Kaleorobru, hey00:06
Kaleorobru, friends app is broken with latest commit00:06
Kaleocommit 128 "Excellent new post view thanks to Kai Mast!"00:06
Kaleokenvandine, ^00:08
Kaleokenvandine, friends broke00:09
Kaleoa few minutes ago :)00:09
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apoollohey i have an install question for my n402:09
apoolloit appears that installation is complete but my phone brings up a prompt "ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix? should i answer yes or no?02:11
Fishsceneapollo: Is it still plugged in to your computer?02:11
FishsceneI'd say wait a while. The script should carry you past this point on its own, but it takes a while02:12
apoollooh ok... i was thinking that was the case, but I wasn't sure02:12
apoolloi'm just a little impatient02:12
FishsceneI flash on a VM and I can see when there is USB activity... it stays solid as it does stuff in this stage.02:12
FishsceneUnderstandable :P02:12
apoollothx again02:13
FishsceneWe're talking it could take 30-40 minutes02:13
apoollooh damn02:13
apoollook good to know... the instructions were vague.. wasn't sure how long a "very long time" was02:13
Fishscenelol. Might be shorter for you as you have native USB performance. Who knows! :P02:13
apoollowell we'll see. hopefully faster. thanks fishscene i'll just go play some dayz while I wait :P02:14
apollook i'm back02:36
apolloinstallation stalled at "ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?"02:36
apolloI waited to see if the script would work it out but the script eventually timed out throwing an error that installation took too long02:37
apolloI wonder if it's because the n4 has 4.302:37
FishsceneI actually don't know what the official response to this situation is, but when I've run into it, I've always selected "no"02:37
apollook cool02:38
apolloi just started the process over again02:38
apolloand will try no02:38
apolloif that doesn't work... i'll do it again and say yes02:38
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robruKaleo, what broke? I tested that branch quite thoroughly I thought03:42
robruKaleo, also, it's just in PPA, it's not in distro yet03:43
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fish__I'm about to install ubuntu touch on my lenovo s6000 but I couldn't find if the model is supported or if anybody tried it on that specific model, what should I expect?04:31
fish__I would love to help put this device on the working devices list04:40
harrisrDoes flashing Ubuntu touch void square trade warranty04:43
softcoderon nexus 404:47
softcoderusing dual boot04:47
softcodertried updating to latest via settings menu item04:47
softcoderdownloaded r14404:47
softcoderi selected instal land reboot04:47
softcoderit jsut botos back into the older ubuntu04:47
softcoderand does not isntall04:48
softcoderany ideas?04:48
softcoderi go back into updates and it lets me pick install and reboto again04:48
harrisrDoes flashing Ubuntu touch void square trade warranty04:48
softcoderits not doing it for some reason04:48
softcoderno idea04:48
harrisrThis channel is not active04:52
softcoderfound my answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/358741/how-to-update-my-already-installed-ubuntu-touch-image04:55
softcoderif in writeable mode you do updates from adb04:55
softcodernot the updates menu04:55
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harrisr (harrisr) (harrisr) Does flashing Ubuntu touch void square trade warranty05:13
harrisr(harrisr) (harrisr) Does flashing Ubuntu touch void square trade warranty05:15
fish__I'm about to install ubuntu touch on my lenovo s6000 but I couldn't find it in the device list, what should I expect?05:21
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anmolhello developers07:51
anmoli have a problem in terminal07:51
anmolubuntu touch 14.04 132 build07:51
anmolthe backspace and enter key is not working07:52
anmolplease help07:52
Fishsceneanmol: What device?07:53
FishsceneI know on my Nexus 7, backspace and enter key do not work in the Terminal App.07:54
anmolnexus 407:57
anmolits nexus 407:57
dholbachgood morning08:10
UbuntuUser1234Is it possible to disable USB charging on Ubuntu Touch while still have the device connected to a PC?08:35
HourdOut of curiosity, would you need this?08:36
UbuntuUser1234Hourd: I would like to measure the battery level while performing certain computations08:36
HourdI suppose you might be able to alter the cable to not have the power wires connected, not sure if that would work though, as USB will give power08:38
UbuntuUser1234Hourd: Of course I could unplug the device, but I would still like access the device through SSH connections08:38
UbuntuUser1234Well, I could look for a data-only USB cable. Perhaps this could be a solution08:46
tvosspitti, good morning09:09
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davmor2Morning all09:54
popeyyour alarm clock broken?09:54
ogra_he used ubuntu phone :P09:55
FishsceneGood morning10:05
olliSaviq, ping10:15
Mirvricmm: re-ping bug #1271879 you asked for runenv. all the attachments should be there (they were temporarily removed by apport-retracer) and the artifact directory is linked from the description. psivaa has also access to maguro where it happens. do you need something else?10:19
ubot5bug 1271879 in qtubuntu (Ubuntu) "qmlscene crashed with SIGABRT in qt_message_fatal()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127187910:19
ricmmMirv: does this only hapen with this app?10:25
ricmmhow reproducible is it10:25
Kaleorobru, it does not start10:47
davmor2popey: no at around 11 on a friday I have to go round to the mother-in-laws and give her, her nebuliser and meds for her lung cancer so I start earlier to cover the hour away10:50
popeygood guy davmor2 ☻10:50
davmor2popey: wifey has a morning off and goes to town, it was the only way we could work it :)10:51
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davmor2popey: shhhhhh you'll ruin my cover as pure unadulterated evil if you spread rumours like that :D10:51
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Mirvpsivaa: ^ didn't the same qmlscene crash seem to happen with some other apps too, or was it clock-app mainly?11:05
psivaaMirv: ricmm: they happen on maguro with calendar and clock app tests11:06
psivaaand ubuntuuitoolkit  test as well. was able to reproduce twice in calendar and clock11:07
Mirvright, calendar, that was it11:10
rickspencer3hey, I want to write a program with import QtSensors 5.011:13
rickspencer3specifically, I want to use OrientationSensor ...11:14
rickspencer3it's not working well, even when I set up pitti's sensor test environment11:14
rickspencer3is anyone working on that?11:14
ogra_rickspencer3, did you take a look at other apps using it ? i.e. the browser ...11:14
ogra_seems to work well in there11:14
rickspencer3ogra_, from QML?11:15
ogra_i think so11:15
rickspencer3ok, I'll take a look11:15
ogra_webbrowser-app is mainly QML afaik11:15
rickspencer3thanks ogra11:15
rickspencer3tbh, I think I am programming it right, just can't get it to run on my desktop11:15
pittirickspencer3: so the issue is that QtCreator crashes, or that the program crashes?11:16
ogra_oh, desktop11:16
rickspencer3pitti, well, if I install qtubuntu-sensors, qtcreator does not run11:16
rickspencer3ok, so, if I have qtubuntu-sensors installed, my app won't run11:26
rickspencer3it doesn't crash or anything, it just doesn't run11:29
rickspencer3if I remove it, then pitti's test framework doesn't seem to do anything11:29
rickspencer3if I run qtcreator from terminal, it crashes11:29
rickspencer3void DBusMenuExporterPrivate::addAction(QAction*, int): Already tracking action "Follow Symbol Under Cursor" under id 14911:29
rickspencer3Segmentation fault (core dumped)11:29
pittirickspencer3: yes, qtubuntu-sensors provides the actual implementation of the sensors for platform-api; without it, qtsensors will just give you a dummy implementation11:30
rickspencer3pitti, should the mocking that you explained to me yesterday work w/o qtubuntu-sensors?11:31
pittirickspencer3: no, it can't11:31
rickspencer3all I want is the mocking, tbh11:31
rickspencer3pitti, ok, so then qtubuntu-sensors must be busted in some say11:31
rickspencer3I'll log a bug11:31
rickspencer3pitti, is my reasoning correct, as far as you can tell?11:31
pittirickspencer3: I'm actually quite surprised/disappointed that the app doesn't work with the dummy backend (which is shipped by qtsensors itself)11:31
rickspencer3pitti, well, my app doesn't run and qtcreator segfaults11:32
rickspencer3so, ...11:32
pittirickspencer3: well, DBusMenuExporterPrivate::addAction doesn't sound like qtubuntu-sensors11:32
* rickspencer3 shrugs11:32
pittirickspencer3: dbusmenu is an Ubuntu thing11:32
rickspencer3pitti, well, I assumed that was not related11:32
pittirickspencer3: ah, perhaps; would need a stack trace to know the details11:32
pittirickspencer3: it segfaults, so it would be interesting to know where11:33
rickspencer3pitti, I have 2 files in /var/crash that look related11:33
rickspencer3I'll move them, then repro to ensure it's the same thing11:33
rickspencer3attach them to the bug report11:34
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rickspencer3pitti, does this look like the bug?11:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1227116 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "qtsensors is non-functional" [Medium,Confirmed]11:43
pittirickspencer3: it doesn't look very similar TBH11:45
rickspencer3pitti, oh, ok11:45
* rickspencer3 backs out changes11:45
pittirickspencer3: your's is a crash, when using platform-api; TiltSensor isn't implemented at all in either qtubuntu-sensors or platform-api11:46
pittirickspencer3: no luck with a .crash report?11:46
pittirickspencer3: if apport doesn't generate a .crash, then it's not a packaged application that crashes11:46
pittirickspencer3: might be worth starting your app under gdb, let it crash, and do "bt" in gdb11:46
pittito at least get an initial idea where it crahses11:46
rickspencer3pitti, I'll be happy to do that when a developer is assigned to it11:46
pittirickspencer3: it's not that bug, though11:49
rickspencer3pitti, fyi, bug #127229411:51
ubot5bug 1272294 in qtubuntu-sensors (Ubuntu) "qtsensors doesn't work on desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127229411:51
davmor2rickspencer3: the messaging app rotates really well I'm assuming that is mostly qml too11:52
rickspencer3davmor2, right, I assume that they used the property of MainView to make that work11:52
pittirickspencer3: ah, these crashes didn't run through apport, so they don't have package information (better to submit them through apport's UI, then they get auto-retraced and what not)11:52
rickspencer3I'm trying to develop against the API on the desktop11:52
pittirickspencer3: that's current trusty?11:52
rickspencer3pitti, well, yesterday's trusty, yeah11:53
pittirickspencer3: from today, I mean? (so that I can approximate the versions)11:53
rickspencer3pitti, the crash file is from just now, but I did not dist-upgrade today11:54
* pitti promises to enable apport for Launchpad again, so that this is easier11:55
rickspencer3pitti, so, I never got the apport dialogs, except for "I don't have enough memory to analyze" one11:55
rickspencer3pitti, tell me what to do11:55
pittithat means the .crash file is corrupted somehow11:55
pittirickspencer3: I'll try apport-retracing them, once my machine becomes a bit quieter (running several autopkgtests in parallel ATM)11:55
rickspencer3thanks pitti11:56
rickspencer3I think it will be good to get it so that app devs can really work with the API11:56
rickspencer3I assume that bzoltan's team is responsible for qtubuntu-sensors?11:57
pittiqtubuntu-sensors is most probably fine, we need to first see a stack trace to identify the component11:57
bzoltanrickspencer3:  the integration is on me, so the QML exposition11:57
pittiprobably more like in between qtcreator and qtsensors11:58
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pittirickspencer3: right, the _usr_bin_qtcreator.1000.crash doesn't have a CoreDump, that was the bit that showed the "not enough memory" error12:01
pittirickspencer3: but _usr_lib_x86_64-linux-gnu_qt5_bin_qmlscene.1000.crash does have a core dump, retracing now12:01
pittirickspencer3: wow, it's actually qtubuntu-sensors12:09
pittiI attached a stack trace12:09
rickspencer3pitti, why do you doubt me?12:09
pittije suis désolé :-)12:09
pittirickspencer3: oh, maybe not12:10
pittiah, I know why this can't be retraced12:10
pittirickspencer3: followed up12:13
pittirickspencer3: what happens if you don't have qtubuntu-sensors installed?12:16
pittirickspencer3: you shouldn't get a crash then, but does qtcreator and your app start up and work at all? (without sensor data, of course)12:16
rickspencer3pitti, nothing crashes, but nothing works either12:16
rickspencer3the API is there, but doesn't every get any data or anything12:16
rickspencer3events never fired, etc...12:17
rickspencer3I assumed that was expected behavior12:17
pittirickspencer3: it is, as there are no actual sensors on a desktop12:17
pittiI followed up again to clarify the situation12:17
rickspencer3pitti, I saw12:17
rickspencer3for some reason lp is not letting me comment12:17
pittior I would, if it wouldn't keep timing out12:18
pittiah, now; I now have two comments and triaging12:18
pittirickspencer3: I suppose this is trivial to reproduce in a test12:18
Cimimzanetti, ping12:18
pittirickspencer3: right now, qtubunut-sensor only has integration tests with the test backend12:18
rickspencer3pitti, I reproduce by installing and removing qtubuntu-sensors12:18
mzanettiHi Cimi12:18
rickspencer3if that's what you mean12:19
pittirickspencer3: trying to instantiate a sensor without the test backend will/should create exactly this crash, which we ought to fix12:19
Cimimzanetti, where would you put test for nested mir in autopilot?12:19
Cimimzanetti, inside which file, or creating a new one?12:19
pittirickspencer3: no, I mean in an automatic test in qtubuntu-sensors; not necessary to do it on your side12:19
mzanettiCimi: depends on what the test does12:19
rickspencer3then, "sure"?12:19
mzanettiCimi: -> #ubuntu-unity12:19
pittirickspencer3: but what you can do is to create said /tmp/sensors and setting the magic env variables to use the test backend12:19
pittirickspencer3: note that you need to install libubuntu-application-test-api1 for that12:20
rickspencer3I think I did, let me double check12:20
rickspencer3pitti, uh, so apt doesn't seem to know about that package?12:20
pittirickspencer3: ah, not at the time when you got the .crash file12:20
pittile huh?12:21
pittioh, did platform-api *still* not land?12:21
rickspencer3E: Unable to locate package libubuntu-application-test-api112:21
pittiit ought to be there12:22
pittirickspencer3: ah, sorry, my fault; that was an intermediate package name, but it got renamed12:22
pittirickspencer3: libubuntu-application-api-test112:22
rickspencer3pitti, hey, the app runs now12:23
janimoogra_, is anything else modifying the rootfs tarball produced by live-build before it being published as the .xz file?12:23
pittirickspencer3: want to up the ante a bit and create some faked events? :-)12:24
rickspencer3pitti, I ran it like this:12:24
rickspencer3UBUNTU_PLATFORM_API_BACKEND=libubuntu_application_api_test.so.1 UBUNTU_PLATFORM_API_SENSOR_TEST=/tmp/sensors qmlscene Up.qml12:24
ogra_janimo, .xz ?12:24
pittirickspencer3: correct12:24
rickspencer3pitti, right, if I edit that /tmp/sensors it should make events?12:24
pittirickspencer3: switchign to /msg for the details12:24
ogra_janimo, live-build only produces gz12:24
janimoogra_, the one I am getting in a local build is rooted at / as opposed to /system/, has SWAP but no android  or userdata12:24
ogra_thats armhf ?12:25
janimoogra_, I was looking at the published tar.xz, used for system deltas. should have cheked the .zip sorry12:25
ogra_oh, yeah, thats completely repacked by system-image12:26
janimoogra_, so in order to test a tar.gz I should also repack it and put the result in /data/system.img?12:31
ogra_well, ask stgraber, i know he has code ready for community ports ... but due to lack of tests for it he cant release it12:31
janimois any other method still used? Untarring the tarball directly to userdata is incomplete right?12:32
janimoogra_, what code is currently doing this for the official builds? Is that available?12:32
ogra_well, you could create a zip and use the old flipped container12:32
anmolhi ogra !12:33
anmoltermial keys backspace and enter not working in nexus 412:33
ogra_anmol, ancient bug ...12:34
anmollol yes :d12:35
anmolhow to resolve this12:35
ogra_by fixing the terminal plugin12:35
ybonI must be stupid, but I can't manage to add a RSS feed in Shorts app. Anyone using it?12:35
ogra_see the mailing list, it is in every daily report12:35
anmollink to this bug12:35
ogra_janimo, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/phablet-android-scripts.tgz thats what we use for zip creation on cdimage (not public atm since it is a hack ... the binary used in there comes from the android build)12:36
ogra_(will be properly added to cdimage at some point, once we have a package for the binary thingie)12:37
ogra_janimo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6808124/ this is how i call it in rootstock-ng12:38
janimoogra_, so this zip creation is for the flipped image?12:38
ogra_janimo, right ... system-image uses the tarball directly though12:39
anmolthanks ogra12:39
ogra_the zip created by the above script enables you to just flash from recovery ... the android way12:39
janimoogra_, ok so I'd like to create the equivalent of the system-image .xz file, with userdata added, etc. Is that code only at stgraber ATM and nowhere public?12:39
ogra_janimo, right, you cant yet12:40
ogra_janimo, it is public on LP12:40
janimoogra_, ok, the zip method is good I guess, although I would have preferred to test the official way12:40
ogra_but you need the gpg keys etc12:40
ogra_janimo, right, i plan to have that in my script for local builds ... as soon as stephane releases something12:41
ogra_someone has to write the tests for it ...12:41
gatoxhi, i'm having some issues trying to propose a branch that run some tests in ubuntu-system-settings: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-system-settings-trusty-amd64-ci/117/console12:44
gatoxdoes anyone knows how to configure to use a xserver in cmake or something? (it's not my area of expertise)12:45
janimoogra_, what creates the userdata partition with SWAP system-data, user-data at it's root? Ubuntu while booting or made at image flashing time?12:45
ogra_janimo, android12:45
ogra_SWAP is inside the image12:45
ogra_for flipped the /userdata partition of android is used ... for system-image thats all done from the initrd ... have a look at initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch12:46
ogra_and i think parts of it live in the flash process in the modified recovery we use12:47
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pmcgowanseb128, re that time update bug, does the settings app notify the datetime service of a change? how does it detect one?12:59
seb128pmcgowan, the service monitors the system tz (which is the way it should work, because the tz can be changed by different way, especially on a desktop config)13:03
seb128pmcgowan, seems like a bug in the service that doesn't pick up the change, I need to ping charles about it (I can confirm it's an issue on trusty desktop as well)13:04
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pmcgowanseb128, ok makes sense13:04
pmcgowanseb128, I was just thinking to avoid any sort of periodic polling, unless there is some event the service can listen on13:05
seb128pmcgowan, there is no polling13:05
pmcgowanseb128, ok vg13:05
seb128pmcgowan, file watches/inotify don't poll (and I think there is also a dbus signal for timedated that they use)13:06
LaneyI don't think it does use that, but maybe should13:15
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janimoogra_, where can I find this tool, used by your script ? /home/ogra/utouch-android/zip13:35
ogra_janimo, thats just zip from the archve :)13:36
ogra_janimo, hacking around the fact that nusakan doesnt have it installed13:36
ogra_janimo, rip the path out13:36
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dpmattente, kalikiana, is this really true? Are we going to see dynamic language switching soon? This is really awesome! (bug 1263163)13:39
ubot5bug 1263163 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Selecting a new display language doesn't give a preview in the new language" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126316313:39
ogra_janimo, note that the android "update-binary" in there is arm ... in case you fiddle with x86, it wont work13:40
janimoogra_, ah ok, I thought it's some zip wrapper13:41
ogra_nah, just me being evil to nusakan ...13:42
janimoogra_, would installing zip there be too risky?13:42
ogra_janimo, nope, i didnt file an RT back then ... and then forgot :P13:43
kalikianadpm: looks like it :-D the bug was a bit confusing but should be getting into the next release13:48
dpmthat is excellent, good work guys13:48
tvosspitti, hey there, just updated https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/process-cpp/more_verbose_output_from_fork_and_run/+merge/20301314:08
pittitvoss: hm, that test seems to be unstable; it's not related to that MP,  is it?14:09
pittitvoss: I mean cross_process_sync_test14:10
pitti2 successes, 2 failures from jenkins14:10
tvosspitti, nope, the test might have been flaky before14:11
pittitvoss: why is it public API now? isn't a private API enough?14:11
pittitvoss: yes, that's what I meant (the test fails unrelated to that MP)14:11
tvosspitti, I need to expose the symbol for testing purposes unfortunately, as the tests link to the so14:11
pittiah, we can't statically link the test to the lib?14:12
pittitvoss: it's not a biggie, but it'd be unfortunate having to bump the soname due to internal changes14:12
tvosspitti, agreed, it's a question of symbol visibility though14:13
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Cimimterry, lp:~unity-team/unity8/unity8.test_nested_mir14:28
Cimimterry, lp:~unity-team/unity8/unity8.test_nested_mir14:31
mterryCimi, looks good! Though maybe don't describe it as testing nested mir.  More like just testing system integration in general (in a way that nested mir just happened to break, but it was more of a lightdm misconfiguration than a mir problem)14:33
Cimimterry, that's why I pinged you, better idea for name?14:33
mterryCimi, "system integration" ?14:34
mterryCimi, and for that particular test, policykit or networkmanager integration14:34
ejatdual boot with android makes the wifi in utouch unavailable14:34
ejatthen to reboot the device .. then the wifi indicator appear ...14:35
ejatanyone can comment on it ?14:35
popeysergiusens: can we please get an update to music in the store?14:37
sergiusenspopey, how can I bribe you? :-)14:43
* sergiusens is on it14:43
sergiusenspopey, have you tried the music app in the emu btw?14:44
popeyi have not14:44
* popey boots the emulator 14:45
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Cimimterry, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/unity8.test_nested_mir/+merge/20308814:46
mterryCimi, awesome.  works for me.  So let me help you set up nested14:47
Cimimterry, we want to see it failing now14:47
Cimimterry, and working after your fixes of tuesday14:48
mterryCimi, yup.  So can you build from a bzr branch?  It's a short build14:48
Cimimterry, i can, manta?14:48
mterryCimi, uh, sure14:48
mterryCimi, so grab lp:~mterry/session-manager-touch/usc14:48
mterryCimi, and build it, install it14:48
mterryCimi, you'll also need to install unity-system-compositor14:49
mterrybut it will tell you that14:49
popeysergiusens: does mtp work in the emulator?14:55
mterryCimi, so once you install that, it will (hopefully) work with your AP test.  We can make a small edit to a config file to get back to the pre-fix state14:55
sergiusenspopey, nope14:56
popeyel bummer14:57
sergiusenspopey, well it does; but there isn't any usb device connected14:57
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mhall119beuno: ping15:08
popeysergiusens: hmm, put some music on my emulated phone but it doesn't show up...15:14
ogra_should have used emulated music then :P15:14
ogra_popey, afaik we dont have any working audio device yet15:15
sergiusensogra_, but the lens should work15:15
ogra_i tinkered a bit with the qemu audio options, but didnt find a single working one15:15
ogra_sergiusens, oh, indeed15:15
popeyyeah, its like mediascanner didnt find it15:15
popeyalso, not enough disk space by default15:16
popeyjust filled up my emulated phone with very little music15:16
sergiusenspopey, where?15:17
janimostgraber, hi, do you have some code to turn the rootfs tarballs into system image .xz files?15:18
popeysergiusens: /home/phablet/Music15:18
w-flogerrit refuses to verify my e-mail :(15:22
sergiusenspopey, hmmm, will check15:24
stgraberjanimo: lp:~ubuntu-system-image/ubuntu-system-image/server/15:27
stgraberjanimo: lib/systemimage/generators.py => generate_file_cdimage_ubuntu15:27
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janimostgraber, thanks!15:27
w-flostgraber, did you notice my private message [or maybe you are blocking them automatically]?15:30
ogra_stgraber, does that work without gpg key ?15:30
janimostgraber, any code to call that and turn an existing livebuild tarball into an .xz?15:31
janimostgraber, I have a locally build tarball15:31
janimowhich I'd like to test on the N415:32
janimoideally using the system image format15:32
stgraberjanimo: no, we don't have code for that and the upgrader would reject it anyway as it won't be signed by a trusted key15:36
stgraberw-flo: no, just came online no and am slowly catching up with the dozen of people who sent me messages overnight15:37
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w-flostgraber, ah, okay. :)15:38
janimostgraber, the .xz image would be useful on its own, on a rooted device, by copying it in  /data/system.img .15:38
janimostgraber, unsigned for development mode15:39
janimoMirv, do you use Unity8 on the desktop to test Qt 5.2 ?15:45
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kgunnralsina: hey, heard there's something up with rating/review on preview ?15:49
ralsinakgunn: well, basically we need to get the review text and rating value to the scope so it can send it to the serer15:50
kgunnralsina: ok, so this may just be code from the ui that was stubbed out waiting on the backend to arrive...15:50
ralsinawell, we had the code in the ui, and when we wrote the backend in the scope there was no way to join them :-)15:51
ralsinaand now we are rewriting the scope in C++ and there's whole new APIs so it's a good point to figure out how to do it right15:51
kgunnralsina: ok...can we assume the ui is "right" ? :)15:52
* kgunn likes the lazy route15:52
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ralsinakgunn: indeed "right" with quotes :-)15:52
kgunnralsina: please ping us if you think we need to change something...15:52
ralsinakgunn: cool. Will do.15:53
kgunnus being usual suspects in #ubuntu-unity zanetti, saviq, tsdgeo_s15:53
ralsinapaulliu is the one who did the scope work and he's now working on the previews so he should know both sides of the thing15:54
kgunnah ha15:54
cwaynestgraber, hi, when devel-customized-proposed gets promoted, it seems to get a new version number, is that expected?15:57
cwaynei.e. devel-customized is at version 27, but devel-customized-proposed is at 14715:58
stgrabercwayne: yes, it's expected15:59
cwaynestgraber, ack, thanks15:59
cwaynestgraber, is that not the case for devel-proposed -> devel though? they seem to keep the build number16:02
stgrabercwayne: devel-proposed -> devel is a manually handled channel16:03
HellTigerhello. i am planing to install a *buntu to my touch pad device archos 9. it runs now a win7 and is quite slow. where can i check if touchpad support works? maybe with a live cd, and then what package?16:03
cwayneoooh right, so devel-customized is just whatever the devel is plus the latest SR tarball16:03
cwaynestgraber, awesome, thanks16:04
mterryCimi, so I'm about to go out the door for some errands.16:23
mterryCimi, if you are testing that bzr branch, and you want to go back to the broken state16:24
mterryCimi, edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/52-ubuntu-touch.conf and remove the [LightDM] stanza with its minimum-vt=1 bit16:24
mterryCimi, with that stanza, the bug is fixed16:24
mterryCimi, without it, we should hit the bug16:24
Cimimterry, Ill try16:25
ogra_Cimi, did you get my ping yesterday ? (i provided a link to the deb with nested) ...16:26
Cimiogra_, nope I didn't...16:27
ogra_Cimi, do you still need it ? http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-touch-session_0.91~test1_all.deb16:27
Cimiogra_, guess they might have been before 1000 lines scrollback16:27
Cimiogra_, would be great, thx16:27
ogra_heh, yeah16:27
ogra_Cimi, install unity-system-compositor first ... its a dep16:28
Cimithanks ogra_16:28
Cimiogra_, what shall I see with it?16:34
ogra_Cimi, no idea, didrocks asked me to provide you a deb with the nested mode stuff included16:34
Cimiogra_, I have black screen here16:34
ogra_thast the deb ... containing mterry's merge for nested16:34
Cimiogra_, might have to dist-upgrade16:36
Cimihold on16:36
Laneysforshee: hey, just looking at integrating auto brightness into system-settings, got a question or two16:37
Laneyhow do I get the current state of it? :-)16:37
Laney& why did you choose not to use proper d-bus properties?16:38
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robruKaleo, bizarre, friends-app was working great when I was testing that branch. indeed, after landing it it's not loading17:20
biwanI would like to install "Lifetouch L" in Ubuntu.17:23
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Kaleorobru, you should always test trunk with the branch merged17:30
Kaleorobru, not the branch itself17:30
robruKaleo, yeah, I see that. but it was just built in the staging PPA precisely for that kind of testing17:30
robruKaleo, must have been a merge conflict, apparently there's a duplicated line causing the crash. fixed it in trunk and rebuilding now17:31
Kaleorobru, cool17:31
Kaleorobru, thanks17:31
sergiusensFile "/home/phablet/autopilot/music_app/tests/test_music.py", line 483, in test_create_playlist_from_songs_tab17:38
sergiusensself.assertThat(playlist, Not(Is(None)))17:38
sergiusensFile "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/testtools/testcase.py", line 412, in assertThat17:38
sergiusensraise MismatchError(matchee, matcher, mismatch, verbose)17:38
sergiusensMismatchError: None matches Is(None)17:38
sergiusenspopey, ^^17:38
ybonpopey: you know what would be the killer feature? An Ubuntu dedicated OSM based map style :)17:38
popeya map app would be nice first ☻17:38
popeyahayzen: vthompson ^^^ see sergiusens's paste17:39
ybonyes, but a nice integrated map style inside this map would be the must :)17:39
ybon(I'm adding the POIs at the moment)17:39
yboninside this app*17:40
davmor2cyphermox, awe_, seb128: in the settings app if you go into cellular and select manual and then select carrier then hit refresh you should get a list of carriers correct? do we know why we don't?17:42
vthompsonsergiusens, is that from a recent build or what?17:42
davmor2I think there was a bug report for it from a user iirc17:42
seb128davmor2, dunno, kenvandine wrote that code and it used to work afaik, the setting side didn't change, maybe some bug in ofono or somewhere in the stack?17:42
sergiusensvthompson, latest trunk17:43
sergiusensvthompson, on mako17:43
sergiusensautopilot that is17:43
vthompsonsergiusens, k, I think this is a new test17:44
davmor2seb128: thanks I was assuming it might be ofono changes17:45
sergiusensvthompson, music_app.tests.test_music.TestMainWindow.test_create_playlist_from_songs_tab is the test name17:45
sergiusenscan't recall it's newness17:45
* sergiusens will bbiab17:45
attentebfiller, hey17:46
kenvandineseb128, davmor2: must be ofono changes17:46
attentebfiller, i noticed when enabling the spell-checking setting, it behaves a lot like the word prediction setting17:46
attentebfiller, is it supposed to behave differently?17:46
kenvandineseb128, davmor2: indeed the ofono script fails too17:47
kenvandine /usr/share/ofono/scripts/scan-for-operators17:47
davmor2cyphermox: in the absence of awe_ ^17:47
vthompsonsergiusens, the test ran fine for me on mako. maybe there's a timing issue.18:01
vthompsonsergiusens, the test took 59 seconds which is the longest of any of the tests in the run I just did18:02
kenvandinetedg, if i set INSTANCE_ID in the env and then call upstart_app_launch_stop_application, will it only stop the instance that matches the INSTANCE_ID ?18:11
tedgkenvandine, No18:11
tedgkenvandine, We don't pass the local env.18:11
kenvandinean untrusted help could though18:12
kenvandineor that is just for starting?18:12
tedgkenvandine, Did you see the API I added yesterday for multi-instance untrusted helpers?18:12
kenvandinetedg, assuming we have multiple instances... i'm trying to figure out how i can quit the right instance when i'm done with it18:12
kenvandinetedg, did you do that because you knew i was going to be whining about this? :-p18:13
tedgkenvandine, I think it does what you want :-)18:13
kenvandinenothing but love man!18:13
kenvandinei've come to the conclusion that the content hub is going to require multiple instances, no way around that18:14
kenvandinejust can't handle possible unfinished transfers, etc18:15
kenvandineif multiple apps need it18:15
kenvandineoh tedg... this really is exactly what i want :)18:17
kenvandinetedg, your branch is on hold.. eta on when you think it'll be ready to merge?18:17
tedgkenvandine, Hoping today-ish, but that  might be a little optimistic.  Depends on how much of the application test harness I'm able to reuse.18:18
kenvandineso soon enough for me :)18:19
tedgkenvandine, Also, got those python bindings.  Apparently you just install to site-packages and dh_python does the rest.  doko helped.18:19
kenvandineah... great :)18:19
kenvandinesorry i couldn't figure that out18:19
kenvandinei'm a bit rusty on python modules18:20
sergiusensvthompson, might of been a glitch, I'm sending popey 's way as I reran and had no issues18:20
sergiusensnot discarding user error :-)18:20
kenvandinetedg, no pressure... i'm going to start this multiple instances implementation requiring your branch... :-D18:21
sergiusenstedg, btw for fat packaging; to I get arch variables expanded so I could add something like 'Exec= qmlscene -I lib/qt5/qml/$ARCH/ myqml.qml' ?18:22
* tedg starts sweating bullets and modifies the API slightly for fun ;-)18:22
tedgsergiusens, No, we just set up the import path environment18:22
sergiusenstedg, what does it default to? Might want to go fat here :-)18:23
* tedg recommends Nutella18:23
* sergiusens nods18:23
popeysergiusens: vthompson the first time I ran the music app ap tests, I got 3 failures. I highly suspect this is because the first test didn't clear out music properly.18:24
popeysergiusens: vthompson when it ran I saw my own music, not the test 3 tracks18:24
tedgsergiusens, It's basically $(APP_DIR)/lib/$(ARCH)18:24
sergiusenspopey, yeah; that's something I've been dandling on18:24
tedgWe also add $(APP_DIR)/lib/$(ARCH)/bin to the $PATH18:25
sergiusenspopey, the mediascanner doesn't manage tampering with it's monitored dir18:25
popeyso in the lab this will likely work18:25
sergiusenstedg, but doesn't that mix up the concept of lib and qt plugin?18:25
tedgsergiusens, Not sure what you're saying.18:25
sergiusenstedg, so we have qt libs and qml plugins, qt installs those into different locations;18:26
sergiusenstedg, not saying it won't work, just the conceptual layout qt does for it's plugins :-)18:27
tedgsergiusens, I think it does, incase I'm being unclear here's the test: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/upstart-app-launch/trunk.14.04/view/head:/tests/exec-test-full.sh18:27
cwaynebfiller, saw your comment on the OSK not showing up in webapps mentioning blink, do we have an ETA on when that'd land int he image?18:28
sergiusenstedg, ah, so it's just the QML path; works for me18:28
vthompsonpopey, that's very odd. I've never seen the test do that on the device or the desktop18:29
sergiusensvthompson, it's a device problem18:29
vthompsonpopey, as in I've never seen it use the local library18:29
sergiusensdevice specific18:29
popeyRan 12 tests in 403.984s18:30
popeyworked that time18:30
popeythats good enough for me ☻18:30
popeysergiusens: if you punt music over, I'll approve that and reminders together ☻18:31
cyphermoxdavmor2: ack18:33
sergiusenspopey, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/143/18:33
popeysergiusens: done both18:33
cyphermoxkenvandine: tell me more about failing ofono scripts?18:33
popeyafk for 30 - dropping wife off18:33
cyphermoxdavmor2: I did get a list of operators before, let me look again18:33
dasjoeHi. Just to let you know, there appears to be a bug in ppa:phablet-team/tools, the package "click" is not available for Precise. Following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Step_1_-_Desktop_Setup reportedly fails: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6809678/18:46
kenvandinecyphermox, scan-operators is giving me a dbus error18:46
kenvandinethat's as far as i looked18:46
kenvandinetedg, is INSTANCE_ID available in the env of the running app?18:47
sergiusensdasjoe, add the sdk ppa18:49
davmor2cyphermox: it used to18:52
dasjoesergiusens, I'm just relaying the information from the German Ubuntu support channel :) I was unsure whether to recommend activating another PPA, as the Touch install instructions don't mention it18:52
dasjoesergiusens, thank you, though. Relayed your hint to the reporter18:52
sergiusensdasjoe, phablet-flash is deprecated, new world order is ubuntu-device-flash; but not avail for precise yet18:54
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mterryCimi, how did testing of pkcheck go?19:05
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bfillercwayne: webbrowser-app based on oxide is a long way from landing in the image, lots to do still. it is planend for 14.04 and in phablet-team ppa if you want to play with it19:31
mterryCimi, I left a relevant comment in your AP branch.  One small change and then it works fine!19:31
bfillercwayne: but you can't do much more than basic browsing19:32
bfillercwayne: once chriscoulson lands the input method support at least we can see if that bug is fixed, that should be soon19:32
ZocaHi, did anyone got a positive brunch on nexus 7 2013 FLO ?20:07
ZocaI am getting an error on the 'system'20:07
Eugenyhi. i dont look ubuntu phone os for my phone. LG Optimus 3d max ( LG p-725). elp please20:22
bfillertedg: working on touch apps on the desktop. camera needs to launch gallery. It does this currently Qt.openUrlExternally("application:///gallery-app.desktop"). What should it do on desktop?20:27
tedgbfiller, Uhm, not sure there.  There's no reason that we couldn't run URL Dispatcher/UAL on the desktop.20:28
tedgbfiller, I guess it'd depend on the QPA plugin.20:29
bfillertedg: looks like the default impl of Qt.openUrlExternally() calls this: gvfs-open: application:///gallery-app.desktop: error opening location: The specified location is not supported20:29
ogra_Zoca, wait a week, offcial flo builds are around the corner already :)20:30
tedgbfiller, Huh, that's weird.  That's really for opening files, not URLs.  It must default to local?20:31
Zocaogra_, I can't  wait!!! hehe I am almost getting done.20:32
ogra_well, flo is on the list of official supported arches ... with luck we will have it by end of next week20:32
tedgbfiller, There are a bunch of options, but I don't know that anyone's worked all that out.20:33
bfillertedg: yeah we should talk about that one more, kind of need it20:33
tedgbfiller, Makes sense.  Who owns the QPA for desktop?  Is it upstream?20:33
bfillertedg: assume so20:34
rsalvetiZoca: you can flash our experimental build for flo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6809501/20:35
rsalvetiZoca: still experimental, so expect bugs20:35
Zocarsalveti! I was about to send you an email. We talked about the Asus TF700 a few months ago.20:36
kenvandinetedg, how would you feel about adding uris to start_helper and start_multiple_helper ?20:36
Zocaogra_ thank you!20:36
rsalvetiZoca: indeed20:37
ogra_Zoca, i would have given you the link immediately, but wanted confirmation from rsalveti first :)20:37
tedgkenvandine, That'd be fine with me, but you need to make sure your exec lines have "%u" or "%U" in them then.20:38
Zocaogra_ and rsalveti. Thank you very much.  \o/20:38
rsalvetiI'll send a call for testing to the ml later today20:38
kenvandinetedg, you mean APP_EXEC ?20:38
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tedgkenvandine, Yup, it's the desktop Exec line format.  And APP_URIS gets placed in.20:39
Zocarsalveti, can I pastebin where I got the error so you can tell me that I was almost getting done?20:39
rsalvetiZoca: problem with flo is that it's only compatible with 4.4.2, which is a new branch that we're working on as we speak20:40
rsalvetiI should be publishing the branches soon as well, then you can easily rebuild it20:40
Zocaok, thanks again.20:41
Zocarsalveti, what means that you will send a call to the "ml" ?20:42
kenvandinetedg, https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/upstart-app-launch/untrusted-helper-uris/+merge/20317420:42
rsalvetiZoca: to help testing the 4.4.2 based images, so we can switch officially next week20:43
kenvandinetedg, at least that makes it more consistent with start_application20:43
kenvandinetedg, and i might want to use it..20:43
Zocarsalveti, I'll be glad to test.20:43
tedgkenvandine, Cool, thanks!20:45
kenvandinetedg, is INSTANCE_ID available in the env?20:45
tedgkenvandine, For the helper?  Yes.20:45
rsalvetiZoca: cool, thanks20:45
kenvandinei'm struggling to find a sane way to match up a handler when it comes on the bus with transfers20:46
kenvandinetedg, for the launched app20:46
kenvandinewhen the app launches and it's handler comes on the bus, i need a way for it to tell the hub which transfer it was summoned for20:47
kenvandinea map20:47
kenvandinethe INSTANCE_ID would be perfect for that20:47
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, you should have it both for the exec tool and the helper itself.20:48
tedgkenvandine, I'd probably say importing it onto the command line in the exec tool would be best.20:48
kenvandinesay gallery-app, could it get that from the env?20:48
kenvandinei was thinking of passing the object path for the transfer as a uri20:49
kenvandinebut might not need to if i can match the instance20:49
tedgSure.  But I think it'd be better to have the exec tool do something like "gallery-app --content-hub-transfer 23432343"20:49
kenvandinei just worry about apps that parse args on start20:50
kenvandineand fails with unknown args20:50
kenvandinei guess they'll know quickly if that happens :)20:50
tedgThey wouldn't be registered as content sources/sinks, no?20:50
tedgIt's an opt-in thing.20:50
kenvandineif they are implementing a handler20:50
kenvandinethey have to allow our args :)20:50
kenvandinetedg, actually, for my testing here i just made my helper wrap click-exec20:52
kenvandineto get the exec line20:52
kenvandinei could add a initctl set-env INSTANCE_ID=20:52
kenvandinethen rely on that to be set when the handler comes online20:52
tedgI think that for most you'll probably not want to use click-exec directly just because you'll want to allow an app to have different executables for content selection and normal cases if they want.20:53
tedgBut that's fine to get started.20:54
kenvandinejust don't want to reimplement click-exec20:54
kenvandinewith a few addons20:54
kenvandinefork it!20:55
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sergiusensdobey, hey, wrt to bug 124925521:14
ubot5bug 1249255 in Unity 8 "all but 9 apps disappear for minutes" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124925521:14
dobeyhi sergiusens21:15
sergiusensI added G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all to my session upstart and don't get logs21:15
sergiusensdobey, doing some Friday bug completions :-)21:16
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dobeysergiusens: it should be a) in console output and b) in ~/.cache/unityh-scope-click.log (or ~/.cache/unity-scope-click/unity-scope-click.log maybe)21:16
dobeysergiusens: if there's nothing there, then it's almost certain that the env var is not being picked up by the scope21:17
sergiusensdobey, not scope saavy, but can I kill the scope and launch from console?21:17
dobeysergiusens: i add it to /etc/profile.d/debug.sh21:17
dobeysergiusens: you should be able to, yes21:17
sergiusensdobey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810683/21:25
dobeysergiusens: and all those apps are not listed under "Installed"? (Calendar, Weather, Dropping Letters, Shorts, etc…)21:26
sergiusensdobey, and after a while I get what pat mentioned, apps coming and going and it seems synced to the download errors21:26
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sergiusensdobey, yes and no; they flash21:26
dobeysergiusens: right, they will flicker; but they should not just go away and stay away for any period of time. they should immediately reappear21:27
sergiusensdobey, it took a long while for something to show up in the logs; when it did, the files showed up and then the flicker started21:27
sergiusensdobey, I'll shoot a video... it's no immediate21:28
Zocaogra_, running !!21:32
ogra_congrats !21:32
sergiusensdobey, it feels like 20s on, 20s off21:35
sergiusensvideo uploading21:35
sergiusensadded to bug21:42
dobeyand i forgot those logs don't have timestamps :-/21:46
Zocaogra_, thanks.21:46
dobeysergiusens: which version of unity-scope-click is that with?21:46
dobeysergiusens: can you install unity-scope-click from the daily-build ppa, and get a debug log again with the error? it should have timestamps in the logs with the daily-build version21:49
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softcoderhey when updating my dual boot on nexus 4 last night21:57
softcoderi keep getting this21:57
softcoderPreparing to unpack .../lxc-android-config_0.131_all.deb ...21:57
softcoderLeaving 'diversion of /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.policy to /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.policy.orig by lxc-android-config'21:57
softcoderUnpacking lxc-android-config (0.131) over (0.126) ...21:57
softcoderdpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/lxc-android-config_0.131_all.deb (--unpack):21:57
softcoder unable to make backup link of `./lib/udev/rules.d/70-android.rules' before installing new version: Invalid cross-device link21:57
softcoderErrors were encountered while processing:21:57
softcoder /var/cache/apt/archives/lxc-android-config_0.131_all.deb21:57
softcoderI absolutely cannot get past this21:57
softcoderany ideas?21:57
ogra_softcoder, thats normal, rw images will break at some point ...21:58
softcoder/lib/udev/rules.d/70-android.rules seems to be the main issue here somehow21:58
ogra_no, the main issue is that dpkg uses hardlinks when unpacking21:58
softcoderok and?21:59
ogra_and the ro image spans across several partitions ...21:59
softcoderok so what is the solution?21:59
ogra_if you make the ro image rw that design persists ... it just becomes rw21:59
ogra_re-flash ... dont use apt for updating21:59
softcoderok i already reflashed21:59
softcoderhow do i get my partion back to ro so i can use the update form the UI?22:00
ogra_your partition ?22:01
softcoderhow do i get ubu back to ro22:01
softcoderreflashing did not fix the problem22:02
sergiusensdobey, will do22:03
softcoderi did try this22:03
softcoder./dualboot.sh UPDATE22:03
softcoderbut i asusme you mean i need to do FULL ??22:04
ogra_well, better ask the devs of the duslboot app ...22:04
softcoderr they here?22:04
sergiusenssoftcoder, I don't think dual boot supports updating22:04
sergiusensbut I don't use or devel for it22:04
ogra_same here22:05
ogra_its a rather inofficial thing22:05
softcoderi think all ubu touch is unofficial22:05
softcoderbut ok.. guess i'll just unisntall the dualboto and wait till touch is more stable22:06
ogra_we build official images ...22:06
softcoderis dualboot not from canonical?22:07
ogra_dusl boot is an iinofficial project from some canonical employees22:07
ogra_(as is stated on the wikipage)22:07
softcoderso to play with touch you're saying you really need to trshd android from the unit22:07
softcodersince you really cannot update dualboot22:08
ogra_no, you should just wait til one of the devs comes around ... or file a bug or whatever other communitcation ways are pointed out on their wikipage22:08
softcoderand thx for responding22:08
softcoderi'm an open source dev22:09
softcoderand wanted to try to compile my game on it :)22:09
ogra_i think you can update it via a re-flash from android with keeping your data or so ...22:09
ogra_just not OTS with the shipped UI tool in ubuntu22:09
softcoderpretty sure ./dualboot.sh UPDATE22:09
softcoderis what they said to do for dualboot22:10
softcoderbut this original error persists22:10
ogra_right, i think i saw someone suggesting that recently22:10
softcodereven after ./dualboot.sh UPDATE22:10
popeysergiusens: did you approve reminders to be published?22:11
ogra_which original error exactly ?22:11
sergiusenspopey, right!22:12
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