smoserdefmacro, well, for ubuntu is there any reason all your initial images can't start from cloud-images.ubuntu.com ?01:07
smoserjust like cloud-init running anywhere, the goal is for those to be very mallable.01:08
defmacroi used to use the cloud images for virtualbox but they had a lot of additional pacakges01:18
defmacroive found ways to build virtualbox and docker from iso or apt media, i like being able to specify a minimal build with each layer providing guarantees01:18
defmacroeventually on ec2 i'll build my own cloud images too.  would love to see how the official images are built01:19
smoserharlowja, booo01:32
harlowjaarg, wtf01:33
harlowjathats' not supposed to be possible01:33
harlowjaohhh, my fault01:34
smoseryou didn't apass the UrlError01:34
smoseryou passed the exception01:34
harlowjawho made this crap code, haha01:35
smoserit says something like 'Y!' at the top of the file.01:35
smoseri blame them.01:35
smoseroh well. i'll get upload to buntu tomorrow.01:35
smosergot to run01:35
harlowjauploading fix01:36
harlowjasmoser ok, used right exception this time01:38
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defmacrosmoser: can cloud-init be upgraded on the ec2 images to the latest version?  since im customiing my images, i'd like to get the new config modules20:00
smoserharmw, i htikn you left out a 'copyfile' method somewhere.20:00
smoserdefmacro, you could do that. but ubuntu stable release process does'nt really allow for ubuntu to do that.20:01
smoseri'm not sure how well cloud-init would run on 12.04 at the moment really.20:01
smoserdue to some dependencies that have been picked up20:01
defmacro12.04 cloud-init doesn't even have write_files.  doh.20:02
smoserdefmacro, yeah. :-(20:08
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harlowjaharmw smoser https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/freebsd-cleaning/+merge/203190 if u guys want to check that out23:25
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