pleanbeanShould I partition it in the live OS or should I let it automatically partition during install?00:00
hewhomustlive os00:00
pleanbeanOk... I have 8GBs of ram. Does this sound right?00:01
pleanbeanWhoops. 8gb swap partition, and the rest ext400:01
hewhomustyeah sounds k00:01
hc0d3rhi everybody00:01
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ramborocksim in virtual box running windows 2012 server and i have to press control alt del to get to the logon screen.. although control / alt del then brings up ubuntu shutdown screen00:31
JENelsonramborocks: ctrl/alt/del is activated in the guest by holding the RIGHT ctrl key and pressing DEL.00:32
JENelsonthere is also a pulldown menu option in the guest window to send ctrl/alt/del00:33
ramborocksit worked thanks hitsuji00:35
ramborocksJen i had previously used the onscreen keyboard and that just was annoying00:35
skjonesdidn't i read about some controversy between ubuntu and Lubuntu?  anyone remember the details?00:35
JENelsonramborocks: i remember being frustrated until i learned the proper key sequence. :-)00:36
pleanbeanI need some help. I just installed Ubuntu 13.10 and its booting into a black screen with a blinking white cursor at the top left. Not responding to any keys00:41
phil-nspleanbean: try ALT F100:44
JENelsonpleanbean: boot from a usb stick or cdrom. re-run grub-install /dev/XXX specifying your device name for XXX00:44
JENelsonpleanbean: also, make sure your BIOS is set to boot from the correct device.00:45
pleanbeanJENelson, I'm selecting the boot device from within the BIOS, so I know its the correct device. Going to re-run that command now.00:45
pleanbeanJENelson: It says "Path /boot/grub is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting."00:48
JENelsontry using chroot first then grub-install00:49
JENelsonmount /dev/XXX /mnt00:49
JENelsonchroot /mnt /bin/bash00:49
JENelson--there's two tricky mount commands that go here--00:50
pleanbeanI just installed boot-repair00:50
JENelson--google for them--they reuse /dev00:51
JENelson--and something else00:51
JENelsongrub-install should now work00:51
pleanbeanJENelson, which device do I want to install GRUB onto? /sda, which is my Windows drive, /sdb, which is my Ubuntu drive, or /sdb2, which is my root partition00:53
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lacelessHello. I need help. I changed from Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop 32-bit to Ubuntu 12.04.3 Server 64-bit. All is well except that I cannot run any binary file in command line.00:53
JENelsonpleanbean: where did you install it before?00:53
dvpalexhi everybody!00:53
MickMonkeyUbuntu server 13.10 i386 doesn't allow my usb keyboad to be used00:53
pleanbeanI installed it to /sdb00:54
dvpalexsomeone from brazil?00:54
JENelsonpleanbean: that's where i would have installed it too. grub can boot into windows, but windows can't boot into grub00:54
k1l!br | dvpalex00:54
ubottudvpalex: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:54
MickMonkeyAaany takers?00:55
k1lMickMonkey: does it work in bios?00:56
ramborocksi cant get my audio / ethernet to work in virtual box00:56
JENelsonMickMonkey. unplug keyboard. type lsusb. plug in keyboard. type lsusb. (assumes you have a second keyboard)00:56
JENelsonwhat's the difference?00:57
k1lwhat hapens when you connect the usb keyboard? please show the dmesg output after that)00:57
MickMonkeyBut once in the OS neither of them works00:57
MickMonkeyLike ever00:57
JENelsonMickMonkey. Try plugging into a different usb port00:57
pleanbeanJENelson: paste.ubuntu.com/680599500:57
MickMonkeyDid that00:57
MickMonkeyand with another ones00:57
MickMonkeyall of them doesn't work00:57
hitsujiTMOMickMonkey: will it work on a live cd?00:58
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MickMonkeylol server isn't live00:58
MickMonkeyBut yes00:58
MickMonkeyyes it does00:58
JENelsonpleanbean: ok, stand by00:58
Sleepnbumif i switch from win8 to ubuntu, am i still gonna wanna kill myself over the lack of logic?00:58
hitsujiTMOMickMonkey: from the live cd can you pastebin the output of lspci -knn00:58
gremlynso I just got a new laptop with 13.10 preinstalled00:59
gremlynmonitor on it looks great, but when I plug in my 23" second monitor to the hdmi port, it looks all washed out00:59
gremlynlooked fine when plugged into the old laptop00:59
lacelessHello, I need help. I changed from Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop 32-bit to Ubuntu 12.04.3 Server 64-bit. All is well except that I ***cannot run any binary file in command line anymore***. It says something about not finding the file. Even thought the file is there and I even specify an absolute path.00:59
ramborocksany idea why windows 2012 server wont run internet / audio on server?01:00
MickMonkeyMy pci dump?01:00
MickMonkeyWhat would that accomplish01:00
k1lSleepnbum: nope01:00
hitsujiTMOMickMonkey: see what usb host controller you are using and what driver it loads for it01:01
pleanbeanJENelson: boot-repair was successful. I'm now booting into Ubuntu01:01
JENelsonpleanbean: yahoo!01:01
ramborocksim using ubuntu01:01
pleanbeanMy bigger issue is that I want my boot menu to show Windows and Ubuntu01:02
JENelsonpleanbean: how did you fix it?01:02
pleanbeanJENelson: I just ignored the error, and rebooted...01:02
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JENelsonpleanbean: the errors with sdc are because it's a cdrom/dvd device, not a disk. you were correct to ignore the errors.01:03
sk1specialubuntu 12.04 , i was downloading a driver for my wireless card, and my internet cut out, then my laptop crashed, showed a bunch of red text, and now it does not show the driver when i go to download it again under settings > additional drivers01:04
JENelsonpleanbean: the hexdump of sda1 is ok. "BOOTMGR is missing" is really supposed to be there; it will be displayed if is needed.01:05
tomas_hola *01:05
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Guest15159tengo un problema con empathy01:05
pleanbeanJENelson, anything I should do about that?01:06
JENelsonpleanbean: about what? The BOOTMGR message? NO.01:06
* laceless is back01:07
JENelsonpleanbean: you have corrupted your windows boot on sda. grub is installed on sda *and* sdb01:07
pleanbeanJENelson, I noticed that...I was hoping boot-repair fixed that. So now do I have to reinstall Windows?01:07
JENelsonpleanbean: windows command line tools like fixmbr and fixboot could help.01:08
TreeDBhello everyone, I have a quick question, im trying to use tail however I need to remove the first 41 characters, how do I do that?01:09
lacelessWhenever I try to execute a binary file in command line on 12.04 Server, it says something like "file not found. I did not have that problem on 12.04 Desktop.01:10
hitsujiTMOTreeDB: thats more of a #bash question, but use awk substring for a posix compliant way of doing that01:13
qinlaceless: you mean: command not found01:13
laceless-bash: ./minerd: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type01:14
laceless"no such file or folder found"01:14
worldwide7477wondering if anyone knows if xchat can use mirc color scripts01:14
hitsujiTMOlaceless: command are you doing to get that response?01:14
k1llaceless: what does "ls -al minerd" say?01:14
laceless-rwxrwxrwx 1 machintruc machintruc 379680 jan 21 23:24 /home/machintruc/Progs/minerd01:16
k1llaceless: are you in /home/machintruc/Progs/ ?01:16
JENelsonlaceless, what does "file minderd" say?01:17
lacelessELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.26, BuildID[sha1]=0xdd6392f744de0cec6323c610bdd2300851af2e5b, stripped01:17
JENelsonlaceless. good. now "ldd minerd"01:17
JENelsonyou'll get a lot of output. pay attention to any messages that complain about missing files01:18
laceless"not a dynamic executable"01:18
JENelsonlaceless, what file is not a dynamic executable?01:19
lacelessldd's result01:20
JENelsonlaceless: sounds like the file minerd is corrupt.01:20
JENelsonlaceless: "readelf -e minerd"01:21
hitsujiTMOlaceless: whats the output of: uname -a01:21
lacelesshitsujiTMO : Linux Orange2 3.8.0-35-generic #50~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 4 17:25:51 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:22
lacelessmy binaries are leftovers from my 32-bit partition01:22
hitsujiTMOlaceless: ensure i386 support is installed01:22
lacelesswell, I thought 64-bit OS could handle 32-bit binaries without hassle, can't they ?01:23
JENelsonlaceless, they can if you have the 32-bit shared libraries installed.01:23
hitsujiTMOlaceless: dpkg --get-selections | grep multiarch01:24
lacelessJENelson : installing readelf right now01:24
lacelessi installed binutils-multiarch01:25
hitsujiTMOlaceless: ensure multiarch-support is installed01:26
lacelessbinutils-multiarch and multiarch-support are installed01:27
hitsujiTMOlaceless: I'll go with that being compiled without ldd support then01:28
pleanbeanJENelson, those commands kind of frighten me. Any other options?01:28
pleanbeanAlso, for some reason my second drive isn't showing up in my BIOS...01:28
hitsujiTMOlaceless: you're most likely just missing the 32bit deps. find it what they are and install. (add :i386) to the package name01:29
lacelessI will take you people's input in consideration, but now I have to go. Bye01:30
JENelsonpleanbean, you could just reinstall windows. or boot the Windows cdrom into "repair" mode, but I have never had much luck with that.01:30
JENelsonpleanbean: your second hard drive is present but it isn't recognizable by windows01:30
pleanbeanIts not Windows that not showing it, its my BIOS01:30
JENelsono i c. power off, reseat connectors. something may have come loose.01:31
sk1specialany love with how to fix/install drivers for my wireless card?01:32
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pleanbeanOk, now I have a weird issue. Basically, either drive I boot to goes to GRUB.01:33
SchrodingersScat!broadcom | sk1special01:33
ubottusk1special: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:33
JENelsonpleanbean, Some BIOS can be configured to ignore drives. make sure yours says "auto" or something like that, for the sdb drive01:33
pleanbeanAnd GRUB doesn't show my Windows drive. So I'm forced into Ubuntu.01:33
sk1special12.04 , i was installing it already tho, internet disconnected, laptop crashed, and now it wont show up in the additional drivers menu01:33
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JENelsonpleanbean, i think you have to replace grub on sda with the windows boot loader. i *think* grub just chains to windows, so if the windows boot loader isn't there then grub can't find it.01:34
hitsujiTMOsk1special: are you able to get on with the wired connection?01:35
sk1specialyeah wired works01:35
pleanbeanSo any way to boot into Windows to fix the Windows boot loader?01:35
hitsujiTMOsk1special: can you run: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && lspci -knn pastebinit01:35
hitsujiTMOsk1special: can you run: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && lspci -knn | pastebinit01:35
JENelsonpleanbean, from another windows disk. or cdrom. :-)01:36
hitsujiTMOsk1special: second one sorry01:36
pawprinthow can i use nc (netcat) to listen on port X on localhost and forward it to port Y on a remote machine?01:38
jiridoHi i would like to install pcmanfm 1.1.4 on my lubuntu 12.04 but when ./configure it complains about libpango beeing less then 1.16.0.. Is there any use that i try to compile pango 1.16.0+ or is it a dead projekt as 12.04 seems to sit with pcmanfm 0.9.10 that keep on crashing..01:38
JENelsonpawprint: run two netcats. pipe the output of the first (listener) into the input of the second (sender)01:39
pawprinti tried that01:39
pawprintbut i think that only creates communication one-way01:39
pawprinti want two-way communication01:39
JENelsoncan't be done.01:40
JENelsonnot like you want.01:40
JENelsonyou'd have to use iptables forwarding rules01:40
Richhhhow do I do the equivalent of unplugging my wireless receiver and plugging it back in again, using the console?01:42
Richhhbecause I have to do that every time i a boot up at the moment, in order to connect01:43
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6806146/01:43
Richhhie how do I reset my wireless connection?01:43
blueingressHi Guys, How can I move/drag a window/application from top-left window to button-right window? Thanks01:44
tewardRichhh: maybe find the interface name (eth0, wlan0, whatever), and to `sudo ifconfig INTERFACE down; sudo ifconfig INTERFACE up`, but that may be deprecated.01:44
hitsujiTMOsk1special: rfkill list | pastebinit01:44
rcw2trying to upgrade my version of pg_dump. it is part of the postgre-xc-client package?01:45
Richhhteward: i think i tried that before and it didnt work as expected, ill wait briefly for any other replies before trying it again01:45
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, "you are trying to send an empty document"01:46
zdwolfeWhen using the --force-yes option in ubuntu, a package prompts for configuration with an ncurses menu. How would I automate a response to this?01:46
JENelsonzdwolfe, what command? there should be an option to disable prompting01:47
Richhhteward: ok, thanks ill try it now01:47
hitsujiTMOsk1special: is that the same for: sudo rfkill list | pastebinit01:47
zdwolfeJENelson: apt-get install --force-yes <package> launches a debconf ncurses menu01:47
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, yeah same01:47
zdwolfenot evey package, just a specific one01:47
hitsujiTMOsk1special: then looks to be an issue with the driver. you might want to restart the process of installing the driver01:48
JENelsonzdwolfe, try the option "--yes"01:48
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, yeah ..but it doesnt show it anymore in the additional drivers menu. how do i do it?01:49
JENelsonzdwolfe, if that doesn't work, maybe both?01:49
zdwolfeJENelson: that's just an alias for --force-yes01:49
hitsujiTMOsk1special: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BroadcomSTA(Wireless)01:50
hitsujiTMOsk1special: yours is in the first batch01:50
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, mmk. do i need to uninstall whatevers on there somehow? or just follow whatever that says?01:51
JENelsonzdwolfe, ok. is the debconf asking you to do something other than respond yes/no?01:51
hitsujiTMOsk1special: i'm unsure what drivers it would have installed when you used jockey. try what it says there01:52
pleanbeanJENelson, ok so repairing the Windows drive isn't working. What are my other options? Repartition and install?01:52
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, mmk. thanks01:52
JENelsonpleanbean, yep. you could skip the repartition step if you like.01:52
pleanbeanI don't have to repartition to fix MBR/grub issues?01:53
JENelsonif you install windows it will automatically install its own boot loader, wiping out grub01:53
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JENelsonif you are paranoid, unplug sdb before you start :-)01:54
zdwolfeIt looks like Ubuntu is ignoring the DEBIAN_FRONTEND environment variable for debconf. How can I set this?01:55
JENelsonzdwolfe, no idea. Try "# DEBIAN_FRONTEND=xyzzy apt-get install foo"??01:56
mojtabaHi, I have a mp4 file and a text files with movide's subtitles. Do you know how can I see them while playing movie?01:58
zdwolfeJENelson: tried it, no luck02:01
hoodediceI'm running xubuntu off a USB drive due to lack of space on my main HDD02:01
hoodediceBut it sucks at read speeds, so the OS lags.02:02
hoodediceI found THIS page: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1867460 and I want to try it out02:02
hoodediceBut where exactly is the 'option line of kernel' in grub.cfg ?02:02
JENelsonhoodedice, you have to specify pci=acpi manually when you boot from the usb stick. Alternatively, google for instructions on "customizing your own usb boot" (or something like that)02:05
hoodedicemanually, as in, run a command line or something from the boot menu?02:05
Oobi_i just installed ubuntu, because bill gates is rich enough02:07
Oobi_but i don't know how to minimize windows02:07
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Oobi_how do you minimize02:07
JENelsonhoodedice, no. when you power on the PC and the device auto-boots from the usb stick... you have to break in and get a boot prompt so you can modify the kernel boot command. I don't know if you can do that with the usb boot process (i've never tried it)02:07
Oobi_make it smaller instead of fullscreen02:07
hoodediceThe minus button on the left side02:08
Oobi_i don't see any minus button02:08
Oobi_it just goes straight from firefox to the sidebar02:08
Oobi_i'm using the newest verise02:08
Oobi_13.10 i think02:08
JENelsonOobi_, double-click on the title bar of the window02:08
JENelsonit's a toggle: full screen or not, where "not" is the size it was before you maximized it02:09
hoodediceWait, not the minus... No plus button in ubuntu?02:10
Oobi_i hope ubuntu doesn't have NSA backdoors02:10
hoodediceLol, no. But your ISP might.02:10
Oobi_time warner cable here02:10
JENelsonhoodedice, depends on the display manager. Unity doesn't have them.02:10
Oobi_is that a nice ISP, Or an evil one that gives everything you do to the NSA02:10
hoodediceJust turn off the amazon scopes and you're good to go02:10
hoodediceHmm, I last used unity for 15 minutes a year ago... XD02:11
Oobi_or FBI or CIA or DHS or RIAA Or MPAA Or whatever02:11
hoodediceJE, USB boot process is same as HDD, because I actually 'installed' ubuntu into it. So, I'll reboot and try it out. Thanks02:12
jiridocan i install multiple versions of a library without it is disturbs anything?02:13
Oobi_where do i find the hard drive space02:13
Oobi_in system settings02:13
hitsujiTMO!manual | Oobi_ maybe you should have a read of this02:15
ubottuOobi_ maybe you should have a read of this: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:15
hitsujiTMOjirido: that depends on the lib. which one is it?02:17
net_teclol there's a manual02:17
net_teche's thanks for the info02:17
mojtaba Hi, I have a mp4 file and a text files with movide's subtitles. Do you know how can I see them while playing movie?02:17
pleanbeanJENelson: So I got Windows to boot smoothly. But GRUB still doesnt show the Windows drive02:18
JENelsonmojtaba, print the text file and read it as you watch the movie?02:18
hitsujiTMOjirido: a good way to find out is look at the conflicts: apt-cache show <packagename> | grep Conflicts02:18
mojtabaJENelson: I am looking for smarter solutions.02:19
mojtabaJENelson: I want to have it in the video's window.02:19
jiridohitsujiTMO: Thanks!02:19
JENelsonmojtaba, good luck. i doubt you'll find any. the subtitles must obviously be timed to appear at the correct moment. unless you have that info, you're stuck. If you do have it, you could write a program to insert it into the mp4 at the appropriate spots. :-)02:20
hoodediceJENelson, that didn't work02:21
mojtabaJENelson: before I have seen, just by changing the name of the text file to the video file, the player was showing the text!02:21
hoodedicePartly because GRUB is darn confusing02:21
mgholaanybody know much about test disk?02:23
mgholaor photorec?02:23
jiridohitsujiTMO: if configure makes out ok is it strange if make says : cc1: some warnings being treated as errors02:23
jiridoand dont make out02:23
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JENelsonpleanbean, now that you've reinstalled windows, boot ubuntu and run grub-mkconfig02:25
JENelsonpleanbean, you should now see an entry for windows in the boot configuration02:25
JENelsonpleanbean, if that doesn't work, go check out /etc/grub.d/README. There *is* a way, but you might have to enable it.02:27
jiridoI try to install a newer pcmanfm and make seems to complain about : cc1: some warnings being treated as errors02:28
pleanbeanYeah, grub-mkconfig said some stuff about Windows. Now should I reboot and check?02:28
hoodediceJE, do you think GRUB customizer might help me here?02:28
JENelsonhoodedice, "it didn't work" is not that useful. Do you have any more details?02:28
jiridomake[4]: *** [libfm_gtk_la-fm-cell-renderer-text.lo] Fel 102:28
hoodediceThe GRUB config was too confusing. Also, the help wasn't very helpful.02:29
JENelsonpleanbean, no, you don't have to. look at the file /boot/grub/grub.cfg. if windows is in there, you're all set02:29
hoodediceSo, yeah, I couldn't config it02:29
jiridoHow could i get on from there?02:29
pleanbeanJENelson, too late, already rebooted, and its not there.02:29
JENelsonhoodedice, when the system boots do you see the grub boot menu?02:30
hoodediceNo. I press Ctrl+C02:30
JENelsonhoodedice, does anything happen? have you tried ESC?02:31
pleanbeanJENelson: Windows is not in grub.cfg02:31
hoodediceAnd the GRUB pops up02:31
hoodediceOwait. Yes, the GRUB boot menu DOES pop up, sorry.02:31
JENelsonhoodedice, ok, that's good. now type the letter 'e' on the boot item you want to change02:32
hoodediceHmm, I do that02:32
hoodediceAnd then I press F2, or CTrl+C?02:33
JENelsonhoodedice, no. you'll see another window with a bunch of lines. navigate to the one with 'vmlinuz' using arrow keys. append 'pci=acpi' at the end. press F10.02:33
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hoodediceokay. Will try that now. Rebooting. Thanks02:34
JENelsonhoodedice, yw02:34
JENelsonpleanbean, check out /etc/grub.d/README and 30_os-prober02:35
mojtaba Hi, I have a mp4 file and a text files with movide's subtitles. Do you know how can I see them while playing movie?02:36
pleanbeanJENelson: I ran update-grub and it added the Windows 7 entries... Now the only issue is there are two Windows 7 entries (sda1 and sda2). How do I remove one?02:38
siren_face2000I've got a question here02:39
somsipmojtaba: the text file needs to be in a supported format for subtitles. Is it?02:39
siren_face2000is there a way that I can pre-install GRUB to either my external drive or my computer's hard drive?02:39
mojtabasomsip: what is that format? I have just typed the subtitle.02:40
JENelsonpleanbean, you have two windows boot partitions. You could manually edit grub.cfg and remove one of them. you could initialize the partition you want to eliminate.02:41
somsipmojtaba: there are many. I suggest you do some research02:41
mojtabaok, thanks.02:41
hoodediceJENelson, Thank you very much. The job was done, but I see no acceptable or even obvious changes in read speed. I guess that this means that the pci acpi thing does not affect my hardware and will now try running ubuntu from RAM. Thank you very much again.02:42
pleanbeanJENelson, ok. What does "initialize the partition you want to eliminate" mean?02:44
JENelsonhoodedice, glad to hear you were able to test the solution. you're welcome.02:45
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JENelsonpleanbean, do you want to completely eliminate one of the windows installations? if so,  you can reformat the partition. you will wipe out ALL files in that partition, windows and otherwise. make sure you have everything copied out of it first.02:46
pleanbeanJENelson, no way, no need to do that. Just get rid of it in the grub menu.02:46
JENelsonpleanbean, you're outside my level of experience. the file /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober is the one that adds the windows entries. Maybe read it to see if there's a way to disable it from being entered? Oh oh oh..hang on02:47
pleanbeanJENelson, grub.cfg specifically says "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE". You sure I can manually edit it?02:48
rcw2for this 'http://www.postgresql.org/download/linux/ubuntu/' here: 'Create the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgdg.list, and add a line for the repository' i need the correct exact url. can someone verify that this is correct for k13.10 64bit? http://apt.postgresql.org/pub/repos/apt/dists/precise-pgdg/main/Contents-amd64.gz02:51
dash444_hi #ubuntu, this should be an easy question, but standard solutions not working. how can i completely reset/replace/reinstall unity to factory settings?02:52
JENelsonrcw2, look at an existing file, copy a working entry, then modify to match what you were told. then try "apt-get update" to make sure it works.02:52
rcw2what file JENelson02:53
rcw2what existing file02:53
IdleOnedash444_: reinstall02:53
JENelsonrcw2, any inside /etc/apt/ or /etc/apt/sources.list/02:54
dash444_IdleOne: clarification, 'without reinstalling'. i can create a new user with the settings with no problems, but my current user gets bad graphics when i click on "Dash Home", so how can i eliminate problem seen by current user?02:55
dash444_i want to reset USER_1's Unity settings so that i eliminate graphics problem when i used "Dash Home". curious, i can create a NEW_USER on the same machine and have no graphics problems with "Dash Home". how can i fix this?02:58
octocodercatDash Home - is that like Rainbow Dash?02:59
dash444_octocodercat: "Dash Home" the top left button in the Launcher when using Unity Desktop02:59
octocodercatRainbow Dash03:00
tree_samuraiWhat's up?03:01
wolfzrathi guys anyone here banned from a channel before03:02
Logan_!offtopic | wolfzrat03:02
ubottuwolfzrat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:02
tree_samuraiHey I have a question03:03
tree_samuraiIf I broke grub and Ubuntu nor super grub won't run, what are my options?03:04
Gandiwhat is /etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf?03:04
phil-nsthis upgrade to 13.10 is quite the treat eh? learned lots about config from it, even though my first *nix install was 199803:06
phil-nsjust 5 mins ago had to blow away my .Xauthority file, just to get back into a display manager03:08
wolfzratLogan_, ubottu guys sorry for the incovientet of topic question wont happen again =003:09
zykotick9phil-ns: do you use sudo with GUI apps?  most common cause of .Xauthority corruption (being owned by root).03:09
tree_samuraiSorry broke up03:12
phil-nszykotick9: nope, in fact I eschew gui, last week I changed my system over to xfce and blew away all the gnome cruft completely, only xfce and only lightdm.03:12
tree_samuraiI tried grub channel and nobody was there03:12
phil-nszykotick9: the really sh!tty thing, I know exactly when it happened, one simple thing, I booted to my windows7 partition.03:13
tree_samuraiDo any of u know grub03:13
JENelsontree_samurai, boot from usb stick or cdrom and run boot-repair03:13
rcw2hi, i just installed this: http://www.enterprisedb.com/products-services-training/pgdownload , and i have a directory here: /opt/PostgreSQL/9.3/bin that has pg_dump in the directory.  i run pg_dump from inside that directory but it says 'The program 'pg_dump' can be found in the following packages:......"  any suggestions?03:14
tree_samuraiOk thanks, will try USB, just didn't know if there was a better way03:14
phil-nsJENelson: hmm, boot-repair? was tree's issue he installed 13.10 and no longer had a windows partition?03:14
tree_samuraiIt isn't a boot repair issue though03:15
tree_samuraiSuper grub should have fixed it, but nothing happened03:15
phil-nsfair enough, just asked cause I needed it last week after 13.1003:15
phil-nsand it works very well03:15
tree_samuraiIt was a old ver of ubuntu03:15
JENelsontree_samurai, oh wait. sorry, i didn't understand the problem.03:16
phil-nsah yes, the grub 1.x vs grub 2.x03:16
JENelsontree_samurai, i guess you'll have to restate the problem. i am heading to dinner so I hope someone else can help.03:17
kbr729472in my alt-F2 box, what would the command be to open a program that runs inside of the terminal, like midnight commander or ranger?03:20
dash444_hello, any ideas on resetting unity or deleting all unity's files and reinstalling? i have a graphics problem that only shows up for one USER in "Dash Home"03:20
zykotick9kbr729472: assuming xterm, try "xterm -e mc" type thing.  change xterm to your terminal emulator of choice.03:20
DerzuSomeone knows moonos?03:21
Gandiif during install i click encrypt my home folder will /root folder also be encrypted? ubu 13.1003:21
kbr729472zykotick9: ya that did it, thank you. :)03:22
kbr729472didn't know about -e03:22
DerzuI can't install aditional driver in order to use wireless driver.03:23
DerzuHow can I do that?03:23
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rostamHi I am trying to compile a package which reqiures a head file from boost library  version libboost1.49.-dev as part of quantal, but my system is on precise (12.04) how could I use that library in precise? thx03:49
ramborockswhy cant i format my flash drive03:51
ramborocksi right click in ubuntu and go format and it doesnt do anything03:51
Beldarramborocks, try the disks app or install gparted see if that works.03:52
ramborocksahh just figured it out03:54
ramborockshad to unmount it lol03:54
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oo__hi all03:56
oo__what is it?03:56
phil-nsit is what it is03:59
siren_face2000I have created a separate partition on my 3 TB external drive for GRUB04:02
sk1specialif i do sudo apt-get upgrade it will Not upgrade me to the next release right?04:03
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siren_face2000but, I want to know how to pre-install GRUB to the pre-made partition04:04
zykotick9sk1special: NO.  infact, even "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" WON'T upgrade you to the next release ;)04:04
sk1specialzykotick9, ah mmk. just making sure. took me all day to fix this wireless card..didnt want to do it again04:07
babinlonstoni want to setup squid proxy in our office, And How can i setup the proxy port in interface ? i don't want to setup the port in browser's because they used to change it, instead of it how can i configure the port in /etc/interfaces ?04:09
siren_face2000can someone help me pre-install grub?04:11
Jordan_Usiren_face2000: What do you meant by "pre-install"?04:11
siren_face2000I have made a dedicated partition on my external drive for GRUB04:12
siren_face2000I'm in Ubuntu Studio 13.1004:12
siren_face2000I have a 3 TB external drive04:12
Jordan_Usiren_face2000: I assume you're doing this because you plan to have multiple GNU/Linux distros installed and want grub to be in a separate partition so that any of them can be deleted without breaking grub. If that's not your end goal, please state your end goal.04:13
siren_face2000well, I am doing this separately from my windows hard drive.04:13
siren_face2000I used GParted to do it04:15
siren_face2000and I have downloaded & extracted GRUB 2 to the dedicated partition04:17
Jordan_Usiren_face2000: What is your end goal? Why not use the normal configuration of grub in Ubuntu? The normal configuration being: grub's images and grub.cfg in /boot/grub/, which is a directory in your root partition rather than on a separate partition, and (for BIOS systems) grub's boot sector in the MBR or (for UEFI systems) the grub efi binary in the EFI System Partition.04:18
siren_face2000should I just let the Ubuntu installer take care of that?04:18
Jordan_Usiren_face2000: Yes.04:19
siren_face2000but I am running a UEFI system04:19
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siren_face2000I did buy the external drive within the last year.04:20
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siren_face2000about partitioning..... I need to figure out what partitions to make04:25
vitehow do I change the file properties so that it can only be executed by the root?04:27
LuffyMcFluffy@vite use chmod04:27
Jordan_U!permissions | vite04:27
ubottuvite: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions04:27
Jordan_Uvite: Depending on the current owner you may need a combination of chmod and chown. What file are you trying to make only executable by root and why?04:28
vitepython script that auths me to the bitcoin-otc04:28
viteI want to be able to double click and make it run04:29
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vitewithout having to open a terminal04:29
Jordan_Uvite: You've just given two reasons why it *shouldn't* be run as root then.04:29
RahulANHii all04:30
vitewell not the root. the owner of the file04:30
Jordan_Uvite: That's very different :)04:30
RahulANI am try ing to connect my HUWAii dongle but its not showing itself in network. but it is showing in lsusb that the device is connected.04:31
RahulANI am unable to identify whats the problem is04:31
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jhutchinsBother, we have something...04:35
vitenow it opens a window with three options execute, execute in terminal, open04:35
vitethe only one that works is view file04:35
Gandihow can i move /boot to a new parition?04:44
Gandiand make it work from there04:44
ki7rwwhy doesn't /ignore work in quassel?04:49
JoshuaPKI7MT: because the developers of quassel were too lazy to implement such a feature.04:49
JoshuaPki7rw: ^04:50
JoshuaPKI7MT: sorry about that :/04:50
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harrisr(harrisr) (harrisr) Does flashing Ubuntu touch void square trade warranty04:50
viteok I got the permission for the file.py to executable and it runs04:50
vitefrom the command line04:51
vitebut when I double click it does not work04:51
RahulANjhutchins: Hmm, it is Tata photon CDMA Molile broadband connection04:51
Beldar!touch | harrisr04:51
ubottuharrisr: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch04:51
harrisrBeldR #ubuntu-touchis not active04:51
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vitenevermind I forgot to set the file.py to open with terminal04:53
Beldarharrisr, hmm, that is where the touch is supported.04:53
harrisr No one ia talking in it i asked04:54
tree_samuraiThis sux04:55
KalelYou guys know something about Crystal HD firmware present on ubuntu repo?04:59
KalelI'd llike to test it as a decoder to streams.. Is it a good idea:04:59
KalelLots souls, No live to give me a tip..05:01
KalelThank you anyway.05:01
tree_samuraiGood luck05:01
KalelI know05:01
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SonikkuAmericaOnly 72 hours until 13.04 support is gone, gone, gone!!05:11
harrisr(harrisr) (harrisr) Does flashing Ubuntu touch void square trade warranty05:13
SonikkuAmericaWhat's "square trade" warranty?05:14
sk1special"file system something something dev/cryptswap/something something is not yet ready or not present press s to skip mounting.." why do i get this?05:14
harrisr(harrisr) (harrisr) Does flashing Ubuntu touch void square trade warranty05:15
somsipsk1special_: a HD is not being recognised for some reason? Check dmesg for more info, and possibly paste full error messages using paste.ubuntu.com05:15
somsip!touch | harrisr05:15
ubottuharrisr: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch05:15
harrisrSomsip ubuntu-touch is a dead channel05:16
sk1special_somsip, idk its when first starting ubuntu, and everything seems to be working fine? im just scared something got installed on the usb stick i used to install it instead of the hdd05:16
SonikkuAmericask1special_: I'm guessing something happened to your swap space, but I can't place a finger on it...05:17
somsipharrisr: it is the place for discussion about ubuntu touch whether it's alive or not right now.05:17
somsipsk1special_: I suggested what you need to look at already05:17
sk1special_somsip, how do i do that? like now in terminal? or when its starting or?05:18
somsipsk1special_: you can 'dmesg | less' then scroll through, or search using '/swap' or '/error' or something like that05:19
sk1special_somsip, EXT4-fs (sda1): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro05:21
somsipsk1special_: looks normal. Before I suggest t9o paste the whole thing (not here), is swap currently enabled?05:23
sk1special_somsip, dont know?05:23
manjuhi guys05:24
manjui have problem on ubuntu server05:24
somsipsk1special_: and I found this which seems the same as your error. Have a read through. http://is.gd/dgaLcG05:25
sk1special_lemme restart and get the exact message brb05:25
jKlausHey guys, I was wondering if anything ever happened with the Ubuntu Mini PC?05:28
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idowiis anybody familiar with a bug in intel USB 3.0 controller drivers? it seems lots of usb devices have problems with these controllers.05:30
sk1special"the disk drive for dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not yet ready or not present" " continue, skip, or wait"05:31
somsipsk1special: the link I posted might still apply05:32
sk1specialsomsip,i dont think so? it shows my swap as having space to use just none used05:35
Habstercan someone help with changing language to english, I cant read the menu options in control panel, for doing the switch05:35
somsipsk1special: what, exactly, shows that?05:35
ezrhinohello. Is Ubuntu recycle bin delete a true secure delete?05:36
somsipezrhino: no05:36
ezrhinocan it be ?05:36
sk1specialsomsip, ah free -m , and under swap: shows 1980 total, used 0 , 1980 free. unless im looking at the wrong thing?05:37
ezrhinosimilar to Windows and SDelete05:37
ezrhinocan i disable showing a windows contents when dragging ?05:38
somsipezrhino: I understand that 'shred' is the command you need. I suppose you could replace the recycle bin icon with a custom launcher using shred: eg, http://is.gd/InCo9I05:38
ezrhinoty, somsip05:38
SonikkuAmericaoo_: s == secure05:38
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SonikkuAmericaoo_: At least in "SDelete" it does05:39
oo_how to install tar.gz?05:40
somsipoo_: what package is it?05:40
sk1specialno more thoughts?05:52
thom_rAnyone here have iTunes installed with Wine?05:53
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:54
somsipsk1special: I don't have an answer, but searching for your exact error message brings loads of possibly helpful information: 'the disk drive for dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not yet ready or not present' Maybe that is something you can look at while waiting for help from someone who knows the answer05:59
ruthguys, I found online some commands to make netflix work. I didn't get pipelight out of our software. How can I  delete  it in the terminal?05:59
sk1specialsomsip, yeah no worries. just thought you might have another idea, thank ya for the help06:01
ruthHi, I found online pipelight to make netflix work not knowing we had pipelight in our software center. I want to delete what I put in the terminal and download it from our software.06:09
ruthI should say that I want to delete the commands I put in the terminal.06:10
pradneshWhat did you type to install?06:11
ruthLet me find the site real quick.06:12
ruthWEB UPD8.org/2013/08/pipelight-use-silverlight-in-your-linux.html        here are all the commands for netflis06:13
ruthjust a series of commands06:14
pradnesh_ruth: your issue is sorted?06:15
=== pradnesh_ is now known as Pradnesh
ruthWhat do you mean by "sorted"?06:16
[LA_CONEJITA--• -.- •--06:27
grahamsavagei'm using ubuntu and chrome06:27
grahamsavagemy internet connection is terrible and i suffer from very large packet loss... this for some reason affects the entire operating system.  windows take a long time to paint06:28
grahamsavagethings run slowly.. all while cpu and memory are normal06:28
grahamsavageI have 4 cpu's most of which run on very little... i have 32gb of memory (only 11.6gb used)06:29
grahamsavagepacket loss is around 41%06:29
EminentDomainanyone here know anything about using mdadm to configure software RAID?06:31
ElembisI tried upgrading to 12.10 on a laptop with a non-PAE CPU, and now I appear stuck: chrooting from a liveCD tells me the distribution is 12.10, but I can't install linux-image-generic, since it depends on linux-image-3.5.0-45-generic, which doesn't support non-PAE CPUs.06:33
SonikkuAmericaYou would be right...06:34
Elembislsb_release -a says 12.10, quantal.06:35
SonikkuAmericaElembis: There is a Lubuntu remix on the way that "fakes" the PAE so that the latest kernel is installable06:35
ElembisHow can I just get back to 12.04?06:36
SonikkuAmericaElembis: Get a 12.04 Live image and reinstall...06:36
ElembisThat will work, it's just annoying. Thanks for your help.06:37
SonikkuAmerica:) yw06:38
sk1specialso did all this stuff .. http://tinyurl.com/k7zd37g , didnt fix it06:54
phong__hi guys, why ubuntu is getting slower06:56
phong__i have 13.1006:56
phong__used to be fast at 10.x up06:56
somsipphong__: did you reinstall or upgrade?06:57
phong__install fresh06:57
phong__take sometime to boot to windows screen06:57
phong__and i have so fast system06:57
somsipphong__: so once it's started up it;s fine?06:57
phong__is there a good 3d test for ubuntu?07:00
phong__i have GTX 58007:00
phong__i think ubuntu will run well on SSD07:01
phong__not on disk07:01
mobiesobahey is there a guide to turning a laptop with 2 NICs into a router?07:02
XiacloDoes anyone know how df calculates usage?  tune2fs has a different idea of total space (free and used are even further off)07:03
JordanJ2Hello, I am trying to run ubuntu in a VMWare virtual machine, but it is awful choppy. Can I fix this?07:10
somsipJordanJ2: how much memory have you given it? What is the host machine spec?07:12
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mobiesobahey is there a guide to turning a laptop with 2 NICs into a router?07:12
JordanJ2somsip: 2GB I gave it07:14
pope_2424hello, does anyone know how to download latest version of chromium?07:14
somsipJordanJ2: should be plenty. So you're running a GUI with it? Could it be a video RAM issue (I've never used a GUI on VM so I'm guessing here)07:15
JordanJ2I am using a GUI, yes07:17
mobiesobahey is there a guide to turning a laptop with 2 NICs into a router?07:17
siren_face2000I am SO mad at myself07:18
JordanJ2I am running also a 126MB VPS would it be a good idea to load Ubuntu and have plenty of RAM left over?07:18
siren_face2000I damaged my external drive, can't fix the bad sectors, and I hate my computer's BIOS.07:19
siren_face2000I also hate Intel.07:19
siren_face2000I should've gotten an AMD computer like I had the last time I bought one.07:19
siren_face2000I am so mad at myself it's unbelievable.07:20
siren_face2000sorry if I'm ranting07:21
somsipsiren_face2000: it's probably time to stop now.07:24
BigBangHi guys. I'm trying to install Ubuntu. But my network interface doesn't get any DHCP-config. How can I fix that?07:33
=== BigBang is now known as Guest35004
Guest35004Has anybody an idea?07:35
Guest35004Why doesn't get my computer dhcp-configuration data during Ubuntu-Installation?07:42
SeveasGuest35004: because your DHCP server is failing?07:46
TamCoreGuest35004: maybe your cable isn't plugged in? :D07:50
Guest35004TamCore: No it's plugged in.07:53
Guest35004How can I fix this? I've no idea07:54
makaraGuest35004, give more info about your pc07:57
makaraGuest35004, open a terminal. Can you do that?07:58
Guest35004makara: Now I've a terminal open. What do I have to do now?08:00
=== newbie is now known as Guest34922
makarasudo -i08:00
makaratell me the name of the interfaces you see. Should be 2 or 308:01
Guest35004makara: ok08:01
Guest35004makara: what now?08:01
makarathe names of the interfaces please08:02
makaraleft column08:02
Guest35004eth0 and lo08:02
makarawhat version of Ubuntu?08:02
Guest35004Ubuntu 13.10 (saucy)08:02
makaraGuest35004, for eth0, is there an `inet addr` ?08:03
Guest35004makara: Unfortunately no08:03
makarathat's good08:03
makarameans you haven't set a hard IP08:03
Guest35004makara: Ok :). What do I have to do now?08:03
makarastatus network-manager08:03
Guest35004makara: running08:04
makaraGuest35004, what router are you using?08:04
Guest35004makara: I'm in a company. I don't know.08:04
Guest34922Remember me ... the guy who couldn't empty his Trash?  I tried a new approach ... through Nautilus (on my computer, it comes up as "Files") I got in the directory /.local/share/Trash/ and clicked on the icon for the subdirectory "files".  Before, it would just hang with "preparing to delete" for hours on end.  Now it is listing the files it is preparing to delete ... by the time soneone responds08:05
Guest34922it'll have reached 1,500,000 files and 19.9GB08:05
Guest34922That scares me ...08:05
makaraGuest34922, sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/08:06
makaraGuest35004, you need to speak to the admin then08:06
Guest34922makara: I've tried so many things, including your suggestion08:07
makaraGuest35004, do you know the IP of the router at least>08:07
Guest34922makara: And it hadn't worked08:07
makaraGuest34922, it will work, but some process is broken. You need to deal with that08:07
Guest34922makara: Why, though, is it telling me that it is preparing to delete 1.5 million files?08:07
Guest34922makara: And how do I fix that?08:08
somsipGuest34922: someone yesterday was deleting 12GB and millions of files and having probs. He used 'doublecmd'. No idea what it is but might help (http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/01/23/%23ubuntu.txt)08:08
Guest34922makara: I mean ... deal with that08:08
makaraGuest35004, you can try set a static IP08:08
lisberoiaDouble Commander gives problems when deleting massively -- my personal experience08:09
Guest34922somsip: Up until this last try, I was NOT able to empty the trash08:09
makaraGuest34922, so nautilus is screwed. Use Marlin or something08:09
Guest35004makara: Say the IP is How can I fix my problem?08:09
somsipGuest34922: if it's empty now, fine. If you're still struggling, I offered a suggestion08:10
Guest34922somsip: Thx08:10
sk1specialso since im bored of my other issue. can anyone tell me why my wireless network only shows up when i click hidden networks? and Its not showing as hidden anywhere else08:10
makaraGuest35004, you set your ip to stop network-manager & ifconfig eth0
zooptwoHello, I am having problems getting a system to boot.  It is hanging saying that it cannot mount a remote CIFS share.  Although that share is accessable, and the network interface on the box being booted is online and pingable.  Wondering if someone knows a trick. ;)08:11
Guest34922somsip: It isn't empty, it just tells me that it is preparing to delete ... and telling me how many files (didn't know I had space for so many files) and the size.08:11
CookiesRgooDhey there guys08:11
makaraGuest35004, but there might be conflict with another client on your subnet who has been assigned that address from the DHCP08:11
CookiesRgooDi have a quick question for all of you.08:11
makaraGuest35004, so you need to know what range of IPs are in use, and which are open08:11
Guest34922somsip: I will leave that option (double commander) open if I can't find another solution08:11
CookiesRgooDi've setup a static ip with ssh into my RPI. When I attempt to connect my wifi dongle, my RPI seems to not connect via eth0. Would anyone be able to explain to me why?08:12
makarazooptwo, CIFS shouldn't be necessary at boot. You can remove it from /etc/fstab08:12
somsipGuest35004: read up on it if you are going to use it. It's 'doublecmd'08:13
zooptwoYea, but I can't get it to boot.08:13
zooptwoto change it.08:13
CookiesRgooDany thoughts?08:13
makarazooptwo, boot from live CD08:13
zooptwoUnfortunately it is at a datacenter.08:13
CookiesRgooDi've setup a static ip with ssh into my RPI. When I attempt to connect my wifi dongle, my RPI seems to not connect via eth0. Would anyone be able to explain to me why?08:14
zooptwoThanks though.08:14
makarazooptwo, I messed up the fstab once, and we were able to mount the virtual disk onto another instance, edit the fstab, and put it back again08:14
makarazooptwo, that was with Amazon. Not sure how flexible your provider is?08:15
CookiesRgooDi've setup a static ip with ssh into my RPI. When I attempt to connect my wifi dongle, my RPI seems to not connect via eth0. Would anyone be able to explain to me why?08:15
zooptwoNo worries just didn't know if there were any other tricks.  I will figure a way to get it on a live CD08:15
zooptwoWas thinking of shutting the switchport interfaces down to make the network actually down.  Then maybe it would pass that point.08:15
mikeircIs someone can know how to connect by default with the last used network profile on ubuntu 13.1008:16
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
somsipCookiesRgooD: are you referring to setting up your Raspi, or a ubuntu machine to connect to it?08:18
tapamohow to connect by default with the last network profile on ubuntu 13.1008:18
somsipCookiesRgooD: this is ubuntu support. You need a raspi support channel08:18
CookiesRgooDi was told you guys might be able to help me out since its somewhat close08:19
CookiesRgooDbut if you guys dont know.08:19
CookiesRgooDlol true08:19
somsipCookiesRgooD: someone was having you on. Try a raspi channel. The forums are very good08:19
Thrasymachus2224/j raspi08:19
CookiesRgooDsounds good. thank you08:19
tapamohow to connect by default with the last network profile on ubuntu 13.1008:21
vincenzomlHi all. I have a laptop with only ubuntu 13.10, booting on UEFI since I previously had windows (RIP). I just installed ubuntustudio but the system still boots the previous system08:21
EmirXhello people... I just need a quick tip... How do I manualy enter location in gnome-commander, like I would do in totatl commander on windows ?08:22
tapamoHi to all08:24
vincenzomlon the ubuntustudio channel I learned that ubuntustudio's default kernel is not signed; how could I add some boot stanza to ubuntu's grub to boot the other distributions' grub?08:24
tapamoI have a problem with my network connection on ubuntu 13.1008:24
tapamohow to connect with the last used network profile ?08:25
tapamoby default of course08:25
TJ-vincenzoml: If it's another grub you could use 'chainloader +1' with the appropriate "set root=hdx,partY" prior to it08:27
zooptwoI have anotheer question the,  For some reason when the system is booting I never See the Grub Menu.  Is there something I am missing?08:27
TJ-zooptwo: By default GRUB menu is hidden unless you're pressing Shift key as GRUB starts08:27
vincenzomlTJ: do you mean, by editing /etc/grub.d/40_custom ?08:27
zooptwothanks ;)08:27
zooptwoJust need to pass the single user mode option.08:28
vincenzomlTJ: do you have a link to an example?08:28
TJ-vincenzoml: There's a better way, to avoid "update-grub" messing with it... just add your "other OS" 'menuentry' stanza in "/boot/grub/custom.cfg"08:29
defk53is their a way to rollback unity to earlier versions? Have tried looking everywhere. none seems to be talking about it. (http://bfiller.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/unity-2d-apps.png)08:30
vincenzomlTJ-: that file does not exist, shall I create it and add a "menuentry "..." {" there directly and then update-grub?08:30
TJ-vincenzoml: I don't, mainly because it is very trivial to do: "menuentry 'Chainload Other GRUB' { ; set root='hd1,gpt2' ; chainloader +1: }; "08:30
TJ-vincenzoml: Yes... create by hand ... if you look at "/etc/grub.d/41_custom" you'll see if includes code in the main grub.cfg that'll read "/grub/custom.cfg" at boot-time08:31
UbuntuUser1234Is it possible to disable USB charging of an attached device on Ubuntu?08:31
TJ-vincenzoml: s/if includes/it includes/08:32
vincenzomlTJ-: done that now, and update-grub seems to have given a positive reply, thanks! I'll reboot just in seconds08:32
TJ-UbuntuUser1234: No. The device decides to charge, the power on the port is a requirement of the USB standard08:32
TJ-vincenzoml: Before you reboot...08:32
* vincenzoml is listening08:32
Merrrrshey I have a question08:33
TJ-vincenzoml: Just "cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg" and confirm that there are lines referring to including "custom.cfg" appearing at the end of the file08:33
vincenzomlTJ-: thanks, they're there, shall I reboot?08:33
TJ-vincenzoml: If you've set root correctly, sure :)08:33
UbuntuUser1234TJ-: This other device is a Nexus 7 tablet with Ubuntu Touch. Have you any idea can I somehow command it to stop charging?08:34
MerrrrsI searched the ubuntu wiki, but I did not see instructions on how to make a backup image of my HDD using 'dd'08:34
MerrrrsI have a 60gb SSD08:34
MerrrrsAnyone know how?08:34
ikoniaMerrrrs: what's the plan, what do you need the backup for and how to you intend to use it ?08:36
Merrrrsikonia, I have an external HDD (1TB). I want to make a backup of my HDD.08:36
ikoniaThrasymachus: that's not helpful08:37
MerrrrsI figured it should be easy, seeing as I only have a 60gb SSD08:37
Merrrrs**backup of my SSD08:37
ikoniaMerrrrs: first thing to consider is how you plan to use this backup once you have it08:37
Thrasymachusthe three top links all explain it!!08:37
ikoniais dd the right option for you08:37
Merrrrsikonia, I want to keep it on my external HDD just in case. I want to use this project also, as a learning tool. So I can make weekly backups of my SSD08:37
ikoniaThrasymachus: stop it - try to actuall help the users end goal rather than just google links that you've not actually verfieid fit his need08:37
ikoniaMerrrrs: ok, but if your hard disk fails, how do you plan to use the backup ?08:38
ikoniaMerrrrs: is it simpley for a whole system recovery, or for file recovery too08:38
Merrrrsikonia, I have an SSD.08:38
Merrrrsikonia, And system recovery08:38
ikoniaMerrrrs: yes you've said that, repeating it doesn't really answer the questions08:38
ikoniaMerrrrs: what will you do if your hard disk fails ?08:38
Merrrrsikonia, What do you mean?08:39
cristian_cHow can I add a discussion group type account in Sylpheed?08:39
Merrrrsmy SSD?08:39
Merrrrsor my External HDD?08:39
cristian_cAny ideas?08:39
ikoniaMerrrrs: yes, if your SSD fails how will you use the recovery image to get your system back ?08:39
Merrrrsikonia, I don't know. Nor do I really care.08:39
MerrrrsProbably buy a new SSD?08:39
MerrrrsSorry if that sounded condescending/sarcastic08:40
ikoniaMerrrrs: you should care as your planned recovery position will determain if a dd backup is of any use to you or not08:40
TJ-UbuntuUser1234: No. You'd have to ask Samsung08:40
Merrrrsikonia, I figured if I borked something on my system, I could just restore to the image I made, using 'dd'08:40
TJ-UbuntuUser1234: No. You'd have to ask s/Samsung/Google/08:41
MerrrrsI like to tinker08:41
ikoniaMerrrrs: ok, so the concept you want is fine, but you need to be aware of things08:41
Merrrrsikonia, ok. I have an encrypted /home08:41
Merrrrsdoes that make a difference?08:41
ikoniaMerrrrs: such as if you swap the disk to a different disk dd is a block by block image of your disk, including things like partition table and private region08:41
Merrrrsikonia, perfect. That's what im looking for.08:41
MerrrrsI will also keep config files & stuff like that backed up weekly. I use tar for that08:42
MerrrrsI know this is a bit overkill, but I enjoy making backups08:42
ikoniaso if your disk you swap your ssd out with is slightly different, eg: different make/model/size you will have problems as the image won't go back "block by block" the same08:42
ikoniaMerrrrs: also you shouldn't be taking dd images while the system is in use, you should be booting from a remote media, such as a livecd to take an image of the disk while the operating system on that disk is not running08:43
Merrrrsikonia, Understandable. I did not know that. If that happens, I'll find another solution08:43
Merrrrsikonia, Thanks for that also08:43
ikoniaMerrrrs: hence why I'm asking you to think at least a little bit about what you want to achieve08:43
Merrrrsikonia, Make a backup of my SSD. It's only 60gb08:43
Merrrrsikonia, Nothing else, right now. My SSD is doing fine. If it fails 6 months down the line.. So be it.08:44
ikoniayou've said that about 3 times, I understand that, but I'm trying to help you see that there is more thought than "I want a backup"08:44
ikoniafine then, boot from a remote media, dd the device file to an output file on your second disk08:44
ikoniaprepare for problems with your encyrpted home08:44
ikoniajob done08:44
Merrrrsikonia, Thats what I need help with. Thats why Im asking for help08:44
MerrrrsI have an encrypted home.08:44
ikoniaMerrrrs: what's not clear ?08:44
ikoniaMerrrrs: what part of the process do you need help with ?08:45
Merrrrsikonia, A bit of help with the syntax... & What I should do about my encrypted /home08:45
ikoniaMerrrrs: what do you think the syntax is ?08:45
ikoniaMerrrrs: you said you like to tinker so you must have checked the dd syntax before asking08:46
TJ-Merrrrs: You could consider using LVM snapshots, which would allow you to do live backups of the snapshots see e.g. http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/snapshots_backup.html08:46
Merrrrsikonia, Something along the lines of dd if=/dev08:46
Merrrrsor something like that08:46
ikoniaMerrrrs: bit more than that08:46
ikoniaMerrrrs: so what's the command you've got now08:46
ikoniaMerrrrs: ok, so check the syntax, come up with an attempt and we can move forward from there08:46
BigBangTheoryXHi guys. How can I find out which Desktop/Windowmanager is installed?08:46
MrQuistBigBangTheoryX, look at monitor. See mouse? Yes. No mouse? No.08:47
Merrrrsikonia, I couldn't find any documentation on the syntax of 'dd' itself.08:47
MerrrrsMaybe you could post an example on pastebin?08:47
ikoniaMerrrrs: man dd08:47
ikoniaMerrrrs: maybe read man dd and get an idea08:47
MrQuistBigBangTheoryX, j/k - you could use aptitude to check on installed packages08:47
ikoniaMerrrrs: rather than ask to be spoonfed08:47
Merrrrsikonia, Debian man pages are shit.08:47
MerrrrsI dont like being spoonfed08:47
ikoniaMerrrrs: no they are not,08:47
vincenzomlTJ-: a big thanks! I am now online from ubuntustudio08:47
ikoniaMerrrrs: and there is no need to swear08:47
TJ-vincenzoml: Great to hear :)08:47
ikoniaMerrrrs: and if you don't like to be spoonfed read the basics of the command08:47
ikoniaMerrrrs: there are also man pages online08:48
Merrrrsikonia, Ok dude. Whatever. Could you maybe just post an example on pastebin? Ill leave you alone after that08:48
ikoniaMerrrrs: no, you said you like to tinker, so do some research, get a basic idea and if you have problems we'll correct them08:48
BigBangTheoryXWhat do I have to install besides Gnome3 to work Gnome3 under Ubuntu 13.10 (saucy)?08:48
Thrasymachusdo some research using google ;-)08:48
Merrrrsikonia, I run OpenBSD. This laptop is for uni. Im not a pro, but I know my way around the terminal.08:49
ikoniaThrasymachus: I see we return to that08:49
ikoniaMerrrrs: ok, so you should be able to read a man page either in the terminal or online08:49
Merrrrsikonia, Just fuck off08:49
TJ-Merrrrs: ikonia has given you the information you need, if you intend using a tool with the destructive capabilities of 'dd' then its up to you learn its options, and the man-pages are *the* place to do for such information and expanded explanations. That and "dd --help" of course.08:50
OerHeksBigBangTheoryX, just the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package AFAIK08:50
gordonjcpTJ-: gone08:50
TJ-gordonjcp: indeed08:50
gordonjcpTJ-: also "doesn't want spoon fed", wants an example posted on pastebin08:50
gordonjcpcognitive dissonance much?08:50
ThrasymachusI tried to avoid all this08:51
TJ-Sounds like someone that expects someone else to do their work for them08:51
ikoniaThrasymachus: it would appear so08:52
ikoniaThrasymachus: it's not cool to approach it like that though08:53
ikoniaThrasymachus: try to get a bit of context and actuall post valid trusted links08:53
ikonianot lmgtfy links (please)08:53
BigBangTheoryXHow can I install Gnome3 from Ubuntu-CD?08:54
BigBangTheoryXNot from the Internet08:54
ikoniaI don't think it's on the ubuntu cd08:54
ThrasymachusI know, you are right, high road and all that.  I am not as generous and patient, but I admire your efforts to help, and the community needs that08:54
ThrasymachusI wasn't trying to help, I was trying to say he should figure it out for himself08:55
BigBangTheoryXikonia: I've to type "apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop" right?08:55
ikoniaBigBangTheoryX: did you just read what I said ?08:55
ikoniaThrasymachus: ok, maybe try to not do that in future please.08:55
OerHeksBigBangTheoryX, there is a ubuntu gnome desktop iso > http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/releases/13.10/release/08:55
ikoniaOerHeks: is that actually production ready ?08:56
gordonjcpikonia: I don't understand the antipathy towards "lmgtfy" responses, to be honest08:56
OerHeksikonia, as of 13.0408:56
gordonjcpikonia: about 90% of the questions in here can be answered by the first hit on Google08:56
Thrasymachussort of my point08:57
OerHeksgordonjcp, not all users have access to google.08:57
Thrasymachusthough again I admire ikonia's generosity08:57
ikoniagordonjcp: also it's not really thought out responses though it's key words, you don't know if those links are good or answer the real question, just firing words into google and posting them blindly to people - not cool08:57
ikoniagordonjcp: in this case though a basic grasp of dd could have been found from the fist hit - no doubt08:58
Thrasymachusno, they should type it into google and judge the results themselves--that's the point of lmgtfy08:58
ikoniaThrasymachus: they are asking for help because they "can't" judge it08:58
ikoniabut in this case it was just lazy - I agree08:59
gordonjcpikonia: or as you suggested reading the man page08:59
gordonjcpOerHeks: how would they have access to IRC but not Google?08:59
Thrasymachusman page --even better of course08:59
Thrasymachusanyway, sorry for the impishness ikonia08:59
gordonjcpOerHeks: I mean, I quite often have IRC but not web, but that's because I do insane stuff like connect to a terminal server over a 1200bps radio modem from 50 miles out08:59
ikoniaThrasymachus: not a problem.09:00
OerHeksgordonjcp, i have no examples about country/organisation/school networks that do not connect ( without tricks) but there are some09:01
gordonjcpOerHeks: I'd be really surprised to see something that blocked google but not IRC09:03
jam3smhmm i installed 12.04.3 but when i do a update of software then install proprietry drivers for nvidia and then srestart i get stuck at the black screen with a cursor like its looking for a os that it cant find did i do something wrong?09:04
jam3smps, my hardware - i7-2600, nvidia gtx 580, 1tb hdd - windows 8 on 360gb part rest is for linux, 12gb ram gskill, xonar dg sound card,09:05
kibibytecan someone help me: i have a diff file of 2 directories, now i want to make target directory looks the same as orginal based on this diff09:05
kibibyteis it possible?09:05
FloodBot1kibibyte: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:05
jam3smhow was that flooding?!?09:06
yoyo09kh3hi, i'm running ubuntu 12.04, apache + php.  I have some CSV files that I want php to have access to but I don't want browseable / downloadable by visitors.  I'm gonna create a new folder in which to store the CSVs but am unsure re permissions to set on the folder??09:07
kibibytebuggy bot09:07
TJ-jam3sm: How long does the black screen remain? how long do you wait? sometimes there's a temporary black screen when the splash-screen is supposed to be there, but eventually the log-in screen appears09:07
BigBangTheoryXWhat's the difference between "apt-get upgrade" and "apt-get dist-upgrade"?09:08
TJ-BigBangTheoryX: "dist-upgrade" will install "new" replacement packages09:08
riyan__plis help me setting pcsx209:08
BigBangTheoryXTJ-: Can you explain the difference in more detail, please (for a beginner)09:09
TJ-BigBangTheoryX: e.g. if libX2 has had a version upgrade to libX2 which would break the previous interfaces09:09
jam3smdo i need to re-install ubuntu since the update fails to find a os on reboot09:09
KI7MT  BigBangTheoryX Here's a pretty good explination: http://askubuntu.com/questions/194651/why-use-apt-get-upgrade-instead-of-apt-get-dist-upgrade09:09
TJ-BigBangTheoryX: "upgrade" will only do upgrade packages that don't introduce breakages in the software interfaces between other packages09:10
kazak1377hey everybody. I have some problem with qtcreator, downloaded from official site. Whe, i try to compile my project, i getting en those: http://snag.gy/n6ZHZ.jpg what should i install to fix that?09:10
TJ-jam3sm: That sounds rather like it could be a simple issue of the PC's BIOS boot-order setting needing tweaking09:11
KI7MTBigBangTheoryX, Its from: man apt-get .. there's allot more info in there too.09:11
BigBangTheoryXTJ-: So If "apt-get dist-upgrade" breaks the interaction between different software-components, then why should this command be used?09:11
TJ-BigBangTheoryX: For example, when a new kernel version is released09:11
jam3smTJ- it boots to the grub fine but as soon as i tell it to go to ubuntu it sits on the black screen with cursor up top corner as if it cant find the os09:12
BigBangTheoryXTJ-: Yeah. What happens if a new kernel version is released?09:12
TJ-BigBangTheoryX: Or say, if an application changes the library version it depends upon, the application might be "held back" by 'apt' until a dist-upgrade installs the newly required library09:12
eject_ckI have .deb package depends on linux-headers package (which is missing in my distro and called linux-headers-3.4-amd64 : uname -a Linux debian 3.12-1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.12.8-1 (2014-01-19) x86_64 GNU/Linux). I've installed it with dpkg -i --ignore-depends=linux-headers /home/src/desktopvideo-9.8-amd64.deb  and it works well, but when I use aptitude or apt-get it always require to remove it because of unsatisfied dependencies. How can I tell apt to keep09:13
ikoniaeject_ck: wht distro is it ?09:14
jam3smhmm might need to try something else then maybe install 12.04.3 then update restart then change drivers to proprietry nvidia ones09:14
jam3smbe back in a few hours i hope09:14
BigBangTheoryXTJ-: Ok now I get it.09:14
eject_ckDebian 709:14
TJ-jam3sm: OK ... that sounds like the issue I mentioned... Try this: when in the grub menu highlight the Ubuntu entry and press 'e' to edit it... move the cursor down to the line begining "linux ..." and then move the cursor to the end of that line where you see "quiet splash" ... ". remove those two options and add in "debug nomodeset". Then press F10 (or Ctr+X) to start Ubuntu with those kernel command-line options.09:14
eject_cksid :)09:14
eject_ckikonia: sid09:14
ikoniaeject_ck: ok, so #debian is the channel you need09:15
TJ-jam3sm: The "debug" will cause lots of useful kernel start-up messages to be shown, and the "nomodeset" should ensure that an illegal video mode set isn't done... and you should eventually get the log-in screen, or some clues as to why it is getting 'stuck'09:15
eject_ckubuntu uses same pakage manager, so solution should be the same09:15
Myrttieject_ck: yes, but Ubuntu is not Debian09:17
TurnhhhHi all09:35
eject_ckMyrtti: yes, sure09:50
eject_ckMyrtti: but if both are using same package manager and my question is related to it, there are no even little difference between both distribs.09:51
eject_ckhowever, thank you all09:51
yoyo09kh3can anyone tell me what permissions I need on a folder to allow php access to files but not browsers?  I'm runnung ubuntu 12.04 + php + apache....09:52
thoonaiim having trouble with thunderbird: the systems locals are en_US (which ist correct) and the Thunderbird settings should be de_DE or at least not am/pm but 24h09:53
thoonaiso I need to change the settings for thunderbird only and not changing the whole system settings09:54
Luyinthoonai: have you tried installing the german language pack for thunderbird?09:54
OerHekseject_ck, your issue is unsatisfied dependencies due a missing header package, not ubuntu related as "our" kernel has a different name/annotation09:55
mikiciao a tutti09:55
thoonaiLuyin: thanks, thats an idea09:56
=== Siya_ is now known as siya
thoonaiLuyin: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/thunderbird/language-tools/ as I am not too stupid, but Mozilla doesnt offer a language pack :/09:58
thoonaipr am I totally wrong o.O09:58
Luyinthoonai: which thunderbird version are you using?09:58
thoonaiLuyin: 24.2.010:00
Luyinthoonai: I got the same version with the german language pack, so there should one be in existance ;) gotta go now, try to look for it with google. another idea doesn't occur to me atm, but gonna think about it and tell you when I'm back10:01
thoonaiLuyin: great, thanks10:01
mipsHow do I install gnome desktop on ubuntu 14.04, apparently gnome is in the repos10:01
TJ-thoonai: do you have installed the package "firefox-locale-de" ?10:02
thoonaiTJ-: no. Its about Thunderbird. I need to change the settings for this only program to be changed10:04
thom_rUnable to open MTP device. I am sick of getting that error. How do I fix it?10:04
glitsj16thoonai: you should have it in your regular ubuntu repos, sudo apt-get install thunderbird-locale-de  .. did you try that yet?10:04
thoonaiglitsj16: I'll give it a try10:05
TJ-thoonai: Then "thunderbird-locale-de" ?10:05
thoonaiTJ-: done, now Im searching for the settings10:07
TJ-thoonai: Hang on, if it's running in the system locale en_US then that is expected; You'd need to change the locale for the application before it is launched to get European formats10:10
TJ-thoonai: I've confirmed that here. I'm in the UK but starting it with "LC_TIME="en_US.UTF-8" thunderbird" shows US AM/PM times10:11
TJ-thoonai: So you need to ensure your system has the "de_DE.UTF-8" language pack built, and then change the environment for the thunderbird launcher10:12
thoonaiTJ-: how do I change the env var for thunderbird only?10:16
TJ-thoonai: You'd need to have a wrapper script that launches it10:17
ActionParsnipthom_r: when you last detatched the device from a USB port, did you use the safe removal feature in your OS before you physically unplug it?10:17
thom_rActionParsnip, it was plugged in the whole time.10:18
thom_rI didn't unplug it10:18
TJ-thoonai: "file $(which thunderbird)" reveals that 'thunderbird' is already a symlink to a shell script, so you might be able to do something in that file. I don't see signs that it has the functionality currently10:19
ActionParsnipthom_r: so you have _never_ unplugged it from a PC?10:19
ActionParsnipthom_r: as in ever10:20
thom_rit's my roommates, not mine10:20
thom_rI have no idea what he's done with it10:20
thoonaiTJ-: ok it works quite nice (if I ignore the Gtk-Warning). Do you have an idea, how I get it integrated in the system?10:22
TJ-thoonai: You could add "export LC_TIME="de_DE.UTF-8"  to "~/.profile", which would affect all sh/dash/bash shell scripts, I think10:25
thoonaiTJ-: oops. i changed all LANG to de_DE.UTF810:27
thoonaiTJ-: I'd prefer a redirect in bash.rc so that if you call 'thunderbird' in your terminal, you don't call Thunderbird, but the changed script10:29
thoonaiTJ-: export LC_TIME="de_DE.UTF8" doesn't accect thunderbird10:32
EagleWizard420steve wozniak said he program better after a few beers10:32
EagleWizard420what doyou guys think10:32
MyrttiEagleWizard420: that's not really a Ubuntu support issue, now is it?10:32
EagleWizard420of course not10:32
thoonaiEagleWizard420: thats an topic for "#ubuntu-offtopic" or "#drug_abuse"10:33
EagleWizard420that's insulting10:33
EagleWizard420but since I've never been to this channel and don't understand it, I'll take it as advice10:33
TJ-thoonai: that's because you're giving an incorrect language specification10:33
thoonaiTJ-: how so?10:33
TJ-thoonai: look at my suggestion and compare it to what you've typed10:34
thoonaiTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6807689/10:36
TJ-thoonai: is the de_DE language pack installed and built?10:37
RaptorJesusSo lets all talk about what we use Ubuntu for. I'll start first: porn.10:38
thoonaiTJ-: the thunderbird is10:39
MyrttiRaptorJesus: how about no?10:41
thoonaiTJ-: stop. I don't understand this: if I export LANG to de_DE.UTF8 it works, with LC_TIME it doesnt and I didnt installed the language pack (though surely it is on the universitys system)10:41
thoonaiRaptorJesus: #ubuntu-offtopic10:41
thoonaiTJ-: so it works with LANG, but I'm getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6807704/10:44
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gargsmsI am using 12.04LTS and today I don't know why Ubuntu is asking me for password again and again, but I cannot see the desktop screen.11:00
BalzyHello! I get 1.5 GB - 2 GB ram usage from firefox with 25-30 tabs open, is it okay? Is it me that I am too demanding or is it a plugin/whatelse problem?11:07
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest76542
nevynBalzy: sounds about right.11:10
=== Guest76542 is now known as Krzysiek
=== Krzysiek is now known as Krzysiek123214
Balzynevyn thanks, any idea to keep such number of tabs open and reducing ram usage? I've already set the option to not load pages until I click on a tab11:12
nevynhow much ram do you have?11:13
nevynBalzy: why do you care?11:13
jam3smTJ- : just to let you know what you suggested didnt help it turns out what was breaking my xorg was the nvidia driver ending with 1911:13
jam3smi have to re-install the entire system and not update to the recomended nvidia driver11:14
lesshastehi... I reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scratch/+bug/1270194 but am a little worried there may be no ubuntu maintainer11:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 1270194 in scratch (Ubuntu) "scratch gives blank page when returning from presentation mode" [Undecided,New]11:14
jam3smanyways ive given up on linux for time bieng since my games not supported properly still11:15
=== GZA-ZNC is now known as GZA-Genius
Pessimistjam3sm, you mean game developers don't support linux? Stop being ignorant11:16
Balzynevyn I've got 4GB11:17
PessimistBalzy, try about:memory... some addons may have memory leaks11:17
Balzybut it seems to slow down the entire system11:17
mipshow do I edit grub in 14.04 need to change the defualt OS11:17
Balzynot sure it's firefox the responsible but it usually happen when it uses more than 2GB (running latest kubuntu release)11:18
gargsmsI am using 12.04LTS and today I don't know why Ubuntu is asking me for password again and again, but I cannot see the desktop screen.11:18
jam3smPessimist im not bieng ignorant and i didnt say that i said my games not supported properly , i know i can play it under wine but still not great p[erformance and in games i meant to say the only game i play is eve online they dont have native support yet11:18
Balzythx Pessimist11:18
PessimistBalzy, try disabling all addons then enable them one by one. Also try googling "<addon name> memory leak", maybe it's a known problem11:19
BalzyPessimist can I post here first 5 lines of the tree? Most memory's used by windows-object11:20
nadir92Hey !11:20
Pessimistgargsms, what do you mean you cannot see the desktop screen? Also you shouldn't put your password everywhere where it asks you11:20
BalzyI don't know exactly what it is, I think something related to rendering and showing pages11:20
gargsmsPessimist, I am only putting my password on the login screen, like ever.11:21
anewhow can allow user will to write files to /var/www11:21
BalzyPessimist addons it's just 24 MB, 1% of total, probably no leaks11:21
anewsudo chown will /var/www11:21
anew  itried this11:21
anewdidnt work11:21
gargsmsI SSHed into it once today, and now I cannot use GUI. I can log using tty though.11:22
PessimistBalzy, yes. Adobe flash is a huge resource hog too. Do you use it? Try installing flashblock but really browsers nowadays eat a lot of ram11:22
nadir92Hello all!11:23
nadir92Does dropbox work on your 12.04 ?11:23
Balzyyep, I have 3/4 youtube video opened, I should start keeping a playlist instead :P11:23
Pessimistgargsms, what's the output of /var/log/Xorg.0.log ? cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us11:23
BalzyPessimist :11:23
Balzy1,381.33 MB (100.0%) -- explicit11:23
Balzy├────598.38 MB (43.32%) ++ window-objects11:23
Balzy├────237.96 MB (17.23%) ++ heap-overhead11:23
Balzy├────215.15 MB (15.58%) ++ js-non-window11:23
FloodBot1Balzy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:23
Balzy├────196.56 MB (14.23%) ── heap-unclassified11:23
Pessimistgargsms, cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us11:24
PessimistBalzy, a ton of heavy websites heh. You can also try installing noscript to disable unnecessary javascript11:25
Luyinthoonai: problem solved?11:25
linu1hi i have installed windows on virtual box, i have files to copy from my ubuntu pc to windows,but the paste button shows disabled, how can i used that?11:25
Rorylinu1: Have you installed the Virtualbox Guest Additions, and enabled file and folder drag&drop ?11:26
BalzyPessimist yep, I'm already using adblock plus, I usally keep tabs open to keep visible stuff I need to read or I find interesting, I should probably use Bookmarks or read them immediately also11:27
gargsmsPessimist, http://sprunge.us/cOjI11:27
anewchange permissions for /var/www user will?11:27
Kartagishow do I know whether a patch is supposed to be applied with p0 or p1?11:28
linu1Rory,i installed virtual box using sudo apt-get install virtualbox,but i dont know exactly that whether i enabled or not,how can i check11:29
thoonaiLuyin: partially yes, thanks11:29
Rorylinu1: On your Windows guest machine, go to Devices -> Insert Guest Additions Cd Image11:29
gargsmsanew, $ sudo chown -R <your username> /var/www11:30
Luyinthoonai: what about the other part?11:30
Luyinthoonai: what else do you need?11:30
BigBangTheoryXHi guys. I've installed Gnome 3.8 on Ubuntu 13.10, but I can't create folders etc. on the desktop. How can I do that?11:30
thoonaiLuyin: may I ask you that later? 15 minutes or so?11:31
RoryBigBangTheoryX: run this command: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons true11:31
RoryBigBangTheoryX: You may also have to log out and in after that11:31
Luyinthoonai: ask me in a query, I will be gone again soon. perhaps I can help you later11:32
gargsmsanew, $ sudo chown -R <your username> /var/www11:32
anewthanks i forgot the -R gargsms11:32
thoonaiLuyin: cool thanks11:32
Daghdhahow much effort/skill/time you think is required for a semi-noob to set up ubuntu as an email server? (I don't haveubuntu server, i have ubuntu desktop)11:34
BigBangTheoryXAnother problem is: I had installed "gnome-session-fallback". After that I get the error message That an error occured with ExecutablePath "/usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-daemon. How can I fix that?11:34
DaghdhaI see a nice https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer page, sadly it is from 2009 and my experience is that Ubuntu changes a lot so it may no longer be correct info11:38
Pessimistgargsms, how much free space you have? df -h | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us11:40
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
gargsmsPessimist, 76Gig11:43
Ornitorrincowhy /etc/crontab don't runs in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?11:44
=== Mike is now known as Guest77014
geirhaOrnitorrinco: What makes you think it doesn't?11:45
Ornitorrincobecause I added lines in /etc/crontab but my ubuntu is ignoring it11:45
geirhaOrnitorrinco: More likely you have an error in one of those lines, like a typo, so it's failing instead of giving the result you expect11:46
Ornitorrincoi added: * *  * * *  user /usr/bin/gedit11:47
Ornitorrincoit would run a gedit every minut11:47
geirhaOrnitorrinco: Right, that won't work11:47
Ornitorrincowhy not, its all okey11:47
geirhaOrnitorrinco: Multiple users may be logged in on an Ubuntu system at the same time, and even a single user may be logged in graphically multiple times. gedit doesn't know what X server to run in11:48
Kartagishow do I know whether a patch is supposed to be applied with p0 or p1?11:49
Ornitorrincoand what i need to add on my line? do u know?11:49
geirhaOrnitorrinco: It'll work when you run it from a gnome-terminal, because in your gnome-terminal you have an DISPLAY environment variable that tells the commands you run what X server your using11:49
CatKillerKartagis: p0 or p1...2.3 etc simply define how many levels of subdirectories (slashes) to remove in the path before applying11:49
CatKillerTry p0 and if it doesn't work try another one11:50
Ornitorrincobut if i run '/usr/bin/gedit' in a terminal it execute a grafic gparted11:50
CatKillerit's just easier11:50
geirhaOrnitorrinco: If there's only one user logged in graphically, then the value for DISPLAY is likely ":0", so * * * * * user DISPLAY=:0 gedit   may work, but it's not a good idea11:50
geirhaOrnitorrinco: because gnome-terminal has a DISPLAY variable, while cron does not.11:51
KartagisCatKiller: 0 and 1 didn't work. it asked me "File to patch: "11:51
CatKillerinspect the patch file using a text editor and figure out if it looks right11:51
Ornitorrincothen what i would to do to execute gedit every minut?11:51
Ornitorrincowith a correct way11:52
geirhaOrnitorrinco: A better approach would be to create a startup application that does whatever you want11:52
CatKillerKartagis: You can look at resources on the web that explain patching better: https://drupal.org/patch/apply11:52
geirhaOrnitorrinco: e.g. a script doing   while sleep 60; do gedit & done   would spawn a new gedit every minute11:54
Ornitorrincookey thats a good idea11:55
anewroot@plato:~# chown -R will:will .ssh11:58
anewchown: cannot access â.sshâ: No such file or directory11:58
anewi get this error11:58
anewbut i'm looking right at .sssh11:58
FloodBot1anew: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:58
Fool1shHi! I'm trying to periodically run an UI test on a VM having Ubuntu Server 12.04 + Gnome installed. I've created a cronjob using the crontab tool so it executes the command to run that UI test every minute. Problem: I get no feedback that the cronjob has been executed. Once the UI test is executed it should log different messages into a file, but that file remains empty. Any idea please?11:59
ikoniacharacter screw up11:59
geirhaanew: what terminal emulator are you using? putty?11:59
ikoniaFool1sh: depends how you've set the cronjob up - what the script actually does12:00
geirhaanew: Make sure it's set to use utf-8 character encoding12:00
geirhaanew: Window -> Translation -> UTF-8 iirc12:00
Fool1shikonia, as root I used crontab -e and appended that line to the file: /root/runIDE -r /root/test.sikuli12:01
ikoniaFool1sh: you shouldn't be root, root is looked on ubuntu12:01
ikonia"locked" sorry12:01
Fool1shalright, I'm trying with another user then12:01
Fool1shikonia, ok I've tried running the script as another user and it complains: Can't connect to X11 window server using ':1.0' as the value of the DISPLAY variable.12:04
Ornitorrincogeirha: with the DISPLAY=:0 way is running well12:04
BigBangTheoryXHow can I add shortcuts to Ubuntu's top-bar?12:05
geirhaOrnitorrinco: Note that that is not a solution, it's a hack that will work "most of the time"12:05
Ornitorrincothen don't exist a true good form to do this with a crom utility right?12:06
Fool1shikonia, I'm connected with a VNC client as root, maybe that's the problem12:06
jam3smhmm i wonder if its because of the i8xx-i9xx intel drivers for xorg causing the problem with the nvidia drivers causing xorg to fail to load -causing me to re-install all the time12:07
Ornitorrincogeirha: don't exist a good method to run X applications with the crontab really?12:07
geirhaOrnitorrinco: Correct. Cron is not designed to interact with X. Better to use the utilities X and your desktop environment provides12:08
OrnitorrincoOkey thank you very much geirha you are the best12:08
Fool1shgeirha, what kind of utilities for Gnome for example?12:09
geirhaFool1sh: Well, there is the Startup Applications, which is a front-end for XDG autostart12:10
geirhaThere's also a gnome scheduled task thingy, which actually uses crontab with a python wrapper that tries to figure out what X server it should run on and sets the environment appropriately. I still consider that a hack though.12:12
BigBangTheoryXHas anybody an idea?12:13
trijntjeBigBangTheoryX: you can12:15
trijntjeBigBangTheoryX: you can't, sorry12:15
=== ganesh is now known as Guest89887
Fool1shgeirha, interesting that might what I'm looking for as I'm trying to run Sikuli (a graphical tool requiring a graphical env) from the command line on the X server... I thought about writing a wrapper so it would find the X server on which to run but I was missing clues :)12:15
BigBangTheoryXtrijntje: Why?12:15
lotuspsychje!info classicmenu-indicator | BigBangTheoryX12:16
ubottuBigBangTheoryX: classicmenu-indicator (source: classicmenu-indicator): indicator showing the main menu from Gnome Classic. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.07-0ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 8 kB, installed size 105 kB12:16
ikoniaFool1sh: sounds like your X11 and root sessions are a problem12:18
=== siya is now known as Siya_
geirhaFool1sh: Whatever you need to run automatically in X, just do it via autostart12:21
Fool1shYes, I'm going to investigate further. Brb12:22
pirulinuxbuen dia disculpen que joda tan temprano pero boy ha nesecitar algo de ayuda veran en estos momentos estoy utilisando una red wifi la cual12:24
pirulinuxva ha ser eliminada de manera definitiva el dia de mañana12:24
BigBangTheoryXI've installed "classicmenu-indicator" but I cant create icons on the top-bar12:24
pirulinuxdispongo de una cableada pero tiene un bloqueo por proxy12:24
pirulinux y el pidgin no funciona desde hay12:24
pirulinuxexiste alguna manera de evadir el bloqueo12:24
pirulinuxcon un proxy local o algo12:25
pirulinux me urge de lo contrario pirulinux podria desapareser para siempre12:25
DJones!es | pirulinux12:25
ubottupirulinux: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:25
pirulinuxsi si Djones estoy desesperado es todo estoy seguro que algunos por aqui entienden el español12:28
DJonespirulinux: For support in Spanish, please join #ubuntu-es This channel is English language only12:28
terranb0yi had a wuestion12:36
terranb0yis smoebody here12:36
terranb0yby by12:36
Fool1shgeirha, not sure if you have time to help but I've just logged off the VNC session I was previously in (as root) and restarted the vnc server under a non-root user. But when I connected to it using my usual VNC client, there is not the full Gnome interface anymore, only a gnome-terminal opened up. How come?12:38
jam3sm do i need to install the i8xx/i9xx intel display drivers update?12:38
somsip!ask | terranb0y12:39
ubottuterranb0y: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:39
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
lazyfingersubuntu 13.10 lost the ability to remap keys? i want to map caps to ctrl, is it possible now or what?12:45
jam3smhow to install from terminal something sudo apt- somthing or rather?12:46
BlueSharkjam3sm, What are you trying to install?12:46
Cigritssudo apt-get install <packagename>12:46
geirhaFool1sh: I don't know. Sounds like you didn't tell the vnc server what desktop environment you wanted..?12:47
Cigritsto find packages     apt-cache search <search term>12:47
geirhaFool1sh: I only have experience with the builtin vnc server, not any of the stand alone, so I can't help on that part.12:48
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
=== worm` is now known as Fool1sh
Fuzzz3rWhy i have "cannot send to channel: #ubuntu" message?12:52
=== InvadersMustDie is now known as xx
Fuzzz3rOh.. sry, now ok12:52
WalexFuzzz3r: some channels are for registered nicknames only, but not necessarily this one12:52
Walexlazyfingers: probably can still remap using X11-level utilities related to XKB12:53
lazyfingersWalex, can't12:53
lazyfingersWalex, it resets back after a few seconds12:53
Walexlazyfingers: that means that there is some Unity/GNOME keyboard config applet that resets it.12:54
Fuzzz3rWhat i need use for up gate server on ubuntu?12:55
Walexlazyfingers: I actually use KDE, so I don't know which one Unity/GNOME3 would use.12:55
lazyfingersWalex, this is obvious.. but what the flying asd does it work this way now?!12:55
Walexlazyfingers: Desktop Environment developers like to change stuff :-)12:55
lazyfingersWalex, I it works as usual in kde but I don't like kde ;)12:56
WalexFuzzz3r: what does that mean?12:56
lazyfingersWalex, yeah, i guess... "great decisions" for the greater? good?12:56
Walexlazyfingers: you don't like KDE? Heretic! :-)12:56
Rar9hi need some quick info for my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS  Server... It´s not autostarting Tomcat7 anymore... and in need to start it manually.....is anyone able to help?12:56
Walexlazyfingers: in part; in part it is simply that developers like to say "I did this". They can't say "it is fine, leave it is like that" :-)12:57
lazyfingersWalex, I like things more minimalistic. I find KDE look like a circus with bears on bicycles and the orchestra12:57
WalexRar9: and how do you start it manually? And did you have a look at system and Tomcat logs?12:57
Walexlazyfingers: that's just the default KDE config, you can change it anyway you want. But if you like simple look also at XFCE for example.12:58
lazyfingersWalex, xfce is too simple.. not that minimalistic :)12:58
ActionParsniplazyfingers: or openbox as a standalone WM :)12:58
Walexor TWM!12:58
Rar9Walex  I use /etc/init.d/tomcat7 restart12:59
mantasHello, I am looking for open source DMS (document management system) with web interface, maybe you can recommend?12:59
Rar9all I did is upgrade JAVe from 1.6 to 1.7... could this be the problem?12:59
WalexRar9: ah yes definitely.12:59
ActionParsnipWalex: blast from the past, nice12:59
lazyfingersWalex, ActionParsnip: too much hassle just to be able to use emacs keybindings12:59
WalexRar9: check the "alternatives" for Java.12:59
Rar9and where and how do I need to change that?12:59
Rar9sorry I´m a windows user....but I slowly getting better :-(13:00
WalexRar9: check the startup script for Tomcat, and how it invokes Java. Hopefully it uses one of the generic names13:00
jam3smhmm if i install wine from the software centre will it be the 32 bit or 64bit version? if its 32bit will it also install all the needed i386 files ?13:00
lazyfingerslatest ubuntu is forcing me to change my habits of using emacs keybindings and spend time learning vim's keybindings.. unnecessarily13:00
lazyfingersWalex, ActionParsnip: latest ubuntu is forcing me to change my habits of using emacs keybindings and spend time learning vim's keybindings.. unnecessarily13:01
Rar9you men this java version "1.7.0_51"13:01
WalexRar9: things with Java are a bit complicated because of the need to support multiple versions.13:02
Rar9or /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle/jre/bin/java13:02
Fool1shgeirha, I just ran `vncserver :1` as my non-root user. It's weird that when I run the same thing as root and connect with the VNC client I get the full interface.13:02
Rar9but tomcat 7 is running fine13:02
Rar9it just doesn´t autostart when rebooting13:03
WalexRar9: there is a directory '/usr/lib/jvm' where Java implementations are installed, plus the "alternatives" system.13:03
WalexRar9: have a look at 'sudo update-java-alternatives -l'13:03
Rar9java-7-oracle 1063 /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle13:04
SlampertSo, how do I ensure that Scroll Lock isn't assigned to any command?13:04
AlmpertSo, how do I ensure that Scroll Lock isn't assigned to any command?13:05
geirhaFool1sh: root probably has some configuration set up, while your non-root user does not13:05
WalexRar9: uhm, if it does not start just when rebooting it could be several reasons. Check the system logs in '/var/log/' and in particular '/vr/log'/tomcat6'13:05
SlampertWhoops, opened window twice...13:05
WalexRar9: that Java "alternatives" looks good.13:06
Rar9good :-) and now?13:06
Rar9etc/init.d/tomcat7 ??13:07
WalexRar9: I just had a look at the startup script and now check that 'JAVA_HOME' etc. have the right value in '/etc/default/tomcat6'13:07
WalexRar9: note that 12.04 LTS has 'tomcat6' by default IIRC. But if you installed 'tomcat7' check '/etc/default/tomcat7'.13:08
Fool1shgeirha, yes you are right, something was missing in ~/.vnc/xstartup thank you :)13:09
Rar9Walex i curretnl have JAVA_HOME=/usr13:11
=== Fool1sh is now known as worm`
Rar9do i need to change it to /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle13:11
ActionParsnipRar9: isn't `which java`   just a symlink?13:12
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
ActionParsnip!away > Thor|Away13:12
ubottuThor|Away, please see my private message13:12
ActionParsnipRar9: what is the output of:  file `which java`13:13
Rar9sorry don´t understand13:14
MrQuist"That java"13:14
ActionParsnipRar9: run the command in termnal, what does it say?13:14
MrQuistRar9, execute this in your terminal13:14
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest24711
MrQuist'which java'13:14
Rar9java- version ?13:14
MrQuistit should show the location of the "java" application13:14
MrQuistno, "which java"13:14
MrQuist"which"  is a command13:14
Rar9it tells me /usr/bin/java13:14
MrQuistah great13:14
ActionParsnipRar9: you missed the 'file' command13:15
MrQuistActionParsnip, your turn :)13:15
ActionParsnipRar9: what is the output of:  file `which java`13:15
Rar9it tells me /usr/bin/java13:15
MrQuistoh lol13:15
MrQuistno, Rar9, ActionParsnip wants you to run this command: "file `which java`"13:15
MrQuistthe "`" quote is a nested command13:16
ActionParsnipRar9: no, you are not adding the word 'file'. the word 'file' is part of the command13:16
MrQuistso this basically said "file /usr/bin/java"13:16
ActionParsnipMrQuist: thanks13:16
MrQuist"file" is a command, just like "which"13:16
MrQuistNP, i love playing cpt. obvious13:17
Rar9guys please help me... so tomcat7 autostarts again.13:17
ActionParsnipRar9: can you run it manually?13:17
Rar9yes It starts13:17
Rar9but as said I´ve upgraded java from 1.6 to 1.713:18
ActionParsnipRar9: then add the command in /etc/rc.local   above the 'exit 0' line and it will run as root each boot13:19
Rar9so If i look at /etc/default/tomcat7 has ablanked out #JAVA_HOME=/usr13:19
Rar9ActionParsnip where do I do that?13:20
gisliI just installed ruby1.9.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 and I can't seem to add it to the alternatives via update-alternatives13:20
ActionParsnipRar9: run:  gksudo gedit /etc/rc.local13:20
ActionParsnipRar9: or for a server:  sudo nano /etc/rc.local    (or whatever editor you like)13:21
hitsujiTMOActionParsnip: sudo editor /etc/rc.local                             then :P13:21
Rar9ActionParsnip all I have here is nohup /home/plesk/pleskinst.sh &13:22
ActionParsnipRar9: add on a new line, above the 'exit 0' line, the command you run to start the service13:23
ActionParsnipRar9: with an amperand like the line you just pasted, to not hang the boot13:24
Minneni have noticed even if i use commands like "purge" and "remove" every time i delete a package it leaves behind many folders, that are no longer needed, do anyone know a good way to get rid of those folders as well as the package? (i.e. uninstalled thunderbird and its folder can still be found in the /etc/ dir)13:24
ActionParsnipMinnen: does:  dpkg -l | grep ^rc     output anything?13:24
=== InvadersMustDie is now known as xx2
Rar9ActionParsnip ok..... but my question is why it used to start with java 1.6 and not with java 1.6...  so your way is as if i start it manually13:25
ActionParsnipRar9: yes, its a hack but should work13:25
Minnenim not familiar with that command ActionParsnip, lemme read a bit about it and i will report back the results13:25
Rar9the bug should be under /etc/init.d/tomcat713:25
Minnenthanks for the quick response13:25
ActionParsnipMinnen: its a simple command to copy and paste to terminal, does it output anything?13:25
ActionParsnipMinnen: what is to read?13:26
Minneni was going to google the command to know more about it, im not currently at my ubuntu setup im at my office13:26
Rar9perhaps this line: JDK_DIRS="/usr/lib/jvm/default-java ${OPENJDKS} /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun"13:26
ActionParsnipRar9: whatver you run to make it work, add it there. You could even make a script then add the script name to rc.local for neatness, same deal though.13:28
ActionParsnipMinnen: dpkg -l   lists allinstalled packages, the grep shows lines that start (the ^ denotes starts with) 'rc' so only those lines are output13:28
Minnenand rc stands for?13:29
Minnenconfiguration files?13:29
ActionParsnipMinnen: removed but old configs left (the ones outside $HOME)13:29
Xuisce1hi all13:30
Xuisce1hi kenneth__13:31
WalexRar9: '/usr/lib/jvm/default-java' should be set by the "alternatives" system to the right value, check that.13:42
=== gmachine_24_ is now known as gmachine_24
Rar9thank you to I´ve just altered the Last posted lin t point o the right directoy..13:43
Rar9its booting again.13:43
=== RickyB98 is now known as rickyb98
=== JordanJ2 is now known as Jordan
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kingfisher64where do I report third party bugs to popular Ubuntu programs? I've got a strange one with docky when the recycle bin is pinned to the dock and trash emptied - it crashes the program every time14:01
=== xx2 is now known as xx
=== petru is now known as Guest97811
Guest97811@find A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests14:06
PiciGuest97811: This isn't that kind of channel.14:06
=== andrewjs18_ is now known as andrewjs18
phunyguykingfisher64, isn't docky dead?14:09
phunyguykingfisher64, if not, https://launchpad.net/docky14:10
kingfisher64i don't know phunyguy? I just want that launcher on the bottom14:10
phunyguykingfisher64, also, channel #docky on freenode apparently exists.14:11
kingfisher64thanks phunguy, didn't know either of those things as this is my first week with Ubuntu14:11
phunyguykingfisher64, you can look into plank which is slated to replace it, but it is very young still.14:11
phunyguyerrr new to ubuntu, forget it then14:11
phunyguy(no GUI config)14:11
phunyguyand welcome to Ubuntu :)14:12
kingfisher64thanks, wanted to rid myself of windoze for years but finally made the permanent move.14:12
jackneillis there a structorizer like program for linux (http://structorizer.fisch.lu/)? this doesnt work, i got java error, or runtime error...etc..14:15
jackneilland the online version doesnt work either.14:15
Wiz_KeeDFor installing Ubuntu and Windows in dual-boot on a ssd and using a caddy as well, you guys think partitioning 80 gigs (windows) 40 gigs(Ubuntu) on the ssd and having the full magnetic hard-drive as on partition on ntfs be ok?14:15
=== rory is now known as Rory
RoryWiz_KeeD: Sounds fine14:19
Xuisce1hi all14:24
kingfisher64thanks phunyguy i've reported it at launchpad however it already existed as a problem. Docky keeps continually crashing for me so I think i'm going to uninstall.14:28
kingfisher64is there a way to get the unity launcher on the bottom in 13.10?14:28
kingfisher64done the googling on this and aparantly a fix was only available in v 10x of ubuntu14:29
rob321hey, i recently did a clean install on my computer with ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and I can't get any of my printers working now.....   The updates this morning installed the newest HPLIP but that didn't help at all. Google shows that this seems a common problem, but I can't find a SOLUTION from anything I read, just other people with the same problem....   Any printer experts here?14:30
rob321I've tried 3 printers too, and other things work on the usb ports, just not printers....   the printers say "printing test page" or whatever job I send, then they say "printing completed" but nothing happens14:32
tachyonsking1337-2, No14:32
tachyonskingfisher64, No, you can't14:32
MrQuistrob321, bash the printer14:33
MrQuistjust smash it with other peripheral devices14:33
rob321I'll run to Home Depot for a sledge right now.....14:34
kingfisher64not sure why it can't be committed to unity tweak under launcher tab tachyons - let people choose14:35
SonikkuAmericaA... sledge? Sounds a bit !ot to me...14:35
Xuisce1ho rob32114:35
rob321hey, if I have to bash and smash, do it right...14:35
tachyonskingfisher64, It is a design decision by Mark shuttle worth14:36
kingfisher64that's one person and that's solid reasoning if only Mark Shuttleworth is using Unity tachyons14:36
SonikkuAmericakingfisher64: Also, feel free to code something yourself - Unity is free and open-source14:36
rob321I tried this "debugging page" but everything seems to check out....   I'm at a total loss here   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingPrintingProblems14:36
kingfisher64I'm not a developer SonikkuAmerica.14:37
SonikkuAmericaWhat an excuse.14:37
tachyonskingfisher64, why? in unity the launcher is supposed to display in left side, if you hate it use gnome-shell14:38
tachyonsor any other de14:38
SonikkuAmericaNot-a-developer me spent a good 5 minutes on the command line and in /etc/fstab setting up a Windows partition as a mount point.14:39
SonikkuAmericaAlso, Not a Coder®.14:39
kingfisher64i'll try cairo dock. Docky keeps crashing.14:39
kingfisher64what is gnome-shell tachyons? Only had ubuntu installed since Tuesday14:40
ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome14:40
SonikkuAmericaWell that's descriptive, and I wrote that factoid myself...14:40
philinuxkingfisher64;~ or try xfce4 DE14:40
* SonikkuAmerica uses XFCE himself.14:40
* philinux got use to unity14:41
kingfisher64so will I only lose the unity launcher and nothing else? I love the way information is presented when the top icon is clicked just want the launcher at the bottom - fits more icons on14:42
LucidGuyDoes Ubuntu no longer support/work with the etc/networking/interfaces file?  I prefer it over using network-manager14:42
Wiz_KeeDRory, thank you for your input, I will do it just like that14:42
rob321ok, maybe someone has a good idea of another place to go for help?14:42
philinuxkingfisher64;~ i like it on the left as on a widescreen monitor or laptop i get more vertical space14:42
Peace-hello i tried to get info about my RAM but when i do sudo lshw or sudo dmidecode | grep -A 15 Memory i can't get FREQUENCY info14:43
kingfisher64i'm right handed philinux so it feels more natural to be closing windows, clicking menus on the right or bottom14:43
kingfisher64it would be perfect it I was left handed14:44
philinuxkingfisher64;~ I think the close buttons can be moved14:44
kingfisher64yeah in unity tweak i've moved them to the right philinux14:44
philinuxkingfisher64;~ but position of launcher is hard coded14:45
Raymondohey. I just upgraded my vps release from 10.04 to 12.04 and when I restart it has read-only file system14:45
kingfisher64hard coded launcher position is the equivalent of using a fixed position design in webdesign as opposed to a responsive design - not a good idea.14:45
Peace-Raymondo: guess you need to edit fstab14:45
RaymondoPeace-: oh?14:45
RaymondoI'm in finnix now14:46
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions14:46
philinuxkingfisher64;~ that subject has been done to death years ago14:46
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu14:46
Peace-Raymondo: i read bad sorry i dunno about vps14:47
hitsujiTMORaymondo: can you pastebin the output of: dmesg14:47
rob321OK, well, thanks guys14:48
RaymondohitsujiTMO: can't select text in this console. am I looking for something in particular?14:48
TJ-Raymondo: Is it Linode?14:49
RaymondoTJ-: no14:49
hitsujiTMORaymondo: have you ssh'd in?14:49
RaymondohitsujiTMO: ssh doesn't run14:49
Raymondothis is finnix web console14:49
TJ-Raymondo: Is it dropping to a shell prompt in the initrd?14:50
hitsujiTMORaymondo: you're looking for hd errors especially IO Errors14:50
RaymondoTJ-: I don't have much visibility at all. by the time the console is available, all I can see is mknod errors in /proc14:52
Raymondowhich just means the file system is read-only14:52
rob321any thoughts ona good place to figure out whats wrong with my printers anyone?14:52
TJ-Raymondo: You've already done fsck ?14:52
RaymondohitsujiTMO: nothing jumps out at me from running dmesg in finnix14:52
RaymondoTJ-: no14:52
TJ-Raymondo: That'd be #114:53
hitsujiTMORaymondo: what exactly happens when you boot up if ssh server isn'd loaded14:53
=== ronald is now known as Guest87757
RaymondohitsujiTMO: like I said. I eventually get to see mknod errors in the web console14:53
Raymondobut it's not interactive14:54
hitsujiTMORaymondo: do you have access curl from the shell you are on?14:54
LoZioNeragazzi ho una domanda,sono con BT4 r2 come unico s.o. installato sul pc,stò scaricando la .iso di Kali 1.0.6 amd64... com'è meglio fare per masterizzare la .iso su una usb da 8 Gb?14:54
RaymondohitsujiTMO: yeah14:54
Raymondoyou want me to pipe dmesg to pastebin post via curl? :P14:55
RaymondoTJ-: what exactly?14:56
hitsujiTMORaymondo: lets start with: dmesg | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us14:56
hitsujiTMORaymondo: can you also do a: fdisk -l | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us14:57
RaymondohitsujiTMO: couldn't resolve host14:57
hitsujiTMORaymondo: please try: dmesg | curl -F 'sprunge=<-'
TJ-Raymondo: there's little value in checking the current Finnix dmesg until you've fsck-ed the file-systems ... if that doesn't show any problems, you should be looking at /var/log/* for the most recent changes at/after the upgrade, for indications of errors.14:58
RaymondohitsujiTMO: 'network is unreachable'14:58
hitsujiTMORaymondo: ok.you've no net access.14:59
RaymondoTJ-: yeah I'm not really sure how to find the filesystems I need to check14:59
hitsujiTMORaymondo: start with: fdisk -l              to find the devices.15:00
TJ-Raymondo: who is the VPS provider? Is it Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, or what?15:00
Raymondo3 disks. for each it says 'doesn't contain a valid partition table'15:01
RaymondoTJ-: xen15:01
TJ-hitsujiTMO: Raymondo that is because they are file-system images ... do "blkid ..." on each15:01
TJ-Raymondo: So you've got nodes like "/dev/xvda" ?15:02
RaymondoTJ-: yeah. found the ext3 one15:02
Raymondoother two are swap and finnix cd15:02
TJ-Raymondo: OK, so now you can "fsck /dev/xvd?"15:02
Raymondo'/dev/xvda2: clean, x/y files, a/b blocks' (big numbers)15:03
TJ-Raymondo: Good sign :) Now you can mount it to check the logs: "mkdir /mnt/target && mount /dev/xvda2 /mnt/target"15:04
kingfisher64so can I install gnome can I choose on login which interface to use tachyons. I've been looking at kde, unity and gnome reviews15:04
TJ-Raymondo: then start by listing the logs most-recent last "ls -latr /mnt/target/var/log/"15:05
tachyonskingfisher64, yes15:05
TJ-Raymondo: then you can review the most recent logs looking for issues... use "less <log-file>" if it is in that finnix image"15:05
kingfisher64and once the interface is installed it effects the whole os? I really like some aspects of default 13.10 with unity15:07
kingfisher64just not the launcher15:07
gtrepasguys i was thinking of switching to opensuse kde but i have no idea what to expect from that. any ideas?15:08
hitsujiTMOgtrepas: might be a better question for ##linux15:09
RaymondoTJ-, hitsujiTMO: kern.log - cannot read proc file system: 1 - operation not permitted. (last message repeated about a gazillion times)15:09
gtrepasoh ok sorry about that15:09
Raymondoit was suggested I edit /boot/grub/menu.lst but not only does menu.lst not exist, there is no /boot/grub in /mnt/target15:10
tachyonskingfisher64, you can install it safely15:10
hitsujiTMORaymondo: what version of ubuntu is it?15:10
DJonesgtrepas: I think opensuse have quite a few channels on freenode, maybe look for #suse or #opensuse15:10
RaymondohitsujiTMO: I ran do-release-upgrade on 10.04 to get 12.0415:10
kingfisher64watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMI-cuN6C2M tachyons15:10
=== zz_scottb is now known as scottb
kingfisher64i've heard nice things about KDE as well15:11
hitsujiTMORaymondo: I'm wondering if its related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rsyslog/+bug/52361015:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 523610 in rsyslog (Ubuntu Lucid) "rsyslogd spins CPU on some kernels" [High,Fix released]15:11
hitsujiTMOaltho the bug doesn't seem to suggest a non boot15:12
RaymondohitsujiTMO: would you suggest updating to a newer kernel before running the release upgrade?15:13
hitsujiTMORaymondo: are you on a XenPV server?15:13
RaymondoI dunno15:13
ikoniayour machine should be up to date with all ubuntu packages (no external repo packages) before the upgrade15:14
ikoniaso the kernel should be the latest provided by the stable ubuntu core repo for your version15:14
Raymondoikonia: I have a choice of kernerls15:14
ikoniaRaymondo: how do you have a choice ?15:14
Raymondoweb admin panel15:14
ikoniaRaymondo: then you shouldn't upgrade anything15:15
ikoniaas the chances are it's a basterdised ubuntu build - which the upgrade process will fail on15:15
ikoniait will be some sort of container (probably)15:15
PiciRaymondo: Who is your VPS provider?15:15
kingfisher64when you say safely that obviously implies there's an unsafe way to install gnome tachyons. Have I understood you right?15:16
RaymondoPici: you wouldn't have heard of it15:16
Raymondoikonia: the bug thread says this issue happens on older kernels, which is what I'm running15:16
RaymondoI have the option to run a newer stable kernel15:17
hitsujiTMORaymondo: Since you have no /boot/grub I'd assume its a PV vps.15:17
ikoniaRaymondo: I'd ignore that thread and not do anything until you know your situation15:17
tachyonskingfisher64, I mean gnome in your ubuntu repo is safe it will not affect your unity .15:17
RaymondohitsujiTMO: the suggestion about /boot/grub was from the vps support :/15:17
RualmoneymanHello Im trying to boot Ubuntu 12.04.03 from Usb and i go through the steps,but it restarts every time.15:18
Raymondoikonia: what else do I need to know about my situation?15:18
hitsujiTMORaymondo: they may be giving out both pv and hvm in which that answer applies to hvm15:18
RaymondohitsujiTMO: I see15:19
Raymondothat would imply they didn't even look at my account before answering15:19
ikoniaRaymondo: I would talk to your hosting provided and ask them for support on this, the basteridsed builds that are normally in place on these types of situations will fail during upgrade15:19
kingfisher64have you tried kde tachyons?15:19
kingfisher64probably will try both starting with gnome15:20
tachyonskingfisher64, yes15:20
Raymondoikonia: the first line of the response: 'In-line upgrades between major Ubuntu releases is not recommended on the VPS platform, but still possible.'15:20
ikoniaRaymondo: yeah, it's going to fail then15:20
ikoniaRaymondo: I'd put money on it15:20
ikoniaif they are putting that warning on it keep away from it15:20
ikoniamore so with the changes they must be using to use web pannels15:20
Raymondothis upgrade is going to be a nightmare then15:21
ikoniaI suspect it will just fail being honest,15:22
hitsujiTMORaymondo: What type of services have you running on the server?15:22
ikoniaunless we know how your system works properly, it's a guess15:22
RaymondohitsujiTMO: just lamp really15:22
hitsujiTMORaymondo: do you have a backup of the data?15:22
hitsujiTMORaymondo: may be easiest to reroll an new instance of the 12.04 image then and restore your data15:23
Raymondothat's what I mean by nightmare :)15:23
Raymondoanyway, I've made a fair bit of progress in figuring this out15:24
Raymondothanks all15:24
RualmoneymanHello Im trying to boot Ubuntu 12.04.03 from Usb and i go through the steps,but it restarts every time.15:24
standoowhat is the minimum system requirements/recomended system requirements for ubuntu?15:26
ikoniastated on the website15:26
Pici!requirements > standoo15:28
ubottustandoo, please see my private message15:28
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
=== nizu is now known as nizu_afk
Noah_Budyjust installed 13.10. which channels are good for new users?15:33
dingAnyone using cinnamon with 13.10 ? X keeps locking up on me regardless of whether gdm or lightdm is in use...15:34
v0lksmanhello! I'm trying to upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10 and get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6808882/15:35
glitsj16v0lksman: how did you try to upgrade to 13.10? GUI, terminal command? .. i think your paste suggests you might have tried upgrading to 14.04, hence the error15:41
v0lksmanglitsj16: through the GUI...it said it would upgrade to 13.1015:41
v0lksmanjust found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/360293/could-not-calculate-the-upgrade-what-happened15:42
v0lksmanand have looked at the log:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6808906/15:42
v0lksmanso does this mean I should remove xserver-xorg-video-all and try again?15:43
hitsujiTMOv0lksman: are you using any ppas?15:43
glitsj16v0lksman: is that marked as broken?15:44
sh0thi guys15:44
v0lksmanhitsujiTMO: yes...xorg edgers...can't remember why I needed it though15:44
hitsujiTMO!ppa-purge | v0lksman remove it with this then try the upgrade15:45
adsccan I install ubuntu in outlook?15:45
ubottuv0lksman remove it with this then try the upgrade: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html15:45
sh0ti am trying to install ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a hp envy premium. at boot time after pressing enter to grub i cannot anything15:45
sh0tdoes it depend on something related to the video card?15:45
sh0thow can i solve it?15:45
v0lksmanglitsj16: yeah I think so..there are a bunch of xorg packs that are listed as broken when I run  grep Broken /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log15:45
hitsujiTMOsh0t: what version of the iso are you using?15:46
glitsj16v0lksman: follow hitsujiTMO's advice and also take care of the broken packages before upgrading15:46
=== xx is now known as xxbrb
sh0thitsujiTMO, ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso this one15:47
FevixHello, I'm a brand new Ubuntu user. My laptop in the corner is running 13.10 Saucy Salamander, and with an update, none of the hardware is being detected. (MOuse, keyboard, network adaptor, external monitor...) The laptop's normal hardware is being detected and used just fine, but nothing else is working. Is there a known fix for this issue?15:48
hitsujiTMOsh0t: what exactly happens after grub? blank screen?15:48
sh0tblack screen15:49
sh0thitsujiTMO, ^^15:49
hitsujiTMO!nomodeset | give this a sh0t15:49
ubottugive this a sh0t: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:49
sh0tthanks hitsujiTMO i'll give it a try15:50
hitsujiTMOsh0t: it maybe the case that you might need upgraded drivers to boot however (such as those supplied in 13.10) in which case you may need to wait for the 12.04.4 release15:50
adschey guys, i am mostly outlook user (important management tasks), can I install an Ubuntu in outlook?15:52
HellTigerwhat is the state of tablet version for ubuntu? and what happend to the netbook version? i have here a archos9 with win7, i ts slow and i wana install a touchpad ubuntu15:52
DJones!touch | HellTiger This is probably th best place for info on the tablet/phone version,15:52
ubottuHellTiger This is probably th best place for info on the tablet/phone version,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:52
HellTigeradac, ubuntu is a operation system and outlook a email client, you can nost install ubuntu in outlook, please clarify your question15:53
HellTigerth DJones15:53
alexandrosI am trying out a xubuntu distribution but there's a problem with the wifi card: TP-LINK TL-WN322G. Although it is recognized and it can scan networks, it cannot connect to them.  Any ideas ?15:53
HellTigeralexandros: did you connected the same device with different os all ready to this network?15:53
alexandrosHellTiger: yes. On a different system running ubuntu15:54
adscHellTiger: what do you mean? I constantly operate systems from within outlook, why can't Ubuntu be installed, too?15:54
HellTigeryou may have to set your wlan router to auto select connections, cause its to new/high for your device15:54
alexandrosHellTiger: same wifi device, same network15:54
FevixHello, I'm a brand new Ubuntu user. My laptop in the corner is running 13.10 Saucy Salamander, and with an update, none of the hardware is being detected. (MOuse, keyboard, network adaptor, external monitor...) The laptop's normal hardware is being detected and used just fine, but nothing else is working. Is there a known fix for this issue?15:54
HellTigerok, that was once the case here, alexandros15:54
hitsujiTMOHellTiger: the ubuntu moblin was killed off with the decline in netbook sales when the market saturated. Best to try something like lubuntu or xubuntu15:55
FevixALl of the hardware was detected and usable prior to the update.15:55
HellTigeradsc: maybe i missunderstand, what for systems do you operate in outlook?15:55
peasant65hi ! Can someone here help me setup the flash player for ampache (not Apache2!)15:55
TJ-alexandros: Check in "/var/log/syslog" for Network-Manager entries. They are usually very verbose and descriptive15:55
HellTigerok hitsujiTMO, thx15:55
alexandrosTJ- ok!15:56
adscHellTiger: payment systems, scheduling systems, other systems that operate on business tasks15:56
peasant65hi ! Can someone here help me setup the flash player for ampache (not Apache2!)15:56
HellTigerso i didnt understand which part of ubuntu you want to use in it.15:56
adscI just heard Ubuntu is good and I want to give it a try, but only if it works from within outlook, because outlook is the best program15:56
hitsujiTMOadsc: none of them are operating systems15:56
adschitsujiTMO: maybe not, but they also are systems that operate on something, so why can't Ubuntu operating system be used in outlook?15:57
hitsujiTMOadsc: ubuntu is an operating system, like windows or OS X. It doesn't run in a app15:57
HellTigeryou can use thunderbird in ubuntu, or outlook in windows15:57
HellTigerbut you cant install windows into outlook15:57
sh0thitsujiTMO, it seems with nomodeset i can see the splash image but after that it gives me a shell (not in X environment) saying: general error mounting filesystems. A maintenance shell will be now started. CONTROL-D will terminate and reboot the system. bash: groups : command not found15:58
sh0ta different problem it seems15:58
HellTigermaybe he means the cloud services of ubuntu15:58
HellTigeradsc: what do you think is ubuntu?15:58
HellTigerand what exactly is outlook15:58
adscbut what use is Ubuntu, when you can not use it in outlook? Does anyone use anything else besides outlook?15:58
FevixCan anyone assist me? A recent update caused my machine to stop recognizing any hardware.15:59
=== dan_ is now known as Guest82079
TJ-adsc: If you were talking about an Outlook KVM switch you might make a little more sense, but as it is... !15:59
adscHellTiger: i don't know what Ubuntu is, I just heard it's good...and outlook is simply the best program...everyone I know uses it15:59
TJ-Fevix: Review the log-files "/var/log/kern.log" and "/var/log/syslog" in particular15:59
FevixTJ-: Will do.16:00
hitsujiTMOadsc: are you reffering to microsoft outlook?16:00
DJonesadsc: You are talking about Outlook the email client?16:00
HellTigeradsc: compare both articles:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Outlook   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28operating_system%2916:00
kingfisher64according to http://fosshelp.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/how-to-install-gnome-3-on-ubuntu-1310.html tachyons gnome 3.10 breaks unity. I'm still going to install as it looks like i'd prefer it. Did you not experience anything breaking?16:00
adscHellTiger: yeah, if you can really operate systems in Ubuntu, I am very interested16:00
chephello there16:00
adscDJones: yeah, I guess, but outlook is so much more16:01
HellTigerwell i bet its microsoft windows what you mean adsc.16:01
adscoutlook is in a windows, yes16:01
DJonesadsc: From that perspective, Ubuntu is like Windows, they're both operating systems that you would run an email client on top of16:02
adscbut i don't want Ubuntu to be in another windows, it should be in the same window as outlook16:02
=== xxbrb is now known as xx
adscwhat do you mean like windows? I don't need more windows16:02
DJonesadsc: Well, no you can't do that16:02
HellTigerwell this is hopeless, you need to read both articles carefull adsc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Outlook   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28operating_system%2916:02
ruthGuys, will  "sudo apt-get remove pipelight"  erase all commands I put in the terminal for it? I tried to get netflix and it runs but is quite choppy sometimes, so I decided to erase it. Then, I tried it a few more times and then tried to erase it again being it was still choppy. Then.... I saw the pipelight for silverlight in the software center and downloaded and, still the netflix is choppy. What should I do?16:02
FevixI do not know what I'm looking at here. I'm transferring the two files mentioned to a flash drive and will upload them to my dropbox to see if any of you can help.16:03
peasant65please can someone help me ?...16:04
adscDJones: okay, thanks. A pity, I guess. Also, I don't understand what use Ubuntu is, then, if it doesn't work in outlook...who doesn't use Outlook?16:04
chepI'm trying to use extlinux to create a bootable usb stick. I dl  Syslinux 6.02, build it and execute it on archlinux, it works. When I do the same on ubuntu it fails => no boot, only syslinux copoyright displayed. When I use the binary compiled with archlinux on ubuntu, it fails too. When I use the binary compiled with ubuntu on archlinux, it works. So it's not a compilation problem, only execution. Does anyone know something about16:04
jhutchinspeasant65: How can we answer if we don't know what you need help with?16:04
=== mikesplain_ is now known as mikesplain
peasant65hi ! Can someone here help me setup the flash player for ampache (not Apache2!)16:04
ruthI also used the agent overrider in my browser to let it in.16:04
=== ronald is now known as Guest81860
peasant65jhutchins I'm trying to setup ampache with flash player16:05
=== ganesh is now known as Guest51955
cheptoo much noise on this chan16:05
peasant65jhutchins only it won't display my flash player16:06
HellTigerpeasant65: XSPF JukeBox Flash Player http://ampache.org/wiki/install:ubuntu16:06
adscmaybe I can pay someone to make Ubuntu work in outlook?16:06
somsip!ot | adsc16:06
ubottuadsc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:06
peasant65HellTiger yes i've looked at it, and there is a command to inflate and place the flash player in the right dir16:06
peasant65only i've installed ampache somewhere else16:06
HellTigeradsc: this is getting absurd. you confuse the name of a email client with a operating system. ask a friend how both software works.16:06
DJonesadsc: No, there's no point continuing to ask16:06
peasant65so i moved it there, but that doesnt work16:06
Fevixhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23659259/ubuntu/syslog and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23659259/ubuntu/kern.log <--Ubuntu 13.10 stopped recognizing any and all hardware after an update.16:06
somsipHellTiger: please don't feed the troll. If he continues he wil be removed16:07
TeraJLhi there, my sound stops working by no apparent reason.. after reboot it works for some seconds and just stops... and suspend works too... but only for 1min max16:07
adscokay, I give up, thanks for the help, guys16:07
RualmoneymanHello Im trying to boot Ubuntu 12.04.03 from Usb and i go through the steps,but it restarts every time.16:07
HellTigersome times i am really naive16:07
RualmoneymanHello Im trying to boot Ubuntu 12.04.03 from Usb and i go through the steps,but it restarts every time.16:07
v0lksmanhitsujiTMO: so I purged but same error...how do I fix the packages labeled as "Broken"16:07
peasant65no way someone is gonna help me16:08
kenneth___use dd to make a bootable USB drive wirks the best16:08
hitsujiTMOv0lksman: can you paste the link to the error again16:08
v0lksmanbasically the same error as this http://askubuntu.com/questions/360293/could-not-calculate-the-upgrade-what-happened16:09
v0lksmanhitsujiTMO: ^16:09
kenneth___her is link on how to make a usb https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/USB_Flash_Installation_Media16:09
hitsujiTMOv0lksman: and whats the exact command you're give?16:10
v0lksmanhitsujiTMO: I'm just running the Software Updater GUI16:10
ActionParsnipv0lksman: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure   step 516:10
FevixIs there a command to scan for hardware on the system, and start using it?16:10
jhutchinspeasant65: Generally, if you have flash installed on your system, programs that need to play flash content can access it via the standard path or the usual Firefox plugin directory.16:11
hitsujiTMOv0lksman: can you tell me which package is being marked as broken?16:11
jhutchinspeasant65: However, if you go installing packages from outside of Ubuntu, people in Ubuntu won't know how to help you.16:11
peasant65jhutchins it's not a problem with the flash player itself, ampache just doesnt list it as a play option16:11
v0lksmanhitsujiTMO: lots of xserver-xorg packages...I had the xorg-edgers repo enabled16:11
peasant65jhutchins well... ampaches irc is kinda dead16:11
hitsujiTMOv0lksman: can you pastebin the output of: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg16:12
jhutchinspeasant65: That is not surprising.  You will probably have to use their mailing lists or forums instead.16:12
kenneth___How do I uninstall Xserver and install DirectX11 on ubuntu ?16:12
peasant65jhutchins ok:) thx anyway16:12
hitsujiTMOkenneth___: directx is windows only16:13
=== bsmith__ is now known as aidanna
FevixI feel like I'm whispering in a noisy cafeteria here.16:13
peasant65Fevix lol yup16:14
hitsujiTMOFevix: what type of hardware?16:14
FevixAt least, anything that's not hardwired to the laptop16:14
FevixWe use external devices because the screen is shattered, and it feels clumsy to be using the laptop's keyboard and touchpad with the external monitor16:15
FevixAdditionally, the wireless adaptor isn't working.16:15
kenneth___On could fart in here and blame it on peasant6516:15
Rualmoneyman<kenneth___> what is dd ?16:15
hitsujiTMOFevix: usually you'd need to modprobe the driver or add a udev rule if its not something basic like a keyboard or monitor16:16
kenneth___Rualmoneyman https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/USB_Flash_Installation_Media16:16
FevixWalk me through this? I literally started using Ubuntu this morning.16:16
hitsujiTMOFevix: first. what type of hardware is it?16:16
FevixDefine type. It's an external mouse, an external keyboard, an external monitor, and an internal wireless adaptor16:17
FevixMouse and keyboard are USB, monitor is VGA16:17
hitsujiTMOFevix: ok, everything bar the wifi adaper should work immediately. are they not?16:18
FevixI can give brands and models if you need them16:18
FevixTHey are not.16:18
FevixONly the internal keyboard and touchpad are working.16:18
hitsujiTMOFevix: ok. have you wired internet access?16:18
hitsujiTMOFevix: from the laptop that is16:18
FevixI do not, but I could move the entire setup into the living room with the router for it, but then I'd have to run back and forth from here to there (WIlling to do this)16:19
kenneth___Isn't wireless still turned off by default after install16:19
Fevixkenneth___: It was working out of the box after I installed originally16:19
kenneth___Oh ok16:19
tim`are there not linux-tools-common packages to match up with kernel-ppa kernel images like 3.13-rc8?16:20
hitsujiTMOFevix: it would be much easier with internet access to be honest16:20
ruthoops I got off    ummm so where am I with Netflix pipelight and slow choppy reception.16:20
FevixAlright, lemme move the stuff. Back in a minute.16:20
andrea_does anyone know how to setup a tftp server?16:21
TJ-Fevix: is that system set for Secure Boot?16:21
kenneth___Fevix: try adding iommu=soft to you boot loader options I bet it will work then...16:22
ruthI can't scroll back up this xchat page to see if I got any answers about Netflix lagging. Can someone help with my question.16:22
TJ-Fevix: ignore that, I can see it isn't ... I did see a signed module warning16:22
=== johan is now known as Guest65489
Fevixtj-: Not that I'm aware of..16:22
RualmoneymanHello im trying to install Ubuntu from usb,I gi through all the steps and the last one install alongside windows 7 i press it and once i do that it resets the computer.16:22
Fevixkenneth___: Can you explain in more detaul what that'll do?16:23
FevixI have plugged the ethernet cable into the computer's port, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Will the wifi icon in the top right change when ethernet is active?16:24
hitsujiTMOFevix: yes it should. do you get any output from the command: lsusb16:25
Fevixthe command lists the keyboard and mouse, but they are still non-functional16:25
hitsujiTMOFevix: what version of ubuntu is this? that suggests maybe an xorg issue.16:26
hitsujiTMO!text | Fevix can you try this:16:27
ubottuFevix can you try this:: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode16:27
kenneth___it tells the the boot loder to use software for the bios hand off of devices during boot16:27
TJ-Fevix: disconnect the mouse, and try. It is causing constant errors on the USB hub16:27
TeraJLi've downloaded realtek drivers http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=14&PFid=24&Level=4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false (Linux Drivers (3.0))... but when i try to run ./install i get "./configure: not found" and "./snddevices: not found" and indeed those files are not there... i've downloaded multiple times, with same result... has anyone had this problem?16:28
DF3D2I know this is not *ideal* but if I clone an install from and INTEL motherboard to an AMD motherboard -- will ubuntu load the necessary drivers on boot usually?16:29
DF3D2I have something setup I can't seem to get setup again16:29
kenneth___It fixes allot of stuff like what you saying give it a try it wont do any harm16:29
Fevixtoo much all at once. ONe at a time, responding: TJ-: Unplugging the mouse did not do anything, should I reboot it?16:29
hitsujiTMODF3D2: ubuntu should run16:29
FevixhitsujiTMO: I'll try that next.16:29
TJ-Fevix: Yes, with a reboot .. the logs are full of USB resets of that mouse16:29
hitsujiTMOAm i the only one who hasn't seen logs for Fevix's system?16:30
kenneth___sudo nano /etc/default/grub16:31
kenneth___GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash iommu=soft"16:31
kenneth___sudo update-grub16:31
TJ-DF3D2: The only thing that might mess up is if you have proprietary (video) drivers installed and configured manually, which will confuse/break X windowing system16:31
aFeijoI'm trying to use variables ( FRED="\[\033[1;31m\]" ) to add color to my prompt, but instead showing in colors, it show the variable code in my prompt. What am I missing?16:31
TJ-hitsujiTMO: Yes ... scroll-back, he's posted them to dropbox16:31
=== Guest68709 is now known as JordanJ2
FevixhitsujiTMO: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23659259/ubuntu/kern.log and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23659259/ubuntu/syslog16:31
DF3D2TJ-, even if im going to use the same video cards?16:31
hitsujiTMOahhh cool16:31
TJ-DF3D2: No, if the hardware is the same, then it'll be OK16:31
DF3D2TJ-, that is what I have setup that I just *cannot* seem to get to work agian -- amd proprietary drivers for a coin mining machine16:31
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate16:32
TJ-DF3D2: If the software ties itself to a particular PCI bus ID (a silly thing to do, but you know programmers!) then that could fail it... since in the new system the PCI bus ID could well be different16:32
Fevixnegative, TJ- , keyboard, monitor, and net card still non-functional without mouse.16:32
DF3D2TJ-, true I could hand edit xorg in that case though then16:33
TJ-Fevix: Can you post the new kern.log? Let's see if we can identify anything else.16:33
DF3D2TJ-, or use aticonfig --adapter=all --initial16:33
FevixWill do, back in a bit16:33
TJ-Fevix: also - are the devices plugged into the laptop itself, or an external hub?16:33
FevixTJ-: Only one USB port on the laptop still functions. A USB hub is required.16:35
FevixIt's worked with the hub in the past, but when I applied the updates (I had to use the commands rather than the GUI), it all broke.16:35
Fevixcommand was: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade16:35
Fevixnew kern.log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23659259/ubuntu/kern2.log16:36
TJ-Fevix: OK, now we're getting to it! Try connecting a single device directly to the laptop   and see if that device works. If it doesn't it'd point to that port having failed too16:36
kingfisher64okay that didn't work too well. Installed gnome and it's broken unity. Any suggestions on what to do to get both of these working side by sie?16:37
DF3D2TJ-, is that what you meant about pci- id's ? as long as I make sure they are correct in xorg.conf I should be good right?16:37
Fevixtj-: That still only explains keyboard and mouse failing, not the VGA port and the network adaptor (Ethernet port, too, now.)16:37
=== fire is now known as fire_
TJ-Fevix: the log was clean that time, the only USB-related warning is that /dev/sdb1 needs an fsck since it was unmounted unclean16:37
FevixI think it told about the resets cause I unplugged and replugged it a few times (Since that's usually the reason)16:38
TJ-Fevix: The VGA port may be down to the fact the the VESAFB driver is loading. Can you pastebin the results of "lspci -nnk && lsusb && lsusb -t" please?16:38
FevixOne moment.16:39
kingfisher64followed instructions from http://fosshelp.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/how-to-install-gnome-3-on-ubuntu-1310.html to initially install gnome16:39
TJ-Fevix: and according to the syslog, Network-Manager simply is missing some 'key' and fails to connect to an open wifi network16:40
=== mikesplain_ is now known as mikesplain
JoelI uploaded a package to launchpad last night, but haven't gotten an email with accepted/rejected, yadda, thoughts?16:40
aFeijoI'm trying to use variables ( FRED="\[\033[1;31m\]" ) to add color to my prompt, but instead showing in colors, it show the variable code in my prompt. What am I missing?16:41
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: whats the output of: echo $PS116:42
kingfisher64surely it can't be right that there is no minimize/maximise window buttons in new gnome? There is close icon16:42
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: which version of gnome do you mean?16:43
aFeijohitsujiTMO, it show the variables names: $HC$FMAG ... so should I use something special in the variable syntax?16:43
aFeijolike ${} ?16:43
kingfisher64on login I chose just gnome as opposed to gnome classic ActionParsnip16:43
FevixResults of lspci -nnk && lsusb && lsusb -t: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23659259/ubuntu/lspci.txt16:44
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: thats not new anything, thats just a different session16:44
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: please pastebin the full output of: echo $PS116:44
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: what version of gnome are you running?16:44
donvito0 * * * *   root   service pcscd restart > /dev/null 2>&1 --- if i want this command to work every 2 hours what should i add to this line?16:45
donvito0 2 * * *   root   service pcscd restart > /dev/null 2>&116:45
donvitois this ok ?16:45
ActionParsnipdonvito: */2    I believe16:45
kingfisher64sorry ActionParsnip didn't mean to logout then16:45
TJ-Fevix: looks to me as if the loss of video is due to the AMD video driver not being installed/built for this kernel/loaded16:45
ActionParsnipdonvito: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6423532/how-to-run-crontab-for-every-2-hours16:45
donvito0 */2 * * *   root   service pcscd restart > /dev/null 2>&116:45
donvitoso this is okk16:45
aFeijohitsujiTMO, http://pastebin.com/1rfyXjC816:45
ActionParsnipdonvito: top link when I searched for 'cron every 2 hours' in google....16:46
=== yoav_ is now known as yoavst
kingfisher64i followed tutorial on http://fosshelp.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/how-to-install-gnome-3-on-ubuntu-1310.html to install gnome alongside unity but it's broken unity when I now login16:46
kingfisher64ActionParsnip ^^^16:46
TJ-Fevix: I see there's wired and wireless network adapters; which is used to connect to the network?16:47
FevixThe network is currently connected physically to the computer via Ethernet, but does not seem to be working.16:47
FevixPrior to everything going FUBAR, it was a wireless connection16:47
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: then its not supported here, you are not using Gnome from the official repos16:47
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: I suggest you ask in #gnome16:48
kingfisher64so, there's more than one gnome version?16:48
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: it seems you have not correctly declared the vars/$PS1 as the var names are showing up in the output. where did you declare them?16:48
lanodanHello, I got a problem with dpkg and the package libgtk2.0-016:49
aFeijohitsujiTMO, just above the PS1="" line, same syntax: RS="\[\033[0m]"16:50
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: can you pastebin the full script please16:50
aFeijohitsujiTMO, http://pastebin.com/4fzWLpJC16:51
aFeijohitsujiTMO, those variables I get from a site after googling about16:52
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: there is the one we support here which is from the ubuntu repos, there is one from the PPA you have added which is not supported here16:52
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: you're using the literal quotes '   not "16:53
* aFeijo dumb16:53
FloodBot1aFeijo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:53
aFeijothanks hitsujiTMO16:53
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: np16:53
aFeijoFloodBot1, I didt :p16:53
TJ-Fevix: Is the external USB hub self-powered?16:53
kingfisher64oh no, I only wanted to install the supported gnome. What would you suggest I do to remove this unsupported version ActionParsnip ?16:53
FevixIf you mean does it take batteries or anything, no.16:53
hitsujiTMO!ppa-purge | kingfisher6416:54
ubottukingfisher64: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html16:54
kingfisher64i take it version gnome 3.10 breaks unity16:54
TJ-Fevix: No, I mean, does it have its own power supply rather than drawing power from the PC's port?16:54
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: install ppa-purge and you can roll back. I am not sure if it changes your configs any so results after may not be as expected16:54
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: its a PPA, so who knows what it has done16:54
hitsujiTMO!list > Never16:55
ubottuNever, please see my private message16:55
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
kingfisher64so sudo-apt get install ppa-purge hitsujiTMO, ActionParsnip ?16:56
=== kenneth is now known as Guest99990
demophobiahow do i create a new folder in /home where the user accounts are stored? it's greyed out16:57
kingfisher64excuse the newbieness!16:57
demophobiaI want to create a Music folder accessible to all users16:57
TJ-Fevix: It could well be that for some reason the power draw is interfering. The most power-hungry device would seem to be the USB storage, so as a test of this possibility I'd recommend unplugging the hub from the PC, disconnect the storage device leaving the keyboard/mouse device connected, and reconnect the hub to the PC... *as* you do that, in a terminal monitor the log-file with "tail -f /var/log/kern.log"16:57
hitsujiTMOkingfisher64: yessum16:58
lanodanDid someone knows here how to force uninstall a package ?16:58
TJ-Fevix: You should see all the USB devices recognised and configured as input devices16:58
FevixTJ-: I only plug the storage device in when I'm making logs, so that I can transfer them to this computer and upload them.16:58
aFeijohitsujiTMO, last question. Note that I have this $(__git_ps1 " [%s]"), now it dont work, as I'm using double quote, I try changing to single quote and \", nothing worked16:58
FevixThe device is unplugged the rest of the time.16:59
TJ-demophobia: The best way to do that would be "sudo mkdir /home/all && sudo chown root:users /home/all && sudo chmod g+rwx /home/all"16:59
Fevix(It's sitting on the desk in front of me as I type this)16:59
TJ-demophobia: And then create your folders under "/home/all/"16:59
demophobiaTJ-, does that create a folder in /home called "all"?16:59
demophobiathank you17:00
TJ-Fevix: The only thing I can think is that the "usbhid" driver isn't being loaded. Try "sudo modprobe usbhid"17:00
demophobiaTJ-, i did that and it created a folder but i still cannot create a new folder in 'all' using the browser gui17:01
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: try escaping the $: \$(blah blah)17:01
FevixFATTAL: MOdule usbhid not found17:01
demophobiai need to be able to operate using the operating system rather than only terminal17:01
TJ-demophobia: Is your user a member of group 'users' ? Check with "groups" ... that will list all system groups you are a member of17:01
demophobiawhen i right click to create a new folder it's still greyed out17:01
aFeijohitsujiTMO, that did :)17:02
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: try escaping the and then escape the quotes too actually17:02
hitsujiTMOaFeijo: cool17:02
aFeijohitsujiTMO, it worked with single quotes17:02
demophobia'users' is not listed there17:02
TJ-Fevix: Hmmm, that's helpful!17:02
RualmoneymanIm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04.03 using Usb but everytime i ps go through all the steps it resets my computer.17:02
* aFeijo should read more about bash17:02
demophobia> adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare17:02
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
kingfisher64i've installed 2 ppa's. ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-next, ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging hitsujiTMO. so I would need to be in unity to remove these packages?17:04
hitsujiTMOkingfisher64: no, just purge away17:04
kingfisher64i'm logged right now into gnome 3 which I will be purging17:04
kingfisher64apologies for the many questions17:05
TJ-demophobia: OK, looks like you aren't... check the system does has that group with "getent group users". If it does, then you'll need to do "sudo adduser $USER users" and *then* you'll need to log-out and log-in again for the change to be in effect17:05
hitsujiTMOkingfisher64: you should be able to purge away without an issue. your xsession may restart17:05
demophobiaok ty17:06
TJ-Fevix: I noticed that the vesafv module is reported to fail the signing check... together with the other issues, I suspect some file-system corruption17:06
kingfisher64ok i'll give that a go now hitsujiTMO. thank you.17:06
demophobiaIs there really not an easier way to share Rhythmbox music library with all users? ...17:06
sk1specialso..anyone know why none of the effects im choosing in ccsm are activating/working?17:08
FevixTJ-: That's what more or less forced us into Ubuntu in the first place (It used to be a Win7 machine, but started to no longer boot, so I had the idea to install Linux rather than try to scrounge around for our WIn7 install disk)17:08
sk1specialor better channel to ask.17:08
TJ-Fevix: The modules should be in "/lib/modules/`uname -r`\" and its sub-dirs. Unless the system ran out of space, missing and damaged files points to corruption. You could do "du -h" to check space17:08
FevixBack in a min with redults of du -h17:09
ActionParsnipdf -h17:09
TJ-Fevix: No sign of hard disk errors in the logs that I noticed17:09
kingfisher64finally, I installed a few apps following this http://fosshelp.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/how-to-install-gnome-3-on-ubuntu-1310.html tutorial. Should I unintall those apps first, remove the 2 ppa's, reboot then login to unity and all should be fixed hitsujiTMO17:09
demophobiaFevix, this desktop is also now using ubuntu 12.04 because i couldn't find the vista home premium windows disk after the registry got corrupted17:09
TJ-Fevix: *** "df -h" ****17:09
TJ-ActionParsnip: Thanks :)17:09
rustuptwist1weird problems with installing ubuntu 12.04.03 on my kids laptops.17:09
demophobiaTJ-, thanks, i'll work on this more later i think17:10
hitsujiTMOkingfisher64: its not 100% necessary, but you could remove gdm to get back to lightdm17:10
rustuptwist1we get to the install screen, choose install ubuntu inside/alongside windows then the machine reboots as if it needs to for the install, but yet doesnt install17:10
TJ-demophobia: I've always had a "/home/all/" for such things, I also mount network shares there too. Makes it simple to know where to go for any all-user resources17:10
ActionParsniprustuptwist1: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?17:11
Fevixdu -h spat out a list of a bunch of files and their sizes, but right clicking on Computer and clicking properties tells me I have 200-something GB free17:11
TJ-Fevix: *** "df -h" **** sorry, I mistyped17:11
TJ-Fevix: It'll tell you the space used and free on each mounted file-system17:11
rustuptwist1ActionParsnip:  I did not. but it is the same one the installed on my sons hp pavilion dv2000 the night before17:12
kingfisher64the process I was going to do was 1) sudo apt-get remove gnome-documents gnome-contacts epiphany-browser gnome-boxes gnome-shell-extensions gnome-tweak-tool bijiben gnome-clocks. 2) purge ppa's 3) sudo apt-get remove gdm. hitsujiTMO. If that's okay i'll get going now.17:12
TJ-Fevix: If you see anything with 5% or less free, that'd be a concern17:12
ActionParsniprustuptwist1: you can check the CD for defects too, also test the RAM using the CD as well17:12
TJ-rustuptwist1: Is that a DVD or a USB? If DVD, it might simply need a clean17:13
Fevixhighest use% is 2%, which is the main hard drive17:13
FevixAll others are 1% or 0%17:13
rustuptwist1ActionParsnip:  the USB seemed to do the same thing. It was a DVD. I will check the disc right now, brb17:13
TJ-Fevix: OK, so not that... looks more like corruption when the files were installed17:13
FevixIs there a way I can download the proper files to my USB drive and install them that way?17:14
TJ-Fevix: Can you connect via an Ethernet cable temporarily, then you could force-reinstall the suspect files17:14
FevixI'm unable to connect via ethernet. The cable's been plugged in since boot, and there's been no connection17:15
Fevix(Yes, plugged in to modem as well)17:15
TJ-Fevix: hang on, I've had an idea. I'll check on a 13.10 system here what the unique MD5 hashes of the package are, and you can compare them with those on that PC. If they match, you'll be safe to reinstall from the PC's local cache17:15
sk1specialis there a way to Make my video card work with unity 3d?17:15
hitsujiTMOkingfisher64: dont remove 1)  just remove gdm17:16
FevixHOw can I get the hashes while you're working on that?17:16
hitsujiTMOsk1special: what card it ir?17:16
hitsujiTMOis it*17:16
TJ-Fevix: Check if the package exists: "ls /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-3.11.0-15-generic_3.11.0-15.23_amd64.deb"17:16
rustuptwist1ActionParsnip:  there was a smudge but nothing much else on the disk17:16
TJ-Fevix: Is that system 32-bit, I just thought I didn't notice 64-bit indications17:17
TJ-Fevix: It is, from reading the kern.log, so my hashes won't help.17:18
TJ-Anyone here running 13.10 32-bit and can generate some MD5 sums for us?17:18
rustuptwist1ActionParsnip:  I am using the 12.04.03 desktop AMD 64 bit disk. Do you think there is a better option than that?17:18
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, ah..idk? :] whatever integrated thing this old acer came with? :] i just ran /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p  and it says no.17:19
FevixTJ-: Yeah, I was typing it in when I ran into the amd64 and that set off flags.17:19
hitsujiTMOsk1special: if it says no then no17:19
FevixI'd be running 64 bit if I had more than 2GB ram for it17:19
TJ-Fevix: try this: "ls /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-3.11.0-15-generic_3.11.0-15.23*.deb"17:20
hitsujiTMOsk1special: can you pastebin the output of: lspci | grep VGA17:20
TJ-Fevix: Then, if there is one get the hash with "md5sum  /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-3.11.0-15-generic_3.11.0-15.23*.deb"17:20
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6809417/17:21
FevixIt spits out in red, the same thing, but with "i386" where the * is17:21
Greenstarhi :)17:21
FevixI ran the md5sum, my sister's Skyping me the result.17:22
hitsujiTMOsk1special: erm, you're gonna have trouble even getting the xserver to run on that17:22
TJ-Fevix: This is what is expected: MD5sum: eec78a8e79102704d61e1cd376c2b8ab17:23
FevixFirst and last 3 match what I can remember17:23
FevixSums match17:23
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, yeah... i had to do..i dont remember. xforcevesa? and.. nomodeset? or something to get it installed.17:23
TJ-Fevix: Looks like the local package is good then, so you can go ahead with a reinstall "sudo apt-get --reinstall install linux-image-3.11.0-15-generic"17:23
TJ-Fevix: and watch for any errors :)17:24
hitsujiTMOsk1special: i'm surprised you even got it to install17:24
TJ-Fevix:  in a 2nd terminal let's check the -extras package too, because that'll need reinstalling as well17:24
rustuptwist1Attempted to boot/install from 12.04.03 DVD just now. Went to a black screen then laptop ejected the disc. What gives17:24
TJ-Fevix: "md5sum /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-extra-3.11.0-15-generic_3.11.0-15.23_i386.deb"17:25
demophobiaTJ-, makes sense17:25
TJ-Fevix: MD5sum: eb08b472b7195cb1cb154b52f9fc5c9817:25
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, it took awhile and a lot of tries and disbaling things.. but new question since im in pos land. u know why my wireless network wont connect unless i find it under hidden networks?17:25
Fevix"Version 'generic' for "linux-image-(Stuff)" not found"17:25
hitsujiTMOsk1special: whats the output of: lspci -nn | grep Network17:26
TJ-Fevix: hmm!17:26
kenneth___what should I use dd or rsync, or something else, to mirror/clone an entire repository to be stored locally and hosted locally at a later time?17:26
FevixI did "Blahblah =generid rather than -generic17:27
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6809465/17:27
hitsujiTMOkenneth___: rsync17:27
TJ-Fevix: *phew :)17:27
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, it works fine, but it doesnt show my network normally. when i search for it under hidden it does. but its not hidden.17:27
hitsujiTMOsk1special: you'll prob just need to switch drivers https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BroadcomSTA(Wireless)17:27
TJ-kenneth___: If it is an Ubuntu repository, use the apt tools that are designed to create local mirrors17:28
rustuptwist1when attemtpting USB install (using iso) basically similar events, laptop restarts but does not install. HELP17:28
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, ah thats where i installed the driver for it from. the proprietary didnt work. and they only have one for the model#17:28
hitsujiTMOsk1special: then try another. there's usually more than one that works with a single device17:29
FevixExtras MD5 checked out, reinstalling now.17:30
TJ-Fevix: To see if that has fixed the missing usbhid.ko module, you can try "modinfo usbhid"17:32
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, ah okay. haha one more. how about why my swap(cryptswap) isnt working. tried http://tinyurl.com/ln7myoa , but i know its not working even tho it said succesful/shows the space. because no space is used and system monitor stays at 0 for swap17:32
rustuptwist1maybe this compaq is set up not to allow a dual/install. is that possible?17:32
=== antifa is now known as vader_
vader_hi guys17:32
FevixIt spat out a buncha lines at me17:32
TJ-Fevix: That's good :)17:32
TJ-Fevix: "sudo modprobe usbhid"17:33
TJ-Fevix: and check the kern.log17:33
hitsujiTMOsk1special: pastebin the output of: free -m17:33
TJ-Fevix: You could now try a reboot just to ensure all the other things are fixed, but be aware, if these files were damaged, there is no telling if others are too. If you see other random weirdness that will likely be the cause.17:34
Fevixnewest kern.log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23659259/ubuntu/kern3.log17:34
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6809510/17:34
=== awdioahwdioaw is now known as dw---a
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, it shows the space there. and it shows fine in gparted. and it said it was working when i was done setting it up..but its not17:35
hitsujiTMOsk1special: your swap is working. you're just not using enough ram to warrant swapping17:35
vader_i have this strange thing hapening, I have a dell laptop, and I have installed Ubuntu 13.04 I wanted to right cd but the info was to big for one cd so I thought I wright it on a DVD, then is when I found out that ubuntu sees my cd-s but not my dvd-s any idea why ? and yes my dvd unit is a dvd unit and it works I booted up an ubuntu 13.04 live dvd from it17:36
TJ-Fevix: That's got your input devices... do a reboot17:36
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, even when i do a bunch of stuff tho it never shows as being used? and it still shows the dev/mapper/cryptswap1 not present or not ready thing at startup (which is why i tried that one page atfirst)17:36
FevixThanks! NOw the rest can be done on the much more comfortable keyboard and mouse, if there's more to be done!17:37
hitsujiTMOsk1special: you've 2gb of ram. right now you're using 432 mb. By default linux won't start swapping until you hit 60% of ram usage17:38
vader_i have this strange thing hapening, I have a dell laptop, and I have installed Ubuntu 13.04 I wanted to right cd but the info was to big for one cd so I thought I wright it on a DVD, then is when I found out that ubuntu sees my cd-s but not my dvd-s any idea why ? and yes my dvd unit is a dvd unit and it works I booted up an ubuntu 13.04 live dvd from it17:38
FevixAnd with a reboot, the net adaptor and the monitor are properly active!17:39
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, ah mmk. t/y17:39
hitsujiTMO!ot | rogerbraun17:39
ubotturogerbraun: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:39
FevixThanks so much, TJ-!17:39
=== JoshG is now known as Hasbro
rogerbraunsorry guys, my irc client made an error, please ignore17:39
TJ-Fevix: You're welcome... that was a teaser to figure out17:40
AngronIs there a difference between the ~ /.local & ~ /local? Or its different folder names?17:41
TJ-Fevix: As I said, be wary of other corruption in programs and data17:41
SN3can some one unban me from ubuntu-offtopic?17:42
FevixWell there weren't many programs to begin with. THis install is only a few hours old.17:42
FevixLess than an hour old when I originally came in17:42
vader_so guys any ideas on my thing ?17:43
hitsujiTMOSN3: #ubuntu-ops17:43
TJ-Fevix: OK... well if anything shows up, try to identify the package the program belongs in using "dpkg-query -S $NAME_OF_FILE" which will give you the package name to reinstall17:43
FevixAny other self-troubleshooting tips/commands?17:46
ActionParsnipvader_: 13.04 is dead in less than a week.17:46
ActionParsnipvader_: I suggest you upgrade to Saucy soon17:46
Fevix... uh oh. NOw there's a window that simply says "System program problem detected". The only options I have are cancel and report problem.17:47
FevixAttempting to report leads to another window: "Sorry, Ubuntu 13.10 has experienced an internal error". Clicking the more details button tells me the executable path is "sbin/wpa_supplicant".17:49
hitsujiTMOFevix: thats part of the wifi stack.17:49
FevixMy wireless internet uses WEP, not WPA.17:50
TJ-Fevix: Might I suggest, for peace of mind, a full reinstall of the entire OS? I think you'd be better off17:50
FevixTJ-: Point me to something I can use a USB stick for?17:50
FevixTHis install was done with Linux Live, and this is the second time I've had to reinstall.17:51
TJ-Fevix: Was there corruption the 1st time ?17:51
TJ-Fevix: I'm wondering if the PC itself needs attention at the hardware level ... disk interface cables, fans (overheating issues), and so on17:52
FevixNot this kind. This time was better. Last time, when I tried to apply the update, it said that there was a programming error in the apt-daemon or something like that17:52
FevixAfter a reboot, the computer simply said "Error: Attempt to read or write outside HD-0" or something, and said press any key to continue, but it locked up at that point17:53
TJ-Fevix: I suspect that PC has bad RAM modules; start from the install ISO image and run memtest86+17:53
sk1specialso one more. how do i disconnect from the internet but stay on the network?17:54
TJ-Fevix: One of my servers got hit that way last week, memtest86 saved me a lot of hair-pulling :)17:54
hitsujiTMOsk1special: disable the default gateway17:54
FevixCan it be run without a reboot? I... sorta just reformatted the USB stick in preparation for another installer.17:54
Joelwhen I call a dput to put my package up in my ppa, it tells me it already exists, but I have no ability to see the package from the launchpad website, thoughts on what to do next? I never received an email the first go around, I believe because I didn't have my gpg key up in launchpad17:55
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, just change it to something random? and thatll keep me on my local network?17:56
hitsujiTMOFevix: you need to be in a minimal environment for it to work propperly17:56
TJ-Fevix: It has to be run at boot-time... it can be installed to boot from hard disk though... "sudo apt-get install memtest86+" ... It will add itself to the GRUB boot menu, which you can get to at boot-time by holding down Shift key as the system starts *immediately* after the BIOS POST17:56
hitsujiTMOsk1special: try: sudo ip route del 0/017:56
JoelI guess it looks like I should bump the package number and re-upload17:56
TJ-Fevix: That assumes possible memory errors don't corrupt memtest :)17:56
TJ-Joel: no key would do it, yes. You'll need bump the version17:57
JoelTJ-: thanks.17:57
hitsujiTMOsk1special: or: sudo ip route del default17:57
TJ-Fevix: You can get the ISO images from here, if you don't already know: http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10/17:58
Fevixtried to apt-get install memtest86+, already newest version17:58
TJ-Fevix: OK, then its already in the GRUB menu! you can check that now with "grep memtest /boot/grub/grub.cfg"17:59
FevixQuestion, is there a webchat for this room? It'd be easier on me, since the computer's more or less running 'properly'18:00
gregf_hello, sorry for bothering again :)18:01
Fevix2Nevermind, found a webchat on my own.18:01
gregf_i'm trying to install php (5.3.x) and i get an error apache2: Syntax error on line 210 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/access_compat.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_access_compat.so into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_access_compat.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:01
gregf_the file itself does not exist :/18:02
=== juju is now known as jujupet
Fevix2http://pastebin.com/kGig98wG Does this look right?18:02
sk1specialhitsujiTMO, that worked..but i probably shouldve asked what command cuts it back on before i tried it.18:02
ezra-sgregf_, you dont really need that module, disable it in your apache conf18:03
gregf_apache does not start :(. it was , until i installed that php version18:03
impossiblewas hexchat ever in the soft. center?18:03
impossibleits not there since like 12.04 or something18:03
ezra-sgregf_, php has nothing to do with access_compat afaik18:03
TJ-Fevix: Yes, reboot and run it from GRUB18:03
bazhangimpossible, in a PPA18:03
gregf_ezra-s: well i dont know what its for, but would disabling it not break php :/18:03
impossiblebefore the ppa18:04
ezra-sgregf_, access_compat is to allow the 2.2 Order deny,allow Allow from all directives which are deprecated in 2.418:04
gregf_let me try, cuz after installing php 5 as: sudo apt-get -t precise install php5=5.3.10-1ubuntu3.918:04
ezra-sso there is no need to use that module any more18:04
gregf_i get that error18:04
gregf_ezra-s: ah - ok18:04
ezra-sthe error you show is only apache2 start error due to faulty syntax18:04
FevixIt said it was loading GRUB, but then it's loading the normal thing?18:05
FevixYeah, it's loaded the normal OS.18:05
FevixAt least, loks like it.18:05
cdwSymfonyQuestion about building a module using dh-make-pecl...  The extension directory is one level deeper than where debuilder expects... What is the recommended way to solve that?18:06
yuyuyucan you help me in kali linux18:06
=== akim_ is now known as akim
HellTiger_will lubuntu have the same set of drivers on install disc as ubuntu?18:06
gregf_ezra-s : now a different module load fails :/18:07
TJ-Fevix: You have to hold down Shift key as the system starts to get to the GRUB menu18:07
FevixI did that18:08
FevixIt flashed a line saying something about "Starting GRUB" but then it booted Ubuntu18:08
TJ-Fevix: Shift on the external or internal keyboard?18:08
gregf_ezra-s: when i'd installed php5.4.* i never got any of these errors when starting apache18:09
ezra-sgregf_, did you touch the config or that's default config?18:09
FevixextIt worked this time18:09
ezra-smodules/mod_authz_core.so <- only this is needed by default for basic configurations afaik18:09
gregf_ezra-s: which config please :(18:09
FloodBot1yuyuyu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:09
TJ-Do we have any Duet/tianocore hackers ?18:09
ezra-sgregf_, I don't do ubuntu apache default layout sorry18:09
gregf_ezra-s: not that i can think of18:10
yuyuyucan you see me18:10
ezra-sI just use httpd, but I don't use the multifile-layout, it's a mess for me18:10
yuyuyucan you see my text18:10
ActionParsnipyuyuyu: yes18:10
yuyuyuok thacks18:10
Rosbuntuhow do u make usb driver for ubuntu18:11
Fevixso is memtest86+ basically writing to each bit in the RAM to try to find errors?18:11
countthestars185I'm running ubuntu 12.04, and I get a kernel panic every time I run a bittorrent client like transmission or deluge.  Does anyone know how I might go about fixing this?18:11
ActionParsnipRosbuntu: drivers take lots of skill and patience18:12
ezra-sgregf_, do "apachectl -D DUMP_MODULES"18:12
ActionParsnipcountthestars185: run it from terminal. The output may give clues18:12
max456how do you xrdp on an ubuntu server ?18:12
Rosbuntui have patience but not sure about skill ActionParsnip18:12
Rosbuntumy ubuntu comes with hotot, but i cant log in to hotot with my twitter account18:13
Rosbuntuhow do i solve the issue18:13
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gregf_bah- nm18:14
averagehello, how can I keep an eye on Ubuntu's kernel changes ?18:15
TJ-Fevix: Yes, it uses lots of different patterns and write algorithms to try to trigger and detect problems. I've sometimes had it running for over 24 hours on larger systems, there isn't much it'll miss18:15
averageI'd like to have a look at what custom things get in18:15
ezra-sgregf_, some modules I'm sure you don't need, but I don't see the modules you mentioned before18:15
averageI'd also like to keep an eye on things that are included as running daemons for base installs18:15
gregf_ezra-s: well i've commented the line that loads them now :/. 3 in all18:15
averageis this possible in some way ?18:16
averagelike maybe you have blog posts about it or something18:16
averageor maybe the safest way would just be looking at ChangeLogs ?18:16
averagealso, does the community have a say in what goes into Ubuntu and what does not go into it ? I mean in an upcoming release18:16
averageby way of democratic vote for example18:17
younesHello can someone help me?18:17
gregf_ezra-s:/etc/apache2/mods-enabled/access_compat.load , /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/authn_core.load , /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/mpm_event.load18:17
gregf_ezra-s: this is what i can see : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6809711/18:18
countthestars185ActionParsnip: Running Deluge via terminal now, no output in terminal at all.  Everything seems to be running normally.  The problem is that the kernel panic causes the system to crash so even if there was some output in the terminal I might miss it.  I took a picture of the crash screen with my phone.  I'm not sure if that will help18:18
gregf_but when i make a request: http://localhost/info.php,  it returns the response as plaintext18:19
younesHow to Install ubuntu on a usb to boot from other pc's but with some applications installed on ti18:19
ActionParsnipcountthestars185: ok, check the command ran in the .desktop file for the Dash icon, how is it different?18:20
=== TheLordOfTime is now known as teward
max456youne: how are the two pc linked ?18:20
countthestars185ActionParsnip: I'm not sure how to do what you asked me to do.18:21
younesno max18:22
younesi want to install it on a usb18:22
younesnot live boot18:22
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent18:22
gregf_ezra-s: you there18:22
ezra-sgregf_, beats me why apache2.4 in ubuntu still depends on mod_php18:22
HellTiger_younes: a presistent livecd on usb will save installed software and data18:23
younesReally :O18:23
ezra-sgregf_, you should use php-fpm instead mod_php18:23
=== apb_ is now known as apb1963
younesokay thanks guys!18:23
HellTiger_but you are limited to 4gb18:23
gregf_ezra-s: php-fpm?18:23
HellTiger_there is a work around for this18:23
younesi just want gimp18:23
younesohh really how?18:23
JoelTJ-: still not showing up, still no email :\18:23
younesHellTiger_: how?18:23
gregf_ezra-s: is there a way ton install php-fpm ( i needed to install php 5.3.* )18:24
ezra-sgregf_, php fast process manager, php gets ran by a separate process, not the crappy/outdated/unreliable mod_php18:24
TJ-Joel: The correct (registered) email address is in the changelog sign-off line isn't it?18:24
ezra-sgregf_, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=saucy&section=all&arch=any&keywords=php5-fpm&searchon=names18:25
TJ-Joel: In the past I've had to wait an hour or more for the email18:25
JoelTJ-: ok18:25
ezra-sphp5-fpm is called in ubuntu18:25
HellTiger_younes: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/create-a-larger-than-4gb-casper-partition/18:26
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younesHellTiger_: You are awsome!18:26
HellTiger_np :>18:26
=== asdac is now known as joshsyn
HellTiger_dont forget to install inkscape XD18:26
younesofcource ;p18:26
gregf_ezra-s: thanks, let me try that :(18:26
ezra-sgregf_, I hope I'm not confusing you, I just don't know why upgrading or trying to install that has messed your config file18:27
younesi'm running a ubuntu server atm with a lot of stuff but this i didn't know that a live cd will store everything18:27
ActionParsnipcountthestars185: run:   nautilus /usr/share/applications18:28
ezra-sgregf_, basically you tried to install mod_php and all the problems started right?18:28
gregf_ezra-s: well yeah, started with php 5.3.*18:28
younesOkay saved the irc chat :P18:29
younesDo you prefer fat32 for a live usb?18:29
gregf_ezra-s: this is what i'd run(in order) : sudo apt-get -t precise install php5=5.3.10-1ubuntu3.9; sudo apt-get -t precise install -f libapache2-mod-php5=5.3.10-1ubuntu3.9 )18:29
HellTiger_i think you wont have a choice, the usb creator tools will do it automaticly18:30
HellTiger_there are some of them. just make sure the one you use can do presistent data18:30
younesOhhh but i'm using one that doesn't format it ;)18:30
HellTiger_its a option while creating and you can change the size18:30
HellTiger_hm i bet there is a way for then18:30
gregf_ezra-s: should i try and uninstall all(apache, mysql, php) and restart from scratch please?18:30
=== mikesplain_ is now known as mikesplain
HellTiger_younes: just try with http://www.pendrivelinux.com/18:31
gregf_as i'm having to comment out module loading as thery're failing :(18:31
HellTiger_when it comes to filesystem, look to forums, i dont know it18:31
ezra-sgregf_, why do you use -t ? are you pinning or similar?18:31
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countthestars185ActionParsnip:  Okay, so under the properties right click menu for deluge, the command field says deluge-gtk %U.  When I put the command in terminal, all I typed with deluge18:31
gregf_ezra-s: yeah18:31
gordonjcpgregf_: warning - crazy behaviour detected18:31
gregf_else it picks up the latest version of php :(18:32
gordonjcpgregf_: why are you trying to install old, outdated versions?18:32
younesI'm using one that is called unetbootin is it good?18:32
ActionParsnipcountthestars185: then change the command in the file. you will need to run:  gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/filename.desktop18:33
FoorAnyone know how to change the default action for executable files in thunar, it always wants to execute them but I want it to open them. im in xubuntu - Thanks18:33
gregf_gordonjcp: well i honestly would'nt if if i could :(18:33
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest89872
gordonjcpgregf_: that doesn't answer the question18:33
ActionParsnipcountthestars185: I'd also report a bug18:33
ezra-sgregf_, maybe you have a mess of different versions18:34
gregf_gordonjcp: our project uses the zend framework with the PDO driver and we use stored procedures from the mysql side18:34
Guest89872hello, i'm thinking of trying xubuntu for the first time, but i've been reading(months ago) about the privacy intrusion between ubuntu and amazon(and other privacy related issues), is this threat in xubuntu?18:34
younesHellTiger_: i'm using Unetbootin is that okay?18:34
gordonjcpGuest89872: it's not a threat in Ubuntu#18:34
gregf_not those mysql procs can only be called when using php5.3.x and none other :(18:34
gordonjcpgregf_: I suggest you sort that part out, then...18:34
gregf_ezra-s: well, i only have the one version18:34
gregf_gordonjcp: sort which part please :/18:35
younesOkay guys i need to go thanks for the help!18:35
aryabayuis there any different about between sources.list for ubuntu 64 with sources.list ubuntu i386?18:35
gregf_gordonjcp: all i am trying to do is get a version of php (5.3.*) installed which i have managed to18:35
gordonjcpgregf_: get the stored procedures working with a current version of PHP18:35
gordonjcparyabayu: other than the repository they point to?18:36
countthestars185ActionParsnip: I will report a bug as well, normally the computer would have crashed by now, running it from the icon.  I'm surprised that its not crashing yet.18:36
gregf_gordonjcp: we've been told it does'nt work with the latest version of php :/18:36
gordonjcpgregf_: have you tried it?18:37
gregf_so we have to fall back to a later version. i know its something that needs to be resolved. but for now, this is the best we are able to do to get it working18:37
aryabayui want to add local repository, i use ubuntu 64 and repository 64 too18:37
gregf_gordonjcp: yeah18:37
gordonjcpgregf_: what happens when you try?18:37
gregor3005hi, has anybody good results with photo-print under linux? i have a hp photosmart c5180 and the pictures are always to dark18:37
gregf_gordonjcp: i had php5.4.x installed. but when i try to login from the Frontend, it does not work18:37
gregf_gordonjcp: hence i was told i need to install php 5.3.x18:38
gordonjcpgregf_: maybe you should track down *why* it doesn't work18:38
aryabayubut when i use "sudo apt-get updated" , i got this "W: Failed to fetch file:/media/11/dists/precise/universe/binary-i386/Packages  File not found"18:38
gordonjcpgregf_: if your car door lock sticks, the answer is not to leave the door open18:38
gregf_gordonjcp: comeon, i have'nt written php18:38
aryabayusorry for my english XD18:38
gregf_gordonjcp: the main reason is the newest version of php(or the PDO driver for mysql) is not backwards compatible18:39
countthestars185ActionParsnip:  I changed the exec and tryexec lines to just from the output I posted earlier to just 'deluge'. closed, and re-ran the program, it seems to be working properly now.18:40
gregf_gordonjcp: that is like saying, you give me a hammer and expect me to chop a tree down :/18:40
gordonjcpgregf_: so, work out what's stopping it working and fix it18:40
gregf_gordonjcp: all i'm saying is how do i install php-fpm, as ezra-s has suggested. now, is that too difficult a question to answer rather than beating around the bush :/18:41
ezra-sgregf_; apt-get install php5-fpm, simple18:42
ActionParsnipcountthestars185: then the package will need updating :)18:42
gregf_ezra-s: let me try that . thanks18:42
JoelTJ-: ended up getting emailed, thanks for the advice18:42
gordonjcpgregf_: sudo apt-get install php-fpm18:42
countthestars185ActionParsnip: so who should I report the bug to?18:43
ActionParsnipcountthestars185: run:  ubuntu-bug deluge   it will start the process for you18:43
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=== Guest21010 is now known as m00se
gregf_ezra-s, gordonjcp: it doesn't work unfortunately :/18:46
gregf_E: Unable to locate package php-fpm18:46
lilredhey guys, Ubuntu's been pushing OpenStack, Juju, MAAS and Landscape18:49
lilredas a small scale DevOps I'm unsure what those things are and what their place is in the tech stack18:49
=== cong2 is now known as ur-cong
lilredpls respond :(18:50
InsaneGenehey everyone, Can anyone tell me why I can surf internet on windows fair quickly, but on ubuntu 12.04 I couldn't even google this problem because the browsing is too slow and sometimes when I request google the i get request time out or somthing a like, I know there might be a plenty of reasons but how would I inspect my problem18:52
GelosMaybe bad DNS record?18:53
ruthhow do i install my epson stylus printer on ubuntu18:53
=== GTB3NW is now known as GTB3NW_AWAY
InsaneGeneGelos, how can I make sure, when I pinged google DNS I 've got the disination is not reachable18:54
lilredruth: what's the model?18:54
ruthIt is Epson Stylus NX62518:54
ezra-sgregf_, to use php-fpm you need some effort configuring18:54
ActionParsnipInsaneGene: can you ping your router's internal ip?18:54
ezra-sit's not install and go18:55
InsaneGeneActionParsnip, yes I could18:55
ActionParsnipInsaneGene: then the connection is down beyond your router, give it a reboot18:55
lilredruth: I am investigating, give me a minute18:56
ruthSure, thankyou18:57
InsaneGeneActionParsnip, What do you mean by "down beyond your router", I got both window and ubuntu installed on my machine, after I tried to surf internet using ubuntu and failed, I've restarted my laptop and conected to the same router from windows and it work great here18:57
lilredruth: this page is where you should start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu19:00
lilredruth: also http://askubuntu.com/questions/229872/how-do-i-add-a-network-printer-in-ubuntu-12-0419:01
ruth Ok, thankyou. I will try those out. Bye for now19:03
nuthi yall how can i get the onboard keyboard to stop starting every time i boot up?19:03
Noah_Budyquestion - i want to create a folder on my desktop which contains games - if i go to the unity dash and search for games only 3 of the 15 i've installed are listed...19:06
ffledglingHello, I need a little help, I need to install libpugixml on ubuntu 12.04, it's required by another software I need to "make".19:11
ffledglingBut I haven't found it in the repos, I haven't found a dpkg and the source for the official website doesn't give me any make file, so I'm not sure how to get a .so out of it.19:11
ffledglingCan someone help me out?19:12
genii!info libpugixml-dev19:13
ubottulibpugixml-dev (source: pugixml): Light-weight C++ XML processing library (development). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-2 (saucy), package size 103 kB, installed size 357 kB19:14
ffledglingYes, only 13.10 and upwards I think.19:14
kostkon!info !info libpugixml-dev precise19:14
ubottu'libpugixml-dev' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable19:14
kostkon!info libpugixml-dev precise19:14
ubottuPackage libpugixml-dev does not exist in precise19:14
genii!info libpugixml-dev precise-backports19:15
ubottuPackage libpugixml-dev does not exist in precise-backports19:15
addicted!info build-essential19:16
addicted!info build-essentials19:16
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.6ubuntu5 (saucy), package size 5 kB, installed size 37 kB19:17
ubottuPackage build-essentials does not exist in saucy19:17
geniiffledgling: Conceivably you could just get the actual source for it from http://pugixml.org/downloads/ and put it in the same place where you're compiling the main app from19:22
ffledglinggenii, I did get the actual source, but I don't know how to get it integrated into the other piece of code.19:23
sh0thi guys i am really having big problems with this installation of ubuntu. So in my laptop there was Windows 8. I burned an iso of ubuntu 13.10 and i installed it giving it half of the space. The problem is that i can't now boot ubuntu it directly boots windows 8. I disabled secure boot of UEFI but still it doesn't show the grub menu...19:23
ffledglingIt's huge thing with a proper bunch of make files, using cmake and make19:23
geniiffledgling: What is the main app you are trying to build?19:24
Wamphyriwith using filezilla/smartftp when i try to view a folder on my vps using pureftp as the server my connection times out, i have my firewall disabled on my desktop and dmz on my router set to my desktop ip as well, i have tried both active and passive mode with ports setup in pureftpd and with iptables, suggestions?19:24
issues123i have fallen in great tragedy! not able to login to gui desktop, each time i boot the 12.3 opensuse, it says me to enter the root password, and anfter doing so it just says to type "systemctl default" to try to get the default which i don't get, right now from soneone else's pc, please do let me know, what i do? i am new19:24
ffledglinggenii, something called lsiviewer.19:25
TJ-sh0t: That sounds like a UEFI NVRAM issue; When the PC starts and you enter UEFI set-up, on the Boot menu, is there an "Ubuntu" or "Linux" or "GRUB" entry? It is possible that is missing19:25
DureikenHi there :) could someone help me to install ubuntu on USB key please ? I tried 10 without success. Thanks a lot19:25
sh0tTJ-, hi! I don't understand the question in the bios i disabled the secure boot option (there is no way to disable UEFI in general), Then I restart the pc and still grub doesn't appear but windows 8 is executed instead.19:27
TJ-Dureiken: You can install to a USB storage device exactly the same way you'd install to hard disk, just using a different target device and ensuring that it also installs GRUB to the USB device, not the hard disk19:27
DureikenI did it19:27
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
Dureikenbut grub is not correctly installed19:27
DureikenI did repairgrub but same, initramfs error after boot19:27
TJ-sh0t: UEFI maintains a menu of boot options in its internal Non Volatile RAM. It sounds as if the entry that the Ubuntu installer tried to add there was rejected and is missing. Enter the UEFI set-up and examine the boot menu options... if you don't see an Ubuntu/Linux option that confirms my suggestion, and you'll need to manually add the entry.19:28
Dureikencoming back19:29
TJ-Dureiken: Do you mean it drops to a shell prompt during the initrd stage, or that the initrd fails to load?19:29
Dureikenfails to load19:29
DureikenI have UEFI boot too19:29
Dureikenbut I boot on USB no UEFI19:29
Dureikencould it come from that ?19:29
TJ-Dureiken: You can get the GRUB menu by holding down Shift?19:29
DureikenI can boot19:30
Dureikenmodprobe : FATAL could not load /lib/modules/3.2.0-52-generic/modules.dep : no such file or directory19:30
DureikenI come back19:30
TJ-Dureiken: OK ... and then, when you choose the Ubuntu option, do you see on-screen "Loading Linux.." followed by "Loading initrd..." ?19:30
sh0tTJ-, should I access the UEFI set-up from the bios or from Windows 8 (cause i think it's somehow possible...maybe i am wrong)...19:30
TJ-sh0t: From the UEFI firmware at boot-time19:30
bkfitzAnyone familiar with partitioning a desktop which I plan to use for virtualbox19:31
bkfitzas in win7 on virtualbox on ubuntu19:31
sh0tTJ-, thanks19:31
bkfitzdesktop has 2 ssds19:31
hitsujiTMODureiken: when you boot, try editing the grub entry and remove quiet and splash from the linux boot command19:31
ffledglinggenii, ideas?19:32
ffledglingOther than Upgrading to 13.1019:32
geniiffledgling: I would just try something like: make -L/path/to/source      for the source code you got19:34
sh0tTJ-, should have i downloaded a particualr version of Ubuntu and not the normal one?19:35
ffledglinggenii, where -L/path/to/source is the path for the libpugixml code?19:35
geniiffledgling: Yes, exactly19:35
hitsujiTMObkfitz: how many virtual machines? what sizes virtual drives? what size ssds19:35
ffledglingOkay, let me try19:35
TJ-sh0t: No, you've installed from the correct media. The problem is - if the "Ubuntu" menu item is missing, is that you either started the install media in legacy BIOS mode, or, the UEFI firmware has a bug and didn't add the menu item when Ubuntu asked it to19:36
JoelTJ-: turns out I'm trying to package up something that uses ant to build, know of any tutorials that talk about changes to the rules file to do this?19:36
TJ-Joel: search the archive for packages that build-depend on ant19:37
bkfitz2x256 ssds - 2-3 vms19:37
JoelTJ-: good idea, thanks.19:37
bkfitzhitsujiTMO, was thinking / and /boot on #1 and /home on #2 where I can keep the vmis, but then thought maybe the virtualbox software itself should be put on #2 as well???19:38
bkfitzhitsujiTMO, does it matter where the bins go?19:38
hadifarnoudit takes some time until SSH gives you a 'broken pipe' error when you lose connection. how can I change this timer?19:39
bkfitzhitsujiTMO, also i presume i use all ext4?19:39
bkfitzhitsujiTMO, what if I want to move data from one vm to other or to host linux os?  ntfs?19:39
=== nik0 is now known as niko
geniiffledgling: If -L doesn't work, try -I    (uppercase i )19:40
ffledglingThe difference?19:40
geniiffledgling: -L is for library paths to search, -I is just include19:41
* ffledgling is not very familiar with make19:41
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
Dureikentrying to install from CDROM atm19:46
bkfitzhitsujiTMO, any thoughts?19:47
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=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
kingfisher64hitsujiTMO, thanks for the advice, I'm getting somewhere however going back into unity I have a few things broken. Shutdown/restart buttons don't work and there is no mouse on the login screen. Is there a way to effectively reset unity without losing private data and applications setup/installed.19:55
FevixPossibly novice question here: How do I add icons to the desktop rather than just the pane on the left?19:55
Tnk1desperately need help to get my 12.10 root to mount manually from tty1 prompt19:55
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Tnk1am on cell and lo battery and must get back into computer asap  please urgent19:56
kingfisher64there's a lot of info available on removing gnome 3.10 however the advice pretty much goes as http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218769319:57
kingfisher64which is not solving the issues above19:57
Tnk1kingfisher64, hope you can help19:57
Tnk1kingfisher64, system froze doing work in chrome . had to hard reboot  . now system wont mount root and load to gui19:59
kingfisher64I don't know enough to help you Tnk1. I've only been using ubuntu since Tuesday20:00
Tnk1who is very skilled in here?20:01
daftykinsthat's not really a support question20:01
daftykinsask a question (:20:01
Tnk1daftykins, see above20:02
Tnk1must mount from tty1  cant get to gui20:02
daftykinsTnk1: boot liveCD/USB and fsck?20:02
PessimistTnk1, boot from live cd and run: fsck /dev/something20:02
Tnk1one sec  will do20:03
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
Wamphyriwith using filezilla/smartftp when i try to view a folder on my vps using pureftp as the server my connection times out, i have my firewall disabled on my desktop and dmz on my router set to my desktop ip as well, i have tried both active and passive mode with ports setup in pureftpd and with iptables, suggestions?20:04
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
PessimistTnk1, also don't do hard reboots: http://kember.net/articles/reisub-the-gentle-linux-restart/ + you can enable the ctrl-alt-backspace combo to kill X if it freezes ;)20:05
TJ-Wamphyri: "sudo tcpdump -nvi $IF tcp port ftp" at both ends and analyse the link for problems20:05
tck9anyone here use htscanner? when I set the htscanner.config_file to .htaccess1 it works fine, when I set it to .htaccess it doesn't (Invalid command 'php_value', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration)20:08
Tnk1Pessimist, i cant get a live cd here20:10
Tnk1im at tty1  . what can I do20:10
=== Guest63085 is now known as ponbiki
Tnk1Pessimist, actually i got live usb to work! what shall i do now20:12
daftykinsTnk1: you can't be at a TTY without root being mounted20:12
daftykinssounds a little suspect that20:12
Tnk1daftykins, im on live usb now  . cant get root to mount on system  . cant get to gui logon20:13
daftykinsTnk1: oh you're at a TTY of a live session? ok20:13
Tnk1opening gparted now on live usb. what next20:14
=== kenneth is now known as Guest26782
daftykinsTnk1: so "sudo fdisk -l" to see it report your hard disk and partitions, identify which /dev/sdax is your root, then "sudo fsck /dev/sdax" where x = root20:14
Tnk1no  . tty1 of unbooting sustem earlier20:14
DureikenTnk1 : is that the same making live usb key persistant with unetbootin and installing on usb key from live cd ? thanks20:14
daftykinsso it has mounted something20:14
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:15
Tnk1mounted only home partition. nothing else20:15
Tnk1all bash errors20:16
Tnk1now on live. running fdisk l.20:16
daftykinstype "mount" by itself, you must have root to have gotten to a TTY20:16
daftykinsok :P20:16
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
Tnk1says root clean20:19
Tnk1no root mount  dropped me to tty1 bash20:19
Tnk1and bash all errors20:19
Dureikenplease help me :p20:20
=== fredoo is now known as tradukisto
Dees_Troyanyone able to help me troubleshoot my synaptics touchpad not using the synaptics drivers? Ubuntu 13.10 on a Dell XPS 12 9Q33 laptop20:20
Dureiken11 times reinstalling20:20
PessimistDureiken, what's your question?20:20
Dureikenis that the same making live usb key persistant with unetbootin and installing on usb key from live cd ? thanks20:20
Tnk1Pessimist, daftykins fsck says root clean  ..20:20
Dureikenbecause I don't achieve to install ubuntu or xubuntu on my keys20:21
PessimistTnk1, it's impossible to drop to a shell if / isn't mounted.20:21
Tnk1Pessimist, then it mounted but was full of error20:22
daftykinsTnk1: do the other partitions also20:22
Tnk1no gui login. all bash command errors20:22
Tnk1other partitions say errors20:22
Tnk1or wont mount20:22
k1lTnk1: failing harddisk?20:22
k1lTnk1: see the logs what is happening there20:23
Tnk1no failing hd20:23
PessimistDureiken, no. In the first way you get a installation iso on a usb with a persistent storage but you can't change anything in the system, only save some files between reboots afaik. Also it isn't the full system, only a live session20:23
Tnk1it was merely a hard reboot which left it in bad state20:23
DureikenPessimist : ok thanks20:23
k1lTnk1: give more precise details. just ranting doesnt get you more help.20:23
DureikenPerssimist : I have problems with grub install at the end of install process, with ubuntu 12.04 and 13.1020:24
hitsujiTMOTnk1: are you on a live cd now?20:24
Dureikentrying once more but from a dvd not another usb key20:24
hitsujiTMODureiken: when you boot, try editing the grub entry and remove quiet and splash from the linux boot command20:24
DureikenI've no access at all, black screen20:24
Dureikenso I used a live cd to grub repair, and after I had modprobe error20:25
Tnk1hitsujiTMO, yes20:25
hitsujiTMODureiken: this should give you a more verbose screen.     we're you not able to get to grub earlier?20:25
Dureikenmodprobe : FATAL could not load /lib/modules/3.2.0-52-generic/modules.dep : no such file or directory20:25
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest10051
PessimistDureiken, what error? You can try checking md5 of your downloaded iso, writing to a another medium and trying the same all over again won't help you20:26
DureikenPessimist : doing from another media right now20:26
TJ-Dureiken: If modules.dep hasn't been created, you need to regenerate it20:26
Tnk1k1l no rant. on cell. far from town. battery low. must get system to boot. what details do you want?20:26
DureikenI will tell you in some minuts20:26
TJ-Dureiken: "sudo depmod"20:26
hitsujiTMOTnk1: can you pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l20:27
k1lTnk1: logs like dmesg or syslog in a pastebin.20:27
DureikenTJ : I have no terminal, just a console initramfs20:28
TJ-Dureiken: Can you mount the real rootfs and pivot into it?20:28
DureikenTJ : I think I'm too newbie to do that :) btw I am reinstalling so I can't do anything atm.20:29
DureikenStep : configuring boot loader, hope it will work !20:29
TJ-Dureiken: agreed, and probably easier :)20:29
=== passwd is now known as tnk
DureikenTJ : I reinstalled maybe 10 times sice yesterday20:30
tnkhi tnk1 again, sorry got booted from cell.. have live usb chat working now20:30
tnkwill pastebin of fdisk now20:30
hitsujiTMOTnk: can you pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l20:30
TJ-Dureiken: hmmm, that sounds like something is going wrong... how many storage devices are attached (hard disks, USBs, CDs, MMCs, etc.) ?20:30
Dureiken2 USB keys : one live and one install20:31
TJ-Dureiken: Are you installing from the Live ISO? If so, don't reboot immediately, and we can check the install looks OK20:31
Dureikenyes I am20:31
Dureikengrub seems OK20:31
hydruidDureiken: what happens when you reboot after the live install?20:31
hitsujiTMOtnk: thats not the full output. can you try again please20:31
TJ-Dureiken: Are you ensuring both USBs are being 'safely unmounted' before reboot? it sounds like you might be getting file-system corruption due to delayed writes20:32
DureikenTJ : dunno20:32
Pessimisttnk, dmesg | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us20:32
hitsujiTMOtnk: to make it easier: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit20:33
TJ-Dureiken: The live environment should have the option to safely unmount USB devices, either in the taskbar or using the file manager20:33
DureikenI have to unmount the key I'm installing on ?20:33
tnkhitsujiTMO, how do I use that command once installed20:33
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit20:33
k1ltnk: "sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit"20:33
k1ltnk: same for "dmesg | pastebinit" and "pastbinit /var/log/syslog"20:34
hitsujiTMOthat | character pipes the output of the command to the pastebinit command20:34
hitsujiTMOk1l: hes on the live cd atm20:34
tnkhitsujiTMO, says pastebin api disabled20:34
k1lhitsujiTMO: but that will show errors in harddisks too20:35
hitsujiTMOk1l: ahh sorry, you're right20:35
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:35
k1lor other problems that the system got. actually we just now: something is bad20:35
TJ-Dureiken: once you've completed the install yes, it would be a good idea... that ensure all data has been flushed to the device before it is removed20:35
Dureikenrebooting :)20:35
Joelbuilding a package that uses ant to build a war file -fml20:36
TJ-Joel: sounds like packaging hell :)20:36
JoelTJ-: yeah, at this point I'm going to guess the javahelper isn't finding my build.xml, but I have no idea how to verify that.20:37
JoelI keep coming up with an empty binary packae20:37
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810444/20:37
TJ-Joel: Have you created a debian/$PACKAGE.install ?20:37
hitsujiTMOtnk: whick drive has the broken ubuntu?20:37
JoelTJ-: I had it just as "install" - re-naming didn't make a difference.20:38
tnksdb ?20:38
tnkhitsujiTMO, SDb?20:38
TJ-Joel: As I recall, each binary package name needs an associated <binary-package-name>.install20:38
JoelTJ-: https://gist.github.com/jjshoe/6595b4cb9c290a0003b020:39
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb5 /mnt/sdb6 /mnt/sdb7 /mnt/sdb820:40
=== inari is now known as Guest28588
JoelI would expect to see ant anything in that output, honestly.20:40
TJ-Joel: Here's the policy on it http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dother.en.html#install20:40
hitsujiTMOtnk: dmesg | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:40
hitsujiTMOtnk: pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com /var/log/syslog20:40
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810470/20:41
TJ-Joel yes, I think you're missing something key to building!20:41
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810473/20:41
JoelTJ-: yup, pretty sure it's not finding my build.xml which is burried in the source tarball src\installer\resources\build.xml20:42
Joeltrying to figure out how to tell it where it's hidden20:42
hitsujiTMOtnk: sda has errors20:42
JoelDEB_ANT_BUILDFILE  might do it20:42
=== dino82 is now known as zz_dino82
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mkdir /mnt/sda1 && sudo mount -o ro /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda120:43
k1lyep, sda doesnt look good.20:44
Dureikenit seems to work I'm on ubuntu20:44
tnkhitsujiTMO, wron g type, error, etc.20:44
DureikenBTW do you recommand 12.04 or 13.10 for stability ?20:44
tnkk1l, wrong type, error etc. from that last command20:44
Dureikenit's for a kind of server20:44
hitsujiTMOtnk: you can say goodbye to whatever was on sda then20:44
tnkit was just boot, i believe20:44
tnkor var or something20:44
helheim_Dureiken, in that case id go for debian20:44
tnkroot and home were on another partition, i believe20:45
hitsujiTMOtnk: 500gb for boot or var?20:45
Dureikentnk : it's for a mining rig20:45
=== SeaHoers is now known as Guest83308
tnkit was ext 3, too, not ext 220:45
tnki don't remember exactly20:45
=== Guest83308 is now known as m00se
tnkk1l, i'm sure there is a way to get into the comp.. the data is all still there.. it was just a hard reboot..20:46
=== m00se is now known as Guest80559
k1ltnk: put the cables off that disk. that disk is spamming the system with errors20:46
hitsujiTMOtnk: ok, lets see what the rest of the drivers were: sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt/sdb520:46
tnksda does spam errors, but works fine20:47
hitsujiTMOtnk: sda doesnt work fine. you cant even mount it20:47
tnkk1l, sdb5 mounted20:47
tnkok, ignore sda for now, it must be a media drive20:47
k1ltnk: i think you have no clue about that system :/20:48
tnkk1l, correct20:48
tnkjust trying to get it to log on20:48
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mount /dev/sdb6 /mnt/sdb6 && sudo mount /dev/sdb7 /mnt/sdb7 && sudo mount /dev/sdb8 /mnt/sdb820:48
tnkall mounted. no error ther.e20:48
tnkhitsujiTMO, k1l : all mounted. no error there20:50
hitsujiTMOtnk: ls -la /mnt/sdb[5678] | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:50
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810535/20:50
hitsujiTMOtnk: sdb5 is /    sdb6 is /var20:52
leepingHi there, one of my files is linked to the wrong .so file, despite my LD_LIBRARY_PATH .  I'm not sure how else to say it - how do I get my file to link to the correct .so file?20:52
lABhelp about openvpn?20:53
leepingIt is linking to libxml2.so.2 in /usr/lib instead of my local one, /home/leeping/local/lib20:53
hitsujiTMOtnk: pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com /mnt/sdb5/etc/fstab20:53
k1l!details | lAB20:53
ubottulAB: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:53
IntensityHi. I'm having great difficulty determining whether addr2line/catchsegv are really working as intended (printing line numbers).  I compile a program with gcc -g3, trigger a SEGV, and then I see a backtrace.  However, I don't see line nubmers, and manually running addr2line gives ??'s.  Is there something I'm missing?  I've tried on Ubuntu 12 amd64 as well as Debian.20:53
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810546/20:53
dmikalovaAnyone know if Ubuntu JeOS is covered by LTS? https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/jeos-and-vmbuilder.html20:54
k1ldmikalova: jeos is deprecated, iirc20:54
dmikalovak1l: is there any equivalent thing to JeOS?20:55
k1ldmikalova: i think its included in the server isntall20:55
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo blkid | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:55
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810553/20:56
bekksdmikalova: VirtualBox, and various frontends to kvm can be installed.20:56
hitsujiTMOdmikalova: server minimal or a debootstrap install20:56
k1ltnk: like i said before. cable of the sda disk. its spamming the system20:56
hitsujiTMOdmikalova: or a minimal install from mini.iso20:56
k1ltnk: after that you will be booting just fine (maybe need to skip mmount of sda on boot)20:57
tnkk1l, it's always spamming the system. it never stopped anything before. that's not the problem. sda5 is just a media hd which can be ignored.20:57
k1ltnk: it is the problem20:57
EminentDomainok.. i'm having issues with installing virtualbox in ubuntu 12.0420:57
k1ltnk: again: cable that off20:57
dmikalovaThis page https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/jeos-and-vmbuilder.html implies that a minimal install has minimal packages, but a JeOS install also has kernel optimizations20:57
tnkI can't open the comp - how do I just note it not to load?20:57
k1ltnk: sda ist the meida disk. there is no sda5. you are talking about partitions. i talk about disks20:58
tnkhitsujiTMO, do you have alternative idea/solution? the sdb is the root and the var20:58
EminentDomaini get to this step:  root@ns4009334:~# wget -q http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/oracle_vbo                                                                                            x.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add -20:58
EminentDomaingpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.20:58
hitsujiTMOtnk: sda is being unused and does need to be removed.20:58
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox20:59
hitsujiTMOtnk: *not being used20:59
jhutchinsEminentDomain: We can only support it as installed from the Ubuntu repositories.20:59
tnkhitsujiTMO, if sdb is root, how can i get root to mount so i can login to system via gui?20:59
k1ldmikalova: did you read the wiki page you listed? "its included as minimal install into the server iso"20:59
hitsujiTMOtnk: where exactly is the failure happening?21:00
EminentDomainjhutchins: oh is it in the Repos?21:00
EminentDomainif so what do I do to install it21:00
EminentDomainapt-get install VirtualBox-4.3 doesnt work21:01
dmikalovak1l: I'm not seeing your quote, but I did read "While installing from the Server Edition ISO (pressing F4 on the first screen will allow you to pick "Minimal installation", which is the package selection equivalent to JeOS)." and after that "JeOS is a specialized installation of Ubuntu Server Edition with a tuned kernel"21:01
tnkhitsujiTMO, in boot process, ubuntu is selected, some lines of checks run, and then says can't mount / filesystem, and drops me to tty1 bash.. where i can login nominally to /home and then every command produces error saying can't find sbin env or bash21:01
EminentDomaini'm also trying to get the phpvirtualbox webmin page21:01
jhutchinsEminentDomain: apt-get install virtualbox - what could be simpler?21:02
hitsujiTMOtnk: ok. shut down. remove the cable for sda. boot up again and see if you get the same issue. Not seeing any immediate reason for a boot and those errors are drowning out the dmesg so its difficult to sift thru to find the cause21:03
k1ldmikalova: again: it was a single install iso and is (since 8.10) included into the minimal install21:03
k1ldmikalova: like: they tuned the minimal install so that jeos is no more needed21:04
EminentDomainjhutchins: thanks; I have no clue why every single howto i've found is telling me to install it from the other repo21:04
k1ldmikalova: dont hang yourself because someone said "tuned" there.21:04
hitsujiTMOtnk: if sda has a bootstrap it could be pointing to the wrong place21:04
dmikalovak1l: Thanks, that's what I was looking for. If I'm looking for an optimized kernel I don't want to just assume that they didn't mean what they said.21:05
tnkhitsujiTMO, sda has the boot partition which does point to the root partition21:06
tnki see that in the gparted of sda121:06
hitsujiTMOdmikalova: there is no optimised virtual kernel anymore. you'd need to build you're own21:06
dmikalovahitsujiTMO: in which case, I would use vmbuilder, right? Is that going to be in 14.04 and if I build my own will that be covered by LTS?21:07
hitsujiTMOtnk: according to your fstab you don't have a seperate boot. that could be an old boot21:08
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tnkhitsujiTMO, ok, if it's an old boot, is the new boot just a part of the root on sdb?21:09
hitsujiTMOdmikalova: no thats not going to build a kernel. you'd have to configure the kernel yourself, either from linux-source or from kernel.org21:09
hitsujiTMOtnk: yes21:09
averagestijnvbrande: hey21:10
dmikalovahitsujiTMO: Thanks, and is building a kernel supported by LTS?21:10
averageananana: hey21:10
averageananana: hello21:10
averageananana: what's up ?21:10
hitsujiTMOdmikalova: using a non repo kernel is not supported21:10
tnkhitsujiTMO, if new boot and root are all on sdb.. can i just block sda from mounting in fstab and then reboot and see if everything logs in? should that fix?21:10
k1ltnk: you can comment the sda line in fstab. that will prevent the mounting. but i doubt that this will make the system boot when the errors are still spamming21:11
hitsujiTMOtnk: no. you still need to remove sda. can you run: sudo parted -l | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:11
streulmaover 3 days the 13.04 soap is over21:12
tnkhitsujiTMO, as soon as gparted finishes its check and fix of sda21:12
hitsujiTMOtnk: gparted cant fix physical errors21:12
hitsujiTMOtnk: the hdd is no more. not fixable21:13
tnkhitsujiTMO, that's fine. it's just a media folder.21:13
hitsujiTMOtnk: can you run: sudo parted -l | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:14
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810659/21:15
hitsujiTMOtnk: sda is only flagged as boot, its not the actually boot. but it could be interfereng with the boot process if it has a bootstrap install. it could be trying to boot to /dev/sda then /dev/sdb is the OS you want21:17
tnkso, shouldn't i be able to fix and point directly with grub somehow?21:17
tnkhitsujiTMO,  so, shouldn't i be able to fix and point directly with grub somehow?21:19
hitsujiTMOtnk: no. sda is showing up to the bios before sdb. if anything you'd have to modify the bios to ensure the hdd boot order is correct21:19
tnkok, i will do that21:19
hitsujiTMOtnk: but you still should remove sda21:19
tnkwhich is the name of sda -- wdc something?21:20
hitsujiTMOtnk: WDC WD5000AAKS21:20
hitsujiTMOits a western digital 500gb hdd21:20
tnkhitsujiTMO, brb. will try.. rebooting now21:21
hitsujiTMOk1l: i wonder if he actually will remove it21:21
k1li doubt :/21:21
BamaGuys I got a question about gparted. I have ubuntu installed and want to extend the drive but the extra space is "In front" of the partition. Does the" Copy" do a full copy of it? Like I chose to "Copy" sda5 to sda.21:24
hitsujiTMOBama: you can move the partition down(may take a while tho)21:25
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
BamahitsujiTMO, I thought that. But I didn't see an option to do that.21:25
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
SarcassholeG'day all21:27
hitsujiTMObama, drag the partition down. you may need to drag down the extended partition first21:27
BamahitsujiTMO, I will try this now. Thank you. I will post results21:27
fcampoi'm try'n to start with this21:28
alazyworkaholicFast user account switching fails very often to an unresponsive black screen & flashing cursor. How can I figure out what the problem is?21:28
Sarcassholewow, so this is a support channel? Know how to change to a regular chatroom anyone?21:28
WebbyITWhen I try to start valgrind from ubuntu-sdk I have this error: Error: "/usr/bin/valgrind" could not be started: No private key file given.21:29
WebbyITWhat can I do?21:29
k1l!ot | Sarcasshole21:29
ubottuSarcasshole: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:29
SarcassholeIThanks ubottu. Ive never used irc before. This is all new. Im a quick study though. How do I change to the other room you mentioned21:30
hitsujiTMOSarcasshole: /join #channel21:30
k1lSarcasshole: type "/join #channelname"21:31
SarcassholeAwesome Kil. Any recommendations?21:31
hitsujiTMO!alis | Sarcasshole21:31
ubottuSarcasshole: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*21:31
BamahitsujiTMO, I don't seem to have an ability to drag any partition (I'm using gparted)21:31
tnkhitsujiTMO, rebooted.. same result.. just hangs when I select the ubuntu from the boot menu21:32
SarcassholeOk thanks guys. Hope your day rocks everyone.21:32
k1ltnk: you remember what i said?21:32
tnki am thinking this should be fixed by grub resetting or refreshing something?21:32
tnkk1l, i can't get to the actual hd in the machine21:32
=== kenneth is now known as Guest61455
hitsujiTMOBama: are you running on the partition you want to move?21:33
tnkk1l, i disabled the hd sda in bios. it's just a media hd. it's never caused this issue before. the issue was only caused when i did a hard reboot 45 min ago from a frozen chrome screen..21:33
BamahitsujiTMO, No Sir, I'm on live boot of Partition Magic. To keep from having an issues of access.21:33
tnkthat sda is never used. it gives ane rror. asks to continue or go to setup, and you click continue, and it's never heard from again.21:33
alazyworkaholicSwitching accounts fails most of the time in 13.10. What can I do to find the problem?21:33
k1ltnk: can you show the dmesg again?21:33
tnk k1l what's the dmesg command you want pastebin21:34
k1ltnk: "dmesg | pastebinit"21:34
hitsujiTMOtnk: dmesg | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com && pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com /var/log/syslog21:34
BamahitsujiTMO, This might sound crazy. But must ask. If i was to copy sda5 to sda4. Then Delete sda5 and extend sda4 to take the space (which is what I want). Could I rename sda4 to sda5?21:35
BamaLiek does taht sound liek it might work?21:35
tnkk1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810739/21:35
hitsujiTMOtnk: lsblk | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:35
Sarcasshole"/msg alis help list"21:35
tnkhitsujiTMO, no command lsblk21:36
hitsujiTMOBama: you can't "name" it. and the partitions go by UUID21:36
honeybuntuafter fresh install i reboot to a msg on black screen on route to booting to ubuntu 12.04 desktop (msg. is entitled: "broken pipe cannot write bytes"). I've never received such msg. before while testing boot & ubuntu 12.04 LTS distro. Is any1 here know what this msg. pertains to - is it a network error?21:36
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo blkid | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:36
=== Dystinio is now known as HDRDanny
BamahitsujiTMO, So the sda4 and sda5 isn't a name it is what UUID it is?21:37
tnk hitsujiTMO http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810751/21:37
rustuptwist1will a machine running karmic koala be updated to the current version of Ubuntu if one uses the update software via the Ubuntu desktop?21:38
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810751/21:38
k1lrustuptwist1: karmic is 9.10. that is way old. best is to make a clean new install21:38
=== hazenme_ is now known as hazenme
k1lrustuptwist1: updating will need to update to 10.04, then 12.04. in that time you have installed several times :)21:39
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb5 /mnt/sdb6 /mnt/sdb7 /mnt/sdb821:39
tnkhitsujiTMO,  done21:39
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt/sdb521:40
tnkhitsujiTMO, btw, it should be noted that the /usr partition is in the sdc drive21:41
tnkunder "newusr" i believe21:41
rustuptwist1k1l:  so it wont happen auto matic if I understand you correctly or are you saying just faster to do it manually?21:41
tnk(had run out of space and had to move i tthere)21:41
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mount /dev/sdb7 /mnt/sdb5/tmp21:41
tnk hitsujiTMO done21:41
k1lrustuptwist1: since 9.10 is way out of support and the servers for that are shut down for long time now, you need to do some changes to make it update.21:42
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mount /dev/sdb8 /mnt/sdb5/home21:42
BamahitsujiTMO, I want to thank you for your help. It was appreciated. I must reboot in a minute to check something.  If not working I may come back and ask for more help if that is ok.21:42
k1lrustuptwist1: and besides that you need to make some mid-term updates to get to a actually supported ubuntu version. so new install is way more efficient21:42
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mount /dev/sdb6 /mnt/sdb5/var21:43
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mount /dev/sdc5 /mnt/sdb5/usr21:44
rustuptwist1k1l:  tried using 12.04.03 on two laptops. didnt want to waste anymore good dvds on 700+ mb of space so I thought i would use an older and burn to a CD…21:44
hitsujiTMOtnk: pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com /mnt/sdb5/var/log/dmesg21:44
hitsujiTMOtnk: pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com /mnt/sdb5/var/log/syslog21:44
k1lrustuptwist1: just use usb sticks.21:46
tnkhitsujiTMO, pasted above21:46
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810799/21:46
tnk<tnk> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810800/21:46
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=== m00se is now known as Guest94177
hitsujiTMOtnk: what timezone are you in?21:49
rustuptwist1k1l:  that didnt work either. on the compaq kept rebooting, saying it was going to instal then just reboot back into windows.21:50
tnkhitsujiTMO, est21:50
mtuhiyas. anybody know if a user-callback script for Back In Time can interrupt the snapshot process somehow?21:51
glitsj16rustuptwist1: you might need to change boot order in the compaq's BIOS to ensure USB device booting is enabled, sounds like it just skips into regular boot from HDD21:52
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/sdb5/dev21:52
hitsujiTMOsudo mount --bind /sys /mnt/sdb5/sys21:53
hitsujiTMOsudo mount --bind /dev/pts /mnt/sdb5/dev/pts21:53
tnkdon e21:53
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo mount -t proc none /mnt/sdb5/proc21:53
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo chroot /mnt/sdb521:54
hitsujiTMOtnk: apt-get install pastebinit21:54
rustuptwist1glitsj16: yeah we did that but it still kept doing that. It was weird. thinking about doing the CL install but not sure how to do the dual install alongside win7. dont want to accidentally delete win7 partition21:54
tnkpastebinit already installed21:55
smrtz|nixHey, I'm trying to run a script on my raspberry Pi, but I'm getting permission errors.  The script developers don't konw what's wrong, and since I'm running raspbian, and I tried in #debian, and #raspberrypi, but noone helped.  Can I please ask here?21:55
hitsujiTMOtnk: update-grub21:55
Picismrtz|nix: no. Ubuntu doesn't run on the raspi, try ##linux or a channel for whatever language the script is in.21:55
smrtz|nixPici: Thanks.21:56
smrtz|nixjoin ##linux21:56
tnkhitsujiTMO, found a few images.. then cannot find list of partitions.. try mounting sys21:56
tele-shrinkhi how to use windows boot menu to chain load ubunto?21:56
hitsujiTMOtnk sys should be mounted: mount | pastebinit21:56
tnkerrors in pastebinit command21:57
tele-shrinkhi how to use windows boot menu to chain load ubunto? And by pass UEFI Conundrum21:57
tnkioerror name or service not known for sock-stream21:57
tnkam I not connected to internet from within the chroot pastebinit?21:57
hitsujiTMOtnk sys should be mounted: mount | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:58
tnksocket error again21:58
hitsujiTMOtnk: exit21:58
hitsujiTMOtnk mount | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:58
glitsj16rustuptwist1: odd indeed, so you're kind off stuck .. did you try the minimal iso yet?21:59
hitsujiTMOtbk: sudo mount --bind /sys /mnt/sdb5/sys21:59
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo chroot /mnt/sdb522:00
hitsujiTMOtnk: update-grub22:00
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kingfisher64i tried installing gnome 3.10 (not realizing it would cause issues). Uninstalled that however I think there's some issues as a result in unity. How do I get the system back into a near default state without losing programs installed and files uploaded22:01
=== matthewvz is now known as Guest5237
tnkhitsujiTMO, it's running..22:01
kingfisher64i've been googling for a couple of hours now resetting unity etc22:02
hitsujiTMOtnk: still running?22:02
hitsujiTMOtnk: shouldn't take that long22:02
tnkfound four images and now found memtest..22:02
tnkshall i ctrl c?22:02
kingfisher64just not sure what files have been altered/messed with. Eg, going settings displays a malformed looking dialog22:02
hitsujiTMOtnk: copy the output and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com22:02
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
DF3D2how long should grub-install command take? seems to be taking awhile22:03
kingfisher64virtually everything appears to be working fine but I'm suspicious it's broken something to i'd like to reinstall unity if possible22:04
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810874/ then I hit ctrl c too22:04
tnkhitsujiTMO, ctrl c won't stop it though22:04
tnkstill doing grep22:05
Guido1I'm using Lightning to manage my agendas, but the lcal time and the time of events in Lightning and on the google calender (syncronized) differ one hour (19.00 at Lightning, 20.00 at google). What can i do?22:05
hitsujiTMOtnk: pastebinit /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:05
tnkhitsujiTMO, had to close terminal to stop the update-grub command.. do i have to reset all the mounts/22:06
tnk pastebinit /boot/grub/grub.cfg produces unable to read form22:06
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo chroot /mnt/sdb522:06
hitsujiTMOtnk: pastebinit /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:07
tnkhitsujiTMO, socket error22:07
kingfisher64thank you for your advice earlier on hitsujiTMO. I got things working back. Tried installing gnome from software centre but it's altered boot screen despite saying in the center it's not installe?22:07
tnkhitsujiTMO, there's no internet connection in the chroot, right? just in the liveusb?22:07
hitsujiTMOtnk: exit22:07
leonocguys I have a problem ubuntu 13.10 sometimes I get stuck and nothing works alt + f2 to use xkill. any key that you can not give me desbloquiar the reset button22:07
hitsujiTMOtnk pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com /mnt/sdb5/boot/grub/grub.cfg22:08
k1ltnk: in chroot you need "sudo mount -o bind /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/etc/resolv.conf " before to have internet22:08
hitsujiTMOkingfisher64: np. what package exactly did you try to install?22:08
tnkk1l, mount point doesn'te xist22:09
kingfisher64"Full GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra components" hitsujiTMO22:09
[CaBeTuX]Hi guys!22:09
[CaBeTuX]One question... I need disable "the context" of auditd22:09
hitsujiTMOtnk: ls -l /mnt/sdb5/boot/grub/grub.cfg | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:10
kingfisher64i thought since I'd made a mistake adding gnome the unsupported way i'd try doing it the correct way. purge worked nice hitsujiTMO. I'd say 99% of things are working22:10
[CaBeTuX]in Suse Linux its is possible setting - AUDITD_DISABLE_CONTEXTS="yes"22:10
hitsujiTMOtnk: date | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:10
leonocsome ubuntu forum in Spanish that my English is very basic22:11
[CaBeTuX]in /etc/sysconfig/auditd22:11
tnkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6810900/22:11
hitsujiTMO!es | leonoc22:11
ubottuleonoc: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:11
kingfisher64when you type "gnome" in the software center search it's the 1st package that returns hitsujiTMO22:12
orionHi. An upgrade was interrupted here: update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.5.0-17-generic <-- and now apt-get upgrade isn't resuming it. How do I get it to resume?22:12
holmserSo, I was editing /etc/ssh/sshd_config in vim.  I did a :wq, and then a sudo service sshd restart22:12
leonocubottu thank you very much22:12
ubottuleonoc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:12
holmsernow it is telling me that permission is denied to /etc/ssh/sshd_config22:13
tnkhitsujiTMO, pasted22:13
Dureikentnk : I achieved to install ubuntu finally :) thanks22:13
holmsereven as root22:13
[CaBeTuX]so... I need disable a "context" in auditd in ubuntu 1322:13
hitsujiTMOtnk: ok. it seems to have generated a valid grub. try boot it and give us the exact error after.22:13
holmseranyone have any insight into this?22:13
[CaBeTuX]any idea?22:13
tnkhitsujiTMO, shall i somehow install the grub again? or ensure boot is pointing properly? that bios will look to right drive and partition first?22:13
holmserhow am I being denied access to a file as root?22:13
tnkexact error last time was possible root / mount options incorrect.. including relatime22:14
Guido1I'm using Lightning to manage my agendas, but the lcal time and the time of events in Lightning and on the google calender (syncronized) differ one hour (19.00 at Lightning, 20.00 at google). What can i do?22:14
tnksignal 3222:14
kingfisher64I ticked KDE plasma desktop sub menu option (kde standard) and I think i'm getting a boot that is kde related. I think kde is installed despite the software center saying the gnome main package isn't22:14
hitsujiTMOtnk: ahh, thought they were wrong alright22:14
Dureikentnk : can I deactivate ext4 on all my partitions ? thanks22:14
glitsj16orion: make a new one might be the safest option before rebooting --> sudo update-initramfs -c -k 3.5.0-17-generic22:14
tnktnk, no clue.. ask someone else.. i'm seeking help at moment22:15
orionThe following packages have been kept back: linux-image-virtual22:16
ruthGuys, I have Ubuntu One. It said if I share my link with someone who wants to join, we both get extra storage room. But the referral address sends my friend right back to my site. How do we do this?22:16
orionIs that bad? ^22:16
hitsujiTMOtnk: sudo sed -i 's/errors=relatime,remount-ro,user_xattr/errors=remount-ro/' /mnt/sdb5/etc/fstab22:16
hitsujiTMOtnk: reboot22:17
tnkok.. be right back.. will see what happens22:17
glitsj16orion: did you get that trying the update-initramfs command?22:18
leonocubottu but where I write ubuntu.es join # chatting forgive ignorance22:19
ubottuleonoc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:19
DF3D2can someone please help me I cant seem to get grub installed on this usb stick22:19
hitsujiTMOleonoc: /join #ubuntu-es22:19
DF3D2well, it's installed but it says can't find device: xxxxxxx but I edited /etc/fstab with the correct device22:19
DF3D2so im not sure what is going on22:20
orionglitsj16: yes22:20
SlidingHornIt's been so long since I've been here...completely forgot about ubottu22:20
hitsujiTMOruth: that appears to be normal. they should have an altered url with a token followed by /+decide22:20
SlidingHornIt's been so long since I've been here...completely forgot about ubottu22:21
SlidingHornoops...didn't mean to double post22:21
tnkhitsujiTMO, SUCCESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!22:21
hitsujiTMODF3D2: where exactly does it say that? do you get dropped to initramfs/busybox?22:21
hitsujiTMO!yay | tnk22:21
ubottutnk: Glad you made it! :-)22:21
tnkhitsujiTMO, thank you so much - was it just running the update-grub command from within the chroot that needed to fix?22:21
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, im in grub rescue22:21
hitsujiTMOtnk: and you needed to fix fstab too22:22
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, i dont even know where it is getting that uuid from22:22
mjmac_Is this the ubuntu help channel?22:22
tnkwhat was the fstab fix? removing relatime references?22:22
tnkand removing the sda pointer?22:22
hitsujiTMODF3D2: can you boot to the desktop live cd please22:22
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I could -- i'm trying to make my own usb bootable with a copied over ubuntu install for another machine22:22
HellTiger_how will i install firmware-b43-lpphy-installer on a wlan only device?22:23
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I have a laptop I can put the drive in, what do you want me to do ?22:23
glitsj16orion: the package is part of a set of meta-packages for virtual appliances, don't have any experience with those so i'm not clear on what to advise .. did it produce a new initrd.img ?22:23
tnkhitsujiTMO, were the fstab fixes removing relatime and removing a pointer to sda?22:23
kingfisher64I guess all i need is a way to reset unity's desktop windows back to it's default state, but keep all my files and programs installed22:23
hitsujiTMODF3D2: does the usb boot on another computer?22:24
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:24
hitsujiTMOtnk: yessum22:24
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I think I need to edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg with the new uuid22:24
DF3D2lets try that22:24
kingfisher64can anyone advise me on how to restore it's default state for just he default packages that come with ununtu?22:25
kingfisher64i've googled for hours different solutions trying one after another22:25
ruthUbuntu One is not showing anyway to make that work, hitsujiTMO. We put "/+decide behind the referral url and it doesn't work.22:25
glitsj16orion: can you pastebin output of .. sudo apt-get install linux-image-virtual .. so we can check what's going on?22:25
hitsujiTMODF3D2: no. it could be that you have a host that requires ohci_pci that isn't present in initramfs22:25
hitsujiTMOruth: what is the url that your friend gets redirected to22:26
hitsujiTMODF3D2: will that usb boot ok in another pc?22:27
ruththank you   we are figuring it out22:27
Leuven76hello, i'm from Belgium, what does ubuntu means?22:27
k1l!ubuntu | Leuven7622:28
ubottuLeuven76: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com22:28
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, the issue is it's looking for a wrong UUID and I changed it in grub.cfg and it's still looking for it some how22:28
TJ-Leuven76: it is a Zulu word.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP_gj_rHweI22:29
hitsujiTMODF3D2: hace you got that usb in a machine with a running copy of ubuntu in it now?22:30
hitsujiTMODF3D2: pastebin the output of: sudo blkid22:30
doctor_dennishas anyone noticed that if you alt-F4 out of a full-screen flash application that was opened from a browser, you can then alt-F4 and close the browser without having to select it? In Windows, you have to select the browser, then you can close it.22:31
hitsujiTMODF3D2: also pastebin the boot/grub/grub.cfg on that usb22:31
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, http://pastebin.com/9Y062AyJ22:31
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6811001/22:31
DF3D2its looking for the uuid of my / on this drive instead of the USB one but I dont see it referenced in grub.cfg on the usb....22:32
mjmac_is the u supposed to be there?22:33
TJ-DF3D2: In grub.cfg "root=UUID=bd841473-bda6-4353-b0bb-434fcf5e176b" whereas "/dev/sdb1: LABEL="LUBUNTU 13.10" UUID="b3c37fa1-dd06-4573-afca-ca59b5f5c2c9" TYPE="ext4" "22:33
hitsujiTMODF3D2: what is the full path to that grub.cfg?22:34
DF3D2TJ-, on which line ?22:34
hitsujiTMODF3D2: on many lines22:34
TJ-DF3D2: all over22:34
hitsujiTMODF3D2: what is the full path to that grub.cfg? i'll give you a command then to change all instances of it22:35
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/boot/grub/grub.cfg22:35
TJ-DF3D2: From a chroot, you need to redo "grub-install /dev/sdX" to ensure the device-map is correct, and then "update-grub" to have it correct the config22:35
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo sed -i 's/bd841473-bda6-4353-b0bb-434fcf5e176b/b3c37fa1-dd06-4573-afca-ca59b5f5c2c9/g' /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/boot/grub/grub.cfg22:35
DF3D2TJ-, i tried change root on the live-cd it didnt seem to work22:36
DF3D2same error.... hitsujiTMO22:37
DF3D2wants the wrong uuid on boot22:37
DF3D2error: no such device: 8900-xxx-x-x-x-x22:37
DF3D2TJ-, can u tell me exactly what to do for the chroot ?22:37
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo mount --bind /dev /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/dev22:39
TJ-DF3D2: I can, but I'm not clear right now which device you want to fix, sdb (LUBUNTU) or sda (unknown)22:39
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo mount --bind /dev/pts /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/dev/pts22:39
DF3D2TJ-, the usb drive sdb22:39
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo mount --bind /sys /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/sys22:39
DF3D2need it to be bootable22:39
TJ-DF3D2: follow hitsujiTMO's instructions22:39
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo mount -t proc none /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/proc22:40
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo chroot /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.1022:40
DF3D2bash: /dev/null: Permission denied22:40
DF3D2bash: /dev/null: Permission denied22:40
DF3D2on the chroot command22:40
DF3D2is that ok ?22:40
hitsujiTMODF3D2: exit22:41
hitsujiTMODF3D2: mount | pastebinit22:41
ct85711anyone happen to know a workaround for the xdg.origin.url error, preferably disabling extended attributes in general (bug #1159724)22:42
ubottubug 1159724 in evince (Ubuntu) "Evince Error setting extended attribute 'xdg.origin.url' while saving a duplicate" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115972422:42
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo umount /media/x/LUBUNTU 13.10/dev/pts22:42
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo mount --bind /dev /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/dev22:42
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo mount --bind /dev/pts /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/dev/pts22:43
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo chroot /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.1022:43
DF3D2no errors that time22:44
Bam_BamHey, I've got a display config problem. The login screen is fine, but as soon as I log in everything is all distorted. If I tap alt to bring up the unity menu all the dimensions correct themselves22:44
hitsujiTMODF3D2: grub-install /dev/sdb22:44
Bam_Bamit's only the windows and desktop22:44
DF3D2update-grub ?22:45
hitsujiTMODF3D2: update-grub22:45
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, thanks!22:45
Bam_BamX11 is the window manager, right?22:45
Bam_Bamor is gnome the window manager on ubuntu?22:45
TJ-DF3D2: And don't get all excited and forget to unmount and eject the USB correctly, else you'll likely suffer data corruption22:45
DF3D2TJ-, it says its in use22:45
hitsujiTMODF3D2: pastebinit /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/boot/grub/grub.cfg22:46
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TJ-DF3D2: You ain't finished yet22:46
TJ-DF3D2: that looks better22:47
hitsujiTMODF3D2: the correct root appears to be there22:47
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo umount /media/x/LUBUNTU 13.10/dev/pts22:47
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo umount /media/x/LUBUNTU 13.10/dev22:47
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo umount /media/x/LUBUNTU 13.10/sys22:47
hitsujiTMODF3D2: sudo umount /media/x/LUBUNTU 13.10/proc22:47
DaekdroomWhich component is responsible for the desktop lock screen? Is it LightDM?22:47
TJ-DF3D2: umount /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/{dev/pts,dev,sys,proc,}22:48
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hitsujiTMOTJ-: cheers. didn't know that22:48
=== m00se is now known as Guest9974
TJ-hitsujiTMO: hehehe I got fed up typing so many umounts!22:48
Bam_BamCan someone help me figure out why windows are displayed wrong on my machine. terminal works which is how I got here but I'd rather be able to use the GUI22:49
DF3D2it's alive!22:49
cesareWhere i can to speak with peopple from Ukraine?22:50
DF3D2for the record, I had followed chroot directions on the live-cd but it didnt work for some reason22:50
hitsujiTMOTJ-: :) up arrows does help a bit, but thats so much leaner :)22:50
DF3D2what was the difference when I got that /dev/null error and I didn't with your command hitsujiTMO ?22:50
DF3D2so i can keep it in my info file ;-D22:50
hitsujiTMODF3D2: you never mount /dev before /dev/pts22:50
DF3D2idk what pts even is22:51
hitsujiTMODF3D2: terminals iirc22:52
geirhaevery time you open a terminal emulator, like gnome-terminal, a node is created for it under /dev/pts22:52
TJ-DF3D2: Pseudo-terminals (PTYs)22:52
OerHekscesare, join #ubuntu-ua22:52
geirhasame wth ssh connections22:52
hitsujiTMOTJ-: btw is {blah,blah} a bashism or is it posix?22:53
hitsujiTMOTJ-: oh, wait i can just check :P22:54
hitsujiTMOTJ-: bashism :(22:54
JuJuBeeCan someone tell me if they can get to http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/oracle_vbox.asc, I cannot get to it right now.22:56
TJ-hitsujiTMO: you got it22:56
TJ-hitsujiTMO: it's useful for sequences such as echo {5..21}22:56
hitsujiTMOTJ-: sweet22:57
OerHeksJuJuBee, wrong url, check https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads22:58
OerHeksJuJuBee, as Vbox is in the repos, that download is unsupported22:58
JuJuBeeOerHeks: have you tried that link?22:58
rustuptwistif ubuntu is not loading from LiveCD (or usb for that matter) can I invoke terminal while disc is in drive and download what is needed to install ubuntu onto the (win) laptop?22:59
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JuJuBeeOerHeks: so I should just install from repo?  I think that is 4.2.?22:59
OerHeksJuJuBee, yes, use softwarecenter if you want support, asking if that download works is useless23:00
JuJuBeeOerHeks: will that one load the extension pack as wwell?23:01
OerHeksJuJuBee, if you mean guest additions, i don't remember if it is included23:02
JuJuBeeI just finished a clean install and when I try to run software-center from CLI, I get http://pastebin.com/sU43cVnj23:03
TJ-hitsujiTMO: Can be useful for generated formatted numbers, e.g. for naming of files etc: "echo {0001..9999..23}"23:04
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: ls -l /var/lib/apt-xapian-index/index23:04
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: ls: cannot access /var/lib/apt-xapian-index/index: No such file or directory23:06
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: ls -l /var/lib/apt-xapian-index23:06
sk1specialso . watching movies on ubuntu 12.04 thorough shared folders on network. (other pcs windows) , = vlc media player wouldnt load fast enough, so i tried media player. worked fine. now vlc gets stuck on running cpu at 100% . so i kill tasked it. now it wont show anything on the network. (checked other pcs to make sure they could see each other still)23:06
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: same23:07
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: and this is a fresh install?23:07
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: yes23:07
JuJuBeeUbuntu 64bitt23:08
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: can you pastebin the output of: dmesg23:08
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secondhi all23:09
alazyworkaholicFast user account switching fails very often to an unresponsive black screen & flashing cursor. How can I figure out what the problem is?23:09
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: also whats the output of: cat /etc/issue23:09
secondanyone here can give me some hint of the best supported hardware (that you can buy new today) that i have to purchase in order to have a 100% solid PC23:10
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l23:10
secondi will use it for web development (mostly frontend)23:10
hitsujiTMOsecond: intel, intel, intel, and intel23:10
secondmy current computer has intel, although my graphics are causing me a lot of trouble23:11
hitsujiTMOsecond: what graphics?23:11
secondi have an i5 2400, P8P67m-pro, and AMD 6850HD23:11
Zaretuxthe  AMD GPU are problematics with Linux23:12
DF3D2Zaretux, im running 4 290s right now just fine23:12
hitsujiTMOsecond: there's your problem, it's not intel :P ... the apu in the i5 is perfect for your needs23:13
secondi've always had AMD, so probably that's why i was never able to switch...23:13
hitsujiTMODF3D2: he's not mining23:13
secondno, not into mining23:13
DureikenHi, could I clone one ubuntu usb key to make a "save" ?? thanks23:13
secondSo its intel integrated graphics then...23:14
ZaretuxDF3D2, I a HAve a HD5770. The 3d aceleration is OK. But the 2D acell is poor compared to nvidia and intel HD23:14
secondwill i be able to play some games with it? i dont play much, just starcraft23:14
secondand not often23:14
ZaretuxDF3D2, using fglrx?23:15
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: not seeing hdd errors at least. can you also pastebin the contents of /var/log/syslog23:15
DF3D2Zaretux, using nvidia proprietary fglrx23:15
DF3D2but im not gaming like hitsujiTMO said23:16
DF3D2and I did have trouble even installing the drivers a second time -- thats why I had to clone my install where it works23:16
DF3D2but they mine good23:16
DureikenhitsujiTMO : could I clone one ubuntu usb key to make a "save" ? :)23:16
ZaretuxI'm a casual Gamer...23:17
hitsujiTMODureiken: you could use dd, but its dangerous if done you make any typos.23:17
hitsujiTMODureiken: you could also maybe try clonezilla23:17
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: funny, it won't paste  for some reason.  I can open in Gedit, and paste to new text doc, but not  to pastebin23:17
marlincIs there a Ubuntu server metapackage that I can install to create server environment from the mini iso?23:17
ZaretuxDF3D2, the unnoficial amd linux wiki have good tutorials, I haven't issues in installation23:17
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/syslog23:18
DF3D2Zaretux, well it wasn't installing the drivers it was getting something to compile with openCL support -- so not really relevant for any issue you have sorry I opened my mouth -- carry on23:18
secondi plan to buy a socket 1150 motherboard + i5 cpu, is there any brand/chipset/network/sound to avoid?23:18
DureikenhitsujiTMO : does imaeUSB on windows could work ?23:18
DF3D2second, msi makes crap motherboards in my experience23:18
DF3D2asrock/asus/gigabyte are good23:19
hitsujiTMODureiken: not sure, not heard of it so not sure how it works23:19
ZaretuxDF3D2, I agree.. Unigine Valley don't work with opensource drivers..23:19
secondnice,my plan was to go on asus23:19
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6811205/23:19
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secondDF3D2, i had a very bad experience with msi too23:21
DF3D2yeah i will never buy an msi ever again23:21
DF3D2nothing they make23:22
DF3D2I have a bunch of asrock mobos coming for my mining farm23:24
DF3D2and asus 280x gpus23:24
secondis it mining that profitable?23:24
leonoc /join#ubuntu.es23:24
DF3D2yeah it is23:24
DF3D2right now I have 5 amd 290's and I make $40-50 a day23:25
=== Guest9974 is now known as m00se
secondit makes me curious, but sounds a bit stressfull to get it all up an running23:25
DF3D2it is stressful23:25
DF3D2ive been fighting an issue for 24 hrs now23:25
DF3D2and losing money23:25
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: hmm. a few odd warnings and errors but nothing major it seems. lets try: sudo pastebinit /var/log/installer/syslog23:26
jhutchinsDF3D2: have you considered just buying bitcoin with the money you're spending on power for mining?  I understand the rate of return is much better.23:27
DF3D2jhutchins, my power costs are minimal where I live23:27
DF3D2jhutchins, I make atleast 10x a day what I spend in power23:28
AHemlocksLieI have a 12.04 server I need to upgrade to 13.04. I'm not entirely sure 13.10 is acceptable, so I need to control the version I update to, and I have to do it from command line. I'm having trouble finding a guide that can specify update version, though23:28
secondAhemlocksLie, if your server is on production environment, please don't!23:28
secondwait until 14.0423:28
AHemlocksLieThey're servers I'm only using for a couple months, so waiting 3 months isn't feasible23:29
hitsujiTMOAHemlocksLie: 13.04 is also eol in a few days23:29
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6811266/23:29
AHemlocksLieI appreciate the advice, guys, but my main priority is getting functional. Then I can determine if upgrading again is worthwhile. It's nothing so complex that that's too cumbersome.23:30
Ftk_@find How to win friends and Influence people23:31
jribAHemlocksLie: what's wrong with 12.04?23:32
ct85711well, if anyone is interested in a work around for the xdg.origin.url error message; you can set nouser_xattr in your fstab file for your root partition (vfat and ntfs does not support that option)23:32
kostkonAHemlocksLie, https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html23:32
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: seing errors for your windows partition at leat23:34
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: seing errors for your windows partition at least23:34
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: haven't booted that partition in over a year23:34
kostkonAHemlocksLie, better upgrade it now before it becomes eol23:34
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: you need to run chkdsk on it next time you do23:34
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: thanks for the tip, I will23:35
AHemlocksLiejrib, it doesn't have packages I need, and I don't quite understand what I'm missing yet, so I can't verify it's in 13.10, and I intend to figure this all out once I get up and running and have spare time to do so23:35
jribAHemlocksLie: that's pretty vague.  Do you understand ubuntu's support schedule?23:35
AHemlocksLieRoughly, yes, releases every 6 months, LTS for some, I believe including 12.04. There's a release in 3 months, but I'm only using the server for 1-2 months, so it's a moot point23:36
jribAHemlocksLie: that's the release schedule.  Do you understand the support schedule?23:37
jribAHemlocksLie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases look at the EOL dates23:37
AHemlocksLiejrib, that's good to know, but what I need to do is verified to work on 13.04, and if I can get things running, I can figure out how to do them right. As it stands, though, I have a dozen servers doing nothing, and my main priority is to make them operational23:38
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=== pardusf is now known as parduse
jribAHemlocksLie: as long as you understand you are choosing to run a release that is scheduled to be end-of-life (most importantly no security updates) at the end of this month23:39
AHemlocksLieI do, if I can figure out how. And if I can make it work with 13.10, I can and will upgrade them again once they work. But EOL hasn't hit yet, so I still need to work with what I have23:40
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: I ran apt-get update & apt-get upgrade and still software-center will not open23:40
AHemlocksLieSo now that we've established all the reasons I shouldn't do what I'm trying to do and I've established that I intend to fix those problems when time allows, can anyone please explain how to upgrade from 12.04 to specifically 13.0423:40
jribAHemlocksLie: if i were in your shoes i would try 13.10 first.  If issues come up that can't be quickly resolved, revert to 13.04 and then work on getting on 13.10 ASAP23:41
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: sudo apt-get install apt-xapian-index23:41
jribAHemlocksLie: you need to upgrade 12.04 to 12.10 first, then 12.10 to 13.0423:41
jrib!upgrade | AHemlocksLie23:41
ubottuAHemlocksLie: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade23:41
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: says it is already installed23:42
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: sudo apt-get install --reinstall apt-xapian-index23:42
AHemlocksLieThey're servers, so I have to do things by command line. I found a guide advocating the use of "sudo do-release-upgrade –d". Will this update incrementally, then, instead of immediately to the latest release?23:43
jribAHemlocksLie: read the link.  It tells you how to upgrade servers (and yes, you use do-release-upgrade but there's no "d" at the end)23:43
jribAHemlocksLie: you can't skip releases unless you are going from LTS to LTS23:43
hitsujiTMOAHemlocksLie: -d is to upgrade to a dev release, which is certainly not what you want23:44
AHemlocksLiejrib, ah, okay, I found it. Thank you very much for the help23:44
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6811325/  <-  ls -l /var/lib/apt-xapian-index23:45
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: try software center again23:46
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: pastebin any errors from the command line again23:46
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: same problem...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6811343/23:48
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-sso-client ubuntu-sso-client-qt python-ubuntu-sso-client python-ubuntu-sso-client.tests23:51
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: no change23:52
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: I wondered if it was because I didn't sign into ubuntu one during install, so I just tried to run ubuntu one and it won't start either23:54
sudormrfI have a question about the program "scheduled tasks".  I have created a task in scheduled tasks that is supposed to perform a specific function, however when I try to execute the task it just pulls up the MAN page for that particular function and doesn't actually perform it.23:54
sudormrfany idea what I could be doing wrong?23:54
JuJuBeeWonder if I should do another clean install23:54
onaxisanyone here can help me install my audio hardware device on ubuntu studio?23:55
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: seems to be something in the sso stack thats causing the problem23:55
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: i'm out of ideas i'm afraid23:55
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: Would you do fresh install again?23:56
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: yes. was your last install an upgrade?23:56
VivekanandaI have an issue with firefox in ubuntu 12.04 and had it before too. The "edit the bookmark" does not work in firefox. Normally the star symbol which bookmarks a page aslo allows user to edit how to store the bookmark but not working for me23:56
AHemlocksLie...I installed update-manager-core, but I don't have the /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file to edit, and I still can't run do-release-upgrade23:56
BigTaxiI could use some help with a problem involving wine and Age of Empires 2 HD23:57
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: No, I tried an upgrade on my other partition and it was acting funny so I did a fresh install over my OLD (11.10) partition23:57
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hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: you may have installed over the 11.10 without formatting. make sure to format it23:58
Kanaliayo guys, got a crazy question23:58
Kanaliadoes anybody know a way to get PHP 5.5 on ubuntu 11.10 ?23:58
Kanaliathe latest version on 11.10 is of the 5.4.* kind23:59
Ben6411.10 is not supported any more, you need to upgrade23:59
JuJuBeehitsujiTMO: I am sure I formated it, but I will have another go at it.  I wonder if unetbootin didn't burn the ISO properly?23:59
hitsujiTMOAHemlocksLie: have you tried: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-release-upgrader-core23:59
Kanaliayes, at least to 12.04, which is the last LTS23:59
hitsujiTMOJuJuBee: theres signs in the install log that it wasn't23:59
sudormrfcrontab -l lists the jobs I have setup, but executing them doesn't work from scheduled tasks.  is this a bug in scheduled tasks or am I doing something wrong?23:59

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