paultagyeah, send the upload over00:06
paultagand same with the qa upload00:06
paultagbut alternatives - if it's in the archive, talk to the other maintainer00:06
paultagif it's not, dpkg-divert it00:06
Unit193Eh, mine isn't going into the archive, was just trying to figure out the best way.00:10
Unit193(It's a package update of dropbear.)00:11
Unit193Might have to figure out how to email other DDs for fixes. :/00:19
Unit193You have mail.00:30
* Unit193 waits for larts.00:30
paultagI just rm'd my ~01:13
paultagso uh01:13
paultagmight be a second or two01:13
paultagI'm on my tablet net01:13
dzhooh dear01:14
dzhoI got seriousl backup religion when I dd if=/some/thumbdrive.img of=/duh/that/is/my/root/device/not/my/keychain01:15
Unit193Wow, that's not fun...  Was doing something and accidentally did a rm -rfv once there, lucky for me I started jamming Ctrl+C like no tomorrow, think I mainly lost the cache and dotfiles.01:15
paultagI have full backups01:39
paultagno problem01:39
paultagjust annoying since full disk encryption takes ages01:39
Unit193Yeep.  Been playing around with full disk cryptsetup+dropbear for "remote" unlock of a server, funtimes.01:39
paultagAll my machines are LVM FDE'd01:40
Unit193Go Btrfs! :P01:40
paultagbtrfs is great03:09
paultagbut inside an LVM FDE volume03:09
belkinsajrgifford, I maybe late for the mock vitual Ubuntu Hour by a bit, please help the two if they have issues.15:10
belkinsaOkay, nevermind.  I'm here and ready to roll.15:50
jrgiffordwhat channel should i be in?15:51
belkinsaSecond mock virtual Ubuntu Hour in 9 minutes.15:51
belkinsaThis one15:51
belkinsaAnd #ubuntu-us-oh in chatb.ogr15:51
belkinsaI hope the internet connection is stable here.  I'm in walters building on Blue Ash UC campus15:52
belkinsaSent the two an e-mauil15:56
belkinsaHey ronswift15:56
dmcallowayHello everyone !15:59
belkinsaHey dmcalloway15:59
belkinsa#ubuntu-us-oh on chatb.org15:59
jrgiffordi'll join in a minute or two, need to wrap something up here16:00
belkinsa7959 is16:01
* belkinsa is 542616:01
dmcallowayI just went to that link - 7959 is me but I see only black16:01
belkinsaIt is asking for use of mic and cam?16:02
belkinsaFirefox or chrome?16:02
dmcallowayNo, I am in Firefox. Should I try in Chrome ?16:02
belkinsaThe firefox from the repos doesn't work with chatb16:02
belkinsause chrome16:02
belkinsaLike in that e-mail16:03
belkinsa1792 is?16:04
dmcallowayyes, I am 179216:05
dmcallowayYou are still 5436 right ?16:05
belkinsa5426 is me16:05
dmcallowayCan everyone hear me okay ?16:06
dmcallowayCool !16:06
belkinsabandwith issues16:08
belkinsalet me go mic only16:09
belkinsaYou have video dmcalloway16:09
dmcallowayokay well do16:10
belkinsasorry people16:10
belkinsanursing students...16:10
thafreakwow, audio on this chatb sucks16:11
belkinsabandwith issues16:11
belkinsaLet's try with NO Mics everyone16:11
jrgiffordjust went no video because of bandwithd16:12
belkinsaronswift, you there.16:13
belkinsashould we try at another date16:14
dmcallowayOr we could just text chat (old school I know, but fun !)16:15
belkinsaThat would be better16:15
jrgiffordhah, this works too!16:15
jrgifforddang, i've heard skype calls over a half meg DSL that sounded better than this...16:16
belkinsaNew techlogy this WebRTC?16:17
dmcallowayIf the server is being hosted on a campus, though, their bandwidth is likely getting slammed now16:17
jrgifford~1 year old16:17
jrgifforddmcalloway: the whole point of webrtc is it is decentralized16:17
dmcallowayoh - I see - peer to peer webchat with video ? Impressive !16:18
jrgiffordwhich is why it's a little flaky...16:18
belkinsaSo, I think for us and rest of the LoCo's, I think using IRC is better for virtual Ubuntu Hours if they want to not use (yicky) Google.16:19
jrgifford(for example, i'm sending a lot of traffic to someone using road runner in columbus. also to a IP address that gets mapped to university of cinci.16:20
jrgiffordso it's almost entirely decentralized16:21
belkinsaThe UC is mine.16:21
jrgiffordyup, figured16:21
dmcallowayI see. I am using Road Runner in Columbus16:21
belkinsaDoes it say what buidling I'm in?16:21
belkinsa(just kidding)16:21
jrgiffordthe only "central" part is the server on chatb.org that handles the handshakes16:21
jrgiffordbelkinsa: nope. :P16:23
dmcallowayFascinating ! I am looking at their website now.16:23
jrgiffordthe webrtc stuff?16:23
dmcallowayI also just found out where Blue Ash is. Yes, the webRTC website. Have not heard of this before the Ubuntu hours email from last week16:24
belkinsaWebRTC seems to be fascinating but it has bugs to be fixed at that stuff16:24
jrgiffordit's designed for the future, not the present16:24
belkinsaThat sucks.16:24
belkinsaAnd that is bull./16:24
jrgiffordanother example of a great technology that cannot be used with the current mindset of carriers and ISPs.16:25
dmcallowayAre we still configuring ? Ronswift and I are the only two in webrtc with video and audio16:27
belkinsaI guess the takeaway is that old skool is better for now if we have enough folks that want to do Ubuntu hours again.16:27
belkinsaNo, with the issues, I think we are done.16:27
jrgifforddmcalloway: i don't think there is much we can do at this point16:27
jrgiffordbelkinsa: i don't think we can use webrtc16:28
jrgiffordi'd like to, but we can't.16:28
dmcallowayWell, before everyone darts off : any ideas on which project needs help ?16:28
belkinsaSame.  At least, we tried to use it.16:28
dmcallowayWell, besides webRTC, lol - I do not think I can code at a low enough level to fix this16:29
belkinsaAs in for coding, no?  But if you want to document things, Ubuntu Doc team needs help.16:29
jrgiffordwe could always do vlc | netcat16:29
belkinsaWell...give me a minute16:29
jrgiffordactually. that could be interesting.16:30
belkinsadmcalloway, ^^^16:30
belkinsaThat could16:30
belkinsajrgifford, ^^^16:30
jrgiffordAnd depending on your focus, Ask Ubuntu could use some help with cleaning up and answering questions occasionally.16:31
belkinsadmcalloway, http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2014/01/evaluating-harvest-ubuntu-com-call-number-two/ read this, this service maybe what you need but it needs to be kick started up again.16:31
jenni[ Ubuntu Women Blog | Evaluating harvest.ubuntu.com: Call Number Two! ] - https://j.mp/1fi6FM416:31
belkinsa                                                                      16:31
belkinsaWell, I must be going.  I still need to drive back home but once I get there, i will e-mail the mailing-lists our results of this run and talk about just running text-only ones for the time being.  Sounds cool to everyone?16:33
jrgiffordsounds good16:33
belkinsaAnd ronswift: that can go for your LoCo also.16:34
jrgifforddrive safely16:34
dmcallowayOkay - goodbye -16:34
dmcallowayWill also check out the link - although I thought that the Ubuntu Docs seem fairly complete.... but did not know about the Harvest project16:35
dmcallowayOkay, looks like everyone is winding down - goodday and nice chat !16:48
belkinsajrgifford, thanks for today and the job suggestion from a few days ago.21:51
jrgiffordbelkinsa: no problem21:51
belkinsaAnd I still have that e-mail to send...21:53
belkinsaI was talking about the information and results of todays run of the mock vUH21:54
starratsgood evening everyone22:50
belkinsahello there22:50
belkinsaAre you a new member that needs help signing the CC?22:50
starratsyes, I live in OH and what is the CC?22:51
belkinsaCode of Conduct22:51
starratsah okay22:51
belkinsaAll member must have it signed when joining the team on LP22:51
starratssure, I'm a nice guy, running xubuntu22:52
belkinsaOur Leader, skellat uses it too22:52
belkinsaWelcome to the team, by the way.22:52
starratsUnit193 told me about you folks22:52
starratsthank you22:52
belkinsaI see22:52
belkinsaWho are on LP?22:53
belkinsaWho are you*22:53
starratsOh you want my name or what?22:53
belkinsaLaunchpad username22:53
belkinsaOr page22:54
belkinsaLike this one: https://launchpad.net/~belkinsa22:54
jenni[ Svetlana Belkin in Launchpad ] - https://j.mp/1htgtEo22:54
belkinsaThank you, jenni.22:54
Unit193belkinsa: CC = Community Council. ;)22:54
belkinsaBut can it also said for Code of Conduct?22:55
belkinsaAh, right.  Duh.22:55
starratshow do I sign in?22:56
belkinsaAFK!  Soryr.22:56
starratssaw your launchpad thing22:56
Unit193starrats: Howdy here as well!22:56
belkinsaUnit193, if you want to help, go a head.  I will be back in 15 minutes22:56
Unit193Some of us in here use Lubuntu, one (used to?) use Kubuntu, and I'm Xubuntu of course.22:56
starratshello again Unit193, lol22:57
Unit193Already registered on UbuntuOne, Launchpad, or Forums?22:58
starratsI just joined/registered on launchpad, waiting for email23:03
belkinsaThis is your Ubuntu One account.  This will give you access to all Ubuntu sites that we have, including access to edit wiki pages.23:07
Unit193(If the wiki isn't acting up, as normal.)23:08
starratsjust finished with registering with launchpad23:08
belkinsaDoes Xubuntu have the GUI for Keys and passwords like Ubuntu does?23:09
starratsnow what, lol23:09
Unit193starrats: Now you can file all kinds of bugs about Xubuntu! :P23:09
starratsokay cool23:09
Unit193If you have a GPG key, you can sign the Ubuntu thing and upload.23:09
starratsI don't know that much about ubuntu, I have tried numerous times to install it on my hd along with win7 but it won't work, followed all the instructions23:10
starratsI'm currently on xubuntu using VirtualBox23:11
belkinsaSpeaking of new members: jrgifford, ping.23:12
belkinsastarrats, what is the issue that you are hitting?23:13
belkinsaYou can ask in #xubuntu, it's their support channel here23:14
starratssorry, i have emergency, will  bbl okay23:14
belkinsaOkay, see you around, starrats.23:16
Unit193Oh, he's from Kent BTW.23:16
belkinsaDoesn't matter anymore.  We are always will be scattered.23:17
Unit193Sure it does.23:17
Unit193drkokandy is pretty close to me, we could (and should in theory?) do a local meetup again. :P23:17
Unit193Seemed like a great guy to me too, though he attends to Akron LUG meetings so I'd have nothing on that. :P23:18
belkinsaI think there is no one around me in the greater Cinci are.23:19

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