sasha-Hello. I'm having a bit of an issue with Lubuntu.00:20
sasha-I can't login, and I can't accesss it over ssh00:20
sasha-after typing in my password a black screen flashes too quickly for me to read00:21
holsteinsasha-: into tty?00:21
sasha-and then goes back to the password prompt. I know that the password is correct because if I type it in wrong it tells me so.00:21
sasha-holstein I guess00:21
holstein!tty | sasha- i'll wait if you'dl ike to check00:22
ubottusasha- i'll wait if you'dl ike to check: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution00:22
sasha-something about "Failed to open" something "database" something "no such file or" something00:22
holsteinsasha-: try with tty.. see if you can login locally in tty00:23
sasha-that doesn't seem to work00:23
sasha-ah hop, ok I'm in tty100:24
holsteinsasha-: you mean, you can login with your user and pass via tty?00:24
holsteinsasha-: so, i propose the issue is with the x session00:25
holsteinsasha-: in your users config.. you can test this by removing/moving your users config and trying.. or try as another user00:25
sasha-yeah I had issues with that earlier today, I couldn't see the task bar (the bottom bar in Lubuntu), so I tried to startx from terminal00:26
sasha-nothing happened, just gave me an error00:26
sasha-but then I had to reboot in order to reset something with the IP address00:26
sasha-ok well now it's just repeating "No protocol specified" after I ran startx from tty00:27
holsteinsasha-: dont run "startx"00:28
holsteinsasha-: remove your users config files.. or just move them.. or try a different user00:28
holsteinsasha-: trying as a different user can be handy. then, you will be able to see that the issue is not with the system, but with your user configs00:28
holsteinyou can just grab them all, and move them temporarily00:29
sasha-the only other user I have is the guest account00:29
sasha-and that does login00:29
holsteinsasha-: you can always create a new one to test with, or go with the other suggestion00:29
sasha-ok and where are the user config files?00:30
holsteinsasha-: its just good to konw, so you dont waste time fiddling with the system in any way00:30
holsteinsasha-: in the user /home00:30
sasha-wait, you want me to move the entire home folder for my user?00:30
holsteinsasha-: i dont want you to do anything00:31
holsteinsasha-: im suggesting that, if you remove the bad configs for your xsession, then your user will be able to log in00:31
holsteinsasha-: the config files are hidden.. .config00:31
holsteinsasha-: you can get to them from another user account, or a live CD, or the recovery console, or tty00:32
holsteincould be anything in the config for the GUI though.. if you said you were having issues with the panel00:32
sasha-I logged into the guest account and did 'su username'00:32
sasha-so you want me to move the entire .config file temporarily?00:33
holsteinsasha-: if you would like to do that, you can test your users with a fresh config00:33
sasha-Ok, I did that, it said 'failed to load session GNOME'00:39
sasha-and then preceded to load something (team viewer opens) but not the task bar00:39
holsteinsasha-: lubuntu isnt shipping with gnome, or teamviewer... but, if you can login with another user, the issue is in your users config00:50
sasha-no no I installed teamviewer :)00:51
holsteinsasha-: you can always just move *everything* out of there.. reboot, and test.. then, put back what you need/want00:51
sasha-dunno how gnome got there00:51
holsteinsasha-: you installed it00:51
holsteinsasha-: and teamviewer00:51
sasha-judging by my incompetence, yes, yes I probably did :P00:51
holsteinsasha-: no worries.. just keep in mind, its likely just an issue there in your users config, so you dont need to waste time reinstalling applications or messing with the system files00:52
sasha-I dunno if I made it clear, but I created a new 'test' account and logged in00:52
holsteinthe user config test would be the best first effort.. easy to revert from, and generally non-destructive00:52
holsteinsasha-: and user "test" logs in as expected?00:52
sasha-no, no on the contrary00:53
holsteinsasha-: then, that doesnt support the theory that the issue is with the user config00:53
sasha-it doesn't start the UI or whatever you call it.. the task bar on the bottom00:53
sasha-but it does open team viewer00:53
sasha-but there is no connection to the internet, which is weird00:53
holsteinsasha-: if it were me, i would reinstall, and be more cautious about what i install00:53
sasha-reinstall what? everything?00:54
holsteinsasha-: for me, since i have my data all backed up, becase *all* hard drives fail.. i would just reinstall. a reinstall takes 8 minutes or so.. and if you say you didnt install teamviewer and its running at login, thats bad00:54
holsteinthat could be anything that you have copied and pasted in and given root access that could be breaking anything00:55
sasha-no no no I did install team viewer00:56
sasha-all of this is the result with my fiddling earlier today00:56
sasha-my root is secured I noticed a ton of SSH attempts to my computer, all failing, so I changed the port for SSH and set up two factor auth00:56
sasha-so no one has root to my computer00:56
sasha-the only two things I did earlier today were to attempt to set a static IP, and to reset the UI (lxde or whatever you call it)00:57
sasha-then after I couldn't reset the network config, I decided to reboot the computer00:57
sasha-after rebooting, it prompted me for a password, which wasn't usual00:57
sasha-I put in my password, and the black screen happened00:57
sasha-so then I logged into the guest account, (everything worked there) and set up a guest account00:57
sasha-then I opened the guest account, team viewer openned automatically (it always does), and the gnome message appeared00:58
holsteinhow did you "reset the ui"?01:01
sasha-typed startx in terminal01:02
holsteinsasha-: no, to "reset the UI".. what did you do?01:03
sasha-that's what I did.. I didn't end up resetting it01:04
holsteinsasha-: what did you do to do whatever it was you referred to above as "resetting the UI"?01:04
sasha-I typed 'startx' in terminal01:04
sasha-this didn't do anything01:04
sasha-but I just thought I'd mention it in case it's helpful in resolving this issue01:04
holsteinsasha-: you did that because the session wouldnt start, after you tried to do some things01:04
holsteinthose things are what im tring to determine01:05
sasha-no, the session was already started and I was logged in01:05
sasha-but the UI (lxde, a.k.a the task bar at the bottom with the menu and the time/status stuff) was not present01:05
holsteinsasha-: if the session was started, you wouldnt need to type "startx"... so, im not following01:05
holsteinsasha-: that the lxde panel, assuming you are using lxde still01:05
sasha-gah idk01:06
holsteinsasha-: what did you use to install? the lubuntu 32bit iso?01:06
sasha-the thing at the bottom01:06
sasha-I think01:06
sasha-it's on 13.10 now01:06
holsteinsasha-: what iso did you use.. the 13.10 32bit iso?01:06
sasha-hop an earlier one.. I installed it in ~may last year, so I'm guessing 12.04 or something01:07
sasha-i686 so it's not 64bit01:07
holsteinsasha-: i konw what i would do.. and it would take about 8 minutes01:07
sasha-yes I know01:08
holsteinsasha-: otherwise, you'll need to just keep troubleshooting01:08
sasha-but there's so much shit that I've done to this system I'd have to reinstall everything and it would take days01:08
holsteinsasha-: you'll need to have that data backed up regardless, since all hard drives fail01:08
sasha-oh yeah I have a few 'now_failing' entries in the SMART thingie01:08
holsteinsasha-: that is hardware failure. which can cause these issues you are seeing01:09
holsteinsasha-: so, you should backup what data you can, that you want to save, and then test all the hardware.. the ram and the hard drive specifically, then go on from there with repair or fresh install01:09
sasha-gah I just need a new computer01:10
sasha-RAM keeps crapping out on bios all the time, I need to manually take it out and put it back in every few months for some reason01:10
holsteinsasha-: what i read says you need a new hard drive01:10
sasha-the computer is like 8/9 years old01:10
sasha-also I meant this: https://lh3.ggpht.com/-vsvdyqomY0A/UH_XN4kqeUI/AAAAAAAALCs/VWOiPbIhokE/s1600/lubuntu%2B12.10.png01:10
sasha-I don't see all of that01:10
sasha-I only see the background01:11
holsteinsasha-: i have many older machines.. new hardware can fail01:11
holsteinsasha-: if you have failing hardware, all bets are off in any os01:11
sasha-man… you should see the state of the machine01:12
sasha-all from the junkyard01:12
sasha-hard drives, ram, the actual computer...01:12
holsteinsasha-: but, that is irrelevant.. if the hardware is functional.. it doesnt matter01:12
sasha-the hard drives range from 160gb to 320gb01:12
sasha-no all I'm saying is that if I'm going to go backing up and replacing hard drives I'm just going to get a completely new machine01:13
holsteini have many machines i literally got from the trash.. they work fine, because i test the hardware and repurpose them01:13
sasha-gah look I'll see what I can do tomorrow but today is getting quite late and I'm getting confused talking to 3 people at once01:13
holsteinsasha-: the brand new hard drive you are discussing buying will fail01:13
holsteinsasha-: all drives fail... its a good idea to work on a backup plan for either this hardware or the new hardware01:14
sasha-I know… I know… but I'm broke atm01:14
holsteinsasha-: this costs no money.. its a matter of good practice01:15
sasha-I don't have spare hard drives01:15
sasha-Look I said I'll see what I can do about it tomorrow01:15
holsteinunless you have no other media, then, you'll need to make an investment, but that same investment will need be made on the new hardware01:15
jirido I tried to install a less crashy version of pcmanfm  1.14, but when i installed pango 1.16.5 as it asked fore it, whole system crashed and could not boot in to gui, is there some work around to be able to use a better version of pcmanfm?04:52
jiridoMaybe an yet newer version of pango04:53
nitusHi. I have a serious problem. Finally got around to backing up my windows data and restoring the windows partitions to a single partition. at the same time I expanded the extended partition and the logical volumes for lubuntu06:45
nitusall was well, and I was about to close up, when I remembered to add the boot flag to sda1 - and then I decided maybe I should click "create partition table"06:46
nitussuddenly, WHAM - entire disk went blank with no partitions. not a huge deal, except I spend a lot of time farting around in lubuntu and it's a pain in the butt to start from stock06:47
nitussurely they are still there and gparted was just glitching? I am afraid to reboot now06:48
Unit193I think your best bet is to see if you can use testdisk to recover it.06:48
nitusok, so they are gone then. well testdisk ought to be able to find them, as I haven't done anything since to the drive. I hope06:49
nitusonly lubuntu had any data06:49
nitusI notice you had that answer before I sent my line containing the actual problem. I'm guessing this is a routine pitfall for the inexperienced?06:50
Unit193No, I read the 'I decided maybe I should click "create partition table"' line.06:51
nituswhat was I missing there?06:52
nitusok testdisk found them easily enough . . . what commmand do I use to recover them? it gives the options to A add, L load backup, T change type, and P list files06:54
Unit193Create = overwrite.  Huh, just noticed, in gparted Help > Contents > Recovering from writing tables, it lists testdisk.  Should be able to write it, but I'd list and see what it looks like.06:54
Unit193(It also says "Enter to continue")06:57
nitusappears to be as expected. using livecd and came here immediately following the event, so nothing touched the drive since06:57
Unit193Good move.06:57
nitusyes it does, but I omitted that part. ok I hit enter, picked write, and all appears well.06:57
Unit193When I tried to resize a partition, gparted crashed half way through. :/06:58
nitusI was sort of half-expecting there to be some issues resulting from enlarging the linux partitions, when I boot into lubuntu.06:59
nitusugh, yeah. I learned last year that you should never do more than one operation on an ntfs partition without running chkdsk in between06:59
nituslost less than I had feared though, since most of it was recoverable07:00
nitussome wasn't, which is when I learned "don't write anything to the disk until it's fixed"07:00
nituswell, thanks. probably would have arrived at the same conclusion had I googled it and/or read the documentation, but it's usually faster and safer to ask in irc when it comes to this sort of thing07:03
Unit193Sure, glad it was easy and safe for your data.07:03
nituswindows disasters started me in linux in the first place, and I long ago decided that it was an essential windows tool to have. later I found lubuntu (helping a buddy with a low-memory laptop needing a decent os) and it swiftly became my distro of choice. using it more and more regularily -- frankly if wine worked just a tad better I wouldn't install windows at all07:05
nitusI think steamOS might change the home desktop playing field quite a lot in that regard. since the casual facebook crowd went mobile, if the gamers migrate to linux, that doesn't leave an awful lot of reason for anybody to use windows at all. even office environments run by people whose thinking is behind the curve have ample and easy alternatives to their habitual windows software07:08
nitusalright, I am going to reboot now and see what happens07:11
nitusthanks again07:11
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amishrobotshaving problems with my sound output; its stuck on hdmi, and i can find no simple way to change it back14:53
amishrobotsjust installed 13.10 a few days ago.14:55
amishrobotsanyone know how i can fix the sound so that it will NOT come out of the hdmi? I can find no way to switch it back to audio output jack14:57
amishrobotssorry, not sure if i should ask my question again, or just wait patiently. I suck at waiting patiently. I just installed lubuntu 13.10 and everything worked fine until i plugged in my hdmi monitor; now the sound output is stuck on hdmi, and i can't find any nice way to change it back.15:16
amishrobotsso how do i change audio ouput device in lubuntu 13.10?16:02
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BullSherdWow, Google is making really strange things http://goo.gl/YEkaMA18:36
BullSherdfunny haha xD18:36
jirido_Is there anyway to get the newer version of pcmanfm to play on 12.04?18:49
wxljirido_: yep. compile it yourself.18:50
wxljirido_: if someone's created a .deb somewhere for 12.04, that's another possibility. since development of pcmanfm doesn't occur on launchpad, i'm thinking no.18:51
jirido_wxl: i tried that but it complained about to old version of pangolin so i compiled that and then everything crached18:51
wxljirido_: compiling ain't for wimps, but that's the way to do it, if it will work at all.18:51
jirido_Im no wimp but i like to have a working UI :)18:52
wxljirido_: then muscle through all the dependencies until you get it all working.18:52
jirido_have you heard about it to actually work?18:53
wxljirido_: no, i would generally just get the new version of lubuntu.18:53
wxljirido_: it's doubtful you will find anyone that's went through the effort when all they have to do is get the new version.18:54
jirido_hm.. i like LTS and not to have to reinstall all of the programs..18:54
wxlyou won't have to reinstall the programs18:55
phillwjirido I do think the v5 and v9 of pcmanfm are so different (it was a complete re-write).18:55
phillw12.04 lubuntu was not lts18:55
wxlyou just upgrade18:55
jirido_Vould love it to be a rolling release.. i have 0.9.10 and would like to have 1.17 as 0.9 crashes all of the time18:56
phillwwxl: I did building of pcmanfm... and he does document it up :)18:56
wxllong story short, jirido_, you're making more work for yourself for no good reason.18:56
koellphillw: r u the developer of the awesome legendary pcmanfm?18:58
jirido_phillw: did you compile 1.1.4 on 12.0418:58
wxlkoell: no, that's why he said "I did building" but not "I did document"18:58
phillwkoell: I certainly am not... I'm just digging you the links up18:58
phillwkoell: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDE:PCManFM_build_and_setup_guide18:59
koellomg :)18:59
jirido_well you say there is a dockument on how to .. yess18:59
jirido_Intresting.,. Thanx19:00
phillwI did manage it... albeit with some help from others (read as lots of help)19:00
wxlI still a lot of work19:00
wxls/I //19:00
phillwwxl: btw... I've had it finally realised as to why the non-pae kernel was not working.... With a lot of help and patience from people, I am quietly confident that I do now know why my builds where not working.19:03
jirido_If i then take the source will it be the latest 1.1.4?19:04
jeephi there21:32
jeepi ve got a question about lubuntu, i ve googled but i didn t find anything helping me21:39
jeepcould somebody help me maybe?21:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:40
jeepok sorry, how do i update my lubuntu 10.04 to another without a cd?21:41
pleia2the typical command is: sudo do-release-upgrade21:42
jeepmy kernel doenst support 13.10 or 12.x from cds21:42
jeepok thanks, so it should work that way sudo do-release-upgrade?21:43
OsmodivsAnyone knows why do I get this error message in my Lubuntu 13.10 64 bits?21:43
OsmodivsSoftware can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available. (org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.33'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages21:43
OsmodivsI ca't open synaptic, nor add remove programs in Lubuntu/Ubuntu software center21:44
OsmodivsSynaptic gives me this:21:45
OsmodivsE: The value 'precise' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources21:45
OsmodivsE: _cache->open() failed, please report.21:45
jeepwill sudo do-release-upgrade work to update my 10.04 to a newer lubuntu as my cpu is non PAE? or should i stay on 10.04?21:49

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