mhall119cjwatson: are there any docs for building click packages that doesn't involve QtCreator?  Also any docs for installing click packages on desktops (knowing full well that it's neither safe nor recommended)?00:12
cyphermoxricmm: poke, any news?00:35
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ybonoh, unable to install click anymore since r144 it seems :s01:48
ybonlets downgrade02:02
shiggitayI knkow this channel is for the discussion and development of UT, but is there anyone here with an LG GPad 8.3 and is trying to get AOKP unofficial 1.01.14 running? I am and I can't get past the boot animation.02:11
shiggitayI've factory reset, data formatted since I came from another ROM, and all that jazz.02:11
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shapowHi! Anyone taking up a porting effort for the Nexus 5?03:32
shiggitayrsalveti was last I knew03:33
rsalvetishadeslayer: just got an experimental build03:33
rsalvetishiggitay: ^03:33
rsalvetiwant to help testing that?03:33
rsalvetiI don't have a device, so never booted :-)03:34
shapowI see.03:34
rsalvetiuploading, should take a few minutes (~5min)03:34
shiggitayrsalveti, YES! link me in a PM! xD03:34
shapowSo brace for smoke is what you're implying03:34
rsalvetithe instructions are basically http://paste.ubuntu.com/6809501/, but I'm still uploading the nexus 5 image03:34
shapowAh will test overnight. Dinner and removing Arch trash tonight.03:35
rsalvetishiggitay: before testing it, make sure you have a backup or such of your current image/data :-)03:35
shapowIs this unflipped or flipped?03:35
shiggitayomg this is exciting03:35
rsalvetiwill erase everything03:35
shiggitayrsalveti, ya I'm about to that now03:35
shapowYes, this is pretty exciting03:36
shiggitayall those trolls on the XDA forums saying this wasn't going to happen03:36
shapowThey can eat dirt03:37
shiggitaywith no sugar03:37
shapowWith some salt03:38
shiggitayhaha fine03:38
shapowafk fooooood please pm when its up03:38
rsalvetihahaha, current ETA is ~5min (scp)03:40
shapowwho needs a backup of android anyway? that ish gets synced to sergey's NAS anyhow :>03:40
shapowmust.. use.. blowfish!03:41
shiggitaynow DLing the factory image for 4.4.203:45
lotuspsychjeis it workable on nexus?03:46
shiggitayrsalveti, http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/aosp/ doesn't have hammerhead03:46
rsalvetishiggitay: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/aosp/hammerhead/03:46
rsalvetihas now :-)03:47
shiggitayhaha ok03:47
rsalvetiupload completed03:47
rsalvetiplease flash, and then let me know what happens03:47
rsalvetimight not even boot, but we'll see :-)03:47
rsalvetiif you boot and have access with adb that would be a huge step already03:47
shiggitayin process03:47
shiggitaybackup of my CM11 nightly almost done03:48
shiggitayyay for USB OTG mSD readers03:48
shiggitayhmm rsalveti would I nede to be running a desktop Ubuntu to get this all running?03:49
rsalvetishiggitay: nops03:50
rsalvetias long you have adb at your host03:50
shiggitaywhere would the ppa be added then?03:50
shiggitaywithin the UT enviro?03:50
rsalvetishiggitay: yeah03:50
shiggitayhow would I issue phablet-network? over ADB shell or something?03:50
shiggitayrsalveti,  heh03:52
shiggitay9min until the UT image is done03:52
rsalvetishiggitay: we can do that step manually03:52
shiggitaylemme get stuff flashed first heh03:52
shiggitayit's being a slow foo <_<03:53
shiggitay1 min!!!04:00
shiggitayrsalveti, annnd done!04:01
rsalvetishiggitay: able to flash it already?04:05
shiggitaywell I got the HAL in04:06
shiggitaywhen I try adb push trusty it tells at me04:07
shiggitayer wait04:07
shiggitayI think I forgot to let it boot to the HAL04:07
rsalvetiyou need to flash the trusty image before being able to boot it04:07
shiggitayaka the original 4.4.2 image04:07
shiggitayya lol04:07
rsalvetioh, ok04:07
shiggitaynow booting to the stock ROM04:08
shiggitayblah it's taking forever to boot up04:09
rsalvetiyeah, ages04:09
shiggitayso that's normal?04:09
shiggitayit's not soft bricked?04:09
shiggitayadb sees it04:09
rsalvetiandroid first boot sucks04:09
shiggitaywell I know that04:09
shiggitayyeahhh it'd help if I actually flashed the factory image <_<04:11
shiggitaydoes it matter if I first flashed boot/recovery/system.img and then did the factory image 2nd?04:13
rsalvetiyeah, you need to flash the factory image as your first step04:14
rsalvetithen oem unlock04:14
rsalvetiboot, reboot bootloader04:14
shiggitayI've been unlocked :)04:14
rsalvetiflash system, boot recovery04:14
rsalvetirecovery -> flash ubuntu zip04:14
rsalvetiand reboot04:14
shiggitayrsalveti, ok well it's booted up to the select language screen04:16
shiggitaythat's when I fastboot flash'd boot/recovey/system BEFORE doing ./flash-all.sh04:16
shiggitayfor the factory image04:16
shiggitayshould I start over?04:16
shiggitaythe welcoem screen rather04:17
rsalvetiright, just reboot and flash boot, system and recovery again04:17
rsalvetishould be enough04:17
shiggitaygah I gotta set it up enough to get to enabling android debug04:17
shiggitayrsalveti, okay so that's all done... boot into 4.4.2 and try the push?04:20
rsalvetiboot into recovery04:21
shiggitayok I'm in recovery, but when I try and push the trusty zip it b*tches04:22
shiggitayI'm trying a sideload install04:23
shiggitayman is that CWM a hi res04:23
shiggitayalmost can't read it04:23
rsalvetihaha, yeah04:23
rsalvetishiggitay: what is the error?04:23
shiggitayjust adb syntax stuff04:24
rsalvetilike /sdcard not found?04:24
shiggitayerrors with how I tried to use 'push'04:24
shiggitaymissing parameters I think04:24
rsalvetiright, ok04:24
shiggitayand sideloading seems to have worked since I see it installing xDD04:24
shiggitaythough it seems frozen04:25
rsalvetishiggitay: yeah, that's fine04:25
rsalvetishould take 1,2 min04:25
shiggitaythe android recovery dude is all f'd up04:25
shiggitayokay! I'mma attempt a reboot!04:26
rsalvetigood luck :-)04:27
rsalvetishiggitay: able to see the device with adb at least?04:27
shiggitaylemme check04:27
shapow*drum roll*04:27
rsalvetiplease paste me your dmesg output, ifconfig -a and /system/bin/logcat04:28
shiggitayit's on the Google pad loc kscreen04:28
rsalvetishiggitay: yeah, that's fine and expected04:28
rsalvetineed to install lated mir from my ppa and enable mir04:28
shiggitayrsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6812333/04:32
rsalvetiawesome, wlan0 is up04:32
shiggitaythat's wifi right?04:32
rsalvetiE/Diag_Lib(  727):  Diag_LSM_Init: Failed to open handle to diag driver, error = 204:33
rsalvetiE/Diag_Lib(  728):  Diag_LSM_Init: Failed to open handle to diag driver, error = 204:33
rsalvetithis might be because of the missing bins, will check later04:33
shiggitayroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# sudo apt-add-repository ppa:rsalveti/ppa04:33
shiggitayCannot add PPA: 'ppa:rsalveti/ppa'.04:33
shiggitayPlease check that the PPA name or format is correct.04:33
rsalvetihm, using I/SurfaceFlinger(  721): Using composer version 1.304:33
rsalvetimir might not work out of the box, but let's see04:33
rsalvetineed to setup your network first04:34
shiggitayroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# phablet-network04:34
shiggitaybash: phablet-network: command not found04:34
shiggitaybrb gotta take trash out04:34
rsalvetishiggitay: mind pasting dmesg as well?04:35
shiggitaydmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6812342/04:36
shiggitaybrb.. trash smells04:36
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shiggitayrsalveti, back04:40
shiggitayhow do we setup network?04:40
shiggitayand could this same principle be applied to the LG GPad?04:40
rsalvetihm, seems it failed to start the wlan kernel driver, but other then that nothing exploded04:40
rsalvetiwhich is good04:41
shiggitayWhat's the next step?04:41
rsalvetishiggitay: create something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/6812365/04:42
shapowwlan kernel support :)04:42
rsalvetiadding your ssid and your wlan passwd, let's see if it works somehow04:42
rsalvetithen chmod 600 /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/active_ws_connection.conf04:43
rsalvetifound what might be causing the issue with the wifi driver, rebuilding the kernel04:48
shiggitayrsalveti, awesome, but I'm a bit confused regarding some of that conf file I'd need to make04:49
shiggitaywhat would I need to change?04:49
rsalvetishiggitay: just create the same file, and put your ssid and wlan sp password04:50
shiggitaythat's all I need to change?04:50
rsalvetishiggitay: yup04:50
shiggitayrsalveti, you find any evidence of the cell radios working yet?04:51
rsalvetishiggitay: not yet04:51
shiggitaythe stupid sack of shit won't let me save the file04:53
shiggitayenter key isn't registering04:53
shiggitaysorry for my language but I hate it when it does that04:53
shiggitayusing nano04:54
rsalvetiyeah, it sucks over adb04:54
shiggitayso how the hell do I appened the file? >_>04:55
shiggitayis ssh on by default?04:55
shiggitayssh over adb possible?04:55
rsalvetiyou can start it, and use over adb04:55
rsalvetiadb shell; start ssh; logout; adb forward tcp:9999 tcp:22; ssh phablet@localhost -p 999904:56
shiggitaystill can't append a file04:56
shiggitayw000t I made the file locally on my Hackintosh and then I pushed the file to the proper location04:58
rsalvetijust run chmod 600 on it now04:58
shiggitayI did04:59
rsalvetiotherwise NM will not use it04:59
shiggitayphablet-network stills says nope04:59
rsalvetithat's fine, that's basically what you did manually now04:59
shiggitayah ok04:59
rsalvetithis command needs to be executed from the host side04:59
rsalveticheck /var/log/syslog to see if NM saw your connection now04:59
rsalvetiand ifconfig to see if you're able to get any iw05:00
rsalvetiwill probably fail with the current driver, uploading a new boot img in a few05:00
shiggitayyeah it's complaining of permissions for wpa_supplicant05:00
shiggitayI can use an open ssid from downstairs for the moment lol05:01
shiggitayand ya ifconfig only shows the loopback05:01
rsalvetishiggitay: new boot.img just uploaded05:02
shiggitayrsalveti, thanks for being awake right now lol... I was bored and I wanted a project05:02
rsalvetiadb reboot bootloader; fastboot flash boot boot.img; fastboot reboot05:02
rsalvetishiggitay: then give me your dmesg output again05:02
shiggitayrsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6812428/05:06
shiggitaythat's not good05:07
shiggitayubuntu-phablet wpa_supplicant[1039]: Could not set interface wlan0 flags: Operation not permitted05:07
rsalvetiI think that's fine05:07
rsalvetishiggitay: mind running dmesg again? want to see if more stuff appeared05:07
shiggitayYES I GOT AN IP05:07
rsalvetifuck yeah05:07
shiggitayyou still want dmesg again?05:08
rsalvetishiggitay: yes, please05:08
rsalvetinow you should be able to add my personal ppa05:09
rsalvetisudo apt-add-repository ppa:rsalveti/ppa05:09
rsalvetithen apt-get update05:09
rsalvetiand apt-get dist-upgrade05:09
rsalvetiyeah, looking good now05:11
rsalvetinothing exploded :-)05:11
shiggitayall apt-get's done05:11
shiggitayor can I start mir without?05:11
rsalvetirun $ touch /home/phablet/.display-mir05:12
rsalvetiand reboot05:12
rsalvetilet's see what mir tells us, but I'm also fixing the support for sF05:12
rsalvetiso we can have something to see if mir fail us05:12
shiggitayokay rebooting... properly from bootloader05:14
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shiggitaysitting on Google padlock screen still tho05:14
rsalvetirun ps and see if unity8 is running05:14
rsalvetior top to see if it's trying to run and crashing05:15
rsalveti /var/crash should have something as well05:15
shiggitayI don't seem to see mir running05:15
shiggitayor unity805:15
rsalvetiright, then hold on, let me give you another package to see if SF works this time05:16
shiggitayps shows this05:16
shiggitayroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# ps05:16
shiggitay  PID TTY          TIME CMD05:16
shiggitay 1662 pts/10   00:00:00 bash05:16
shiggitay 2033 pts/10   00:00:00 ps05:16
rsalvetirun ps aux05:16
shiggitaywanna see ps aux output?05:17
shiggitayrsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6812446/05:17
rsalvetishiggitay: download http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/qtubuntu-android_0.53+14.04.20140114.1-0ubuntu1ppa1_armhf.deb05:18
rsalvetiand install it: dpkg -i qtubuntu-android_0.53+14.04.20140114.1-0ubuntu1ppa1_armhf.deb05:18
rsalvetithen: rm /home/phablet/.display-mir05:19
rsalvetiand reboot05:19
rsalvetithat should give you a working unity8 with SF05:19
shiggitayI have the crash log with the current build tho05:21
rsalvetithat's fine, we can use it later :-)05:22
rsalvetiwant to see if unity8 comes up05:22
shiggitaykk rebooting05:23
shiggitayer wait05:23
shiggitayforgot to axe that file05:23
shiggitayok that file be dead lol05:24
shiggitayreboot again05:24
shiggitayUnity8 hasn't loaded05:25
shiggitaythe Google logo brightened05:25
rsalvetihm, was expecting it to disappear05:25
shiggitayand it dimmed05:26
rsalvetigive me your /system/bin/logcat output05:26
rsalvetipower should turn it on/off05:26
shiggitayso hard reboot it?05:26
shiggitaylike that?05:26
rsalvetino, just saying that the power button should be able to turn the screen on/off as well05:27
rsalvetilike android05:27
shiggitayoh yeah it can05:27
shiggitayI tried that05:27
rsalvetiis the google log still part of the screen?05:27
shiggitayinc enter05:28
shiggitayer in center05:28
rsalvetiweird, that would bean SF didn't even start05:28
shiggitaybottom center is the padlock05:28
shiggitaywhat is SF?05:28
rsalvetipaste me your logcat and 'ps aux'05:28
shiggitayah lol05:28
shiggitayscreen dimmed05:28
shiggitayrsalveti, okay here's a combined logcat/psaux/crash paste:05:37
rsalvetihm, seems unity8 is running05:39
shiggitayI don't see it tho05:39
rsalvetimaybe just crashing over and over05:39
rsalvetiE/Adreno-GSL( 3416): <ioctl_kgsl_driver_entry:456>: open(/dev/kgsl-3d0) failed: errno 13. Permission denied05:39
rsalvetigot it05:39
shiggitayshould I make an updated crash paste?05:39
rsalvetididn't create the udev file for it05:40
rsalvetihold on05:40
rsalvetiwe're close, that should be the last missing step05:42
shiggitaydamnit LockeAnarchist fix your connection!05:45
LockeAnarchistthis is my router, sorry05:50
rsalvetishiggitay: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6812548/05:51
rsalveticreate the following file and reboot05:51
shiggitayok file placed and rebooting05:53
shiggitaystill in google screen tho atm05:53
rsalvetigive me your logcat again05:54
rsalvetijust logcat should be enoug05:54
shiggitayOMG IT LOADED MIR05:54
rsalvetiwith SF I believe :-)05:54
rsalvetibut yeah, you should have unity8 running now05:55
rsalvetifirst one that is able to see UT running on a nexus 505:55
rsalvetitake a picture, let me see :P05:57
shiggitaycamera works05:57
rsalvetialso, check /usr/share/ofono/scripts05:58
rsalvetirun ./list-modems05:58
rsalvetiand paste me the output05:58
shiggitaymost of the UI looks good but in the settings and some other places there's this huge line down the center06:03
rsalvetiyeah, need to adjust the pixel x screen size still06:04
rsalvetiwhat is the resolution used by nexus 5?06:04
rsalvetithe native one06:04
shiggitayI think06:04
rsalvetishiggitay: create http://paste.ubuntu.com/6812586/ and reboot06:05
rsalvetimight need to adjust the grid_unit_px though06:05
rsalveticool, seems to be on-line06:12
rsalvetitry calling a random number06:13
shiggitayI can't hear any dialing sounds or ringing or dial tone etc06:15
rsalvetiright, that indeed might need some other changes06:15
rsalvetibut the modem seems to be recognized at least06:15
rsalvetishiggitay: and I'm done for the day, we can continue tomorrow or monday06:17
rsalvetilater tomorrow I'm traveling to london06:17
shiggitayor ON06:17
shiggitayOntario, Canada ON06:17
shiggitayare you from there?06:17
rsalvetinops, from brazil, but we'll have a sprint there next week06:18
shiggitayquick question:06:18
shiggitayhow do I make a backup of what we've accomplished so far so I won't have to redo it?06:18
shiggitayhm I guess I could go into recovery and nandroid06:19
rsalvetithat should work06:19
shiggitayThanks for working with me.. you don't know how excited I am to see this working, even if it's rudimentary at06:19
rsalvetiyeah, it's quite cool06:20
AlanBellmorning all, I am trying to run unity 8 in a window on 13.10, but it only displays a tiny (1px wide) window and throws up the following errors09:24
AlanBellI was following these instructions http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity8/09:24
popeyAlanBell: #ubuntu-unity is probably going to be a better place to ask, but I suspect there's not many people about09:37
AlanBellok, thanks popey09:52
NicknHi, does Nexus 4 support desktop convergence ?10:37
ogra_Nickn, nothing supports convergence yet ... thats a 15.04 or 15.10 thing10:38
ogra_first we need a proper phone OS before we can move on10:38
ogra_(and tablet OS)10:38
Nicknthats not good :/ i wanted to buy new phone that will support it. i will have to wait :)10:39
ogra_Nickn, it would have happened earlier if theUbuntu Edge had succeeded ... but since it didnt, there isnt even hardware around today that woulld fulfill the needs10:41
AlanBellis the convergence stuff going to be implemented like a responsive design?10:42
AlanBellso you expand the window and bits move about to take advantage of more screen real estate10:42
Nickn:/ :) thank you for answer10:42
AlanBellor is it loading one QML layout for phone mode and one layout for desktop mode?10:43
ogra_AlanBell, no idea, that will be discussed later ... for now we concentrate on phone/tablet and try to keep convergence in the back ofour head with everything we design10:44
ogra_so that once we get there only minor changes are required10:45
ogra_i would expect the desktop to look like today in converged mode ... just on a different code base10:45
AlanBellbut isn't desktop going to land in 14.04?10:45
ogra_and flawlessly switching to a different mode if the in/output devices change10:45
ogra_no, desktop is planned for 14.1010:46
ogra_the LTS will use the stable existing stuff10:46
ogra_you will be able to install unity8 in 14.04 and it should work, but it will be the touch UI10:47
AlanBellyeah, I was trying to run that earlier on 13.10 but it wouldn't start10:47
ogra_yeah, saw that above10:47
AlanBellI can upgrade my laptop to 14.04 if that might help10:47
ogra_well, i cant tell, i never ran unity8 on a desktop machine :)10:48
ogra_as popey said, the #ubuntu-unity gusys would know ...10:48
AlanBellI might upgrade anyway, about time to jump in I think :)10:49
ogra_trusty is quite stable ... havent had issues with it since months10:49
cjwatsonmhall119: "click build" but obviously you have to put the pieces together yourself (there's a man page and such, but anything higher-level I have not been involved with).  I'm going to refuse to answer your latter question until I've done the work of integrating click with aptdaemon, sorry10:49
AlanBellhmm, upgrade failed with 404 errors on ppa things, I probably need to clean up and try again later10:51
ogra_didnt you use update-manager ?10:52
AlanBellsudo do-release-upgrade -d10:52
ogra_iirc it disables PPAs temporarily10:52
AlanBellhere is the end of the upgrade log http://paste.ubuntu.com/6813549/10:56
ogra_i would just disable them naually ..10:57
AlanBellyeah, I will10:57
* ogra_ stares at his fingers10:57
ogra_i guess there are simply no trusty packages in these PPAs10:58
AlanBellyeah, I wouldn't expect them to have trusty packages yet10:59
AlanBelltrying via update manager now before manually picking stuff apart10:59
* ogra_ would just use the UI ... uncheck the checkboxes in software-sources for all PPAs11:00
TheRedFoxWhy does ubuntutouch use a swapfile by default and can it be disabled?11:03
ogra_TheRedFox, it was safer in the beginning to have one ... we just havent removed it yet11:04
Tachyon`does the ubuntu touch dual boot installer work on android 4.4.2 yet?11:05
ogra_the plan is to drop it, but we will need to do pretty deep testing to make sure the backgrounding of apps and the like still work properly11:05
Tachyon`in fact has it had /any/ updates since before christmas?11:05
ogra_TheRedFox, by trusty release it will be gone ...11:05
TheRedFoxMkay :p11:06
Tachyon`that's the usual result here in 4.4.211:06
ogra_Tachyon`, did you check the bugs ... there might be workarounds11:07
ogra_and with 4.4.2 you will have to re-flash the 4.3 radio firmware, else phone calls wont work in ubuntu11:08
Tachyon`at the time yes, recently, nto so much, it seems to be failing in its quest to get cache write permissions, hence thinks it's writing but isn't, tried creating folders it's trying to create and setting selinux to permissive11:08
Tachyon`no gsm radio, nexus 711:08
Tachyon`the problem is 4.4.2 related, not 4.4.x radio related11:08
Tachyon`simply cannot install it11:08
Tachyon`did have such useful advice as 'downgrade android'11:09
* ogra_ hasnt used dual boot ... its not an official project ... 11:09
Tachyon`that's not an option, I use this tablet all the time and it would take some time to reinstall over 16GB of software over this net connection11:09
ogra_ubuntu touch will (with luck) switch to a 4.4 base by end of next week though11:10
ogra_i guess the dual boot guys will then update their stuff11:10
Tachyon`the problem isn't the os, it's the dual boot fails to get the right permissions to put the OS anywhere as it downloads it, never actually gets to trying to install it -.-11:10
Tachyon`wouldn't have let it put 4.4.2 on if I'd known there'd be problems but once it's on you can't non-destructively get it off -.-11:11
Tachyon`could I run any window manager with it? like, get it on then apt-get lxde/fvwm in the usual way?11:15
* Tachyon` is not a fan of unity11:15
popeyon phone? no11:15
Tachyon`bah, why not11:15
popeythe phone doesn't have x11:15
* Tachyon` blinks11:15
ogra_no, Ubuntu Touch uses Mir, you would need a WM that can dael with it11:15
Tachyon`oh good lord11:15
popeyI know! Awesome isn't it?11:16
Tachyon`that's one word, I can think of others, lol11:16
ogra_well, X would be painful on the phone, wayland and Mir dont drag along so much cruft11:17
Tachyon`well, aye, I'd just like an interface that isn't designed for five year olds, I have a keyboard and mouse for my tablet -.o11:17
ogra_how does android get along with that ?11:17
TheRedFoxKDE supports mir :p11:18
Tachyon`very well in fact11:18
Tachyon`other than the control key randomly not working in certain terminal apps11:18
Tachyon`but yeah, bt kb, usb otg mouse11:18
ogra_TheRedFox, KDE runs on XMir ... which is an X compatibility layer ... it doesnt support Mir itself11:18
ogra_(in fact i think all desktops can run on XMir ... but thats not the same as natively using it)11:19
TheRedFoxOhderp :p11:21
ogra_(and the kwin maintainer refuses to take Mir patches for political reasons ... so i doubt you will see native Mir support in KDE soon)11:22
Tachyon`have noticed the mir/wayland politics, depressing, heh11:23
ogra_and so pointells11:24
* ogra_ is happy he doesnt have to be involved with any of that ....11:24
Tachyon`you'd probably have to wear a suit to be involved -.o11:25
ogra_nah, i dont think i have any of the Mir guys (or the bashers) ever seen in a suit11:26
Tachyon`hrm, usually when politics appears, suits are the uniform, perhaps things have changed (bit worrying really, how can you spot them if not by the built in strangulation devices)11:37
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w-flonot sure if anyone reads this on weekends, just a warning.. after yesterday's fix for GPG validation in system-image-upgrader, it seems like all updates fail to verify because $2 should be $3 in at least 2 places. so it's impossible to install further updates if/after the current system-image-upgrader lands.14:34
shiggitayogra_, you hear the news? rsalveti and I got UT running on the Nexus 5!!15:20
ogra_shiggitay, yes, indeed i did15:21
shiggitayw00t :)15:21
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cwaynehows it run shiggitay?15:38
* ogra_ tests the new ppa function in rootstock-ng15:58
doomlord__when is desktop integration likely to appear16:08
doomlord__very much looking forward to that16:09
ogra_doomlord__, starting with 14.10 unity8 will be proted to the desktop .... probably in 15.04 you will see integration between phone and desktop16:11
fafafahello friends16:16
fafafai have a question16:17
fafafai have samsung galaxy s3 mini.... want to install ubuntu mobile16:17
fafafaCan it be done16:18
fafafaon the easy way?16:18
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:19
ogra_see if there is a port ... if there is, there should be a link to install instructions (or an XDA thread)16:19
brandon_I am unable to get WiFi to work on hammerhead. I'm sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.16:21
fafafamy phone is not list on this16:21
brandon_I've tried to add my SSID and password to ws-active-connections.conf but it doesn't appear to be working16:21
ogra_brandon_, answer to the mail thread, so rsalveti can ask for the logs and info he needs16:22
fafafaokay thanks above all16:22
brandon_Great! Thanks!16:22
ogra_brandon_, you used phablet-network to set it up (like the instructions say) ?16:22
ogra_(point 6 in the list)16:23
brandon_I thought I read that it wouldn't work so I needed to create the .conf file myself16:23
ogra_it should definitely work16:23
ogra_where did you read it wouldnt ?16:24
ogra_heh, he claims there would be no phablet-network :)16:24
ogra_phablet-network is part of the phablet-tools package16:25
TheRedFoxbuild@utouch:~/ubuild$ repo sync -j3216:25
TheRedFoxfatal: unable to connect to phablet.ubuntu.com:16:25
TheRedFoxphablet.ubuntu.com[0:]: errno=Connection refused16:25
brandon_So I need to be using Ubuntu on my computer in order to use phablet-network?16:25
ogra_brandon_, well, i dont think phablet-tools have ben ported to other distros yet16:26
brandon_Ok, that makes sense.16:26
brandon_I was misunderstanding. I thought phablet-tools needed to be downloaded to the phone16:26
ogra_heh, no16:26
ogra_phablet-tools are usually all the tools you need to manage the device from your desktop ...16:27
fafafabye guys16:27
brandon_I should be able to figure it out from here.16:27
brandon_Thank you very much16:27
ogra_inclusind phablet-flash, phablet-test-run and phablet-network16:27
brandon_Ok, I'll make sure I get those as well16:27
brandon_Thank you16:27
w-floogra_, how are updates to the android bits / recovery image handled? I suggested a fix to the gpg verification yesterday and that is now in git, but today I noticed that while it refuses updates with a bad signature, there's another bug that refuses even correctly signed .tar.xz files. I hope there's some testing before the git code lands in proposed OTA images to prevent breakage caused by this?16:29
ogra_w-flo, indeed there is ...16:30
ogra_a change usually takes a few days before landing ... being tested16:30
ogra_thats what we have trusty-proposed (or devel-proposed) for16:30
w-flookay, thanks. Is there a place to report bugs for system-image-upgrader? It seems like it lives in git only.16:31
ogra_if we build a new image it lands there ... then has to pass the tests on http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/ and after that has to pass manual smoketesting16:31
ogra_if any of that fails the changes get backed out16:31
w-floogra_, that bug will probably go unnoticed until someone tries to update a second time16:32
ogra_w-flo, well, you could report against the android package ... that should get into the right channels eventually16:32
ogra_also alerting the people in #ubuntu-ci-eng if you think it is urgent can be helpful (though only during the work-week)16:32
w-floogra_, anyone updating to the current git code will have a broken recovery that no longer installs any further updates16:33
ogra_well, nobody uses it directly for official stuff16:34
w-floogra_, then it's not urgent I guess :)16:34
ogra_and non-official installs cant do OTA16:34
TheRedFoxThe ubuntu git server hates me ;-;16:41
TheRedFoxrepo keeps crashing and getting connection refuses16:41
* cwayne flashes hammerhead image17:07
* ogra_ uploads a rootfs zip with the ppa mir 17:07
cwaynethat's relevant to my interests17:07
ogra_(30min to go ... slow upload here)17:08
cwaynemeh ill just add the ppa :)17:08
ogra_http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-touch-4.4.2-mir.rootfs-armhf.zip ... once it is done17:08
cwayneogra_, any luck with private ppas?17:08
ogra_http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/build-20140125-armhf.log is the rootstock-ng build log17:08
Tassadarcwayne: where, can you give me a link?17:09
ogra_cwayne, dude ! i only just managed to get the ppa code going ... one step at a time :)17:09
ogra_Tassadar, on the mailing list17:09
cwayneogra_, lol, just givin you a hard time :)17:09
ogra_i'll try to get private going too17:10
* Tassadar proceeds to make a flashable ZIPs from those17:10
ogra_Tassadar, i dont think AOSP recovery understands zip17:10
ogra_at least thats what i was told17:10
Tassadarwhy would I use AOSP recovery17:10
ogra_we do ... with 4.417:11
ogra_oh, right, your multiboot stuff doesnt17:11
ogra_might work then17:11
TassadarI'm not gonna replace my Android with it)17:11
Tassadar(not yet anyway)17:11
ogra_well, just a warning that our 4.4 builds arent CM nbased17:11
Tassadaryeah, I saw that you have aosp repos in phablet.ubuntu.com now17:12
Tassadarso how do OTAs work when you use AOSP recovery?17:12
ogra_same way as before17:12
ogra_our OTA never used zips17:12
Tassadaroh, it's modified, I thought "stock" instead of just AOSP-based17:13
Tassadarthat's okay then17:13
ogra_thats the index of files used for OTA17:13
Tassadaryeah, I know that, I'm using it already with my multiboot thingy17:14
ogra_ah, nice17:14
ogra_our recovery simply ships tar, xz and gpg ...17:14
ogra_(and its own ubuntu OTA script)17:14
TassadarI've ported that to TWRP which I use17:15
Tassadar(by the way, system-image-upgrader script is written in a way that doesn't fail when gpg binary is not present, and I well...forgot to add it initialy, and didn't notice it)17:15
ogra_you should file a bug then17:16
ogra_and let stgraber know17:16
Tassadaris it a bug?17:16
Tassadaranyway, I have to go afk for a while now, sorry17:16
ogra_if it cant use gpg it should afil17:16
ogra_else the signing is kind of moot i guess :)17:16
* ogra_ twiddles thumbs ... 19min to go 17:17
dannyhello i installed ubunt quantal on my samsung galaxy tab2 10.117:18
dannyhow do i restore back to my android17:19
ogra_aww, quantal ...17:19
dannyi backed up my android rom17:19
ogra_well, whatever instructions you used for backing up should surely also have instructions to restore17:20
dannyive searched through that xda and coudnt find the instruction to restor17:23
cwayne-hammerheaoh hello nexus 517:36
cwayne-hammerhearsalveti, hammerhead works like a champ17:39
FuLgOrEhi guys :) nice to see, that hammerhead works17:42
Tassadardoes 4.4.2 android in container have selinux turned on and working?17:42
FuLgOrEcwayne-hammerhea: in the logs i red that sounds are not working at the moment. is that fixed already? If phone calls and sms are working, I also would like to flash it17:44
ogra_Tassadar, urg, hopefully not17:47
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ogra_Tassadar, since our kernel has apparmor by default i doubt it would work17:47
ogra_iirc selinux and apparmor are mutually exclusive17:48
Tassadarogra_: is that rootfs upload of yours done?17:53
ogra_yep, see the ML17:53
Tassadarit runs so much better than on grouper :o18:13
ogra_Tassadar, did you try my zip ?18:14
Tassadar(but not with mir yet)18:14
* ogra_ hasnt tried it himself 18:14
ogra_thanks for being my guineapig18:14
* ogra_ hands Tassadar a carrot ... well deserved :)18:14
Tassadarand it is multibooted, too18:15
Tassadarlet's try mir18:15
OttOmanTRGuys, how will Ubuntu Touch users get updates? Will it be through manufacturers like in Android?18:15
Tassadarreboot in adb shell doesn't work -.-18:16
ogra_OttOmanTR, yes, over the air updates are already used in the nexus installs (for the supported devices at least)18:17
ogra_its the default method in ubuntu touch18:18
Tassadarmir works fine too18:18
ogra_Tassadar, thanks so much18:18
Tassadarthere is a black rectangle on the right side when I open an app18:18
OttOmanTRWhat about OEM devices, let say if samsung decide to make an ubuntu touch phone, will I get os updates from samsung or from canonical?18:19
Tassadar*left side18:19
Tassadaris that sidestage18:19
Tassadarit opens apps in sidestage by default18:20
Tassadarat least some (system settings)18:20
Tassadarthat doesn't seem right18:20
OttOmanTRogra_: Let me ask this way, if samsung decide to make an ubuntu touch phone and I buy it, will I still be begging to samsung or I will get it from canonical like Google Nexus devices?18:22
ogra_OttOmanTR, depends on the contract i guess ... the images wont have to go through the weeks long google validation process though ;)18:28
OttOmanTRare you saying when samsung releases a firmware update for the previous flagship device, it has approved by google? I don't think so18:30
OttOmanTRogra_:  Samsung is intentionally taking down previous devices to sell new ones. Almost all the manufacturers doing this. And I don't Ubuntu Touch to be same.18:37
Tassadarogra_: is this the "sidestage"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC2e-jzX0A418:52
Tassadarooh, flo images are in there too19:11
ogra_Tassadar, sidestage doesnt work right atm19:38
Tassadaris mobile network supposed to work?19:38
ogra_OttOmanTR, all android releases that use the play store have to go through google apptoval wich usually takes several (6-8) weeks19:39
ogra_Tassadar, probably not yet, not sure19:39
Tassadarflo works fine too19:39
ogra_OttOmanTR, but i dont think there are any big chances to see a samsung device with ubuntu touch soon ... i would put my bets on tizen rather than on firefoxOS or ubuntu touch19:40
ogra_it is more likely that Ubuntu Touch devices come from rather unknown vendors in the first year ... and very likely also regional rather than worldwide19:42
ogra_(that has simply less risks for the vendors)19:42
OttOmanTRafter all the developer hostility from samsung, I can't say I'm a big fan of samsung. I just gave Samsung as an example19:43
OttOmanTRI really don't understand why we can't get updates directly since we get it in Linux for PC19:44
OttOmanTRis it lack of hardware driver source codes?19:45
ogra_well, if you go with something like cyanogenmod you can get updates pretty fast19:49
ogra_vendors have multiple validation processes ... and limited developer resources ... its all about the money .... devs need to work on the next cashcow, not on a 1 year old product19:50
* rsalveti waves19:53
ogra_hey hey19:56
rsalveticwayne: cool19:56
rsalvetinow just need to add mir support for hwcomposer 1.3, which is what nexus 5 uses19:57
rsalvetiogra_: when are you traveling?19:57
ogra_tomorrow afternoon19:57
* rsalveti is waiting at sao paulo already19:57
rsalvetiogra_: easy19:57
ogra_its only a 1h flight for me ... the train ride to the airport is longer19:57
ogra_my hometown got an airport last year19:58
ogra_fully equipped with staff ...19:58
ogra_like ... 9-5 ...19:58
ogra_and no flights19:58
rsalvetithat's great :-)19:58
rsalvetiogra_: thanks for creating the image with the ppa enabled19:58
ogra_firs regular flight (one per week) starts end of the year19:58
rsalvetiogra_: was going to suggest that to you yesterday, but you were faster :-)19:59
ogra_rsalveti, hah, thanks for givining me a ppa to try with19:59
TheRedFoxYay, got my port of ubuntutouch compiling :D20:19
TheRedFoxTime for the exciting flashing time20:19
ogra_rsalveti, w-flo pointed out some recent changes in out git tree that seem to break the upgrader in recovery20:20
rsalvetihm, the only changes that might affect that are those done in the recovery itself20:21
rsalvetimostly done by stgraber20:21
Tassadarooh, right, the gpg bug20:21
rsalvetiwould be nice to have more info about what might be happening there20:22
ogra_right ... i mentioned it because he just joined :)20:23
ogra_so he can probably point to the commit :)20:23
Tassadarogra_: which project I should file that gpg bug under? Ubuntu TOuch recovery isn't on launchpad20:24
ogra_Tassadar, well, i would go for the android package, i guess thats as close as it gets to the git tree20:24
rsalvetiTassadar: feel free to use the android package20:24
Tassadaras in the android dual-boot app?20:25
ogra_no, the android package20:25
Tassadaroh, got it, thanks20:26
Tassadarhm, the whole verify_signature function is written in a way that returns 0 even if the verification fails20:30
TheRedFox# ubuntu_chroot shell20:31
TheRedFox/system/bin/sh: ubuntu_chroot: not found20:31
ogra_TheRedFox, heh, thats long dead and bburied20:32
Tassadarw-flo: you were talking about system-image-upgrader failing to verify gpg signature after some fix, but I see only code from like 6 weeks ago in https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com20:33
Tassadar(in aosp/platform/bootable/recovery repo)20:33
TheRedFoxNice outdated porting guide :D20:34
ogra_TheRedFox, yeah, sorry ... we're really behind on maintaining it20:35
TheRedFoxSo i got an ~40MB system image lol, honestly i don't know what to do further :x20:35
ogra_for a first test grab the zip your build produced20:36
ogra_first flash that one, then grab the zip from cdimage for the ubuntu rootfs and flash that one ... and see if you can boot20:36
TheRedFoxAh okay :p20:36
ogra_you will most likely not get graphical output on your first boot ... getting into adb on the ubuntu filesystem is the first big step20:37
TheRedFoxI should clean my sdcard, 13mb free :x20:39
ajalkaneAnyone have good guess how long Touch emulator takes starting inside virtualized Ubuntu?20:43
TheRedFoxajalkane, depends on host hardware i guess :p20:45
ajalkaneTheRedFox: I think I got the shell login in 15 minutes. So all good so far.20:46
TheRedFoxwtf, rootFS installer first copies the tar.gz to /data and then extracts it from /data into /data?20:47
TheRedFoxI hope my 1,1GB /data can handle that lol20:47
TheRedFoxOkay, how can i view logs or see whats going on on my device? idk if it's booting or stuck lol20:49
TheRedFoxAnd no logcat :x20:50
TheRedFoxI guess it's doing nothing, /data isn't mounted ;-;20:50
brandon_So I'm still having problems with WiFi on hammerhead. I am getting this after trying to run phablet-network... "Network connection file "No active wifi network connection, exiting" cannot be read"20:51
brandon_I've created the active_ws_connections.conf file. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong20:51
ajalkaneis there application store in the emulator? I want to install file manager20:52
cwayne_brandon_, is the machine you're running it from on wifi?20:54
cwayne_ajalkane, yes there is, and file manager is preinstalled anyway20:54
brandon_No, it's an Ubuntu VM that is using the VMnet20:54
brandon_It's considered ethernet20:55
cwayne_that'd do it20:55
ogra_brandon_, phablet-network tries to copy existing wifi settings20:55
cwayne_brandon_, phablet-network copies over your active wifi connection20:55
ajalkanecwayne_: I must be blind. Where can I find it? Swiping and seeing Installed apps I didn't see it20:55
brandon_Am I just dense? Where is all this information?20:55
ogra_hidden on the wiki somewhere20:55
cwayne_brandon_, honestly phablet-tools needs better documentation20:56
ogra_cwayne_, it will be gone soon20:56
ogra_sergio is rewriting the world in go :)20:56
cwayne_well, itll be moved20:56
brandon_I realize that hammerhead isn't officially supported, but I am very interested in testing per https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg06116.html20:56
cwayne_not really gone :)20:56
ogra_it will be different20:56
ogra_but yeah, not gone20:56
cwayne_fair enough20:56
cwayne_brandon_, if you try with ogra_'s rootfs, you wont need to to the phablet-network step20:57
cwayne_i think...20:57
cwayne_cus that's only to get the ppa20:57
ogra_well, i assume he wants to install one or the other app :)20:57
brandon_And that works with hammerhead?20:57
ajalkanenevermind my question, suddenly in installed apps there arrived lots of new apps, including file manager20:58
ogra_oh, SF is broken, i get where you are going20:58
brandon_All I've been able to do is get to the Google splash screen and access adb shell20:59
cwayne_yeah, that's where you'd need to add the ppa to update mir20:59
cwayne_i mentioned ogra_'s rootfs cus i think he built one tht already has that updated mir20:59
ogra_that shoudl work after you touched /home/phablet/.display-mir21:00
ogra_without further modification21:00
brandon_Oh, ok. Is there documentation on how to install that21:00
ogra_booot into recovery and flash it from there21:00
ogra_like an android zip21:01
brandon_Sweeeeet! Thank you guys!!!21:01
ybonfun: http://ubuntutouch.co.za/about_ubuntu_touch/21:01
brandon_I'm sorry I'm such a n00b21:01
ogra_brandon_, no need to be sorry, we all were like that once :)21:02
ogra_ybon, heh, cool, canonical should give them free phones once there are some on teh market  :)21:03
cwayne_ooh, if you set the gu pixels to 20 on hammerhead, no more crazy sidestage21:04
ogra_oh, there is a sidestage on hammerhead ?21:04
brandon_cwayne, I'll try that21:04
TheRedFox[    4.699157] initrd: Couldn't find data partition. Spawning adbd ...21:04
ybonogra_: :)21:05
cwayne_ogra_, yeah, its' not great21:05
cwayne_ogra_, how do we find out the actual number of pixels for a given display21:05
ogra_cwayne_, i know, i have a manta here21:05
TheRedFoxI guess there's something wrong with ramdisk/init21:05
ogra_cwayne_, thats on the list of the shell guys i think21:05
ogra_TheRedFox, nope21:05
ogra_TheRedFox, you can edit the kernel args to provide the datapart= option ... point it to the disk holding your /data partition21:06
TheRedFoxI'll try :p21:06
ogra_then it should boot that (and likely provide you with the next thing to fix :) )21:06
ogra_porting isnt an easy task ;)21:06
TheRedFoxDo i sound like a newb if i don't know howto adjust kernelargs? :x21:07
TheRedFoxOr in fastboot i think :x21:07
ogra_TheRedFox, no, you dont :)21:07
cwayne_ogra_, right, but even if i were to figure out the actual number manually21:07
ogra_grab the boot.img from your build ... install abootimg on your PC ... then you can modify the boot.img and after doing that you can flash it with fastboot21:08
TheRedFoxOh editing boot.img, i actually hoped there was a faster lazier way xD21:08
TheRedFoxBut i'll do :p21:08
ogra_abootimg makes that pretty easy21:08
ogra_abootimg -i /path/to/boot.img ...21:08
ogra_that will show you the existing cmdline21:09
TheRedFoxMkay, downloading & compiling it now21:09
brandon_What is the most efficient way to change the gu pixels to 20?21:09
ogra_abootimg -u /path/to/boot.img -c "cmdline=... put the old cmdline here ... add your option"21:09
ogra_thne chec again with abootimg -i21:09
ogra_TheRedFox, abootimg is packaged in ubuntu21:09
ogra_just install it21:10
ogra_brandon_, editing /etc/ubuntu-touch-session.d/$device.conf21:10
TheRedFoxogra_, I'm running fedora :p21:10
brandon_So it should be hammerhead.conf for me? I figured that, but didn't want to assume21:10
ogra_brandon_, and check /home/phablet/.bashrc21:11
ogra_TheRedFox, ah, well ... :)21:11
cwayne_brandon_, yep21:12
brandon_What should I be looking for in .bashrc?21:12
ogra_look at the bottom there should be the same variables as in hammerhead.conf21:12
ogra_it dumps them in there21:12
brandon_Oh I see21:12
ogra_either remove them or edit them21:13
ogra_if you remove, the ones from the .conf will be put in place on reboot21:13
TheRedFoxogra_, Should i provide an absolute path or relative(/dev/mmcblk0p23 or mmcblk0p23)?21:13
ogra_TheRedFox, hmm, i forgot, i think it was absolute21:13
brandon_Great, thank you. You guys are awesome21:13
TheRedFoxMkay :)21:13
* ogra_ hasnt seen that code in ages :)21:13
TheRedFoxemmc power!21:14
ajalkaneWhat's up with this: (from wiki):21:14
ajalkaneadb forward tcp:9999 tcp:2221:14
ajalkaneerror: device not found21:14
ajalkaneI have the emulator running21:15
TheRedFoxYay!, bootloop xD21:21
TheRedFox  4.487487] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p23): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: discard21:22
TheRedFox[    4.754486] S1@240,2221:22
TheRedFox[    4.971618] [K] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!21:22
TheRedFoxogra_, Any thoughts on what i just posted?, i'm sortof stuck ducking it on the internets21:30
TheRedFoxCould it be a problem with enabled SELinux in the kernel?21:38
rsalveticwayne_: ogra_: ppa is needed to have a newer mir and a working SG21:38
rsalvetihammerhead is still not working with MIR, afaik21:38
rsalveticwayne_: mind help testing some values for /etc/ubuntu-touch-session.d/hammerhead.conf ?21:39
Tassadarrsalveti: it is working with MIR with ogra_'s rootfs21:41
rsalvetiTassadar: cool then :-)21:42
shapowrsalveti: hi21:56
shapowraring to debug21:57
shapowhave the images from yesterday changed at all?21:57
TheRedFoxI'm really stuck :x22:00
cwayne_rsalveti, sure22:01
cwayne_rsalveti, so far 25 looks pretty decent22:02
rsalveticwayne_: cool, and browser? 2.5?22:02
cwayne_rsalveti, haven't tested out browser yet, ill try it out and let you know22:02
rsalveticwayne_: thanks22:03
cwayne_rsalveti, do we just do this with trial and error? or is there some way to determine the best way22:03
rsalvetishapow: no, just that ogra_ created a zip file with the ppa changes in it22:03
rsalveticwayne_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Screen_Pixel_Ratio22:04
rsalveticwayne_: but it's kind of trial and error to see how comfortable it gets with such values22:04
cwayne_rsalveti, ah, alright22:05
cwayne_rsalveti, i'll play around with it and let you know22:05
rsalveticwayne_: thanks22:05
shapowrsalveti ogra_: care sharing the zip link?22:08
ogra_shapow, i sent it to the mailing list22:11
rsalvetishapow: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-touch-4.4.2-mir.rootfs-armhf.zip22:11
ogra_TheRedFox, looks like your kernel config needs some changes to provide a proper console22:11
* TheRedFox goes look into it22:12
shapowogra_: cool rsalveti: thanks22:12
ogra_TheRedFox, sorry, you will have to find the right ones by trial and error ... HX_CONSOLE ... CONFIG_VT are usual suspects22:13
ogra_err, HW_CONSOLE22:13
ogra_probably even FBCON22:13
TheRedFoxLol, i only have CONFIG_VT22:14
TheRedFoxWould disabling that be a good idea?22:14
ogra_do you use menuconfig ? some only get enabled if you enable others22:14
TheRedFoxI don't use menuconfig, only a defconfig22:15
TheRedFoxogra_, link: https://gist.github.com/cwxda/862436322:15
ogra_well, use menuconfig ... there are interdependencies between options manual editing wont catch22:15
TheRedFoxokay :)22:15
ogra_in any case you got to init already :)22:16
rsalveticwayne_: uploaded with 25 & 2.5, if it's too high for the browser, let me know and we can change (or just do a merge proposal) :-)22:16
ogra_(which needs a properly working console device now)22:16
* ogra_ goes afk again ... packing stuff 22:16
rsalvetiogra_: mind creating another image once ubuntu-touch-session is published?22:17
deiuHi all! :)22:17
* deiu is wondering if there's a way to have the phone vibrate (for calls/texts) when volume is turned down.22:18
cwayne_rsalveti, will do :)22:20
rsalveticwayne_: and what else is not yet working? proximity sensor? sound? calls?22:23
curious_Hey, just curious about battery life with current build on the older Nexus 7. I heard somewhere that it was pretty poor and performance was slow. Has there been any improvement in battery life?22:24
cwayne_rsalveti, i think calls are working, but there's no sound during calls22:25
rsalveticwayne_: cool22:25
cwayne_rsalveti, proximity sensor, haptics, sms, mobile data, front + back camera all work :)22:25
cwayne_rsalveti, okay, so phone calls do work, but audio doesn't (either microphone or headset or speaker)22:31
Tassadarcwayne_: on hammerhead? mobile-part didn't work for me at all (I don't have mobile data, but dialer had the "make call" button disabled)22:34
cwayne_Tassadar, works for me, just called my gf's phone and verified it actually made the call22:36
rsalveticwayne_: awesome, not much more for it to be fully functional22:36
rsalvetiTassadar: check /usr/share/ofono/scripts, and run ./list-modems22:37
cwayne_rsalveti, yeah, this + audio would be usable daily for me22:37
rsalveticwayne_: is normal audio broken as well? like music22:37
Tassadaroh, nevermind, it's probably broken because of multiboot, I've not updated parts for non-system.img Ubuntu Touch builds in ages22:38
Tassadarit probably doesn't mount /radio or something22:38
deiuhas anyone experienced the clock in the status bar (top) not updating after setting the timezone?22:39
cwayne_rsalveti, music doesn't work either22:40
rsalveticwayne_: ok, thanks22:40
cwayne_rsalveti, any logs i could get for ya?22:41
rsalveticwayne_: dmesg and logcat would be useful already22:41
cwayne_rsalveti, emailed dmesg, adb logcat fails for some reason22:44
jjohansenTassadar, ogra: right currently with the LSM there can only be one security module so apparmor and selinux are mutually exclusive. There is a stacker patchset by Casey Schaufler that allows LSMs to be stacked, which could allow for selinux in the android container22:46
rsalveticwayne_: weird, adb shell /system/bin/logcat ?22:46
cwayne_rsalveti, that worked, emailed22:48
rsalveticwayne_: thanks22:48
CMDannDo you guys think that there will be money to be made developing apps for Ubuntu Touch or do you think it will be primarily free stuff?22:53
netforyui would like to help to make ubuntu stable for the Samsung Galaxy s323:01
shapowrsalveti: With ogra_s image no need to add your ppa?23:09
rsalvetishapow: nops23:10
shapowok. also 3g's working though can't get wlan to work - is phablet-network ubuntu/ppa only?23:10
shapowbtw, superb job to all so far - many things working23:11
ybonpopey (and everyone interested :) ): feedback needed on https://launchpad.net/osmtouch :)23:18
ybonI've pushed some UI enhancements, plus "display POIs around" feature23:18
ybonWiP, but yet feedback can be useful23:18
deiuybon, how does one install it?23:23
deiuclassic apt-get?23:23
ybonnope, you need QTCreator at the moment :s23:23
ybonI'm on my way to provide a 0.1 which should be click installable one day ;)23:24
deiuhow stable is osmtouch?23:26
ybonlike an app started to dev three days ago :)23:26
ybonbut well, it's not like this app should damage your device ;)23:27
Tassadarcwayne_: right, now mobile-parts work for me too :)23:30
cwayne_Tassadar, nice!23:30
cwayne_Tassadar, no audio though, right?23:30
Tassadar(and the sim card still needs not to have PIN/the UI parts are not there yet, but that's expected I guess)23:31
popeyhi ybon23:31
ybono/ popey23:31
Tassadarand sms work too (my carrier just sent me a message, notifying me that they took money from me for connecting to mobile data -.-)23:32
cwayne_Tassadar, yeah, calls will work too, just without audio :P23:34
w-floTassadar, it's actually in the cyanogenmod recovery repo on phablet.u.c23:34
popeyybon: http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-25-233447.png23:35
StephenGregoryHi there. I was wondering if it is feasible to port Ubuntu Touch to the BeagleBone Black?23:35
Tassadarw-flo: good, that fixed my bug too I think23:35
w-floseems like the aosp one still has the bug where no verification actually takes place23:35
popeyybon: not all of them work. railway didnt work, and i see two on my map. restaurant showed two, supermarket showed none23:35
ybontwo things23:36
popeyybon: ah, zoom related23:36
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-25-233554.png  zoomed in, and now the stations show up23:36
ybonfirst, it display only what is on OSM23:36
ybonsecond, it's shows only what's on 1000 meters around map center23:36
ybonI need to use bbox instead23:36
popeymakes sense23:36
popeyyeah, works well23:36
popeynice one!23:36
Tassadarw-flo: okay, thanks, I'll be keeping an eye on that bug report you filled23:37
w-florsalveti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/android/+bug/127271123:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1272711 in android (Ubuntu) "Update GPG verification always fails" [Undecided,New]23:37
=== vying is now known as Guest85524
ybonpopey: have you clicked one marker?23:37
ybon(I need to refine the icon, btw)23:38
popeyvery nice.23:38
ybonif there is a phone number, it's displayed (need to make it clickable)23:38
ybonsame for website23:38
ybonalso, I'm planning to group POI categories, like shopping, services, health23:39
popeyi only get zoom option23:39
popeydont see contact details23:39
ybonbecause they are missing in OSM certainly23:39
popeyah okay23:39
popeywhere would that show?23:39
ybonjust below the name23:40
ybonlet me make a screenshot, one sec23:40
popeythe zoom is incredibly quick here23:40
popeyare you agressively caching tiles?23:40
popeyit doesn't feel at all laggy23:41
ybonno, I'm not caching anything at the moment :s23:41
ybonpopey: http://imgur.com/0eM6DUq23:42
ybonexample of phone23:42
popeyoh wow23:42
yboncertainly QTLocation does that23:42
popeyi clearly live in the middle of nowhere23:42
ybonI need in any case to extend QTLocation to add some features, like possibility to swich tiles23:43
ybonhehe, it's in the middle of Paris ;)23:43
StephenGregoryHi guys. I was wondering if it is feasible to port Ubuntu Touch to the BeagleBone Black? I'm not getting any response from the community. Thanks!23:43
popeyhaha this is more like it.. central london.. http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-25-234402.png23:44
popeyStephenGregory: pass, sorry.23:44
popeywow, gets a bit sluggish with that many pins23:44
ybonclustering will be needed23:45
popeyexample with phone and url23:45
ybonarf, I've added a Rectangle below the map, and still I've no background at all sometimes :(23:45
ybongreat :)23:45
ybonI need also to make the name maybe bold23:46
popeyand make the url clickable?23:46
Tassadarcwayne_: would you please measure how long does Ubuntu Touch boot on your N5? It takes ~80s on mine, and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it is "supposed" to be like that23:46
ybonpopey: yes!23:46
ybonand the phone number23:46
popeyooh yes23:47
popeyso much work to do ☻23:47
cwayne_Tassadar, hm, it seemed a bit long for me, but not quite *that* long23:47
cwayne_it was maybe a minute23:47
ybonbut not that much for a 0.0.1 I think23:47
popeysure ☻23:47
popeyimpressive already23:47
ybonI need to start a small todo list of things needed to push an app to everyone23:48
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-25-234721.png - maybe there needs to be a little link to allow people to correct stuff, or at least a link to where they can contribute23:48
popeyin the spirit of OSM23:48
ybonI'm gonna share it with you23:48
w-floTassadar, first boot? apparmor-parser does a lot of work on first boot.. it takes like 5 minutes on my device. I think there are some optimizations now, might be faster23:48
popeywhat do you use for to-do lists?23:48
ybonyes, I'm planning to add notes support23:48
popey(we use trello quite a bit)23:48
ybon(re errors in map)23:48
ybonI use .txt files :p23:48
ybonmaybe I will just start issues in the bug tracker23:48
Tassadarw-flo: no, not first boot, but I might have done something that makes it do that every time - can I somehow tell if it is doing that? some log files?23:49
ybonin Github, there is now the possibility to have todo lists in an issue, very very handy23:49
popeyybon: that would work. you could prioritise and milestone them23:49
w-floTassadar, I don't know, i usually "adb shell top" to see if there are any apparmor-parser processes23:49
popeyyeah, github > launchpad for that.23:49
ybonlet's start that23:49
popeyright, time for bed, thanks for sharing the updates ybon.23:50
ybonwelcome! Thanks you for the feedback :)23:51
ybonAnd good night :)23:51
Tassadarw-flo: no, that's not that, the longest part is before adb even starts23:54
w-floTassadar, oh.. no idea then. adb comes up pretty seen even on my ex-gingerbread device23:55

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