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wgrantcjwatson: Did I miss the sleep 15?10:46
cjwatson... oops10:47
cjwatsonyou didn't see that.  (pushed)10:47
cjwatsonI think I'm the one who needs sleep 15 (hours)10:48
cjwatsonTBH it would probably have done fine anyway, given that ftpmaster pivots to the new dists pretty quickly10:48
wgrantYeah, non-instaneous retry is only valuable for !primary10:49
wgrantBut some PPAs can take a while10:49
wgrantAlso, did you leave it in WIP for four minutes, or do I have some email send delay bug to fix?10:51
wgrantI only got the diff email 6 minutes ago10:51
cjwatsonno WIP state at any point10:52
cjwatsonmight have taken me a few minutes to write the MP after pushing the branch, but I assume you don't mean that10:52
wgrantNah, I'm looking at MP creation time vs Date: header.10:53
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