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utusaninstalled gnome-shell and loving it. but there seems to be no apps, search none.  I could use alt+F2 though.  installed indicator-applet-complete but no joy.  any idea? thanks04:33
holsteincould be gnome is broken04:35
holsteinutusan: have you used gnome before? you can press the "super" key, and you should get something that pops up.. theres no traditional menu AFAIK, if thats what you are missing04:36
utusanwhen you click activites, the apps icon should show all apps, or on the search bar04:37
utusanthanks for the super key tip though holstein04:45
holsteinutusan: sure.. i was just trying to help you get through the variables.. is it a new desktop environment that you are not familiar with? or is gnome broken in the testing version of ubuntu? or is it misconfigured?..04:46
utusanholstein: it's an openbox/razorqt originally, 14.04.  just added gnome-shell right now and i'm using it now04:47
utusanholstein: I log-in to classic and there's no application menu.  I wonder if anyone knows which pkg has this.05:04
FudgeI want to file a bug against session manager, when one is logging out and has the confirmation to logout, what is best app to do it against05:21
rohanwhy does saucy have firefox 26 already, but trusty is stuck on firefox 25?07:59
elfyno idea why - but enable -proposed and upgrade f/f then disable -proposed again08:02
rohanelfy: ah it's already in proposed? then i guess it will make its way in08:05
elfyyea I assume it will eventually :p08:05
elfyI seem to have v27 here08:05
rohan26 is the latest release. unless you're running a nightly08:07
elfyii  firefox        27.0~b2+buil amd6408:09
rohanelfy: very weird08:43
rohanb2 looks like beta2. what does apt-cache policy say,  where does it come from?08:43
mipsHow do I install gnome desktop on ubuntu 14.04, apparently gnome is in the repos09:58
mipsHow do I install gnome desktop on ubuntu 14.04, apparently gnome is in the repos10:01
k1lapt-get install gnome-shell?10:05
mipskll will that install the entire thing and look like it would if I installed from the gnome iso?10:06
elfyrohan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6807592/10:06
k1lmips: no, the gnome image got other repos enabled to not use the ubuntu gnome base, that is in some way different because of unity10:07
mipskll http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/gnome-shell-310-lands-in-ubuntu-1404.html10:09
mipsI'm installing ubuntu-gnome-desktop now, will see how it goes...10:10
mipsk1l http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/gnome-shell-310-lands-in-ubuntu-1404.html10:10
mipshow do I edit grub in 14.04 need to change the defualt OS11:18
BluesKaj'Morning all11:59
Daekdroomyaaaay stuff broke12:09
Daekdroom libnss3 : Quebra: libnss3:i386 (!= 2:3.15.4-1ubuntu3) mas 2: está para ser instalado12:10
Daekdroom libnss3:i386 : Quebra: libnss3 (!= 2: mas 2:3.15.4-1ubuntu3 está para ser instalado12:10
DaekdroomI'll sit back and wait12:10
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elfying 1,2,316:02
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )16:17
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