Unit193Logan_: Howdy, what's the likelihood of an update getting in that really diverges from Debian, if Debian has a fairly active maintainer?08:18
Logan_Unit193: It really depends on the package. I'm actually about to go to sleep.08:19
Unit193Logan_: I'd hope, at 0319.  Sleep well.08:19
geserUnit193: what kind of update and which package?10:53
Unit193dropbear, split out a dropbear-initramfs, updated to dh7, updated to latest upstream, updated init script, added building of the scp module and in the initramfs hook to install it as bin/scp, and maybe smaller things or something I'm missing...10:57
Unit193I'm guessing a big no, but may as well ask.10:59
cjwatsonwhy wouldn't most of those be done in Debian?11:01
* ogra_ wonders how they make sure you have properly working networking inside the initrd for that 11:02
cjwatsonthe thing people usually choose not to think about is that large divergences are an *ongoing* cost, and need corresponding benefit - fiddling about with the packaging system (dh7, init script, etc.) rarely have anywhere near the benefit required11:02
cjwatsonwork with the Debian maintainer instead11:02
cjwatsonthere's a reason I ended up being (effectively) the Debian grub2 maintainer rather than just doing all the work in Ubuntu, for instance :)11:03
cjwatsonthis way I have to do much less scutwork with merges11:03
Unit193cjwatson: Sure, and I understand and get that, just figured I'd ask since I already did it for myself.11:04
Unit193ogra_: And the initramfs stuff was already there, I just made it more of an option.  It uses a function to bring it up, or can use the ip= boot option.11:04
geserisn't the dropbear Debian maintainer looking for help with initramfs support?11:05
ogra_Unit193, yeah, i was just curious11:06
Unit193I didn't do much with that though, outside of the package I have .profile so when you ssh in it'll ask you for the password.  Biggest thing I changed in there is used pidof dropbear to forably close ssh connections out of the initrd when the system resumes booting.11:07
geserUnit193: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2014/01/msg00289.html , so I'd propose to work with the Debian maintainer to improve the initramfs support for both Debian and Ubuntu11:08
Unit193geser: Again, not the part I did, or likely can, do much with. :/11:09
Unit193Thanks for responding!  Got the answer(s)  :)11:10
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