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bazhang<JENelson> pleanbean, you have two windows boot partitions. You could manually edit grub.cfg and remove one of them. you could initialize the partition you want to eliminate.02:49
bazhangI thought there was a HUGE warning about not doing that02:49
Unit193# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE   at the top big enough?02:50
bazhanghehe yeah02:51
bazhang<zack_> pk gn02:52
bazhanghe just lost me02:52
Unit193"OK, good night"02:53
bazhangpk is the new OK?02:53
bazhangI thought it was kk02:53
Unit193(I'm guessing here, I have no idea what's going on...)02:54
bazhangholstein has the patience of a saint02:54
harrisr(harrisr) Does flashing Ubuntu touch void square trade warranty04:49
phunyguy^ ??05:04
IdleOnewe have some special friends who sometimes join here by mistake05:05
phunyguyI see.05:10
phunyguyhow is that even possible?05:11
IdleOneharrisr has been here before, he is impatient, a cross poster, a generally doesn't listen to answers.05:13
phunyguysounds like a stand-up guy.05:15
phunyguygoodnight everyone05:15
harrisrWhy is #ubuntu-touch a dead channel05:18
IdleOneit isn't05:22
IdleOneyou just need to learn to be patient05:22
harrisrI have been waiting for like 15 minutes05:22
harrisrFor a question as simple as does it void the warrenty05:23
IdleOneyes well it is the middle of the night in eastern america and europe05:23
IdleOnemight want to wait a few hours05:23
harrisrDo you know the answer05:24
IdleOneif it is so simple how come you don't know the answer05:24
IdleOnewhy don't you try reading the warranty05:24
IdleOneguess he didn't like me answer05:25
rwwphunyguy: "how is that even possible" => banforwards are one way06:52
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ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv09:08
MerrrrsHey I need some help09:16
MerrrrsI was recently banned from #ubuntu09:16
MerrrrsBy a mod/admin abusing his power. Who do I speak with about that?09:17
Myrttiwell you started wrong right there09:17
MerrrrsMyrtti, Sorry, I didn't see a template09:18
MerrrrsWhat do I do about a ban?09:18
Myrttiif you think that there's a problem with a mod/operator, it's actually better if you don't antagonise the people right from outset09:18
MerrrrsMyrtti, Not antagonising.09:18
Myrttiwould have been better off starting to explain what happened09:18
MerrrrsMyrtti, I have the IRC log.09:18
MerrrrsOne sec09:18
Myrttithen why didn't you provide the log rather than straight off claiming abuse09:18
MerrrrsHe banned me because I told him too fuck off. I know thats wrong.09:19
MerrrrsBefore I got a chance to apologize, he b& me09:19
ikoniaplease paste the rest of the converation09:20
MerrrrsMyrtti, I'm not some troll going around getting mods angry. I just needed to make sure I didn't mess anything up09:20
Merrrrsikonia, Dont have the channel log09:20
Merrrrsikonia, You instantly kicked me09:20
ikoniano the bits after that09:20
ikoniathat's in pm09:20
Merrrrsikonia, Hold on09:20
ikoniaso the rest of the pm conversation09:20
Merrrrsikonia, Alright dude09:21
MerrrrsLjL-Landan, ?09:21
Myrttiso you used the word 'shit' and were told off for doing that, and then promptly ...09:23
MerrrrsWas d/c'd09:23
MerrrrsWhat do I do about my ban? Are you folks still there?09:25
Myrttiso you used the word 'shit' and were told off for doing that, and then promptly told ikonia to fuck off after he had used time and effort trying to help you?09:26
Myrttiis that the summary of what happened in #ubuntu?09:26
MerrrrsMyrtti, yeah. And I apologized for that. I didn't like how he kept avoiding my requests09:27
MerrrrsI even told him he didnt have to help me anymore09:27
MerrrrsJust needed a quick example of the one line of syntax on pastebin maybe?09:27
Merrrrshe denied. Referred me to the man pages09:27
MerrrrsWhich I already read09:27
Merrrrsbut did not understand09:27
MerrrrsHence my visit to #ubuntu09:28
Myrttijust like I would have done, though I do find doing a google search much more fruitful as you can find bazillion examples there09:28
MerrrrsMyrtti, I have been trying to do this for days. Havent been finding anything useful09:28
MerrrrsAnd like I said09:28
MerrrrsIm not a pro09:28
MerrrrsBut im not a noob either... With certain things.09:28
MerrrrsI can handle a challenge09:29
MerrrrsI dont need to be spoonfed09:29
MerrrrsBut I had already tried09:29
MerrrrsAnd he ignored that fact09:29
MerrrrsI appreciate the free help, but listen to what the person asking for help has to say09:29
k1lMerrrrs: maybe the way of communication in the irc doesnt suit you that well. you can get voluntare support on askubuntu.com and ubuntuforums , too09:29
Merrrrsk1l, Maybe.09:30
MerrrrsBut I dont like forums09:30
Merrrrstoo slow09:30
Myrttior maybe you really need to consider what kind of language you use in a public setting09:30
MerrrrsMyrtti, I apologized. Can we move past that?09:30
Myrttithe language *was* uncalled for09:30
MerrrrsMyrtti, I know dude09:30
MerrrrsI apologize09:30
MerrrrsI apologize09:30
MerrrrsI apologize09:30
MyrttiI'm just reiterating09:30
MerrrrsMyrtti, I know.09:30
Myrttiand so09:30
MerrrrsMyrtti, I'm sure you deal with people like me a lot09:31
k1lMerrrrs: honestly, you are not making it any better actuall in here. you are still staying you like some challenge and dont need to be spoonfd but still demand the command to be given to you.09:31
Merrrrsk1l, I dont need the command to be given to me. Im need help making sure I dont ruin something, as I have an encrypted /home dir09:31
MerrrrsIm not asking you to do it for me09:32
MerrrrsMaybe an example? I have read the man page. I have researched09:32
k1lso this contradictory behaviour doesn look like that incidents will not happen again :/09:32
Merrrrsk1l, Sorry. I didn't understand that09:32
k1lso i suggest again to use other official ubuntu support ways. maybe its just that you expect too much out of the real time conversation09:33
MerrrrsMyrtti, Im just here making sure you guys realize that not everyone has the TIME, to be walked through. Thats why when I joined I said I had a fast question09:33
ikoniajust to clarify - you where not refused the command, you where asked to give the commmand you wanted/thought you should use so we could correct it09:33
Merrrrsikonia attmpted to take me on a drawn out, very verbose "troubleshooting" session. As you could call that09:34
MerrrrsI dont have time for that09:34
ikoniathen you don't use the command09:34
ikoniadd will destroy your system09:34
Merrrrsikonia, what?09:34
Merrrrsikonia, If used incorrectly, yes09:34
ikoniahence why certain information is needed not "troubleshooting" - factual information09:35
MerrrrsWhy did you ask me what I would do if my SSD failed? Was that relevant?09:35
ikoniayes, to make sure you where using the right tool for the job09:35
ikoniano point having a backup if you can't use it09:35
Merrrrsikonia, Thats not your problem though man09:35
MerrrrsI needed help with ONE THING09:35
MerrrrsNot decision making09:35
ikoniaI'm done09:35
Merrrrsikonia, I know you want to help me09:35
MerrrrsBut future issues, are not your issue09:36
MerrrrsI understand why I cant restore with different hardware09:36
MerrrrsI dont care about that right now though09:36
MerrrrsMyrtti, Am I being unreasonable?09:36
Myrttisorry, I'm actually a bit busy outside this channel09:38
MerrrrsMyrtti, What do I do about my ban?09:38
Merrrrsikonia was just not even listening to what I had to say09:39
MerrrrsDoes that matter to you?09:39
ikoniaI listened exceptionnally carefully09:39
ikoniaI asked you for the command you whre trying to use - to help you /correct it09:39
Myrttiyou wait until someone is listening - I can't spare any time for this right *now*09:39
MerrrrsWell can I go back to #ubuntu09:40
MerrrrsTo ask someone else for help?09:40
ikoniahello cub15:57
cubHi we've had some problems with spamming users from xtec.cat during the day in #ubuntustudio and unfortunately the IRC ops in the channel have not been available. I was suggested to come in here to see if anyone could help out?15:58
ikoniacub: ok, lets see what we can do15:58
cubthanks ikonia15:58
ikoniaok, so the first thing you should be aware of is that freenode staff are on the access list, so you can request help from freenode staff if there are no ops about15:59
ikoniasecond thing is jussi (in this channel) is on the access list under his old jussi01 nick, so getting the access list up to him16:01
cubso stupid question, what's the access list?16:02
ikoniapeople who are ops in the channel16:02
Myrtti/msg chanserv access #ubuntustudio list16:03
cubgreat thanks16:05
cubI'll go on from there. Cheers16:06
phunyguySounds like they could use some help during this timeframe in that channel.17:10
SN3can some one unban me from ubuntu-offtopic?17:43
IdleOneSN3: Do you remember why you got banned?17:47
SN3no idea17:56
bazhangSN3, the sysinfo you used18:05
bazhang#test is a good place for that18:06
SN3bazhang: okay18:13
bazhangSN3, I'm not an -offtopic operator, perhaps if you waited a moment we can about your ban there18:20
phunyguyshall I?18:21
bazhangSN3, wont have that issue any further, will you18:21
bazhangSN3, are you there? could you please respond?18:27
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Myrttijust in case someone is living under a rock, google is having some issues, so if someone is complaning that googly stuff doesn't work...20:17
geniiAh, good to know.20:18
rwwtell them to use duckduckgo :320:18
hggdhprolly cause the market is getting clobbered today (so far, -270)20:19
jbroomeand gmail performance is tied to the DOW?20:19
hggdhthey get nervous, and such20:19
Myrttirww: brb, going to rustle the Skype network, see how you're doing then...20:19
rwwMyrtti: we don't use Skype, we use jitsi :P20:20
Myrttiwell you get the point anyway20:20
rwwyay decentralization!20:20
rwwshame that's Hard for search engines :(20:20
rwwanyways. ty for heads up20:20
Myrttiapparently things should be on the mend now, so maybe there aren't any complaints anymore20:21

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