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Guest75493can anyone confirm that I can get superseded ubuntu packages with the launchpad python api?16:18
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cjwatsonGuest75493: for some time, at least.  they will eventually be garbage-collected, although not in a timeframe you're especially likely to care about16:42
cjwatsonyou can for example use Archive.getPublishedBinaries16:43
cjwatsonthen each of the resulting BPPHs has a binaryFileUrls() method (if you're using the "devel" version of the API)16:44
Guest75493the timeframe I am interested in is at least three months.16:49
cjwatsonthat'll be fine16:49
cjwatsonthe absolute bare minimum for GCing old binaries is 18 months and in practice it's always rather more than that16:50
Guest75493I see. So if I know I had mysql-client_5.5.35-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_all.deb a few months ago, because of disaster I lost that file, and the package has been updated in the meantime, I can fetch that file again?16:54
Guest75493Cool, thank you very much.17:04
cjwatsonyou can just download it from the web UI17:04
cjwatsonpick your architecture although it won't matter much for _all.deb17:05
Guest75493I see, that is good to know.17:05
Guest75493Right now the api gives mit a 503 for getPublishedBinaries ... I gues since this is not such an important service, it is not so stable?17:06
cjwatsonno, it should always work fine.  what exact call are you making?17:06
Guest75493ubuntu = launchpad.distributions["ubuntu"]17:07
Guest75493archive = ubuntu.main_archive17:07
cjwatsonyou can't just call it with no arguments, that's a ridiculously huge search to ask for17:07
Guest75493... i was allready wondering ...17:07
cjwatsongive it binary_name and version17:08
cjwatsonbut for a single file you're better off just using the web UI17:08
Guest75493eventually I will have to rebuild a mirror in the exact state as it was on day X, so I will need all packages for a specific release and architecture17:09
Guest75493cool, works. thank you very much!!!17:12
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