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cks_Hi, I am facing some problem in starting a job automatically by upstart. However if I run "start myjob", it gets started without any errors. Any pointers to debug is appreciated 13:49
xnoxcks_: maybe your "start on" condition is not correct.13:53
xnoxcks_: you can use upstart-monitor to see which events are emitted.13:53
xnoxcks_: can you paste your job to e.g. paste.ubuntu.com ?13:53
cks_xnox: I pasted my script here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6808440/13:55
cks_xnox: I am using upstart 0.3.1113:56
cks_as shown in the script. pulseaudio depends on audiod.   audiod is up and running. I verified with   initctl status audiod13:57
xnoxcks_: your job appears to be correct, but I have no knoweledge / experience of upstart 0.3.11 however.13:58
xnoxmaybe jodh can help you with this ^13:59
cks_xnox: ok14:00
jodhcks_: presumably you are running some sort of custom distro? I'd definitely recommend upgrading the upstart package if so as we've added lots of features to make debugging easier.14:01
jodhcks_: golden rule job writing new jobs is to *not* specify respawn until you are sure it is doing what you want: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#respawn14:02
jodhcks_: also, http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#checking-how-a-service-might-react-when-run-as-a-job, http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#determining-why-your-service-fails-to-start.14:03
jodhcks_: at a guess I wonder if when audiod starts, pulseaudio cannot start as /run is not mounted? Take a look at /etc/init/pulseaudio.conf on a modern ubuntu system to see how it works with current versions of pulse and upstart.14:04
cks_jodh: but when I run manually "start pulseaudio" it starts without problem. thanks for the links. 14:04
jodhcks_: then, there must be an error in the 'start on' - are you sure your other job is called /etc/init/audiod.conf and that that daemon is actually running with the expected pid?14:05
cks_Actually audiod upstart script is present in /etc/event.d/14:08
cks_even pulseaudio script lies at the same place14:08
jodhcks_: wow, use of that directory is before my time :)14:10
xnoxjodh: i wonder if that upstart already was using "start on started $job" syntax =)14:13
xnoxcks_: what's the start on condition of the audiod? maybe copy that into pulseaudio or some such?14:14
jodhyes, maybe back then it was "starte I sayeth forsooth ..."14:14
jodhcks_: try booting with --debug and capturing syslog/dmesg which will show the event flows.14:18
xnoxjodh: =)))))))14:19
cks_jodh: thanks for the input14:30
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