715:31
Beldarrustuptwist, Are you aware of the per-session boot menu not in the bios, the usb should boot from there if it is a good usb load.15:33
Munsterrustuptwist, gparted live cd can help you resize the windows partition to create an ext4 partition for linux in the free space15:33
pyghassenActionParsnip, hi15:33
rustuptwistBeldar:  am I am not aware of it. I am coming from a OS X background15:34
bitnumusHi, i'm trying to install something from a specific repo15:34
bitnumusi'm using this command, which is given the output i want15:34
pyghassenActionParsnip, do have and Idea about pxe installation15:34
bitnumusubuntu@armhf01:~/.bitcoin$ sudo apt-get -v install bitcoind -t sid15:34
bitnumusapt 0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.16 for armhf compiled on Nov 15 2013 15:39:0715:34
rustuptwistMunster:  you are starting to talk WAY over my head, lol15:34
bitnumushowever, if i remove  the -v it installs a different version15:34
Beldarrustuptwist, You might find the key prompt for it mine is f12 for it f2 for the bios, it might save all this side stepping just to get an install.15:34
X-SetiI feel pretty annoyed at the update-man :)15:35
rustuptwistMunster:  I could have swore when i dabbled with ubuntu say 3-4 years ago the Live CD took care of all of the stuff (wubi or something like that)15:35
X-SetiI have a ton of dependacies issues because the versions on ubuntu dist are higher => then what it's allowing me to do.15:35
Beldarrustuptwist, Honestly having a bootable live is an important tool in general.15:36
ActionParsnippyghassen: when I get a dead day I would like to set one up15:36
ActionParsnippyghassen: but I have used them , just never configured one myself15:36
gyre007im seeing something weird in Ubuntu...I have set the time zone to London/GB, however in syslog I can see current time being logged 6 hours back15:36
ikoniapyghassen: what's up15:36
rustuptwistBeldar:  i'll try again. Ive been avoiding using Terminal in OS X to make the bootable usb, perhaps unetbootin didn't do it correctly15:37
Munsterrustuptwist, is this laptop less than 3yrs old? if so it could be a UEFI/bios problem , and wubi is not a real linux install , it's just a folder one runs in windows15:37
gyre007when I ran date command correct time (ie. in line with the configured zoneinfo) is displayed but it looks like the ssytem time is not updated at all - do I have to restart the server ?15:37
X-SetiThis all started from trying to fix procps that i've read is a known issue.15:37
rustuptwistMunster:  no more than 3 years HP Pavilion dv200015:37
pyghassenso you have no idea about kickstart ActionParsnip ikonia ?15:37
ActionParsnipgyre007: what does:   date     output?15:37
gyre007ActionParsnip: Wed Jan 22 15:38:11 GMT 201415:38
gyre007which is correct in London15:38
gyre007and in line with set localtime15:38
rustuptwistBeldar:  yeah a live CD is what i was aiming at originaly. not seeing that I went for USB boot. didn't work though15:38
ActionParsnipgyre007: and the output of:    cat /etc/timezone15:38
gyre007however I can see crontab logging into syslog and that's 6 hours behind15:38
gyre007do I need to restart the server ?15:39
pyghassenikonia, what's up :)15:39
ActionParsnipgyre007: and what is the output of:    sudo hwclock --show15:39
Beldarrustuptwist, I see a no boot with a bios change here daily and the per-session working.15:39
ikoniapyghassen: sorry, I was asking a questions, what's your problem with pxe/pressed/kickstart15:39
pyghassenexactly haha15:39
gyre007ActionParsnip: Cannot access the HW Clock via any known method15:39
ActionParsnipgyre007: may be the issue15:40
pyghassenthe problem I was going to automate ubuntu installation through pxe ikonia15:40
ActionParsnipgyre007: check the time in your BIOS15:40
ActionParsnipgyre007: is the system old-ish?15:40
gyre007no, brand new server...15:40
Beldarrustuptwist, In other words you have discounted the usb working without checking all the options.15:40
pyghassenI got it going set up except the disk partitioning  ikonia15:41
bitnumuscan someone tell me why this command would return a certain package and installing it would install another?  >  sudo apt-get -v install bitcoind -t sid15:41
ActionParsnipgyre007: I'd check the time and date in the BIOS, you could also run:   sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com15:41
rustuptwistBeldar:  temp boot, are you referring to where the 'Boot menu" appears and beneath it says: <enter setup>?15:41
gyre007im already running ntpd15:41
gyre007this is really bizzarre15:41
zykotick9bitnumus: mixing debian's sid repo and ubuntu is a HORRIBLE idea...15:41
pyghassenbitnumus, what are you trying to do exactly?15:41
Nicolas_LeonidasI think the permissions for my /tmp are messed up for some reason, what's the correct permission to use with chmod?15:41
bitnumusit worked earlier :(15:42
bitnumusi'm trying to install   >  apt 0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.16 for armhf compiled on Nov 15 2013 15:39:0715:42
Beldarrustuptwist, How do you get to this temp boot?15:42
bitnumusbut its installing a different version when i remove   '-v'15:42
rustuptwistBeldar:  f915:42
rustuptwistBeldar:  but it only gives options for CD/DVD and Notebook hard drive15:42
ActionParsnipgyre007: I'd go for BIOS clock, see what's occurring15:42
PinkSwingI am trying to find a gui tool to adjust screen gamma. Doing it from the command line while standing far enough from the screen to be able to see the test pattern properly is very difficult. I heard Monica and GAMMApage were good but I can't find them in the repositories and the author's website is no longer functioning. I also installed a package called kgamma but it won't run.15:43
Beldarrustuptwist, If it a boot menu showing you the HD, cd , usb..etc and a choice of any with the arrow keys and not in the bios that is what I mean. If you are not getting a usb boot there I would suspect the issue is the usb part.15:43
fpshi, i think from my ubuntu 13.10 install on the cpu fan in my box never turns off15:43
fpsalthough the bios selected target temperature is not exceeded15:44
fpsdesktop machine15:44
ActionParsnipfps: does it have a make and model?15:44
=== petrus is now known as Guest20783
fpsActionParsnip: self built :D15:44
ActionParsnipfps: what motherboard?15:44
fpslemme check15:44
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
fpsActionParsnip: 870 extreme 315:45
fpsActionParsnip: have to find the manufacturer though15:45
Beldarrustuptwist, If what I just described is what does not show the usb, than tell us how you loaded the usb, and if it does show in the bios.15:45
fpsActionParsnip: asrock15:45
ActionParsnipfps: which asrock, they make hundreds of boards15:45
fpsActionParsnip: 16:45 < fps> ActionParsnip: 870 extreme 315:46
gyre007ActionParsnip: looks like this is realted to the fact that this iss a virtual machine15:46
Beldarrustuptwist, I have to head off for school best of luck all around.15:46
gyre007and the clock is controlled by hypervisor15:46
gyre007on the baremetal machine I can actually run hwclock15:46
bitnumuspyghassen, any ideas?15:46
pyghassenyou mean you wanna install apt - commandline package manager? bitnumus15:47
pyghassenwhat version of ubuntu are you?15:47
glitsj16PinkSwing: can't you use your GPU driver native tool to change gamma?15:47
pyghassenwhat version of ubuntu are you? bitnumus15:47
bitnumuspyghassen, no thats not what i'm trying to do, maybe thats the wrong command15:47
fpsActionParsnip: i'll check lm-sensors15:47
bitnumusi'm trying to install from a specific repo,   p   0.8.6-1                                                                                           unstable15:48
bitnumusi thoguht the -t switch did this15:48
gyre007however the baremetal machine is 6 hours oFF too ie. when I run hwclock --show I get time 6 hours behind timezone set15:48
pyghassenwhat are you trying to do, can explain further please bitnumus15:49
ActionParsnipfps: do you have the latest BIOS?15:49
fpsActionParsnip: i don't think so since i can't update it without a windows install15:50
fpsActionParsnip: lemme recheck though.. maybe there's a way these days15:50
bitnumuspyghassen, install a certain version of bitcoind from debian repos (because they have armhf)15:50
pyghassenwhy you wanna install it from the debian repo when you have it on the ubuntu15:54
pyghassenjust type "sudo apt-cache show bitcoind"15:55
bitnumusis it ? where abouts15:55
bitnumusFilename: pool/universe/b/bitcoin/bitcoind_0.3.24~dfsg-1_armhf.deb15:55
bitnumuswrong version15:55
pyghassennow it's15:55
pyghassenOriginal-Maintainer: Debian Bitcoin Packaging Team <pkg-bitcoin-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>15:55
pyghassenArchitecture: amd6415:55
pyghassenSource: bitcoin15:55
pyghassenVersion: 0.8.5-115:55
bitnumusi want ARMHF, and i'm running 12.0415:56
bitnumuswhats the switch for apt-get to install from a specific repo?15:56
bitnumusPackage bitcoind:amd64:15:56
bitnumusp   0.3.24~dfsg-1                                                                                     precise                                                                        50015:56
bitnumusp   0.8.6-1                                                                                           unstable15:56
bitnumusi want to install this one, from unstable15:56
fpsActionParsnip: yes, i rebooted to check. it's the current version: 1.6015:56
fpsActionParsnip: the fan never turning off correlates to going from ubuntu 12.10 to 13.1015:57
pyghassenbitnumus, honestly I don't know what this package is doing exactly but from what I understood from you that there is new feature avalable only on the latest version right?15:57
* fps is ready to build a completely fanless system ;D15:57
Munsterrustuptwist, did you create abootable image/iso on the usb stick? if not check this out, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows15:58
bitnumuspyghassen, yes, i successfully did this earlier, i'm sure just by adding  '-t unstable'  to apt-get command, however now its not working15:58
pyghassenif you don't have it on apt-cache you won't be able to install it however bitnumus15:59
rustuptwistMunster:  i created it on a mac following directions to do it on a mac for a windows machine15:59
pyghassenI found it here15:59
bitnumuspyghassen, too many dependencies to install alongside that need to be ARMHF etc also, i tried this before and it got messy :)16:00
bitnumuspyghassen, i can see it in 'aptitude versions bitcoind16:01
bitnumuswhats the difference ?16:01
pyghassenhow about update your source.list file16:01
rustuptwistMunster:  I'm really looking for something simple. I can't really get to deep into partitioning and that. I need a simple install mechanism. that's just where my mind is it. I was looking a CD just cause i assume its simpler but I looked all the way back to 10.4 and the size is stll 700+16:01
pyghassento have the repo of the coming version of ubuntu16:01
pyghassenin this case you won't have to deal with depend..16:02
petesterhi!  My apt-get is taking FOREVER to download some files...  How can I switch servers?16:02
=== rhys_ is now known as Guest72805
bitnumuspyghassen, let me check, pretty sure this didnt work before16:03
abirspacemonkeyMy unity 3D lags in 12.04.1, Kernel 3.8.0-33. But Unity 2D is smoother. Any solution?16:04
Munsterrustuptwist, if you want both windows and ubuntu on your laptop , then virtual box or vmplayer might be of interest16:05
abirspacemonkeyI meant the Dash menu scrolling lags..16:05
PinkSwingglitsj16: I don't know whether my GPU driver has a native tool to change gamma. I am using a laptop with an inbuilt graphics card16:06
rustuptwistMunster:  when i tried about like circa 2008/9 it seemed that the installer CD made a new partition that didn't affect windows and ubuntu was intalled (dual boot?) and it was simple, easy and good to go. What has changed?16:07
PinkSwingglitsj16: There is no setting for gamma under System Settings|Screen Display16:07
glitsj16PinkSwing: what GPU do you have? lspci -nnk | VGA -A 216:07
bitnumuspyghassen, i dont see an ARMHF compilation of this anywhere in the repos ?>16:08
bitnumusthis is why i'm using debian16:08
PinkSwingglitsj16: VGA: command not found16:08
iteshello, i'm looking for a fb messenger app. like this http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fbmessenger-stand-alone-facebook.html . i'm not sure about security/privacy of that app. anyone has any info about that? or any other prog16:08
glitsj16PinkSwing: my mistake, forgot the grep .. lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A 216:09
PinkSwingites: I don't know if pidgin can connect to a facebook account16:09
itesit does, but i don't really like pidgin16:09
PinkSwingglitsj16: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0116] (rev 09)16:10
PinkSwingSubsystem: Acer Incorporated [ALI] Device [1025:0623]16:10
PinkSwingKernel driver in use: i91516:10
Munsterrustuptwist, the bios has changed to uefi for one, but dvds or usbs are now needed as installation media due to the OS image size, but the auto install beside windows should still be there afaik16:10
abirspacemonkeyCan you please help? How to know if 3D rendering is working properly?16:12
ac_slaterHey guys, how can I scripts an `update-alternatives` call for, say, gcc? ie - I want gcc-4.7 to be my `gcc` symlink.16:13
ac_slateroh nevermind16:13
arunhi all16:13
glitsj16PinkSwing: i don't know if Intel offers a GUI tool, i don't have experience with those GPU's .. perhaps someone else here knows16:14
arunwhich is the best ?? MDM, LightDM, GDM ?16:14
Morgan_Freemani am about to install 14.04 anything i should know?16:14
Morgan_Freeman1800 idlers here huh16:15
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PinkSwingglitsj16: Searching for intel in synaptic shows that my display driver is package: xserver-xorg-video-intel X.Org           description: X server -- Intel i8xx, i9xx display driver16:16
=== witquicked_ is now known as witquicked
PinkSwingglitsj16: I also have intel-gpu-tools installed. I'm just googling that16:18
MunsterMorgan_Freeman, depends on your hardware mostly, if 12.04 to 13.10 run ok then 14.04 will as well16:18
rustuptwistMunster:  i think my machine is vista era so i was thinking to use an older version to install then upgrade16:18
petesterMy apt-get is going CRAZY SLOW, what might be the problem??16:19
Morgan_Freemandid you run apt-get update first?16:19
glitsj16PinkSwing: not a GUI tool, but did you try xgamma yet ?16:19
Morgan_Freemanthanks Munster16:19
petesterMorgan_Freeman: Yup16:20
Munsterolder version of ubuntu, rustuptwist?, I have a 6yr old desktop that runs 13.10 just fine16:20
PinkSwingglitsj16: Trouble with xgamma is I need to be several feet away from the screen to blur the test pattern sufficiently. Using a keyboard in a darkened room on my lap that far from the screen makes it very difficult to read the terminal16:20
witasmy 4 years laptop cant get with 13.10 :-( but 12.04 fine :-)16:21
=== Guest76823 is now known as Sleepnbum
glitsj16PinkSwing: i understand .. no more ideas on that one sorry16:22
PinkSwingglitsj16: Thanks for trying16:23
X-SetiAggr: im going out of my mind here, Depends: gconf2-common (= 3.2.6-0ubuntu1) but 3.2.6-1 is to be installed16:24
X-Setihow come if its says it's the latest16:25
vizgixsup peeps16:29
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=== Koma-AFK is now known as Koma
rakesh_i cant see any drives on the left side when i am clicking home folder.16:33
oddfellowHow do i open the terminal?16:37
oddfellowin ubuntu16:37
oddfellowhow do i open the terminal16:38
oddfellowCan someone help me?16:39
Bashing-omoddfellow: generally - ctl+alt+t works in most desk tops .16:39
pc-02_hello, how can i fix "failed to excute command "/usr/bin/nvidia-settings" (NO such file or directory)16:39
Bashing-omoddfellow: np16:40
jpbaciliohi! this is Jean Pierre Bacilio, firs time using IRC  channels16:40
pc-02_hi John Pierre, i love yor bottled water :)16:40
jpbaciliowhat do you mean? pc-0216:41
pc-02_jsut being silly, i liked how you introduced yourself :)16:42
oddfellowi have made a portion on my hard drive. One half have windows and 40 gb has ubuntu i hope. I cant see the 40gb drive anywhere? but i can see the whole harddrive. How can i see that my install was sucessfulll?16:42
jpbacilioohhh I see16:42
jpbacilioso pc-02, probabbly you need using terminal "sudo apt-get install -f"16:42
jpbaciliothat fixes dependencys16:42
jpbaciliofix dependencies, sorry >_<16:43
Bashing-omoddfellow: from liveUSB-terminal command ->sudo fdisk -lu <- if leagcy partitioned .16:43
jpbacilioare you booting windows or ubuntu?16:44
Bashing-omoddfellow: boot the liveDVD ->try ubuntu mode, activate the terminal, and type "sudo fdisk -lu" .16:44
jpbaciliothat's right, that command show your hdds and partitions16:45
jpbacilioopen terminal my friend16:45
rakesh_people:i cant see the drives,other options such as downloads,desktop,etc that is visible on left side when we click home folder in ubuntu16:45
jpbaciliodon't understand you rakesh16:46
oddfellowcommand not found it says16:47
jpbacilioare you sure odd fellow?16:47
=== newbie is now known as Guest92946
rakesh_jpbacilio:well i mean i cant see the devices n computer option that we find in the left side on clicking home folder16:47
Bashing-omoddfellow: The command is valid, check or type errors.16:48
zambaanyone familiar with netapp here?16:48
oddfellowit worked when i typed sudo fdisk -lu but there is my harddrives. But how do i know that ubunto are on the right partion16:48
jpbaciliorakesh: aybe your devices are not mounted yet16:49
jpbaciliorakesh: maybe your devices are not mounted yet16:49
rakesh_jpbacilio: okk so wat do i do now16:49
ubottuery: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:49
jpbaciliouso root on terminal and go to 'media' directory16:50
rakesh_i have restarted it twice but problem persists16:50
Guest92946I've got a question to do with emptying my trash.  I've got a lot of .Xauthority* and .goutputstream* things.  How do I get rid of them and should that make it possible to empty my trash?16:50
Bashing-omoddfellow: in that output under the heading "system" you will see "linux" for all partitions that ubuntu owns.16:50
jpbaciliocan you send me a picture please?16:50
Guest92946For now, I can't empty my trash16:50
rakesh_jpbacilio: ok i m in as a root.wat next16:51
jpbaciliogo to /media16:52
rakesh_jpbacilio: ok inside media16:52
jpbaciliotype LS16:52
jpbaciliosorry, just ls16:52
rakesh_it says only pendrive16:52
oddfellowis there any program like greenshot for linux that can take a screenshot of a specified part of my screen?16:53
glitsj16Guest92946: can you paste the output of "ls -lh ~/.local/share/Trash" on paste.ubuntu.com and show the URL you get here please?16:53
rakesh_on removing pendrive it shows nothing16:53
=== james_ is now known as Guest99201
jpbaciliowait, do you mean, are using ubuntu?16:54
rakesh_yeah ubuntu16:54
jpbaciliodon't you see "System Files" icon on left side?16:54
rakesh_i mean i can see the file system like:bin,boot,home etc. btu cant see other drives16:56
Guest92946glitsj16: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6798184/16:56
jpbacilioother partitions or drives??16:56
Guest92946rakesh_: Ibly two lines16:56
rakesh_though in disk utility it shows the other drives16:56
=== AwesomeD is now known as AwesomeDragon
rakesh_Guest 92946:sorry i did'nt get u16:57
jpbaciliook, as tols you, that partitions aren't mounted16:57
Guest92946rakesh_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6798184/16:57
glitsj16Guest92946: permissions look alright .. have you tried "rm -R ~/.local/share/Trash/*" yet?16:58
Guest92946rakesh_: I was just saying that it contained only two lines in the thing16:58
Guest92946glitsj16: Not with a -R16:58
jpbaciliorakesh, this article can help you http://blog.desdelinux.net/como-auto-montar-particiones-al-inicio-la-forma-facil/16:59
Guest92946rakesh_: glitsj16: What's this garbage with .Xauthority and .goutyputstream?16:59
glitsj16Guest92946: the -R stands for recursive, you need that16:59
rakesh_not only are the partitions not mounted but the computer option that gives direct access to downloads,desktop etc is also not seen16:59
jpbaciliorakesh: are you using a live CD ???16:59
vicolhello everyone, could you please remind me the command to fix when partial upgrade message comes?17:00
ActionParsnipglitsj16: could use trash-cli   bit more graceful :)17:00
glitsj16Guest92946: those are probably the result of X going wonky in the past17:00
rakesh_no jpbacilio its already installed17:00
glitsj16ActionParsnip: very true, i keep forgetting that .. thanks for the pointer17:00
Guest92946glitsj16: The command is entered, but, so far, it hangs17:01
ActionParsnipglitsj16: should be default imho, as well as unp and pastebinit17:01
jpbaciliothat's strangle, so use this command article http://felinfo.blogspot.com.es/2009/05/montar-una-unidad-automticamente-al.html17:01
glitsj16Guest92946: any output ?17:01
jpbaciliosorry, I mean , strange >_<!17:01
Guest92946glitsj16: Should it take long?  No output in the terminal17:02
glitsj16ActionParsnip: indeed, would make life easier17:02
Bashing-omGuest92946: the .goutputsream ia a known glitch, last I checked no fix, just delete those files, no harm done.17:02
jribvicol: be more specefic17:02
jribvicol: be more specific even17:02
Guest92946Bashing-om: Been trying to delete the .goutputstream things, to no avail ..17:02
glitsj16Guest92946: no should only remove 2 directories, instantly returning (except you have extremely large files in there)17:02
ActionParsnipvicol: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get -f install17:03
buharincan I write ubuntu sdk program + python?17:03
Guest92946glitsj16: You saw the size listed in pastebin?  Is that big?17:03
Guest92946glitsj16: Still no output17:03
=== mc_teo is now known as Guest11134
ActionParsnipbuharin: if you have the technical ability, yes. Both are open source17:04
Bashing-omGuest92946: These files are in your /home directory, yes ? .. and version you are using is 12.04 ?17:05
glitsj16Guest92946: i saw the size of the dirs, not the contents .. Ctrl+C it and run a ls -lh ~/.local/share/Trash/files &&  ls -lh ~/.local/share/Trash/files and make another paste of those if you would17:05
oddfellowThis is what the consol says http://imgur.com/hI7Ph8t17:05
oddfellowor the therminal*17:05
glitsj16Guest92946: second part would be ../info instead of files sorry17:05
Guest92946Bashing-om: 13.10 64 bit17:06
nitkhow to change ttl value in linux17:06
Bashing-omGuest92946: ohh, maybe not related, I have not seen that problem in 13.10.17:07
nitkhow to update kernel in unbun17:07
ubottuery: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:08
oddfellowSpotify's program dont work on linux, so i am using their web player. Is there a way to make a shortcut on the desktop that will take me to that webbsite so that i can log in and listen easy without first open firefox and then endter the adress and so on17:10
Guest92946kglitsj16: I can't get pastebin to work.  Can I put it in a private chat with you?17:10
kostkonoddfellow, there is a linux version of the desktop client17:11
Guest92946glitsj16: I can't get pastebin to work this time.  Can I paste it in a private with you?17:11
kostkonoddfellow, they provide a repo for debian/ubuntu17:11
glitsj16Guest92946: sudo apt-get install pastebinit trash-cli && trash-list | pastebinit  .. that will take care of the pastebin trouble17:12
glitsj16Guest92946: i don't mind PM in principle, nut in the channel we get the eyes of all present to save us from disaster, do you understand?17:13
Guest92946glitsj16: What I can say is that there are things that are strange.  one thing is 1009M, another 358M, 819M, 712M  Is that significative?17:14
glitsj16Guest92946: odd indeed, never saw sizes like that in a trash17:14
mc_teo_is there any irc gparted support?17:14
Guest92946sudo apt-get install pastebinit trash-cli && trash-list | pastebinit17:15
oddfellowkostkon: when i enter that site i cant find anywhere to downloade it. this is what i see http://imgur.com/HeiJnL417:15
TeltariatIs it possible to have multiple apparmor profiles for the same binary in /etc/apparmor.d?17:15
glitsj16Guest92946: that install a nice pastebin tool and a trash-cli tool .. to make life a bit easier to check your issue17:15
hellodavidhi all17:16
Guest92946glitsj16: I understand it.  I just typed it in the wrong place17:17
oddfellowi cant find the downloade button17:17
glitsj16Guest92946: ahh okay, no worries :)17:17
Cydewaysoddfellow: the download button for what? where are you looking?17:17
kostkonoddfellow, the page looks kinda messed up. here's how to add the repo  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Spotify17:18
Guest92946glitsj16: 70%17:18
kostkonoddfellow, ignore the line " in a preview version for Linux, but only for premium account customers. "17:18
glitsj16Guest92946: in school that's a good grade .. 70% of what?17:19
Guest92946glitsj16: 95% of trash-cli17:19
jpbacilioHi, this is Jean Pierre Bacilio, first time using IRC Channels17:19
glitsj16Guest92946: ah the download?17:19
Guest92946glitsj16: It is now installing trash-cli17:19
oddfellowalright, how do i paste something to the terminal, the ctrl v dont work17:19
robinmholtjpbacilio: What can we do for you?17:20
Jordan_Uoddfellow: ctrl+shift+v17:20
vicoljrib, ActionParsnip, I used a command last time to fix the partial upgrade situation. I think it was another one.17:20
glitsj16Guest92946: cool, run "trash-list | pastebinit"17:20
robinmholtoddfellow: Some terminals use Shift-Insert.17:20
Guest92946glitsj16: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6798289/17:20
Guest92946glitsj16: I just realised that I hadn't put a name on it17:21
nitkany help about how to change ttl value in  unbuntu17:21
vicoljrib, ActionParsnip, now trying update-upgrade first17:21
Guest92946Je dois partir quelques moments17:21
glitsj16Guest92946: trash-empty  .. does that work?17:21
Guest92946I need to go away a couple of minutes, but I'll be back17:21
Guest92946glitsj16: what do you mean trash-empty?17:22
glitsj16Guest92946: as a command17:22
Guest92946Does it need to be a sudo?17:22
glitsj16Guest92946: no, it's your user trash17:22
kostkonoddfellow, did it work?17:22
oddfellowYeah but it is stuck at ldconfig deferred processing now taking place so i dont know if it is loading or what? xD17:23
Guest92946glitsj16: It hangs like the other thing rm -R17:23
glitsj16Guest92946: i need to go and prepare dinner shortly, but people here can help you along, i'm here for another 10 minutes17:23
Guest92946glitsj16: I'll be back in 1017:24
robinmholtnitk: What are you trying to accomplish?  Are you looking for iptables --ttl-set option?17:24
vicoljrib, ActionParsnip, I ran update, upgrade, and autoremove, and then update again. after that ran the update manager again. but still partial upgrade message comes17:25
robinmholtnitk: What command are you using now?17:25
nitkiptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o ppp0 -j TTL --ttl-set 117:26
oddfellowkostkon: yeah nothing is hapening17:26
glitsj16Guest92946: okay, try the hammer .. sudo rm ~/.local/share/Trash/files ~/.local/share/Trash/info (to remove both directories, they'll get regenerated so no harm in doing that)17:26
nitkbut it is not changing  the ttl value...17:26
kostkonoddfellow, it hasn't finished?17:26
nitkrobinmholt, is there any other method to change ttl value17:26
kostkonoddfellow, weird17:26
robinmholtnitk: I am a bad reference for that.  I have only used the iptales method and that was only to address a specific really weird VPN issue.17:27
oddfellowalright now it says my name@ubuntu:-$17:27
kostkonoddfellow, you are ready then17:27
kostkonoddfellow, search for it and run it17:27
oddfellowbut i see no spotify?17:28
kostkonoddfellow, where?17:28
kostkonoddfellow, use the dash to search for it. are you using ubuntu?17:28
nitkrobinmholt, ok tell me atleast that....method i am trying but not working can u help me17:28
oddfellowyeah aah nice thanks! :D:D17:29
kostkonoddfellow, ;)17:29
vicolchrissakes, could anyone please remind me what that image pastebin site was called?17:29
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
oddfellowbut the raido and sut do not work, so is there a way to make shortcut to a website or something?17:30
robinmholtnitk: Not really.  Looking at my notes, I used -A OUTPUT instead of -I POSTROUTING and I used --ttl-inc 100 instead of --ttl-set 1.17:30
vicolActionParsnip, I'm still getting this: http://picpaste.com/pu-Th4EiEq6.png17:31
kostkonoddfellow, what?17:31
robinmholtnitk: Honestly, I never verified that the higher ttl value was being honored, only that the VPN connection no longer was causing problems.17:31
ActionParsnipvicol: what is the output of:  sudo apt-get -f install; lsb_release -a; uname -a; df -h17:32
nitkrobinmholt, fine thank you for your response17:32
pc-02_Hello. Can someone help me fix Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/nvidia-settings" (No such file or directory)17:32
oddfellowKostkon, the spotify thing i downloaded, the radio and the online stuff dont wirk beside the songs so if i want to listen to the spotify radios, is there a way to make a shortcut to the spotify web player? Without going through firefox and all? :)17:32
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robinmholtvicol: Check /topic17:32
Chuck_NorrisActionParsnip,  its mah idol -.-17:32
bingoBen64, are you here sir?17:33
kostkonoddfellow, what radios? give me an example17:33
ActionParsnipChuck_Norris: :)17:33
oddfellowa radio17:33
vicolActionParsnip, -f install returns this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6798355/17:33
kostkonoddfellow, you mean when you click on a radio link in your browser?17:33
oddfellowit's a feature on spotify where they put together a list of songs that are siilar to the songs i have in my playlist so that i might descover new songs in the same genre17:34
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
kostkonoddfellow, you mean your personal stations? i can see mine under Radio in the client17:35
bingoanyone know command to intall nvida X server?17:35
vicolActionParsnip, here are the others: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6798360/ , http://paste.ubuntu.com/6798363/ , http://paste.ubuntu.com/6798367/17:35
oddfellowbut that dont work in the program i just downloaded, so i think i will use the web player. And when i'm going to use it, i want to enter the spotify web player fast without opening first firefox then enter the url and then log in,17:35
harshHave anyone experienced corrupted graphics after resuming from hibernate?17:36
kostkonoddfellow, then try this http://askubuntu.com/questions/31427/how-do-i-put-a-web-application-on-the-launcher17:37
pk__i am trying to boot ubuntu manually from grub..i did   root(hda0,0) kernel /casper/vmlinuz initrd /casper/initrd.lz  boot17:38
pk__all good17:38
pk__then it takes me to an initramfs prompt17:39
pk__now how to run the GUI17:39
ubuntugood night17:39
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nitk_how to modify ttl value using iptables?17:48
joelromanalguien habla español17:48
bazhang!es | joelroman17:48
ubottujoelroman: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:48
Guest92946Hello; I'm back17:53
Guest92946the rm -R command still no output17:53
Guest92946Same thing with the trash-empty command17:54
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fabiobikhello guys, does anyone disponible to help me getting work my wifi laptop card?17:59
fabiobikit worked but ive formated the laptop and now not works anymore17:59
leepingHi there, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a system, but it doesn't boot up.  I believe I correctly specified the device for boot loader installation (/dev/sdb) and partitioned it correctly (/dev/sdb1 is an ext4 partition, and /dev/sdb2 is a 64GB swap partition.)18:00
leepingIs there anything on the checklist that I might have missed?18:00
leepingThe system isn't displaying anything when I start it up, which suggests it's not recognizing /dev/sdb as the boot disk.18:00
leepingHmm, maybe it is trying to boot off the wrong disk ... I might have installed a boot loader onto /dev/sda by mistake.18:01
oddfellowKostkon: How do i install crome then ?18:01
oddfellowis it the chromium browser?18:02
ActionParsnipoddfellow: you can download the deb from Google's site18:03
Guest92946glitsj16: Srill no output from either of the commands18:03
oddfellowi only have 1 user in the ubuntu OS, can i remove the pasword so that i dont have to type my pasword all the time and when i start the os?18:05
Guest92946ActionParsnip: From trash-empty; I have an output.  I will show pastebin18:05
oddfellowCan i change the plaze of the icons in the louncher?18:07
leepingI'm a bit frustrated that my installed OS is not booting up :/ I've installed Ubuntu at least 10 times in the last 5 years, but I still don't know what might be wrong this time18:07
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Guest92946glitsj16: ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6798527/18:09
helheim_leeping, check if you have virtualization disabled in bios ... it should be disabled18:10
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/18:10
Guest13882!s ubundu18:10
Guest92946ActionParsnip: One thought, I am running both rm -R ... (no output) and the output in pastebin18:11
leepinghelheim_, I'll check that out.  Thanks.18:11
leepingI wish it at least printed out some error messages.  Currently I just get a blinking underscore18:11
oddfellow i only have 1 user in the ubuntu OS, can i remove the pasword so that i dont have to type my pasword all the time and when i start the os?18:13
tgm4883_oddfellow, you want Automatic Login. It's configured in the User Accounts in the System Settings18:15
oddfellowgot it thanks!18:16
ninjahattorihello why gif images on web pages like lifehacker or kotaku look so terrible in ubuntu18:18
tgm4883_ninjahattori, example?18:18
TeamRocket1233cYou can use the Mozilla Debian repo in Ubuntu, I assume?18:18
oddfellowi unlocked my admin account and removed the password and turned automatic loin on and now when i am going to update ubunto and make a new password i need to authenticate and i write my password but it,s wrong18:19
bekksTeamRocket1233c: you technically can, I it is strongly advised to not do so. If you want mozilla stuff, there are Ubuuntu PPA too.18:19
ninjahattoritgm4883: i found them on lifehacker but sorry i forgot the addy. i'm using firefox, tor-browser and midori - all look the same18:19
tgm4883_oddfellow, you don't need to remove the password for automatic login18:20
Chaosdhi i had a question has anyone tryed out the 13.12 fglrx drivers i was wondering how much better they are because i have problems with 13.918:20
bekksremoving the password technically means "disable the account".18:20
oddfellowno but i did, and i now need a password to change anything and top update ubunto and my old one dont work18:20
TeamRocket1233cbekks: What if you want ESR in an LTS release?18:20
oddfellowmy old password dont work18:21
bekksTeamRocket1233c: then you stil dont use debian repos in Ubuntu.18:21
tgm4883_ninjahattori, it's pretty difficult to help you with "gifs look terrible"18:21
TeamRocket1233cbekks: Just create a custom ESR repo then?18:21
bekksTeamRocket1233c: No. Use Ubuntu PPA.18:21
TeamRocket1233cbekks: Consulted MozillaZine about it.18:21
ninjahattoritgm4883_: ok i'll come back with examples :)18:21
theCzarI have a question about installing using a preseed file.  Does anyone here have much experience with that?  On Debian I can have it use the preseed by passing 'auto url=http://mypreseedfile' to the boot prompt, and from what I can tell the ubuntu documentation says the same will work on ubuntu.  But whenever I try it I get a message: 'Could not find boot image: auto'.  Any ideas?18:22
fabio__Hello guys, i need help to getting my wifi network working again? Anyone with some time (and patience...) to help me? Please pvt me.18:22
bekksTeamRocket1233c: And? I doubt they suggest using debian repos in Ubuntu.18:22
Guest92946How do I empty my trash????18:23
tgm4883_Guest92946, right click the trash icon and click empty18:23
fabio__Hello guys, i need help to getting my wifi network working again? Anyone with some time (and patience...) to help me? Please pvt me. God bless you18:23
oddfellowtgm4883_: no but i did, and i now need a password to change anything, like tha password. and to uppdate ubunto and my old password dont work. It feels like ubunto made a new password because i removed mine18:24
Guest92946tgm4883_: I've done that and many other things - to no avail18:24
bekksoddfellow: This OS is called "Ubuntu" with a "u" at the end. </0.02c>18:24
TeamRocket1233cbekks: This is for a lightweight distro built on LTS that I'm considering creating.18:25
bekksTeamRocket1233c: That does not change the fact the non-Ubuntu repos may break the system.18:25
Guest92946Can I FORCE my trash to empty??18:26
FireBepowiHello, I've got a problem with Ubuntu live USB, after installing boot-repair and launch it, it say i don't have enough space on /dev/sdb3 to start the scan.18:26
fabio__Hello guys, i need help to getting my wifi network working again? Anyone with some time (and patience...) to help me? Please pvt me. God bless you18:26
tgm4883_Guest92946, I suppose you could delete the trash folder. I've only really done that on USB drives though18:26
tgm4883_!patience | fabio__18:26
ubottufabio__: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/18:26
TeamRocket1233cbekks: True.18:27
Guest92946tgm4883_: Give me the command to do so.18:27
fabio__tgm4883_, thanks mate18:27
TeamRocket1233cbekks: What about just making a custom ESR repo specific to the distro?18:27
leepinghelheim_, do you mean I should disable "Intel Virtualization Technology"?18:27
FireBepowifabio__, I didn’t get your message, but maybe this is a driver problem, launch the driver checker in system setting.18:28
leepingI have disabled it and i'll try again.  I should mention that I have successfully installed Ubuntu on this box before - I am only reinstalling because the system was compromised18:28
fabio__FireBepowi,  could we chat in PM?18:28
arno_Hi, I have a x86 ubuntu running on a 64bits cpu. I need a 64bits machine now. Will that work if I install a 64bits chroot?18:28
Guest92946tgm4883_: I typed the following command more than 15 minutes ago ... with no output rm -R /home/steve/.local/share/Trash/*18:28
leepingI'm back to the blinking underscore now, so disabling Intel Virtualization Technology doesn't seem to be the solution.18:29
leepingI'm guessing GRUB was improperly installed or something along those lines18:29
leepingthat is almost always the case when the OS fails to boot up18:29
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
tgm4883_Guest92946, usually I delete the whole trash directory. I find it gets recreated on the USB drives when I delete something new18:30
oddfellowi didn't want a password as admin on ubuntu and unlocked the acc, went to password and removed everything and turned on the automatic login. Now when ubuntu wants to update, they want a password and my old password dont work, so what do i do?18:31
koellTried to get my umts-usb-stick-modem to work without success. After usb_Modeswitch its still listed with the same product id.18:31
tgm4883_oddfellow, probably boot into recovery and reset your password18:32
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"18:32
ninjahattoritgm4883_: here it is http://imgur.com/x38CChc18:32
oddfellowhow do i boot in recovory and how do i reset my pasword?18:32
tgm4883_!password | oddfellow18:32
ubottuoddfellow: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords18:32
oddfellowtgm4883_ do i type that in the terminal or what?18:33
tgm4883_oddfellow, you read the information at the provided link18:34
tgm4883_ninjahattori, yea that is odd. I just checked and it works fine on 13.04 in both firefox and chrome. Not sure where to look at that issue18:34
ninjahattoritgm4883_: i don't have problem with chromium, only midori and firefox. i'm on 13.10 btw18:37
belgianguyany idea if I can/should disable this 'nobody' job that runs /usr/bin/find?18:40
belgianguyit's very taxing on my RAM (4GB)18:40
bekksfind doesnt use much RAM, but IO.18:40
ClearleapMattHow often do you use find?18:40
vanishingwhat is the "nobody" job?18:40
crshmanhow do I turn up the debug logging for xorg on 13.10?18:40
belgianguyClearleapMatt: once in a blue moon18:41
ClearleapMattwell, if it breaks anything turn it back on :P18:41
belgianguy bekks: could it impact my performance?18:41
belgianguyaccording to htop it's taking 40% of my RAM alone atm18:42
bekksbelgianguy: MAybe. What is "the nobody job"?18:42
waly_hello guys wat up18:42
belgianguybekks: the user is 'nobody' and I see it in htop18:42
belgianguyI guess it's some sort of sync job18:42
tgm4883_maybe for 'locate'?18:42
bekksbelgianguy: You see much more in htop. E.g. the the command.18:42
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airking@alpha (2195*(35/17))18:42
belgianguybekks: nobody    7348  0.0  0.0   4440   284 ?        SNs  18:49   0:00 sh -c /usr/bin/find / -ignore_readdir_race      \( -fstype NFS -o -fstype nfs -o -fstype nfs4 -o -fstype afs -o -fstype b18:43
belgianguynobody    7349  1.0 39.8 1608328 1554204 ?     DN   18:49   0:35 /usr/bin/find / -ignore_readdir_race ( -fstype NFS -o -fstype nfs -o -fstype nfs4 -o -fstype afs -o -fstype binfmt_misc -18:43
waly_i want to know if I could kinda scroll through my workspaces just by pressing one keyboard shortcut, currently it goes to workspace 3 and stops then I have to use the opposite keyboard shortcut to move the other way around. Is there any way of having infinite scrolling, like once it reaches workspace 3 then it would move to workspace 1?18:44
ninjahattorigotta go18:44
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bekksbelgianguy: pastebin "ps aux | grep nobody" please. Do not paste directly into this channel.18:46
belgianguybekks: I'll use pastebin18:46
waly_i want to know if I could kinda scroll through my workspaces just by pressing one keyboard shortcut, currently it goes to workspace 3 and stops then I have to use the opposite keyboard shortcut to move the other way around. Is there any way of having infinite scrolling, like once it reaches workspace 3 then it would move to workspace 1?18:47
hewhomustwindows key s shows all workspaces18:48
oddfellowif i want to install coretemp, how do i do that?18:51
belgianguybekks: http://pastebin.com/ymzywd0k18:52
bekksbelgianguy: Then pastebin "ps -ef | grep 7327" now please.18:53
belgianguybekks: http://pastebin.com/qMAh6ibL18:56
buharinhello I get this http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/programming-languages/java/18:56
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buharinhow to hide java gtk program in toolkit?18:56
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ActionParsnip!away > zz_frobware18:59
ubottuzz_frobware, please see my private message18:59
needhelp223Hello everyone!  does anyone know how can i run a php script as a "service" in ubuntu server.. i mean like, every time it stops - then automatically restart it ?19:00
belgianguyneedhelp223: cron?19:00
=== GTB3NW_AWAY is now known as GTB3NW
needhelp223belgianguy: No, cronjob is time based auto runner.. i need to run the script 24/7 and everytime it stops to restart it automatically19:01
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: a simple cron to start the service every 15 mins, say. This will fail if it is running and start it if it is stopped19:01
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: then cron every 1 minute, maximum outage is 60 seconds19:01
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: or find out why it is stopping and fix that19:02
needhelp223ActionParsnip: oh, it will fail if the scrip already running ? but its a different proccess id no ?19:02
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: why is the PID important?19:02
=== Rarity- is now known as Rarity
needhelp223ActionParsnip: this is how the  cronjob checks if the script already running nope ?19:02
Picineedhelp223: supervisord can do that, I've not used it before though.19:02
belgianguyneedhelp223: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2036654/run-php-script-as-daemon-process19:03
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: no its a time schedule, but 1 min outage is quite acceptable in most cases. How many times does it stop?19:03
needhelp223ActionParsnip: its randomly stop19:03
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: so, a few times a day?19:03
needhelp223ActionParsnip: i guess19:03
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: 24*60*60 = 86400 mins in a day19:04
needhelp223ActionParsnip:  so, if i set up a cron job to every 15 minutes.. it will open a new proccess every 15 minutes or it will fail because there is one that running ?19:04
=== zz_frobware is now known as frobware
needhelp223ActionParsnip: am i correct ?19:05
bekksneedhelp223: It will start a new.19:05
needhelp223bekks: than its not good for me..19:05
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: with 10 stops a day (10 mins outage) that is 99.9999% availability. Is that acceptable19:05
needhelp223any other ideas ?19:05
Picineedhelp223: it will open up a new process unless you do some additional work.19:05
bekksneedhelp223: If you dont want that, avoid the race condition by scripting a wrapper.19:05
belgianguyneedhelp223: check the SO link then19:05
needhelp223belgianguy: i dont need nohup daemon.. it doesnt help19:06
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: is 99.999% availability not acceptable?19:06
Picineedhelp223: did you look at supervisord?19:06
pBlackI'm working in C++. Does anyone know how to get the Current Window? I'm using FreeGlut which (as far as I know) doesn't give me the Window?19:06
needhelp223ActionParsnip: bekks said that it will start a new process each time .. even if theres one already19:07
needhelp223Pici: im looking for a quick solution..19:07
rustuptwistActionParsnip:  Can you assist me in making a bootable USB for my windows machine. I am assuming that the last one was missing something19:07
ActionParsnipneedhelp223: then a script to check if the process is running, if not, run it19:07
ActionParsniprustuptwist: use unetbootin19:07
belgianguyneedhelp223: http://stuporglue.org/writing-a-daemon-with-php/19:08
belgianguyno nohup19:08
belgianguystill daemon19:08
belgianguybekks: 'find' anything? :)19:10
* dk6yf 19:10
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bekksbelgianguy: ps -ef | grep 728319:13
bekksbelgianguy: We are hunting the parent process right now :)19:13
belgianguybekks: aha, I'll get right to iy19:13
belgianguybekks: http://pastebin.com/WQ9Xg4Mn19:15
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bekksbelgianguy: ps -ef | grep 7275  :)19:16
waly_i am currently moving from one workspace to the other by using window key and direction buttons (I changed the default shortcuts to this)19:16
belgianguybekks: http://pastebin.com/v3nJnNDC19:17
waly_I don't want it to stop when I reach workspace three19:17
waly_currently when I reach workspace 3 it stops, I want it to scroll back to workspace 1 as if it was infinite scrolling19:17
bekksbelgianguy: ps -ef | grep 7270  :)19:18
belgianguybekks: http://pastebin.com/Z307xjMm19:20
delaci need to get canon mg3550 printer to work on 12.04. Anyone got experience on canon drivers? The problem is that install.sh doesnt find the printer and cnijbe segfaults.19:21
bekksbelgianguy: Line 1 in your post shows the process that fires up that find processes.19:22
leepingI have a hard disk which I cannot modify with fdisk, because it has a "GUID Partition Table".  Can I change the whole partition table with fdisk - is that a valid concept?19:22
leepingI'm trying to use fdisk because I can't boot up my OS even though the boot loader was installed to that disk.19:23
bekksleeping: fdisk isnt capable of GPT, use gdisk instead.19:23
=== safridzal is now known as gathotkaca
leepingbekks, apt-get install gdisk is not working.19:24
rustuptwistwhen i try to boot windows from ubuntu usb drive I get "missing system software" message19:24
leepingbekks, I'll figure that one out.  Thanks.19:24
rustuptwisti mean boot the windows laptop19:24
leepingbekks, GPT is the type of partition table, right?  Can I change the type of partition table, or delete the entire partition table and start over from nothing?19:25
bekksleeping: Sure. "sudo fdisk /dev/sdh" if sdh is the disk in question.19:25
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belgianguydelac: related but different model http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=165588019:26
leepingbekks, it is giving me the same error messages - i.e. fdisk doesn't support GPT.  Should I "create an empty DOS partition table"?19:27
rustuptwistthe message was actually "missing operating system"19:27
honeybuntuback again. Followed ubottu's url pointers re: mishaps w/installing ubuntu 12.04 w/uEFI BIOS partition engaged (as: /boot/efi). Problem was that the aforementioned partition required 5 MiB where I had only allotted 4 MiB.19:27
bekksleeping: Thats your choice - you will loose everything on that disk when continueing19:27
belgianguybekks: thanks for the detectibe work19:27
belgianguyshutting it down19:27
honeybuntuProblem solved.19:27
bekksbelgianguy: you're welcome :)19:27
honeybuntu1 minor discrepancy. Compiz keeps crashing on me. Any1 know why?19:28
leepingbekks, thanks.  I just rewrote the partition table, let's see what happens.19:29
belgianguyhoneybuntu: compiz is a fickle beast, I usually clear it out completely and then reinstall it19:30
honeybuntuThe Compiz crashes were occurring inadvertently prior to my re-install, as well.19:30
honeybuntuThanx, belgianguy.19:30
leepingbekks, it still says "GPT detected on /dev/sdb" after my reboot :/19:30
bekksleeping: Then you did not save the MBR partition table.19:31
leepingbekks, after I created the partitions, I entered "w" for "write table to disk and exit"19:32
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honeybuntuYou make a good point.  2 previous installations of ubu 12.04LTS ran "sans Compiz crash". I will uninstall it & re-install it as you suggested - Compiz IS definitely a choosy little rascal.19:33
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leepingbekks, I'll install gdisk, it might be able to convert gpt to mbr.  Thanks.19:34
wolfzrathey guys is there a program like yaourt but for ubunt19:35
bekkswolfzrat: "apt-get"19:35
delacbelgianguy: thanks, its related, but does not really address the problems i got19:35
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wolfzratin arch i type in yaourt <name of program>19:36
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jhutchinswolfzrat: In Ubuntu, type "man apt-get".19:37
honeybuntuI have installed & uninstalled and re-installed ubu 12.04LTS over 17 times in the last 2 days on this particular machine.19:37
leepingbekks, I made some progress I think.  fdisk apparently created a MBR partition table but did not wipe the GPT partition table. (???)19:38
leepingI used gdisk to convert the GPT partitions, and then fdisk did not complain anymore19:38
honeybuntuFinally have the install procedure right. I did not encrypt my home folder that is on separate partition this current install. Can I just re-install the filesystem partition instead or the entire compilation of Ubu 12.04LTS partitions to correct a sys error?19:40
jhutchinshoneybuntu: Yes.19:40
jhutchinshoneybuntu: You could try running without Compiz for a while too.19:41
honeybuntuThanx, jhutchins! That is a big plus for me.19:41
wolfzratno, the man apt-get didnt help, i was looking for a program similar to yaourt for ubuntu where i get a like of repositories19:41
honeybuntuI think I could. Open GL isn't Ubu's life's blood.19:42
wolfzratfor example i would type in yaourt virtualbox and it would give me a list of virtual box thingys19:42
honeybuntu=>jhutchins: Appreciate the advise.19:43
impossibledoes  unity mail just notify you and take your to the website to chec mail?19:43
ExoFlameHello I'm looking to disable  some functions for apache2 on ubunt 12.04 how would i go about doing that. the post listing the functions is post 15 on this topic : http://forum.directadmin.com/showthread.php?t=2884019:43
honeybuntuIf one program app crashes repetitively I tend to re-install.19:43
honeybuntuStill road testing 12.04LTS, that's why I didn't encrypt /home.19:44
wolfzrati know you guys told me man apt-get but no such program for ubuntu?19:47
honeybuntuWhat are the overall advantages of running Compiz?19:47
nearst!ask | midzas19:49
ubottumidzas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:49
ExoFlamemidzas what was your question?19:49
vanishingwolfzrat: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d19:50
vanishingthat will give you a list of repos you added19:50
vanishingand also cat /etc/apt/sources.list for ubuntu ones19:50
honeybuntu=> wolfzrat: i'm running ubuntu 12.04LTS and when I open a terminal window and type "man apt-get" I get the whole manual for  LINUX commands (usage and syntax)19:51
apb1963when I do "konsole --version" it tells me: Qt: 4.8.2.  When I do "apt-cache policy Qt" it tells me "N: Unable to locate package Qt".  How can I find the true name of this package?19:52
ExoFlamewolfzrat can you pastebin the termaml ?19:52
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honeybuntu=> wolfrat: definition & usage for: the "apt" command19:54
honeybuntu=>wolfrat: hit the <Ctrl>+<alt>+<T> keys simultaneously (this method will open a terminal window on your monitor)19:55
belgianguyhoneybuntu: wolfzrat19:57
belgianguytype w and hit tab twice19:57
belgianguythen typos won't happen ;)19:57
PiciAlso, waiting for the user to respond is good.19:57
honeybuntu=>belgianguy: Oi! my spelling is meh.19:58
vanishinghence the tab :)19:58
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honeybuntuthanx. wolfzrat, i meant. Sorry about that, wolfzrat.19:58
apb1963 IRC crashed.  if someone responded... please repeat.  Question was: when I do "konsole --version" it tells me: Qt: 4.8.2.  When I do "apt-cache policy Qt" it tells me "N: Unable to locate package Qt".  How can I find the true name of this package?19:59
vanishingapb1963: well...thats because "Qt" is not a valid package name20:00
Piciapb1963: if you explain what you are trying to accomplish, we might be able to help you20:01
vanishingapb1963: maybe something like apt-cache policy qt4-default20:01
honeybuntuhave to acquire more input re: Compiz (a useful or bothersome pckg).20:01
Neptuhej I have a problem with the mobile broadband I can setup a conection but I cannot see the option to trun it on on the norma menu. only wired and wireless...20:02
honeybuntuWill return after some msgs. from our sponsor.20:02
belgianguyhoneybuntu: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/how-to-reset-unity-compiz-in-ubuntu-12-10-and-13-0420:02
Picihoneybuntu: if you like eyecandy, use it, if not, don't.20:02
belgianguyI like eye candy, but it has cost me dearly in the past20:03
honeybuntuThanks belgianguy & co. for the guiding URL.20:03
honeybuntueyecandy is optional but it is causing cavities in my ubu 12.0420:03
belgianguymy compiz tends to poop itself after I upgrade my (blob) GPU drivers, as it also affects X20:04
honeybuntuintermittent app crash. hmm, don't think i really care for that aspect of Compiz20:04
wolfzratthanks guys i figured out that alot in ubuntu is PPA's20:05
wolfzratthat answers my question =P20:05
NeptuHej i just want to know if my wwlan0 can be a mobile broadband??20:05
vanishingNeptu: wlan0 or wwlan0?20:05
honeybuntuthat's when it "poops" out on me, after driver upgrades.20:06
belgianguyhoneybuntu: what Ubuntu did you have?20:06
Neptuvanishing, wwlan020:06
vanishinghaven't seen wwlan0 yet..20:06
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honeybuntuor when I loaded my bio-anthropological study app.20:06
belgianguy"In Ubuntu 12.04 resetting the Ubuntu desktop require the running of one command: unity --reset . This was retired in Ubuntu 12.10."20:06
honeybuntuShould have stuck with an older simplified bio app with less Open GL graphics20:07
vanishingNeptu: haven't used mbroadband yet..20:07
honeybuntuUbu 12.04.3 LTS20:07
vanishingbut did you check out this link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkManager/Hardware/3G20:07
Neptuvanishing, but is a mobile broadband device right??? so is detected??20:08
vanishingNeptu: i mean i know wlan0 is wifi, but I haven20:08
vanishingseen wwlan020:08
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EuclidisHow to remove xorg-edgers packages?20:10
rustuptwist__I finally got my windows laptop to boot w/Ubuntu using minimum CD. SO AT THE menu in should choose Conmand-Line install yes?20:10
belgianguyEuclidis: ppa purge?20:10
apb1963vanishing: N: Unable to locate package qt4-default20:11
belgianguyEuclidis: http://askubuntu.com/questions/309966/difference-between-ppa-purge-and-add-apt-repository-r20:11
apb1963N: Unable to locate package qt4                   N: Unable to locate package qt20:11
rustuptwist__Or just regular 'Install'20:11
honeybuntu=>belgianguy: Am going to re-install ubu 12.04 LTS after tea & wafflen. Will uninstall Compiz immediately after re-install. Read the URL you sent - well worth the read.20:12
Euclidisbelgianguy: Rhetorical questions... killin' me. Thank you.20:12
belgianguyEuclidis: it's in fact even mentioned in the xorg-edgers documentation20:13
belgianguyor am I missing Poe here?20:13
honeybunturhetorical questions: are not so rhetorical to the new end-user(s). Thanx. Let us not be geekish snobs.20:14
belgianguyTo revert to official packages, install the ppa-purge package and run "sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers" > https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa20:14
Euclidishoneybuntu: I'm not so new as well. Long time in another distribution...20:15
silidanhey, i have 2 usb bluetooth 3.0+hs devices here and wanted to transfer files via bluetooth form one ubuntu machine to another, so fra it works but i only get about 20kB/s transfer speed... although this bluetooth 3.0+hs should be able to deliver 24Mb/s20:15
silidancurrently i use the bluez with ubuntu 12.04 is there a way to speed up the bluetooth transfer speed?20:16
DwarfDefenderin windows i can type win+r and then type file location ('f:\blahblah\etc') and open that location explorer, getting suggestions of similar files during typing, what is linux alternative?20:18
honeybuntuMyself as well. Walnut Creek..i'm older than piltdown man.20:18
rustuptwist__Using the ubuntu cd will it automatically preserve my previous windows7 install?20:18
honeybuntuWindows NT4 and 98 OSR2. Fun with Windows & Gates is history.20:19
honeybuntuback to LINUX (nice, sensible and more suited to the end-user's needs)20:20
belgianguyrustuptwist: to be completely confident, look up an article or YouTube video of getting a dual-boot20:20
Xuisce1hi all20:20
rustuptwist__belgianguy: we'll I'm stuck at a purple screen at this point. Not sure what if anything is going on20:23
honeybuntuwarning on the "PPA"  - eww, i read that thru. Can't utilize the old kernel running my current version of 12.04.3LTS20:23
rustuptwist__Maybe stuff is downloading in the background20:23
user_i new user20:24
user_ can help me20:24
honeybuntu=>rustuptwist: you can shutdown, reboot or try to recover manually.20:24
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: How to recover manually?20:25
honeybuntu=>rustuptwist_: you can shutdown, reboot.20:25
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honeybuntuRepair boot.20:25
user_how i want to go root20:25
raiderturbouser_, do you really need root? Why not use 'sudo'?20:26
honeybunturustuptwist: =>Is this a fresh install?20:26
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Type that in? Maybe I'm supposed to be typing in commands to download stuff and don't realize it20:26
user_fresh install...i dont know20:26
ClearleapMatt@user1_try typing "su" and enter your root password20:26
raiderturboClearleapMatt, there is no root password in Ubuntu...20:27
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: As there is white space below the blank purple screen20:27
honeybunturustuptwist_: No...don't type that in.20:27
lost6hi all i need help to get ubuntu grub2 installed since i ran windows and has overwritten mbr20:27
user_-bash: sudo: command not found20:27
honeybuntu=> rustuptwist_: Doesn't sound good.20:27
honeybuntuProblems with your graphics card/driver20:28
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rustuptwist__honeybuntu: mine?20:29
honeybuntuWhat version of ubuntu are you currently using: rustuptwist_20:29
user_i type su and want password20:29
user_xubuntu 13.0120:30
honeybuntuhello? pick up the phone someone - rustuptwist is having a "screen-freeze".20:30
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: I downloaded the minimum cd. I believe it was 12.0.4 or 12.10. Wife commandered my macbook so i cant confirm right now20:30
user_xubuntu 13.1020:30
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: The white part at the bottom is accepting text20:31
ClearleapMattOh, sorry! Thanks @raiderturbo.20:31
lost6what the best channel to get help20:32
vanishingdepends on what kind of help20:32
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Ok finally some activity. Scrern says 'loading additional conponents' 17%20:32
belgianguy!ask > lost620:32
ubottulost6, please see my private message20:32
honeybuntu=>rustuptwist_: well sounds like your screen has an unusual case of something i have NOT seen before.20:32
lost6i need to repair boot sector erased by windows loader20:33
honeybuntuOkay. It is slow.20:33
user_please...how i want go to root20:33
belgianguylost6: use TestDisk to rewrite MBR?20:33
honeybuntu=>rustuptwist_: Just let it keep loading, sometimes it goes very slowly when updating or downloading updated software/drivers.20:34
lost6ubuntu wont load at all. i can only load live CD20:34
vanishinglost6: usually that will loading from livecd and do sudo grub_install with the correct device name20:34
vanishinglost6: this details the process i believe20:35
honeybuntu=> rustuptwist_: thought you were "stuck in a screen-freeze" (crash/dump)20:35
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Do you think it will automatically wipe over the windows install thst is on the machine?20:35
user_please...how i want go to root20:36
Piciuser_: use sudo or sudo -i20:36
vanishinguser_: type su and enter password20:36
user_user@chrubuntu:~$ sudo -i20:36
Pici!root | user_ vanishing20:36
user_-bash: sudo: command not found20:36
ubottuuser_ vanishing: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:36
Piciuser_: Are you using Ubuntu?20:37
lost6it said boot-repair but last try it failed to install from liveCD20:37
ClearleapMattwell, try "sudo -i" instead20:37
vanishingPici: the thing is somehow he does not have sudo20:37
honeybuntuIf you selected the default option to install Ubuntu (whilst erasing whatever else maybe on your computer's hard drive) then YES, it will erase Windows operating system from you computer.20:37
ClearleapMattahh, hmm.20:37
user_command not found20:37
ClearleapMatt@user_ try typing "which sudo"20:37
ClearleapMattand would you also type "echo $PATH" and give us the results20:37
Piciuser_: What does cat /etc/issue say?20:37
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lost6is there a way to not erase the whole disk just to replace mbr20:38
vanishinglost6: you don't need to erase disk20:38
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Rats. I had a choice of: install, install with command line, and alternate install. Guess i chose the wrong one. Shat20:39
honeybuntulost6: Fix mbr (fdisk is not a utility you can use on ubuntu distributions)20:39
honeybuntuThere is another utility for ubuntu that will fix the MBR (master boot record)20:40
lost6okay gonna try to install grub from livecd see ya later20:40
Neptuhej i have an strange problem I have the wwlan0 or mobile broadband available on ifconfig -a as interface but gnome doe not show the posibility of connect a mobile broadband.... anyone had same problem?20:40
honeybuntuI haven't used the specific utility but I know 1 exists for LINUX ubuntu distributions (versions).20:41
Piciuser_: What about cat /etc/issue20:41
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rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Im at a screen asking about partitioning method. The firdt option is: resize SCSI1 (0.0.0) , partition #3 (sda) and use freed space.  - perhaps thst will keep my windows install intact? Not sure lmk20:42
honeybuntu=>rustuptwist_: Sorry to hear that, but you might want to double-check to see if your Windows system is still resident on your hard disk.20:42
ClearleapMattI don't use ubuntu daily, but shouldn't /bin be in the path?20:43
ClearleapMattoh it is, sorry20:43
honeybuntuIf you are unsure what partition on your hard disk contains Windows then I would NOT partition anything until I knew for sure.20:43
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: How can i do that? By choosing partition method -manual20:44
honeybuntuStop installation now (sounds like you haven't altered the hard disk drive,  you were simply downloading files to do the install.20:44
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rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Just power off or?20:45
Tyler___Hi all20:45
honeybuntuYou would have to determine which partition contains your Windows operating system (most likely NTFS filesystem or 32 bit FAT)20:45
honeybuntu(aka: FAT32 or NTFS are more often WIndows operating system file systems/system formats)20:46
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Maybe if i choose 'manual' as the partition method it will show. Or best to just shut down via power button and start over20:47
ThePendulumGreetings. I just accidentally took a screenshot and now my screen is dark and the application seems to be stuck, as it were. Is there a way to kill the default screenshot application in Ubuntu 13.10?20:47
honeybunturustuptwist_: are you using the LiveCD or LiveUSB Ubuntu installation media?20:47
Tyler___When I boot off the liveDVD:  after the splash screen with the keyboard=man, I get a blinking cursor, then the resolution changes, and then I get a black screen.  Any help is much appreciated20:48
honeybuntuYou can choose manual (utilize advanced partitioning utility) to determine where/which partition your Windows O.S. is located upon.20:48
glitsj16ThePendulum: try to kill it --> killall gnome-screenshot (i think that is still the default)20:48
honeybuntuKeep in mind you are in the midst of installing a dual boot (booting 2 operating systems).20:49
thaniusHi, I'm trying to create a unity launcher from the terminal, but it won't show up20:49
ThePendulumglitsj16: For some reason that one doesn't seem to be running :S20:49
thaniusIt looks identical to ones I've already have installed, but nothing20:49
thaniusWhen copying and editing an existing one it'll work (sometimes keeps the original title though)20:50
glitsj16ThePendulum: you can always install xkill, that offers a point-and-click to kill routine20:51
ThePendulumglitsj16: Seems like Unity/compiz got stuck, compiz --replace fixed it20:51
honeybunturustuptwist_: better safe than sorry. I would use the LiveCD installation disc and choose "Try Ubuntu" and from there - I would run the disk utility.20:51
glitsj16ThePendulum: nice20:51
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: I dowloaded mimimum CD it was about 35mb. I couldnt Get USB boot to work.20:51
jhonnyhey does anyone know how to install and configure java EE, eclipse and tomcat20:51
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: So don't choose manual  for partition method then20:52
glitsj16thanius: what command did you use to create it?20:52
yossarianukhi - what benefits will UEFI give me that GPT+bios boot doesn't?20:53
honeybunturustuptwist_: ...to see which partition  on my hard disk drive housed the Windows OS (usually it is the first 2 partitions - one holds boot/sys files,20:53
glitsj16thanius: just check if you saved it to a location like ~/.local/share/applications to get it recognised automatically .. or use drop & drag to the launcher20:54
thaniusglitsj16: Done and done, not working20:54
thaniusglitsj16: http://pastebin.com/tAf5z3za20:54
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thaniusglitsj16: That's how the file looks20:54
Tyler___I have a feeling this has something to do with the graphics card:20:54
Tyler___When I boot off the liveDVD:  after the splash screen with the keyboard=man, I get a blinking cursor, then the resolution changes, and then I get a black screen.  Any help is much appreciated20:54
thaniusglitsj16: I want it to show up when searching20:54
jhonnyhey does anyone know how to install and configure java EE, eclipse and tomcat20:55
thaniusglitsj16: Tried both ~/.local/share/applications and /usr/share/applications20:55
honeybuntuSome machines come with partitioning scheme that includes a "windows recovery partition" that follows the Windows root partition (C:)20:55
thaniusglitsj16: Nothing seems to work20:55
thaniusglitsj16: Except, as I said, copying an existing .desktop and editing it20:55
thaniusglitsj16: But that won't do since I'm working on a script20:55
honeybuntuIf you want to keep Windows rustuptwist_, then you must identify which filesystems occupy each partition on your hard disk prior to installing Ubuntu.20:56
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glitsj16thanius: odd, the desktop file looks ok .. perhaps check the location of the exec command you have there, i think it has to be there for the system to pick it up: /opt/games/meanstreets/meanstreets.sh and make sure that is executable20:56
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: So just stop the install then and start over choosing perhaps alternative install with the hope it will offer a choice regarding dual-boot, correct20:57
honeybunturustuptwist_: that would be the wisest way to go.20:58
thaniusglitsj16: don't think so, it'll just burp out an error message, but I'll check20:58
thaniusglitsj16: Nopes, that wasn't it.20:59
honeybuntuIf you are new to linux ubuntu 12.04LTS, I suggest careful preparation prior to performing a dual-boot install. Know what's on your hard disk. Back up all crucial files and/or data that you would hate to lose in case things go "kerchunk". y20:59
thaniusglitsj16: I've tried alacarte, some random script that does the same, but nothing.20:59
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glitsj16thanius: hmm, only other thing i can think of otoh would be doing a chmod +x on the .desktop file itself .. i know it shouldn't be necessary but i've had to do it here a few times to get things recognised .. just a thought21:00
honeybunturustuptwist_I know you aren't going to regret falling back and checking things out before installing.21:01
solsTiCehi. I just installed ubuntu 13.10 and I discover that I can't mousewheel on unity lunacher anymore. It does not work to make them scroll. Is it a b ug or by desgin ? Can I change it ?21:01
thaniusglitsj16: Tried that as well21:01
thaniusglitsj16: But copying an existing file does work, is there some sort of caching involved?21:02
honeybuntuIf wife took Mac - she will be back or..um..hopefully you will have Ubuntu running before she does return.21:02
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menehi, i have installed tails in a usb but it doens't boot. Do you know a tool that can help me figure out if its a bootable usb and how to fix it?21:03
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: The thing is windows7 won't load. It keeps getting stuck at start up then black screen. Figured I'd get it up and running on Ubuntu till a fix is figured out. Hence the dual boot scheme21:03
honeybuntuOkay. Think maybe its virus related or you "burned" the master boot record.21:03
glitsj16thanius: seems to be, i never really fully understood the technicalities involved .. checked the ~/.cache here but nothing related jumps up21:04
honeybuntuwhat type of machine/model are you using rustuptwist_21:04
glitsj16thanius: i assume you can touch a new file in ~/.local/share/applications and it will be there?21:05
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honeybuntuHit the "zero" key immediately after you power on your machine and see if you have the option to recover..or hit <F8> and see if it offers you recovery options in Windows 7.21:05
jazzmehello, I have Xubuntu 13.04 and I don't get the auto updates and I can't update from the command line.21:05
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Hp laptop pavilion dv200021:06
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: Why are you using the minimal installer?21:06
honeybunturustuptwist_:  do you have a repair disk for the HP laptop?21:06
menei have problem booting from a usb, can anyone helpme?21:07
honeybuntuyou may be able to boot into Windows 7 with your repair disk.21:07
Jordan_Ujazzme: Please pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"21:07
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: Couldn't get it to boot from USB my mbp didn't cooperate in burning the DVD all other distros were 700+mb21:07
belgianguymene: what did you create your usb with?21:07
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Jordan_Urustuptwist__: So you only had blank CDs available?21:08
glitsj16thanius: is the path to the exec command in your $PATH? if not might be needed to add a Path=/path/to/directory line to the .desktop file21:08
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: No. Its my sons laptop. He got from a friend. It had no HD when he got it21:08
menebelgianguy: i have created using Tails installer21:08
menefrom tails live dvd21:08
honeybuntuThen try hitting <F8> key at immediately at boot-up21:09
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: You got it21:09
belgianguymene: maybe check if Unetbootin supports tails21:09
belgianguyand use that (it creates bootable USB)21:10
honeybuntuYou could have a virus resident on MBR (or 1st track of hard disk drive).21:10
Jordan_Umene: Tails is not Ubuntu. This channel only supports Ubuntu.21:10
emacerhi, I'm looking for advice on git web interfaces.  I'm looking for something that can provide me with a hierarchical view of my project tree, rather than a flat list of repositories like everything I've found so far gives.  Anyone have any tips on one like this?21:10
honeybuntuIn that instance - I would not load ubuntu on a hard disk that had a resident virus on mbr - I would wipe the disk and then install Ubuntu.21:10
menei know jordan and sorry about that but tails is not that poppular as ubuntu and they are not providing any help21:10
jazzmeJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/uzmQMgta21:11
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honeybuntuBut that is me. I backed up all my data. I never keep critical files on my hard drive.21:11
Jordan_Umene: Then us Ubuntu instead.21:11
meneappart from that I hoped that an experienced user from ubuntu may help me providing some tools that can solve my prob21:11
thaniusglitsj16: Using desktop-file-edit and adjusting the flags made it pop up21:12
thaniusglitsj16: So definately some weird cache shit going on here21:12
menebelgianguy: thanks mate i will check  Unetbootin out21:12
glitsj16thanius: yes that took quite some doing :)21:12
honeybuntuIt is my policy (even using ubuntu) NOT to keep any user files resident on my hard disk drives. I transfer and backup files immediately to a removable disk drive.21:12
solsTiCehi again. ubuntu freezes when I change the brightness of the screen. I wonder if it's firefox when launched that changed the brightness level I have just set21:13
solsTiCeI had to use a trick in grub file setting acpi_backlight to have brightness level key to work firt21:14
honeybunturustuptwist_: if you like, get a 2nd opinion on what your best optios are re: this matter. I'm a safety minded wonk.21:14
solsTiCeso about mousewheeling over unity laucnhers, any one ?21:14
loulanhi people21:14
loulanI have a problem.21:14
loulanmy sudo dpkg --configure -a hangs21:15
honeybuntuOi! type-o.."options", i meant, rustuptwist_21:15
loulanwhen trying to configure kubuntu-settings-desktop21:15
loulanI don't even need kubuntu-settings-desktop21:15
loulanI'd remove it but I can't do anything21:15
konnorare there a simple few commands i can use to get a non-modifyed linux kernal21:15
loulanbecause my dpkg --configure -a hangs...21:15
boohI try to access virt-manager in ssh -X remote via internet and it's slooooooooooooow...  impossible to really use it.  Is there a way via internet to be able to access it?21:15
Myrttibooh: if you have ssh port open, why not just directly connect to the virtual machines with virt-manager21:16
Myrttinot that it would necessarily be quicker21:16
Jordan_Ubooh: ssh -X is often worse than VNC speed wise.21:16
jazzmeJordan_U, apt-get upgrade is currently running.21:17
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: I hear you. I was hoping to dual boot ubuntu. Try somehow to get whatever files my son has on the win7 side then do away with it21:17
rustuptwist__honeybuntu: Btw. F8 gave me 'advanced boot options'21:17
Jordan_Ubooh: You can also get serial output via qemu that is accesible via standard ssh for early boot messages (before ssh has started).21:17
boohMyrtti, it's what I'm trying to do... ssh -X myserver... and start virt-manager.  Too slow... the server has only DSL 6mbps/800kbps.21:18
Myrttibooh: no I mean virt-manager on your computer can connect to the virtual machine at the other end without you doing ssh -X and launching virt-manager on the host on the other end21:18
boohJordan_U, you mean accessing kvm host with vnc and open virt-manager?  I don't have X installed on the server.21:19
Jordan_Ubooh: You can start the VMs without the virt-manager GUI.21:19
Myrttithis is also true21:19
Jordan_Ubooh: No, I mean using pure text ssh.21:19
boohMyrtti, oh!  I don't know how to do that... I will try to figure it out.21:19
boohI can connect to the server in ssh port yes and also with openvpn.  To run virt-manager on my local machine instead, what is the best ?21:21
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
bekksDont use a graphical application, use a command line tool.21:22
boohbekks, I need the GUI app..21:22
Jordan_Ubooh: Why?21:23
boohbecause :p21:23
honeybuntuI have to take my mid-day break now. Be back later today. Thanks for your time.21:23
Myrttibooh: have virt-manager installed on your computer, launch it and make it connect to the host machine over ssh?21:23
boohMyrtti, I try... virt-manager is installing..21:24
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: When I have Usb bootable in I get the option of USB hard drive from Boot Menu. But it won't boot from it21:24
malowhats the apps to divide your screen in 4 different command lines ?21:24
daftykinsmalo: perhaps you're thinking of the terminal emulator 'terminator' or similar21:26
maloyeah, is that it : in not graphical you can have 4 terminal windows ?21:27
jhonnyhey does anyone know how to install and configure java EE, eclipse and tomcat21:27
daftykinsmalo: pretty sure terminator is still to run inside X, so it's GUI21:27
daftykins!java | jhonny21:27
ubottujhonny: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.21:27
daftykinsthe above is a start21:28
jhonnydaftykins: I have installed the packages...what about eclipse with jee plugin?21:32
daftykinsjhonny: i bet you there are tonnes of guides online - or even documentation on the Eclipse website21:32
rustuptwist__How can I force hp laptop to boot from CD21:36
belgianguyrustuptwist: BIOS21:36
belgianguyor some autodetect even21:37
daftykinsor a boot menu key21:37
rustuptwist__belgianguy: It keeps going to windows error recovery window. Instead21:37
belgianguyrustuptwist: there's probably something you can press before that kicks in21:38
daftykinsrustuptwist__: turn it off, completely, then press power and immediately start pressing F2, *or* Delete, *or* F8, *or* F10, until you get into the BIOS21:38
boohMyrtti, ok... I'm impressed :-)  It's working a way better like that :)  Thanks.21:40
shahan1322fhow do you know if ubuntu has a virus? or malware?21:40
emacershahan1322f, if it does, it'll say "Windows" when it boots  ;)21:41
boohshahan1322f, there are antivirus for linux.  But I never used it.  Take a look at kaspersky.com maybe... some online scanner.21:43
rustuptwist__Got to BIOS selected cd/DVD. Unit attempted to start up from cd then went AGAIN TO windows error recovery (not that it is recovering anything, either) :(21:43
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: I thought you had already booted the minimal CD.21:44
nicholasHello, I was wondering how long lvcreate should take when creating a 100GB volume, its been sitting for a while21:44
rustuptwist__Jordan_U:  doesn't want to boot now for some reason21:45
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: I had stopped the install cause I wanted to make sure it didn't erase the win7 install.21:45
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: Is this a BIOS or UEFI based machine?21:45
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: Now I'm ready to NUKE the win7 install! I HATE WINDOWS!!!21:46
shahan1322femacer, booh lol and okay thanks21:46
elliotd123So my Ubuntu server keeps resetting one of its ethernet interfaces: [ 5739.820341] e1000e 0000:05:00.1: eth2: Detected Hardware Unit Hang:21:46
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: I assume BIOS It is an hp pavilion dv2000 orig came w/Vista21:47
emacershahan1322f, any time! ;)  lol21:48
k1lshahan1322f: the defence on ubuntu is not anti-virus but the bahavior of the user. so not to load stuff from webpages but stick to sources you trust. like the ubuntu repo21:49
belgianguyshahan1322f: there's rootkit scanners and clamav21:49
=== RickyB98 is now known as rickyb98
k1lbelgianguy: but that search for windows viruses afaik. i am not aware of linux viruses like they exist on windows21:50
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: Do you have more blank CDs?21:51
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: Yes. 700mb21:52
fauchihow do games write highscores to /var/games ? does the user have to be in the games group ?21:54
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: See if you can boot Super GRUB2 Disk. It's small, and will also allow you to install Ubuntu from a USB drive even of your BIOS can't (so you can use the graphical installer).21:54
fauchignome-mines does not show highscores that i copied from old system to /var/games21:55
=== JoshuaP-afk is now known as JoshuaP
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: Where do I find Super Grub2 disc. Also the laptop refuses to boot from a USB21:55
boohI would like the meaning of cpu% in top (115%... ??)  and the meaning of value in uptime command...21:56
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: http://forja.cenatic.es/frs/download.php/file/1587/super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.00s1-beta6.iso And that's the point, SG2D can work around stupid boot firmware limitations.21:56
boohthe load average in uptime of 1.2921:56
kingfisher64is there a way to turn the top menu panel on permenantly? Default is hide until on hover then show contents - but it's driving me mad!21:57
rustuptwist__Jordan_U:  how big is the DL?21:58
kingfisher64I understand from a UI perspective how keeping the usable space to a max is a good idea, but I'd like to try without this onhover only21:59
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
=== Crazydog is now known as hashtagebigverns
xanguakingfisher64: you mean the global menu¿22:00
kingfisher64the menu at the very top which is hidden when a current app is open. Eg for me this window hides the xchat options22:01
kingfisher64xangua ^^^22:01
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: 12 MiB.22:02
rustuptwist__Jordan_U:  put that in a USB OR a cd?22:03
xanguakingfisher64: If you use Ubuntu 13.10, you can install unity-tweak-tool package to configure unity and disable the menu to hide22:03
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: Burn it to a CD.22:03
kingfisher64thanks xangua looking through the options now22:05
Oobi_Why is windows the dominant operating system22:06
Oobi_if it's not a mac, if you use any PC, it's almost certainly windows22:06
belgianguyOobi_: not related to ubuntu methinks22:06
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: Link not valid. Not opening. Says not found22:06
k1l_!ot | Oobi_22:07
ubottuOobi_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:07
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest60646
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: Odd, I just downloaded it via my phone without issue.22:09
ObiwantjeGood afternoon guys - I am relatively new to LINUX/Ubuntu but have now done several installs of this great product! I just installed 13.10 and enabled LVM in order to work with snapshots before I experiment with the main volume - now I am having difficulty finding a SIMPLE link where I can read how I can make a SNAP of my "normal" volume, the one where my apps get installed, I change my settings etc. so I can start pla22:10
Obiwantjeying with Ubuntu more without worying all the time that I will break things.....22:10
Jordan_Urustuptwist: The link still works for me. Are you sure you copied it correctly?22:11
rustuptwist__Jordan_U: It won't connect on my iphone nor on my MacBook22:11
rustuptwist__Via Safari. Let me try Chrome. Pls send again. Better yet PM me it22:12
skinkitten_how do I add emacs24 to my dock?22:12
=== patrick is now known as Guest80070
Jordan_Urustuptwist__: Try this link: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/grub/super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.00s1-beta6.iso22:14
BigMaoHi there, I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 and keep on getting messages for an internal error.  It seems like "unity-support-test" is failing but I'm using the GNOME classic desktop.  How do I disable this test?22:15
kingfisher64you don't happen to know which option it is xangua do you in unity tweak? I've gone through the lot, made a few tweaks like close,max,min to right instead of left22:18
rustuptwist_Jordan_U: I need the link again please22:20
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest92305
Jordan_Urustuptwist_: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/grub/super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.00s1-beta6.iso22:21
LuiCalhi. im having random keyboard and mouse crashes on Ubuntu 12.04. Can anyone help?22:22
rustuptwist_Jordan_U: Your search - http:/​/​jordanu.dyndns.org/​grub/​super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.00s1-beta6.iso - did not match any documents.22:23
skinkitten_how do I add emacs24 to my dock?22:24
rustuptwist_Jordan_U: ?22:24
skinkitten_to sound like a broken record.22:24
rustuptwist_Your search - http:/​/​jordanu.dyndns.org/​grub/​super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.00s1-beta6.iso - did not match any documents.22:24
kingfisher64does anyone else know which option in unity tweak permanently shows the top menu?22:25
Kolega2357How to get ubuntu cloak?22:25
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
OerHeksKolega2357, join #freenode and ask a helper for a cloak22:27
rustuptwist_I give up. Too damn frustrating. Windows sucks ass22:27
OerHeksKolega2357, ubuntu cloak is not free22:27
daftykinsrustuptwist_: are you still trying to change boot order?22:28
Jordan_Urustuptwist_: What search?22:28
robolobsterPls help, ubuntu is booting into terminal mode and I'm getting "no screens found" when trying to run starts22:28
Jordan_Urustuptwist_: How are you trying to download the file?22:28
k1l_!membership | Kolega235722:28
rustuptwist_daftykins: Yeah. Kinda sorta. What ever will load Ubuntu but no such luck22:28
ubottuKolega2357: Ubuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember22:28
rustuptwist_Jordan_U: Iphone chrome. MacBook Safari22:29
daftykinsrustuptwist_: well, first off it's not Windows' fault. is it a new system with windows 8 / 8.1 ?22:29
rustuptwist_daftykins: No. Win7. Debatable. If windows was any good Ubuntu would be a moot point.22:30
LuiCalhi. im having random keyboard and mouse crashes on Ubuntu 12.04. Can anyone help?22:30
rustuptwist_daftykins: I personally don't use wind. This ubuntu is for my sons laptop22:30
daftykinsrustuptwist_: right but being unable to boot Ubuntu is down to the PC, so it has nothing to do with Windows.22:30
Jordan_Urustuptwist_: With Safari you're copying the URL into the URL bar, correct? Could you provide a screenshot of what happens when you do that?22:30
TeamRocket1233cBTW, which would you rather use as a basis for a stability-oriented distro? Ubuntu LTS for the five-year support window, resulting in a distro that release new versions every five years, or Debian Stable and have a distro that releases new versions more frequently while still remaining rock-solid?22:31
marioxcc__how can I tunnel a 6in4 tunnel itself through a OpenVPN tunnel?22:32
Jordan_Urustuptwist_: This is completely bizzarre as you're having a problem downlaoding both from a standard mirror and from my personal web server (which will never give you a page like "your search did not match any documents".22:32
daftykinsTeamRocket1233c: well i think Ubuntu's next LTS 14.04 is to move to a rolling release so perhaps you may want to read up on that. however this kind of general purpose convo is actually off-topic for here22:33
TeamRocket1233cMoving it to <b>offtopic</b>. :)22:34
TeamRocket1233cOr better yet...22:34
rustuptwist_Jordan_U: That's what chrome gave me on my iphone. I'll try again22:35
Jordan_Urustuptwist_: Can you post a screenshot of what safari from your laptop does?22:36
rustuptwist_Jordan_U: I can but it's getting to be too much. All of this. Should be simple process22:40
Jordan_Urustuptwist_: If you don't mind, please continue though. I'm very curious now what's happening.22:42
rustuptwist_Jordan_U:  check the syntax and send it again pls. I've tried 3 browsers on my laptop all 3 same error22:43
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
jhutchinsJordan_U: Works fine in chrome.22:46
odoronoooHello! Got a massive problem with grub... anybody willing to help? :)22:46
jhutchinsrustuptwist_: You could try curl or wget.22:46
jhutchinsodoronooo: How can we know if you don't tell us what the problem is?22:46
odoronooowell, checking first if anybody would be willing to help. The problem: grabbed a new SSD drive planning to install Ubuntu on it and keep the old installation for storage (an array of two SATA drives, RAID over motherboard controller). The Live-USB of Ubuntu found the SDD and installed alright, but it will not boot. The entry it created on the GRUB menu return an error (no such device)22:48
Jordan_Urustuptwist_: The first link I gave you was to the standard mirror for SG2D, as found on this page: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/category/download/supergrub2diskdownload/ the second link was to my own web server: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/grub/super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.00s1-beta6.iso Both should work, and we have confirmation from jhutchins that at least one of those links worked for them. I'd still love to see a screenshot of ...22:49
Jordan_U... this error message.22:50
rustuptwistJordan_U: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pbugfhrurby2uu2/Screenshot%202014-01-23%2001.49.28.png22:50
Jordan_Urustuptwist: That looks like you entered the URL into a google search, not the URL bar.22:51
Jordan_Urustuptwist: Copy and paste the URL into the field immediately to the right of the refresh button.22:52
=== ivy_ is now known as Guest41175
rustuptwistJordan_U:  are you on a mac?22:52
Jordan_Urustuptwist: No, why?22:53
SimonT_Hi, I have a very "jumpy" cursor when using my touchpad? It's not the sensitivity, I tried to change it but it didnt solve my issue. It gets very annoying when clicking on link or files. Does anyone know what can I do? Thank you for your help!22:53
=== Guest92305 is now known as VlanX
rustuptwistJordan_U:  on a mac there is only one field, there is no longer a url field and a search field. Google is taking over the world, haven't you noticed...22:53
Jordan_Urustuptwist: But it should only do a google search like you see there if what you enter isn't a valid URL.22:54
idanielGuys, I went to Minecraft Forge  live chat, and it said I needed Java TM. I have  Java JDK7 already. What should I do or not do?22:54
rustuptwistJordan_U: for whatever reason the 'http' part was making it gunk up the situation22:55
Jordan_Urustuptwist: So it's downloading now?22:55
rustuptwistJordan_U:  so you are saying burn that little file to a disk/CD and try to boot from that on the hp windoze machine, correct?22:55
jhutchinsidaniel: Get better advice.22:56
Jordan_Urustuptwist: Correct.22:56
jhutchinsidaniel: Did they say maybe you needed a Java VM?22:56
idanielNO, it said Java TM22:56
rustuptwistJordan_U:  DOWNLOADED, yeah Time to burn it to a disk22:56
idanielthat's o.k. I'll keep looking for more info on Minecraft Forge.22:57
jhutchinsodoronooo: Post a summary of your problem here so people who recognize something can respond.22:57
Jordan_Uidaniel: Maybe they meant "Java™", meaning Sun Java?22:57
jhutchinsodoronooo: WHat did you try to do? How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?22:57
idanielhummm  that's o.k.       I'll try something else to find info.22:58
idanielI mean Minecraft Info22:58
rustuptwistJordan_U:  wouldn't it just be easier to go back to a distro that was under 700mb and try to boot it from the 'LiveCD' ?22:58
jhutchinsidaniel: Yeah, I think you also need "and then what".22:58
rustuptwistJordan_U:  do you think the USB boot didn't work cause I was using and and desktop boot disk iso?23:00
rustuptwistJordan_U:  just curious23:00
odoronooojhutchins: I did that already :) The error I get from grub is: "error: no such device: cde9dac2-0db5-41f7-a35e-5462c02e3c35  error: hd2 cannot get C/H/S values "23:01
rustuptwistJordan_U:  you still there? Keep in mind I'm trying to install ubuntu and keep the win7 install on the hd, dual boot i guess it is called.23:02
captblackfor a 12gb Ram file server to be also used as a media/DLNA server (quad core amd) (lots of large media files 3+gb in size)...what is reccomended swap partition size? should I do 24gb? 8gb?23:02
Jordan_Urustuptwist: It would probably be easier to *boot* from a smaller LiveCD, assuming it will boot, but installation via Ubuntu's standard installer will probably be easier and less prone to mistakes. I don't know why booting from USB didn't work.23:04
Jordan_Uodoronooo: Can you boot from a LiveCD, run boot info script, and pastebin the RESUTS.txt that it produces?23:05
Jordan_U!bootinfo | odoronooo23:05
ubottuodoronooo: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).23:05
odoronooothank you , I will do that23:07
shubhmoyHey, how can i get invitation to #ubuntu-beginners-dev23:08
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
k1l_shubhmoy: maybe this helps? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership23:10
shubhmoyk1l_: Thanks, looks helpful!23:10
rustuptwistJordan_U: ok at the grub menu screen. should i choose detect any OS23:11
odoronoooJordan_U: had problems with pastebin (logging in) so I pasted the output of bootinfo here: http://www.alter.cat/bootinfooutput.txt23:13
Jordan_Urustuptwist: First take the full Ubuntu Desktop iso file and copy it to a directory called "boot-isos" (the name is important) on your USB drive. Then select the "Detect loop bootable isos..." option to boot it.23:14
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
rustuptwistwhen i chose 'detect operating system' in grub menu I get this: Windows Vista (hd0,msdos1) but nothing about win7 which is (supposed to be) there.23:14
chemist^odoronooo, you could install "pastebinit" and pastebin directly from terminal23:14
rustuptwistJordan_U:  say what?23:15
chemist^odoronooo, you don't need to login for that23:15
jimmybWho can lend me bitcoin ? I'll pay with interest and share info.23:15
odoronooochemist^: I just realised that :)23:15
rustuptwistJordan_U:  I'm in the GNU Grub menu on the windows hp laptop23:15
=== Shiestie is now known as Defused
chemist^rustuptwist, maybe grub thinks it's Vista although it's windows 7...doesn't make much of a difference23:16
=== Defused is now known as DefuseD
Jordan_Urustuptwist: You'll have to copy the iso over with your other laptop then reboot into SG2D with the USB drive plugged in.23:17
demiscHello, quick question. How can I log when my laptop switch between ac and battery? acpid is the answer?23:17
odoronoooJordan_U:  just to clarify, the boot option that doesn't load is the one corresponding to sdc -- rest is ok23:17
rustuptwistJordan_U:  the hp will NOT boot via USB23:18
chemist^rustuptwist, yes it will :) you need to set things up in bios23:19
Jordan_Urustuptwist: I understand that.23:19
rustuptwistchemist^:  been doing that for HOURS. Will NOT BOOT!!!!23:19
chemist^plug in your USB, go to BIOS and go to where the hard disks are listed, put the USB disk in front of the actuall HDD and boot from hard disk23:20
chemist^and IT WILL BOOT!23:20
Jordan_Urustuptwist: SG2D has its own USB drivers which can be loaded to bypass your BIOSs limitations.23:20
chemist^my hp recognizes a USB as a hdd, not a USB storage device23:21
rustuptwistJordan_U: IM AT 'grub> what command will make it read from the CD in the tray23:21
Jordan_Urustuptwist: "ls (cd)/" though it might be also helpful to see if your USB drive is listed in the oitput of "ls -l".23:22
ZeloZelosrustuptwist, :)23:22
ZeloZelosi knew it23:23
pedrommoneheya, how can I grant a specific user "root" powers inside a folder?23:23
Jordan_Upedrommone: What is your end goal?23:23
pedrommoneI mean, allow him write, head and delete everything23:23
Jordan_Upedrommone: What directory?23:24
pedrommoneits a specific directory23:24
=== ivan_ is now known as Guest55759
odoronoooNot meaning to be a pain, put anybody got time to have a quick look at this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6800085/23:24
grep0rsudo su or change distro and work as real root pedrommone ;)23:24
pedrommonelike /home/user/web/site.com23:24
k1l_grep0r: be helpfull in here please and dont give bad advice23:24
pedrommoneI want give him permissions to write on this folder23:25
Jordan_U!permissions | pedrommone23:25
ubottupedrommone: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions23:25
grep0rk1l_, what was bad advice imo?23:25
chemist^odoronooo, you sure got a lot of stuff there :D23:25
rustuptwistJordan_U:  i burned 'ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso' while i was waiting and it finally gave me a disc and not toast. It is in the CD drive now. I want to install and keep win7 install on the machine23:25
k1l_grep0r: sudo su is wrong. using another distro is best considered not helpfull23:25
grep0rhe needs root he said if he wasnt specific k1l_ it's not wrong answer23:26
odoronooochemist^:  not as much as it first appears to be ;)23:26
pedrommoneJordan_U,  but I cannot specific a user?23:27
Jordan_Urustuptwist: Do you have more than one CD/DVD drive or did you eject SG2D to insert Ubuntu Desktop?23:27
k1l_!guidelines > grep0r lets stop that here23:27
ubottugrep0r, please see my private message23:27
Jordan_Upedrommone: You probably want to make the directory's group be that of this other user.23:27
pedrommoneJordan_U,  I can chmod -R 775, but witch group it wil use? I cant understand that23:27
rustuptwistJordan_U: I ejected sg2d cause it was not happening and also the desktop ubuntu came out of the burner good to go.23:28
k1l_pedrommone: you can set rights to one user, a group or everyone. as rule of thumb you dont want everyone can do everything23:28
k1l_pedrommone: see "chown"23:28
chemist^pedrommone, you could create a usergroup for your user23:28
Jordan_Upedrommone: See chown and chgrp which should be explaned in the link ubottu gave you.23:28
rustuptwisttrack pad not working, guess that's to be expected though...23:29
pedrommonewell, Im using vesta cp23:29
pedrommoneand it create users and all stuff for me23:29
chemist^yes.. chgrp & chmod is the answer :)23:29
pedrommonein fact is a web server23:29
chemist^is it running ubuntu?23:29
Jordan_Urustuptwist: OK, reboot into the Ubuntu DVD then. While some functions of SG2D will work without its CD in, most won't.23:30
pedrommoneits just for personal use, but we are running college stuff23:30
chemist^pedrommone, make a group called same as user: "groupadd username"23:30
chemist^pedrommone, then assign the folder you wish to that user group: chgrp username /home/whatever/folder23:31
chemist^and finally use chmod to set the permissions of that folder23:31
pedrommonelet me see23:31
chemist^example: chmod g+rwx /home/whateva/folder23:31
pedrommonethe owner of the folder is already the group, vesta made it23:32
pedrommonethe problem is that some files inside this folder are owned by root23:32
chemist^then just set permissions23:32
Jordan_Upedrommone: How did they become owned by root?23:32
chemist^add the option -R when applying permissions23:32
pedrommonedont know, Im new with i23:33
chemist^pedrommone, what is vesta? and how can it create usergroups?23:34
pedrommonevestacp is a webadmin panel23:34
Jordan_Uodoronooo: Can you try booting with only sdc connected?23:35
odoronoooJordan_U:  tried, no success23:35
odoronoooJordan_U:  in that case, not even Grub shows up.23:35
chemist^pedrommone, can't help you, I never use those ... you should try looking for a vesta support channel and ask there as well23:35
pedrommoneit is not a problem with vesta, Im having some issues to deal with permissions23:36
odoronoooJordan_U:  forgot to say -- my BIOS doesn't support AHCI and doesn't even see the drive... that's i guess why it's not booting on its own. My intention would be to install Grub on the RAID of sda and sdb, and boot sdc from there.23:36
Jordan_Uodoronooo: What does happen? Looking closer it looks like it should fail, but still get you a grub rescue prompt.23:36
chemist^pedrommone yes, but you said that vesta is messsing around with usergroups and permissions...23:36
k1l_pedrommone: use chown to set the right owner of that folder/files.23:36
odoronoooJordan_U: it just tells me there's no valid device and asks me to press a key to try again.23:37
pedrommonejust tell me one thing, when I do ls -al, the first column is the owner and the second is what?23:37
odoronoooJordan_U: basically as if there was no bootloader installed. (no sign of grub or anything else whatsoever)23:38
Jordan_Uodoronooo: That would have been a good piece of info to give earlier :) Grub (like all bootloaders) uses the BIOS to access drives by default. Unlike most bootloaders though, grub *can* use its own native drivers instead.23:38
k1l_pedrommone: group23:38
k1l_pedrommone: i bet its explained in the link the bot gave you23:38
Gandihey I need some basic help with my ubuntu23:39
odoronoooJordan_U: so... what would you suggest? :)23:39
Bashing-omGandi: Hi!, help as in ??23:40
pedrommonek1l_, for example, sudo chown mapwards phpunit.xml is not changing the owner23:40
chemist^Gandi, just ask your question :)23:40
GandiIf i pres ctrl+alt+f1 i get a black screen23:40
k1l_pedrommone: is there a user mapwards?23:40
Jordan_Uodoronooo: For the best AHCI support you'll want to use grub 2.02 beta 2, then you'll need to add the command "nativedisk" to the menuentry for booting from that drive.23:40
mojtabaHi, I want to combine 3 .wav files using sox. but it is not working. Could you please check the syntax?23:41
mojtabasox -m VR000{1..3}* final.wav23:41
Gandihow do i get it back in color mode?23:41
Koyaaniswhy can you see IPs of other users. thats unsafe as fuck23:41
chemist^Gandi, yes...and then you pres ctrl+alt+F723:41
chemist^and you get back to xserver23:41
Gandii usually reboot the thing23:41
chemist^no need...just press ctrl+alt+F7 and you should get back23:41
Gandiawesome :))23:42
chemist^in some distros it's ctrl+alt+F823:42
chemist^try it now :)23:42
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Gandiat ctrl+alt+f8 i have nothing... how do i put something there?23:42
k1l_pedrommone: what gives "ls -al phpunit.xml"23:43
pedrommonek1l_, used chgrp and worked well, my miss take lol23:43
odoronoooJordan_U: errrr... ok. I have the strange feeling that i will mess up my current system when trying to install grub 2.02. Shall I get that from the ppa?23:43
chemist^Gandi, if you use the ctrl+alt+F1 and get into "text mode" as u define it, you press ctrl+alt+F7 and get back to X ... that's all23:43
Gandiwhy is there if it's empty?23:43
k1l_Gandi: chemist^ the x-server should run on ctrl+alt+f723:43
Gandiso ctrl+alt+f7 is like a terminal window?23:44
Gandiwhere can i find its log?23:44
k1l_Gandi: no. the f7 shortcut is the x-server window.23:44
ExoFlameHello imm looking to make php secure on my webserver (php5) and i was wondering how i would go about doing that v found some tutorials using php safe mode but thoughs seem to be for earlyer versiond of php.23:44
k1l_Gandi: what is your real issue?23:44
ExoFlameUbuntu 12.0423:44
deltalucawould it be reasonable to use mhddfs to create a virtual mount for /home using two other mounts (my current /home that i'd mount elsewhere and another mount on another disk)23:45
Gandii can't encrypt some files23:45
pedrommonek1l_, well, I guess I figured out, thank you for your time23:45
Gandithat is my issue right now :)23:45
deltalucai guess i'd need to change my /etc/fstab so that /home is changed to /media/something and only have /home mounted virtually by mhddfs23:46
mojtabaHi, I want to combine 3 .wav files using sox. but it is not working. Could you please check the syntax?  sox -m VR000{1..3}* final.wav23:46
luckybunnynice interesting problem for you guys...23:54
chemist^mojtaba, why not use audacity or ardour?23:54
luckybunnyI have terribly choppy sound in java applications23:55
luckybunnyI presume something not quite lovely with my openAL, because pulse appears to be doing great at everything but java/openAL23:55
mojtabachemist^: Actually I have sox installed in the system.23:56
Jordan_Umojtaba: Combine them in what way?23:57
mojtabaJordan_U: I have recorded 3 files, and I would like to combine them one after another one. first 1.wav, next 2.wav, ...23:58
chemist^mojtaba, i've never seen a simpler application than audacity for mixing multiple tracks together (cutting, trimming, volume, pitch, eq, etc.)23:58
Jordan_Umojtaba: Then I think you just want to drop the "-m".23:59
mojtabachemist^: Does it support all formats like sox does?23:59

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