BobJonkman#startmeeting Ubuntu Canada Video Chat for 23 January 201400:00
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BobJonkmanMeeting's on!  Roll call: dscassel mainmeister katherineB aruna_ mars dougdastew1 FiReSTaRT DarwinSurvivor bregma BobJonkman jaguar zul laurelrusswurm1 jlamothe johanbr IdleOne azend|vps Chex ryanakca  samthetechie sipherdee greeter cyphermox azend  txwikinger200:00
BobJonkmanHello Everybody!00:00
dscasselHi BobJonkman!00:01
BobJonkmanThis meeting is also on the Google Hangout at URL https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpj7lt99uvi3m8iirprakd4g?hl=en00:01
BobJonkmanCome join us there if you can00:01
bregmayou can adjust your bandwidth with the little star-step tool00:02
BobJonkmanSo let's start with some introductions00:02
BobJonkman#topic Introductinos00:02
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aruna_BobJonkman:Sounds Great see you there :-)00:03
BobJonkmanI'm Bob Jonkman from Elmira, just north of Waterloo00:03
dscasselHi, I'm Darcy in Waterloo.  I'm also a co-contact, although I've been seriously slacking off lately.  Thanks, Bob!00:04
katherineBHi! I'm Katherine in Waterloo.00:04
BobJonkmanOnline we also have Aruna, dscassel, David, John, Doug, Jeff, John, Stephen and William00:06
aruna_Hi Katherine welcome00:07
dougdastew1Hi I'm Doug from London ont.00:07
katherineBHi aruna_00:07
aruna_Hi Doug welcome00:07
aruna_Hi Jeff00:08
BobJonkmanWe're joined by Ron from Maryland LoCO00:08
BobJonkman#topic Events00:09
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BobJonkmanLots of events on the agenda00:09
BobJonkmanLets start past Events00:09
BobJonkman#subtopic Past Events00:09
BobJonkmanAruna's Ubuntu Hour in Toronto00:10
bregmahey guys, using headphones will prevent the delay feedback, just so you know for next time00:11
BobJonkmanAruna explains the reason for holding Ubuntu Hours. Getting people to particate00:11
BobJonkmanWe had a lot of fun, so it was a successful Ubuntu Hour00:11
BobJonkmanKitchener Ubuntu Hours?00:13
BobJonkmanNone in January, but maybe in February00:13
bregmacontrol-D will toggle the microphone nute00:14
BobJonkman(asking people to mute mics when not speaking)00:14
BobJonkmanUbuntu Hour Toronto pictures at http://pix.ie/ubuntuca/album/482290/detailed00:14
BobJonkmanI don't know what the Ubuntu Development Sprint is, and noone else seems to know00:15
BobJonkman#subtopic Upcoming events00:15
aruna_Bob is explaining about upcoming events on the video chat00:15
geniiLuckily I had a headset00:15
aruna_me too :)00:15
BobJonkmanApp Developer Week is on now00:15
BobJonkmanLots of people would like to participate, but they're not programmers.00:16
aruna_hey Katherine and Doug ask away if you guys have questions00:17
aruna_Saturday is Ubuntu User Days00:17
aruna_Ubuntu User days are information sessions00:18
BobJonkmanhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays are online courses00:18
BobJonkmanUbuntu Developer Summit00:19
BobJonkmanAlso an online session, using Google Hangouts00:20
BobJonkmanhttp://uds.ubuntu.com/ but that site hasn't been updated for this year yet00:20
BobJonkmanbregma says it will probably be in February00:20
pirivanthe hangout is full, I can't join :(00:21
aruna_pirivan: hold on let me leave so yo0u can join00:21
BobJonkmanRoundtable discussions on upcoming features00:21
aruna_1 sec00:21
BobJonkmanPhone and Cloud discussions, talking about convergence00:22
pirivanaruna_, why do you want to leave?00:22
katherineBHow many people can be in the hangout00:22
aruna_pirivan: so you can JOIN my friend00:22
BobJonkmanI think 10 people is the max00:22
aruna_maximum TEN I belive katherine00:22
dscasselI'll be having to leave soon so there'll be a space opening.00:23
pirivannope, still full00:23
aruna_no darcy stick around00:23
aruna_you can add value where as I have little00:23
aruna_pirivan: try now00:24
pirivanI'm in!00:24
aruna_Yaaay !00:24
aruna_gud stuff n pls pay attention00:24
dscasselI'm out, so there's another spot open if someone wants in.00:25
BobJonkmanDarcy has just left, but hopes to have a Trusty Tahr release party00:26
ronswift_someone can also take my spot00:26
BobJonkmangenii will be holding a URP in Toronto on the day of release00:26
BobJonkmanI'm hoping we'll Global Jam in Computer Recycling in Kitchener00:26
aruna_thanks for dropping by Ron00:26
BobJonkmangenii suggests having simul-parties so we communicate on IRC and video00:29
BobJonkmanI'm explaining that Release Parties are social events for me, but they can also be installfests or educational events00:32
BobJonkmanWe're talking about the direction of ubuntu, and what we're running on our own desktops00:34
aruna_Katherine do u have a webcam and mic+headset dear00:34
aruna_Please feel free to ask away everyone here is friendly and helpful00:35
katherineBI can't afford to upgrade from dialup.  That's why I don't try to use video from home.00:35
aruna_your on dial-up ? yikes00:36
aruna_we have to do some thing about that :)00:36
katherineBYeah. I know. Yeech!00:36
aruna_LOL its not dat bad00:36
katherineBA job that pays enough to live on is what will free me!00:37
aruna_join the club hun00:37
aruna_have faith00:37
aruna_never lose faith or give up00:38
katherineBFaith is taking a long time to do any good.00:38
BobJonkmanTalking about the other events...00:38
BobJonkmanJohn says he's running CrunchBang on an old laptop, wiht low resources00:39
BobJonkmanI didn't know #! was an Ubuntu Derivative00:39
BobJonkmanbregma and John are swapping stories about the EEE PC and the pre-formatted SSD drive00:40
BobJonkmanJohn mentions Bohdi Linux00:41
bregmait's just an SD card, not an SSD00:41
BobJonkmanPedro has Bohdi on an tiny old computer00:41
bregmathe system was read-only with a unionfs overlay, so you could never actually delete any files and eventually you'd run out of disk space and need to reformat00:42
bregmaand the keyboards were so cheap the keys always fell off when my kids used the machines00:42
dougdastew1try now I just left00:43
dougdastew1try now00:44
geniiBobJonkman: Tenant came down to my office complaining of wino in the driveway, had to go wake him up and send him on his way00:46
BobJonkman#topic Other Stuff00:47
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BobJonkmanUbuntu presence on Social Media channels like StatusNet, Twitter, Facebook, &c00:51
BobJonkmanI've got some of it covered on StatusNet: http://sn.jonkman.ca/group/ubuntuca00:52
CrankyOldBuggeris that what I said??00:52
BobJonkmanand http://sn.jonkman.ca/group/ubuntu00:52
BobJonkmanCrankyOldBugger will look after Google Plus announcements, &c.00:53
BobJonkmanhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103177632744805958694 is the Ubuntu Canada LoCo community00:53
BobJonkmanJohn mentions Sunflower filemanager, worth looking at00:54
BobJonkmanIt's a graphical FM.00:54
BobJonkmanArunu asks can I handle IRC and Video together?00:58
BobJonkmanYes, but I think people on IRC are losing out on a lot of the conversation00:58
aruna_That was my concern as well00:59
BobJonkmanShould we do video chat again?01:00
BobJonkmanConsensus, yes.01:00
CrankyOldBuggerI hear music..01:00
geniiCrankyOldBugger: Aruna's phone :)01:01
BobJonkmanBregma say Hangouts on Air solve part of that problem by letting more than 10 people participate  by viewing only01:01
BobJonkmanSo next time I'll try that01:01
aruna_Sorry I had to take the call it's my son from Sri lanka01:02
geniiWell, good night and we will hopefully "see" each other again soon01:02
CrankyOldBuggergood night everybody01:02
BobJonkmanAlso, I'd likt to try running in a community area like Kwartzlab where we can participate as a group, allowing people without video access to participate01:03
katherineBThat would be nice.01:04
BobJonkmanFor February's meeting we can try Hangouts On Air, and I'll ask Darcy about using Kwartzlab.01:06
BobJonkmanPerhaps azend can see about using Diyode..01:07
BobJonkmanAnyway, that about finishes off  the night. The video chat has shut down, and if nobody has anything else we can end the meeting01:07
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katherineBBye BobJonkman!01:08
BobJonkmanBye katherineB!01:09
zykotick9BobJonkman: so?  how did you video meeting work out?  good turn out?  technically ok?04:42
BobJonkmanHi zykotick9!04:42
BobJonkmanYes, great turnout, technically good04:43
zykotick9that's good!04:43
BobJonkmanSeems there's a limit on Hangout participants, so we had a lineup of people wanting to get in04:43
zykotick9sounds like an excellent turnout then!04:43
BobJonkmanOh, and you should hook up with Pedro ___ from Ottawa, who's looking for any signs of a tech community there.04:44
BobJonkmanHang on, I'll see if I can find his last name04:44
BobJonkmanYou're not on Google , are you?04:44
zykotick9i'm google free!04:45
BobJonkmanHmm.  I feel so tainted by tonight's experience04:46
BobJonkmanAnyway, Pedro joined us about halfway through04:46
zykotick9does Pedro frequent IRC?04:47
BobJonkmanI'll ask him to check out IRC when I see him online04:47
BobJonkmanNo, I don't think he's on IRC04:47
BobJonkmanHe said he works in a tech environment, where I gathered using Ubuntu is the norm04:48
zykotick9well, i'm glad your video meeting went well!  take care.04:48
zykotick9nice!  lucky him!04:48
BobJonkmanBut he said that when he leaves the office there's no sign of any tech community.04:48
zykotick9(not that ubuntu would be my 1st choice, but still)04:48
zykotick9there is OCLUG, but i haven't been in a LONG while - they've moved meeting locations even...04:49
BobJonkmanWhat's your distro of choice?04:49
zykotick9right now, it's ubuntu based - Trisquel04:49
zykotick9freedom FTW04:49
BobJonkmanOh, right! I remember setting something up for that :)04:49
zykotick9i've been using Debian "main" only for the last couple of years (since squeeze was released)04:50
zykotick9you did!  thanks again.04:50
BobJonkmanI've got a partition set aside for Debian Testing, but haven't populated it yet.04:50
BobJonkman"Something for Trisquel" http://sn.jonkman.ca/group/trisquel for those folks in the IRC audience04:51
BobJonkmanIs Trisquel a rolling distro?04:51
zykotick9testing isn't bad, but i was ALL about stability, so for me "stable" was where it was at.  now, freedom is my #1 priority (that has been my take-away, from the entire snowden/nsa thing)04:51
zykotick9trisquel is the same as ubuntu-lts ;)  with the non-free stuff removed.04:51
zykotick9they only do LTS releases now.04:52
zykotick9trisquel has a VERY small developer base, no where near the quality of debian :(..04:52
BobJonkmanUsing Trisquel felt good.04:53
zykotick9anyways, i'm glad the video meeting went well for ubuntu-ca/you!04:53
BobJonkmanI never had it on my computer, but I set it up for someone else.04:53
zykotick9it does "feel good" :)04:53
BobJonkmanThanx! We'll do it again next month, this time with Google Hangouts On Air04:54
BobJonkmanbregma says that lets other people watch without participating, effectively removing the 10 person cap04:54
* zykotick9 doesn't know what "GH On Air" even is... but seeing as it's google, wouldn't touch it with a 30 foot pole04:54
BobJonkmanIt records the hangout session on YouTube, and live-streams it too.04:55
zykotick9hope you're surviving this COLD ok... i assume your weather can't be radically different from here.04:56
BobJonkmanYes, I got sucked into this Google deal because I felt obligated to go where the people are. Seems to have been a good choice, considering today's participation numbers04:56
BobJonkmanGnomepanel Weather Applet says -19 now.04:57
BobJonkmanWas -20 earlier, so summer must be near04:57
zykotick9while, i'm sure, it's the best "technical" solution... the google-factor is very distastful04:57
BobJonkmanWe've got an inline (tankless) water heater that froze up.  Seems the exhaust pipe doesn't just let the gas out, it also lets the cold in04:58
BobJonkmanYes, the Google Hangout was actually the best quality solution we tried.04:59
zykotick9eeek.  that's not good.  well, stay warm!04:59
BobJonkmanThere was also https://chatb.org/#ubuntu-ca (WebRTC), Jitsi, TInychat, OpenMeeting, maybe some others. genii helped a lot, as did belkinsa from the Ohio team04:59
zykotick9thanks again for !trisquel group.  glad your meeting went so well!  cya on GS or IRC soon i'm sure.05:00
BobJonkmanOK, goodnight and !tzaf, zykotick905:01
aruna_BobJonkman: Check your PM please05:05
BobJonkmanDone. Too many chat windows open.05:05
BobJonkmanThere's at least three different IRC servers, XMPP, StatusNet...05:06

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