derekvthe name of this channel is all out of order01:21
derekvshould be, ubunut.mi.us01:21
derekvaccording to what my fingers want to type01:21
derekvbecause they remember a simpler time, when .mi.us was a relevent thingd01:22
derekvrick_h_: http://codepad.org/KMrrSNBS my zshrc history sharing thing doesn't work01:43
derekvzsh 5.0.2 (x86_64-apple-darwin13.0)01:43
derekvidk if there is anything obvious i'm doing wrong01:44
jrwrenderekv: it used to be mi-us01:46
jrwrenbut the standard is least specific to most specific.01:46
jrwrenso we renamed01:46
derekvI'm thinking about creating a meetup04:07
derekvactually I wonder if anyone would attend "Meetup! Haskell vs Lisp Deathmath! Fight!"04:10
rick_h_derekv: only thing is mine are all caps05:01
rick_h_derekv: not sure if that matters tbh05:01
rick_h_# share history across terminal sessions05:01
rick_h_setopt SHARE_HISTORY05:01
rick_h_setopt EXTENDED_HISTORY05:01

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