Saltwould be cool if ubuntu-wa could coordinate a table with the debian-seattle folks18:24
valoriethat is a truly awesome idea21:37
valoriewho should I contact?21:38
valorieSalt: ^^^21:38
Saltvalorie, http://lists.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/debian-seattle-social22:10
valoriethanks, Salt22:11
valorieit will be good to see you again22:11
valoriesince I skipped SeaGL22:11
Saltwhich was pretty schweet22:11
Saltseems like dates are almost picked for this years22:12
valorienext year maybe it will work out22:30
valoriehusband is planning to hike the PCT in two years22:30
valorietraining and so forth is already starting to pick up22:30
valorieso dunno22:30
Saltvery nice22:31
SaltI wouldn't mind doing that sometime22:32
Saltmet a few people who were nearing the end of their treck22:32
valorieit takes ~5 months22:33
valorieso it will be after he retires22:33
Saltpack multiple pairs of shoes22:33
valorieI'll be hop-scotching around Cali etc meeting up with him, buying supplies, etc.22:34
Saltgotcha, fun :)22:34
valorieoh hell, can you see me walking 3000 miles in 5 mos?22:34
valorieI don't want it enough22:34
SaltI plan on spending this whole summer camping off a motorcycle hitting various events, conferences, and conventions22:34
valoriegoing to Debconf?22:35
valorieso tempting, so close....22:35
Saltlet me see, 3000 miles in 5 months, aprox 600 miles per month22:35
valoriebut right before Labor Day, which is the cabin22:35
Saltroughly 20 miles per day22:35
Saltthat's very doable22:35
valorieand the day after I fly off to Czech Republic for Akademy22:35
Saltdang, didn't realize when/where it was22:36
SaltI'd like to go...22:36
valoriethe tough part is getting through the snow and over the flooded creeks22:36
valorieon the PCT22:36
Salton my calendar22:36
valorieI would like to go for at least a couple of days22:36
valoriewe'll see22:36
Saltwtf, google calendar can't do a reminder of 16 weeks22:38
Saltthat's bs22:38
Saltthey only do a month out22:38

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