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rostamHi I am trying to compile a package which reqiures a head file from boost library  version libboost1.49.-dev as part of quantal, but my system is on precise (12.04) how could I use that library in precise? thx03:54
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swimmerok guys just for the records: that workaround that I applied yesterday was *not* applicable for OpenVZ en that's why the whole vps went down after a reboot.10:47
ogra_well, ask your OpenVZ provider to fix it ...11:05
ogra_afaik they are legally not allowed to call it Ubuntu if they change the default packages ... iirc thats somewhere in the trademark policy11:05
swimmerhihi - you mean I should p*ss them off on day 2 already? ;-)11:18
swimmerI first let them investigate what else I could use to adjust the logging to my liking ...11:18
swimmerit seems to be a known issue with OpenVZ11:19
rbasakjamespage: please could you subscribe ~ubuntu-server for ruby-rgen? This is for bug 1271857.11:24
* rbasak wonders where the bot is.11:24
ZorkyHello. Im having trouble with a PXE server im setting up. The PXE server works. and is able to spit images out. But when i boot into an image. i get to the live version of ubuntu desktop. thats fine. i get an internet connection there. and is able to ping But when i boot ubuntu 12.04 server i get bad archive mirror. like it dosent get a dns11:47
mardraumare you assigning IP info manually, or using DHCP?11:48
Zorkyusing dhcp11:48
mardraumare the dns servers your dhcp server is giving out legit?11:48
Zorkygiving out dns name. and the server ip. and
mardraumdoes "host google.com" work ?11:49
Zorkyoption domain-name "example.local";11:49
Zorkyoption domain-name-servers;11:49
Zorkyoption domain-name-servers
Zorkyrebooting the vm11:49
Zorkyi think i just found the error. there was no ; after
Zorkymardraum:  pinging google.com work11:54
mardraumoriginal problem remains?11:58
Zorkygonna test with ubuntu server now. have to download 32bit version to test it now11:59
Zorkymardraum:  it works now :) funny how 1 letter can mess the entire thing up12:07
mardraumnot really. but a good lesson to learn12:08
Zorkymardraum:  it's weird that it works fine when you are not pxe booting. then i get the dns. but the images dont :S12:09
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LeMikehello. i am puzzled. viewing `ps -e | grep sh` shows me one process with bash. i like to kill all of them but I can't. neither me nor another root is able to `kill 1234 -KILL` or `kill 1234` this one. someone familiar with it ? some ideas?13:05
rostamhi is there any mechanism that a process can be notified if a usb devices is installed or removed? thx13:07
rbasakrostam: look into udev (for low level) and the D-Bus "org.freedesktop.UDisks" service (for desktop integration)13:12
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rostamrbasak, thx13:13
rostamrbasak, I did some googling, I find udev-noify.  This provides gui notification which is not what I am looking for. Any suggestion? thx13:18
rbasakrostam: you can add your own udev rules set up to run what you want when something happens. You can also write a daemon to receive realtime notifications from udev (eg. "udevadm monitor" does this). I suggest you look deeper into udev and try and understand it.13:20
rostamrbasak, thanks got it13:21
jamespagerbasak: done13:36
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swimmerrostam: another option could be udevil14:11
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/neutron/2014.1.b2/+merge/20307514:18
jamespagezul: +114:19
zuljamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/horizon/2014.b2.1/+merge/20307914:29
jamespagezul, needs an asset refresh14:31
zuljamespage:  f..14:31
zuljamespage:  fixed14:36
* jamespage goes to make his eyes hurt14:39
zuljamespage:  hah14:40
jamespagezul, you need to add the new assets it generated to the branch14:40
zuljamespage:  *sigh* can you take care of horizon, its starting to piss me off14:41
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/ironic/2014.1.b2/+merge/20309015:03
rbasakjamespage: FYI, looking at mysql now. Looks like this one will take me a while.15:08
* rbasak disappears into a corner to work on it.15:08
jamespagezul, ok - re horizon15:10
zuljamespage:  thanks15:10
zuljamespage:  ironic is going to have sqlalchemy problems as well :(15:14
jamespagezul, oh great15:15
jamespagewhen does that all land upstream?15:15
jamespagezul, horizon done and uploading btw15:16
zuljamespage:  icehouse-3 i think15:18
zuljamespage:  requirements repo got updated last week and the gates are backed up15:19
jamespagezul, fwiw I confirmed bug 1248519 on trusty15:30
zuljamespage:  do you know if the attached review fixes it?15:32
zuljamespage:  so i was looking at django-compressor and beautifulsoup is optional dependency16:04
jamespagezul, which bits do we use for openstack?16:07
jamespageand does the test suite pass without it as a bd?16:07
zuljamespage:  not sure about the openstack bits, you need a patch that was pushed upstream like 2 hours agao16:07
zuljamespage:  i think we will be fine with out it16:16
zuljamespage:  the saucy version didnt have bs installed and i dont think we had any problems with the compression did we?16:16
jamespagezul, no - it worked OK - but bear in mind this is a distro package, not an openstack package16:17
jamespagewe need to get rid of beautifulsoup in favor of bs416:17
zuljamespage:  agreed16:17
zuljamespage:  lemme try something first16:17
jamespagezul, ok16:17
zuljamespage:  http://django-compressor.readthedocs.org/en/latest/quickstart/#dependencies16:20
zuljamespage:  ok i unerstand this now16:32
zuljamespage:  upstream django-compressor (in github) use bs4 for python3 support16:32
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jamespagezul, oh16:44
Vasais it possible to configure pptp to work in a way that there is a lan-like connection between all the clients? and if so what term do you recommend me to google for? i tried pptp work like lan17:28
hitsujiTMOVasa: i assume you mean you want a NAT17:28
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Vasawell maybe, its just i am trying to play games like CIV and i want to avoid the use of stuff like hamachi17:30
Vasado you think PPTP can be configured to work that way?17:30
hitsujiTMOVasa: are all the clients connecting to the vpn?17:32
hitsujiTMOVasa: or are some on the local lan where the vpn is?17:32
VasahitsujiTMO yes but when i tried it, i couldnt see them in the game in the list i assume some ports are blocked?17:32
Vasabut it works fine in a VPN client such as tunnegle17:33
Vasaand yes there was ping between the clients in PPTP17:33
hitsujiTMOVasa: then you need to set up the pptp clients in bridged mode17:34
hitsujiTMOwait. forget what i just saud17:34
hitsujiTMOVasa: ok, where is the vpn? someones house or a private server in a data center or what not?17:35
Vasai am not sure what the problem is tho, ports being blocked?17:36
Vasait doesnt transfer all the ports via the tunnel?17:36
hitsujiTMOVasa: if you can ping them but the game cannot connect then it sounds like a firewall issue on the host17:36
hazmatre lxc anyone know what this means.. $ lxc-start -d -n eis-m1 -> lxc-start: Executing '/sbin/init' with no configuration file may crash the host17:37
hazmatoh.. nevermind.. container wasn't defined..17:38
hxmi have configured a ldap server, I can add users and so on, but how to create an user that already exists in the machine? when I set up the unix I get the conflict18:17
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pmatulishxm: don't do that (create same user)18:27
Ryan_Lane2howdy. in 12.04 I could install cgroups-bin and use /etc/cgconfig.conf and /etc/cgrules.conf. it seems this package now just installs cgroups-lite, and I can't see how to use cgconfig/cgrules19:41
Ryan_Lane2in 14.0419:41
Ryan_Lane2what do I need to do to use cgroups in 14.04?19:41
sarnoldRyan_Lane2: a new cgroup manager is under construction, you can see progress here: https://github.com/hallyn/cgmanager19:44
Ryan_Lane2right, so I need to use that?19:44
sarnoldRyan_Lane2: likely, yes; it wouldn't hurt to look into it now, and expect that'll be easiest for 14.04..19:45
Ryan_Lane2any documentation?19:45
Ryan_Lane2does it use cgconfig/cgrules or no?19:45
sarnoldRyan_Lane2: dbus messages, as far as I've read through it so far19:46
sarnoldI don't know if it is planned or expected to write compatibility interfaces with the older mechanisms or not..19:46
hxmpmatulis: but then I will have duplicated users19:47
hxmshall I remove the system user and create it via ldap?19:47
joshu_hi what are some suitable ways to monitor an ubuntu server acting as a firewall, dhcp, nat, openvpn? The server is an edge virtual machine for a group of cloud servers. I'm interested in what is recommend to monitor in terms of bandwidth through the ubuntu server (router), the health of the server so that I know if something is going wrong instead of manually logging on to check things...20:11
sarnoldjoshu_: monitoring tends to take one of two forms, you've got your nagios-style up/down checks and you've got collectd-style statistics collection. both are useful. also investigate mrtg and munin.20:13
joshu_sarnold is using a service such as pingdom relevant?20:13
patdk-wkdepends on WHAT you need to monitor20:14
joshu_sarnold i.e. if pings fail something is wrong...20:14
patdk-wknothing you said, in your first post, says pingdom would help at all20:14
sarnoldjoshu_: if ping is a good representation of what you care about.. :)20:14
patdk-wkpingdom is to know, if *random people on the network* has issues talking to you20:14
patdk-wkthe issue is, hell, the kernel can almost completely crash, and ping wil lwork20:15
patdk-wkyou can remove all disks from the server, and ping will work20:15
sarnoldjoshu_: the linux-ha folks have piles of monitoring tests for their services that actually check the services are functional. that makes most sense to me..20:15
joshu_patdk-wk sarnold ok I see what you mean.20:15
joshu_So if the server is acting as a router/ firewall then I should focus on network related monitoring, but in addition to that monitoring CPU, memory, storage is also important to get an overall picture?20:17
patdk-wknormally, track connection count, traffic in/out, link status20:17
joshu_i'll brb20:18
joshu_back.. patdk-wk and those metrics you mentioned what tool do you use?20:32
pmatulishxm: yes, just keep a few key local users, like root and a few who can become root via sudo20:32
patdk-wkI use munin20:32
joshu_i'll google it20:34
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hxmmiss clicked20:47
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