josedpm: ping07:42
dpmhola jose07:42
joseestoy terminando de traducir el segundo set de diapositivas pero me entra la duda, los documentos de la API ya fueron movidos en su totalidad a developer.u.c?07:43
joseo sigo haciendo la referencia al sitio de knitzsche en people.c.c?07:43
elfyjose: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2014/01/23/trusty-alpha-2-available-for-testing/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=trusty-alpha-2-available-for-testing07:45
joseelfy: did I make any mistakes there?07:46
elfyhas your name against it - can you fix? if you can there is a dodgy ; in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu;/releases/trusty/alpha-2/07:46
* jose hides07:46
josesure, let me do it real quick07:46
elfybut it's not your fault - I assume it's riddell's fault :)07:47
joseall sorted now :)07:47
elfycheers :p07:48
josedpm: ^07:48
* jose has to go to university tomorrow, paperwork paperwork and more paperwork!07:49
dpmjose, ahora te lo miro07:51
josegenial, gracias :)07:51
dpmjose, los documentos estan todos en d.u.c. - si hay alguno en que te falta el URL nuevo, envíame una lista y te paso todos los URL07:52
josegenial, entonces borraré la referencia al otro sitio07:54
josedpm: te acabo de enviar el segundo set traducido :)07:56
joseahora toca ir a la cama por unas horas, nos vemos más tarde!07:56
dpmjose, oh, wow, eres una máquina!07:56
dpmgracias :)07:56
joseno hay de qué :)07:56
dholbachgood morning08:03
dpmhey dholbach08:06
dholbachhey dpm08:06
* dholbach relocates - brb13:28
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josejono: hey, you know if ubuntu touch supports LTE?18:57
jonojose, it is on the roadmap, not sure if it doesnow19:06
jonomaybe mhall119 will know19:06
josecool, thanks!19:06
mhall119jose: just GSM right now as far as I know, mostly because our only officially supported devices are 3g/gsm19:07
mhall119jose: but like jono said, it's on the roadmap19:07
josemhall119: I'm presenting Touch to the Peruvian community tomorrow, so I wanna know the answer to most probable questions :)19:08
mhall119jose: awesome, let me know how it goes19:23
josesure, will take lots of photos :)19:23
mhall119jose: usually the questions I get are about what devices it supports19:23
mhall119and what apps it will run (like, will it run Android apps, which it won't)19:24
joseabout devices, should I tell the galaxy nexus, N7 2012 and N10 are already deprecated?19:24
mhall119jose: yes, though be sure to emphasize that they aren't dead as long as community people step up and take over maintaining and testing them19:25
mhall119like community people already do for all the other devices that Ubuntu's been ported to19:25

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