UallasHello world!08:48
mipsHow do I install the Gnome desktop on Ubuntu 14.04, apparently gnome is in the repos09:59
mips[Ch4m3l30n], yes that is where I saw it but how do I install it on a existing ubuntu install?10:05
darkxstmips, just install 'ubuntu-gnmoe-desktop'10:06
mipsnot to bad only 45MB to be downloaded10:08
darklight_darkxst, there are a couple of small issues if nautilus uses the desktop it displays file at the top as running (as if nautlius was open) and the /etc/init.d/gdm script has an error on line 79 , try to restart it10:34
darkxstdarklight_, I don't understand what you mean re nautilus10:40
darklight_darkxst, I'll make a screenshot hold on10:41
darkxstgdm script indeed appears to have spurious 'fi'10:42
darkxstdoes the error go way if you remove line 79 from it?10:43
darklight_darkxst, still uploading the screenshot10:43
darklight_it's taking forever10:44
darklight_darkxst, http://imgur.com/zMJ5sCk10:44
darklight_files should not show up as running just because it is managing the desktop10:45
* darklight_ restarts gdm10:46
darkxstright, but that situation is unmaintained unfortunately, we have some hacks in place to make it work, but really you are not meant to use it ;)10:47
darklight_darkxst, :(10:48
darkxstdarklight_, patches welcome!10:48
darklight_gdm doesn't throw an error but I don't think it restarts either shouldn't it restart X ?10:48
darklight_log me out and all10:49
darklight_because it didn't10:49
darkxstno, but is should log you out and kill gnome-shell10:49
darklight_darkxst, well it doesn't :P10:49
darkxstok, I will take a closer look at that one, next week10:50
darklight_darkxst, give me an hint to what I could look into for the nautilus thing10:50
darklight_Hopefully it should be trivial, I have a fedora install where it works fine so it's likely either a patch missing or a simple config10:51
darkxstdarklight_, are you using the PPA?10:51
darkxstfedora doesnt support desktop icons?10:52
darklight_darkxst, ? maybe I'm missing something are icons showing up using different methods here rather than in fedora ?10:53
darkxstI don't know what fedora does, but upstream removed all support for nautilus managing the desktop10:54
darklight_darkxst: sorry about that I had the brilliant idea of removin the gdm init script and reinstalling it and it seems the init script is not packaged with the gdm package so I'm stuck in tty now10:56
darkxstdarklight_, I don't know what fedora does, but upstream removed all support for nautilus managing the desktop10:56
darkxstdarklight_, sure it is!10:57
darklight_darkxst: interesting I shall ask them then, I've tried on both opensuse and fedora and works ok10:57
darklight_darkxst: well it really doesn't want to show up though10:57
darkxstwhere else would it come from?10:57
darklight_eh no idea but it just isn't reinstall when issuing apt-get --reinstall install gdm10:58
darkxstdarklight_, maybe just rip it out of the deb then10:58
darkxstits definitely in there10:58
darklight_darkxst: how do I unpack the .deb ?10:59
darkxstfile-roller should manage11:00
darkxstoh but your in a tty still?11:01
darklight_darkxst: I'm stuck in tty for now can't access applications but I managed with dpkg11:01
darklight_and still11:01
darklight_no init file but it is there when it's unpacked11:02
darkxstdarklight_, purge gdm and reinstall11:02
darkxstthat would have to result in init file getting reinstalled11:03
mgedminmidnight commander is a nice way of extracting single files from .deb in a terminal11:03
darklight_done now it's there11:04
darkxsttesting in VM's is a nice way not to destroy your main system ;)11:04
* mgedmin upgraded to 3.10 from the ppa today and is now enjoying mild breakage11:10
darklight_darkxst, they both use the gnome-tweak-tool which I think uses the gsetting option11:10
darklight_but it sure does look different11:11
darklight_is it possible that gnome-tweak-tool needs updating ?11:11
darklight_yes different tweak-tool versions, in the most recent alpha it's 3.8 while gnome-shell is 3.1011:12
darkxstdarklight_, I don't think so11:15
darklight_darkxst, yes the one in the alpha is 3.8 in the ppa there's 3.1011:16
darkxstno but the problem will be deeper than that11:16
darkxstgnome-tweek-tool auto-generates most options from gsettings info11:16
darklight_darkxst, could be but it's worth a shot plus there are not a whole lot of 3.8 packages left11:16
darkxstdarklight_, have a look at the patches in fedora11:17
darklight_darkxst, to what component ?11:17
darkxstthey must also be reverting patches if nautilus still manages desktop11:17
darkxstnautilus, gnome-desktop(3) and maybe gnome-settings-daemon11:18
darkxstunless desktop icons are implemented via  a shell extension in fedora? but I doubt that11:19
darklight_darkxst, gnome-desktpo3-data is still at 3.8, could upgrading at 3.10 help ?11:20
darklight_well then I'll ask11:21
darkxstthat is a major pain point, trying to get it updated, but won't help your issue11:21
darklight_same thing for gnome-settings-daemon ?11:23
darkxstbasically, that is blocked by gnome-desktop11:24
darkxstbut again, I don't see anything that would affect your issue11:24
darkxstyou should look at the patches, not just the version numbers11:25
darkxstand yes they will mostly be in C!11:25
darklight_darkxst, I don't fear the patches themselves but it's just that I'm not finding anything relevant (looking at opensuse but still works fine there too)11:26
darkxstkeep looking then!11:27
darkxstsince I certainly don't have any spare capacity to look into these things11:28
darklight_darkxst, sure it's just I don't know what to look into, I'll have to wait for input from (hopefully) Dimstar from opensuse (he's the gnome packager)11:29
darkxstdarklight_, nautilus no longer supports managing desktop11:30
darkxstthey would have patches to re-enable that?11:30
darkxstcompare those patches against the patches we have in ubuntu11:31
darkxstI would just diff the relevant patches, but reading a diff of diffs is really hard11:34
darklight_darkxst, maybe I found something relevant11:34
darklight_maybe not but it's the only thing that comes even close so far11:35
darkxstwhat did you find?11:35
darklight_not sure if it's applied here, I'm ashamed to admit I have very very little experience with .deb files, I'm trying to figure out where to check11:36
darkxstdarklight_, check the source packag11:36
darkxstin /debian/patches/11:36
darkxstand that patch is irrelevant to your issue11:37
darkxstatleast I believe its just changing the types of the icons11:38
darklight_darkxst, it seems like it is but it's the only one that comes even remotly close the others are blacklight patches proxy patches notify patches but nothing about the desktop11:38
darkxstit won't help the nautilus is running in topbar11:39
darklight_darkxst, I know but if it's not a patch to those components I don't know where to look11:39
darklight_darklight_, now that I think about it there's a similar issue on unity that has never been fixed11:40
darklight_do they use nautilus too ?11:40
darklight_if on unity one opens it and closes it it still shows on top as open11:40
darklight_it does not give focus to the desktop by default11:41
darklight_so I guess it's some real ugly patch from the unity guys that creates the issue11:41
darkxstso it only shows up after you click an icon then?11:41
darklight_here it's always but I remember on unity just open nautilus close it and it won't give focus to the desktop by default it will still show as open which is somewhat similar to what happens here11:42
darkxstnautilus 3.10 is on gnome3 PPA, try with that11:43
darkxstotherwise you will have to dig a bit deeper, but I have to run in a bit11:43
darklight_is it more vanilla ?11:43
darkxstI don't know, but my guess would be its patch related, since upstream don't support that feature anymore though11:47
darklight_darkxst, I've asked and it's supported11:47
darklight_"DimStar> darklight_: no, this is still upstream features.. no patches needed"11:47
darklight_so I would say rather than trying to find what is wrong with the patches the unity guys added I think it'd be best to just build a vanilla nautilus11:48
darklight_without unity patches that is11:49
darklight_I would try and build it myself but as I said no idea how to write deb packages so if anyone is interested the only thing needed would be removing all the patches and rebuilding the package11:51
darkxstdarklight_, ok so the patches we reverted were to bring back nautilus managing the background on the desktop not the actual icons11:54
darkxstfwiw you don't need to rewrite a deb just to rebuild it!11:55
darkxstapt-get source nautilus11:55
darkxstquilt pop -a11:55
darklight_darkxst, rebuild it without any patches that is what I don't knwo11:55
darklight_just vanilla, or at least no unity patches11:55
darkxstedit debian/patches/series and comment out any unity patches11:55
darkxstdch -i , to bump version in changelog11:55
darkxstdeubild -S11:56
darkxstand build away!11:56
darkxst(with dpkg-buildpackage or preferably pbuilder)11:56
darklight_ok I'll try11:58
darkxstdarklight_, ok, I will be back sometime monday12:06
darkxst(going away for the weekend and likely wont have much internet)12:07
darklight_darkxst, debuild can't find some files12:10
darklight_darkxst, like debian/rules:3: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/autoreconf.mk: No such file or directory12:10
darklight_there's a few of those with different files12:10
darkxstdarklight_, you are missing some deps12:11
darklight_apt-get builddep ?12:11
darkxstapt-get install build-essentials12:11
darkxstand apt-get build-dep nautilus]12:11
darklight_darkxst, out of curiosity will they get remove later if I issue an autoremove ?12:12
darklight_what would be the clean way to remove build dependencies ?12:12
darkxstremove all -dev packages12:12
darkxstor just leave them there, apart from a bit of disk space, they won't hurt12:13
darkxsti.e. will not affect run-time performance12:14
darkxstinstalling debug packages on the other hand will destroy run-time performance12:14
darklight_darkxst, yes I know I just like to keep things tidy12:14
darkxstthen just remove all -dev packages12:15
darkxstthat should be possible in about 3 lines of bash script12:15
darklight_it fails again12:16
darklight_should I ru ndpkg-source --commit as it suggests ?12:16
darkxstno, you should follow the instruction I typed!12:17
darklight_I did I just disabled some more patches should have I ran dch -i again ?12:18
darkxst<darkxst> quilt pop -a12:18
darkxst<darkxst> edit debian/patches/series and comment out any unity patches12:18
darklight_Patch interactive_search.patch does not remove cleanly (refresh it or enforce with -f)12:18
darkxst-f is fine, though you have probably messed up things at this point anyway12:19
darklight_darkxst, I'll restart from the beginning12:19
darkxstyes do, and....12:20
* darkxst gone now!12:20
darklight_have fun!12:20
mgedminthe gnome3-team ppa has mutter for saucy14:23
mgedminany plans to update it to 3.10.2?14:23
mgedminBGO#710251 annoys me14:23
mgedminFontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/65-khmer.conf", line 14: out of memory15:39
mgedminwhat's that all about?15:39

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