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disc0techGood morning, I have a question, I setup a VM using TestDrive/Virtual Box using Trusty a couple of weeks ago, and have been using it for developing / testing autopilot tests.  I should probably upgrade to the latest Alpha - should I rebuild the VM from scratch?  Or just run apt-get upgrade?08:30
NoskcajIn the VM running apt-get dist-upgrade will be enough08:31
disc0techthanks, will do that08:31
senanDanChapman: Good Eve :D10:23
DanChapmanhey senan10:27
senanDanChapman: what can we do for the scan remote folder dialog..its a separate dialog..is it possible to catch it using autopilot ?10:31
DanChapmansenan, if you can get the pid of the dialog you could use get_proxy_object_for_existing_process but since we will not have an external network connection when running in the lab I wouldn't say it's a priority feature to be testing, I'd say cover all other options and then come back to it :-)10:33
senanDanChapman: Can you please take a look at the current code and give me some suggestion on the To Do's10:35
senanDanChampan: I'm not sure what all things I need to do in that now10:42
senanDanChapman: how do I call the get_proxy_object_for_existing_process11:06
senanDanChapman: I got the pid by using ps .. do I need to import any library for the function11:06
senanDanChapman: I got the following error while using the proxy_object call http://paste.ubuntu.com/6813637/11:14
DanChapmansenan you need to import get_proxy_object_for_exisitng_process then do 'proxy_obj = get_proxy_object_for_existing_process(pid) see http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/api/introspection.html11:25
senanDanChapman : Can you please review my code ?12:19
senanDanChapman : Is it possible to set focus to an editbox explicitly ?12:40
DanChapmansenan, if you update the MP i'll review it that way :-) Yes use the keyboard focused_type context manager. It will get the entries focus for you12:41
senanDanChapman : OK. I've managed to get the connect_to_server dlg and not trying to enter the server name :)12:42
DanChapmansenan awesome :-D12:43
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senanDanChapman : Is it possible to wait until some operation to finish instead of using sleep13:12
senanDanChapman, pused my new changes13:25
senanDanChapman, Can you please check and let me know what all things needs to be done ?13:25
senanDanChapman: I think I've completed almost everything...need your valuable suggestions to proceed :D13:42
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