sarnoldhey phoenixcoder :)02:21
phoenixcoderhey sarnold, just finished setting up my irc client so taking it for a test run.02:21
sarnoldphoenixcoder: oh, nice :)02:22
phoenixcoderI guess it's working since you can see this, :-)02:22
sarnoldif you haven't set up certfp yet, that might be a nice next step: http://freenode.net/certfp/ and  http://www.oftc.net/NickServ/CertFP/02:23
phoenixcoderokay, I'll see what I can do with that.02:24
phoenixcoderSo what is this channel about?  The ubuntu channel was a bit vague about what's done here.02:26
phoenixcoderubuntu site*02:26
sarnoldcoordination among packagers, mostly; bug discussion, divvying up work02:27
phoenixcoderIs it for community members looking to get involved too?02:27
sarnoldit sure is :)02:28
NoskcajWhat is it you'd like to help with?02:29
sarnoldthough at the moment it'll be quiet for a while -- europe is asleep, north america is in the pub, and apac is waking up soon, but it'll be saturday for them when they do :)02:29
sarnoldoh hey Noskcaj :) just the man02:29
* sarnold -> dinner :)02:29
phoenixcoderThat is great (!).02:30
phoenixcoderNoskcaj, I thought I'd observe for a while and see what I can help with.02:30
phoenixcoderI just got done learning about OS development so I am just starting out.02:30
NoskcajAre there any particular packages you're interested in or skills you have?02:31
NoskcajOur work is mostly split into: Quality Assurance, Packaging, Bug triage, Bug fixing, Translation, and support02:31
phoenixcoderNo packages of interest yet.  Skills-wise; what would count as a skill for you?02:32
NoskcajKnow multiple languages, know programming languages, lot's of experience in a particular area.02:33
NoskcajBut you'll learn a lot, trust me02:33
phoenixcoderIn that case, I know C, Java, C++, and Python.  That's in order of strengths from left-to-right.02:34
NoskcajThen you will do very well.02:35
phoenixcoderI hope to learn a lot.02:35
phoenixcoderThat's the exciting part.02:35
NoskcajIf i may ask, what country are you from?02:35
phoenixcoderUS, East Coast02:35
Noskcajok, so nowhere near me02:35
phoenixcoderAnd you?02:35
phoenixcoderHalf a world away.02:36
NoskcajIf you'd like to start with some bug fixing, some easy (ish) ones can be found at https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts02:36
NoskcajIt's a meta-project for finding simple bugs02:37
phoenixcoderOkay, and what do you mean exactly by a meta-project?02:38
NoskcajIt's not a real program or code, it just is something you make bugs affect if they are easy fixes02:38
NoskcajAnd like i said above, if there's a program you use a lot or find interesting, say so.02:38
phoenixcoderOkay, sure.  What packages fall into this group's domain?02:39
Noskcajubuntu-devel is where everyone is. Any package is relevant here.02:40
Noskcajthings like #kubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-quality are where you'll find more specific things02:41
phoenixcoderNoskcaj and sarnold, thank you for your help; before I get disconnected or logoff.02:50
Noskcajphoenixcoder, No problem. It's always good to see someone new join03:10
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bluesabreseb128: I've uploaded a fresh debdiff to https://launchpad.net/bugs/1207493 on behalf of xubuntu-team12:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 1207493 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu Precise) "[SRU] Documentation does not match shipped system version (11.10 shipped with 12.04)" [High,Fix committed]12:15
bluesabrePlease take a moment to review it :)12:16
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Logan_Noskcaj: > Syncable, requestsync not working23:11
Logan_Lemme guess who that was. :P23:11
NoskcajWasn't fetching changelogs, and my internet is dropping out more regularly than normal23:12
Noskcajalso, mia is syncable, i just don'thave a spare two hours to build it (tried last night)23:15
Noskcajwow, i only have one package on the sponsoring queue23:34
* Noskcaj begins fixing that23:34
NoskcajLogan_, Can you take a look at syncing rawstudio? provided libgphoto2-dev is acceptable, we should be able to sync.23:46

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