gg0shouldn't it be backported to precise LTS too?00:02
gg0don't know how to add an Affects line00:02
tewardgg0: as a normal user you can't, if you tell me what's affected I'll nominate it for those series' of Ubuntu, but you have to confirm that those versions are affected00:04
gg0teward: ok i confirm that both #1266088 and #1266089 affect all releases since precise _included_ (all prerm and postinst scripts in question have same md5checksum)00:23
tewardgg0: nominated both bugs for P, Q, R, S, and T.  it wouldn't hurt to mark that you tested the bugs and found that all those releases are affected by it00:36
gg0about bug #1253468, it's harder00:48
ubottubug 1253468 in gnash (Ubuntu Saucy) "gnash: youtube play with ffmpeg media handler broken on wheezy" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125346800:48
tewardgg0: as i said you have to test each version of the software there to determine whether it's affected, Q, R, S, and T are listed as affected, but I suspect xnox did that, they may know something you and I don't.00:50
gg0i'm doing that from chroots. and it behaves a bit differently than debian ones00:52
gg0i mean that it seems affected on all included P but when i workaround it as described in bug description i can't see any video, everything black, though movie seems stating because progress bar moves00:55
gg0plus, on P seems even gstreamer handler is broken, would need further debug00:56
gg0btw easy to test and workaround if you take a look at bug description00:58
gg0i'd like to know how it behaves on your ubuntu machine00:58
tewardwell mine's 12.04 so probably the same :P01:01
gg0give it a try, it doesn't bite01:02
tewardnah, too busy dealing with spambots in other channels01:03
gg0exactly what i meant, machine that hosts chroots01:03
tewardgg0: this is why I like CLI output - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6806038/01:07
tewardgg0: however, the workaround they propose does work in 12.0401:08
tewardbut this isn't a chroot test :P01:08
* teward doesn't test bugs in chroots, he tests in VMs normally :P01:08
tewardfortunately my computer is 12.04 so i don't need a VM :)01:08
gg0might be i had a temporary network problem01:09
gg0but i don't think you also have a Q R S T machine :p01:11
tewardthat's what the VMs are for :P01:11
* teward has a Q, R, S, and T VM01:11
tewards/a Q/Q/01:11
gg0good. time to fire them up and test it again them :)01:11
tewardno need, Triaged usually means confirmed / ready for work on it :p01:14
gg0btw test in question worked great on debian chroots on a debian machine, just such black screen on ubuntu chroots01:14
* teward shrugs01:15
tewardI'll leave our comments for xnox, they'll probably see them when they unlurk and be able to provide additional comments01:15
* teward tends to his sbuild chroots which're still failing01:16
gg0builds cannot fail, patch is tiny and all changes are ifdef'ed depending on libav versions01:19
tewardwell, "builds" can fail01:20
tewardwhich is why part of SRUing is build testing01:20
tewardeither in a PPA or in sbuild or pbuilder01:20
tewardbut apparently I broke my sbuild chroots01:20
tewardso i'm just gonna nuke em and rebuild them from scratch01:20
tewardand NOT modify them :P01:20
gg0*builds with patch in question01:20
tewardgg0: i'm too thorough a triager, i ALWAYS build-test :P01:21
tewarddownside is it takes almost an hour to build in sbuild on my system, but meh01:21
tewardgg0: I'd rather not intrude on xnox's assigned bugs, though, outside of testing, so you can suggest things all you want, I'm still going to wait for xnox :)01:23
gg0i don't think it did anything else than what he wrote/we can see01:24
* teward shrugs, and goes back to rebuilding schroots01:25
gg0ok thanks for now01:25
gg0we'll see whemever he'll come back from vacation in a couple of months :p01:26
gg0anyway #1266088 and #1266089 are not assigned, you wouldn't hijack anything01:33
gg0thanks for yout time01:33
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dholbachgood morning08:03
xnoxteward: gg0: please fix bugs assigned to me =)09:54
xnoxthat would be lovely09:54
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Laneyhe'll split his salary with you if you do15:46
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TheLordOfTimexnox: ack.  i'll prep debdiffs.17:35
TheLordOfTimecan someone approve the precise nomination on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnash/+bug/1253468 ?17:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 1253468 in gnash (Ubuntu Saucy) "gnash: youtube play with ffmpeg media handler broken on wheezy" [Low,Triaged]17:36
TheLordOfTime(since xnox said we can all fix his bugs)17:36
xnoxTheLordOfTime: that's easy, nomination approved.17:37
TheLordOfTimexnox: thanks :)17:37
TheLordOfTimexnox: this is gonna be a long day for my sbuild chroots, though, I always test-build before putting debdiffs up :P17:38
TheLordOfTimeand that took about an hour to build for saucy17:38
TheLordOfTimexnox: been a little bit since I did an SRU, I target it for RELEASE-proposed right?17:45
TheLordOfTimenevermind, question answered17:46
xnoxTheLordOfTime: you can just target: RELEASE these days, it gets auto-redirected.17:47
TheLordOfTimexnox: ah, the SRU guidelines suggest to target RELEASE-proposed and i already did that on the changelogs for quantal, raring, and saucy17:50
TheLordOfTimexnox: i take it that even though it's autoredirected targeted debdiffs for RELEASE-proposed are still accepted?17:51
xnoxyeah, either is fine.17:51
TheLordOfTimealso, one question, should each of these get a .1 at the end of the version, or a whole number bump at the end?  I ask that because the procedures say:17:51
TheLordOfTime"he version number does not conflict with any later and future version in other Ubuntu releases (the security policy document has a well-working scheme which can be used for SRUs.)"17:51
TheLordOfTimeand because a number bump in quantal will conflict with raring, and raring will conflict with saucy17:52
cjwatsonif you follow the link to the security doc it has an algorithm you can follow17:52
TheLordOfTimeor is that irrelevant in each individual release?17:52
cjwatsonor at any rate a pretty comprehensive list of examples17:52
TheLordOfTimecjwatson: that suggests the .1 to the end of the version number (dch also does that, adds the .1)17:52
TheLordOfTimecjwatson: i've provided debdiffs with .1 at the end of version numbers as dch and that guide had said, and it's been changed to a full number bump, but I assume that'll be corrected before it's uploaded17:53
TheLordOfTime(if such corrections are needed)17:53
cjwatson.1 would be correct here, as you say a straight increment would conflict17:53
TheLordOfTimecjwatson: a straight increment on precise wouldn't conflict, though, the base version is higher than precise in later releases17:55
TheLordOfTimebut i'll just do whatever dch does :P17:56
TheLordOfTimesponsors can change it if necessary later :)17:56
TheLordOfTimexnox: cjwatson: can either of you assist me in figuring out why sbuild failed here?  I can see it says its because of a dependent package not going to be installed, but that's kinda an ambiguous error.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6809646/18:05
TheLordOfTime(that failure looks to be in precise)18:09
cjwatsonTheLordOfTime: sorry, buried in grub18:19
TheLordOfTimecjwatson: no problem.18:19
cjwatsonone of these weeks I will actually nail down enough regressions to be able to put this in trusty with a clear conscience ...18:20
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Ampelbeinteward: You don't seem to have precise-updates enabled in your sbuild chroot18:53
Ampelbeinteward: Maybe that screws up the dependencies18:54
tewardAmpelbein: probably, i'll update the chrotos19:06
tewardAmpelbein: um... question, how does one go enabling precise-updates in the sbuild chroot19:09
* teward hasn't fussed with the chroots much yet19:09
Ampelbeinteward: I always login to the source chroot and add to /etc/apt/sources.list19:10
AmpelbeinI don't know if there is an easier way.19:10
* teward shrugs19:11
tewardAmpelbein: i'll do that for the source chroots then19:11
tewardgood news is the others all build without incident :P19:13
tewardAmpelbein: looks like that resolved the apt failure, lets see if it builds19:28
tewardAmpelbein: yeah, adding in precise-updates has resolved the initial issue I was having, the build's going now.  (it's a LONG build though >.>)19:42
tewardwell, now that that builds, all's good.  now i wait for a sponsor to see it.  :)20:04
gg0teward: thanks22:08
gg0what about bug #1266088 and bug #1266089?22:09
ubottubug 1266088 in gnash (Ubuntu) "Please fix alternatives system" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126608822:09
ubottubug 1266089 in lightspark (Ubuntu) "Please fix alternatives system" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126608922:09
* gg0 should then invent something otherwise he'd be out of bugs to nag about22:13

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