YamakasY_hey guys!21:31
YamakasY_I heard this channel is great for preseed questions :)21:31
YamakasY_ok, I'm adding a puppet repo using my preseed file but puppet 2.7 is installed from the ubuntu repo and not the 3.4 one from the puppet labs repo21:32
YamakasY_this is what I do: http://pastebin.com/jQDw3XMk21:33
cjwatson(I only have about 30 seconds before I have to run off to stop children destroying the universe.)  Do you also have an apt-setup/local0/...?  apt-setup will count from 0, and stop at the first one that doesn't exist.21:43
cjwatsonIf you don't have a local0, rename this one.21:43
cjwatsonIf that isn't it then I'd need to see an installer syslog.21:43
YamakasY_cjwatson: yes did that :) now I read it here :)22:26
YamakasY_cjwatson: that works, but it's not going to be installed on 12.04 because of a unmet dependency... on a 12.04 lts I need to to do a dist-upgrade to get it installed22:27
cjwatson"d-i pkgsel/upgrade select full-upgrade" might be worth trying then22:28
YamakasY_cjwatson: just add it under those lines ?22:35
cjwatsonPosition doesn't matter22:35
cjwatsonPreseed files are declarative - they're basically setting a bunch of database entries22:36
cjwatsonOrder within embedded scripts obviously matters, but not otherwise22:36
YamakasY_cjwatson: ah ok, thanks, restarting the install now22:39
YamakasY_cjwatson: I get my lines always proper :)22:39
YamakasY_cjwatson: going well so far :)22:44
YamakasY_cjwatson: nope, hangs again22:56
YamakasY_cjwatson: shouldn't it install the base packages first and than do a d-i pkgsel/upgrade select full-upgrade ?23:00
YamakasY_lol, preparing maanpages... maan is moon here ;23:22
YamakasY_cjwatson: nope, not going to work23:23
YamakasY_damn this is annoying23:39
YamakasY_shengyao: he!23:46

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