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Logan_Noskcaj: If a Debian (or Ubuntu) UDD branch is broken, you can use grab-merge to do it traditionally.03:41
Logan_(re: your comment on rygel on MoM)03:41
Logan_If it's too much of a pain to generate the proper debdiffs for a merge bug (believe me, I don't even bother), let me know, and I can just upload a merge.03:42
NoskcajLogan_, Could you? It's as much effort to review rygel as it is to merge03:45
Logan_Just keep the patch, right?03:46
Noskcajyep. thanks03:46
Logan_No worries. Feel free to ask me to do it in those kinds of situations.03:46
NoskcajShould only be a few more days before i get MOTU anyway.03:50
NoskcajI'll just have to try and wake up early on monday, since applying by email doesn't work03:50
Logan_Noskcaj: There's some weird thing going on with quilt.03:58
Logan_I'm perplexed.03:59
NoskcajIs it possible to have a package dropped from main?04:05
Noskcajxchat-gnome, xchat-gnome-indicator, and xchat-indicator in this case04:07
Noskcajxchat-indicator is seeded in xubuntu and studio, the other two in nothing04:11
NoskcajThey have no main reverse-depends04:11
Logan_Noskcaj: Yes. For an example of a bug for demotion to universe, see Bug 1243235.04:57
ubottubug 1243235 in libav (Ubuntu) "Please demote libav to universe" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124323504:57
Logan_Just subscribe ~ubuntu-archive.04:57
pittiGood morning05:11
Snow-Manmorning. :)05:12
Orrin_FoxHello there everyone.05:53
Orrin_Foxso I was thinking of helping out with ubuntu core.06:04
Unit193mvo: Poooooke. :)07:05
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dholbachgood morning08:03
dbarthdoko: hey, good morning08:17
dbarthi'm looking for some tips to accelerate arm builds and thought you could have some with the packages you're maintaining08:18
dbarthdo you have a magic formula?08:18
dholbach@pilot in08:44
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dokodbarth, sorry, did skip the dark arts lessons at school09:29
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ogra_dbarth, cant you do it in universe directly ? the distro builders are faster than the PPA ones09:33
dbarthdoko: eh ;)09:34
dbarthogra_: well, that's for developer builds, for oxide09:35
ogra_dbarth, right ... it wont help you for local builds indeed, but generally the distro builders are a lot faster than using PPAs for uploads09:35
dbarthie, ways to have either a way to cross-build or spread on 2-3 phones to speed tihngs up maybe09:35
dokodbarth, isn't chrisccoulson building this anyway in a ppa on a regular basis?09:36
ogra_and i dont see a reson why youo couldnt do development uploads to universe, given we expect oxide to be ready by release09:36
dbarthdoko: he is, but he can't wait on the ppa to do his own development, as its a 10h round trip every time09:36
dbarthogra_: how faster are they? ie, if ppa builds take 10h or so09:37
dbarthcan that be a 3 or 4x factor?09:37
ogra_PPAs = pandas ... (or even qemu builders) ... distro builders = highbank ... iirc 4x faster than panda09:37
dbarthsounds interesting indeed09:38
chrisccoulsonogra_, which ones are used for canonical-arm-dev/ppa?09:38
dbarthdo you have one of those to loan? ;)09:38
ogra_chrisccoulson, pandas09:38
dbarthhey chrisccoulson09:38
chrisccoulsondbarth, i might have cross-builds working next week anyway ;)09:38
ogra_c-arm-dev is a non virtual PPA ... these are all pandas09:38
ogra_public PPAs are qemu iirc09:38
cjwatsonWe have no panda builders any more09:39
cjwatsonThank goodness09:40
ogra_oh then c-arm-dev is also qemu09:40
cjwatsonThe non-virtual PPAs are Calxeda nodes09:40
cjwatsonVirtual ARM PPAs are qemu-user09:40
cjwatsoncanonical-arm-dev is devirt, so builds on Calxeda09:40
ogra_oh, i thought we held back calxeda for PPAs09:40
ogra_dbarth, then my statement is moot, sorry09:41
cjwatsonDon't use Pandas for building even if you do find one under a rock09:41
chrisccoulsoni guess that means 12 hours is about as fast as we're going to get09:41
dokodbarth, afaik he is using the non-virtualized ppa's. the last time I looked at least qt didn't use parallel builds, so that would be the first thing to improve if hd didn't already09:41
cjwatsonI would expect Calxeda (e.g. canonical-arm-dev) to be lots faster than qemu-user in virtual PPAs09:41
ogra_chrisccoulson, right ...09:42
cjwatsonogra_: you'd probably notice if we were still building things on Pandas, because you'd be seeing random one-bit errors in builds09:43
ogra_yeah, i gave up building on pandas ages ago ... chromebook FTW :)09:43
ogra_USB 3.0 ++09:43
dbarthand distcc,icecc,whatevercc?09:43
dbarthi mean chris could spawn 1-2 cloud instances to get more cores to crunch the build09:45
dbarthdev. builds, not necessarily ppa builds09:45
cjwatsonif you happen to have an ARM cloud in your back pocket then by all means ...09:48
dbarthcjwatson: i imagined the cores would run a cross gcc/g++10:01
dholbach@pilot out10:02
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cjwatsondbarth: I would expect that cross-building would be significantly faster already without having to bother with distcc etc.10:10
dbarthwell chrisccoulson let's see when you get cross-builds working then10:12
dbarththanks all for the feedback10:12
xnoxdbarth: which package?10:20
xnoxdbarth: looking at lp:oxide - it neither has ./debian/ nor is using CMake10:24
xnoxdbarth: at the moment, one needs to use at least cmake or autotools-based build-systems to have cross-compilation support.10:25
xnoxdbarth: is lp:oxide our upstream project?10:25
xnoxor a fork of something upstream?10:25
cjwatsonwell, or a simple build system where you can just tell it the compiler to use and it gets on with it.  oxide probably isn't a simple enough package for that though10:28
xnoxcjwatson: looking at lp:oxide it looks like qmake(?!) wrapped around chromium buildsystem.  Oh, I see lp:~chrisccoulson/oxide/cmake looks promising.10:34
xnoxlooks like chromium / oxide / cmake should be easy, just needs a few exports for arm-cross for gyp.10:50
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lesshastehi... I reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scratch/+bug/1270194 but am a little worried there may be no ubuntu maintainer11:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 1270194 in scratch (Ubuntu) "scratch gives blank page when returning from presentation mode" [Undecided,New]11:14
brendanddholbach, hey - sorry to ping you directly, but i have a question about MOTU11:17
brendanddholbach, do you know do we still need to go through the process if the package we want in universe replaces one already in universe?11:18
lesshasteapt-cache show scratch shows11:20
lesshasteMaintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>11:20
lesshasteOriginal-Maintainer: Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es>11:20
lesshastedoes this mean there is no specific maintainer any more?11:20
jpdslesshaste: As is the case with all Ubuntu packages.11:21
jpdslesshaste: That bug should be forwarded to the programmer authors.11:22
brendandlesshaste, probably pointless to package scratch now11:22
brendandlesshaste, scratch have converted to pure web implementation11:22
brendandlesshaste, see - http://scratch.mit.edu/11:22
jibelpitti, similar problem to espeak with libcups2-dev11:26
jibeldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libcups2-dev_1.7.1-2_amd64.deb (--unpack):11:26
jibel unable to move aside `./usr/include/cups/i18n.h' to install new version: Invalid cross-device link11:26
pittijibel: from which version? precise/quantal/saucy?11:29
jibelpitti, P > T amd64 with all of main11:30
jibelbug 127228511:30
pittijibel: ah, so in precise /usr/include/cups/i18n.h/ was a directory, too11:31
ubottubug 1272285 in cups (Ubuntu) "package libcups2-dev 1.5.3-0ubuntu8 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: unable to move aside `./usr/include/cups/i18n.h' to install new version: Invalid cross-device link" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127228511:31
lesshastebrendand, oh..what about http://scratch.mit.edu/scratch2download/ ?11:33
brendandlesshaste, oh i didn't know about that - interesting11:34
brendandlesshaste, but that's an air application anyway11:34
lesshastejpds, ok.. I don't know how to forward it to them11:34
brendandlesshaste, so i doubt it's equivalent to the debian package11:35
lesshastebrendand, you mean it can't be packaged for legal reasons on ubuntu?11:35
lesshastebrendand, or that it just hasn't been yet11:35
jpdslesshaste: It uses an [old?] platform from Adobe.11:35
lesshasteyes... AIR 2.6.0 for Linux11:36
brendandjpds, i think air is still actively supported (might be wrong)11:36
brendandjpds, although it seems the linux version is not supported11:36
lesshaste"Note: Beginning June 14 2011, Adobe AIR is no longer supported for desktop Linux distributions. Users can install and run AIR 2.6 and earlier applications but can't install or update to AIR 2.7"11:36
lesshastehow annoying :(11:38
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lesshaste"Adobe's efforts are focused on supporting operating systems that are most important to its customers, and that demonstrate the greatest opportunity for future growth for its partners and developers"11:39
lesshastethat is... no more linux11:39
lesshastein any case..2.6 works apparently (http://orkultus.wordpress.com/2013/03/23/installing-adobe-air-2-6-on-64bit-linux-mint-ubuntu/)11:41
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darkxstlesshaste, AIR was a disaster no matter which way you look at, we arent really loosing anything by not having it11:44
brendandlesshaste, adobe don't support ios or android11:44
Laneytjaalton: Looks like your adding of libnss3-nssdb broke multi-arch upgrades/installs: libnss3:i386 : Depends: libnss3-nssdb:i386 but it is not installable11:48
lesshastedarkxst, it's just a pain that scratch doesn't work11:49
lesshastedarkbasic, given that a) it is free b) linux is free and c) it is for kids11:49
lesshastebregma, i have no idea why mit went for this solution11:49
darkxstlesshaste, even if it was supported, it still wouldn't work most likely!11:51
lesshastedarkxst, why is that?11:51
tjaaltonLaney: on debian? aiui the current version ftbfs'd on !amd64, since it's racy11:52
tjaaltonthe build11:52
darkxstlesshaste, it was always broken11:52
Laneytjaalton: ubuntu11:52
tjaaltonoh i see now11:52
tjaaltonI'll have a look..11:52
Laneyit's in trusty release11:52
LaneyI noticed because dist-upgrade is complaining ...11:53
tjaaltonwell there's also http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=736061 but it's not clear where the actual bug is11:53
ubottuDebian bug 736061 in libnss3 "libnss3: system shared db enabled leads to local overrides being ignored" [Important,Open]11:53
tjaaltonwould Multi-Arch: foreign fix it?11:56
mitya57Can somebody please reject mikutter from Saucy SRU queue? I forgot to update the Maintainer field...11:59
tjaaltonLaney: i'll test that and upload if so11:59
MacSlowseb128, there you go ... https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/notify-osd/notify-osd.fix-1092905/+merge/20304712:00
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seb128MacSlow|lunch, hey, thanks! let me test that ;-)12:01
MacSlow|lunchseb128, :)12:02
seb128MacSlow|lunch, enjoy your lunch!12:02
mitya57pitti: Can you please remove python-imaging autopkgtest? That package has been renamed to pillow.12:03
pittimitya57: I already did a while ago12:03
pittiah, not from public jenkins12:03
Laneytjaalton: okay, if it's technically correct to do that (I don't know) then that should work12:04
pittimitya57: yep, I'll file a request, thanks for pointing out12:04
tjaaltonLaney: aiui it tells that a foreign-arch package fulfills the dep, in this case the libnss-nssdb:amd64 for libnss:i38612:05
Laneyso it's whether libnss3:i386 can work with libnss-nssdb:amd6412:06
tjaaltonactually, libnss3-nssdb could probably be arch:all12:08
tjaaltonsince http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15024658/are-sqlite3-databases-are-platform-independent12:09
dholbachbrendand, is your question resolved?12:11
tjaaltonmeh, it is arch:all12:11
LaneyYou still need the annotation12:11
knomeseb128, the lp:xubuntu-docs/precise branch seems to be as it should12:17
seb128knome, do you have any idea what went wrong there?12:18
knomeseb128, well, the original bug is fixed... we now have the 12.04 *content*12:18
knomeseb128, but some image files are missing, and some css files aren't updated12:18
seb128knome, I apt-get sourced the precise version and applied the debdiff from the bug on it, then did debuild -S ...12:18
* knome looks at the debdiff12:18
seb128knome, is that a regression? not that diff can't include binary changes, like images12:19
knomei was looking for the .css file changes, and it does look like the debdiff is faulty12:20
knomeseb128, yep, it's a regression12:20
seb128knome, ok, well, if you get a non buggy debdiff feel free to ping me and I can sponsor that one12:20
knomeseb128, i'm not a very technical person myself, but i'll delegate that to somebody; do you want the new debdiff against 11.10.0 or 12.04.0?12:21
seb128knome, either works12:22
knomeseb128, ok, cheers12:22
seb128whatever is easier12:22
Peace-i would like create a package that will overwirte bashrc from canonical  is there a way to do that ?12:22
seb128knome, yw, sorry for not catching those issues before sponsoring12:22
knomeseb128, np, that happens12:22
Peace-i need to do that with skel ?12:22
tjaaltonLaney: looks like adding M-A: foreign works12:42
Laneytjaalton: neat12:42
brendanddholbach, no12:43
dholbachbrendand, ok... so you want to replace a package that is already in the archive12:44
dholbachbrendand, can you elaborate?12:44
dholbachbrendand, the package will have the same name but different contents later on? is it like an update? or you add a patch to it? or what exactly happens?12:45
brendanddholbach, no it's changing name. checkbox-qt is the existing package. checkbox-gui is the new one12:46
brendanddholbach, it will provide the same type of functionality12:46
brendanddholbach, different implementation and updated ui12:47
dholbachbrendand, will it be built from the same source and it's just the binary package (.deb package) name which changes?12:47
dholbachsure that's possible12:47
dholbachjust make the changes in checkbox trunk and ask for it to be uploaded as usual (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess) - basically file a bug with ubuntu-sponsors subscribed12:48
ggvaberihello. Can anyone tell from where gsettings read data? for example icon-theme. where is real database? is it text/xmp data or some binary in cash?12:50
geserdholbach: brendand should also add a transitional package (with the old name), right?12:56
brendandgeser, how does that work?12:57
brendandgeser, i haven't heard the term transitional package before12:57
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geserbrendand: the old package (checkbox-qt) just depends on checkbox-gui and is otherwise empty. This ease the transition for people who have the old one already installed.13:00
brendandgeser, oh right13:01
geserbrendand: see also https://wiki.debian.org/Renaming_a_Package13:01
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MacSlowseb128, I've pushed a more robust version of the fix... have another look.13:26
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kentbxnox: is there anything else you need from me to help clean up sblim-sfcc on trusty?13:35
xnoxkentb: bah, didn't look at your last .dsc yet. Let me diff it and upload.13:35
xnoxkentb: i think it was all good.13:35
kentbxnox: ok. no problem. thanks.13:36
seb128MacSlow, thanks, commented on it13:39
popeybug 127233813:40
ubottubug 1272338 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Xorg memory leak on trusty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127233813:40
popeyanyone else seeing lots of memory use from xorg on intel?13:41
popeyi recently upgraded to 16GB in my laptop, glad I did!13:41
xnoxkentb: uploaded. I really shouldn't read sponsorship request emails on my phone ;-)13:41
kentbxnox: heheh. thanks!13:42
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pittidoko: FYI, py3.4 autopkgtest runs done; raw logs are at http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/autopkgtest-py34/, I'll analyze them now14:01
MacSlowseb128, I digged deeper into the whole defaults_get_top_corner() ... looks like it's just a one-line change after all... please test it again. Looks good here (even desktop-environment neutral)14:14
seb128MacSlow, thanks for looking a bit more, let me test that14:14
seb128MacSlow, works fine here, and I like that version better I've to say ;-)14:20
MacSlowseb128, sure... I knew you can't resist the charms of a one-line change ;)14:20
MacSlowseb128, you'll also top-approve it?14:26
seb128MacSlow, yes, just giving it a try out of Unity first14:27
MacSlowseb128, ah ok sure14:27
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seb128Riddell, hey, did you see my ping about calligra/needing a rebuild for new poppler the other day?14:48
Riddellseb128: yeah I'm onto it now14:51
seb128Riddell, thanks ;-)14:51
Riddellseb128: there's a new release of calligra I'm packaging and it's a beast of a package so still sorting out the new/removed files14:51
sergiusensjamespage, hey, by any chance, will you or did you package launchpad.net/go-dbus/v1 ?15:37
jamespagesergiusens, neither I'm afraid15:37
sergiusensjamespage, I'll take that then :-)15:38
jamespagesergiusens, is your work targetted to ubuntu main?15:38
sergiusensjamespage, this one should eventually land in main15:39
sergiusensjamespage, it's for phone/touch stuff so yes15:39
jamespagesergiusens, well its probably pertinent to talk about go toolchain then15:39
jamespagewe've been having quite a bit of discussion around that for juju-core -> main this cycle15:39
sergiusensjamespage, gcc versus go?15:40
jamespagesergiusens, you got it15:40
sergiusensjamespage, I'm just using the default tbh; and I saw you did a dual thing15:40
jamespagesergiusens, the plan for supporting juju-core is to use gccgo - which is working ok15:41
jamespagemain driver is server platforms that don't have golang-go support15:41
jamespagesergiusens, right now the juju-core package still bundles its dependencies - still not convinced go libraries are stable enough for general release in distro15:42
jamespage*that might not apply everywhere....15:42
sergiusensjamespage, are you using dh-golang?15:42
jamespagesergiusens, no15:42
sergiusensjamespage, right; we have dbus-go embedded into our tree currently15:43
sergiusensjamespage, but all others I've pushed to debian15:43
jamespagesergiusens, yeah - i saw - nice work15:43
jamespageI started on mgo and gnuflags but I'm not pushing that hard due to bundling stuff15:43
sergiusensjamespage, ok, I'll check on doing the compiler select with dh-golang15:44
sergiusensfor libs it's not really important yet luckily :-)15:44
jamespagesergiusens, right now is golang-go; I've got a gccgo-go package in progress which provides the go tool built just using gccgo15:45
jamespageso the idea is you can swap golang-go for gccgo-go and it *just works*15:45
sergiusensthat would indeed solve all our problems sans a rebuild if we don't provide both :-)15:46
pittidoko: ok, done; I sent the results to u-devel@, you are CCed; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=python3.4 doesn't look too bad, but it's some work15:50
dokopitti, thanks. python-csb already always fails with 3.3, aptdaemon is ftbfs in -proposed15:58
dokodidn't check for the others15:59
pittidoko: yes, I didn't file a bug for -csb15:59
pittidoko: there are a lot of failures which are unrelated to the -3.4 change15:59
kentbcan someone please have a look at my debdiff for openwsman to make sure I got transitional packages correct as well as the 'breaks' and 'replaces' directives?  Thanks in advance:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wsmancli/+bug/1272059/comments/616:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 1272059 in wsmancli (Ubuntu) "wsmancli needs to be rebuilt against openwsman-2.4.3" [Undecided,Incomplete]16:04
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dobeyanyone else still using evolution? it is *very* crashy on trusty :(18:05
seb128tedg is (I thinkà18:06
tedgYeah, I am.  And it is more crashy.18:06
dobey(not to mention the other UX bugs i've already filed against it)18:06
seb128dobey, do you file your bugs upstream?18:07
jtaylorpitti: how was the py3.4 default test performed?18:07
seb128I doubt anyone is looking at evolution bugs for Ubuntu, you probably have a better chance upstream if you want to report issues18:07
jtaylorsymlinkin py3.3 to py3.4?18:07
dobeyno, i filed them in launchpad18:07
dobeyi have no idea if they're upstream bugs or not18:07
seb128we have very little distro patching in evo nowadays18:08
dobeyand for the crashing, i just clicked the "send this error report" button18:08
seb128dobey, do you have a link to the error pages for those?18:10
seb128https://errors.ubuntu.com/?release=Ubuntu%2014.04&package=evolution&period=month is quite small18:10
dobeyseb128: no, i never got any link from the apport ui or anything. and i don't know what the traceback was18:11
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seb128dobey, you can go to gnome-control-center -> privacy, there is a link to your reported errors webpage18:12
dobeyand my /var/crash is empty18:12
seb128though e.u.c summary is not really nice18:12
seb128you just get a list ids18:12
dobeyseb128: i can't do that, because i removed zeitgeist18:12
seb128you need to click through to find the ones you need18:12
seb128dobey, $browser 'http://errors.ubuntu.com/user/'$(printf $(sudo cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_uuid) | sha512sum)18:13
seb128dobey, that should do it :p18:13
dobeywell that's empty page18:14
dobeythanks a lot apport :(18:14
seb128dobey, sorry, xchat-gnome segfaulted18:15
dobeyseb128: empty page18:15
mdeslaurI can't believe how broken this new xchat-gnome is18:15
dobeyit's almost as bad as evolution, i bet18:15
seb128mdeslaur, oh, you found as well?18:15
seb128mdeslaur, I'm pondering reverting the update, I didn't have issues for ages with the old one18:15
mdeslauryeah, it's not properly handling the channel positions, it's scrolling windows when loading scrollback, etc.18:16
mdeslaurseb128: I would agree with that, this one is _really_ broken to the point of almost being unusable for the time being18:16
dobeyirssi is your friend18:16
mdeslaurdobey: haha, good one :)18:17
dobeywtf, i just did ubuntu-bug on a .crash file, and chose "send this error report" but there is no .upload file in /var/crash for it18:17
seb128dobey, we didn't re-enable apport yet18:18
dobeyseb128: then why is it popping up?18:19
seb128it's whoopsie which is18:19
seb128we didn't enable report to launchpad if you prefer18:19
seb128just to e.u.c18:19
dobeythen where the heck are my "error reports" going?18:19
seb128dobey, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/153485340/apport_2.12.5-0ubuntu1_2.12.5-0ubuntu2.diff.gz18:20
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dobeyapparently not, based on the product_uuid-based url18:20
seb128dobey, revert that change if you want to enable the reporting to launchpad18:20
dobeyhow do i know if it actually made it to e.u.c or not?18:21
seb128not sure, that's a question for ev18:21
seb128the command I copied earlier wfm18:21
mdeslaurok, that's it... /me switches back to old xchat-gnome18:21
dobeyseb128: i get an otherwise empty page with it18:22
seb128mdeslaur, can you open a bug listing your issues, so we can assign to "Jackson Doak" who did the update18:22
dobeyjust the "Error tracker" at the top and <address> bits at the bottom18:22
seb128dobey, yeah, well that's about as much I know about whoopsie/e.u.c, you need ev or bdmurray18:22
dobeyand nothing in between18:22
sarnoldmdeslaur: < seb128> mdeslaur, can you open a bug listing your issues, so we can assign to "Jackson Doak" who did the update18:23
mdeslaurI did, one sec18:23
seb128mdeslaur, the indicator integration is also borked18:23
mdeslaursarnold, seb128: bug 127245518:23
ubottubug 1272455 in xchat-gnome (Ubuntu) "window scrolling is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127245518:23
mdeslaurI think reverting it would be best for now18:23
mdeslaurfixing these issues is likely to be a substantial task18:24
seb128mdeslaur, yeah, the indicator doesn't clear the count as it should and when you click on a channel with a wrong status it segfaults18:24
seb128mdeslaur, do you want to do the revert? just take the previous version and bump the changelog to new+revert18:24
mdeslaurseb128: sure18:25
seb128it doesn't even scroll correctly to the bottom of a channel when new messages are added18:25
seb128mdeslaur, thanks18:25
bdmurraydobey: in the upper right hand corner does it say "logged in as "?18:28
dobeybdmurray: no18:28
dobeynow it does, and still empty list18:29
* mdeslaur chuckles at insane xchat-gnome version18:29
bdmurraydobey: I'll look at the server logs to see if there is an oops at all.  Does /var/log/syslog show the crash being uploaded by whoopsie?  Is there a .uploaded file corresponding to the crash in /var/crash?18:31
tarpmanmdeslaur: that must be some kind of record18:31
dobeybdmurray: there's no uploaded file, no18:31
mdeslaurI'm still thinking about it :)18:31
bdmurraydobey: this week I uploaded a new version of whoopsie that fixed when crash files were uploaded (every 2 hours vs immediately)18:32
seb128mdeslaur, how that version could be uploaded is behind me18:32
seb128mdeslaur, not the version number, but the buggy xchat-gnome code18:32
seb128mdeslaur, I'm using it for 15 min and it's already driving me nuts18:32
cjwatsonI'm still confused at why people think abbreviated git sha-1s are a sensible thing to put in version numbers, given that they are NOT MONOTONICALLY INCREASING18:33
mdeslaurIf anyone has an idea for a sane version, I'm all ears :)18:33
cjwatsonif you need a sequence number in case you upload more than one snapshot on the same day, use .1 .2 etc.; if you want to store the git sha-1 somewhere, put it somewhere other than your version ...18:33
cjwatsonmdeslaur: it's obviously not your fault :)18:33
dobeybdmurray: how am i supposed to guess when it will be uploaded exactly?18:34
xnoxseb128: i've switched to pure xchat with xchat-indicator long time ago. it actually integrates into unity better than xchat-gnome, imho.18:34
xnoxseb128: poke the uploader about it =)18:34
bdmurraydobey: if you restart whoopsie it will do an initial scan for .crash files and upload it then18:34
seb128xnox, how so?18:34
seb128xnox, the upload is dholbach (sponsoring), the updater has been poked through assigned launchpad bug ;-)18:35
xnoxseb128: it actually picks up font sizes for me at least =) and messaging menu / (n) on the icon works properly, and i've uploaded useful functional patches to xchat ;-)18:35
xnoxthere is a new fork of xchat as well, haven't tried it yet.18:35
xnoxxchat is kind of like xemacs 21 ;-)18:36
seb128xnox, launchpad/messaging menu integration works fine with xchat-gnome18:36
xnoxand back then, xchat-gnome was crashing for me a lot =/ whereas xchat is rock-solid for me.18:36
seb128I didn't have an xchat-gnome segfault in years18:36
seb128well, both options are good ones, choice for everyone ;-)18:37
mdeslauryeah, the last bad one was the copy/paste thingy18:37
mdeslaurbut I think that's solved now18:37
seb128iirc it is18:37
jdstrand@pilot in18:38
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* mdeslaur considers (1:0.30.0~git20131003.d20b8d-2ubuntu1+really20110821ubuntu13)18:39
seb128mdeslaur, just do "(1:0.30.0~git20131003.d20b8d-2ubuntu1+revert)" ;-)18:48
dobeybdmurray: hmm, restarted whoopsie service and still no upload afaict18:49
* mdeslaur fights with orig tarball18:54
mdeslaurseb128: how the heck do I handle the orig tarball?18:55
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bdmurraydobey: hmm, I'm looking into whoopsie now thanks19:01
dobeybdmurray: ok, thanks19:01
* mdeslaur tries 1:0.30.0~git20131003.d20b8d+really20110821-0.2ubuntu1219:03
mdeslaurseb128: uploaded19:10
kentbslangasek: (or any AA for that matter) kirkland and I worked on some fixes for wsmancli / openwsman and there are some new openwsman binaries in the trusty upload queue.  If we could get those promoted before Monday that'd be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.19:30
bdmurraydobey: thanks again for bringing that up, I discovered the problem20:19
dobeybdmurray: is it server side? or client?20:21
bdmurraydobey: its apport - bug 127250520:22
ubottubug 1272505 in apport (Ubuntu Trusty) "chaning MarkForUpload to _MarkForUpload causes crashes never to be uploaded to errors.ubuntu.com" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127250520:22
dobeybdmurray: ah ok. i'll wait for the update then20:22
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tester56has anyone an idea how to block a user from recording audio? (disallow access to microphone)21:29
tarpmanjdstrand: replied to your comment on #976100 (not sure it emailed you, looks like you aren't subscribed)21:48
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jdstrandtarpman: ack21:52
jdstrand@pilot out22:37
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