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slangasekis anybody else seeing a problem with latest kernels in trusty where filesystems are filling up with invisible usage, that clears up on reboot?19:15
slangasek(problem seen with 3.13.0-4-generic; have just rebooted to 3.13.0-5-generic, waiting to see if the problem manifests again)19:17
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jarkkoi would like to ask why ubuntu maintains the kernel themselfs20:00
Fauxjarkko: Relative to what?20:07
jarkkoi just want to know why ubuntu maintains the kernel themself20:08
jarkkoor is it just backportig drivers?20:08
ogra_jarkko, every distro does that ... you need to do packaging and testing to make sure it works in context of the rest of the distro 20:09
antarusThe kernel configuration process is pretty complicated, and there are lots of decisions ot be made20:09
ogra_(and you will also find that every distro maintains its own kernel config)20:10
antaruswhat features work, what features don't work, what features make sense for Ubuntu, what features do not20:10
jarkkoso basically the same kernel can be very different on other distro?20:10
ogra_well, differently configured20:10
antarusand differently patched20:10
jarkkonever thought that20:11
antarusalthough sharing (or poaching) patchsets is pretty common ;p20:11
jarkkowell i have compiled kernel few times and noticed lots of things i have no idea20:11
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jarkkoi mean the config20:11
ogra_jarkko, fedora builds all its security in userspace around selinux ... ubuntu does the same with apparmor ... you cant have bot that the same time enabled in the kernel ... 20:12
ogra_just as an example 20:12
ogra_s/that the/at the/20:12
jarkkodo you have any opinion replacing iptables?20:15
ogra_not really ... 20:16
ogra_i dont use it 20:16
ogra_(not really necessary on ubuntu ... ports only get opened if a userspace process listens on them, in ubuntu there is a "no open ports by default" policy so the risk is pretty low)20:18
ogra_(unless you explicitly install something that is supposed to listen indeed ... like a webserver ... but then you should know that port 80 is open for it)20:19
jarkkohow can i confirm that?20:19
ogra_use another machine ... get familiar with nmap and scan your ubuntu install from there 20:19
ogra_a default desktop install will only have DHCP and MDNS open ... 20:21
jarkkodoes every kernel release need hard patching?20:24
ogra_thats something you should ask the kernel team during the workweek ... they are rarely around on weekends ;)20:27

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