cubgood morning zequence, I saw that the amd64 iso didn't build yesterday. Might it have been the change that was uploaded that broke it?09:41
zequencecub: No. The change in ubuntustudio-default-settings is just a configuration change. Doesn't involve any new dependency issues or anything like that09:42
zequenceAnd good morning to you too :)09:43
cubzequence, is there something we should/could do for the iso? I browsed through the log file for the i386 yesterday and it only confused me.10:37
zequencecub: Most probably it's a change that might affect one or more flavors.10:39
zequenceIt's nothing we have done, but of course, it's not a bad thing if we find the cause for it10:39
cubAnyone with powers and knowledge how clean up the spamming going on in #ubuntustudio ?12:28
knomecub, what spamming?12:34
cubsome connections from xtec.cat12:37
cubstopped (temporarily?) now12:38
zequence holstein might have12:38
cubyeah but I think he's away12:38
knomecub, you can also ask #ubuntu-ops if the situation seems bad12:43
knomeif the permissions are set correctly, ircc/staffers can help with it12:43
cubaha I didn't know about that12:47
holsteinzequence: i can.. i was out19:56
holsteinzequence: i think you should have ops too.. or someone else you choose19:56

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