BobJonkmanbelkinsa: Sorry, wasn't paying attention.  Pong.00:35
belkinsaIt's cool.  That's what IRC is for.  ;)  Anyways, how was the meeting?00:36
BobJonkmanOur video chat was remarkably successful00:38
BobJonkmanSeems Hangouts only allow 10 people to participate at a time, and we had a lineup of people wanting in00:38
BobJonkmanMeeting summary at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2014/2014-01-23#Meeting_summary00:40
BobJonkman(with a link to the RecordMyDesktop capture of the first 2 1/2 minutes00:40
BobJonkmanNext time one of us will set up Hangouts On Air, with allow 10 participants, but any number to view the stream.00:41
BobJonkmanHangoutsOnAir will create a YouTube recording as well.00:41
BobJonkmanSadly, that means I have no justification to buy a larger hard drive00:41
belkinsaAny bandwidth issues?00:43
BobJonkmanSome people had scratchy sound, and some people blinked out to show only an avatar. But nobody dropped, and the software didn't lock from bandwidth issues00:44
BobJonkmanSo Google has done a better job on Hangouts than the WebRTC clients we tried00:44
belkinsaBecause they are Google.00:44
belkinsaBut then again, it's new technology, right?00:44
BobJonkmanStill, I know we lost some participants because they want to remain Google-free (don't want to load the proprietary Hangouts plugin in their browser)00:45
BobJonkmanAnd we lost at least one participant because she only has dialup, no broadband00:45
belkinsaI understand that.00:45
belkinsaBut the hyibird of the two worked well, right?00:45
belkinsaJust like VUDS.00:45
BobJonkmanI also feel a little put off by the proprietary SW requirements00:46
belkinsaOh, jcastro (jorge) still wants to try out WebRTC.00:47
BobJonkmanWell, we can hold another test.00:48
BobJonkmanIf I'm around I'll participate00:48
belkinsaBut I think it should be private.00:48
belkinsaLike what we did with genni00:49
BobJonkmanI'd limit it to 3-4 participants, but make it open and public. First come, first served.  That encourages people with different hardware to participate, and gets wider representation.00:50
belkinsaThat can work but I think not at this stage since we haven't found a great client.  Well, unless, it can be chatb.org.00:51
BobJonkmanSo that when the chat is finally opened to all there's less chance of dealing with combinations of hardware and software that don't work, but weren't tested.00:51
BobJonkmanI think even chatb.org needs some more work. But I think it's the best of the lot that we've tried.00:52
belkinsaYeah.  Do you know if there is any contact information for the server of chatb00:53
BobJonkmanEven though its performance isn't as good as Hangouts, it can be improved because it's open.00:53
belkinsaAnd Open is the way to go!00:53
belkinsaAnd this could be a community wide effort.00:53
BobJonkmanYes, jrgifford provided a link to a github repository, which should lead back to the contributors00:53
BobJonkmanBut I don't have it at my fingertips.00:54
BobJonkmanIt was in one of the LoCo Contacts Mailing List messages, though00:54
belkinsaI will work on a wiki page for this so this can be passed on within the community.00:54
BobJonkmanSorry, I've got to go. Probably be back in three or four hours00:54
belkinsaAlright, see you later.00:54
BobJonkmanI had a look at your other Wiki page, but not in detail.00:55
belkinsaAs in the user page?00:55
belkinsajose, ping01:06
josebelkinsa: pong01:06
belkinsaQuestion regarding Open Week wiki pages.  Will those be updated for the next one?01:06
josebelkinsa: they will, we're too far away from them01:07
joselet's wait a month or a bit more and I'll start working on them :)01:07
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philipballewczajkowski, Are you going to be at FOSSDEM? If so, would be great to run into each other.16:13
=== j_f-f_ is now known as j_f-f
czajkowskiphilipballew: I am indeed will be in the NoSQL room on sunday 17:55
philipballewczajkowski, ah cool. I'll have to pop in and check it out!17:56

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