xubuntu190hello folks :)00:11
xubuntu190I have a question about proprietary AMD legacy driver for X86.. Running latest Xubuntu and have Raedon HD 2400 old AGP card. I dont see any Ctalyst drivers00:15
holsteinxubuntu190: you might not need them.. the open ones should be in use now..00:15
xubuntu190That would b great. I was recently running Debian's latest version and when I installed the driver I had the dreaded not supported box in lower right corner. I figured Ubuntu would have better driver support00:17
holsteinxubuntu190: why?00:17
xubuntu190 Watch a lot of streaming video. I know its time to upgrade my old single core00:18
holsteinxubuntu190: typically, if the vendor allows linux to be able to support a device, it will.. otherwise, the vendor may choose to support it independentl00:18
holsteinthe linux kernel is modular, and has the drivers it needs in there.. you can add modules such as the proprietary ones for ati hardware00:18
xubuntu190 Holstein, are you talking about recompiling kernel? I used to do that a lot in the old days lol00:20
holsteinxubuntu190: no00:20
holsteinxubuntu190: not unless you have access to a newer module from the manufacturer than ubuntu/debian and the general public00:20
xubuntu190ok thx man00:22
xubuntu190I noticed my HD 2400 card is now not only "Legacy" but now unsupported altogether in the normal legacy catalyst00:25
xubuntu190Detected graphics controller:  AMD/ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO AGP  Ubuntu 13.10  Linux Kernel: 3.11 X-Server version: 1.14   Your system is not supported by this driver00:25
holsteinxubuntu190: is the open driver working for you?00:26
xubuntu190Its pretty good. I think the hardware acceleration is a little laggy though with streaming vids which are more than say the smallest youtube defaults in size00:27
holsteinxubuntu190: i disable compositing on older hardware00:29
xubuntu190is there any easy way to disable compositing?00:30
holsteinxubuntu190: its a tick box in the menu00:30
Unit193xubuntu190: Settings Manager -> Window Manager Tweaks -> Compositor00:31
xubuntu190I did it. Thx very much. I will see how this works00:32
zack_whos the chat administrator01:42
zack_i need some help01:43
holsteinzack_: general chat is in the #xubuntu-offtopic channel ..are you looking for the main irc channel?01:43
zack_no in need some help becuse i downloaded ubuntu 12.04 over xubuntu and then i tryed to download v 13.04 and stoped in prosess01:45
zack_hard booted i mean01:45
holsteinzack_: you were running xubuntu 12.04? and tried downloading 13.04?01:47
zack_no ubuntu01:47
zack_and i did them seprate01:48
David-Azack_: downloading means downloading a file ending in .iso. if interrupted, just download again. do you by any chanse mean that you installed, and the install process was interrupted?01:49
zack_no installing01:50
zack_i cant01:50
holsteinzack_: you can, an will, if you have an interrupted download that you need to continue01:50
holsteinzack_: you were installing or downloading?01:50
holsteinzack_: if you were installing, and the install stopped, you will restart the installation01:52
zack_i cant it was a software update01:52
zack_i was half way done01:53
holsteinzack_: is the system booting?01:53
zack_i hardbooted xubuntu and ubuntu 12.04 and then i did the same with ubuntu v 13.0401:55
holsteinzack_: ok.. so, you broke your system by interrupting an update.. correct? is the system booting?01:55
zack_no i have 408 updates pending and i cant wach youtube vids01:56
zack_and i tryded installing these updates but i couldent01:57
holsteinzack_: you will close *everything*.. and open a terminal.. you will copy paste the following without the quote marks.. "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"01:57
holsteinzack_: you will *not* interrupt that proceedure01:57
holstein!paste | zack_ you will share error messages here, if needed01:58
ubottuzack_ you will share error messages here, if needed: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:58
zack_ok but i need your help deleteing ubuntu 12.04 and xubuntu off my system01:58
holsteinzack_: im not following what you are asking.. if you have iso's downloaded, just delete them like any files01:59
zack_i dnt know how01:59
zack_ond ther softwares01:59
zack_i cant think of terminoligy02:00
holsteinzack_: you'll need to put it into words, or i cant help.. can i help you find a channel that uses your native language?02:01
zack_i speck endlish im not very good at spelling it02:01
starratszack what os are you currently using, is it windows?02:02
zack_endlish is my first leanguage02:02
zack_no xubuntu02:02
zack_hardbooted with ubuntu 12.0402:02
holsteinzack_: if you have an update that you have interrupted, you should address that, as i stated how above02:02
zack_one sec02:03
holsteinzack_: if you have 400+ updates to install, it will be more than a second02:04
starratszack is this a new hard drive that you are trying to install xubuntu or ?02:04
zack_no ubuntu 13.0402:05
starratsI have been reading the back and forth between the two of you and I'm confused what you're saying zack, holstein I understand02:06
zack_i dont know hacker terminology02:07
starratslol hacker terminology02:10
zack_im back02:10
holsteinzack_: we are volunteers.. the commands i gave are not for "hackers", but for you to fix your system and apply the upgrades02:11
holsteinzack_: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" is what you need to try and run to complete upgrades, and see that your packages are as expected.. you can share errors via a pastebin, so as not to flood the channel with text02:12
zack_im just jokeing i just dont know my way around a comp as well as you guys do i just tryed to make light02:12
holsteinzack_: use the #xubuntu-offtopic channel for chat and "making light" please.. thanks!02:13
zack_it was a joke02:14
holsteinzack_: i gathered that from where you stated that before.. do you have a support question a volunteer can assist you with?02:15
starratszack I really don't think your first language is English, you are speaking it fairly good and this is an off-topic statement but if you don't understand the questions and solutions that holstein is saying to you you should get your help from folks that are capable of answering your questions, holstein is been02:18
zack_yes i used to volinteer here to until thay booted my ip off the server becuse he thought i was comitting piracy i was very helpful becuase i spech multipule leanguages02:18
starratson the nose with his answers to your questions02:18
zack_i can undrstand that02:19
* holstein thanks starrats for the kind words02:20
zack_i just get fed up with these irc people i just cant bare when people talk like i just dont get it02:20
zack_im sorry02:20
zack_off topic i know02:21
zack_thank you for helping me02:21
zack_but i dont know what to do about this upgradeing my system02:22
holsteinzack_: you had stated you had interrupted an upgrade,a nd you have 400+ packages to update..02:23
holsteinzack_: the command i gave, which i you welcome and encouraged to use and research, will either apply those updates, or give us a helpful error message02:24
starratszack you do not need to apologize but you need to do is to understand what holstein is saying to you.  Like I really don't know what you mean by 'hardbooting' but maybe I don/t understand your way of talk.  When I asked you what os (operating sytem) you were using and i asked if your comp was running windows and you want to partition it or are you starting with a blank hard drive and you were installingxubuntu/ubuntu on it for the fi02:24
starratsrst time.02:24
zack_kinda the upgrade was my software , ubuntu 13.0402:24
holsteinthe command again, in a terminal.. "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"02:24
holsteinzack_: there will be no alternative but a software upgrade.. hardware upgrades cannot be made by software02:25
Unit193If you halted in the middle, you may need  sudo dpkg --configure -a   or  sudo apt-get install -f02:25
starratsholstein you're welcome02:25
holsteinmaybe "hardbooting" is holding the power button down mid update02:25
zack_i alredy did that unit19202:25
holsteinor, thats what i was assuming02:25
holsteinzack_: you already did what? both of the suggestions that Unit193 just made?02:26
zack_no its when you no the first one02:26
holsteinzack_: run them again, and share error messages here..02:26
holstein!paste | zack_02:26
ubottuzack_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:26
Unit193After doing those, I'd apt-get dist-upgrade like holstein said.02:27
zack_hardbooting is when you have multipul softwares in one software02:27
zack_i am runing that command curently02:27
bazhangzack_, please run the commands then pastebin02:27
holsteinunless he means he has added multiple sources.. like "multiple softwares in one software" meaning 12.04 repos and 13.04... that would be bad02:28
holsteinotherwise, that could mean virtualization.. or anything, since typically "softwares" are run in a group like that.. not just one piece of software at a time.. alone02:29
zack_yes i mean dual booting thanks i was not sure if i was useing the wright word02:30
holsteinzack_: you'll address the issues seperately..02:31
zack_i couldnt paste02:31
zack_in pastebin02:31
holsteinzack_: share why02:31
zack_i can in privat chat02:32
holsteinzack_: the chat doesnt have anything to do with the pastebin02:32
bazhangzack_, post the pastebin link here for all of us to see02:32
zack_and u could02:32
zack_i cant paste in pastebin02:32
bazhangwhy not02:33
holsteinzack_: you go to http://paste.ubuntu.com, paste your text, and click "paste" and you get a URL like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6806303/02:33
zack_idk i really dont know02:33
holsteinzack_: can you open http://paste.ubuntu.com ?02:33
zack_i try agin02:33
bazhanguse a browser, like FIREFOX or IE02:33
zack_im useing firefox02:34
zack_ok i did it its under zack02:37
bazhanggive us the link02:37
zack_there is no url02:38
zack_one sec02:38
zack_never mind02:38
bazhangyou need to copy and paste the output from the commands given to you at that site, save, then give us the url02:39
zack_i did there was no url02:39
bazhangyou need to hit 'save'02:39
zack_i dont know how thats posable02:39
zack_i mean the url02:40
bazhangopen firefox02:40
zack_i have firefox open for the irc02:40
bazhangopen a blank page in firefox02:40
zack_my terminal is gone02:41
bazhangdid you open a blank page in ff02:41
zack_i have an idea that knowone will like02:42
bazhangplease answer my question zack_02:42
zack_no i dnt yet02:42
bazhangplease do so now02:42
bazhanggo to that site02:43
bazhangnow open a terminal02:43
bazhangput the commands given you in the terminal02:44
zack_what  commands02:44
bazhangsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:45
zack_that might take a while02:45
bazhangwe live here02:45
zack_we live here02:46
zack_what dose that mean02:46
bazhangwe can wait02:47
zack_oh ok02:47
zack_ok its done02:47
zack_one sec02:47
bazhangnow copy and paste from the terminal to the website02:47
zack_http://paste.ubuntu.com/6806357/ link02:48
holsteinlooks OK in there to me, so far02:49
zack_how sombody gives me the command to sing out of my user and i give them the password and thay manualy look at it02:50
holsteinzack_: you need to not give that password to anyone02:50
zack_in privat chat02:50
holsteinzack_: if you have, in the past, then, you need to reinstall, and not give it to anyone02:50
Unit193sign out*02:51
starratsgood night folks have fun!02:51
zack_to my frend at irc chat i psyicaly know him02:51
zack_pk gn02:51
holstein!patience | zack_02:54
ubottuzack_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:54
zack_what for02:54
holsteinzack_: i have already shared my feeling about you having given your password to others.. it looks like your system is upgraded02:54
holsteinzack_: whats the issue?02:54
zack_i cant use youtube or turn up my volume and i still want to delete xubuntu+ ubuntu 13.0402:56
zack_and about passwords i was skeptical about it at first02:57
holsteinzack_: youtube is flash03:01
holsteinyou can opt-into html5, and try that.. https://www.youtube.com/html503:02
zack_i know i dnt know how to install even though i have it downloaded03:02
holsteinyou can use the chrome browser, not chromium03:03
zack_i dont have chrome03:03
holsteinzack_: i realize that you dont have chrome.. thats why i suggested it.. it has the currectly supported chrome03:03
zack_i dont care bout youtube right now how do i uninstall ubuntu 13.0403:05
zack_and xubuntu03:05
bazhangand put what in its place03:06
zack_ubuntu 12.04 i alredy have downloaded03:06
holsteinzack_: you install whatever you like over it03:07
holsteinzack_: you dont uninstall operatingsystems like applications, necessarily03:07
zack_i alredy have 12.04 installed i want 13.04 out03:07
holsteinzack_: then, remove it.. you will use a partition manager to remove the paritions.. and you can resize the 12.04 to take up the space03:08
holsteinzack_: its not trivial and you should have backups before managing partitions.. you can break the hard drive setup03:09
zack_i dont know how03:09
holsteinzack_: if i were you, i would leave it alone03:09
zack_i need to do stuff that i cant do now03:09
bazhanghow did you install multiple OSes03:10
zack_can you help me03:10
zack_dual boot03:10
bazhang3 OSes?03:10
bazhangtwo of ubuntu and one of xubuntu03:11
holsteinzack_: you are already dualbooting03:11
bazhangthats three03:11
zack_no xubuntu + ubuntu 12.0403:11
zack_and .5 ubuntu 13.0403:11
holsteinzack_: xubuntu *is* ubuntu03:12
bazhangand how did you do that03:12
holsteinzack_: so, you have 2 ubuntu 12.04's, and a broken 13.04, then?03:12
zack_there 99% the same03:12
bazhangunless you put multiple partitions03:12
holsteinzack_: you can use gparted to do whatever you like with the partitions.. remove, resize.. if i were you, i would leave them alone..03:13
zack_just lisen i had xubuntu and upgraded to ubuntu 12.04 and after that i tryed to go for ubuntu 13.04 but stoped in the middle03:14
holsteinzack_: you had xubuntu 12.04? and upgraded to ubuntu 12.04?03:15
holsteinthats more of a switch than an upgrade.. so, you switched from xubuntu to ubuntu 12.04?03:15
zack_no xubuntu 11.1003:15
holsteinzack_: so, you had 11.10? and upgraded to 12.04? then, you tried to upgrade to 13.04?03:16
holsteinzack_: you cant.. AFIAK.. you'll need to go through the update manager, from 12.04 to 12.10, to 13.0403:16
holsteinzack_: i would do a fresh install.. takes much less time, and you can address your backups at that poing03:17
zack_i tryed to do so03:17
holsteinzack_: you tried to do what? 12.04 to 12.10?03:17
zack_no 12.04 to 13.0403:17
holsteinzack_: right.. as i just stated, and you agreed.. you cant03:18
holsteinzack_: you have to first go 12.10.. 12.04 to 12.10 to 13.0403:18
zack_not any more03:18
holsteinzack_: if you want to go from 12.04 to 13.04, you use the update manager, and go to 12.10 first.. understand?03:18
holsteinif you added repos, and changed sources, and tried something advanced, and stopped it, i suggest a fresh install03:19
zack_i cant03:19
holsteinzack_: ok.. then what are you tring to do, friend?03:19
bazhangthere  is no one step upgrade path there zack_03:19
holsteinzack_: you are not telling me what you did to try and upgrade from 12.40 to 13.04.. if you tried to skip 12.10 by force, that is bad03:20
zack_i cant explain i can only show you03:20
holsteinzack_: feel free to show us.. use imagebin for screenshots.. the pastebin for text03:20
bazhangthat would call for a complete reinstall at this point03:20
zack_i dont know how to do any of that stuff03:21
holsteinzack_: you'll need to learn how to share the information or we cant help03:21
bazhanglike an install, but one more time03:22
zack_i know how you guys dont agree with my methods03:22
holsteinand, at this point, a reinstall would be a great time saver.. it'll take like 10 minutes, and you're done03:22
bazhangzack_, did you just change sources.list?03:22
holsteinzack_: its not a matter of agreeing.. if you tried to go from 12.04 to 13.04, you broke the system03:22
rehHi. I hope you guys can help me with some troubleshooting, that google couldnt help me with --- I am trying to reassign the shortcuts for the window manager. When I do it in the preferences, all works fine. But after another logon, it won't work anymore. My config is still in the preferences window though and gets reactivated once I reassign another key again. So it seems the config somehow isnt executed on log on. .....Is that a known07:53
rehproblem somehow? Workarounds?07:53
reh(For the sake of completeness: I assigned Super+Q for maximizing and Super+W for window closing)07:54
Unit193What happens if you   killall xfwm4  when that happens?07:57
rehyoull probably see me quitting the irc? :D07:57
rehhang on. i'll log onto irc from another machine07:57
Unit193It sounds like it *might* be the problem where xfsettingsd starts after xfdesktop/xfwm.07:58
Unit193How about screen title fonts, good or different?07:58
rehuhm. which fonts?07:58
Unit193Window titles, "Firefox"  "Terminal", etc.07:59
rehah. they look fine to me07:59
rehsort of an embossed font07:59
rehnot a designer though...so i am not sure i would be able to tell ;)07:59
Unit193Yes, but are they different when it's "out of sync"?08:00
rehi'll check. one moment08:00
Unit193I may be off base, but only thing I can think of that might do it.08:00
rehis there a way to force reloading the config? so i could put it in the startup somehow?08:01
Unit193For xfwm or another application? :P08:02
rehok. testing your killall theory :D08:02
reh_hm ok. that didn do it08:04
reh_on another note...i apparently ignored a crash reporter dialog all the time08:04
Unit193Yep, I turned it off long ago.08:05
reh_it says /usr/bin/Xorg crashed during my log on08:05
reh_i guess i will just send in the report then. and...hope for the best08:07
xubuntu959anyone on?09:05
xubuntu959hey the email link to send in an update request is only an icon09:06
xubuntu959i can't send an email cuz i don't know how to set up my email output stuff09:06
xubuntu959anyone know the email address?09:06
xubuntu959they say if you have a request to send an email09:06
haoshello, can i install nvidia cuda toolkit 5.5 on xubuntu 13.10 if nvidia page shows version only for ubuntu 10.04, 12.04 and 12.10?11:59
peyamis it possible to make new item iin main menu in xubuntu 14.04?12:29
peyamIs it lxde menu editor or is it alarcade menu editor?12:30
peyamin 13.10 it was impossible to make new items.. and I dont want to install something that wont work12:30
knomepeyam, xubuntu 14.04 will use menulibre 2.0.12:34
knomenicfer, hello12:35
nicferwhen I try to add a new menu item to the menu, it appears on the 'other' submenu, even if I select other categoryƧ12:37
peyamvery good12:37
peyamnicfer, uname -a12:38
peyamwhat distro?12:38
Sysiyou probably could edit the <item>.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications12:41
peyamyes.. its a known problem. use the lxde menu editor12:52
peyamI had same problem12:52
nicferwhere's the .desktop files of the menu?12:58
nicferI can't find the .desktop files to edit my custom menu entry13:33
pjotterHallo. Does anybody know where Xubuntu keeps its sound settings? I would like to manually adjust the settings.14:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:18
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:19
elfyooh - that was the one ...15:19
discussoranybody knows something about average xubuntu boot time on netbooks?15:20
willowpillowHello i need help with hybrid gfx on my lappy,wanna disable egpu and keep only igpu,dont wanna install proprietary drivers for this purpose, am sure there is a way kindly gimme some pointers15:22
willowpillowLols looks like nobody has answers:/15:25
Orioadunno what the ? was lol15:26
willowpillow(willowpillow) Hello i need help with hybrid gfx on my lappy,wanna disable egpu and keep only igpu,dont wanna install proprietary drivers for this purpose, am sure there is a way kindly gimme some pointers15:27
Orioanot sure sorry15:30
Orioais it amd or intel15:30
elfywillowpillow: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930450 might be worth a look15:45
xubuntu667hi this is my first time to use this. i've using xubuntu for more than a year now. last night it wont boot up, just up to the splash screen. can somebody please help me?16:43
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xubuntu877Hello all, I have a question if two-finger scroll on a trackpad is possible with Xubuntu 13.10?18:11
TheSheepif your trackpad supports it18:12
xubuntu877I see, I was looking for an option in the settings manager but did not see it there.18:12
TheSheepjust install gpointing-device-settings18:13
TheSheepand it will appear in there18:13
xubuntu877Thank you TheSheep, I will try that.18:13
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nuthi yall18:46
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knome!hello | nut18:49
ubottunut: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!18:49
nuthows it going knome18:50
TheSheep!offtopic | nut18:51
ubottunut: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!18:51
nutsry im just checkin it out some my friend lol18:52
nuti am having a prob with xubuntu i cant get the volume icon back up in the task bar for some reason18:53
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nuthow can i get the onboard keyboard to stop starting when xubuntu starts every time ??18:59
monkeynautnut:  for the keyboard,  try going to Menu > Settings Manager > Sessions and Startup.  First, see if you see it enabled in Application Autostart.  If not, go to the Session tab and click "Clear Saved Session"19:38
monkeynautalso, make sure you exit out of the keyboard before you reboot.  i think you'll see an icon for it in the tray by your clock if it's still running19:38
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ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!20:30
xubuntu152I am very new to Ubuntu. I had a friend install it for me, but I watched him. I don't really know my way around the terminal very much. My screen is offset about 2% to the right. I don't believe this is a monitor problem because i know how to adjust monitor settings. Help!20:31
kRushhow is it connected? vga?20:31
xubuntu152My curser touches the very edge of the left side of the screen, so it is properly aligned, but the right side is extended some how b a little so that it is difficult to close a window in full screen.20:32
xubuntu152Yes, VGA.20:32
kRushif it has DVI or something else, so yourself a favor and get a cable ;)20:33
xubuntu152I'm not sure what you mean.20:33
xubuntu152I didn't have this problem before switching to ubuntu.20:34
kRushwell VGA is analog, digital connections like DVI won't have such issues20:37
xubuntu152Ah. Well that is a bummer.20:38
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xubuntu374Newbie needing help in connecting wireless to network. No windows just 13.0421:11
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Guido1I'm using Lightning to manage my agendas, but the lcal time and the time of events in Lightning and on the google calender (syncronized) differ one hour (19.00 at Lightning, 20.00 at google). What can i do?22:05
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nicferI can't find the .desktop files to edit my custom menu entry22:48
David-Anicfer: have you tried ''locate .desktop'' ?22:51
David-Anicfer: for personal customization I think they are in ~/.local/share/applications/22:52
nicferI've found it under a weird name22:56
nicfernow how can I modify it to move the entry to another submenu?22:56
David-Anicfer: I think that would be the Categories value23:01
David-Anicfer: googling .desktop categories finds a couple of places that lists "registered categories"23:02
David-Anicfer: but if you look into other .desktop files you find other categories too23:02
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