ochosibrainwash: just pushed a configurable screensaver-timeout... (default is 60secs now)00:02
NoskcajSo what am i taking from Unit193's version? Just his new patch?00:07
ochosiNoskcaj: i did a complete new patch, but the diff is just one line00:09
Noskcajochosi, that's the accountsservice one?00:09
Unit193I said something to brain as he's interested in the transition thing. :P00:09
ochosiit now checks only for the first workspace's wallpaper, not the most recently changed wallpaper00:10
ochosisomehow it makes more sense like this, because workspace 1 is always shown on login00:10
ochosi(unless you add some startup magic...)00:10
brainwashso true00:11
NoskcajSo I just copy all the patches from unit's version, refresh them, and done00:12
Unit193...Unless you're working on a different version, why would you refresh?00:13
Noskcajquilt likes to add a header that is rather useful00:13
Noskcajspeaking of which, those patches should probably get DEP8  headers00:14
Unit193I had to re-work the nautilus one too, things changed.  These have the DEP headers.00:14
Noskcajyep. your right00:14
Unit193Okay...  I was starting to wonder if you were looking at some other source.00:15
Unit193And what exactly is quilt mangleing?00:15
Noskcajprobably some form of patch death00:15
Unit193Check the changelog, I ignored it.  Also, I fixed a lintian warning about declaring what section more than once, not sure if it was xfwm or xfdesktop so you may want to re-add for a closer sync. :P00:18
NoskcajI only copied the patches across. I'd fix that lintian warning in debian, but it's tedious and doesn't damage anything.00:19
brainwashochosi: another useful addition, and with this amount of changes we surely need another release soon :)00:32
ochosiyup, maybe00:33
ochosiwe'll see, i guess we need to check what's on the roadmap for 1.800:33
brainwashI see, "Improve keyboard-navigation"00:35
ochosiwe might wanna add more kb-shortcuts, like Alt+F4 at some point00:36
brainwashuseful, especially for people who dislike using the mouse00:37
brainwashlike me00:37
* Unit193 wonders if he should show xombrero to brainwash, decides not to and runs.00:38
brainwashlooks interesting00:39
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, When do you think you'll get catfish's next release out?01:23
NoskcajThe same with mugshot01:24
brainwashochosi: I might have found an explanation for our current abiword ruler problem02:43
brainwashochosi: the rulers are GtkDrawingAreas, setting the gobject property "double-buffered" to FALSE prevents the glitch02:48
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: hopefully sometime this week for both, definitely at least one of them03:15
micahgNoskcaj: you can't merge branches for stable releases unless it's into -proposed04:18
Noskcajmicahg, ok. I wasn't really sure of the process. Hopefully whoever sponsors it will put the changes where they are meant to go04:19
micahgNoskcaj: that diff is ridiculous in the MR, can you provide a debdiff pleasE?04:19
NoskcajI can't right now, but it was adding the two patches from debian and forcing xdt-autogen to run, just like in trusty04:20
micahgthere's a lot of noise from the .pc dir04:21
micahgthis is one reason I don't like bzr merges04:22
NoskcajThat bit is very understandable04:23
NoskcajBut could you please sponsor the xfce stuff anyway?04:24
micahgNoskcaj: if http://paste.ubuntu.com/6795392/ applies, I'll sponsor it (well, without the noise for the 06_fix-suspend-auth-check.patch patch04:29
micahgNoskcaj: actually, the 06_add-shutdown-reboot-functionality-for-systemd.patch needs dep-3 headers04:31
micahgNoskcaj: if you want to paste those somewhere or PM, I can add them and upload04:32
micahgwell, test building now04:33
NoskcajI don't know the history of the patch, other than it was from debian. I forget who did the rest of the work for this one04:33
micahgsvn blame?04:33
Unit193Suse, wasn't it?04:34
Unit193Or, bts.04:34
NoskcajYeah, SUSE originally04:36
Noskcajso Origin: OpenSUSUE04:37
NoskcajDebian-Bug: #72760504:37
ubottubug 727605 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "notinc só." [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72760504:37
micahgBug-Debian I think is the proper notation04:37
NoskcajYes, you're right04:37
Noskcajthen Bug-Ubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-power-manager/+bug/122202104:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 1222021 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu Saucy) "[SRU] xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events" [High,In progress]04:39
NoskcajI'm not sure what to put for description04:39
NoskcajAnd then that would be it04:39
Unit193micahg: Indeed, not interested in doing merges because of bzr.04:42
NoskcajUnit193, there are other ways04:42
Noskcajmicahg, When you've merged this, i'll propose a merge to trusty for bug 1067749 as an excuse to add the header there04:47
ubottubug 1067749 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Screen refuses to dim on battery" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106774904:47
micahgstill waiting, going to sleep soon04:59
NoskcajI though you where putting them in with what i'd already said, sorry.05:00
micahgcan you PM me the whole block05:01
micahgNoskcaj: what about the note here: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=727605#1005:04
ubottuDebian bug 727605 in xfce4-power-manager "Add support for systemd inhibit API" [Normal,Open]05:04
micahgor did we lose upower in saucy05:04
micahgI'm a little behind the times05:04
Noskcajmicahg, I'm not 100% sure, but i think it's ok since we've tested this in trusty and saucy for quite a while with no issues05:05
Noskcajplus corsac added it to debian svn05:05
Unit193upower is very much there.05:08
micahgok, maybe add test notes to make sure that use case gets tested05:09
Noskcajwill do.05:10
Noskcajthanks micahg. 05:18
NoskcajIs there any chance your lack of time will be fixed soonish?05:18
micahgprobably going to be a bit more, I'll try to find some hours for sponsoring05:19
NoskcajI apologizes in advance for my use of bzr for everything05:20
micahghaha, not your fault, it's encouraged05:20
micahgnight all05:31
micahgNoskcaj: thanks for the fix05:32
Noskcajg'night micahg05:37
Unit193Mica: Thanks.05:56
Noskcajhey elfy 07:41
NoskcajAny chance of a call for testing soonish for power manager (saucy) and weather-plugin (precise)?07:43
Noskcajmicah has sponsored power manager, and infinity has said he can sync weather-plugin if testers are ready07:44
elfydo people still use saucy? 07:47
elfyI'll fit it in - but if it's SRU stuff better to be done via LP bugs as is normal07:47
Noskcajelfy, it  has been08:31
ochosibrainwash: have you reported that upstream already?08:35
slickymastermorning all09:36
knomeali1234, ?10:54
knomeali1234, do you have the script to download all original sized attachments from a ubuntu wiki page handy?10:56
knomeok, if you could dig it up, i would have a use for it...10:57
knome(the same as the last time, picking up the wallpaper submissions)10:57
brainwashochosi: no, 1) no abiword bugtracker account and more importantly 2) I just observed it by experimenting with gtkparasite, so I would need to check the source and rebuild abiword10:59
brainwashis the new xubuntu 14.04 default wallpaper already available? or some work in progress?11:01
knomeali1234, ta11:01
slickymasterbluesabre-laptop: you around?11:04
slickymasterknome: ping11:06
knomeslickymaster, dong11:06
slickymasterknome: do you have mugshot on your system?11:09
slickymasterwell, thing is that I'm not getting my digital camera to appear listed in mugshot upon clicking the image button11:10
slickymasterany ideas?11:10
slickymasterbluesabre-laptop: ^^^11:12
bluesabre-laptopslickymaster: install gstreamer1.0-tools11:28
bluesabre-laptopI need to add that to recommends in my ppa11:28
slickymasterbluesabre-laptop: installing gstreamer1.o-tools didn't solve it11:39
bluesabre-laptopmaybe gstreamer1.0-x or gstreamer1.0-libav11:41
slickymasterok, going to try it11:41
slickymasterbluesabre-laptop: still no dice11:42
slickymasterbluesabre-laptop: any other options that cross your mind?11:49
bluesabre-laptopslickymaster: here's what I have installed, http://dpaste.com/1564260/12:31
slickymasterbluesabre-laptop: ok, I'll check if I have all those installed om my box12:32
bluesabre-laptopFinally got this typed up: http://smdavis.us/2014/01/22/menulibre-2-0-released-trusty-ppa-available/13:08
bluesabre-laptopgotta go to work, bbl13:09
hjbvjhbvjdsfsdfdalpha 2 tomorrow?14:34
epll45831what are the requirements for 14.04?14:52
slickymasterepll45831: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/StrategyDocument#The_Target14:53
slickymasterbbl ->17:12
elfy8 people reporting for alpha217:20
elfyno wonder why I get so fed up with wasting my time17:20
elfyknome: https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/1628change/+merge/20271617:25
brainwashelfy: how are you wasting your time?17:28
elfy8 people? 17:28
elfywe'd probably get that many if I didn't bother17:29
brainwashI do lots of testing, but no iso testing17:29
elfyI guess others do as well17:29
brainwashright, and especially now we would need more test results17:30
elfyI know 17:31
brainwashelfy: you could announce the alpha 2 release in Ubuntu +1 (forum) and call for additional testers :)17:37
brainwashtoo bad that the alpha release still does not contain some of the exiting new features to lure people to do some testing17:39
elfybrainwash: that's ok up to the point gnome/lubuntu/kubuntu do the same :p17:53
elfyyea - hopefully we'll have them all there for beta1, but who knows 17:54
elfyany later than that and someone else can worry about testing17:54
elfybrainwash: that said we get full marks :p "Testing still needs to start for Edubuntu and Ubuntu Kylin.  Full marks to Xubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome for getting theirs done."18:10
elfyNoskcaj: hey - I ended up wandering off to work this morning and not talking to you further re for power manager (saucy) and weather-plugin (precise)19:02
Noskcajthat's fine, i wasn't there either19:02
elfyif they've been checked as part of the sru process - is there any need to do more?19:03
Noskcajfor bug 1244629, we need people to check, since it will just be a sync. and for saucy people need to check upower still works fine19:05
ubottubug 1244629 in xfce4-weather-plugin (Ubuntu Precise) "SRU xfce4-weather-plugin, currently showing 'No Data'" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124462919:05
elfyNoskcaj: make a call after tomorrow - there's nothing on our schedule between now and feb 6th19:09
Noskcajok.If corsac is around soonish to sponsor 3.3.1, maybe a gthumb call too19:10
Noskcajochosi, Do we want light locker 1.1 for trusty or stay at 1.0?19:10
elfyok - but come beginning of february there's going to be calls constantly for packages and images19:10
elfy!team 19:11
ubottubluesabre, elfy, GridCube, jjfrv8, knome, lderan, micahg, mr_pouit, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, skellat, slickymaster, Unit19319:11
elfy^^ that - so don't leave it too late 19:11
lderanshall be doing some testing at about 9pm, possibly sooner19:14
knomeelfy, waah?19:28
elfyknome: pedal?19:30
knomepinging people19:34
elfyis there another way to tell people that they've not got long left19:34
knomefor what?19:34
elfycome beginning of february there's going to be calls constantly for packages and images19:35
elfybut personally I'm coming around to the point of view that I could just send mails out go blah blah blah and it'd not make any difference at all to the result19:35
knomei'm getting into the QA loop more and more19:36
knomeeven mor hurdles are now overcome19:36
elfyI'm not pointing fingers knome 19:36
knomei am, me fingers point at me :P19:37
pleia2I'm not getting on an airplane for 30 whole days, so I should have some time for testing19:38
pleia2(and have pre-alpha images prepped for testing tonight, woo)19:38
knomeoh yay19:38
pleia2I appreciate the reminder emails :)19:39
elfyserious point - do you see any point in getting it rebuilt re "If any gtk using flavours want it in alpha 2 please let me or another archive admin" which refers to 19:39
elfy                https://launchpad.net/bugs/126039619:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 1260396 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Trusty) "Ubiquity window spans width of screen" [High,Fix released]19:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 1260473 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "The slide bar that allow to rezise the partition does not appear" [High,Fix released]19:39
elfypersonally I don't 19:40
knomeelfy, stgraber said it's stuck on a queue, so not worth it...19:40
pleia2but hooray for it being fixed19:40
pleia2just a note in release notes about it landing too late19:40
elfyknome: ok19:41
knomenote about something we don't have?19:41
* knome doesn't understand19:41
knomejust don't mention it, if it hasn't landed and we didn't promise it to!19:41
pleia2it makes the installer window look very wonky, people will notice :)19:41
elfypleia2: I also want to list those who tested like we did last time19:42
pleia2elfy: yes!19:42
* elfy wanders off to mark alpha2 as released to catch out people who keep saying they'll test manana :p19:43
pleia2too late to test?19:44
knomepleia2, they want to release it some time after noon UTC today19:44
elfyyea - tomorrow19:45
elfypleia2: no - it's not too late - I'll mark it tomorrow morning sometime around 0700UTC 19:45
elfyunless knome has a problem with that :p19:45
knomenot at all19:45
pleia2having more time to test would be good, I was all ready to test on monday!19:46
pleia2was a bank holiday here, would have been great19:46
knomeelfy knows better what the situation re: being ready to release is anyway19:46
elfypleia2: all our's are done, testcase wise - but more eyes never hurts19:46
* pleia2 nods19:46
knomeunless they pop in in weird places, like ears :/19:47
elfy"Full marks to Xubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome for getting theirs done." 19:47
elfyis what we got :)19:47
pleia2oh, eyes on ears, yes, that would be odd19:47
knomemarks, like the old finnish or danish marks? :P19:47
elfyfull marks in any currency you like :D19:48
knomeyou can only have full marks in mark-currencies!19:48
* knome stops being silly and goes help the wife in kitchenwork19:48
elfyI got more than full marks in a maths exam - still no idea how they worked that out19:48
elfyknome: when you get back ping me re that merge and bug 19:50
=== jackson is now known as Guest4739
lderanelfy, I got 100% in a negative marked exam once. Was tempted to ask if the machine they used to do the multiple choice test was broken :P19:59
knomeelfy, what merge and bug?20:04
elfyor we should make that testcase optional http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1628/info20:06
elfyor I'll be failing it close to each and everytime 20:06
* knome shrugs20:06
knomewhat do you think?20:06
elfywell ... all of the things we test then get tested elsewhere anyway for one20:07
elfybut if we're going to test it then it shouldn't be failable just because of wording20:07
elfythough each seperate thing says 'if ... '20:08
knomedunno, i can merge if you want20:09
elfyI'd rather do that I think20:10
elfyI know it's not much - but then I'm checking all of them as I go through them for things like that20:10
knomeelfy, done20:14
elfythanks knome :)20:15
GridCubeok, some bugs, at least from my understanding, http://goput.it/122r.png <<< there is no default list of backgrounds available, it doesnt show the default background neither20:28
GridCubeon 1024x768 the sudoku screen doesnt show complete, its like its default is larger than 1024px wich makes no sense http://goput.it/v/sou4.png20:29
GridCubeand this might not be a bug, but why does pavucontrol has white parts? http://goput.it/bims.png20:29
elfywhite here20:30
elfyGridCube: first one - you've got folder set to none - what happens if it's not 20:31
knomelast one looks like a theming bug20:31
GridCubeelfy, that lets me choose my default home folder or the images folder, either of which have no images on them20:31
elfyperhaps it's a bug then :)20:32
elfyknome: and my final 'I'm not sure why we even' for today - live session "Use and execute the default applications found for the desktop enviroment being run"20:34
knomeGridCube, can you file a bug for that, against xfdesktop20:34
elfyand why not "Use and execute the default applications found for the desktop enviroment being run" then report the results on the package tracker"20:34
GridCubeknome, kk20:35
knomeelfy, the point was to gather random/exploratory testing bugs rather than the same old package tests20:35
knomeelfy, so people can test random things, and if they appear in the ISO test... well, the bugs are at least filed20:35
knomeelfy, we should probably expect people find those with the package tests as well, but those can never cover 100%20:35
elfyok I can go with that - but that's a lot of default packages :p20:36
knomewell... again, the point is to not restrict people to do certain kid of testing20:36
elfyok - I'll go back into my box now :)20:37
knomecould be reworded to "do what you usually do", but otoh, that would again restrict people from thinking out of the box20:37
knomeif you get what i'm saying20:37
elfyyea - better not to do that20:38
GridCubeknome, http://goput.it/hxv8.png20:38
knomeso yep, i think the current wording is fine until somebody comes up with a better wording :P20:38
GridCubewill do it manually from this other vm20:38
elfyon the whole I'm quite relaxed about that now we've got packages going20:38
knomeGridCube, i think it's just xfdesktop20:38
knomeoh, hmm20:38
GridCubethat package doesnt exists20:38
knome!info xfdesktop20:38
knome!info xfdesktop420:38
ubottuPackage xfdesktop does not exist in saucy20:38
ubottuxfdesktop4 (source: xfdesktop4): xfce desktop background, icons and root menu manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.10.2-3ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 150 kB, installed size 500 kB20:39
knomeok, weird..20:39
knomeoh, ah,20:39
elfydid one of the 'ppa' things get in 20:39
knomedid you enable PPA's?20:39
knomeyeah, that's why it says so20:39
knomeif it's not a PPA, something else might be going on20:40
knomefor now, i think you can still gather the data for the bug with ubuntu-bug20:40
knomeif not, just file one manually20:40
knomethat's a trivial thing; we need to set a sane default directory20:40
GridCubei have not set any ppa its just a default installation20:43
GridCubebug #127171320:44
ubottubug 1271713 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "xubuntu 14.04 trusty thar desktop wallpapers selection shows empty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127171320:44
elfyGridCube: that's odd - works ok here for the live image20:44
GridCubeim using the i386 iso20:45
GridCubeif that means anything20:45
elfyok - not looked at those I'm afraid20:45
knomecan't think of any reason why the arch would matter20:46
GridCubeno idea20:46
elfythen again why would ubuntu-bug xfdesktop4 work ok here for me 20:47
Noskcajelfy, perhaps the latest version you have is from the repos?20:50
elfyNoskcaj: then why is the 32 bit image not using the latest 20:50
elfyand why is it using one apparently from a ppa?20:50
Noskcaji've got no idea.20:51
elfythat's 4 of us then :p20:51
GridCubeshould i file a bug report about it20:54
elfythe ubuntu-bug thing?20:54
elfyGridCube: ^^20:57
elfyyou can - but it'll fester forever I'd guess20:58
elfyI me too'd the desktop settings one20:58
GridCubebug 127172020:59
ubottubug 1271720 in gnome-sudoku (Ubuntu) "gnome sudoku default screen is larger than 1024px wide" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127172020:59
elfyknome: I see what you mean by "reworded to "do what you usually do"" GridCube apparently plays games and fiddles with the wallpaper :p21:02
GridCubeP: i do that21:03
elfyI'd be reporting that clementine doesn't install and play music :)21:03
elfyme too'd the sudoku one as well :)21:04
elfycan't horozontally resize it either21:06
elfyGridCube: ^^21:06
GridCubeits stuck at more than 102421:07
GridCubei cant resize it even here in 13.0421:07
elfyoh yea - read your bug properly now lol 21:07
elfythat's really annoying for someone who uses it ... 21:07
GridCubei would assume so21:11
GridCubetrue is that 1024 screens are less usual nowdays, but still21:11
GridCubeit makes no sense why it would not resize if the sudoku itself resizes21:12
elfyit works in Ubuntu 21:12
GridCubeit does?21:13
elfyyep - just asked balloons21:14
GridCubethats relly weird21:14
brainwashGridCube: did pavucontrol look different before? it looks just as it did always to me21:17
GridCubebrainwash, http://goput.it/kbe4.png21:18
brainwashmmh, now I'm not sure anymore :D21:19
elfyI looked at that in 64bit - was white - same as here on this machine21:20
elfywonder if there's something odd going on with 32bit then21:21
GridCubeit should not be white21:21
GridCubeit should look like that last screenshot21:21
elfywell it's white here and on 64bit21:22
brainwashGridCube: please open abiword, is the top ruler hidden behind a white area?21:22
brainwashelfy: there was some recent change which turned some grey theme elements white21:22
brainwashsame applies to abiword21:22
GridCubei think i added that to the test report21:22
elfybrainwash: in ppa or properly? 21:23
knomeelfy, heh :)21:23
knomeoff, bbl21:23
elfycya tomorrow21:23
knomeyou too21:23
GridCubebut is not white brainwash 21:23
GridCubeis grey http://goput.it/10h9.png21:24
elfyGridCube: is pavu white in the a2 ?21:24
elfythought that's what you said earlier 21:24
GridCubeyes is white21:25
elfyok 21:25
elfyso where's the grey one come from?21:25
elfyI'm confused now :p21:26
brainwashwell, it's just a minor theme glitch21:26
brainwashwhite pavucontrol doesn't even look bad, looks almost perfectly normal21:26
elfyyep still needs reporting though - and GridCube has issues reporting with ubuntu-bug - it thinks he's got ppa's in the a2 live image21:27
GridCubeelfy, the grey is the way it used to look on 13.0421:27
elfywhich is weird as well 21:27
elfyGridCube: I can't remember that far back :)21:27
GridCubeand everytime before that21:27
brainwashrun  apt-cache policy xfdesktop421:27
elfythe sudoku thing is weird too21:28
GridCubebrainwash, http://goput.it/7di8.png21:29
GridCubebut maybe its because that box doesnt have a conection to the outside of the internet21:29
GridCubeand can't download the apt lists21:29
GridCubexubuntu doesnt let people set up proxies in easy ways21:30
brainwashthis would mean, that you cannot report anything via ubuntu-bug21:31
GridCubetrue. but why would it say, http://goput.it/hxv8.png21:31
GridCubeit should says like "you are not connected to the internet" or something like that21:32
elfy  Installed: 4.11.2-0ubuntu121:32
elfy  Candidate: 4.11.2-0ubuntu121:32
elfy  Version table:21:32
elfy *** 4.11.2-0ubuntu1 021:32
elfy        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages21:32
elfy        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status21:32
GridCube/exec -o21:32
elfyis what I get in 64bit a221:32
Unit193GridCube: inxi -r  lists no ppas?21:32
brainwashaccording to apt-cache it's listed a local package without repo source21:32
GridCubeUnit193, i can't install inxi with no internet21:33
GridCubebrainwash, then why i get that message then?21:33
brainwashmaybe yet another bug21:33
brainwashI'm not familiar with ubuntu-bug21:33
elfyGridCube: what's the md5sum of the image? should be cafd1e7ea0ea269e732ec9302f467ad021:34
GridCubehow do i get that 21:35
elfymd5sum /path/to/the/download I guess21:36
GridCubecafd1e7ea0ea269e732ec9302f467ad0 21:36
GridCubeit looks the same21:36
elfyyep 21:36
elfyjust thought I'd ask :)21:37
Unit193Noskcaj: ...Did you copy all patches?  Including wait-for-settings-manager.patch?  brainwash wanted me to add that to test something, which it didn't fix.  Might want to drop it.21:37
NoskcajUnit193, oh. I'll drop that one now21:37
Unit193Unless he says otherwise, yeah.21:37
brainwashmmh, right... eric did not respond yet with a new (working) patch21:38
brainwashthe current one is harmless, does basically nothing21:38
Unit193Yep, else I would have reverted it.21:39
Unit193brainwash: Do you think this fix will land in xfdesktop or another package?21:42
brainwashin xfdesktop421:43
elfyback tomorrow21:50
brainwashNoskcaj: is your xfce4-indicator-plugin package (PPA) built from git/master?22:15
Noskcajbrainwash, no. 2.2.022:16
brainwashso we need to wait for a new release then, some issues have been fixed recently (occasionally missing indicator icons and widget management)22:17
NoskcajStill no news of a panel or garcon release either?22:18
NoskcajI can make a git snapshot if we really need it though22:19
brainwashit would help testing the new stuff which will land eventually in trusty, but on the other hand.. we have almost no testers22:21
NoskcajI think i'll leave it for official releases from now, or patches. the ubuntu devs are worried about 4.11 being unstable, let alone git snapshots22:22
brainwashbut we will ship xfwm4 4.11 or?22:24
brainwash4.11 already includes the needed patches for bug 123280422:25
ubottubug 1232804 in xfwm4 (Ubuntu) "Improve "login greeter -> desktop" transition in Xubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123280422:25
Noskcajbrainwash, if possible22:25
Unit193But no tabwin. :(22:25
Noskcaji've got the branch up, just need to bride someone with upload rights.22:25
NoskcajUnit193, is tabwin able to be put in a release soon, or a least one, stable, patch?22:26
brainwashon top of that, the xfwm4 package requires to be build with MONITOR_ROOT_PIXMAP defined to actually enable the seamless transition22:26
brainwashit's not build that way by default22:26
brainwashand it's need to be tested of course, if it causes some unexpected trouble, we could disable it for the final release22:28
Noskcajbrainwash, i'd rather not risk uploading stuff that might break, what could it break and what does it do normally?22:29
Unit193Not sure if the issues I've had were with xfdesktop of xfwm, end up killing both.22:29
brainwashcurrently it doesn't break anything22:29
brainwasheverything is patched to work properly22:30
brainwashxfwm 4.11 + xfdesktop 4.1122:30
brainwashbasically we need it to tested by a large group of people :/22:31
NoskcajI'd like to wait for more 4.11 stuff to land first, just so we know if it alone has bugs22:31
brainwashyes, but I'm afraid that a decision might get delayed until it's too late22:32
brainwashali1234: ^ any thoughts?22:33
Noskcajmy suggestion is wait till early next month, since i should have upload rights then and we'll know if anything major has been broken22:34
brainwashcan you subscribe to the linked bug report please? :)22:34
brainwashdon't want to bother you with this over and over again, following the report should help instead22:35
brainwashGridCube: pavucontrol is mainly white in saucy with greybird from git, you should target your report against shimmer-themes22:39
brainwashbut I assume that this is an intended change22:41
bluesabreNoskcaj: thanks for the upload, looks like menulibre is in sid and trusty now :)23:13
xnoxpleia2: knome: it was not stuck on a queue at all. new ubiquity in release pocket for 4 hours now. SO if a respin is done, it will be picked up.23:36
xnoxnot sure who / why unblocked it from -proposed.23:37

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