Kilosmorning all05:13
Private_Userman my connection is really strange, all the while I thought I was connected to IRC but in fact I was not and just received a message that I have been reconnected. Either the software is delayed or the connection is shady or my machine is the issue05:25
Private_Userbtw morning Kilos05:25
inetprogood mornings05:50
trenderyo dude05:51
trenderinetpro how goes it05:51
inetprogood and yourself trender05:51
trendernot to many complaints and u ?05:51
trendertrying to hack up a .bin linux firmware device file but all the cool toys to turn it back into os files and so on are made for linux and im using windoze :(05:53
trenderi need to tell this NAS device to mount me a few more partions in the FTAB file and the whole OS is mounted in ram so that sucks05:54
trenderi need to tell this NAS device to mount me a few more partitions in the FTAB file and the whole OS is mounted in ram so that sucks05:55
trendersfstab file grrrr05:55
trendermy linux NAS device curently can only fdisk nad format a usefull partition of 700GB and im using 2TB drives so this little hack is posing a bit of a challenge to my small coconut05:58
trenderi suppose this is more a job for the ubuntu arm peepels but ive found many people are wanting to hack up linux devices to make a few changes to thier own toys firmware06:02
trenderlinux arm people rather...grr to early for me to be thinking or typing06:03
ThatGraemeGuymorning peoples06:19
trenderThatGraemeGuy mornin07:09
trenderyo kilos07:10
Kilosmorning all07:10
trenderok kilos i figured out that linux firmware image and how to hack it07:10
Trixar_zaEh, I will rather roll my own than try and build on Ubuntu07:11
Trixar_zaOh and Morning Kilos :P07:11
Kiloshi Trixar_za 07:11
Kiloshi Golynx 07:20
Kilosnas box image Trixar_za 07:20
GolynxHi Kilos07:20
trenderi need a nas box linux .bin image decompiled so i can edit the fstab file and make some changes to accomodate bigger drives07:21
Trixar_zaYou can extract them or use an image browser to do it07:22
GolynxI tested my modem last night with a new vodacom sim. The light went from dull green for cellc to bright blue for vodacom, and it instantly picked up HSDPA! lol. But i cant afford vodacoms rediculous data prices.07:22
GolynxHi trender07:22
Kilostelkom mobile07:23
GolynxHey Trixar_za07:23
Trixar_zaGolynx: Get Telkom Mobile07:23
Trixar_zaHey Golynx07:23
Kiloscellc sucks most places07:23
GolynxNo coverage here Trixar_za, not even a telkom mobile store07:24
Kilospost office07:24
Trixar_zaYeah, but CellC is only giving you GPRS/EDGE speeds07:24
Trixar_zaIf the light is green that is07:24
Kiloscheckers etc07:24
GolynxThey use mtn roaming in places that dont have some coverage, but mtn here only got edge and gprs speeds07:25
GolynxYa Trixar_za , it always says EDGE speed but gives GPRS instead lol07:26
Trixar_zaYeah and the Telkom Mobile bundles don't work in roaming mode07:26
Trixar_zaStill, you get the 1MB for R1 and you can use the slightly more expensive ALL network bundles07:27
GolynxCellc gives 6MB  for R1 . Dunno why other networks dont lower some prices aswell07:29
Kilosi go take sheep out07:29
GolynxNot taking chances with no telkom mobile coverage though07:30
trenderthe war of the MB price will never end07:32
trenderthe only way to stabilise this war is to invest equally in all the cell companies07:33
trenderthey need to collude and sleep with one annother07:34
trenderstabilise the data MB price at R500/GB07:34
Trixar_zaThat's just stupid07:34
Kilosno man07:35
trendercollution rules!!!07:35
Golynxlol trender07:35
Trixar_zaNo, R500 per GB07:35
Kilostelkom gives 2g day and 1g night for R14907:35
trenderits the only way to rape the customer07:35
GolynxR50/GB sounds fair enough07:35
trenderim not a consumer advocate im a seller investor i dont giv a crap about the consumer :D07:36
trenderR500/Gb sounds to cheap even :D07:36
GolynxI saw a study once in a news report, that if you wana grow your economy faster then improve access to the internet for everyone07:37
trenderGolynx yes dude then price margins fall and we all make less money07:38
trenderso can that idea lol07:38
trenderand in the end only china thrives07:39
trenderdeath to the rest of the world07:39
trendera biblical death07:39
trenderits already the 11th hr dude07:39
GolynxThen you get corruption in the companies that lay the FO cables. Slowing growth even more. ai07:42
trendereveryone is corrupt07:42
trenderif you can pay R100 less on your groceries and you knew how to get it you would also take that opertunity07:43
trenderor negotiate with the poor avocado saleman on the pavement to get the avos for R3 each07:44
GolynxIf the deal is legit or its a promotion the store is running then i will take that deal07:45
trenderso i feel nothing for consumers the selers and investers bleed every last cent from the market while the going is good so that when consumers figure out a cheaper way they still have the money to stay in business its a double edged sword not a one sided story07:45
trenderprice fixing and collution should be standard practice who wants to sell thier avo's for R1 when everyone else chargers R5 thats also insane07:48
trenderlets all turn chinese to give joe consumer a better deal :D07:49
GolynxI was never good at economics so i wont know 07:49
trenderyou like my cheap cellphone you buy my cheap cellphone luv you longtime sorry about cheap battery you never see me again lol07:49
GolynxBetter speak to an expert :D07:50
Trixar_zaOh boo hoo07:50
trendereven the chinese have become big thieving thugs07:50
Trixar_zaIf you sell cheaper, you sell more unites, which makes up the difference07:50
trender90% of the big usb flash drives are nothing more then 2mb fakes with false partitions07:50
Trixar_zaAnd considering what you're selling is pretty much 1s and 0s in the thin air, you can lower it to what you want07:51
Trixar_zaSo your logic is questionable at best07:51
trenderTrixar_za not so joe consumer still only buys one unit and goes home to giggle to his wife and 2.5 kids cheaper doesnt work you only get a small shake of the market no matter who you are07:51
Trixar_zaYou really don't know how consumers think. If you can get something for a 1/3 of the price of it from another supplier, you end up buying more of it for the same price - unit increase. In fact, a consumer will probably buy MORE than the price of the more expensive unit.07:53
Trixar_zaSo you profit07:53
Trixar_zaFollowing your logic, you screw them over once and never profit again. You lose out.07:54
* trender is a trender for the last 20 years and all i know is everything trends and burns out the trick is to be in on the trend and out on the fall07:54
trenderbenefit big in the start and then dump your cellphones to buy pink socks when the margins fall07:55
Trixar_zaAnd considering data is pretty much in infinite supply with zero overhead to produce, what would lowering the price to sell more units do?07:55
Trixar_zaPure profit07:55
trendernot zero overheads07:56
trendernetworks are always growing07:56
trendernobody wants to put themselves out of business07:56
trendereveryone wants a fair piece of the pie07:57
trenderhense collution makes perfect sence07:57
trenderteam up and screw the consumer..trender for president!!!07:57
Trixar_zaAnd if memory serves is considered market manipulation and is illegal if caught. Actually, go ahead, you'd probably do well in jail :P07:57
trenderthey all already collude my friend its called stock share options07:58
trenderand its 100% legal07:58
trenderyou think if i owned cellc im not hedging my investment by buying mtn shares hell no!!!07:59
trender:D that concludes todays free investing 101 course08:01
GolynxGlad this j2me emulator works now, no more 100% cpu usage. But the saving pages feature is gone, ai - linux permissions permissions :/ 08:14
trenderyou should see how much cpu and ram the android bluestacks emulator uses it kills my pc08:15
trenderand for what just so i can have whatsapp on my pc lol08:15
GolynxAre you using oracle or Openjdk08:16
GolynxOpenjdk dont work that well with graphics and got more bugs than oracle jdk08:17
Golynxlol keep whatsapp on the phone rather08:19
trenderi dont have a phone that uses whatsapp i dont like smartphones i prefer the older bricks08:19
trenderi just want a phone with a red and green button :)08:19
trenderi dont even make outgoing calls08:20
GolynxFor a economics guy ? hmm08:21
GolynxHard to believe08:21
trendereconomics sales marketing dev import export service repair and to the ladies casinova believe that but i guess you are so busy in mommies basement hacking the mousedriver youve never seen the real world Golynx lol08:23
Golynxlol, i guess "ladies casinova" has corrupted both your brains  trender. Building imaginary assumptions of people , ai. 08:27
trenderGolynx spoken like a dude who stays in mommies basement with a tub of vaseline jerking off to the you magazine lol08:28
ThatGraemeGuylets keep it civil guys :-)08:28
trenderai ai cap'n08:29
GolynxI guess that was your passtime trender before you got the courage to become a "ladies casinova" lol08:30
trender:D dham you caught me out was it that obvious lol08:30
trenderexcuse me while i run to shprite for more vaseline lol08:31
trenderexcuse me while i run to shoprite for more vaseline lol08:31
GolynxAnd since i dont have a basement, i assume you have one . So proves my point 08:31
trenderoh gawd ive been defeated by a basement dweller what shall i do lol08:32
trenderGolynx ^5 dude you really took me out lol08:35
trenderGolynx now wipe the steam off you coke bottle nerd speks dude and get back to hacking that mouse driver :D08:36
trenderactually back in the Dos days Golynx i also hacked the mouse driver using debug but that was a tottaly special adventure :D08:38
GolynxAnd since i dont have nerd speks, i assume you have . So what you say ,please say it infront of the mirror08:38
* trender is thinking coke bottle nerd spekz and braces perhaps with a small case of acne lol08:39
Kilosthis is a linux help channel08:40
trender:D im beeing very helpfull im cleaning the floor with Golynx08:40
trenderlook how nice its sparkling :D08:41
Golynxtrender , please learn to take out your days frustrations out on activities you anjoy. Your acting like that nerd boy you keep having nightmares about. 08:42
ThatGraemeGuyso I guess there's no keeping it civil then? must be fun acting like 10-year-olds I suppose08:43
trenderGolynx i take my frustrations out on your mother....one day i will tell you what the squeeking and yelling noises are :)08:43
Kilostrender, Golynx stop it now both of you08:45
GolynxKeep dreaming of your imaginary "ladies", nerd boy 08:45
Kilosdont you understand what stop it means08:46
Kilostakes 2 to make and argument08:46
trenderKilos Golynx stepped up to my urinal and pulled out his little weener how is that my fault :D ?08:46
Kilosi said both of you stop it please08:47
=== smile is now known as smile4
Kiloshi smile4 09:10
smile4Hi Kilos :p09:10
=== smile4 is now known as smile
smileHow are you? :)09:11
Kilosgood ty and you?09:11
GolynxHey smile09:13
Kiloshi inetpro 09:48
inetproguys please note that all conversations are logged here09:49
trenderlog this (_|_)09:49
Kiloshi Xethron 09:50
inetprotrender: there's no need to be nasty09:50
Xethronhi hi09:50
XethronHow are you?09:50
trender:D yea i know but its fun lol09:51
trenderwork should be fun right09:51
Kilosgood ty and you?09:51
inetproat least it's Friday09:52
inetproMaaz: what's for lunch09:52
Maazinetpro: I prefer St Elmo's... but Scooters' deep pan pizza is also very yummy09:52
inetprosounds tasty09:53
superflymmmm, scooter's deep pan is heerlik!09:56
smilehi Golynx :)09:56
superflytrender: do you know about the Ubuntu Code of Conduct?09:57
trendersuperfly do you know what this is (,,|,,) <<<thats my hairy backside09:58
superflytrender: you've stepped over the line. don't ever think of coming back in here.09:59
trenderi have an infinate proxy wethead i come and go as a please lol09:59
superflytrender: laugh all you want, you'll be kicked and banned in due course09:59
trenderTWIT lol10:00
trendercall yourself linux gurus and you really dont understand how the internet or irc really works lol10:00
trenderexcuse me i have to change my underwear superfly just made me wet them :)10:01
trendersuplerfly was your previous nick superflop ?10:02
superflyI love how you say you have an infinite proxy, and yet I can see your router's IP address10:03
trenderoh gawd now ive been cyber bullied by superfly lol10:03
trendersuperpop more like it lol10:04
Kilostrender, please stop with the insults10:07
trenderi will never surender :D10:08
trenderyou wont take me alive!!!10:08
superflythank you inetpro... finally10:09
superflynow to narrow that down slightly10:09
Kiloshi zeref 10:21
superflyAnd now trender is private messaging me. How cute.10:23
* smile hugs superfly10:23
zerefHi Kilos 10:24
superflyI just ignored the <insert your own word here>10:26
Kiloswhat a schlep10:28
Kilosall unneccesary10:28
superflyhey Xethron10:29
superflyat least he doesn't seem to think enough to whois me10:41
inetprosuperfly: thanks for dealing with it10:43
inetprorather hectic on this side10:43
superflyhere we go again...10:43
superflyit's normally pretty hectic here too, but everyone went out for lunch10:44
superflyright-click -> kick & ban10:45
superflyeasy enough to do10:45
superflyhe'll get tired of it after a while10:46
Kiloshi linux_shark 10:47
superflyanchorfree.com is a VPN service10:48
inetprohe is well connected10:50
superflyhe's just a school kid who is used to finding VPNs and proxies to get around his school's firewall, if you ask me10:50
inetproplaying cat and mouse :-)10:51
superflynow I need to get some lunch. inetpro, can you take over. although I figure that should stop most of him10:53
Kilosi go eat11:08
=== georgl_ is now known as georgl
inetprosuperfly: he ran out of options?11:21
Kiloshi somaunn 11:24
superflyor effort11:25
GolynxWho wants a copy of his life story he gave me in pm ? lol11:32
smileGolynx: me! :D11:34
GolynxOk smile. Its about 142 lines, but most of its rubbish. 11:35
smileGolynx: let's have a look ;)11:36
GolynxThe copy/paste broke a few things , but its still readable.11:39
smileYes, I see :)11:41
* smile has read it completely11:41
smileFunny :p11:41
smileHe claims he knows everything :p11:41
smilewhich can't be true :p especially about Linux11:42
Golynxlol , ya so many lies in there. Aspecially about making 800k a year 11:42
smileYeah, and the number of anitvirus products :p11:44
GolynxHe sound more like a 50 year old boy , who's in a mid life crisis lol11:45
SUVyo yo yo whats hapnin peoples morning evenin etc etc11:53
SUVanybody awake ?11:53
Kiloshi SUV 11:56
SUVyo howdy11:56
* Golynx wish he can figure out the permissions system . ai12:10
Kiloswhats the prob now Golynx 12:16
GolynxI'm saving alot more data now that i got Opera mini on the emulator. So i wana save pictures and pages like i used to, but it dont detect the filesystem12:19
Kilosyou want to save stuff with an internet browser?12:20
Kiloswhere is the stuff you want to save'12:20
Kilosand where to12:20
GolynxI guess its got windows C:\  filepaths hardcoded in the jars 12:20
GolynxTh emulator always detects the filesystem and creates a folder where it stores downloads. I dont think linux allows that12:21
Kiloswhere do you want to save from12:22
Kiloswb somaunn 12:22
KilosGolynx, answer man12:22
GolynxAnywhere 12:23
Kilosopera downloads and saves to downloads folder12:23
Kilosunless you chnge it12:23
GolynxNope on the pc12:23
Kiloswell on the pc dont use the browser12:24
Kiloscut paste12:24
GolynxNope its on a java j2me emulator not the opera web browser12:24
Kilosi dunno about that12:25
GolynxI got the full source code for the emulator , but nothing showing in the source files about filepaths12:26
GolynxSo i assume it detects it automatically12:26
GolynxWill look for another emulator and see if that can access the linux filesystem12:27
GolynxMost of the j2me emulators are made for windows pcs. grrrrr...12:29
Kilosi dont even know what that is12:29
smileKilos: Java on steroids :p12:31
GolynxIts the motorola v360 type phone apps , before smartphones were born :)12:31
smileFor old mobiles :p12:31
Golynxlol smile 12:31
smileGolynx: they run on mine too :p12:32
smileMIDP 2.0 is even supported! :p12:32
Golynxhaha ya, aslong as you got microedition midlet support in your java bundle on you smartphone you can play all those oldies 12:33
zaltharyo ops kiss my fat ugly hairy lilly white ass (_|_) ....screw with the bull you gonna get the horn ____~{,,  ,,}0=12:40
smilezalthar: hmm? :p why? :p12:41
zaltharbecause superfly is a little wanker who's greatest accomplishments include living in mommies basement, fixing cellphones and banning okes like me who will end up pulling his pants down in public and giving him a bloody good hiding then pasting the video on youtube for the whole world to see.12:44
somaunnhi guys12:44
smileI see. :p12:45
smilesomaunn: hoi :p12:45
zalthari love the mommie and daddies who try controll irc12:45
somaunnwhat's on the desk 12:45
somaunnhi zalthar12:45
zaltharyo dude12:46
smilesomaunn: programming in Gambas12:46
smilebug fixing, mostly :p12:46
smilethere? :p12:46
zalthareverbody knows irc belongs to the maniacs not the mommies and daddies12:46
somaunnzalthar: you right12:47
somaunnGambas you said12:47
smilesomaunn: yes! :D12:47
zaltharhi my name is superfly aka Raoul Snyman and i will get you :D12:47
smilesomaunn: im Gegensatz12:47
smilezalthar: I'm afraid now :p12:48
inetprozalthar: that really necessary?12:48
zalthardont you love the cyber irc bully Aops lol ?12:48
zaltharbe good or we will ban you..12:49
zaltharthis is your farther speaking inetpro aka Gustav Meyer your mom and i are wondering how long you are going to live in our basement :D12:50
zaltharey you ops are 2 tense man lighten up a little12:51
smilesomaunn: never heard of Gambas before? :o12:52
inetproyou insult people and then tell them to "lighten up"?12:52
zaltharinetpro is so tense he wont even respond to a ping lol12:53
* smile pings zalthar12:54
smile"Ping reply from zalthar in 1.21 seconds." :p12:54
smileYou're on the other edge of the planet? :o12:54
zaltharya something like that12:54
smileis it? :p12:56
smile@ inetpro 12:56
somaunnsmile: never worked with but i've seen the logo on the internet someday12:57
inetprohighvoltage: wb12:57
smileIt works great :)12:57
smileBut don't try to Stop events ;)12:57
somaunnhi highvoltage12:58
somaunnsmile: no i will learn if it is the topic of the day12:58
* smile sets the topic: Gambas13:00
superflyhi highvoltage13:05
SquirmMy S3 died13:06
Squirmhey superfly 13:06
Squirmsuperfly: have you ever installed a custom ROM?13:06
superflySquirm: on my S3? Running CM11 nightly13:06
SquirmI think mine is soft bricked13:06
Squirmbut I've tried everything13:07
superflysmile: he's using proxies to try to get back into the channel, and to spam myself and inetpro in private messages13:07
SquirmI was running an Unoffical CM mod, my battery died last night, now it just gets stuck on the Samsung splash screen13:07
superflySquirm: You still have a Samsung splash? 13:07
Squirmsuperfly: yes, that's all I get13:08
superflyI installed ClockworkMod13:08
Squirmso had I13:08
superflyOh right13:08
superflySquirm: press+hold reset the power button13:08
superflyI had that once before... turned out I hadn't done a proper reboot in a while, just reboot-upgrades, and for some reason it got stuck somewhere... after I did a long hold on the power button it came right13:09
Squirmmeh, I think I've flashed my phone too much now not to do something more drastic13:09
Squirmmine just cycled13:10
superflySquirm: can you get back into recovery?13:11
superflySquirm: I upgrade mine almost every night, but I use CM proper13:11
SquirmI'm going to use CM proper from now, when I get it up13:13
Squirmcan't get into recovery any more13:13
Squirmso I need to somehow use odin to reset my phone back to stock13:13
superflynah, shouldn't need to13:13
Squirm530Mb/850Mb for the stock rom, which should work with odin13:14
superflyjust hold down the right buttons (volume up + power + home, I think) till you see the samsung logo13:14
Squirmit just cycles now13:14
Squirmcan't get into clockword mod13:14
Squirmcan still get into download mode though, volume down13:14
superflyI've seen that on my own phone, was pretty simple to fix13:14
SquirmI told you, I've flashed my phone too many times13:14
SquirmI mean, flashed it too many times trying to fix it13:15
superflySquirm: Did you flash CWM too, or just CM?13:15
SquirmI tried using odin to flash CWM, that never worked13:15
superflySquirm: I used heimdall13:16
Squirmok, where did you find CWM?13:17
SquirmI looked at heidmall13:17
Squirmbut odin seemed easier13:18
Squirmand the tuts all used odin13:18
Kiloslo highvoltage  long time no see13:20
Squirmhi Kilos13:20
somaunnSquirm: remove the battery and do what superfly recommand you to do13:20
Kiloshi Squirm 13:21
Squirmsomaunn: tried that13:21
Squirmit just cycles13:21
superflySquirm: I don't have a Windows PC anywhere, odin was not an option13:27
superflyheimdall actually wasn't that difficult13:27
Squirmsuperfly: yeah, I run linux, but my office borders 2 windows computer labs13:27
SquirmI hope this flash works13:28
SquirmI even lost all hope and tried kies13:28
Squirmbut that failed13:28
somaunni had the same issue weeks ago and did wipe cache, wipe etc, and wipe dalvik cache13:30
superflyoh yes, I remember doing that too... wiped cache and dalvik too13:30
Kiloswb inetpro 13:31
Kiloswhat you broke13:31
inetpropressed disconnect by accident13:32
inetprowhen I wanted to go to settings13:32
Golynxwb Kilos13:41
Kilosty Golynx 13:41
Kiloshi georgl 13:43
Kilosah that fly came again back13:43
who_da_flydunno what happened there13:44
=== who_da_fly is now known as superfly
Kiloswb superfly 13:45
Kilosour friend13:52
Kiloshi jhb_hacker 13:52
jhb_hackerhi Kilos13:52
superflyclean things up a little again13:55
superflyThanks ChanServ13:55
Squirmflashing stock rom14:08
* Squirm crosses his fingers14:08
Squirmseems to be flashing fine though14:08
* Squirm punches the wall14:14
Squirmit flashed14:14
SquirmI started it, saw little Android with his tummy open, all in a good, green way. Then it rebooted14:15
Squirmback to the Samsung splash14:15
SquirmKilos: unfortunately it isn't funny at all14:17
Kilosthe funny part is you punching the wall because it worked14:17
Squirmit never though14:18
Squirmit's back to where it was14:18
Kilosoh my14:18
Kilosrom on what?14:18
Squirmmy S314:19
Squirmit died14:19
GolynxDoes Ubuntu phone work on he S3 ?14:20
superflyGolynx: I've heard of the occasional adventurous soul trying it, but I'm sticking with CyanogenMod14:23
superflySquirm: did you wipe cache and dalvik?14:23
SquirmI wiped cache14:24
Squirmbut like I said, I don't have CWM anymore14:24
SquirmI have the stock loader14:24
GolynxAh yes superfly CyanogenMod is awesome. Thats how all androids should be.14:25
superflyHe doesn't listen, does he?16:44
superflyinetpro: ^^16:46
Kilosguten abend16:51
Kiloshi kbmonkey 17:04
superflykbmonkey: we have a troll problem.17:10
kbmonkeyhello superfly, I see some kicks here, hmm17:12
superflypotty mouth has been PMing me too17:12
kbmonkeyeish, I see their IP changes too17:12
superflyAnonymous proxies17:12
superflygeoiptool.com FTW17:13
superflyJust in case anyone is trying to connect from an anonymous proxy (which is unlikely), I'm kickbanning anyone connecting from a proxy until further notice17:25
kbmonkeyThat sounds reasonable to me, thank you fly :]17:28
superflyDoes anyone know Hyperthread?17:29
kbmonkeyI do not recognize them17:30
superflyNo, apparently he's legit.17:33
superflyhe's been chatting to me via PM17:34
* highvoltage finally has a chance to catch up17:36
highvoltage(seems like a rough day)17:36
superflyhi highvoltage17:36
superflya bit, yes.17:36
superflyhow goes, highvoltage?17:38
wolfeyespalo highvoltage wb17:38
highvoltagesuperfly: great thanks, and you?17:41
superflyhighvoltage: good, busy busy busy as usual. Are you still living on the other side of the world?17:42
wolfeyespawhat a schlep17:43
highvoltagesuperfly: ah no I'm back for almost a year now!17:43
highvoltagethe company I worked for took a dive and I briefly looked for other work there but decided that I actually want to be here17:44
superflyAh, OK. What are you up to now?17:44
highvoltagesuperfly: I work at a company called Praekelt, we create mobile stuff for use in africa17:46
highvoltage(ussd apps / mobile sites / vumi.org / etc)17:46
superflyOh right. I know Praekelt.17:46
superflyI was almost hired by them17:46
superflythen they found out they didn't have budget :-(17:47
superflyAh well, I'm working at an awesome place now17:47
highvoltageyou've become too expensive eh?17:47
superflyhaha, I don't think so17:47
liamTcheers people17:50
* wolfeyespa goes to kde17:52
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:05
smilebye :)19:51

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