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ahoneybunGuest22834: Jono Bacon?04:39
valorieoh what the hell06:36
valorieI need the install directions on our website, and they are gone06:36
valoriefortunately the docs still exist at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuDocs/Installation06:42
valoriebut why are the install docs not on our server?06:42
Riddellvalorie: because they were incomplete at 13.10 release date08:45
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1272637] "Remove this <widget>" option not present when right-clicking on a panel widget @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1272637 (by Rohan Dhruva)09:34
lordievaderGood morning.09:41
valorieRiddell: hmmm, you would think now that they are done, they could be moved/transformed/whatever?09:52
valorieor at least link to the wiki09:52
valorieoh well, I'll try to find out more later09:57
valoriefor now, bedtime. Tomorrow, kub session at Ubuntu User days09:57
Riddellvalorie: good luck with that10:15
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1272637] "Remove this <widget>" option not present when right-clicking on a panel widget @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1272637 (by Rohan Dhruva)11:40
BluesKajHiyas all13:16
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1272687] Shutdown sometimes hangs on Kubuntu 14.04 Daily Build @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1272687 (by Marco Parillo)14:52
ahoneybunvalorie: thats what I was wondering about the wiki docs being mirrored to the site.15:14
ahoneybunI'm thinking of trying to learn to package18:38
ahoneybunyofel: I'm going to try to fix this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tomahawk/+bug/116260118:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 1162601 in tomahawk (Ubuntu) "Please update tomahawk to 0.7.0" [Wishlist,Triaged]18:50
yofelahoneybun: that would be very much appreciated :)19:23
ahoneybunI'm stuck at one part19:24
ahoneybunI installed ffw3 but it does not see it installed19:25
ahoneybunI don't see any error messages19:26
ahoneybunwhen installing fftw319:27
yofelyou installed libfftw3-dev ?19:28
yofelahoneybun: there is a 0.7 in ppa:tomahawk/ppa btw., it's just not dfsg-clean19:30
ahoneybunI thought I had to build from source19:31
yofelwell, yes, the package will build the source19:32
ahoneybunbut how do I go from that ppa to fixing that bug?19:33
yofelwell, the source package in the PPA already has the build-deps etc. figured out so less work for you19:34
yofelyou could use 'pull-ppa-source ppa:tomahawk/ppa tomahawk saucy' to get it19:34
yofelif you have the kubuntu-dev-tools19:34
ahoneybunthat is a package?19:35
yofelI don't think we have one. You branch lp:kubuntu-dev-tools and build a package from that19:36
yofeljust run 'dpkg-buildpackage' inside 19:36
ahoneybunupdating my trusty vm 19:38
ahoneybunwith that ppa19:38
ahoneybunthere are no trusty package for tomahawk19:38
yofelno there isn't, just get the one for saucy19:39
ahoneybunbut I am running trusty19:39
yofelwell, there is no trusty package, so your easiest way to get one is to fetch the saucy package and make it work for trusty19:40
yofelwould be the same thing if you start from the archive package, except that you then have to update it from 0.6 to 0.7 too19:40
ahoneybunwell I'm making a saucy virtualbox then will add the ppa, get kubuntu-dev-tools and pull 19:41
yofelpull-ppa-source allows you to fetch a package for any release, you don't have to be running the release that the package was built for19:42
ahoneybunidk how to make a saucy package work in trusty19:42
yofelwell, you fetch the package, try to build it for trusty and fix what doesn't work19:43
yofelif you're lucky, you don't have to do anything19:43
ahoneybunbut a sudo apt-get update with that ppa added fails because there is no trusty package19:44
ahoneybunI'm branching kubuntu-dev-tools 19:49
ahoneybunhow do you build kubuntu-dev-tools?19:51
yofeljust cd inside the folder, run dpkg-buildpackage19:52
yofeldo you want a shared chroot? Then I could help you with the beginning at least19:53
ahoneybun dpkg-buildpackage19:53
jarkkoyofel: how packages are transformed from saucy --> trusty ? i mean are they all 1st just copied into trusty ppa or something?19:53
ahoneybununmet deps19:53
yofeljarkko: when the archive opens everything is copied over. To catch packages that don't build anymore there are regular archive rebuilds 19:54
yofelfor PPA's you can either re-upload, or copy19:55
ahoneybunmaybe do a shared chroot19:55
yofelok, give me a minute19:55
jarkkowho decides when a program gets new number? 19:55
yofelthe application versions are up to the respective developers. I.e. kde apps being versioned 4.12.1 is the decision of the kde develops19:56
yofelwe add the -... part after that19:56
yofelwhere -XubuntuY means that debian has X changes and ubuntu Y (so our packages are -0ubuntu1 when we upload them)19:57
yofelsynced packages are symply e.g. -1, merged packages are -1ubuntu119:58
jarkkohow much different is debian and kubuntu sotware base?19:58
yofelwell, k/ubuntu is based on debian, so we get a lot from there. But ubuntu maintains chunks of the stack themselves like kernel, X etc.19:59
yofelfor kubuntu the kde packages are close to the debian ones, we're just ahead of debian19:59
jarkkodo you know why they want to maintain kernel themselves?19:59
jarkkoor is it jus backporting drivers?19:59
yofelno, they maintain it themselves, and as for why #ubuntu-kernel will have to answer that20:00
jussiSecurity mostly iirc20:00
jarkkowell i look if someone is there20:00
jussibut #ubuntu-kernel will of course have the best answer20:00
jussijarkko: I would guess you will have better luck on a weekday than a weekend20:01
jarkkowell it would be great if all distros could use the same software base even they would use different programs20:02
jarkkois that never gonna happen?20:03
jarkkodoes the disto amount increase or decrease every year?20:04
jarkkowould think that lot of them die because no maintaince20:04
jussithey do..20:09
jussithere is a cycle....20:09
jussiI think that is the nice thing about open source though, when there are many different methods, it allows innovation to not be stifled20:10
yofelahoneybun: sorry, I have to re-setup something20:11
* yofel loves it when lxc falls apart -.-20:12
jarkkoare there lots of programs or projects that got abandon or became success?20:13
ahoneybunyofel: np20:13
jussijarkko: there are many, many that get abandoned. not so many that are successful20:14
jussiand ofte, something gets abandoned, then someone who likes it will pick it up. again, open source :)20:15
jarkkowell i often see the argument that everyone can read the code and make it better etc...the fact is that no average guy cannot read the code or change it20:17
jussijarkko: to a point - but Im not a coder and Ive contributed to several places. just different stuff20:18
jussi(like the theme of this IRC client IM using...)20:19
yofelahoneybun: can you connect to 'ssh -p 2224 ubuntu@yofel.dyndns.org' ?20:22
ahoneybunyea need a password though20:34
ahoneybunyofel: need the pass though20:34
miseria"dicen, que el ser humano es un programa del universo; ¿sera que la muerte es solo un cambio de actividades?" bienvenidos: http://castroruben.com *temo_a_un_ser_sin_rival*20:35
ahoneybuni can yofel20:37
jarkkohow did you end up using kubuntu?20:38
yofelahoneybun: sorry, got disconnected. Try again20:41
ahoneybunstill need a password20:41
yofelhm, I did add your ssh key from launchpad20:42
yofelthere is no password20:42
ahoneybunasks for your20:42
yofeldo I need to add a different one?20:42
ahoneybunmaybe I need to update it20:42
ahoneybunthat key may be for my dual boot kubuntu not this virtual box one20:43
yofelit's aaron@aaron-Lenovo-IdeaPad-Y510P20:43
ahoneybunyea thats the dualboot one20:43
ahoneybunbut the dual boot is on 13.1020:44
yofelwell, I need the one from whatever you're on right now ^^20:44
ahoneybunthe ssh key?20:45
yofelpublic one20:45
ahoneybunadding it to lp20:47
ahoneybunit is the one with my email20:51
yofelahoneybun: try now20:54
yofelsmall shell window ^^20:55
yofelbut worked, great20:55
ahoneybunjust know that off the top of your head lol20:57
yofelthe builddeps? 20:57
ahoneybunyea 20:57
yofeldpkg-checkbuilddeps printed them, see?20:58
yofeldpkg -i and apt-get install -f is a bit of a trick to get debs and their deps installed20:59
ahoneybunadd the ppa ?21:02
yofelno need, we only need the package from it, nothing else21:02
yofelnow ^^21:04
ahoneybunnow what is my part to do?21:05
yofela) make sure it builds for trusty. I created a pbuilder env that you can use to check ('sudo -E pbuilder build ...dsc'), b) the 0.6 package had some files removed from the upstream tarball for licensing reasons, that needs to be done for 0.7 too21:07
yofelafter that update the debian/copyright file for 0.7 as I don't think that was done yet21:07
yofelremoving the files from the upstream tarball means repacking it. That's unpacking the original tarball, removing the files, then creating a new 0.7.0+dfsg1 tarball21:09
yofelahoneybun: thankfully, the repacking is actually easy, as someone make a debian/repack.local script in the 0.6 package that tells which files were removed last time21:11
ahoneybunam I going the right way?21:11
yofelnot sure, why are you building 0.6?21:12
ahoneybunam I?21:13
yofeljust cancel it with ctrl+c21:13
ahoneybunso look in the 0.6 package for the files removed?21:14
yofelahoneybun: see, there you can already see which files where removed last time21:16
yofelchecking the changelog also can tell something useful if people do it right21:16
ahoneybunso where is the 0.7?21:16
yofelin that folder there is already the 0.7 we need21:17
yofelwe need to start from  a clean 0.721:17
ahoneybunmade a backup?21:18
yofeljust moved it out of the way so we don't need to extract the debian/ folder again21:19
yofelbut we need an unpackaged 0.7 source as we need to rebuild the tar21:19
ahoneybunyou moved 0.7 to packaged and then made it again21:19
yofelright, I extracted the 0.7.orig which is the upstream source without any modifications21:20
ahoneybunoh boy a bit over my head 21:20
yofeltomahawk is a bit of a complicated thing thanks to the license issues :/21:20
yofelthat's why I'm helping :)21:21
ahoneybunbut those were the same21:21
yofelnot.. quite21:21
ahoneybunor was one upstream and one was ubuntu?21:21
yofelpretty much21:21
yofelsee, the packaged one has quilt stuff and the debian/  folder21:22
ahoneybungo into 0.7 and remove the admin mac and win?21:22
yofelwe don't need those at this point21:22
yofelright, remove all the files that are in the repack.local file21:22
ahoneybunhow do I remove dirs? 21:23
yofelahoneybun: you can remove a dir with contents with 'rm -r dir#21:24
yofelerm, 'rm -r dir'21:24
ahoneybunthose too?21:25
yofelgood, now we need to rename the folder to match the new version it'll have. That's tomahawk-0.7.0+dfsg121:29
yofelwhich is added to show that it matches with http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines21:30
ahoneybunrename command?21:30
yofelmove 21:30
yofelI already moved it, now we need to create the new tar21:31
yofelnow we have the new tarball that we can use for the package21:32
yofelso now that that's done with, we can get back to packaging21:33
yofelfor that we'll start cleanly of from 0.6, just so the changelog is clean. We can take what we need from the 0.7 control file later21:33
yofelnow you always start by adding a new changelog entry21:34
ahoneybunso you copied the debian dir from 0.6 to 0.721:35
yofelright, we'll start off that21:35
yofelnow those 2 env variables that I set are something you want to put in your ~/.bashrc 21:35
yofelas dch will use them to fill in the name in the changelog21:35
yofelhm, do you know how to use vim?21:36
ahoneybunnope nano is the most I have21:36
yofelok, then lets try that again21:36
ahoneybunthe env variables?21:37
yofelDEBEMAIL=aaronhoneycutt@kubuntu.org DEBFULLNAME="Aaron Honeycutt"21:37
yofelsee what happens otherwise21:37
yofelin the changelog, dch now says that '-- Colin Watson <ubuntu@lxc-devel>  Sat, 25 Jan 2014 21:37:58 +0000' edited it21:38
yofelnot ... quite right21:38
yofelwith them21:39
yofel-- Aaron Honeycutt <aaronhoneycutt@kubuntu.org>  Sat, 25 Jan 2014 21:39:13 +000021:39
ahoneybunbut all that is one line? in at the bottom in bashrc?21:39
yofelbetter :)21:39
yofelah, no21:39
yofelexport DEBEMAIL=aaronhoneycutt@kubuntu.org21:39
yofelexport DEBFULLNAME="Aaron Honeycutt"21:39
yofelin .bashrc21:39
yofelso first thing you need to do is fix the version in the first line21:40
yofelubuntu1, not 421:41
yofelit's the first packaging version of the 0.7 release21:42
ahoneybunis the log right21:42
yofelI don't think it needs to be that verbose, telling why is more important21:43
yofeli.e. 'repack upstream tarball so it's DFSG compliant'21:43
yofeland before everything else. If you update to a new upstream version the first changelog line is usually:21:44
yofel* New upstream release (LP: #00000)21:44
yofelwhere the number is the launchpad bug number21:44
yofelcorrect :)21:45
yofelnow we'll leave the version as UNRELEASED for now21:46
ahoneybunas 14.04 is dev?21:46
yofelthat's changed at the very end before upload21:46
yofel(nope, you need a correct release set to upload)21:46
ahoneybunshould I assign myself on lp?21:46
yofeldch changes behaviour when you want to edit a changelog though depending on UNRELEASED or not21:47
yofelfor now save21:47
yofeland if you want, assign the bug to you21:47
yofelnow I think we'll continue with making it buildable21:48
yofelso next after saving the file, run 'debuild -S' to get a source package21:48
ahoneybunwhen is the beta of trusty set for?21:49
yofelfeb 27th says https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule21:50
yofeltomahawk needs to be in before feb 20th btw. (feature freeze)21:50
* jacky makes a note21:50
yofelas for the debuild error, there is a debhelper support script missing21:51
yofelthe first thing I usually do in that case, is try to install the build-deps for the package which usually takes care of things21:52
yofeli.e. 'sudo apt-get build-dep tomahawk'21:52
yofelthe package that's missing here is pkg-kde-tools btw.21:52
ahoneybunthat would not be in the list of things being installed21:53
yofelSetting up pkg-kde-tools (0.15.12ubuntu1) ...                                                                                                  │···········································21:54
yofelit was just installed21:54
yofelok, after running debuild -S, you always want to read what lintian tells you21:55
yofelthe first 2 warnings are something we don't need to care about though usually21:55
ahoneybuncant prove its me pretty mcuh21:56
yofelthe standards version is something you usually want to update, but to be sure you can you would have to read the changelog of debian-policy 3.9.521:56
yofelso lets just leave it for now (ubuntu doesn't care about it much anyway)21:57
yofeldebsign failed because it can't find your gpg key on the server (and that's good)21:57
yofelyou would need to have it properly signed to upload it somewhere, meaning the person that'll sponsor your upload will do that21:58
yofelit's not required for us now21:58
yofelso now that we have a source package, we can feed it to pbuilder21:59
ahoneybunwhich mean me and you (mostly you) build it and someone else uploads it21:59
yofelpretty much, tomahawk is MOTU terretory21:59
yofeleveryones masters of the universe to be found in #ubuntu-motu22:00
yofelthey take care of the stuff in universe/multiverse22:00
yofellet's start building22:02
yofelok, I just froze the shell by pressing F722:03
yofel(that's byobu, pretty handy)22:03
yofelnow lets go back up to the configuring22:04
yofelit's always good to first check whether there's anything not found there22:04
yofelfor now we can be happy, as all the packages we need are already found \o/22:05
yofelso continue..22:05
yofelahoneybun: still with me? ^^22:24
yofelpackage is almost done building22:25
ahoneybunyes so far so good22:27
yofelok, the package is done building now, and it even built successfully22:27
ahoneybunnot in my screen22:27
ahoneybunstuck at 88%22:27
yofelconnection lost maybe?22:28
yofelyou got disconnected a few times here, so maybe ssh gave up at some point22:28
yofelI've set up pbuilder to always stay in the chroot at the end. (personal preference)22:29
yofelusually it would've quit and saved the files22:29
yofelnow lets go back up a bit and look at the debhelper output22:30
yofelDH_VERBOSE is set in pbuilderrc so it's a bit long22:30
yofelok so my pbuilder set in the chroot has some pbuilder hooks in ~/.pbuilder-hooks22:31
yofel2 of those run lintian and list-missing on the finished package22:31
yofelso as you see, lintian suddenly shows a lot more than it did before22:32
yofelping me when you're back22:33
ahoneybunyofel: ping!22:55
* valorie goes to do the Kubuntu presentation in #ubuntu-classroom22:56
* ahoneybun follows22:56
valorieoooo, a kub. posse22:57
jarkkojoined too22:57
yofelahoneybun: pong22:58
* yofel passes valorie a cup of coffee22:58
yofelI'll idle around in -chat :)22:58
valoriedanke schon, yofel22:58
jarkkoi just read about lubuntu and xubuntu...the another had something like 12 testers for alpha 2...i just wonder why we need so many different distros...man power is so divided23:00
valoriethey aren't whole distros23:01
valorieflavors of ubuntu23:01
valoriebut you are asking why have both pear and apple trees23:02
jarkkobut how they differ from kubuntu then?23:02
jarkkothey were asking package managers too...23:02
valorielisten and learn!23:02
* valorie has to concentrate on the session23:03
jackyjarkko: this is freedom on steroids23:15
jackymore freedom is better than *no* freedom23:15
valoriejarkko: I get what you are saying, but there is nobody in charge23:22
valoriewe all do as we like, find those with whom we want to work, etc.23:22
valoriefreedom can be messy23:23
jarkkoi think it would be better if some distros would eat some others23:23
valorieit does sorta happen23:26
valoriethe code stays out there, bit-rotting, but the people move on to other projects23:26
valoriewhen you think of all the ubuntu flavors, for instance, they each fill a niche23:27
valorieubuntu-kylin we can't fill23:27
valoriefor instance23:27
jarkkowhat's ubuntu-kylin?23:28
valorieedubuntu, same23:28
valorieit's in Chinese23:28
valoriebasically created/packaged by Chinese23:28
jarkkoi heard that chinese use lot of linux23:29
jarkkocan anyone explain why we have nowadays deb and rpm? what happened at the time there was only 123:29
NoskcajIt's even the national OS now23:30
valorieredhat developed rpm a looooong time ago23:30
NoskcajBecause different distros use different systems. 23:30
valoriefor their own commercial reasons23:30
valorieeverybody chooses what works best for them23:30
jarkkoi doubt many will cycle many distros, if the ones that they try work23:31
valorieoh gosh, some are dilettants and try new stuff just for the heck of it23:34
valorieme, I'm sorta stubborn23:34
valorieI love kubuntu and will stay here23:35
jarkkodoes installing other DEs on kubuntu work just from software center?23:59

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