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bachey rick_h_12:27
rick_h_bac: morning12:28
bacrick_h_: so, it turns out mjc still had a cronjob to do queueing.  that should've been removed in a version of the charm a few back.12:29
bacrick_h_: once it was turned off manually everything is normal12:29
bacrick_h_: so, i have some charm oddities to investigate.  1) why didn't the config file get written properly and 2) why wasn't the new cron entry written?12:29
rick_h_bac: hmm, could it be like a migration story?12:34
rick_h_when the charm upgrades it needs to go back and remove the old files it no longer needs12:35
rick_h_like dropping tables in a db no longer used 12:35
rick_h_staging gets 'rebuilt' more often, though not recently. It does get manually touched and farther from the base charm path I'd guess. 12:35
bacrick_h_: the hooks in the charm should handle re-writing those files.12:42
bacrick_h_: the only thing i can think of is that I.S. has made some modifications since they muck with the charm before deploying.12:43
bacrick_h_: another reason we need a prodstack-based staging server...12:43
rick_h_bac: right, but if we drop a file in /etc/cron.d we have to manually remove it on upgrade right?12:43
rick_h_the charm doesn't follow old written files to clean up 12:43
bacrick_h_: there is a template for creating that file.  it should get re-written based on the changed template12:44
rick_h_ok, so it was not 100% removed from existance then?12:44
bacrick_h_: no, just one entry was to be removed and another added12:44
bacrick_h_: but the version of cron.d/charmworld on prod was the old one12:44
bacrick_h_: makes me suspect their novel version has changed something12:45
bacperhaps they maintain a modified version of the template12:45
rick_h_layers of invisible bug points wheeee12:45
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bacdata centre nightmare: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-2587325212:49
bacadd that to your contingency plans12:49
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hatchmorning all13:25
hatchlastnight I set my laptop up on my monitor finally....wow my monitor resolution sucks compared to the retina screen lol13:34
hatchI need rick_h_ 's 4k 13:34
* frankban lunches13:34
rick_h_hatch: :P13:35
hatchas long as I place my monitor far enough away it's ok13:35
hatchso that's cheaper I suppose13:35
gary_posterI want the 4k too.  Kinda tempted to see what Apple comes out with for that though13:37
rick_h_yea, why I got this ultrasharp. the dell US and apple displays generally share the same panels13:38
rick_h_though I'm sure the apply will be nice with lightning connectors/etc13:38
rick_h_while I got usb313:38
hatchI noticed that the laptop screen has horrible glare while my monitor has a matte finish13:39
rick_h_matte or bust!13:39
hatchyeah, not sure I'd enjoy a 30" glossy screen13:39
hatchunless they have better glare reduction than the laptop screen13:39
rick_h_some of it's the size I bet as well. lot more surface to catch it13:40
hatchyeah, and the window and lights are behind me so that just compounds it13:40
hatchbuuuut sitll, matte doesn't have the issue :P13:40
hatchis the 4k matte?13:41
rick_h_yea, I only do matte13:41
rick_h_I got one glossy and it's been in my closet for a long time13:41
rick_h_should sell it13:41
hatchdoes it have a 'sparkle' look to it? 13:41
hatchon a white screen I can see these little sparkles in the monitor 13:41
rick_h_not sure 13:42
hatchthe internet claims it's from the matte coating13:42
hatchfrankban any questions re the putcharm stuff?14:12
frankbanhatch: hey, so what's the target URL? https://{state-server-address}/charms/? what port?14:43
hatchdimitern are you around?14:44
hatchfrankban dimitern wrote the juju-core implementation. so he would know best. From the docs I would assume the state server address on 1707014:45
hatchin the email I sent it had the structure of the url 14:45
frankbanhatch: cool, so 1111 is just something you use for debugging, right?14:46
hatchfrankban yes sorry, that's just the port I use for my tunnel 14:47
frankbanhatch: ok thank you. starting the branch now, will ping you later for any questions14:48
marcoceppirick_h_ or bac are either of you guys running trusty?14:48
bacmarcoceppi: i have a trusty vm but had to stop using it temporarily. can fire it up if needed.14:49
bacmarcoceppi: but in general i'm running saucy14:49
hatchfrankban thanks!14:49
marcoceppibac: no, that's fine. there's a dep for amulet that's not building on trusty but builds on all other series14:49
marcoceppiwanted to know how to prioritize it for today's test writing sprint14:50
gary_posterjujugui call in 1014:50
gary_posterwait no14:50
hatchI was wondering :D14:50
gary_posterwhat is the calendar reminding me of now :-P14:50
gary_posterah, um.  charm testing writing sprint in 9 :-P14:50
rick_h_benji: got a sec?14:53
benjirick_h_: sure, want to coopt the dialy meeting hangout?14:54
rick_h_marcoceppi: I'm on trusty14:54
rick_h_marcoceppi: what dep, I can peek at it?14:54
hatchugh native events are so clunky14:54
rick_h_benji: here please https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpjkbrct4593pml722lph0vo?authuser=1&hl=en14:54
hatchI'm spoiled by YUI's event system14:54
rick_h_hatch: +114:54
marcoceppirick_h_: sure, I jsut asked for another build but it's charmworldlib14:54
marcoceppirick_h_: when/if it errors out in the next few mins I'll send it your way14:55
marcoceppiit was saying it couuldn't download setuptools.py from the internet14:55
frankbanhatch: is putCharm already implemented in core trunk?14:56
rick_h_marcoceppi: k14:56
hatchfrankban in trunk yes,14:58
hatchyou'll have to build it14:58
frankbanhatch: ack14:58
hatchfrankban http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~go-bot/juju-core/trunk/revision/2155 the merge14:59
frankbanhatch: cool thanks15:02
dimiternhatch, frankban , sorry, i'm here now15:09
frankbanhatch: what's the best way in git to get your GUI branch locally? git remote add jeff .. + git checkout -b something + ??15:11
frankbandimitern: hey, so the URL for putCharm is https://{state-server}:17070/charms/, correct?15:11
dimiternfrankban, yes15:12
frankbandimitern: cool thanks15:12
dimiternfwereade, it's actually https://{apiserver:ip}/charms?url={series}15:13
dimiternfrankban, sorry, ?series={series}15:13
frankbandimitern: ack15:14
hatchfrankban sorry I missed the ding15:18
hatchone sec I'll paste the git commands15:18
frankbanhatch: cool thanks15:18
hatchgit checkout -b hatch-local-zip-upload develop && git pull git@github.com:hatched/juju-gui.git local-zip-upload15:21
hatch^ frankban  I'm pretty sure that's the right command15:22
frankbanhatch: what about the following:15:23
frankban$ git remote add hatch git@github.com:hatched/juju-gui.git15:23
frankban$ git fetch hatch15:23
frankban$ git checkout -b local-zip-upload hatch/local-zip-upload15:23
hatchyeah I think that'll also work15:24
frankbanyeah, and "git fetch hatch" is cool15:24
frankbanhatch: it worked. so, does your branch work in theory? e.g. I can zip a charm and drop it to the canvas, correct?15:26
hatchfrankban you bet, it should even console.log the progress, error, and loaded events15:27
frankbanhatch: cool. now in theory, when in the future I want to test/review one of your branches, I suppose all I have to do is " git fetch hatch" and git checkout ..., correct?15:29
rick_h_frankban: yes, you've not setup a new remote that allows you to see what he's got up on github15:29
frankbanrick_h_: and fetch will always update that remote to what's present in github15:30
rick_h_frankban: yes15:30
rick_h_frankban: and a normal git fetch should check all remotes15:30
rick_h_makefile experts, can I change a variable from within a target block somehow?15:31
frankbanrick_h_: makes sense, and what's the difference between pull and fetch? pull is for just one branch?15:31
rick_h_benji: gary_poster ^15:31
hatchfrankban pull merges15:32
rick_h_frankban: fetch will not pull down any source/code/etc. It's just a fetch of 'metadata' as I understand it15:32
hatchfetch just pulls it down15:32
hatchthe metadata15:32
benjirick_h_: environment variable or make variable?15:32
rick_h_benji: makefile variable15:32
frankbancool thanks15:32
benjirick_h_: is the value static or does it change (like in a loop)?15:33
hatchfrankban here is a very simple comparison http://stackoverflow.com/a/29235915:33
rick_h_benji: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6808881/15:34
frankbanhatch: ic15:34
rick_h_benji: the nose path can be in one of two places. If it's missing we pip install it and I want to run that check again and update it15:35
benjirick_h_: I would probably just re-run the make file (i.e., have make run make)15:36
rick_h_ooh, it can do that? /me never thought to try that15:36
rick_h_so at the end of $(NOSE): $(PY) block just run make test?15:37
* rick_h_ is confused how this would work15:37
rick_h_ok, so it both works and then doesn't because after it re-runs itself and runs the tests, it goes back to the original test target and runs it with the bad path value15:39
benjioh, you want to depend on nose in order to run test... 15:39
rick_h_I guess I should just evaluate it in the test block itself15:39
rick_h_benji: right15:39
* rick_h_ looks if I can create a 'locate_nose' function in the makefile and just use that vs $(NOSE)15:40
benjithat might be an option15:40
hatchthere was a windchill warning in Orlando yesterday....it was +9C lol15:40
benjidoing it recusively shouldn't be too bad, you can have a test target that depends on nose like you have now, then have the body of that test target be just "make post-nose-test" which has no prereqs but has the body of your current test target15:41
rick_h_benji: ah, gotcha15:41
rick_h_good call15:41
benjihatch: I was a little surprised it was so cold here this morning, I had to go to my dad's office to fax something early and it was -18C.15:45
hatchreally? wow I had no idea it got that cold there15:45
rick_h_polar vortex of doom!15:45
rick_h_canada, quit sending us your cold air15:45
benjiit doesn't very often :)15:45
rick_h_benji: bingo, this works nicely. Thanks15:46
benjiI just wish we would get 20 inches of snow to go with it.15:46
hatchrick_h_ lol, "polar vortex of common place but sensationalized by media"15:46
benjirick_h_: cool15:46
rick_h_hatch: no, it's darn colder than the past few winters here15:46
hatchrick_h_ right, but a polar vortex is not anything special15:46
hatchevery planet has 2 of them and they change in size throughout the year15:47
rick_h_we get some 0F stuff. but not every day for weeks15:47
* rick_h_ misses 20F and sunny with some snow on the ground15:47
hatchthis year has had low pressures below the polar region so it allowed the north polar vortex to influence the lower weather patterns15:47
rick_h_when his nose hairs didn't freeze getting the mail15:47
gary_posterooh ooh!15:50
gary_posterjujugui, call in ten *now*15:50
hatchTIL: XMLHttpRequests do not throw errors for anything above a total network failure :/15:53
rick_h_hatch: no, you have to watch them15:53
hatchif (status > 400 && status < 500) { throw!!!!! }15:53
hatchsuch lamesauces15:53
hatchif (status > 399 && status < 500) { throw!!!!! }15:54
rick_h_if status doens't start with 20 throw15:54
hatchtheir events are so weird15:55
hatchthe 'load' event handles everything besides 'progress'15:55
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
mhall119hi everyone, I need help from somebody who's dealt with webops, I have a django charm that keeps running into problems when I deploy updates16:05
rick_h_mhall119: howdy, we're on a team call atm, but happy to see if we can help16:12
mhall119thanks rick_h_ 16:15
hatchfrankban I used `go get` to pull down trunk so I have no idea what revno. Does bzr store the revno in the .bzr folder somewhere?16:18
frankbanhatch: run "bzr revno" in the branch16:18
hatch*facepalm* 224716:19
frankbancool, mine is 225316:19
hatchyou were saying that you were having issues with it?16:20
frankbanhatch: yes16:20
hatchhmm, it's working for me, do you have the charm pushed up somewhere?16:21
hatchI can test it here16:21
hatchif you like16:21
frankbanhatch: I was having issues to deploy the charm: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6808945/16:21
frankbanhatch: I'll try reverting to your revno16:21
hatchpermission denied...that's odd,16:22
hatchohh they are working on removing sudo16:22
hatchmaybe it's broken16:22
marcoceppirick_h_: buildlog for charmworldlib on trusty https://launchpadlibrarian.net/163611830/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-i386.charmworldlib_0.2.2-0ubuntu2~ubuntu14.04.1~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:52
marcoceppiseems to build fine on all the other series16:53
rick_h_marcoceppi: k, will look in a bit16:53
hatchfrankban were you able to get the charm to deploy? (not sure if you were doing it on the call or not)17:01
frankbanhatch: yes, it seems to work well now17:02
frankbanhatch: the path will be /juju-core/charms/?series=xxx . the idea is to expose a /juju-charm/ namespace which proxies all requests (GET, POST) to and from core17:03
rick_h_gary_poster: going into delete the trunk series gives me a lot of scary looking warnings. In particular The associated branch will be unlinked: lp:juju-gui17:04
gary_posterrick_h_: uh. :-)17:04
rick_h_gary_poster: can you +1 that it's just scary and press the button?17:04
gary_posterheh ok, will go look17:04
rick_h_gary_poster: thanks17:04
rick_h_marcoceppi: do the builders not have external network access then? It can't download setuptools?17:06
rick_h_marcoceppi: do you have a successful log for me to compare against? 17:06
marcoceppirick_h_: why would it fail for trusty and not others17:06
hatchfrankban yeah that's what I was thinking too, so do you mean that it will expose a /juju-core/ namespace?17:06
hatchrick_h_ downside to deleting it is that we loose all that history and what-not17:07
hatchdo we need to delete it? :)17:07
rick_h_marcoceppi: yea that's why I want to compare17:07
hatchmaybe if it's scary we just leave it hah17:07
rick_h_hatch: yea, I'm wondering as well. I guess it's just confusing for others17:07
rick_h_but we know enough17:07
rick_h_so meh17:07
rick_h_marcoceppi: I want to see if the others downloaded setuptools or if it was something already available to that build.17:08
marcoceppirick_h_: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/163199754/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-i386.charmworldlib_0.2.2-0ubuntu2~ubuntu13.10.1~ppa1_UPLOADING.txt.gz looks like it's not trying to download. Maybe what comes in trusty py3 vs saucy differs and doesn't include 17:08
frankbanhatch: basically https://{guiaddress}/juju-core/* --> https://{api-address}:17070/*17:08
hatchfrankban right ok cool that's exactly what I was thinking17:08
gary_posterrick_h_: six deletion attempts, six timeout errors.  how about I rename "trunk" series to "experimental"?17:09
rick_h_gary_poster: works for me17:09
marcoceppirick_h_: I see python3-setuptools in saucy but not in trusty17:10
* marcoceppi looks at pkg17:10
gary_posterrick_h_: https://launchpad.net/juju-gui/experimental , marked obsolete17:11
rick_h_gary_poster: hah, I went to hit submit and got "lost something?"17:11
rick_h_gary_poster: thanks17:11
gary_posterwelcome, sorry for confusion17:11
rick_h_marcoceppi: hmm, it exists. http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/python3-setuptools17:12
marcoceppirick_h_: I don't think python3-all pulls it down17:12
rick_h_marcoceppi: all ok17:12
marcoceppiI dont' explicitly require python3-setuptools17:12
* marcoceppi fixes17:12
rick_h_marcoceppi: so that looks like the failure though. It tries to download it and can't from the builder17:13
rick_h_jujugui really cool article with some handy 'say you want to do xx' git commands/notes. http://pypix.com/tools-and-tips/pro-git-workflow/17:18
hatchit's missing the "say you want to smash it to itty bitty pieces"17:18
rick_h_I like the standup one17:19
rick_h_"wtf did I do? Hmm, git standup"17:19
frankbanhatch: localCharmHelpers is undefined in services.js17:22
hatchfrankban run in devel/debug mode17:23
hatchthat branch doesn't have it included in prod (sorry)17:23
frankbanhatch: ok17:23
rick_h_hatch: here you go17:31
rick_h_* wind chill values will fall to between 15 and 25 degrees 17:31
rick_h_   below zero this morning. The wind chill readings will remain 17:31
rick_h_   around 15 degrees below zero during the afternoon. 17:31
rick_h_* Southwest winds will increase to 20 to 30 mph this 17:31
rick_h_   afternoon... gusting at times to 35 to 40 mph. 17:31
rick_h_there's our wind chill warning that I just got17:32
hatchthat's quite the warning17:32
hatchours is Temperature -10C, Windchill -30C17:32
hatchyou get a lot more information haha17:32
mhall119rick_h_: do you have time now to help?17:34
mhall119https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-api-website is the project, you'll see one branch for the app itself and another for the charm17:35
mhall119the charm works fine in LXC, but in stagingstack it keeps getting db credentials for a user that can't read or write anything to the db17:35
mhall119even after webops manually adds permissions/roles, on the next deployment they're erased again17:36
rick_h_mhall119: what db is it talking to? 17:36
mhall119I just added the grant_perms.py script that is called before doing any DB managment by the charm, but even that can't connect to the DB and set the permissions for the role17:37
mhall119rick_h_: postgresql17:37
mhall119using pg_bouncer in prodstack, but not stagingstack (unless they've added it now17:37
rick_h_so the db hook is sending bad data to the charm? Does the user/pass it sends exist?17:37
mhall119yes, and it can *connect*, it just has no permissions to do anything17:38
rick_h_mhall119: hmm, I've not used the postgres charm so not sure how it creates the users and such. I'd ping someone that's hacked on that. Or find another charm that uses it and compare the db hooks between your app and their to see if it requests/passes anything extra?17:39
mhall119rick_h_: I've forked the certification website charm to make mine, it uses the same db hooks17:40
rick_h_mhall119: maybe ping stub and see if he's run into it before. I know he's worked on the pgsql charm some17:40
mhall119already did, he suggested I add the grant_perms.py from certification charm but that fails because of lack of permissions too17:41
rick_h_huh, yea it seems to me you'd have to get a user account that can do something17:42
mhall119stub says postgres sets up a role for the user, and it's my charm's job to grant perms to the role (which is what grant_perms.py does), but the user it's given doesn't have permission to grant permissions to the role that was created17:43
rick_h_mhall119: heh, chicken meet egg17:43
rick_h_mhall119: looked at using the db-admin relation to get a user with super access to create the user for you?17:44
rick_h_mhall119: looking at https://jujucharms.com/precise/postgresql-59/#bws-readme there's notes about using db-admin to get a superuser and that user should then have access to grant/do things to create an app user to the database created for use?17:45
rick_h_mhall119: given nothing there says why it works locally but not in the stagestack17:47
mhall119huh, I didn't know there was a separate user account created by postgresql17:52
mhall119oh wait, does it depend on the relation type added?17:53
mhall119so, rick_h_, they have 2 instances of my site, one has an added ADMIN_MODE flag set that tells it to run syncdb and migrate and some other db-management stuff, should that node have been given the postgresql:db-admin relation instead of postgresql:db relation?17:55
rick_h_mhall119: looking at https://github.com/charms/postgresql/blob/master/hooks/hooks.py#L1110 the roles is pulled from the relation_get('roles'). What does the db-relation-joined hook symlink to? I cant' tell from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~api-website-devs/ubuntu-api-website/api-website-canonical-is-charm/files/head:/hooks/17:56
marcoceppirick_h_: it was a dep issue, latest build shows it as resolved17:57
marcoceppire charmworldlib17:57
mhall119rick_h_: it symlinks to db-relation-changed17:57
rick_h_mhall119: no idea as to your question about ADMIN_NODE stuff. I'm just looking at the pgsql charm for the first time myself tbh.17:57
rick_h_marcoceppi: yay17:58
rick_h_mhall119: hmm, is something setting relation-set roles=$DB_ROLE17:58
mhall119rick_h_: admin_mode is on my charm, it just tells it whether or not to run manage.py commands against the DB when the charm runs17:58
mhall119rick_h_: yes, db-relation-changed is setting that now17:58
rick_h_mhall119: ok, so that seems a different issue17:58
rick_h_mhall119: is that in a fork or something then?17:59
rick_h_are they running the right source that sets it?17:59
mhall119they have the right source as far as I can tell17:59
mhall119I'm thinking now that the admin_mode instance might also be using the regular postgresql:db relation, instead of :db-admin18:00
rick_h_well I think a script that assigns roles would need to be a db-admin user in order to run18:00
mhall119I've asked for a 'juju status' pastebin in #webops to know18:00
rick_h_mhall119: about it not working as is, it seems that the role passed in relation-set needs to be good/valid and I'd question that based on reading https://github.com/charms/postgresql/blob/master/hooks/hooks.py#L112618:00
mhall119what do you mean by good/valid?18:01
rick_h_mhall119: all I got though :/18:01
rick_h_well what is pgsql expecting to get as a 'role' in there. That roles gets passed to grant_roles function. So that it must be the right name/value for the db to have access to? 18:03
hatchnanananana writing-test-man writing-test-man19:05
bacanyone here ever install nagios?19:20
rick_h_bac: long time ago we used it at my last job19:20
bacrick_h_: where is it on the simple-to-horror scale to get up and running?19:20
rick_h_bac: from packages, it's simple to get started. It's horror to manage and use since the UI is awful and so much is scripts/plugin stuff19:21
hatchholy smokes that's a lot of loc for some tests19:39
hatch390line diff....yuss I only need one reviewer19:41
rick_h_hatch: lol19:43
hatchhey rick_h_  I appear to have messed something up with my rebase -f in my branch19:51
hatchit's picked up a previous commit and applying it in this diff19:51
hatchany idea how I fix that?19:52
hatchcreate a new branch and apply the hash from the proper one maybe?19:52
rick_h_hatch: sec looking19:53
rick_h_hatch: so the commit is from your branch?19:54
hatchno it's already been merged into develop19:54
rick_h_hatch: if it's just in your branch you can always rebase -i HEAD~~~ to tweak it more19:54
hatchsomehow it was pulled 'up' or whatever19:54
rick_h_sec, I want to figure this out then19:54
rick_h_there's supposed to be a way to remove every commit in your branch, update from origin, and then re-layer your commits down again19:55
rick_h_and I think that's the way to work with these19:55
rick_h_hatch: but yea, I'd just update develop, new branch, cherry-pick your commit you want, and repush19:55
rick_h_as far as speed goes19:55
rick_h_hatch: try this please19:57
rick_h_git checkout develop19:57
rick_h_git juju-sync19:57
rick_h_git checkout local-zip-upload19:57
hatchI don't have juju-sync, I'm just resolving the conflicts in the cherry-pick right now19:57
rick_h_git rebase develop19:57
rick_h_well, fine. just git pull juju (or whatever you call it) develop19:58
rick_h_and the key is to run in your branch `git rebase develop`19:58
rick_h_and see what it does with that19:58
rick_h_as well19:58
rick_h_git pull --rebase develop maybe?19:59
hatchbah, no matter what it keeps pulling in that new one20:01
hatcheven with a cherry pick of the specific hash20:01
rick_h_you broke it20:02
hatchdamn rebase20:02
hatchoh I think I know how I broke it20:03
rick_h_stop doing that then20:03
hatchrebase re-stacks commits20:03
rick_h_that's the point20:03
hatchso when I 'picked' one even though it was older20:03
rick_h_you can move commit saround with an interactive rebase20:03
hatchit re-applied it20:03
hatchinstead of leaving it20:03
rick_h_huh? pick just means to keep it20:03
rick_h_it shouldn't reapply it20:03
hatchmaybe it does20:04
hatchI don't see how else it could have shown up20:04
rick_h_no, because you can remove the commit and it should go away20:05
rick_h_do you have it in there twice? is that commit in your git log twice?20:05
rick_h_with two diff hashes?20:05
hatchI think I've got it20:05
rick_h_did you create a new branch from that existing one?20:07
rick_h_instead of from develop?20:07
hatchjujugui lf a review https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/86 no qa needed20:07
hatchrick_h_ I updated develop so it's most recent branch wasn't the 'extra' one and then the cherry pick worked without conflicts20:07
gary_posteron it hatch20:07
gary_posteroh rick_h_has it20:08
hatchI think it's about time for lunch20:08
rick_h_hatch: yea, it looks like you created the branch from the other feature branch and then did a pull request that contained both changes20:08
hatchnow to do some Python20:13
hatchbring on the semicolons!20:13
hatcher.... :P20:13
gary_postersemicolons? :-P20:15
bacrick_h_: the tickle to run config-changed on mjc stomped all over the cowboyed changes.  that's actually good.  but it wrote out bad data, so my theory seems to be right.20:37
bacworking with deej to see exactly what they do and how to make it work20:37
rick_h_bac: the theory that they're not running the scripts and cowboying things?20:37
bacrick_h_: no, that their modified local copy of the charm is not merging in changes we make to the actual charm20:38
rick_h_oh ok20:38
hatchmy cable box goes to channel 41 when I type in 033021:03
bacrick_h_:  sorry i missed deej's last statement.  all good and reconvene on monday?21:52
rick_h_bac: sorry, was afk /me looks at history21:55
rick_h_21:44       deej| That's all fixed21:55
rick_h_21:44       deej| The charm's getting updated21:55
rick_h_21:44       deej| It's not getting its new template files though21:55
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