starratsI'm back00:58
Unit193Welcome back.  Problem taken care of?00:58
starratsyes and thank you00:58
belkinsaWelcome back.00:59
starratsthanks, to answer your question belkinsa I have left a detailed message over on #ubuntu and no one got back to me.01:00
belkinsaNot #xubuntu?01:01
* belkinsa is contacting the project lead, knome01:02
Unit193Umm, why?01:02
belkinsaIf it's a Xubuntu problem, shouldn't go to the Xubuntu support channel?  Knome might know, that's why I pinged him.01:03
belkinsaBy the way, starrats, since you now have a Ubuntu One account.  You can ask at www.askubuntu.com01:03
Unit193It's the same as everything else... #ubuntu is an option, #xubuntu may be better but don't post to both...01:04
starratsmy problem is that I have win7 and it has its own partitioning program and I have used wubi  and another boot loader, two different times, I get to the purple screen with the little red dots going back and forth and then it goes black  I see a little font statement at the beginning of all of this and nothing happens and after a bit I get one of those little 'spin clocks' in the upper left hand corner and it just stays and stays,01:04
starrats this is roughly a 15 minute adventure.01:04
starratsah okay blekinsa01:05
starratson the ubuntuone statement01:05
belkinsaSounds like: http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/how-to-completely-wipe-windows-8-and-install-linux/141601:05
jenni[ How to completely wipe windows 8 and install linux - Ubuntu Discourse ] - https://j.mp/1bnD6FQ01:05
starratsAlthough I hate windows with a passion, my GF would have a screaming fit because she and I have identical Toshiba laptops I'm currently on Virtualbox01:07
starratsshe needs my help a lot with windows every so often01:07
belkinsaIdea: get a Ubuntu sticker for your laptop to mark it as yours.01:08
belkinsaOr an Xubuntu one.01:08
belkinsaSticker = printout of the logo and taped onto the lid01:08
starratslol, but that's not the problem she wants us to have the same thing and she is petrified of linux01:08
starratseven tho I have told her it is cool01:08
belkinsaDid you try to show her it?01:09
starratsno not yet but soon, she doesn't even know I have set up VirtualBox yet and running xubuntu, lol01:09
belkinsaWhy is she scared of Linux?01:10
Unit193Wait, so she'd have a fit, because you installed another OS on to your own, unshared laptop? 0_o01:11
starratsdon't know but she is frightened to a point about windows, I'm 61 years old and she is a little older and a grandma that might be the whole thing01:11
belkinsaOh, I see.01:11
starratsyes age01:11
belkinsaDoes she think Linux = all in command line or what?01:12
starratsshe doesn't understand that linux does the samething that windows does for things she uses the computer for01:13
starratscommand line stuff, i have told her about that a little and it kind of freaks her out and in the same breath I said she would not have to ever do that01:14
belkinsaReally, I think the best thing, is show it to her and show that Firefox does the same as IE and Libreoffice does the same as M$.01:14
belkinsaWait, do that on Windows first.01:14
starratswell I did install on her laptop Apache Open Office so she can use that01:14
belkinsaAnd tell her that command line is not needed for everyday users.01:14
belkinsaClose enough,01:15
starratsI have done that01:15
belkinsaAnd you guys have Firefox?01:15
starratsI was using FF but now I'm on chrome because she is on chrome01:15
belkinsaLook at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StartUbuntu  That could help you01:15
jenni[ StartUbuntu - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1bnECrC01:15
belkinsaChrome works on Ubuntu.01:16
starratsand I am using chromium on xubuntu because ff went wacky the other day, lol01:16
belkinsaCould this video help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XTHdcmjenI&feature=youtu.be01:16
jenni[ What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds: Jim Zemlin at TEDxConcordiaUPortland - YouTube ] - https://j.mp/1bnEGHL01:16
belkinsaAnd http://iamnewtolinux.blogspot.com/p/about-iamnewtolinux.html01:16
jenni[ Hello, I'm New To Linux! : About IamNewToLinux ] - https://j.mp/1bnEIzx01:16
starratswell the biggest hassle is that she is set in her ways on many things including her comp.  lol01:17
belkinsaAh, she is a ram.  I see.01:18
starratsI'm going to show her soon my Virtualbox and show her xubuntu is cool01:18
Unit193starrats: Do you use Pepperflash with Chromium?01:18
starratsshe sure uis, lol01:18
belkinsaGood luck on that, show that video, if needed.01:18
starratsUnit193 nev er heard of Pepperflash01:19
Unit193Only reason to use chromium. :D01:20
belkinsaBut isn't it dropping Flash support?01:20
Unit193I don't know, not my browser.  And, it wouldn't be dropping flash anyway, perhaps PPAPI, but not flash.01:21
belkinsaNevermind, and I'm not even going to search OMG! Ubuntu01:22
starratsno currently ff is/or has 'exploded' in the upper left corner of FB and I use FB a lot, there's a good xubuntu page there now01:22
starratsand FB just didn't work on xubuntu but works fine on win701:22
Unit193I'd recommend not looking there anyway. :P01:22
Unit193starrats: Weird, works fine for the people using it here... :/01:22
starratswhat FB01:23
belkinsaFB? As in Facebook?  It should work on every type of computer OS.01:23
Unit193there=OMG!Ubuntu terrible site.01:23
starratsit could be a combination of things including VirtualBox, that is why I would love to partition my win7 HD01:23
Unit193But by all means, if you prefer Chromium, use it.  I myself use Xombrero quite a bit, and firefox as well.01:23
* belkinsa wishes skellat was here01:24
Unit193What do you need him for?01:25
Unit193Can always email.01:25
belkinsaYeah, but I was thinking if he could help starrats.01:25
belkinsaOr not.01:26
starratsI'm just returning to linux, been gone for a few years, had a macbook and just stopped using it,  I ran opensuse 10 and slackware about 8 years ago and forgot a lot of stuff, so basically I'm a noob again, lol01:26
starratsand was on freenode back when I belonged to #linuxforums01:27
Unit193I was only back in '08, but think FN dropped the nick at one point, came back couple years later.01:28
starratsas you know Unit193 I have my own channel here and I had it back then and asked the freenode to give it back to me and they did01:29
starratsheck I even had my own weather bot01:30
* Unit193 still does, but never uses it since he wrote his own script to do it.01:30
starratshave a long time friend here on my other channel I go to and now he's on #xubuntu here occasionally and I asked him to help me with my problem.01:37
* Unit193 wonders if he knows the nick.01:37
starratsthe nick is new but his nick name is adrenaline_ or adrenaline01:38
starratsnew to that channel not new to linux, he belongs to #xubuntu-us-az01:39
Unit193Wooww, dh_make...09:15
starratsgood morning everyone!10:55
starratsgood morning10:58
belkinsaDo know when starrats will be back?14:10
starratsgood morning to you all again!16:06
starratssleepy heads over here too, lol!16:31
belkinsaDang it!  He is gone again!19:21
starratsgood afternoon everyone!19:45
belkinsaHey there, starrats.  How are you?19:45
starratsI'm fine, how are you belkinsa?19:46
belkinsaI'm fine, just got my hair cut.19:46
starratslol, I need to get mine it's almost an inch long19:47
belkinsaAny luck on showing Linux to your girlfriend?19:47
belkinsaOr getting Xubuntu on to your laptop/19:47
starratsneither but I do have a question.19:48
belkinsaGo ahead.19:48
starratsI have been trying to install an iso with amd64 on the end of it would an ending with i386 make a difference?19:49
belkinsaYes!  It's a HUGE difference!   i386 is for 32-bit machines.19:50
belkinsaAmd64 is for 64 bit ones19:51
starratsah okay then I have been trying with the correct one I have win7 with 64 bit laptop19:51
belkinsaBut you can run a 32-bit version of Ubuntu on a machine that can run 64 bit.19:51
starratsso I'm still stuck with the installation problems, lol19:52
belkinsaOkay, this might work.  Try to install a 32-bit (i386) version of Xubuntu and see if that will work.  But I think you should run the LiveCD and try it out first.19:53
starratswell when I was trying yo install or load ubuntu 13.10 64 bit version on my virtualbox it said it could not load and need an i386 iso19:53
belkinsaOkay, seems that you VB can only run the 32-bit versions.19:53
starratsbut the xubuntu I'm using now on VB is working just fine, I'm chatting with you, lol19:54
belkinsa32-bit versions of Ubuntu are the only option for computers with less than 2GB of RAM.19:54
starratsand it's 13.10 64 bit19:54
belkinsaI think it's becuase of the different requirements that two favours need.19:55
jennibelkinsa meant to say: I think it's because of the different requirements that two favours need.19:55
starratsah okay will have to check my ram but it should be more than 2GB19:56
belkinsaAlso, running off of a LiveCD and  testing out on your main system is the way to go at time.19:56
jennibelkinsa meant to say: Also, running off of a LiveCD and  testing out on your main system is the way to go at times.19:56
Unit193VBox can do 64 or 32, just need to set it.  Ubuntu 32bit uses a PAE kernel, so you can have more than 4G of ram with it.19:59
starratsI have used livecd aka a dvd and I did look I have 4GB ran with 3.48 GB available, so I'm still trying to figure out why I can't load ubuntu on a patitioned hd20:01
belkinsaHave you done your homework (read: research) on the problem to find the solution?20:01
starratsI have been reading it off and on, need to go to ubuntu help and see what is the problem20:02
belkinsaIf not: check Ubuntu Forums (ubuntuforums.org) and Ask Ubuntu (askubuntu.com/)20:02
starratsok thanks for those links belkinsa20:03
belkinsaNot a problem.20:03
belkinsaI don't if the Community Help Wiki would be a place to check, since the Doc team is having a hard time getting that wiki cleaned up and up to date.20:04
starratsI woman aka my GF watches little ones during the week and I have to help her a lot, so my time is limited on the reading but will be making more an effort to find ou my problem20:04
belkinsas/I don't/I don't know20:04
jennibelkinsa meant to say: I don't know if the Community Help Wiki would be a place to check, since the Doc team is having a hard time getting that wiki cleaned up and up to date.20:04
Unit193starrats: If you have a newer computer it may have UEFI, which would require 64bit.20:06
jenni[ UEFI - Community Ubuntu Documentation ] - https://j.mp/1mHKDom20:07
starratswell my laptop is a toshiba and I bout 2 of them 2 years ago this July one for me and the other for GF and they had win7 installed on them and a bought a month later win8 came out, so I don't know if it has UEFI on it is there away to find out thru the control panel?20:09
starratsand about20:09
belkinsaIt's cool.20:09
belkinsajenni here has a command where you can correct what you said.20:10
jennibelkinsa: Here is there is here is here is there is everywhere there and here?20:10
jennibelkinsa meant to say: foa20:10
belkinsaAnd she also can give you the weather for your area20:10
belkinsa.wx 4506620:10
jenniCover: Clear ☼, Temp: 28.4°F (-2.0°C), Dew Point: 6.8°F (-14.0°C), Windchill: 12.4°F (-10.9°C), Pressure: 29.52in (996.85mb) Condition: Haze, Wind: Strong breeze 27.0kt (↑) - KMGY, 19:53Z20:10
Unit193Temp: 25 F (-4 C) ~ haze ~ Windchill: 12 F (-11 C) ~ Humidity: 60% ~ Alert: Winter Weather Advisory ~ Observed: Sat 25, 14:5220:10
starratsI have a bot that gives me weather but it's owner is in the UK and I convert C to F for temps, lol20:11
belkinsaCheck this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Identifying_if_an_Ubuntu_has_been_installed_in_EFI_mode20:11
jenni[ UEFI - Community Ubuntu Documentation ] - https://j.mp/1mHLm9320:11
belkinsaPlease use the long link, but this for Ubuntu, not Windows.20:12
starratsokay, I have the links you gave me bookmarked for later perusal20:13
starrats.wx 4424020:13
jenniCover: Overcast ☁, Temp: 24.8°F (-4.0°C), Dew Point: 21.2°F (-6.0°C), Windchill: 9.9°F (-12.3°C), Pressure: 29.33in (990.43mb) Condition: Light Snow, Mist, Wind: Fresh breeze 19.0kt (↑) - KAKR, 20:09Z20:13
starratsso jenni is a bot?20:14
belkinsaYes, jenni is a bot.20:15
belkinsaubuntulog_, is another that just logs.20:15
starratsah okay cool20:15
starratsnever met a female bot, lol20:16
belkinsaI know of two.  One is here and another  is in another channel.20:16
Unit193ubottu is female.20:17
starratsthe bot I use on my channel and it's original channel is called Chief|Wiggum20:17
belkinsaIs DragonEyes also a female?20:17
belkinsaI have jenni and ubuntulog2 in a channel that I run.20:17
belkinsaOh?  I though he was a she.20:17
starrats?  I have been using the win7 partition and format screen from the control panel and wubi shows up to help, I follow all the instructions and when I get to the last window asking me to reboot now or reboot later or reboot with cd help I choose the last one i.e. reboot with cd help, I presume it means the livecd in the D drive and when I reboot I get the purple screen with the red dots doing their thing and then nothing happens,20:27
starratsthis is my problem in a nutshell20:27
belkinsaI remember.  Sorry, but I can't help you any further.  Can you try again in the #ubuntu channel?  You might need to wait for someone to reply so keep the client/webpage open.20:28
starratsah okay belkinsa20:29
belkinsaOr you can ask on Ask Ubuntu, if you can't keep your client/webpage open.20:30
starratswish I could copy and paste, lol20:30
belkinsaAllow me.20:30
belkinsaLame try: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6816444/20:31
jenni[ Ubuntu Pastebin ] - https://j.mp/1mHOKki20:31
belkinsaOr should I remove the timestamp and the nick?20:32
belkinsaWithout the extra carp: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6816449/20:33
jenni[ Ubuntu Pastebin ] - https://j.mp/1mHOXUG20:33
starratsthank you belkinsa  :)20:34
belkinsaNot a problem.  Sorry for the long line though.20:34
starratsthat's okay I copied and pasted to th #ubuntu channel now I will wait to see if anyone will help me20:35
belkinsaOkay, good luck.20:35
belkinsaSometimes I have to wait myself when I need support.20:35
starratsthank you again20:36
belkinsaNot a problem.20:36
starratsI would keep both xubuntu on VB and have ubuntu on my HD.  Back in the day I had a partitioned hd with opensuse and slackware, would go back and forth20:37
belkinsaI once dualbooted, but I only have Ubuntu now.20:37
starratsIf I had my druthers I would dump win7 and have ubuntu only on my hd but I cannot atm because of my GF20:39
starratsgot my answerr from #ubuntu from a nick named Beldar, he/she states that wubi isn't used that much anyomre and I should do a standard install or use VirtualBox, so I think I will bypass this and continue with what I have.21:13
belkinsaI see now.21:17
belkinsaBut when the time comes, will you do a standard install?21:18
starratsYes but I forgot how, that's why I have been using the win7 partition and format app.  but everytime I try to install wubi shows up and if I bypass it nothing happens21:24
starratsI'm back, lol22:06
belkinsaIt's quiet here like always...22:06
belkinsaAnd every other channel that I'm in.22:06
starratssame here, lol22:07
belkinsaWhat are you doing now?22:09
starratswatching a little basketball in the background and being on here, at this moment in time think I will just stick with xubuntu and virtualbox.22:12
starratsBut will go get a couple new toys at the store in the beginning of February to try another adventure, lol22:13
starratsI know this is an ubuntu channel but I hope you accept me as a nick here22:13
starratsbe going downstairs in a bit to start supper preparastions22:15
belkinsaAnd as a new member/face here?  Sure, and we can help you get yourself in the team and get the loop of what happens around the LoCo.22:15
starratsthank you22:16
belkinsaNot a problem.22:17
belkinsaAnd to all, I should have e-mail to the list posted within the next ten minutes about our virtual Ubuntu Hours.22:18
starratsis it snowing in your area belkinsa22:21
belkinsaNo.  It did earlier this morning but i think it's moving north not south.22:21
belkinsaI live in the Greater Cinci area.22:21
starratsah okay, been snowing cats and dogs most of the day up here22:22
starratsah okay22:22
starratsI live in Kent OH22:22
belkinsaYeah, I heard it's bad up there from my hairdresser who's daughter goes to OSU.22:23
belkinsaALL: http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/virtual-ubuntu-hours/1431 I will have the mailing-list copy up in a minute!22:23
jenni[ Virtual Ubuntu Hours - Ubuntu Discourse ] - https://j.mp/1feHf3I22:23
belkinsaThe mailing-list copy is posted and should be in your in-boxes.22:26
* belkinsa switches back to her normal self22:26
starratsbelkinsa if you are on a lot of channels that is cool because I have my own channel that I use just for almost anything that is decent.  It's place to chat and not worry about using up this channel, per se in just everyday stuff, I know this channel is more like a business channel and the old #linuxforums channel was business oriented22:38
starratsif you want I can invite you to my channel, I did for Unit193 this morning22:38
belkinsaSure, why not.  i'm in someone's personal use channel22:39
Unit193Everyone has a channel. :P22:58
belkinsaIt seems.22:58
Unit193I use mine as STDOUT or STDERR, also slightly Doctor Who. :P23:00

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