netritiouswrst: moaning on a mailing list is probably the least bothersome thing you can do on the interwebs01:25
wrstwell I need to find something more bothersome then :)01:25
wrstright now I am exploring the world of creating an Arch package, or not creating but maintaining one at least01:26
netritiousright now I'm pretty certain I've found the components for my pfsense boxl, although only three rj-45 and $100 over budget.01:27
* Unit193 does Debian packages! :D01:27
netritiousoh and realtek nics...still, it's not to shabby01:27
Unit193I need to stop.01:27
netritiousUnit193: where were you when I needed help packaging snort? :D01:28
Unit193Hiding?  Drinking coffee?  Making snarky comments?01:28
netritiousall of the above?01:28
netritiousI'm looking at somewhere between 20-30W, +/- 5W.01:30
netritious**on the firewall01:32
netritiousmotherboard/cpu/vga: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681318623601:33
wrstUnit193: arch packages especially in the AUR is more a script borderline hack01:35
wrstnice netritious :)01:35
wrstof course arch is just a borderline hack too :)01:36
netritiousarch is neat01:36
netritiousI wish I had more time for it01:36
wrstwell once its setup you really don't need time for it01:36
wrstlove it on my laptop, but... wouldn't dare set it up for someone else to use, or use on a server, etc01:36
* wrst flashes his router... nothing can go wrong here...01:39
netritiousno, I mean I just don't have time for it. I've already compressed a new ubuntu setup to a few minutes.01:40
wrstha ha undertsand completely01:41
netritiousI guess I could setup arch and just clone that, but why? I just don't need (or want) bleeding edge.01:42
netritiousI have quite a bit of ancient tech lying around to...would arch install on an old toshiba laptop? like PIII era? I will try if it does :)01:43
netritiousI think it's about a twelve year old laptop01:44
wrstwell I'm sure its possible, but not worth it when you can run debian with a 486 kernel and probably work much better :)01:44
wrstwell you may not need that kernel but I have before and makes a huge difference having something like debian to go to01:45
wrstand flashed my router the wrong way, via wifi, didn't back it up (very stupid) and it all worked01:46
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