samertmvthompson: awesome! thanks so much. I've been staring at this monitor for way too long, so I'm going to go eat.00:01
vthompsonsamertm, enjoyQ00:01
vthompsoner, enjoy!00:01
doflahvthompson, I'm looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/127215400:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1272154 in Ubuntu Music App "New or Edit Playlist dialog should have a text box with a different tint from the background" [Low,Triaged]00:10
vthompsondoflah, that's a picky little bug I filed00:11
doflahit looks like only the foreground color is exposed in the API, shouldn't there be a background color property as well?00:11
vthompsondoflah, well, I assume either TextField has a foreground of sorts or we could use a different component or combination of components.00:14
vthompson*background not foreground00:15
doflahputting it in a white rectangle seems to work, I just wasn't sure if I could tap in to whatever was giving it the white background when it had focus00:27
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LucaBiolcatiwhen Hack Day will start?04:13
LucaBiolcatisorry it is on 27th04:23
delsahello to everyone08:02
delsaI made a mokeup of calendar app for tablet http://ubuntuone.com/65EzxdK5sLJqdPyWO03RJA http://ubuntuone.com/6XIuBBwccT46dd0ClholCe hope you like it08:03
popeyooh! delsa i like those!08:06
delsathanks popey :)08:06
delsapopey , I'm not able with balsamiq, so I prefer Inkscape08:07
nik90alrite people the clock app is all ready for the hackday. I have tagged all bugs with "hackday" and also added in a difficult level to ensure you know what you are stepping into.11:29
nik90Looking forward to the hackday event11:29
popeynik90: thanks!11:51
WebbyITI'm sorry, but on calc there are no bitesize bugs :/12:15
ogra_add some !12:25
nik90WebbyIT: I had to think for like 10-15 mins to come up with bitesize bugs12:31
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