MavKenanyone have experience with installing Zurmo?00:19
albergehey folks, I've been using HVM images from http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/00:19
albergebut noticed that there aren't any for us-west-100:20
sarnoldalberge: hrm, I see us-west-1 images for trusty, saucy, raring, quantal, precise, oneiric (!), natty(!), maverick(!), lucid, karmic(!), and hardy(!)00:21
albergespecifically hvm00:21
alberge(in order to run the shiny new i2 SSD-backed instances, which are only available on hvm)00:22
sarnoldsmoser: are you the right one to ask about hvm AMIs at http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/ ? us-west-1 doesn't appear to have any hvm instances00:23
smoseris there hvm in us-west-1 ?00:23
sarnoldgood question :) hehe00:24
smoserit would appear there is.00:25
smoserand yeah, alberge we should have them.00:29
smoserutlemming, ^00:29
smoserit seems that there are hvm in all regions now.00:29
smoserat least i see 'hvm/amzn-ami-hvm-2012.09.0.x86_64-ebs' in all regions00:29
smosererr... amazon/amzn-ami-hvm-2012.09.0.x86_64-ebs00:30
utlemmingsmoser: looking now00:30
utlemmingsarnold: you're right, its not show the ami for us-west-100:31
sarnoldutlemming: thank alberge, I just poked smoser, I figured he'd know :) hehe00:31
smoseri didn't realize there was hvm in all regions.00:32
smoseri use ec2 (and pay attention to it) so much less than i used to00:32
smoseras there are other options now00:32
utlemmingsmoser: I didn't realize that either00:34
utlemmingths will get fixed asap00:34
MavKendigitalocean has ubuntu images... it is great00:40
MavKenon SSD00:40
smoserMavKen, yeah, but they're not the cloud images.00:44
smoserno cloud-init.00:44
smoserwhat fun is that.00:44
MavKenoh ok00:44
smoserjust kidding. really, they're price-performance really, *REALLY* hard to compete with.00:44
smoseri use them for toying around.00:45
MavKenyeah... I've always had shared hosting in the past but ubuntu server at home... have learned alot about the server side since leaving hostgator shared00:45
MavKenmoved 21 of my clients to one $10 droplet and never have performance issues (all small sites, average 1k hits a month)00:46
smoseri still have shared hosting @brickies.net on dreamhost.00:46
smoseryou can't beat the price.00:46
smoseri split, *split* a $9/month plan at dreamhost :)00:46
sarnoldheh, how many gigs of storage are you up to on dreamhost? :)00:46
MavKenI took one look at AWS for the free year but damn that control panel is too much00:46
smoserfor a while i had cirros-cloud.net serving images off of dreamhost.00:47
sarnoldhahah, nice :)00:47
smoseri forget the traffic, but I calcualted it at like $60 a month in traffic.00:47
smoseri moved it to cloud files on rackspace because they gave openstack committers $500/month credit00:47
smoser(and it is now a lot faster download)00:47
sarnoldthat $500 was PER MONTH?00:48
sarnoldzounds :)00:48
smoseryea. for 24 months.00:48
smoserup to $500 credit.00:48
smoseryeah, so cirros has done 107.19 GB in traffic in 11 days of this billing cycle. on cloud files.00:50
smoserso that $60 is high. but easily it was doing $30 in traffic out of dreamhost on my $9/month plan.00:51
albergethanks smoser, it seemed like it was just an unintentional omission01:12
albergeanother question: is there a reason that all the hvm AMIs are EBS-backed rather than instance-store?01:12
smoserwell, initially thats all there was (i think).01:12
smosernow with the instance store's getting ssds, there makes sense to have them.01:12
albergeyeah that sounds familiar01:12
smoserso, yeah, that request has been made. i think utlemming is looking into it.01:13
albergeawesome, thank you both01:13
albergeanything I can do to help, or to get an update when you've built the new ones?01:13
smoseralberge, well, they'll show up on that locator.01:16
smoseralso in the simplestreams data.01:16
smoseralberge, shameless sstream-query promotion:01:19
MavKenis there a best practice of setting up hosting clients at /home/client/public_html or /var/www/client/public_html ?01:45
sarnoldnot that I know of01:46
MavKeni always run into permission issues... and I don't know why I have such a hard time with it01:50
utlemmingalberge: we're blocked, but should have those shortly01:50
utlemmingalberge: I hope to have them within a few weeks01:51
albergethat's instance-store backed ones?01:51
albergeutlemming: that's super exciting, let me know if I can help out in any way01:55
axisysadded this in /etc/manpath.config and rebooted the system.. still does not show in manpath02:30
axisysMANPATH_MAP     /var/qmail/bin          /var/qmail/man02:30
axisyswhat gives?02:30
axisysI added the bin path to /etc/environment and I needed to reboot to get the MANPATH02:38
axisysis there a way to activate it without reboot02:38
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MavKenif I am hosting several wordpress sites, is there anything wrong with doing everything as root and never creating a user?03:43
utlemmingalberge: will do04:48
utlemmingalberge: I've turned on hvm ebs for all regions, they are going to land with the next batch updates. Precise will with 12.04.404:49
omdreams-homeping - anyone alive08:36
DenBeirenI'm having issues with my cron09:52
DenBeirenit's configured to shut down my server, but it doesn't :-)09:52
DenBeirennot as user, not as root09:52
shreddingHey all.12:37
shreddingI have two servers and can login to both via ssh from my machine, but i cannot ssh from one server to another (want to do rsync).12:37
shreddingI can't as well ping the other server.12:37
shreddingAnd that's where my knowledge about networks end.12:37
shreddingHow could i investigate?12:37
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ableFor some strange reason the 13.10 installer doesnt see my existing windows partitions (gpt layout)18:45
hitsujiTMOable: have you loaded the installer in uefi mode or legacy grub/csm mode?18:46
ableits a nehalem box, I guess there is no UEFI18:46
ablehow do I select between the two?18:48
ablethere is no uefi/csm setting in bios, I guess nehalem (the first Core iX-series) was before UEFI18:51
ablewindows works fine with the disk in gpt mode though18:51
hitsujiTMOable: if you've a gpt disk then you should have a uefi setup. what version of windows is on the drive?18:58
able server 2012 r219:13
ableso... 8.119:13
hitsujiTMOable: can you pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l19:16
ablei see whats wrong19:17
ablei set the drive to gpt whole installing windows but I did not reboot19:18
ableso.... it has a gpt header but is in reality mbr19:18
hitsujiTMO2 secs19:18
hitsujiTMOuse this: http://www.rodsbooks.com/fixparts/19:19
hitsujiTMOits in the repo19:20
hitsujiTMOhmm. install gdisk package to get fix parts. it will allow you to remove the false gpt info19:21
makararecommend a domain name registrar?21:39
bekksmakara: "domain dealer of your choice" ;)21:41

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