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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday and happy Belly Laugh Day! :-D07:45
dholbachgood morning08:03
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dpmmzanetti, morning! For the hack days starting today, I'm trying to make sure the po/reminders-app.pot file is up to date, but I'm not very familiar with cmake, tbh. Is there a way I can run cmake to update that file only, instead of having to build the whole source tree?08:56
mzanettidpm: no, there isn't atm09:20
dpmmzanetti, ok, thanks. It seems that the current rule to build the .pot file has no effect as it's missing the list of files to extract translations from. Would something along these lines help? -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6807439/ (I need to check if the glob is recursive and if there is a better way to specify the path to the QML files)09:23
dpmok, seems GLOB_RECURSE is my friend09:28
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Guest___Hi, I am new to core-app. Any place to start work on?09:44
popeyGuest___: hi there!09:46
popeyGuest___: what's your area of interest?09:46
Guest___app or language?09:47
Guest___I can do both qml and c++. I want to work on music app today.09:49
popeyok, do you have a development environment setup?09:49
Guest___Do we do it on phone or desktop09:50
popeyYou can develop on the desktop and test both on desktop and device09:50
Guest___I have the environment setup already.09:51
stefano92100Hi everybody! Just a few question: I need to sign the Contributor Agreement, who's the Canonical Project Manager that I nedd to add in the form? Is there any roadmap for the Music App today?09:52
popeystefano92100: me, Alan Pope.09:52
stefano92100Thanks, so do I just need to add your name?09:53
popeythey know who i am ☻09:53
popeystefano92100 / Guest___:  dpm and I are having a meeting in a moment to make sure we have things for you. will ping you shortly.09:54
popeyin the meantime, there's always the bugs already filed.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=009:54
stefano92100I'm sure they know :D Anyway, yesterday I was testing the music app, I found some problems that aren't filed09:56
dpmmorning stefano92100! Please make sure you file them at https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+filebug09:58
popeyoh, awesome, get them filed and ping me and I can confirm them09:58
dpmGuest___, a good place to start is by picking a small bug and trying to fix it. Do you want to choose one from this list https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize and start working on it?10:00
Guest___dpm: Sure10:00
dpmawesome :)10:02
Guest___How to import songs on desktop?10:02
dpmGuest___, it should work automatically for you if you are in Ubuntu 13.10 or Ubuntu 14.04 - if it doesn't work, let me know10:03
dpmGuest___, there is a service called mediascanner that imports your music in the background10:03
WebbyITGood Hack Days to all :)10:04
Guest___dpm: Operation failed Cannot open media index params at ""/home/luke/.cache/mediascanner"": g-file-error-quark(4): No such file or directory10:04
stefano92100popey: did it. I've just send one for now, because others were just related to the design that seems not to fit well on a tablet.10:16
popeystefano92100: thanks!10:17
dpmstefano92100, awesome, thanks! Feel free to file the other design bugs too10:23
dpmhey WebbyIT, happy Hack Days to you too! :-)10:23
dpmmzanetti, when you've got a minute, could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/update-translations/+merge/203030 - it's a trivial one to update translations10:48
mzanettidpm: left 2 comments here: https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/update-translations/+merge/20303011:29
dpmmzanetti, thanks, looking at it now11:37
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mzanettidpm: ah one more note: The "attach" button does only pictures right now, but the code (and evernote) would allow to attach any file11:44
mzanettidpm: so I'm not sure it should be named "Attach picture"11:44
dpmmzanetti, yeah, I agree with you, although perhaps we should leave it as picture until we have support for other types of files? Btw, what would be needed to attach other files? Content Hub support for File Manager?11:46
mzanettidpm: I'd say just content hub in general11:47
mzanettidpm: we could also attach music files from the music app for example11:47
dpmmzanetti, yeah, so we'd have to make each app a provider, right? (not sure about the terminology there)11:48
dpmso music app for media files, doc viewer for PDFs, File Manager for everything else...11:49
mzanettidpm: don't know exactly what it takes... but yeah. I assume once an app registers something to export, it'll show up in there.11:49
mzanettidpm: from the reminders app we'd just need to change ContentType from Pictures to Any or the like11:49
mzanettiapart from a few more fixes needed in the plugin (e.g. mime type detection)11:49
mzanettiso far I only check for jpeg and png11:50
dpmmzanetti, the "too long strings" for actions should rather be an SDK bug, but I'll work around it by calling them "Attach" and "Shot"11:51
dpmthanks for the review!11:52
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dpmmzanetti, updated the MP with the fixes. When you've got a minute, could you re-review? https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/update-translations/+merge/20303012:25
mzanettidpm: bzr push ;)12:26
dpmmzanetti, hm, I did, it should be up to date on r33, let me check...12:27
mzanettidpm: still on r31 here and bzr pull does nothing12:28
dpmmzanetti, argh, bzr push :parent pushed to trunk!12:29
dpmmzanetti, the MP should now be up to date at least12:30
mzanettidpm: :D12:30
mzanettidpm: I was going to approve anyways...12:31
mzanettidpm: so consider it approved and merged12:31
dpmmzanetti, thanks :)12:31
dpmok, we're all set for translations now: https://translations.launchpad.net/reminders-app12:33
zsombinik90: hi, so, I have ~20 mins before my meeting starts, do you have the Qs for the AlarmAPI?12:35
nik90zsombi: yes12:35
zsombinik90: shoot then12:36
nik90zsombi: me and popey noticed that when we save an alarm, it doesn't appear in the alarm list until 10-15 mins later or only after we restart the phone. Is this an issue with the EDS - Alarms API communication?12:36
zsombinik90: I see it as a problem of EDS: the Alarm API sends it straight, so if it would be the problem of the API, then a consecutive restart of the app (not the phone) should bring it in.12:37
nik90zsombi: okay, in that case I will report a bug against EDS and ask renato to take a look at it.12:38
zsombinik90: yep12:39
nik90zsombi: I heard that you are working on the snooze feature for Alarms API v2.0. Considering that the indicator-datetime patch is planned to land next week, would it be possible to focus the efforts first on clearing up any issues with alarms API so that the basic functioning of Alarms is perfect.12:39
zsombinik90: my network is just crap...12:41
zsombinik90: anything else?12:41
nik90zsombi: 1 last question12:42
nik90 I heard that you are working on the snooze feature for Alarms API v2.0. Considering that the indicator-datetime patch is planned to land next week, would it be possible to focus the efforts first on clearing up any issues with alarms API so that the basic functioning of Alarms is perfect.12:42
nik90some issues were like I mentioned before, 1. Switching an alarm on/off results in it being immediately reverted. This only happens sometimes but requires testing and needs a fix.12:42
nik902. Deleting an alarm does not update the alarm manager count12:42
zsombinik90: Alarm API 2.0 is on hold till we get all Qt5.2 issues cleared12:43
nik90zsombi: ok. that's fine by me12:43
zsombinik90: these seme to be issues with the EDS, so we need to get together with renato to solve these12:43
zsombinik90: as it works smoothly with Memory backend12:43
nik90zsombi: I already reported a bug about the delete alarm issue. But I am unable to reproduce the switch issue reliably12:44
zsombinik90: and renato suggested that I should concentrate on that as it should be completely the same with EDS... but it is apparently not12:44
zsombinik90: can you repro it unreliably on desktop?12:44
nik90zsombi: ok, in that case, I will try to contact renato and see where it leads12:44
nik90zsombi: the delete issue I can reliably reproduce on the phone and the desktop12:45
nik90zsombi: the switch issue happens sometimes on the phone and desktop. I do not have a 100% sure way of reproducing it12:45
zsombinik90: if yes, try to use Memory and not the EDS, and if still behaves badly, it's in Alarm12:45
nik90zsombi: Memory?12:45
zsombinik90: you can force Memory backend either by removing EDS support from your desktop, or by altering Alarm backend12:46
nik90zsombi: is there any special package I need to install or would removing EDS plugin alone suffice?12:47
zsombinik90: removing EDS plugin would be enough12:48
nik90zsombi: alrite, I will give that a try12:48
zsombinik90: ok.. and if you see it happening, file a bug to Alarm API, otherwise it should be synced with EDS12:48
nik90zsombi: ok12:48
zsombineed to move now to a place where I have more reliable connection12:48
nik90zsombi: that was it. thnx for your time.12:49
zsombinik90: you're most welcome :)12:49
zsombinik90: any time :)12:49
Guest___I am fixing Bug #1272113 of music-app and got confused with the description. Does that mean every  time we enter the songsList, it should show the top instead of the currently played file.12:59
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1272113 in Ubuntu Music App "Genre and Playlist sheets skip currently playing/paused song if it's in the list" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127211312:59
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dpmGuest___, let me have a look...13:11
dpmGuest___, yes, that's it. When you click on a genre, the list shown should start at the top13:16
Guest___dpm, removing three lines of coode will fix the problem. Is this a new design decision13:19
dpmGuest___, I think we're fine to go ahead: one of the developers proposed and I agree with that too, so we've got consensus :)13:20
nik90renato: how do I report bugs on EDS? I noticed that https://launchpad.net/qtorganizer5-eds doesn't allow reporting bugs.13:21
nik90renato: Is there any other launchpad project for it?13:22
dpmnik90, perhaps https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtorganizer5-eds ?13:22
dpm(i.e. reporting against the source package)13:22
nik90dpm: ah that works13:23
dpmnik90, ok cool, but renato should probably confirm where he looks at the bugs13:23
nik90dpm: I will just report them for now and ping him the bug links13:24
dpmsounds good!13:24
ahayzenhackday \o/13:25
nik90ahayzen: :)13:26
dpmhey ahayzen o/13:29
ahayzendpm, o/13:29
dpmGuest___, ahayzen and danielholm are music app developers, so if you've got any further questions about the bug you're fixing, they can probably help you13:31
ahayzenvthompson, danielholm, o/13:32
danielholmahayzen: hey!13:32
ahayzendanielholm, hows things?13:32
danielholmahayzen: absolutely lovely. how about you?13:32
ahayzendanielholm, yeah good thanks, just trying to figure out binding loops :/13:33
danielholmahayzen: sounds interesting ;) I'm in class :)13:33
ahayzendanielholm, hehe13:33
danielholmahayzen: so what are you trying to achieve?13:36
ahayzendanielholm, i'm trying to get the U1DB code to be in a state to be pushed up, obviously not fully working due to issues upstream but at least visible to others13:36
danielholmahayzen: okey. what is the issue upstream?13:37
ahayzendanielholm, me and nik90 found some bugs/missing features tht we'll need13:38
nik90ahayzen: btw, I noticed that stuart reported some more bugs upstream13:38
PaoloRotoloHi all :)13:38
nik90PaoloRotolo: hey paolo13:38
PaoloRotoloHi nik90 :)13:38
ahayzennik90, u got any links? i saw his blog post13:38
danielholmahayzen: aha ok. nice to see those changes land then, I can imagine?13:38
nik90ahayzen: hopefully we can expect fixes soon13:38
nik90ahayzen: 1 sec13:38
ahayzennik90, awesome13:38
ahayzendanielholm, yh it should help people solving the issues if i can get the code posted as well13:39
nik90ahayzen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/u1db-qt/+bug/127197313:39
nik90ahayzen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/u1db-qt/+bug/127197213:39
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1271973 in U1DB Qt/ QML "Results from U1db.Query contain only indexed fields, not the whole document" [Medium,Confirmed]13:39
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1271972 in U1DB Qt/ QML "Top-level fields in document cannot be indexed" [High,Confirmed]13:39
mzanettidpm: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/enable-attaching-images/+merge/202817/comments/47359513:39
ahayzennik90, thanks13:39
* dpm looks13:40
vthompsonahayzen, danielholm, good day!13:40
danielholmvthompson: hey mate! how are you?13:40
ahayzennik90, looks like some of them may be related to our issues or assist us in resolving13:40
ahayzenvthompson, morning :)13:40
vthompsondanielholm, Good, yourself?13:40
nik90ahayzen: yup :)13:40
dpmmzanetti, hm... will try again, updating the image on the phone now (I'm using dual-boot, so it takes a while)13:41
ahayzennik90, u any good with resolving binding loops?13:41
danielholmvthompson: I am great, thank you. Long time since we spoke now13:41
nik90ahayzen: with the height?13:41
nik90ahayzen: let me give a shot at it :)13:41
ahayzennik90, no i've been building the U1DB stuff for the music-app and getting a binding loop :/13:41
vthompsonahayzen, danielholm, nik90 The music app has had a height binding loop error/warning for a while now13:41
ahayzennik90, oh does tht one with the height still exist?13:42
mzanettidpm: that said, I believe you that there might still be an issue somewhere... just not sure where as your steps to make it fail don't work here13:42
nik90ahayzen: what vthompson said ^^13:42
vthompsonahayzen, what does the U1DB stuff say is binding too what?13:42
ahayzenvthompson, well erm its probably easier to post the code then post links hang on i'll dump it in +junk...13:43
vthompsonnik90, ahayzen maybe the music app got rid of the binding loop issue. I think a lot of it had to do with anchoring listviews in a pagestack13:43
dpmmzanetti, ack. Will try to reproduce again, this time with the latest image13:43
nik90ahayzen: it seems that there are branches in https://code.launchpad.net/~uonedb-qt/u1db-qt/trunk/+activereviews that need reviewing...hopefully if they get quickly reviewed we can expect good fixes13:43
dpmnik90, ahayzen, you might want to ping kalikiana for the status of reviews in U1DB13:44
ahayzendpm, thanks13:44
nik90dpm: actually they are his branches13:44
nik90dpm: so he needs someone else to review them :)13:44
ahayzendpm, who can i talk to about getting UITK merges landed?13:44
ahayzendpm, eg this one https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix-swipe-delete-002/+merge/20217113:45
dpmahayzen, you can try the SDK guys that are around - zsombi, timp, kalikiana, Kaleo... ^^13:45
ahayzenvthompson, nik90, right this binding loops http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/+junk/music-app-u1db-conversion/view/head:/MusicPlaylists.qml#L16413:45
ahayzendpm, cool13:46
nik90ahayzen: wanted to ask how you test your fixes in UITK? As in are you able to build and test uitk?13:46
ahayzennik90, i just overwrite the files with my modifications...13:46
nik90ahayzen: ah13:46
ahayzennik90, vthompson, then this is the output in the console MusicPlaylists.qml:155:17: QML CoverRow: Binding loop detected for property "covers"13:47
vthompsonahayzen, off the top of your head do you know what pkg I need to use U1DB-qml13:49
ahayzenvthompson, errr hang on13:50
nik90vthompson: qtdeclarative5-u1db1.013:50
ahayzenvthompson, try qtdeclarative5-u1db1.013:50
ahayzenvthompson, note tht bits of it don't work due to the bugs13:50
vthompsonnik90, ahayzen  thx13:50
ahayzenvthompson, so u won't be able to see the tracks of a playlist13:50
ahayzenvthompson, the recent list isn't sorted by time13:51
ahayzenvthompson, and probably other bugs lol but u get the idea13:51
kalikiananik90: those branches need reviewers in fact, as in people stepping up to do those reviews ^_~13:51
nik90kalikiana: I know..unfortunately I can help test the patches but not really the code itself since I am not good with c++ :/13:52
nik90ahayzen: perhaps there is something wrong with the playlistStorage.getPlaylistCovers(name) function? Since CoverRow component is used in the exact same way in other files13:53
kalikiananik90: how about https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/u1db-qt/newstylelog/+merge/183887 there's no c++ there13:53
ahayzennik90, yeah thts wht i suspect but don't know wht yet lol13:53
nik90may be try doing, component.onCompleted: console.log(playlistStorage.getPlaylistCovers(name))13:54
ahayzennik90, gd idea :)13:54
* kalikiana waits for aquarius to come online to talk him into reviewing the other branches13:55
ahayzennik90, it comes back with a cover.. [file:///home/andy/.cache/media-art/album-ddbaf6bd108836d4afe269d86532a844-3847274bce1afa48001cb1e0d877a17c.jpg]13:55
nik90ahayzen: hmm13:57
ahayzennik90, its not something stupid like having two queries running on the same index at the same time?13:57
vthompsonCould the binding loop be because of accessing  playlistStorage?13:57
ahayzenvthompson, tht was my other thought13:57
vthompsonMaybe comment out "playlist"'s count string13:58
nik90vthompson: but ahayzen seems to have accessed playlistStorage in other places as well though13:58
vthompsonnik90, yh just wondering if that's what's causing the loop13:58
vthompsonahayzen, I can't run the branch so I won't be of much help :)13:59
ahayzenvthompson, nik90, playlistStorage is where everything for it is stored http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/+junk/music-app-u1db-conversion/view/head:/storage/PlaylistStorage.qml13:59
ahayzenvthompson, no worries we're still waiting for stuff upstream so probably shouldn't spend too long on it13:59
nik90ahayzen: just a thought, the coverRow component assigns covers to Image source. So shouldn't the file path be "/home/andy/.cache/media-art/album-ddbaf6bd108836d4afe269d86532a844-3847274bce1afa48001cb1e0d877a17c.jpg" instead of it starting with file:/// ?14:00
nik90ahayzen: or is this used in other places as well where that works14:01
ahayzennik90, possibly....don't we just put Qt.ResolvedUrl() around it or something?14:01
nik90ahayzen: nope we dont use Qt.resolvedurl() there14:01
ahayzenoh no we don't14:01
* ahayzen checks wht is happening in trunk14:02
vthompsonpopey, just saw your blog post. Good taste in music! :)14:02
ahayzennik90, i get this back in trunk [file:///home/andy/.cache/media-art/album-57bab982bcba3e65c33206f442a015db-ec0c33dc9346a3e53339f4bdcb13ee35.jpg]14:03
popeyI was careful with the one I picked for that screenshot ㋛14:03
nik90popey: lol...btw nice new blog theme14:04
nik90seems like everyone is changing their blog theme recently14:04
ahayzenpopey, hehe...wait until the scrobbling works ;) then u'll have to be real careful wht u choose14:04
nik90webupd8, iloveubuntu.net, popey etc etc14:04
nik90ahayzen: ah ok...14:05
ahayzenvthompson, did u get a chance to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/convergence-prototype-a14:05
ahayzennik90, i'll come back to it another time i've been staring at it for too long lol14:05
popeyhaha ahayzen14:05
popeynik90: i saw someone else use it, it's just the default 2014 wordpress one :D14:06
vthompsonahayzen, yep. Good start. The real hard part will be introducing panels. Filemanger might have a good example for us to use however14:06
ahayzenvthompson, yeah tht'll be me next branch hopefully :)14:07
ahayzenvthompson, do u think i need to do anything else to https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/convergence-prototype-a before merging?14:07
ahayzenvthompson, i'm trying to do the transition in small steps to make it easier14:07
vthompsonahayzen, not sure. Maybe propose a merge but leave it as a WIP so we can get a quick read of the diffs14:08
ahayzenvthompson, cool14:08
vthompsonahayzen, might also be good to get Jenkins to see it too14:09
ahayzenvthompson, hehe14:09
ahayzenvthompson, hmmm more to the fact how would we test convergence in jenkins?14:09
ahayzenvthompson, can we have a test resize the window? then check the wideAspect bool?14:09
WebbyITpopey, on calc blueprint you wrote "Ensure keypad does not get disappear when labels being entered". What does it mean?14:10
vthompsonahayzen, yea, that's a fair point. I think jenkins starts the app in the size you specify, ie how we'd start in the desktop. I don't know what Filemanager tests--it starts in tablet/desktop mode14:10
mzanettidpm: sorry. I have to revert you commits14:10
popeyWebbyIT: lemme see14:10
mzanettidpm: seeing that sergio's commit broke lots of stuff14:10
dpmmzanetti, no worries, committing directly was a mistake anyway14:11
ahayzenvthompson, will i need to wait for Jenkins to run before marking as WIP? https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/convergence-prototype-a/+merge/20307014:11
vthompsonahayzen, not sure. you can leave it proposed for now14:12
ahayzenvthompson, cool, its actually quite a small diff :)14:12
popeyWebbyIT: http://imgur.com/q209FFc - when you click a label, the OSK/keypad disappears, which looks odd.14:12
popey(on desktop)14:12
vthompsonahayzen, it might be interesting to let it pass, then to specify a wide width to see what would fail at the moment14:13
WebbyITpopey, so, on desktop has to not disappear, but on phone yes?14:13
popeyWebbyIT: well, on phone it switches to OSK, on desktop we don't have OSX, so need to keep keypad on14:14
ahayzenvthompson, it would fail with trying to get to anything on the smaller toolbar at a guess14:14
WebbyITthere is a simple way to know if app runs on desktop on or phone?14:14
ahayzenheh OSX14:14
vthompsonahayzen, would assume the same14:14
vthompsonahayzen, I think this should go in as well14:15
ahayzenvthompson, yep :)14:15
ahayzenvthompson, u want me to top-approve?14:15
vthompsonahayzen, sure thing14:15
popeyWebbyIT: not really that I'm aware yet14:18
WebbyITpopey, mhh, I'll try to find something14:19
vthompsonpopey, dpm, mhall119, etc. I think one nice thing would be to assure that all fixes currently in launchpad for core apps are available in the click store and/or the Trusty builds. Music app already has one dup bug that's been fixed--I expect we'll get a few14:19
popeyI was about to say the same thing14:20
popeyJust let us know when you want us to crank a build out14:20
vthompsonahayzen, what do you think? Push to the store now? we don't really have any merges waiting for phone UI.14:21
ahayzenvthompson, when was the last click build?14:21
vthompsonJust in case ppl want to hack on our app next week as well14:21
vthompsonLONG time ago14:21
ahayzenvthompson, do it :)14:21
vthompsonLast was r273 from launchpad... so not that long ago Dec 11.. but long enough ago14:22
popey245 is the one on my phone14:24
dpmvthompson, popey, I agree, but I'd just wait for a few minutes for Jenkins to merge this one: https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/sheet-size-on-desktop/+merge/20200114:24
vthompsondpm, sounds good. That mp should be transparent to the N4, but I agree.14:25
popeyphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ click list music | grep com.ubuntu.music14:25
popeycom.ubuntu.music        1.1.24514:25
dpmvthompson, yeah, if it were to fail the tests, then we go for the click store update straight away and fix that branch later14:26
vthompsonpopey, odd. root@ubuntu-phablet:/usr/share/click/preinstalled/com.ubuntu.music# click list music | grep com.ubuntu.music14:26
ahayzenvthompson, my uni internet just crashed so if u said anything i would have missed it :P14:26
popeylook at all the updates on my phone pending14:26
popeymy bad14:26
vthompsonahayzen, saw you drop. I didn't say anything. Your campus internet is worse that ours was in the states.. that's saying something :)14:27
vthompsonpopey, for shame!14:27
popeycheck that out!14:27
dpmwhat a bad person you are...14:27
ahayzenvthompson, hehe it is 10 up/down when it works in halls :) and 100 up/down on campus14:27
popeyits because I flashed clean then pushed a load of clicks from my laptop then did "pkcon install-local *.click"14:27
popeyclearly had old clicks on my laptop14:27
popeygood way to test updates though *ahem*14:28
ahayzenvthompson, we have a pass from Jenkins https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/convergence-prototype-a/+merge/20307014:29
vthompsonahayzen, now the question is do we want to use your branch to default to a wide mode on the desktop? I use the app on my desktop all the time, so it might be nice... BUT it'd probably also require you to make AP exceptions for the "wideAspect" property?14:32
ahayzenvthompson, hmm yeah how would we do tht?14:32
vthompsonahayzen, specifying a width in MainView IIRC14:33
ahayzenvthompson, do we have the API to figure out if ur on a touch/pointer device14:33
ahayzenvthompson, oh cause on the mobile it'll just fill the screen14:33
vthompsonahayzen, yep, and on the tablet... I assume14:34
dpmpopey, when you ping sergiusens for a store update for music, can you check with him if there is a way to upload the reminders app without having to wait for a conclusion on the frameworks discussion? I've got a hunch it's going to take a while otherwise14:34
popeydpm: its already uploaded14:34
popeydpm: its blocked on me, i can let it through any time14:34
popeyif you want14:34
ahayzenvthompson, but this is definitely gonna cause issues with autopilot...how has the file manager done it?14:35
dpmpopey, ah, yeah, let's upload it. Or were you waiting on anything else?14:35
popeyhow about we get music updated and push both together, nice end to the day today ☻14:35
popeyno, just testing14:35
dpmpopey, sounds like a plan14:35
popeywill do14:35
dpmthanks \o/14:35
popeyonce we get the nod from vthompson about when to push music14:35
vthompsonahayzen, not sure. I would assume they check a property14:35
ahayzenvthompson, i've just pushed changes to the size so we'll see wht fails14:36
vthompsonpopey, I think pushing would be good14:36
vthompsonahayzen, just tested. I like this ratio:     width: units.gu(125)14:37
vthompson    height: units.gu(80)14:37
ahayzenvthompson, i just did w100/h8014:38
vthompsonahayzen, that's probably good too14:38
ahayzenvthompson, wht resolution is ur screen?14:39
ahayzenvthompson, mine is 1366x768 so tht nicely fills the centre :)14:40
vthompsonahayzen, I lied 1680x105014:40
vthompsonahayzen, not bad! only 1 AP test to do some patchwork to!14:54
ahayzenvthompson, \o/ it is the one tht tests the play/pause on the small toolbar14:55
ahayzenvthompson, but surely we want to test both cases? desktop and mobile mode?14:56
vthompsonahayzen, Probably. But I'm not sure how we'd do so.14:58
vthompsonahayzen, I've seen AP accidentally resize the window... so maybe we could intentionally do so14:59
ahayzenvthompson, hmmm i think we need to talk to some autopilot people about wht we should do about this15:00
dpmmzanetti, what's the status of the reminders-app branch right now? Are you working on cmake changes? Reverting the .pot file made the translations in LP disappear, and if it's going to take a while for the rest of the fixes to land I'd send a simple MP that only touches the .pot file to have translations back15:02
vthompsondpm, popey, what do you think? I'd rather we start in wide mode on the desktop--because I'm self-serving and use the app frequently--and then work on getting an AP test to get Jenkins to test phone mode. The builds will still test phone mode stuff...15:02
mzanettidpm: on it15:02
dpmmzanetti, ok, thanks!15:03
vthompsondpm, popey, addendum to above. I mean wait to get an AP that Jenkins can use to test both modes15:05
dpmvthompson, what do you exactly mean with "we start", though? (sorry if I'm asking something obvious, I want to make sure I understand)15:05
popeyi agree15:05
popeywhen the app is opened on desktop it should be wider than tall, or full screen by default15:05
vthompsondpm, I mean launch the app in wide mode on the desktop. This means that Jenkins will also be testing the app in this mode15:05
popeyfull screen is probably the easy/dirty way to do it15:05
vthompsonpopey, ahayzen has found a nice ratio.15:06
ahayzenpopey, but how do we test the different buttons/labels that are present in the different modes?15:06
popeyahayzen:  ---> balloons is that way15:06
ahayzenpopey, we can only test the default size unless we can resize the window somehow15:06
dpmahayzen, that's a really good question this might be a good one for fginther and balloons15:06
vthompsonpopey, ahayzen, balloons, I think the proper way would be to check one or more properties that specify which mode is currently being used15:06
balloonsahayzen, we can open the different sizes15:06
popeyhappy for it to be a fixed size of some kind.15:06
balloonsyes, we do that for filemanager for instance15:07
james_whello, it appears that there's no field in the manifest of a click package for the application name. Should that be taken from a desktop file instead?15:07
balloonsthe test changes depending on if we're in wide mode or not15:07
vthompsonballoons, so Jenkins tests both modes somehow?15:07
balloonsvthompson, atm jenkins merge will test wide mode, the lab tests phone mode15:08
vthompsonballoons, ok, ahayzen let's do the same15:08
ahayzenballoons, vthompson how would we implement this?15:08
vthompsonballoons, This scares me a bit because we can break the phone and jenkins wont know and we won't know until an image is built15:08
balloonsonce running in the lab it should run fine on both.. We simply check the flag in filemanager to see what UI it is running15:08
balloonsvthompson, yes, that is possible. But if it happens we'll revert15:09
vthompsonahayzen, in the test you'd do an if wideMode else15:09
balloonswe do test on the phone before pushing manually15:09
ahayzenballoons, ah so does Jenkins force the window size?15:09
popeyjames_w: not "title"?15:09
balloonsahayzen, jenkins tests in desktop mode.. We could ask fginther if we could also have it run a second set of tests (maybe only during autolanding) on a small window size15:10
popeyjames_w: and "name"15:10
james_wpopey: name is package name right? Not user-friendly display name?15:10
ahayzenballoons, tht would be useful15:10
popeyjames_w: my manifest.json has both name and title., yes, name is com.popey.appname, title is Appname15:10
fgintherballoons, can't the test itself launch the application in a specific mode?15:10
james_wpopey: hmm15:10
popeyjames_w: also, description15:10
james_wpopey: then my question becomes where I should get the "tagline" from :)15:10
popeyjames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6808794/ for example15:11
ahayzenfginther, how would we do tht? because tht would be the best way15:11
vthompsonfginther, balloons the other idea would be to have jenkins resize15:11
james_w"title: short (one-line) synopsis of the application"15:11
vthompsonfginther, balloons, or rather AP resize15:11
james_wwhich to me is the "tagline" not the "app name"15:11
james_wI have these holes to fill for submission: package name, app name, tagline, description15:11
balloonsfginther, in theory it could.. but if we could limit the xserver screen size that would force all the apps to behave in the smaller size. Which is probably better15:11
james_wthe first and last are easy15:12
james_wI only have one element to put in the middle two, and I'm not sure which it is15:12
popeyi dont think I have seen tagline anywhere other than the website15:12
popeyso app name.15:12
fgintherballoons, is the application forced to fit within the xserver window? Do we know if this will work? :-)15:13
balloonsfginther, I don't know for sure, I'm curious :-)15:14
james_wpopey: ok, thanks15:14
fgintherballoons, it's an interesting idea. If it works, we should just need to duplicate the existing jenkins job and start the xserver with the limited size. Then run both jobs for the apps that want to do the small window testing15:15
mzanettidpm: ok. ready to approve your translation branch after you push the last fixes15:17
balloonsfginther, right.. I would suggest we do it for all apps. But consider only running the tests twice as part of autolanding, or maybe that would be confusing. I wouldn't want to slow down the jobs needlessly15:17
mzanettidpm: DO NOT use :parent :P15:18
fgintherballoons, I would not worry about slowing down the jobs, that problem is solved by scaling out15:18
balloonstrue :-)15:18
balloonsthen yea, let's do it15:18
dpmmzanetti, I'll stay well away from it :)15:19
ahayzenvthompson, lunch brb15:21
nik90renato: I have some EDS bugs for you :)15:44
renatoI saw it15:44
renatothanks for report it15:44
nik90popey: hey I got a design question (usability) for you.15:44
PaoloRotoloGuys, how to import music in the music-app?15:44
nik90renato: let me know if you need any logs for the bug reports15:44
nik90vthompson: ^^15:45
popeynik90: go15:45
nik90popey: In the add alarms page, we have options to set an alarm daily, weekly and one time. But isn't daily a special case of weeky?15:45
popeyPaoloRotolo: you have a phone connected via USB? if so, just drag it over via mtp in nautilus15:45
nik90popey: since when you choose weekly and then select all days of the week, it is actually a daily alarm15:46
nik90perhaps that can be removed15:46
nik90popey: stefano made a small gif mockup https://launchpadlibrarian.net/162723769/proposal2.gif15:47
popeynik90: ios has just one repeat option15:47
popeyyou pick the days and thats it15:47
PaoloRotoloHi popey! No, unfortunately I've only a Nexus 7 (2013), still not supported by Ubuntu Touch...15:47
popeynik90: ^15:48
nik90popey: how do you know if it is repeating for 1 week or for the entire year?15:48
popeyyou dont get that option15:48
popeyits on or off on the previous screen15:48
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
popeynik90: http://imgur.com/PqOHQcu,WDuWWtW15:49
nik90popey: ok..so technically that mockup by  stefano is good15:50
nik90popey: In the repeat alarm page, you can choose several values?15:50
popeynik90: same as yours, individually flip them on and off15:55
* popey cancells before he sets himself some ludicrous alarms15:55
PaoloRotolopopey, can I do that on desktop too?15:57
popeyPaoloRotolo: if you put music in ~/Music and have mediascanner installed, yes, it should15:58
popeyvthompson: thats right isn't it?15:58
PaoloRotolopopey, I've just installed mediascanner but it doesn't work...16:00
popeyis it running?16:01
vthompsonHey PabloRubianes16:04
PabloRubianesvthompson: hello16:04
vthompsonPabloRubianes, do a "ps -ef|grep mediascanner-service"16:04
PabloRubianesvthompson: I am in my work in windows :S16:04
PaoloRotolopopey, oh, right, I've to run mediascanner-service. Thanks :D16:04
vthompsonIf you reboot it should run16:05
PabloRubianesand yes I know I need to change of work vthompson16:05
vthompsonOtherwise you can do "mediascanner-service ~/Music"16:05
vthompsonPabloRubianes, ha. My work's workstation is a Windows PC as well16:05
renatonik90, I added some comments on your bug16:08
renatonik90, would be nice if you can isolate the bug16:10
renatonik90, btw I have added the SDK project into the affected projects since this affect the SDK alarm components16:10
renatoand the problem could be on the component too16:11
Guest___What's next if my merge request is approved?16:30
popeyGuest___: it gets tested by jenkins, and lands in trunk if all is well.16:33
popeythen we break out the champagne and celebrate16:33
nik90renato: I will try to reproduce this from a sample app. I remember creating one sometime back.16:44
mzanettipopey: what do you think? http://i.imgur.com/mk2YEqN.png16:51
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
rottinrobmorning everyone16:54
popeymzanetti: wow, thats quite green!17:00
popeyis it their green?17:00
popeyWell it's delightful then ☻17:00
mzanettiyou think I should file a merge request for it?17:00
* mzanetti likes17:00
mzanettiand it makes the right edge animation cooler if there is some color in there :D17:01
popeyI am not sure I can speak authoritatively on matters of design.17:02
popeybut propose a merge and I will wave it at design on monday17:03
dpmfginther, would you happen to know why this branch hasn't landed despite being approved? -> https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/update-translations/+merge/20303017:17
fgintherdpm, the merge is failing with: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', 'GhostRevisionsHaveNoRevno', 'Could not determine revno for {david.planella@ubuntu.com-20140124121210-n7rr1k4ezcznmdgw} because its ancestry shows a ghost at {david.planella@ubuntu.com-20140124121210-n7rr1k4ezcznmdgw}')17:19
fgintherBuild step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure17:19
dpm"an ancestry shows a ghost"17:19
dpmthat's scary stuff17:19
WebbyITThere is no castle for this ghost? Poor ghost!17:20
dpmmzanetti, how did you revert the changes in trunk? Did you delete revisions or did you overwrite revisions? ^^17:20
dpm"revision ghosts are just like real ghosts (such as they are) in that their discorporeal existence typically causes little, if any, harm. " I'm relieved now17:21
mzanettiright... yeah, I did uncommit and push overwrite17:22
fgintherdpm, there still exists the problem that this branch won't merge automatically. You might need to create a new branch and resubmit17:22
dpmyeah, will do that, thanks fginther17:22
mzanettithanks fginther17:22
fgintherdpm, mzanetti, no problem, may I change https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/update-translations/+merge/203030 to something other than approved?17:23
fgintherdpm, jenkins is stuck in a loop trying to merge this in17:23
dpmfginther, sure17:23
mzanettifginther: sure. disapprove it, we'll resubmit17:23
mzanettisorry dpm17:23
fgintherI marked as rejected17:23
dpmmzanetti, no worries, it's fixable17:24
rottinrobgood morning all17:24
rottinrobmzanetti...david mentioned a emulator to run the reminders app...where can I find this emulator17:26
samertmrottinrob: there's a guide here http://davidplanella.org/ubuntu-emulator-quickstart-guide/17:26
samertmit depends on which version of ubuntu you have17:26
rottinrobthank you samertm17:27
samertmand speaking of that, if we want to work on the Core apps, is it sufficient to have the emulator or should we be running Trusty Tahr?17:27
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
popeysamertm: personally i run on trusty17:31
samertmpopey: hey! I saw you on the ubuntu engineering webcast last wednesday!17:31
samertmthat was a lot of fun17:31
samertmis there a way I can install trusty tahr beside 13.10 without dual-booting?17:32
popeywell, you can run 13.1017:32
dpmrottinrob, I did mention it, sorry I didn't follow up, it's been a bit hectic this last couple of days17:32
popeythat should work fine17:32
dpmrottinrob, the guide above should get you started, it's what I wanted to send you17:32
WebbyITsamertm, I'm on 13.10 and have no problems, but remembert to add the right PPA ;)17:33
popeysamertm: thanks for the nice comments ☻17:34
rottinrobno worries...I was just wanting to set this up and try to get back up to speed17:36
nik90popey: I was following your policy of staying on the stable release before upgrading :) ... you upgrade too early17:38
popeyI upgraded through peer pressure17:38
popeyI'd have been happy staying on 12.04! :D17:38
nik90popey: oh great let's blame mhall119 and dpm :)17:38
mhall119no no no, always blame popey17:39
dpmI'm innocent: I'm using both 13.10 and trusty! :)17:39
samertmHow do active developers set up 14.04 for testing? Do they use a chroot?17:39
samertmwhat is the most convenient way for me to run the latest 14.04 build :P17:40
popeysamertm: most just upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 tbh17:40
popey14.04 is pretty stable17:40
samertmah kk17:40
vthompsonsamertm, I run a VM17:40
popeyhe says with a 4GB xorg process17:40
dpmI was going to say that too, a VM is another option17:40
samertmI'll try a VM first17:40
vthompsonsamertm, np17:41
nik90mhall119, dpm: :)17:41
rottinrobwhich is the best way to upgrade from 13.10 to Trusty?17:44
mhall119update-manager -d17:44
dpmmzanetti, would you mind having a look to https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/add-pot/+merge/203136 - I've kept the changes to the minimum and will wait until the cmake cleanup is done before doing more i18n-related changes17:44
mzanettidpm: approved17:45
dpmawesome, thanks17:45
mzanettidpm: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/change-edit-page/+merge/20313917:50
dpmmzanetti, on it17:51
dpmbtw guys, if someone is looking for an app to help with, reviewing reminders-app is an area where we need help with: https://code.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+activereviews17:52
* dpm likes cmake's indication of percentage built17:55
jumperhi all17:55
mzanettidpm: hey, I think its not possible yet to open the camera in order to take a picture. I will implement a minimalistic camera view myself, ok?18:13
dpmmzanetti, ack, makes sense then18:14
balloonsahayzen, did the autopilot bug you found for your merge from a bit ago get solved yet?18:15
samertmhey all18:29
nik90samertm: hi18:29
samertmhow long does it take for the ubuntu-emulator to work? It's been on a black screen for a while.18:29
samertmand it's launched the ubuntu-phablet terminal18:30
nik90ooh I havent tried the emulator yet to be helpful.sry18:30
samertmhaha that's k18:30
dpmsamertm, it's in the order of minutes. Just check that you don't have other apps consuming a lot of memory or CPU, which tends either to kill or slow down the emulator18:33
dpmif after 10 mins the emulator still shows the black screens it's a good signal it's better to restart it :)18:33
samertmdpm: haha it's been about 15, but my cpu is still at 100%18:34
samertmso I assume something is happening18:34
dpmyeah, the PC is probably good as heating :)18:35
samertmthe bright side :P18:35
ahayzenvthompson, why hasn't Jenkins run on https://code.launchpad.net/~bobo-324/music-app/fix1272151and1272113/+merge/20307418:36
vthompsonahayzen, I think it only does so when top approved if you are not on the team18:37
ahayzenballoons, it was solved but i don't think the merge has been approved18:37
ahayzenvthompson, ah ok18:37
ahayzenvthompson, shall i top approve?18:37
balloonsahayzen, what vthompson said is correct18:37
vthompsonahayzen, I just did18:37
ahayzenvthompson, cool18:37
ahayzenballoons, i'll find the autopilot MP...18:38
ahayzenballoons, this one https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/autopilot-qt/export-qobject/+merge/20186518:38
ahayzenvthompson, wht was the result of the discussions about screen size?18:38
vthompsonahayzen, from a testing perspective?18:39
ahayzenvthompson, yeah18:39
vthompsonahayzen, I assume we just want to make the test detect wideMode and handle both18:39
ahayzenvthompson, ok i'll add tht in18:39
vthompsonahayzen, Jenkins and desktop (by default) will run in wide mode and the image builds will test phone mode18:39
vthompsonahayzen, anything more than that can be worked out soon here18:40
ahayzenvthompson, cool and we can do manual autopilot on device18:40
ahayzenvthompson, u have the script to do tht?18:40
vthompsonahayzen, do a "debuild -uc -us" from the music-app root directory18:41
ahayzenvthompson, no there is one which runs autopilot on the device from a bzr branch for u18:41
ahayzenvthompson, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6721815/18:41
ahayzenvthompson, then just run for example ... script.sh lp:music-app music_app18:42
ahayzenvthompson, it doesn't even need a writeable image which is cool18:42
vthompsonahayzen,  I see and then you can also do something like " music_app.tests.test_music.TestMainWindow.test_create_playlist_from_songs_tab" as the second param to run just one test18:42
vthompsonahayzen, I've never done it that way18:43
ahayzenvthompson, yep18:43
samertmdpm: I waited way too long the first time18:43
vthompsonahayzen,  I know you've shown me the script before... just havent used it/saved it away18:43
samertmI restarted the emulator and it took ~5 minutes to launch18:43
ahayzenvthompson, :)18:44
ahayzenvthompson, also we found if u comment out the lines that run the tests.... if u then restart the device the music-app is then replaced with tht one ...so it can be used to deploy apps18:44
ahayzenvthompson, i usually do script.sh lp:music-app && adb reboot to test the app now18:45
vthompsonahayzen, neat.  I might still do it the old way as I don't want to deploy if I'm testing. But this is a neat way to deploy18:46
ahayzenvthompson, yep18:46
ahayzenvthompson, it just means u don't have to make the image writeable18:47
dpmsamertm, ah, cool (as "cool" as 5 minutes can be :)18:47
vthompsonahayzen, speaking of deploying: http://i.imgur.com/0kRBfFu.png18:48
dpmI need to call it a day, nice work everyone, good hack day, and it's still not over! :-)18:48
vthompsonahayzen, woot18:48
samertmdpm: it was nice to meet you!18:48
ahayzenvthompson, 321!18:49
nik90dpm: enjoy your evening18:49
dpmsee you, have fun :)18:49
dpmthanks nik90, samertm18:49
doflahare there any hack day tasks I can help out on?18:50
ahayzenvthompson, we need a commit msg https://code.launchpad.net/~bobo-324/music-app/fix1272151and1272113/+merge/20307418:52
vthompsonahayzen, just added one18:54
ahayzendoflah, there are a few links on these blog posts http://popey.com/blog/2014/01/24/january-2014-core-apps-hack-day-one-reminders-and-music/ http://davidplanella.org/ubuntu-core-apps-hack-days-back/18:57
ahayzendoflah, also searching for bugs which have the tag hackday or bitesize within the coreapps18:57
ahayzenvthompson, passes on the Nexus 4 now for Jenkins ... https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/convergence-prototype-a/+merge/203070 :)19:04
ahayzenvthompson, passed on Jenkins as well https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/convergence-prototype-a/+merge/20307019:22
ahayzenvthompson, brb19:22
vthompsonahayzen, I get one failure, but it might be the same playlists test fluke seen earlier in the #ubuntu-touch room19:26
vthompsonahayzen, I need to step out. I'll be back in an hour or so19:27
samertmthis might be a dumb question19:52
samertmbut how do I run the music-app on the ubuntu phone emulator after I grab the code from launchpad?19:53
balloonssamertm, you want to run code you've written?>19:56
balloonssamertm, in general it's easier to run it locally on the desktop if you are trying to test things. Otherwise you can simply ssh in and run it as normal19:56
balloonsbzr branch, qmlscene music-app.qml19:56
samertmah, so I should run it from the ubuntu-phone terminal?19:58
balloonssamertm, yep that should work out fine19:59
balloonsahayzen, re: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/autopilot-qt/export-qobject/+merge/201865.. Cool, looks like it might be ready to go. I wonder if I can get someone to review outside of thomi20:00
popeyballoons: do you have reminders-app on your device?20:12
popeyor indeed mhall11920:12
balloonspopey, my device is down for the count atm20:14
balloonswell, I do have the n10, I could try it on that20:14
balloonswhy do you ask?20:14
popeyits in the store20:17
popeywanted someone to test install20:17
popeybecause i already have it20:17
ahayzenballoons, cool would be good to get tht landed20:32
ahayzenvthompson, back.... yh looks like we have a flaky test...which one is it in particular i may look to see if i can improve it20:32
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
samertmwhere does music-app look for music?20:39
ahayzensamertm, it uses the mediascanner are u on desktop/device?20:49
samertmahayzen, desktop20:49
ahayzensamertm, if u say ran the following it would add ~/Music to the index... mediascanner-service ~/Music20:50
ahayzensamertm, assuming the package 'mediascanner' has been installed (we did have issues with this not being installed before)20:51
samertmahayzen, it worked!20:51
ahayzensamertm, \o/20:51
samertmand mediascanner wasn't installed20:51
ahayzensamertm, np20:51
samertmshould mediascanner be added to the touch-coreapps package?20:55
ahayzensamertm, there is/was a bug for it20:55
* ahayzen tries to find20:55
ahayzensamertm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/124140320:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1241403 in mediascanner "Music app's grilo plugin package needs to depend on mediascanner" [Undecided,New]20:56
ahayzensamertm, also we will be moving away from Grilo soon (hopefully) so this won't be an issue20:57
doflahahayzen, what's replacing it?20:57
ahayzendoflah, there will be a media scanner service that we will talk directly to20:57
ahayzendoflah, and a media-hub for playing tracks20:58
ahayzendanielholm, o/20:58
samertmah, kk20:58
samertmabout this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/127215521:12
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1272155 in Ubuntu Music App "Clicking a track from a sheet when it is currently playing pauses the track instead of taking the user to the Now Playing page" [Low,Triaged]21:12
samertmwhat is the correct behavior for clicking a track that is already playing21:12
ahayzensamertm, either for it to restart the track and refill the queue or to do nothing...but in both cases show the now playing21:13
ahayzensamertm, could be a one liner ...21:13
ahayzensamertm, however i guess if it clicked in the now playing page it would need to pause21:14
ahayzensamertm, i suspect changing this else if statement to only be true if on the now playing page might work ... http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/music-app.qml#L44721:15
ahayzensamertm, thts where i would start21:15
samertmthanks a bunch!21:16
samertmthis is a brand new code base to me :P21:16
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ahayzensamertm, hehe np just ping me, vthompson or danielholm if u need help21:16
ahayzensamertm, anyway i gtg, good luck i'll be around tomorrow if u need any help21:26
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danielholmanyone else having issues with logging in to Evernote from Online Accounts on Touch device?21:53
vthompsondanielholm, I had tried a bit ago and recall that it was difficult. I'll try to give it ago again.22:00
samertmvthompson, I'm a new contributor and I think I've fixed a bug22:01
samertmhow do I run the testing suite?22:01
samertmand do you want to look at my patch22:01
popeydanielholm: you have a sandbox.evernote.com account?22:01
popeythats what it ties to22:01
vthompsonsamertm, push your code to launchpad when you want. do you have a device?22:01
popey(i.e. not a standard evernote.com account)22:02
samertmvthompson, I have the emulator22:02
vthompsonsamertm, I'm not sure how to test against the emulator, actually. If you push your code I'll run it through my device22:02
mhall119popey: I don't see the reminders app for download22:02
vthompsonmhall119, popey I thought you still had to push it from the project branch22:03
mhall11915:17 < popey> its in the store22:03
vthompsonas I've looked for it in the click store recently as well22:04
mhall119I assumed he was talking about reminders22:04
popeyhmm, well, it should be22:10
* popey pokes sergio22:11
popeyok, should be live soon22:12
vthompsonsamertm, if you run this on the desktop or emulator one thing you'll notice is that the user can no longer pause a track by clicking on it in the Now Playing page.22:22
dakerpopey: responded, i can't make it :'(22:23
samertmvthompson, so it needs to be paused when you click on it on the now playing page?22:25
popeydaker: ☹22:26
vthompsonsamertm, that's my opinion. There probably isn't a spec saying we need to do so. Let's take a poll22:27
samertmI know on some media players, like the iphone, clicking the album art doesn't change whether or not the track is being played22:28
samertmit brings up the tool bar22:28
samertmwhich is the behavior it has right now22:28
vthompsonmhall119, popey: samertm is fixing a bug I reported. When a user navigates an album, genre, playlist, etc, if he/she clicks on a track that happens to be the one playing in the list it pauses--even though they are not in the now playing page.  I think this should bring up the Now Playing page. Now the question is we don't really have a spec for this, but we assumed that clicking on the large now playing cover art wo22:29
vthompsonuld play/pause when clicked. What do you think?22:29
popeyhmm, i can see clicking the currently playing track is an interesting use case. how often would you do that? once you do, and it pauses, would you be pleasantly surprised at discovering that feature22:32
vthompsonsamertm, IMO the main thing is the behavior for the sheet should be as you have it. However, the user should still be able to click and toggle play/pause in the now playing page22:32
popeyI'm always a fan of having a quick way to get a phone to STFU22:32
samertmvthompson, alright, I can work on that22:33
samertmthanks for the input22:33
popeyif I happen to have a list of tracks on screen and one of them is playing and i want to shut the phone up because some other thing needs my attention, it could be useful, yes.22:33
vthompsonWell, let's talk about this... it was just our assumption22:33
popeyare there any other music apps which do this?22:34
popeyits a novel behaviour22:34
samertmwait, how about this22:34
vthompsonSo, the google music app restarts the song if clicked from the queue22:34
vthompsonthe google play music app does nothing it seems22:35
samertmif you're using the music-app from the Now Playing screen and you click a song to start it, the song starts and the toolbar comes up22:35
samertmbut if you drag the screen to look at the other songs, the tool bar goes down22:35
samertmso if the user wanted to get back the toolbar without pausing the song, they'll need to swipe up from the bottom22:36
samertm(if pressing the song being played pauses the track)22:36
vthompsonActually let me check on something. I think one reason I did it this way is due to someone's original desire to have an easy way to pause, etc, when driving22:36
samertmotherwise, clicking the currently playing song will bring up the toolbar22:36
vthompsonsamertm, yea, the swipe up to get to the currently playing track is a design decision (and a good one). It is a neat feature that clicking on the now playing item pops the toolbar22:38
vthompsonsamertm, I think it's a bit of an unprecedented feature we currently have, but I've come to depend upon it.22:41
vthompsondanielholm, have you been reading along?22:41
danielholmvthompson: reading what?22:42
danielholmdanielholm: I can read up22:42
vthompsondanielholm, do you click on the currently playing large cover art to play/pause at all?22:42
danielholmvthompson: nope. Not usually.22:42
popeytbh I didnt know that happened before you just mentioned it22:42
danielholmvthompson: maybe when I am in a hurry to stop the music. but usually I use the buttons for it22:43
vthompsonWell, I might be outvoted. I use it all the time. (possibly because I introduced the feature :X)22:44
danielholmvthompson: ok. WOuld there be another use of clicking the large cover instead?22:45
vthompsondanielholm, maybe restarting the song from the beginning. That's what my Google Music app does22:45
samertmdanielholm: right now it just brings up the tool bar.22:45
vthompsonI think simply bringing up the toolbar is less useful22:46
samertmclicking on the album art on the default android music app does nothing22:47
danielholmvthompson, samertm hmm.. ok. Someone was asking for this? It might be an idea. But then again, I always drag the duration back to 0, or press back22:47
vthompsonBut given that no one else knew you could pause the song this way... only very slightly less useful :)22:47
danielholmvthompson: I am ok with it pausing. I dont think it should restart the track. back button should do that (right?)22:48
vthompsondanielholm, yep after the time limit (5 or 10 secs IIRC)22:48
danielholmvthompson: exactly. so either keep the play/pause or make it do nothing?22:49
vthompsonIt'd just be extra work for samertm to retain this feature just in the Now Playing queue.22:49
danielholmdo whats less work then, I suppose22:49
vthompsonI think the consensus is that it could be useful, but isn't obvious to use.22:49
vthompsonsamertm, You could check what mode the app's in. There's a mode for the now playing page22:51
samertmvthompson, what do you mean?22:54
vthompsonsamertm, Easiest way to check for the now playing page being active might be to check if "currentPage == nowPlaying"22:54
danielholmvthompson, samertm: that the large cover can do different things based in page?22:55
vthompsonIf so then you'd allow the play/pause toggle22:55
vthompsondanielholm, no, the mode is more for the state of the toolbar22:55
danielholmaha ok22:56
samertmOkay, so I'll add the play/pause toggle22:56
samertmthanks for the help!22:56
vthompsonNo worries, thanks for *your* help!22:57
samertmvthompson, do you know what player.playbackState represents?23:00
vthompsonsamertm, should be the play/paused state of the MediaPlayer component.23:00
vthompsonthis is the main object that plays the tunes23:00
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samertmvthompson, I just pushed a branch which has the behavior you wanted23:36
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
vthompsonsamertm, good work!23:45
samertmvthompson, thanks!23:46
vthompsonsamertm, we have no current tests for this area. So there's no benefit to directly testing with the autopilot infrastructure.23:46
vthompsonsamertm, Assigned the bug to you and formally reviewing now23:48
samertmvthompson, awesome!23:48
samertmthis is my first free software patch haha23:48
vthompsonsamertm, Ok. So what I'll let you do next is click on your branch and "Propose for merging" you'll then add a short description (which can be the same as the commit message) click on "Extra options" and then fill in the "Commit message" with something like "* Prevent pausing from elements that do not directly control playback" and click the "Propose Merge" button.23:51
samertmvthompson, should I include the bug number in the description or the commit?23:53
vthompsonNo need, it will be assigned when merged. We have a nice sophisticated bot that does that for us23:54
samertmalright, I just proposed the merge23:54
vthompsonas you can see the bug is still related to the merge since it was related to the branch itself.23:55
vthompsonsamertm, approved for merge! Feel free to take the time to look at the other apps as well in the oncoming days as they also could use some love! Thanks again!23:59

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