foobarrymost of my fail2ban bans are from china07:11
foobarry"my" i mean directed at a few work servers07:12
shaunoyeah. That'd always been my assumption too - that's why I found it interesting that I've logged more attempts from India than China.07:14
foobarryboth big places07:14
shaunowell, sorted by attempts; china win if you sort by unique IPs.  so I guess it's skewing towards people who'll try a bigger password list07:15
foobarryok, so matches my fail2ban scenario07:17
shaunoyeah.  you shouldn't see a lot of attempts from a single IP if you're banning them after x many07:17
foobarryso lenovo are getting the ibm servers07:19
foobarrywill take a while to improve though. currently its  terrible to administer ibm servers07:20
foobarryCHINANET jiangsu province network07:46
foobarrynearly all fail2bans over last 24 hrs from there07:46
MartijnVdS\o popey09:36
MartijnVdSpopey: is the fsck done? :)09:36
popeyit did finish, but it never boots09:36
popeywill look again later09:36
foobarry"mario kart gives me breath, because i can play sitting down".10:02
foobarrythe answer to why he didn't want to play wii golf10:02
foobarrylazy teenager already at 4?10:03
MyrttiI know this isn't the most brilliant thing around and it's got some flaws, but https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/751733865/smartscope-reinventing-the-oscilloscope10:22
Myrttimight still be interesting to some10:22
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:29
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS10:30
foobarryelementary are developing shotwell now?  i thought shotwell would be better than geary for yorba.10:36
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foobarryfeel bad for watching click without my son12:10
brobostigonclick is on in 20mins, i think.12:11
foobarryi recorded it12:15
foobarrydont take chances on live tv with little kids12:15
=== Dave2_ is now known as Dave2
foobarryheh http://ahprojects.com/projects/camoflash12:19
foobarryi spy ubuntu on click12:31
foobarryon the robot section12:32
knightwiseafternoon guys13:03
brobostigonquick visit.13:04
brobostigonwb knightwise13:05
knightwisehey there13:05
knightwisehow are you bro13:05
brobostigonnot bad, and you?13:05
knightwisedoing ok.. Wife sleeping on the couch13:08
knightwisetaking the time to tinker on the computer a bit13:08
knightwisejsut installed the tor browser and stuff13:08
knightwiseand torify is a pretty cool command when you think of it :)13:10
knightwisefirefox vs torify firefox :)13:10
brobostigoni similerly like orbot on my droids.13:11
knightwisedo you need root for that ?13:15
knightwiseprobably right ?13:15
* knightwise googles orbot13:16
knightwisesounds very interesting13:17
knightwiseespecially when you are on open wifi and stuff13:17
brobostigonhowever you can run it on root, and it adds a few more features to it.13:17
brobostigoni do however have openvpn setup, for that aswell.13:18
* knightwise needs to get openvpn working on his router13:18
knightwiseshould not be that hard though.13:19
knightwiseI have an asus AC66U with Merlin13:19
* brobostigon points knightwise at MartijnVdS's blog for guideance.13:19
knightwiseUrl again ?13:19
knightwise(me needs to subscribe)13:19
brobostigonlet me try and find it.13:19
brobostigoni cant find it, :(13:21
knightwiseno prob , i'll ding him when I see him13:21
* knightwise needs some tea13:23
popeyhttp://dhmholley.co.uk/civclicker.html IS FUN13:53
penguin42popey: Ahem - damn you, that's some time wasted :-)14:19
popeyyeah, fun isnt it?14:20
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=== mr_dick is now known as mr_limp_dick
shaunookay, I'm missing something - where does Ore come from?15:21
Myrttiif you upgrade miners15:29
Myrttipopey: I hate you15:30
shaunobut I need 10 ore to upgrade miners.  I seem to be stuck in a catch-22 there15:36
directhexfire your smiths15:38
directhexsame when you need leather, fire your tanners15:38
shaunono smiths, seemed silly with no ore  lol15:39
shaunoI just did ore.total=10 on the error console, jump-started that catch-22 :)15:39
=== DGJones is now known as DJones
DJonesHeh, friend just sent me a link to this http://www.sadanduseless.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/2581.jpg possibly something you'd agree with Myrtti  especially when you hear people in the uk commenting on cold weather16:04
DJonesThats not quite the normal pic's he sends, but yes the sentiment is very similar16:06
Myrttiit's the garden swing picture, isn't it?16:10
DJonesI think the last picture was his car under about 6 feet of snow16:11
DJonesOr quirky ones like this https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/t1/q71/s720x720/1533886_10203231754453931_1018423267_n.jpg16:12
DJonesMyrtti: You mentioned the garden swing picture.... https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/168420_1854126432164_5913589_n.jpg16:20
DJonesIs that typical of the whole country in winter, or do different areas get affected differently16:21
Myrttiwell you can see the amount of snow now-ish http://www.flickr.com/photos/myrtti/12067909824/ from the edge of the planter16:23
MyrttiI suspect there's less snow on the southern coast16:23
DJonesFriend moved to Jyväskylä from the UK about 5 years ago after speaking/meeting his partner on facebook, brave to do that, but they're a good match for each other16:23
MyrttiAlanBell: what happened to your cloak!16:37
AlanBellMyrtti: I appear to have fallen off the internet16:48
Myrttiyou have16:49
AlanBellMyrtti: lots of weather is happening, it might have something to do with that16:51
MartijnVdSweather? where?16:54
popeya tree fell on a car at frimley park hospital just now16:57
popeyyay, went out to take sam to a party, come back to 176K piety16:58
Myrttiwell atleast this makes a little bit more sense than Settlers online17:12
* AlanBell is looking forward to haggis17:23
mappsyea the weather's pretty bad..i wokeup to rain banging on my windows and thunder and lightnoing!17:25
Myrttivery very frightning17:26
MyrttiI'll see myself out17:26
mappsMyrtti, the prospect of having to walk to work i that weather was frightening17:27
TheProphetSHi all17:50
TheProphetSI have a problem with ubuntu 13.10. I could not see the mouse pointer and fonts were super large so I tried removing nvidia drivers and reinstalling them but now I the screen is just black, I see grub, but Ubuntu does not show. I am pretty positive it gets to the login screen but I can't see anything. I have an intel card as well and the pc is connected to an LG tv17:53
MartijnVdSwhat happens when you connect the screen to the intel card?17:53
MartijnVdSit might be seeing the wrong one first, and using that17:53
TheProphetSI can see the screen but no pointer and large fonts just like it was with the nvidia17:54
MartijnVdSDid it work and break later, or did it never work?17:54
MartijnVdSDoes the installer show correctly?17:54
TheProphetSIt always worked17:55
TheProphetSThe installer you mean the nvidia one? I was using the repository drivers17:55
MartijnVdSwhat broke it then?17:55
MartijnVdSno, I mean the Ubuntu installer :)17:56
MartijnVdSdid that also have big fonts?17:56
TheProphetSNever had big fonts before17:56
TheProphetSAnd could always see the pointer17:56
MartijnVdSso, what changed to make that happen?17:56
TheProphetSI'm guessing an update of some sort17:56
TheProphetSI run aptitude safe-upgrade usually to be on the safe side of things17:57
MartijnVdSI don't have nvidia, so I don't know if I can help you17:58
MartijnVdSpopey might know, he always knows.17:58
TheProphetSIs there a way to remove all nvidia stuff and maybe unity as well , and would that help?17:59
MartijnVdSI doubt it17:59
popeyhow did you remove the nvidia drivers?17:59
TheProphetSAlso when I connect to the intel card I can't see the virtual terminals, I just see the still image of X18:00
TheProphetSSudo apt-get purge nvidia*18:00
popeyand how did you install them?18:00
TheProphetSSudo apt-get install nvidia-current18:01
popeyyou may have removed something else that's needed18:01
popeytry "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dsktop^"18:01
popeysudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^18:01
TheProphetSIs it ok if I do it when connected to the intel card? I can't seem to find a way to access the other virtual terminals18:02
TheProphetSI'm gonna have to try safe mode now, can't even see the login screen with the intel card now, or at least I could see it for a few seconds and then it went blank18:08
TheProphetSI mean recovery mode, sorry18:10
TheProphetSUbuntu-desktop is already the newest version apparently18:16
TheProphetSAt the moment I have the nvidia 304 driver installed18:19
TheProphetSBut also nvidia-driver, nvidia-glx, nvidia-kernel-amd64, nvidia-kernel-dkms, and many others are NOT installed, is that wrong?18:22
Myrttithis made me chuckle. http://imgur.com/gallery/ulwiHGy18:23
MartijnVdSMyrtti: custom status messages \o/ :)18:23
MartijnVdSwe used to do that at uni18:23
Myrtti(also, sorry for the language on the first image)18:24
bigcalmEvening peeps :)18:26
popeyTheProphetS:  you need the ^ on the end18:26
MartijnVdS\o bigcalm18:26
popeybigcalm: hows the laptop?18:27
TheProphetSPopey I have unmet dependencies18:27
popeycan you pastebin it?18:27
bigcalmpopey: pretty sweet. Glad I bought it :)18:27
popey18:22:11 < TheProphetS> But also nvidia-driver, nvidia-glx, nvidia-kernel-amd64, nvidia-kernel-dkms, and many others are NOT installed, is that wrong?18:28
popeyTheProphetS: yes, because you removed nvidia* which was a bad thing to do18:28
bigcalmOh, is nVidia working properly in 14.04 yet? :)18:28
TheProphetSUnmet dependencies are for libgoa-1.0-018:29
popeycan you pastebin the full output?18:29
popeysudo apt-get install pastebinit18:29
popeysudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ | pastebinit18:29
popeythen give us the link18:29
TheProphetSI am using the root shell from the recovery mode and I think I'm not connected right now, gonna try and get online from the shell18:31
TheProphetSAlthough I shouldn't since its a root shell18:32
popeydo  you have wired or wifi?18:33
TheProphetSMaybe there's a way to start in text mode18:34
popeythere is18:34
MartijnVdSthere is, it's rescue mode18:34
lubotu3To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode18:34
* MartijnVdS learns something new18:35
TheProphetSDunno what I've done exactly but I managed to start a shell and install pastebinit18:39
TheProphetSA proper login shell from recovery mode18:39
popeyTheProphetS: do you have any PPAs enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?18:41
TheProphetSSorry about the capital H18:41
popeyi suspect you have the gnome3 team ppa enabled18:41
popeydo you use gnome shell?18:42
TheProphetSNot really, just when unity breaks or when something new comes up in gnome shell18:43
popeywell that's contributing to your woes a bit18:43
TheProphetSShould I purge it? I don't mind really18:43
popeybut probably unrelated to the nvidia issue18:43
popeymaybe ☻18:43
popeyi probably would, to get back to stock. you can always try and re-add later18:44
MartijnVdSpopey: a different gtk setting could lead to big fonts -- dpi stuff18:44
popeygood point!18:44
TheProphetSGnome-shell is not installed at the moment18:44
popeybut other related things are18:45
popeywhich one do you have?18:45
popeygnome3, gnome3-next or gnome3-staging >18:46
popeybasically "sudo apt-get install ppa-purge" then "sudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3" or "/gnome3-next" or "/gnome3-staging" depending on which one you have in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:46
popeyi need to go and bath the kids18:46
popey(not an euphemism)18:47
TheProphetSOk enjoy the bath :-) thank you!18:47
TheProphetSHave you tried SteamOS yet?18:51
maps|worknot i18:52
TheProphetSHow about the 14.04 LTS?18:53
maps|workna im way back on 13.10 :)19:06
maps|workim always quite slow to upgrade19:06
maps|workwhat are you running?19:07
maps|workhi apache19:12
maps|workUKs higher than i thought19:30
maps|workwhereas the United Kingdom was the second most throttled country in Europe with 28 percent,19:30
shaunoif only that was the biggest thing wrong with connectivity in the UK19:31
maps|workwell yea i just wish i could get cable or FTC19:32
maps|workwho are you with19:32
shaunoI haven't lived in the UK for 13 years.  so my last there was freeserve19:33
maps|workah wow that was ages back i had freeserve whgen it was dialup and pcworld ran it or something iirc19:33
maps|workwhere'd you live now? Spain?19:33
shaunohah, I wish.  Ireland for now19:37
shaunoI'm on UPC.  they appear to be in roughly half of europe.  they do block tpb due to court process, but other than that, I'm glad it doesn't resemble the UK too closely19:39
maps|workyea this lame blocking torrent sites is just dumb..it's just like whack-a-mole block one domain a new one pops up19:40
maps|workeven if they block the domain and associated IP it hardly stops it.. a quick google of tpb and any idiot can get round the UK block19:41
shaunoI pay for 120, usually get closer to 150-180 depending on time of day, and don't have "think of the children" filtering.  For me, it's about as good as it gets without moving to the Netherlands19:41
maps|worklol think of the children you mean all this talk abourt blocking porn/suicide sites/violence etc? what a load of nonsense - these filters are operating atm but not enforced and existing customers have to opt in but IIRC you'll have to opt out in the future19:43
maps|workits all a totla waste of tme..19:44
shaunoit sounds kinda idealistic, but it doesn't bother me what they're blocking.  it bothers me that they've now built the infrastructure, so they can add anything they like, whenever they like19:44
maps|workwhat do you mean about add anything they like?19:44
maps|workyea it is idealistic..I mean it's not practical..how easy is it to circumvent..be it a proxy or a VPN or a web based proxy so the user needn even have to know how to setup an http proxy/vpn server19:45
maps|worki.e. tpbunblocked.me any fool can click that - and the filtering of websites leads to sites being blocked thjat shouldnt be i.e. the UK filter has ended u blocking some sex education sites/rape charity sites..clearly not intended19:46
shaunoit's a "slippery slope" scenario.  If the filters don't exist, you can just say "not technically feasible" any request19:47
maps|workyep..where do they stop i hate talk about censoring the net..its like parents that say ask.fm needs to be monitorred or shut down19:47
maps|workhow would that wo0rk..shutdown ask.fm and the next day a new one opens up under a differnt name/different location...if people want to find a way to access stuff they will19:48
shaunoonce they do, "omgz child porn" turns into "protect the copyright holders" turns into "there's an injunction about x scandal involving y football player", and it winds up being full-scale thought police far too quickly19:48
maps|worklook at how the darkweb (tor) is full of child porn apparently - well they cant filter that19:48
maps|workbut then no one country/person owns the internet so they can never FULLY filter it19:49
shaunoI guess my issue is that being able to say no to everything was far more trustworthy than letting some civil servant decide what to say no to19:49
maps|workwhat do you mean being able to say no to everything?19:50
shaunowell, when the simple excuse was that it wasn't possible.  the simple, innocent days19:54
maps|workwill this uk wide filter last or will it exist for a bit and eventually be scrapped?!19:56
shaunoI hope it won't last, but I don't hold my hopes high.  the chances of finding enough politicians willing to stand the "fighting to allow child porn" flak is unlikely19:57
shaunoI do hope for a lot more transparency.  we should have access to a full list of what's filtered, why, at who's request.  and requests that are pending/denied.19:58
shaunothat would inspire a lot more confidence in whoever gets to tick the boxes19:58
maps|workthing is it cant be maintained..each isp has their own filter and its based on algorithms..not someone manually adding/removbing..surely its too time consuming to  have to manually add/remove sites19:58
shaunowhat I do find an interesting mental exercise; I'm currently in the process of moving to central/eastern europe.  "the other side of the curtain" by all accounts.  and I find it interesting to see things from their point of view20:01
penguin42shauno: Where about?20:01
shauno40 years to oust the russian, often a price paid in blood; and the net result is that they now have a different name for big brother.  that feels like a huge letdown20:02
shaunopenguin42: slovakia20:02
penguin42shauno: Interesting, I don't know anyone who has gone there20:03
maps|worknot sure what you mean? you mean becuase they used to be russian controlled and now arent20:03
maps|workive been to Czech republic (formerly czechoslovakia) and was meant to go to Bratislava few months back but couldnt..will go sometime this year20:03
shaunobecause it used to be the stazi trying to monitor what they read, who they talked to, etc, and now there's western govts doing exactly the same thing much more efficiently20:03
penguin42yeh, I know people in Brno20:03
shaunoI've only been to brno once.  it wasn't my idea, it was ryanair's :|20:04
penguin42shauno: It shouldn't really be too much of a surprise to anyone - after all Cryptography was pretty much banned in France until fairly recently20:04
maps|workhm howcome you meant to Brno and not PRAGUE20:04
shaunobrno was the closest airport to where we were meant to be going (bts/bratislava)20:05
maps|workyea there's no airport in bratislava right? when i was looking a lot of flights were to austria then transfer i think?20:05
penguin42that is bizarre; http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/rearrange-your-office-easy-wit-14399520:05
shaunomy only impressions were that it's a scary airport; they still have doors marked in cyrillic before passport20:06
penguin42(in a great way)20:06
shaunobratislava has a pretty decent airport.  it feels like grant money; completely overdone for their needs20:06
MartijnVdSlots of airports are like that20:07
shaunoso ryanair fly their rather than vienna because it's much cheaper, but only a 1hr bus transfer to vienna20:07
shaunobut the airport is so quiet that they still meet every flight with a fire engine20:07
shaunoit honestly feels like you've just walked in on one big charade.  and I've been there .. I think 20 times in the last 24 months20:08
MartijnVdSshauno: Bratislava? Why go so often?20:08
shaunobecause I'm simple, and there's a girl involved20:09
MartijnVdSMaybe she gets the firetrucks to go out and greet your plane? :)20:10
shaunoI'm trying not to be an idiot about it, but the job market looks fantastic from my POV.20:11
shaunooverall they're basically assembly lines.  last I heard they produce more cars per capita than any other country globally20:11
penguin42shauno: Generally it seems pretty good at the moment20:11
MartijnVdSwork-from-home jobs work from everywhere, also, development jobs are everywhere (local and "remote" work)20:12
shaunobut there's a lot of multinationals just begging for anyone who doesn't think that networks are pure voodoo.  and a lot of the same multinationals that have to meet employment goals of native english-speakers20:12
penguin42MartijnVdS: Nod20:12
MartijnVdSone of the few jobs that have seen very little decline, software dev20:13
shaunodell, amazon, at&t, novell, ibm, etc.  just crying out for anybody at all, with a heavy preference to native english speakers20:14
penguin42MartijnVdS: Oh it's because as more developers are added we manage to make bigger, more complex systems that have more places to add more developers - goto START20:14
MartijnVdSpenguin42: sounds like.. a job security machine20:14
maps|workhm there's an airport in Bratislava? howcome they fly to Vienna and you have to go from there then on most flights?20:15
MartijnVdSmaps|work: vienna airport is bigger, more flights go to it20:15
MartijnVdSmaps|work: bratislava airport is probably a lot cheaper to land at (hence ryanair)20:16
maps|workwhen i looked on expedia i didnt see a single direct flight to BTS airport20:16
maps|workif its cheaper why wouldnt more fly direct20:17
maps|workdirect seems better?20:17
MartijnVdSmaps|work: ryanair doesn't allow (m)any third parties to access their flight data20:17
jussiryanscare dont usually come on the agregated searches20:17
shaunoyeah, ryanair don't like indexers.  they dont' want "we're the cheapest" to be a question20:17
maps|workbut jet2 dont fly direct for example20:17
jussivienna is a very big airport... a major hub iirc.20:18
maps|workand ryanair was horrible when i flew to majorcaused -used jet2 for Prague and KLM for Holland both way better..do any others than ryan air fly direct??20:18
shaunoryanair are about the only 'western' carrier I've found that do20:18
maps|workahh ok thought so..damn flying direct would be way better!!!! oi know you can get easily from vienna to bts but its a hassle - how long does it take?20:18
MartijnVdSmaps|work: Ryanair to the Netherlands flies to Eindhoven. Which is almost as far from Amsterdam as Birmingham is from London20:19
shaunoit's about an hour by bus, and about the same by rail20:19
maps|workI flew to Schiphol very big airport20:20
jussiMartijnVdS: oh come on, doesnt the netherlands fit into Birmingham? :P20:20
shaunoannoyingly, by rail is *much* cheaper from bratislava to vienna, than the reverse20:20
MartijnVdSjussi: shush20:20
MartijnVdSmaps|work: Schiphol is a great airport.. and I've seen a few :)20:20
MartijnVdSSFO isn't bad either20:20
jussiI love schiphol.20:20
maps|workyes , I had a McDonalds and heineken for my pre flight meal20:20
jussiHelsinki is also nice.20:20
shaunolast I used the trains there, it was e15 for a bts-vnn return, and e40 for vnn-bts one-way.  and starting in bratislava bought you access to vienna's public transport for 24hrs20:20
maps|workhey MartijnVdS howcome everywhere on Holland was Heineken? very rarely saw say Amstel or anything else?20:20
maps|workbut Amstel is nice20:21
jussibut then again... avoid CDG like the plague...20:21
maps|workHeineken was EVERYWHERE20:21
MartijnVdSmaps|work: yes, and we HATE it :)20:21
maps|workyes so why is it everywhere?20:21
maps|workwhat do you like?20:21
shaunohttp://www.bts.aero/en/passengers/flight-information/current-arrivals/  gives you an idea of who uses BTS.  it's pretty much ryanair and a bunch of airlines you've never heard of20:21
MartijnVdSmaps|work: well, I'm biased, my brothers are brewers ;)20:21
MartijnVdSmaps|work: http://www.vandestreek-bier.nl/20:21
maps|workyou dont like Amstel either? amstel and groslch were both fine but rarely saw them20:22
maps|workheineken was expensive most places nearly 6 euros20:22
MartijnVdSmaps|work: it's all mass-produced. I prefer beer from smaller/local breweries -- much more interesting taste than plain pilsner20:22
shaunoparis was the worst I've found yet.  for 8e you can get a bartender to laugh at you.  to add liquid goes up from there20:22
MartijnVdSshauno: ask for wine instead?20:23
maps|worklol shauno20:23
shaunoI'm not a big wine guy20:23
maps|workso noo other airline flies direct to BTS that sucks - so is it best to fly direct with ryan air and just make do with rubbish airline or fly with someone else and do a transfer from vienna?20:24
shaunoit works as long as it's cloyingly dry.  it's difficult express that in a bar that speaks Foreignese20:24
shaunopersonally, I stick with ryanair.  despite the reputation, they're pretty decent as long as you're willing to play the game20:24
maps|worki mean sure theyre ok but damn i mean there reaqlly isnt any room KLM/jet2 was way more comfortable20:25
shaunobut I do have a bias that I'm in the republic, and there's not so many flying from here  (it's difficult to penetrate ryanair's home turf)20:25
jussimaps|work: its a short flight...20:25
MartijnVdSshauno: "un vin sec s'il vous plaît"20:25
maps|workbut it was still nicer on klm and jet2:D20:25
MartijnVdSspeaking of French20:26
maps|workif it wasnt a short flight..wouldnt even consider!20:26
shaunoI've developed a very useful talent.  I'm usually asleep before they've finished boarding, let alone flying20:26
MartijnVdSI need to book a hotel there :)20:26
maps|workhey MartijnVdS  i went to amsterdam dungeons on my last day in Holland..that was fun!!20:26
maps|workwe were just walking around killing some time ..we'd checked out of hotel and flight home was later that evening20:26
MartijnVdSmaps|work: I've never been to those20:26
MartijnVdS(and I work in Amsterdam..)20:27
shaunoit helps that my regular flight requires me to leave the house at 1am, to make a bus for a 6am flight and a 10am arrival.  passing out as soon as I'm sat down is almost mandatory20:27
jussishauno: ouch20:27
maps|worki hadnt been to any of them before .id heard of london dungeons but hadnt been..it was cool man!20:27
maps|worki still remember the young girl..near Hard Rock cafe 'yes it is ok to cycle at night you wont get raped here' :D think she maybe meant something different20:28
jussimaps|work: can you play dungeons and dragons there? :P20:28
shaunoit works out surprisingly well.  3 hours of doze on the bus, 3 hours of sleep on the plane, and I'm good to go when we land20:28
shaunoa'dam is strange for that.  it's okay to cycle pretty much anywhere.  walking or driving is scary - militant cyclists hide around every corner20:28
maps|workyep cars..tram..cyclists..walking around is tough!!20:29
penguin42shauno: You've just given me a mental image of someone on a penny-black with a machine gun20:29
shaunopenguin42: that wouldn't be far off.  the cyclists 'run' a'dam.20:29
maps|workhah jussi  :D honestly though its way cooler than i thought it'd be id like to go to the london dungeons at some point now after how good amsterdam one was20:29
shaunoI did like amsterdam though.  it's on the short list of places I'd live in by choice20:30
maps|worknot sure i would20:31
maps|worktoo used to the uk. MartijnVdS  you live near central ams?20:31
shaunothe center is impossibly cute, and they're absurdly friendly for what's essentially a germanic people20:31
shaunoI'm not used to the UK; I left at 20.  and you honestly couldn't pay me to go back20:32
penguin42this Virgin router is very broken; it's showing my netbook which is connected to 1) the wifi on the router, (192.168.0.x?) and via ether via another NAT layer with the NATd address and showing it under the Wireless devices that's impossible20:32
penguin42shauno: We won't bite20:32
MartijnVdSmaps|work: I live ~40km from the centre of Amsterdam, in a small town :)20:33
maps|workim confused penguin42  so it is using wifi but u say it isnt?20:33
MartijnVdSmaps|work: one hour by bus, or 30 minutes by car (but no affordable parking spots available..)20:33
penguin42maps|work: It's showing it connected via the wifi (which it is) but showing it's internal wired address on the wifi pane20:34
shaunopenguin42: a large part of my problem is that I find that difficult to believe20:34
penguin42shauno: Haha - where in the UK were you?20:34
shaunoportsmouth, plymouth, oxford, newcastle, barrow (south lakes), and near helensburgh20:35
shaunoerrr near glasgow (helensburgh)20:35
penguin42hmm, never been to any of those places20:35
maps|workportsmouths ok20:35
maps|worklived there when i was at uni20:35
shaunomy last visit to the UK .. I wandered from the bar to the nearest corner shop to buy smokes.  I accidentally reached into the wrong pocket and produced a 10e note instead of a 10gbp note20:36
shaunothey didn't just laugh at me.  they grabbed my jacket and pushed me out the door20:36
shaunowhile, yes, I was rather drunk - I wasn't antisocially so - I'm far too much of an introvert for that.  but I've lived england, scotland, ireland, the US, and I've never been treated like that anywhere but 'home turf'20:37
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shauno(that was newcastle city center, but I honestly don't have a better opinion of anywhere that uses 'innit' in a sentence)20:38
maps|worki find the red light just so funny MartijnVdS  :D how its a normal bar then 3 hookers in a window :D20:38
shaunoI thought my scheme of carrying euros in left-hand pockets and sterling in right-hand pockets was genius.  oh well20:39
maps|workbest solution20:39
maps|workstop smoking20:39
jussisee, here in .fi, cash is almost unknown... excet for somethiing you use in the slot machines in service stations :P20:39
MartijnVdSsimilar in .nl20:40
shaunoI'm kinda scared of plastic  lol20:40
penguin42uses plastic for most stuff20:40
MartijnVdSthough some people use cash almost exclusively20:40
shaunoI had a bad experience, not long after I moved here from the US.  I only got a credit card because the debit scheme in ireland is unheard of anywhere else, and I live on the internet20:40
maps|workin pub MartijnVdS ? have to use cash20:40
shaunoso I went to a job interview in london, went to check-in at the hotel, and required my CC pin for the first time ever.  I had no idea what it was.  very awkward20:41
MartijnVdSmaps|work: Nah, you can use cards in most now20:41
maps|workfor just 1 beer?!20:41
MartijnVdSmaps|work: sure20:41
maps|workoh didnt know often pubs/bars have 10GBP minimu20:41
shaunoI try to use my card where I Can just because it makes accounting easier, but I try to make sure I have enough cash to cover eventualities20:42
penguin42some shops do as well20:42
MartijnVdSmaps|work: they lowered transaction costs here to have shops accept cards for lower amounts20:42
shaunominimums tend to apply to credit but not debit, fwiw20:42
MartijnVdSthe "we use your credit card as a tab" system is unknown here though :( Like that bit of pubs in the UK :)20:42
maps|workyes MartijnVdS  have you been to cz? totally diff there its all on tab --- get a beer..sit down tab get another etc20:43
shaunolong ago I worked in 'service' .. processing charges on credit were a percentage with a fixed minimum, charges on debit were just the fixed minimum20:43
maps|workvery different to UK20:43
directhexit's 2014 and we trade using shiny pebbles20:44
directhexi mean, wtf?20:44
MartijnVdSmaps|work: I've been to Prague. Horrible city.20:44
maps|workya but sometimes they charge you to use a card in a shop too remember20:44
shaunoprague is pretty but unfriendly.  bratislava is ugly but friendly :)20:44
MartijnVdSshauno: when I was there, prague was ugly and unfriendly20:45
MartijnVdSthough beer was cheaper than water20:45
maps|worki thought bratislava was meant to be nice not ugly - MartijnVdS  people sya Prague is beautiful and also a lot of locals have poor english..not like NL20:45
shaunohah, yeah, BA is the same.  cans are cheaper than plastic, and plastic is cheaper than glass.  the contents appear to be irrelevant20:45
maps|workguy in a bar in the redlight (guess he was the man running it) said that the people he finds the most annoying are Italians in Holland20:46
MartijnVdSmaps|work: macho shouty guys?20:46
shaunoeveryone finds italians annoying, but you didn't hear that from me20:47
MartijnVdSmaps|work: that's the stereotype anyway20:47
maps|worki think he said theyre sleazy too20:47
MartijnVdSThere are lots of people who believe everyone is the stereotype :)20:47
shaunoI have a problem with italians at work, where they appear to think italian is an international language20:47
MartijnVdSI try to avoid stereotype-thinking as much as possible20:47
maps|worklol shauno20:48
MartijnVdSshauno: and the handwaving!20:48
shaunoless so the handwaving, cisco's voip doesn't stretch that far20:48
MartijnVdSshauno: reply in clerical latin then20:48
shaunobut as far as I'm concerned, international languages are english, podonghua, german, and french.  in that order.   italians disagree.20:49
MartijnVdSpenguin42: "standard chinese", mandarin20:50
shaunowhat we call mandarin, is a very bad stereotype; 'mandarins' were politicians.  potonghua is "the people's language"20:50
daftykinsooh, interesting20:50
penguin42oh, interesting fact of the day :-)20:51
MartijnVdSshauno: in Dutch, the tiny sweet orange citrus fruit are called "mandarijnen" 8-)20:51
MartijnVdShi jennie20:51
penguin42MartijnVdS: Same in the UK20:51
shaunoso (without the tones) wo hoi shoi podonghua ma?  not, do you speak mandarin20:51
jenniehi MartijnVdS , are you from UK ?20:51
MartijnVdSjennie: I'm not :)20:51
MartijnVdSbut some of the other people in here are20:52
daftykinswe let him off for it occasionally20:54
penguin42jennie: And you?20:55
jenniepenguin42 are you from UK ?20:55
* penguin42 is20:56
MartijnVdSpenguin42: your name ssounds Antarctic to me ;)20:56
* penguin42 hands MartijnVdS a herring20:56
MartijnVdSpenguin42: http://www.lauraspeaksdutch.info/wp-content/uploads/2006/09/img_0256.JPG20:57
shaunoI have to say, the chinese are acutally amazing to deal with.  all you need is "I'm sorry, may I ask, do you speak english" in mandarin rather than just continuing in english, and you win them on the spot20:57
shaunothe trick is not just to ask if they speak english; but to recognise the decorum they expect from a 'servant'.  instant win20:58
daftykinspenguin42: was it red?20:59
MartijnVdSit's the same with the French really :)20:59
daftykinsshauno: servant? 0o20:59
shaunoI find french difficult.  I Can just about manage "8am".  phone back after 8am.  please.  please.20:59
MartijnVdSshauno: but most nouns are the same as in English21:00
MartijnVdSs/most/a lot/21:00
shaunodaftykins: confucianism is very heirachial.  to an extreme.  you can find youtube videos of, eg, hairdressesers rehearing the "welcome how many I help" act21:00
daftykinsrehearing? 0o21:01
MartijnVdSdaftykins: don't you rehearse when you need to talk to customers?21:02
MartijnVdSdo you ever talk to customers?21:04
maps|workjennie didnt say much eh21:06
MartijnVdSjust checking if everyone here is from the uk 8-)21:07
* dwatkins waves21:07
shaunosorry, this isn't my most sober, and my keyboard is strugling to translate.  they have routines like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USeSAGfko-U21:07
maps|workmost of us are:D21:08
maps|workwe have a few odd ones out like MartijnVdS  :D21:08
* MartijnVdS listens to Michael Jackson's Thriller.. that video is oddly synchronised.21:08
daftykinsshauno: gone already at 9pm!?21:08
daftykinsMartijnVdS: well, clients yeah, but mostly it's ad-hoc on the spot explanations of issues discovered then and there21:09
shaunoI forgot to sleep last night.  I worked 12 hours.  shifts are weird.21:09
MartijnVdSshauno: you *forgot*?21:10
daftykinsIrish, 'nough said ;)21:11
shaunosleeping is fairly down my list of priorities.  I have a job that's conductive to napping.21:11
shaunoeg, if it's not beeping, I can do pretty much anything that doesnt' look inexcusable21:11
* MartijnVdS Ctrl+Gs at shauno 21:12
maps|workalways see stff like this with IP cameras..but lol clicking OK when asked for user/pass and you get in:D21:12
maps|workctrl +g?21:12
shaunooh it gets better.  I've found a firefox extension called 'muter', so the beeping is optional.  so on the weekends, when there's no grownups - we take turns21:13
shauno^G should create the terminal bell, from memory21:13
MartijnVdSmaps|work: Ctrl+G = \007 = ASCII "BEL"21:13
MartijnVdS= \a21:13
mr_dickjoin #dogecoin21:13
MartijnVdSmr_dick: such forget. much /. wow.21:14
maps|workhe cant make his mind up21:18
maps|workwhat linux sites/podcasts/magazines do you all read21:43
moreatimaps|work: lwn, hacker news, links from twitter, planet python, python weekly, postgresql weekly, 2 or 3 subreddits21:55
bigcalmAnybody here tried playing 140 on Steam on Linux?22:04
bigcalmThe game doesn't seem to run for me22:04
Myrttipopey: http://www.corsair.com/us/mx-rgb22:37
Myrtti(obviously no idea how good it is but omg pretty!)22:37
=== mr_dick_ is now known as mr_dick
maps|worknever even heard of 14022:42
maps|workooh thats pretty Myrtti  hadn't seen that before22:43
popeyMyrtti: i really want a keyboard with touchpoint22:44
Myrttioh, right22:44
maps|workstupid work machine crashed23:10
maps|workcan someone paste the respnse i got to my question about what linux sites people read23:10
Myrttiosnews lwn, hacker news, links from twitter, planet python, python  weekly, postgresql weekly, 2 or 3 subreddits23:19
Myrttimaps|work: ^23:20
Myrtti(didn't include nicknames because it's late and didn't want to unnecessarily highlight)23:20
maps|workARGHHH whats happening - sorry got distracted someone pestering me at work-can u paste again:(23:43
maps|workil cp it to notepad then:D23:43

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