gamerchick02oh lol rick_h_00:12
gamerchick02also hello cmaloney00:12
gamerchick02how's work treating you? i've been busy with this massive multi-region Jeep that's supposed to hit in 2016 or so.00:14
gamerchick02Europe, Latum, SA, and China. oi00:14
cmaloneySounds like fun00:17
cmaloneyWork's OK.00:17
gamerchick02it's a lot of back and forth00:19
rick_h_yay! clean tests http://uploads.mitechie.com/clean_bookie_tests.png00:41
rick_h_so who wants to review my pull request? https://github.com/bookieio/Bookie/pull/265 :)00:42
rick_h_what I messy branch00:42
rick_h_oh, this was freaking awesome today https://github.com/bookieio/breadability/pull/2100:42
gamerchick02last link looks pretty cool, rick_h_00:53
rick_h_yea, cool to get him on board. He ran with a fork for something like 8mo and didn't really want to work together00:54
rick_h_cool to get him changing his mind on some of it00:54
cmaloneyrick_h_: That's awesome!01:00
widoxrick_h_: !!  1,299 additions02:30
widox- 1,257 deletions02:30
widoxthat's a big PR02:30
rick_h_widox: yea, I started out just testing out a pyramid class based view vs a function setup02:31
rick_h_ended up messing with tests, logs, unicode all the things...got out of hand02:32
rick_h_but it's kind of nice now :)02:32
rick_h_thought I need to play with nose2 some more and get the coverage stuff back to working02:32
brouschThis looked interesting, then I looked at the requirements https://github.com/globocom/thumbor13:45
cmaloneyGood morning14:14
rick_h_brousch: yea, seems cool. Didn't try to get it up and running14:15
jsivakanyone know of any 'nice' cookie packages/libraries (similar in spirit to the Requests package)?15:24
brouschcookie package?15:25
jsivakyes, for python15:25
jsivakI've used cookiejar in the past, but was curious if there was any new hotness for managing/handling HTTP cookies15:26
jsivakhmm.. maybe it wasn't cookiejar (as I re-read the PYPI description of that package..)15:26
brouschThere seems to be one in the standard lib15:27
jsivakOk.. was wondering if a pypi package was out that "wrapped it nice", like how Requests wraps urllib..15:27
jsivaklooking at 'cookies' now.15:28
jsivakactually, after reviewing old/previous code, its easy/straightfoward to use WebOb's cookie functions.. it just been awhile since I had to mess with cookies.15:32
brouschI've never had to deal with them15:33
jsivakI'm going down the road of supporting single sign on with Ford's WSLX cookies.. I'm expecting pot-holes along the way. :)15:34
rick_h_wheeeee SSO go go go15:35
greg-gthis is fucking neat: http://git.kitenet.net/?p=gpg.git;a=blob;f=README.sss;hb=HEAD19:41
devinheitmuell-1rick_h_: Now that I've just imported all my bookmarks into bookie, does that mean they are all public?20:37
* devinheitmuell-1 just realized that he can see everybody else's bookmarks.20:37
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: yes20:37
rick_h_there's no private in bookie atm20:37
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: they'll have a tag you can delete them20:37
devinheitmuell-1Crap!  MUST... DELETE... PORN....20:37
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: go go go20:38
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: yea, I didn't want to deal with being responsible for private stuff on a beta/alpha install etc20:38
rick_h_I don't have to worry about privacy policies and crap20:38
devinheitmuell-1Not sure if you're interested in feedback, but it might have been nice for a little note on the "Import" page to that effect.  :-)20:38
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: I'm interested and you're right. I should put that on the import page. I'll file a bug. I should also ignore bookmarks with a private tag on them if I can tell that fact20:39
devinheitmuell-1Interesting.  It also seems to think all my bookmarks are 44 years old.20:39
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: what did you export from?20:39
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: I've seen that a couple of times now20:39
devinheitmuell-1I can send you the html file if you like (so you can repro/debug yourself)20:39
rick_h_ah, per the signup email, chrome bookmarks 'kind' of work magically.20:40
rick_h_it's close enough to delicious that it works, but they don't have a timestamp I don't think20:40
* rick_h_ dbl checks20:40
devinheitmuell-1Perhaps set the timestamps to currentdate() then?20:40
devinheitmuell-1If the timestamp isn't present, seems it would be reasonable to have today's date rather than Jan 1, 1970.20:41
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: I'll look. I didn't want to do today's date because then it'd take over the front page with one user20:41
rick_h_but that's not the user's fault/concern20:42
devinheitmuell-1Ah, interesting point.20:42
rick_h_I'll peek at the file and see what can be done20:42
rick_h_I've seen it happen a couple of times, but also it usually works so figured it was something buggy in the user's import file.20:42
devinheitmuell-1Anyway, food for thought.  Certainly no showstoppers for me.20:42
devinheitmuell-1Do you want the import file?20:42
cmaloneycould introduce a flag for "show on front page" and anything that you cobble a date on is ineligible20:42
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: rgr, bugs filed on the private bits, though chrome doesn't have private/tags so not much I could do on that20:43
rick_h_devinheitmuell-1: I can get it, it had to save it to process it so looking20:43
devinheitmuell-1Ah, ok.20:43
rick_h_thanks for the heads up20:43
rick_h_ok, it does have an ADD_DATE20:43
devinheitmuell-1Yeah, I'm not saying it should have been private - would have just been nice if it warned me prior to upload.20:43
rick_h_I'll have to peek at why it fails to parse correctly20:43
cmaloneyrick_h_: Also I submitted Bookie for "One THing Well"20:43
cmaloneySo we'll see if that generates some traffic.20:44
rick_h_cmaloney: hm, haven't heard of that. Cool20:44
cmaloneyIt's a neat tumblr of utilities20:45
rick_h_time to go get shots, bbl20:45
cmaloneylu shot?20:45
cmaloneyflu rather?20:45
cmaloneyGot mine yesterday.20:46
cmaloneyOr is this the "rick_h_ smash" shots.20:46
devinheitmuell-1tequila shots?20:47
rick_h_cmaloney: naw, had the flu one for a while21:27
rick_h_these are hep shots because of traveling to south africa21:27
cmaloneyAh, fun fun22:19
rick_h_yea, wheee22:19
cmaloneybtw: nothing better than listening to your show on http://metalinjection.fm while creating stuff.22:20
cmaloneyis what I keep telling myself. ;)22:20

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