smoserharlowja, thanks. pulled.00:33
smoserharlowja, if you wanted to *think* about some way where i could have a sane 'pylint' like functionality.00:33
smoserin a stable form00:33
smoser(not dependent upon my ubuntu version)00:33
harlowjatell pylint folks to stop adding crazy checks, lol00:33
smoserie, maybe that is best done with virtualenv00:34
harlowjaya, i think so 00:34
harlowjanot so hard to do that i think00:34
harlowjatox.ini and such00:34
smoserutlemming, still around ?01:09
smoserthat means we only run 'file' inthe unreasonable "user *meant* /bin/bash, but couldn't be bothered to type it" case.01:10
harlowjasmoser another one, https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/freebsd-cleaning-part-duo/+merge/20319601:38
harlowjafound more things to fix :-P01:38
smoserdude. i can't keep up with you.01:38
smoseri'm trying to get around to DataSourceNoCloud having vendordata01:38
harlowjawhenever u get some time, just cleaning that up01:39
smoseri think its funny, that you don't like the 80 char line width01:39
smoserbut your comments (commit  messages) you limit to like 3001:39
harlowjaya, idk, its weird01:40
harlowjai seem to have a weird habit 01:40
harlowjanot really sure why i do that :-P01:40
harlowjathx smoser !01:42
* smoser happy for bsd support.01:42
smoserkind of wonky01:42
smoserbut.. getting there.01:42
smoserhey, just so its on your mind..01:42
smoserif you were planning on getting in a native openstack datasource01:43
smoser(which i would really like)01:43
smoserthen feature freeze is Feb 20.01:43
smoseroh. i didn't know that.01:43
harlowjai'll see how much farther to go01:44
harlowjafeb 20th, no problem i think01:44
smosermy goal is to have a cloud-init cut right before then (0.7.5) 01:44
smoserand then work non-features into 0.7.6 and cut that much closer to 14.04 releas.e01:44
harlowjamakes sense01:45
harlowjamost of the current stuff i did last weekend was http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/ds-openstack/files/head:/cloudinit/sources/helpers/01:45
harlowjarefactoring that stuffs01:45
smoserharlowja, you still around ?03:02
harlowjapossibly, lol03:02
harlowjawhy are u still around smoser :-P03:02
smoserno idea.03:02
harlowjaya, same here03:02
smoserwhatdo you think about http://paste.ubuntu.com/6812057/03:02
smoserbasically moved read_file_or_url to url_helper03:03
smoserand then made it raise  UrlError on file errors too.03:03
smoserthe reason for this...03:03
smoserso i can use it for dir2dict (which is partially there)03:04
smoserone thing that sucks about it...03:04
smoserurl_helper then can't use 'load_file'03:04
harlowjaya, hmmm03:04
smoser(due to recursive import)03:04
harlowjawithout file_utils or some crap03:04
smoser(which wouldn't be a terrible idea really.. but yet another thing)03:05
smoseralternatively, i could just make the dir2dict not use read_file_or_url :)03:06
smoserand do that itself.03:06
smoserthe idea of dir2dict was something like:03:06
harlowjaread_file_or_url could still be in utils though right, and still have the urlerror stuff03:06
harlowjaif that function wasn't moved then most of the other stuff could still work right?03:07
smosersomething caused me to move that.03:07
smoserlet me see03:08
harlowjaotherwise smoser  seems ok03:11
harlowjadoes MAAS benefit from the ssl_details stuff?03:11
harlowjai thought it like read some local files03:12
* harlowja probably confused03:12
harlowjai guess combine yours with https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/ec2-ssl and then most everything will be passing ssl_details around03:13
smosermaas does use remote03:19
smoserso could use https03:19
smoserbut does not.03:19
harlowjapaste seems fine with me03:23
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