Kilosmorning all05:20
* Kilos hopes for a peaceful day05:20
inetprohi Kilos 05:39
Kiloshi inetpro you are early05:40
inetproja ons hoop maar dinge is weer rustig 05:40
Kilosja dis n pein gewees gister05:40
inetproI'm always early man 05:40
* inetpro never sleeps 05:41
Kilosek wil die ding probeer maar dis nie vir 12.04 nie, sal moet leer om te backport of iets snaaks05:44
inetprowhat is that? 05:48
Kilosi want whatsapp on pc05:48
Kiloscant find ubuntu-emulator-runtime for 12.0405:49
Kilosonly source05:49
inetproNot sure what app will work on that yet 05:50
Kilosi thought all android stuff should be able to work if you know what you are doing05:51
inetprowhatsapp needs a number 05:51
Kilosim not sure about the whole thing but ian will buy a sim card get whatsapp registration or something and give me the info05:52
inetprothat is not an Android emulator, or did I miss something 05:52
Kilosoh and there is whatsapp for pidgin too but also needs the number05:52
Kilosno its the ubuntu one05:53
Kilosif the ubuntu touch can do whatsapp then it should work here with the emulater05:53
inetproanyway,. nothing wrong with trying 05:53
Kilosright or wrong?05:53
Kilosya better than watching bad stuffs05:54
* inetpro has to go 05:54
Kilosyesterday was most distressing05:54
Kilosgo safe05:54
inetprohave a nice peaceful day 05:54
superflyKilos: Ubuntu Touch can't run WhatsApp06:09
Kilosoh my, ty superfly 06:10
superflyUbuntu Touch cannot run Android apps06:11
Kilosah, i cant sort the android-sdk thing to work here so will try go with the pidgin route06:12
superflyKilos: also, technically you'd be violating WhatsApp's terms and conditions06:12
Kilosill get a sim and register legally superfly 06:13
Kilosthen use that on pidgin06:13
somaunnHi guys06:57
somaunnhi Kilos06:57
somaunnhi inetpro06:57
somaunnhi Squirm06:57
somaunnhi superfly06:57
Kiloshi somaunn 06:58
somaunnwhat the topics here07:00
Kiloslinux stuff07:00
Kiloshi adeebnqo 07:00
adeebnqoKilos: hello07:01
Kilosjust did all of this http://www.howtoforge.com/virtualization-with-kvm-on-ubuntu-12.04-lts07:01
somaunnKilos: cool having a quick look at that07:17
Kiloshi Private_User 07:17
Private_Userhi Kilos 07:18
superflyKilos: you'll want to install something like VirtMgr which has a GUI. kvm is designed to run on a server, not a desktop.07:34
Kilosaha ty superfly 07:43
Kilossuperfly, you here?08:57
Kiloscan i forward you a mail, i dont understand what it is all about, is it spam08:57
Kiloshi Symmetria 08:57
Symmetriacheck that out08:58
Symmetriaafrica at its finest08:58
Kilosi dont go fb08:59
Kiloswell hardly ever08:59
Kiloswhat is it?08:59
Symmetriaheh thats just a photo album 08:59
Symmetriaits worth seeing08:59
Symmetriaheh, photos I took in the last 48 hours09:00
Symmetriathey are worth seeing :) seriously09:00
Kiloslol i kn ow what animals look like man09:03
Kilostv shows great animal clips09:03
Symmetriakilos heh, I took those all myself in the middle of the maasai mara09:04
Symmetriawhich is a place everyone should see once09:04
Symmetriatruely amazing 09:04
Kilosyou spend too much time galivanting and not enough working09:08
Kilosbut nice pics ya09:08
Symmetrialol thats only 5 hours drive from Nairobi09:09
Kilosas i say too much time galivanting09:10
Kilosah superfly its scam09:11
* Kilos installs sugarplum again09:11
Kilosi googled fedexpostoffice101@163.com09:13
charlgood morning10:20
Kiloshi charl 10:20
charlhi Kilos 10:21
charlhow's it going10:21
Kilosgood ty and you?10:21
charli'm doing well10:22
charlamerican pilitics *puke*10:23
charlSymmetria: nice photos! it reminds me of when i went to nairobi national park in 201110:24
charlyou can't believe there would be such a beautiful national park right next to one of the biggest cities10:25
charli particularly like the composure of this one: https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/t1/q71/s720x720/1555492_10152016874160528_1300045619_n.jpg10:25
somaunnhi Kilos10:30
Kilosho Golynx 11:16
GolynxHeya Kilos11:17
Kiloshi Private_User psydroid 12:18
Kilosstorm coming here12:18
psydroidhi Kilos 12:23
theblazehenhi Kilos, all12:29
Kiloshi theblazehen 12:29
theblazehenKilos, how's it been going?12:36
Kilosvery good ty and you lad?12:36
theblazehenGoing fine here. Didn't expect this much school work though, big step up from last year12:36
Kiloswhat standard now?12:37
theblazehen9 I think.. Grade 1112:37
Kilosor grades, im not sure what they call then anymore12:37
Kilosah 1 before highschool finished12:37
Private_Userhey Kilos 12:37
theblazehenhey Private_User 12:37
theblazehenBit nervous about after school TBH12:38
Kilospeeps used to say 9 was harder than matric but i dunno so much12:38
Private_Userhi theblazehen12:38
theblazehenKilos, That's what they also say no || To be honest12:38
Kilosjust do your best12:40
Kiloswhat more can one ask12:40
theblazehenjust worried that "my best" < "good enough"12:42
Kilosnope man, if you put lotsa effort in its always enough12:43
Kilosdo you do lotsa work on pcs in school nowadays12:43
theblazehennope, just basic word + excel in school :(12:44
Kilosoh so still books and written homework12:44
Kilosgood, dont want you guys having things too easy12:45
theblazehenNot even allowed tech more advanced than calculator..12:45
Kilosyeah well then kids would be googling for answers12:45
theblazehenWell some teachers allow it, and internet at school is horrible. Can't even do reliable IRC12:46
theblazehenpretty much. 1 mbit shared, over 1000 students + teachers12:48
theblazehenWith a pretty crappy untangle filter12:48
theblazehenAnd the admin.. I wouldn't exactly call competent12:49
Kilosmy 3g seems more stable since setting up minicom12:49
theblazehen(I am able to access teacher files, due to incorrectly set permissions)12:49
Kilosor cutecom , i forget which one now12:49
Kilosdont be naughty12:50
theblazehenYeah, don't DO anything with it lol12:50
theblazehenWas just looking around12:50
Private_Userbut you are lucky dude, we never even had a proper computer lab at school12:53
theblazehenPrivate_User, yeah. Computers pretty decent, 2GB RAM, 2.1 GHz dual core P412:54
Private_Userand we still had those old x86 machines, you know the one with 2 floppy drives12:55
Private_Userone for booting the other to run software12:55
Private_Userremember those Kilos12:55
Kilosthats what i started here with12:56
theblazehenah, nice, depending on when it was12:56
theblazehenwhich year Private_User ?12:56
Kilosabout 6 or 7 years ago12:56
Private_Usermore like 14years ago12:56
Kilosstarted with what other peeps thew away12:57
Kilos1 year before 8.0412:57
theblazehenDecent 14 years ago..12:57
Kilos6 years and some months12:58
Kilosstruggled with them old things 12:58
Kilosbut learned lots12:58
Kilosoh also remember an old pc about 20 years ago that ran from floppy13:00
Kilosthose 5 1/2 inch ones13:01
Kilosbut the kids played on that13:01
Private_Useryeah I remember when we bought our first computer it was a 28613:03
Private_Userand playing those old 2D games13:04
Private_UserI wonder if we could still find some of them and whether we could get them to work on ubuntu...13:04
Kilosi have a 386 and a 486  that were working when they went to the storeroom13:05
theblazehenPrivate_User, only 486 or better will work13:07
theblazehenKilos, linux on your 486 maybe?13:07
Kilosi ran dos on them13:08
Kilosand win 95 on the 48613:08
Kilosbut they got me thinking again13:09
theblazehenKilos, install gentoo on the 486 ;) Or ubuntu server / debian13:09
Kilosi got a p3 i will use for a server one day13:14
theblazehenKilos, will be a killer on the power...13:15
theblazehenA Pi will probably be faster + less power13:15
Kilosoh you mean electricity13:16
theblazehenKilos, yeah..13:16
Kilosno money for toys man, just spent 2 years savings to but a lga1155 mobo cpu ram and psu13:17
Kilosnow to start saving again for better cpu13:17
theblazehenKilos, ah, that sucks.. Can you sell components?13:17
Kiloswhat components13:18
theblazeheneg. RAM13:18
theblazehensome places might need the old ram, etc.13:18
Kilosfor what pc13:18
theblazehenthe P313:18
Kilosi took that sdr ram for my p413:19
theblazehenOld components are rare, and SOMEONE will have something important which only runs on old pc13:19
Kilosmy p4 is an early version that uses the sdr ram so moved it from p3 to p413:20
Kilosnow boet in law playing games on it13:20
Kilosram is always expensive hey? i paid big bucks for that old ram13:21
Kilosjust got 4g ddr3 for about the same as i paid for 640m sdr13:21
theblazehenKilos, got 16Gb for under R70013:22
Kilosi just paid 450 about for 4g13:23
theblazehenYeah, I got 2nd hand some of it13:23
theblazehenfriends were rebuilding PC's13:23
theblazehenUsed to run up to 14 VM's on it :)13:26
Kiloshi hekkwan 13:28
XethronYou guys know of any Web Devs in Gauteng?13:38
Kiloshi Xethron 13:39
Kilosask tonight when there are more peeps here13:39
Kilosand even ask on the mailing list13:39
theblazehenXethron, what do you need done?13:40
Kiloslots of jhb peeps dont come here but use the lists13:40
XethronI have a job opening for one13:40
theblazehenXethron, ah13:40
XethronLooking for someone who knows PHP, MySQL, MVC, JS, jQuery, and all the rest13:41
Xethrontheblazehen: you interested?13:41
theblazehenHehe, I just know enough of the 1st 2 to get by13:42
theblazehenBesides still in HS, so can't get a job13:42
theblazehenOnly freelance at best13:42
theblazehenHigh School13:42
XethronI see13:42
XethronYou want to study Programming?13:43
theblazehenXethron, more heading in the sysadmin direction13:43
Xethronone of those13:43
theblazehenhehe, why?13:43
XethronJust curious13:43
theblazehenMeant why the "bleh"13:44
XethronIf you ever need help with PHP or something, gimme a shout13:44
theblazehenSure, thanks13:44
XethronSysadmins are... Sysadmins...13:44
theblazehenXethron, lol || Pretty decent with PHP +| MySQL, just can't do frontend stuff13:45
XethronUsed MVC before?13:45
theblazehenXethron, nope..13:46
XethronDownload Laravel ( www.laravel.com ) and make sure it becomes your best friend13:46
theblazehenkk, ty13:46
XethronIts a MVC PHP Framework...13:46
XethronWhich drastically increases productivity13:47
KilosXethron, have you joined our mailing list13:47
theblazehentl;dr MVC vs vanilla PHP?13:47
XethronDoubt it Kilos13:47
Xethrontheblazehen: Model, Views, Controller. Models are objects from your database (like a user model), views are the stuff that make your site pretty, and Controllers is the place you put all your code13:49
theblazehenXethron, ah, ty13:49
XethronIts a way to seperate your code so that it becomes more managable...13:49
theblazehenHmm, would you use it for small projects as well?13:50
theblazehenTalking less than 200 lines with everything13:50
theblazehenhttp://i.imgur.com/ocWDwcU.jpg ... :/13:51
Xethrontheblazehen: well, if its a "project", yes, I would do it in Laravel. Laravel is very easy to setup and start using13:53
XethronBut 200 lines sounds like halve of one of my classes :P13:54
theblazehenhehe, kk13:54
theblazehenAre you aware of bitcoin?13:55
Xethronwho isn't13:55
theblazehenWell I'm quite involved with an "altcoin", and wrote the faucet script13:55
Xethronah, ok13:57
XethronWell, if its something that will later expand, and won't only stay at 200 lines, yeah, try it in Laravel instead... Then it will be easy to make changes later13:58
XethronSoooo, this went slightly off topic :P14:03
GolynxHi everyone14:04
Kiloshi Golynx 14:04
theblazehenXethron, kk, ty14:04
Kilosjob in jhb if you interested14:04
KilosXethron, looking for a web dev14:05
theblazehenGolynx, hi. Lol, read logs, trender was a dick yesterday...14:05
GolynxAnyone know of a code editor that has a tag closing highlight feature ?14:05
theblazehenGolynx, vim?14:05
XethronGolynx: what you mean?14:05
GolynxI cant find any Code editor in ubuntu that does that14:06
theblazehenGolynx, sublime text?14:06
theblazehenPretty sure my vim does it, and ST did it if I understood you right14:06
KilosXethron, thats what Golynx does14:06
Kilosbut he is far away14:06
GolynxHey theblazehen, yeah he was. He got all cry baby in my pm's after we had a fight lol14:07
GolynxI hav'nt tried Vim yet14:07
theblazehenGolynx, vim is awesome14:07
theblazehenhigh learning curve however14:07
GolynxJust gedit, geany, sublime , and such14:08
theblazehenGolynx, if you get vim, get this too: https://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim14:08
GolynxIs Vim not just a command line interface  ?14:08
theblazehenGolynx, yeah14:08
theblazehenunless you get gvim14:08
Xethronso you have to learn all the shortcuts14:08
Xethrontheblazehen: no point in getting gvim14:09
GolynxHmm, i want a GUI editor though , i click alot lol14:09
Xethronif you get gvim, use sublime14:09
theblazehenXethron, yeah, agreed14:09
XethronGolynx: I'm not sure what it is you need?14:09
XethronGolynx: highlight unclosed tags?14:09
theblazehenXethron, has a menu though, for beginners14:09
GolynxI want a code editor similar to notepad++ in windows , but i cant use wine in ubuntu, not enough ram14:10
GolynxYes Xethron14:10
XethronGolynx: use Sublime14:10
XethronWhat do you do?14:10
GolynxThe only feature missing from the editors i tried is the , tag close highlighter14:11
KilosXethron, Golynx just switched to ubuntu from win 2 weeks ago14:11
XethronSublime works great for most programming editors14:11
GolynxWeb development14:11
XethronGolynx: Sublime is filled with Plugins14:11
XethronI'm not sure what you mean by tag close highlighter though?14:12
GolynxNeed to easilly see my closing tags in html and js14:12
XethronSo, if you select the opening tag, eg, <body>, you want it to highlight the </body> tag?14:12
GolynxI know but i cant find a plugin Xethron. People say to compile one myself lol14:13
GolynxYes perfect Xethron14:13
Xethronoh, mine does that14:13
Xethronlemme get the plugin name for you14:13
Golynxok cool14:13
XethronGolynx: I have too many plugins :P14:14
Xethronbut I think its BracketHighlighter14:14
GolynxOk thanks Xethron i will try that one :)14:16
inetproGolynx: once you learn vim you'll never want another editor 14:17
GolynxI will try that inetpro thanks. But dunno if i need a command line editor for gui apps though14:20
theblazeheninetpro, ++14:21
Xethroninetpro: He recently switched to Ubuntu... Give him a year or two on Linux before pushing him to vim :P14:21
theblazeheninetpro, Just discovered the beauty of vim a week or so ago14:21
theblazehenWhen I only transfer 3 GB of data in 3 hours...14:24
Golynxhaha yeah, i'm still a baby in linux :D14:25
theblazehenGolynx, why not try archlinux.org? It's what I use.. /s14:26
Golynxtheblazehen can i use archlinux as a desktop environment ontop of unity 14:29
theblazehenGolynx, arch is a completely different linux distro. You can install unity inside of arch, however you only start with a terminal14:30
theblazehenBut in all seriousness if you REALLY wanna learn, try and get it installed in a VM14:30
theblazehenLearnt more in a day with arch than a month with Ubuntu14:31
Kilostheblazehen, dont mess with him now man14:32
Kiloshe has xubuntu workin14:32
theblazehenKilos, ok... lol :)14:32
Kilosarch is too involved to star off wioth14:32
Golynx528MB for the arch iso hmm :/14:32
theblazehenGolynx, yep, but it's x86_64 + x8614:33
theblazehenGot my arch based thin client installed in less than 1 GB of space14:33
theblazehenBut internet caps suck, I agree..14:34
Golynxtheblazehen ty , but i think i will stick with xfce-desktop for now , until i got a few pc's to mess around with :)14:34
theblazehenGolynx, yeah, stick with that untill you know a little more :)14:34
* Golynx is getting sucked in by the all powerful linux world lol14:36
theblazehenGolynx, good man :)14:37
Kiloswbb, gotta pinch a drive outa here14:46
superflyyou can't install arch in a vm, it doesn't have any of the right drivers and it's completely useless.14:50
superflythere are better things to do with life than install arch14:50
charlhahahaha !14:56
charlthis is hilarious14:56
charlwb Kilos 15:16
Kilosty charl 15:16
Golynxhey charl15:16
charlhi Golynx 15:16
GolynxWb Kilos15:16
charlhow's it going with you all15:18
Kiloscharl, you clever and got good internet15:18
charlwhat do you need?15:19
GolynxGood and you charl15:19
charli'm just taking a break now, i'm busy cleaning my apartment15:19
charli'm doing well Golynx, just a bit exhausted right now :)15:19
Kilosi need the pin connections on a ecs p45t-a mobo for the front panel and on/off button15:19
charlthe what?! :)15:19
charloh a taiwanese motherboard?15:20
Kilosi hunted there by ecs site but i dont find where they so over there on the mobo is pin and 2 and you connect such and such there15:20
Kiloschinese i think15:20
Kilosi havent bothered to check the psu because i just took it out the box15:21
Kilosbrandy noob15:21
charlso you need to know where to connect the power button to?15:22
charlthe pins on the motherboard ...15:22
Kilosi hate these mod mobos that you push on button and mobo turns psu on15:22
GolynxAh good charl15:22
Kilosyes please15:22
charloh mobo = motherboard15:23
charli'm already putting the puzzle together :)15:23
Kilosi found a row of 9 bins in bouble row but dunno which is which and what they for15:23
Kilosshorter to type man15:24
Kilosis that better15:24
charlok i found it15:24
Kilosi dunno what the correct abreviation is15:24
charlnah m/b looks like megabyte15:24
charli never know it :)15:25
Kiloscan you see the pins and what to connect to them15:25
GolynxHow about "momb" lol15:25
Kilosi tried to find the user manual but just wasted data15:25
charlwhow i hate trying to copy and paste out of a pdf document15:25
Kilosgive me the link if you see it15:26
Kilosi dont mind going straight to a link15:26
Golynxlol charl, is that possible15:26
Kilosits the page after [age 100 times that wastes data15:26
charli'll paste the part for you in a PM15:27
GolynxI have to convert the pdf to txt or html before i can copy anything15:27
charlKilos: here's the pdf: http://eudownload.ecs.com.tw/dlfileecs/manual/mb/eng/p4/P45T_AV1/P45T-A_v2.pdf15:28
charlthere is an illustration on page 3015:28
charlunder the text "front panel header"15:28
Kilosty charl15:28
Kiloscharl, is there a way to download that manual15:30
charlyou should be able to fetch it straight with wget15:31
charlyeah it works15:31
Kiloswonderful ty will try that15:31
charlit's 1,9MB15:31
Kilosthats fine ty15:31
Kilosits using 15 or 20 and getting nowhere thats frustrating15:32
Kiloswget rocks hey15:33
charli always use it when downloading large files15:33
charlfirefox and the others suck at it and they are too slow15:33
charland then they cut off the download mid way and you have to use wget in any case15:33
Kilosi use wget especially for isos15:33
Kilosyeah with -c15:34
charli can download files at close to 1gbps with wget without taxing the system15:34
charlyes i just enable -c as standard because if the download breaks off you never have worries, it restarts with the same filename15:34
Kilosi havent done it that way yet15:35
Kilosalways wait to crash first15:36
GolynxThere are lots of gui apps that you can set to auto resume download though.15:37
Kilosnot as fast as wget15:37
charli don't want gui apps, i try and do everything at the command line15:37
Kilosthey need download managers and things15:37
charlthe only two non-terminal applications i use are a web browser and vlc15:38
charland on the occasion the gimp15:38
GolynxOh ya linux peeps cant divorce their terminals lol15:38
Kilosyoull get there and see the advantages at times15:39
GolynxI do everything in Opera browser, but for files bigger than 50MB i will use wget with -c15:39
Kiloshi jhb_hacker 15:43
Golynxhey jhb_hacker15:44
jhb_hackerhi guys15:44
charlhi jhb_hacker 16:09
jhb_hackercharl: how you?16:09
charli'm great thanks yourself16:10
jhb_hackernot bad;16:10
charlwb somaunn 16:11
somaunnhi charl16:11
somaunnhi Kilos16:11
GolynxHey somaunn16:11
somaunnhi Golynx16:12
Kiloshi somaunn sorery i was asleep16:15
Kilosdont forget tuesday night meeting hey guys16:15
Kilos8.30 pm right here16:15
Kiloswb jhb_hacker 16:20
Kilossorry, storm killed the power16:25
somaunnKilos: no problem16:26
somaunni got my calendar16:27
GolynxFrom the looks of it broadband internet for all may be 20 years away  16:29
charlwhat is defined as broadband internet16:29
charlthat definition is constantly changing16:30
charlin 20 years time the definition will be radically different than what it is today16:30
GolynxToo much corruption in SA though, causes alot of backlogs in construction 16:30
GolynxWell a good broadband speed will be able to download 1MB in less than 1 sec. For mobile networks ofcourse16:31
GolynxBut ya , thats for Tuesday's discussion :)16:33
Kiloswont happen16:33
GolynxWhat wont happen16:33
charl1MBps = 8mbps + protocol overhead16:33
charlso you are lookiong at 10mbps min16:34
charlthat is very achievable with today's broadband technology16:34
Kilosbest ive got is 560kB/s16:34
Kilos1m is asking for to much16:34
charlhsdpa can do it16:35
Kilosin za?16:35
Kilosi have hsdpa and the utmc or something16:36
GolynxHmm, if photons can achieve a speed 1000 times more than that then its possible in wireless internet16:36
Kilosnormal spedd here is around 300 kB/s16:36
charlHSDPA comprises various versions with different data speeds. In 2009 the most common devices are category 6 (3.6 Mbit/s) and category 8 (7.2 Mbit/s) with retail prices around 60 euros without subscription.16:36
charlfrom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-Speed_Downlink_Packet_Access#User_Equipment_.28UE.29_categories16:36
charlbut in the table below the speeds go up to 337.5mbps16:37
charlthere is also this note: The maximum data rates given in the table are physical layer data rates. Application layer data rate is approximately 85% of that, due to the inclusion of IP headers (overhead information) etc.16:37
charlnote now we are talking about hsdpa, we're not even talking 4g yet16:37
inetprocharl: I would say 80% if you are lucky16:38
inetproyou can write off about 20% for IP headers and overhead16:39
charlif you are downloading a lot of data, afaik ipv6 would reduce that with larger packet sizes16:40
charl(i speak under correction)16:40
Kiloscharl, the connections are maybe capable of that speed but the isp's limit one16:50
Kilosmy modem shows offline now16:50
Kilosred light on a zte means what16:51
GolynxIs'nt it supposed to flash green when offline 16:52
Golynxor are all modem lights different16:53
Kilosyay green flashing again16:53
Golynxlol cool :)16:54
* Golynx sensed a glitch in the matrix16:54
Kilossolid green is offline but sees the connection16:54
Kilosslow flash is connected16:55
GolynxMine is the other way round 16:55
charlKilos: yeah they always do that i think16:55
Kilossince i set it up in minicom its very stable16:56
Kiloswho knows what pins on a 24 pin power cable switch on the psu17:00
Kiloshey Golynx im lost17:05
Kilosdidnt have probs before but ive forgotten how to make opera open in new tabs17:06
Kilosthis forward back thing is driving me nuts17:06
GolynxYou mean save last session Kilos 17:07
Kilosif you open 5 links from here i get one tab open there17:08
Kilosopens everything in a new tab on other drive17:08
Kilosi dunno what i mean, or i woulda sorted it17:09
GolynxWhat you mean by other drive ? Is it on 2 different pc's17:09
Kilosi have 3 drives in this pc, unity 64bit unity 32bit and kde each on its own drive17:10
Kiloschoose on bott17:10
Kiloslinux rocks17:10
Kiloswhen i set up the others i was a bit younger17:11
GolynxThen it may be an issue on that specific environment if its not happening on others17:11
Kilosfound this for the psu17:14
GolynxOn preferences >> Advanced >> Tabs is all the options though17:14
Kilospin 16 to ground switches on17:14
Kiloslemme look17:14
Kilosill need to go check them settings on another drive17:17
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:32
* Maaz flips the salt-timer17:32
KilosMaaz, with cremora17:32
MaazAh! At last someone with taste17:32
KilosMaaz, and milk17:33
MaazNow you're talking17:33
KilosMaaz, rusks please17:33
Maazbehind the calender on top of the fridge, but dont tell everyone Kilos17:33
KilosMaaz, oumas17:35
MaazKilos: oumas are the bestest rusks17:35
Kiloswhat a clever bot17:35
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:36
KilosMaaz, thanks man17:36
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)17:36
GolynxI made about 30 different chatbots, but lost them all when i burried windows17:40
GolynxAtleast there was a good crowed at the funeral17:40
Kilosgo work by xethron im sure the got win pcs there17:41
Kilosdont you have it all saved on your sisters fone17:41
Golynxhad to remove some data though,  was too big to fit in the memory card17:42
GolynxI'm sure Xethron wont be needing my services. He looks very skilled already17:43
Kiloshe said today they are looking for a web dev17:46
GolynxYa he asked me via pm. But must ne around Jhb area.17:47
Kilosyeah so move to better internet17:48
inetproKilos: we got a very welcome 14mm to cool us down again17:48
Kiloslekker inetpro i havent checked since it stopped17:49
GolynxRight now i'm pretty useless. Pc hardware wise and internet wise. 17:50
GolynxBut i will get there 17:50
inetproKilos: hehe?18:31
Kilosek lag jy man18:32
inetprohoekom lag jy my?18:34
Kilossommer net18:36
inetprojou beurt is jou beurt18:38
inetprosuperfly: you ready for Monday's discussion?18:39
Kilosya give us a pointer to what the idea was18:40
Kilosso we can get peeps to research it18:40
inetpro The current state of Internet in South Africa18:40
* Kilos ducks18:40
* charl runs18:40
Kilosmine works kiff18:41
charlmine too :P18:41
Kilosthe point inetpro 18:41
GolynxMine w...o...(error)...r..ks lol18:42
inetprosuperfly: oops, not Monday but Tuesday18:43
inetproKilos: ?18:46
inetproKilos: what you mean?18:47
Kilosi mean no good some saying its good and others saying its bad we need to find a way to improve both18:47
Kilosai! ek sukkel met my volk partykeer18:48
inetproare you suggesting we change the topic?18:49
Kilosno man18:49
charlthat's it's bad should be an accepted fact18:50
charlwhat you need to ask yourself is how you are going to improve it18:50
charllobbying government etc18:50
Kilosim hoping the fly has a brilliant plan in his noggin18:50
inetprosure thing18:50
charlif everyone sits around and complains but nobody does anything18:50
charlthen nothing will improve18:50
charlin the netherlands the internet was horrible until they took KPN out of monopoly18:51
inetprowell I guess the idea is to discuss this at our meeting18:51
inetproand then take it from there18:51
charlthen in a year or two the internet "exploded"18:51
charlyeah let's do that18:51
Kilosmost peeps need pointing in a certain direction a week before the time18:51
inetprowb somaunn18:52
Kiloswb somaunn 18:52
Kiloshi captine 18:53
charlhi captine18:53
captinehi kilos and all18:53
charlhow's it going captine 18:53
captinecould be better.  not sure what i did to my hdd on laptop when trying arch linux... think MBR or something is completely broken... going to try the "boot-repair" app now18:54
Kiloswhats it doing?18:54
captineyip.  installs all run fine, then fail with grub18:54
captinejust doing an install memory stick now and will try again18:55
Kilosyou got internet so thats good18:55
Kilosthere is a tool called supergrub18:55
captineyip.  am using macbook now tho to do the burns etc...  tell me, has anyone here setup a pxe server for multiple distro installs?18:56
Kilosyou burn to cd and boot from it and it will boot into the os18:56
somaunnthanks inetpro18:56
somaunnthanks Kilos18:56
Kilosit can fix grub probs too at times18:56
captinewas trying but struggle to get it working (am a copy paste from how to's kind of guy, and haven't found a comprehensive how to yet...18:56
Kilosbut boot-repair normally sorts probs18:56
captineKilos: I have booted into ubuntu couple times and used gparted but no luck... when i break things, i do it properly... lol18:57
Kilosoh you played in gparted18:57
Kilosand chose option on the left18:58
Kilosdont use that ever unless the drive is empty18:58
captinestrange thing is after trying suss some time back, my bios picks up opens use and ubuntu as options -- even though the entire hdd has been formatted a couple times18:58
captinemy drive is empty now... lol18:58
Kilosin gparted only use the partition option18:58
captinewill remember that... ;)19:01
Kiloswhat did you have on it that you dont wanna lose19:01
captinei don't have anything.  did a full format19:01
captineeverything is backed up19:01
captinewas trying pc-bsd19:01
Kilosso what is boot-repair gonna help19:01
captineand antegros... but didn't succeed 19:02
captinenot sure19:02
captinei installed ubuntu 19:02
captineand everything worked except grub19:02
captineso thought boot-repair would do the final trickl19:02
Kilosit wont do anything on a formatted drive19:02
Kilosboot from cd or stick and do a clean install19:02
captineI have tried that19:02
captineeven using the auto partition19:03
Kilosoh you have ubuntu installed19:03
captinegrub just fails to install19:03
Kilossounds like sick mbr19:03
Kilosor drive not happy19:03
captineyip.  tried creating mbr in gparted... no success.19:03
GolynxIs the bios ok19:03
Kilossend it ill fix it19:03
Kilosim trying to think19:04
captinei have a spare drive to test with to see if it is the drive... just no time to do all this now.19:04
Kilosthere is another tool called ubcd19:04
captinegot a 4 week old in the house19:04
Kilosbut also to be careful with19:04
captinethink it is something with efi partitions etc.... not 100% sure19:04
Kiloscongrats man19:04
captine thnx19:05
Kiloswas it an efi drive19:05
captineweird thing on the installs is it always picks up the hdd as sda2, not 119:06
Kilosor is it mixed up between that and mbr19:06
captinewhich I thought was weird19:06
Kilosvery weird19:06
Kilosmbr and boot sector sick19:06
Kiloshave you got a xp cd19:06
Kiloswin 98?19:07
captinebrb.  just going to room with a network cable.. -- no windows cc's.  only mac and linux19:07
Kilosok go quick19:07
Kilosif you can borrow an xp cd we can fix mbr and boot with it19:08
somaunncaptine:  is your drive a GPT or or not19:09
inetprocaptine: hi19:10
somaunnalso try to change disk settings from AHCI to IDE if you use an UEFI boot 19:10
inetprocaptine: if you have a capable UEFI and LEGACY bios, put the bios in Legacy boot only or Both enabled with Legacy boot first19:10
Kilosso lekker to have others helping too19:13
* Kilos relaxes19:13
Kilostruth hurt hey19:14
Kilosi been struggling alone for a long time now19:14
Kilosthese modern bios's mess with my head19:15
inetproread: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:15
Kilosdid a week ago19:16
Kilosits the new bios for gpt drives19:16
charli had this issue19:16
charli had to disable uefi as well, 12.04 refused to boot19:16
charlbut 12.10 worked perfectly19:16
Kilos12.04 dont like it19:16
charlit is on my new dell optiplex in the office19:17
charlit boots perfectly from usb but after install it refuses to boot from the HD19:17
charland it also boots from the flash drive using uefi19:17
Kilosblank screen19:17
charlmy old macbook pro also had uefi but there i had no problems19:17
charlstrange stuff19:18
Kilosyeah sometimes it feels like we progress backwards19:18
charluefi isn't stable yet19:18
Kilostill one gets to understand it all19:18
inetpronote: Ubuntu 32bit cannot boot in UEFI mode19:18
charli was using the 64-bit19:18
Kilosin the bios you can disable the uefi thing19:20
charlyeah eventually i did that19:20
charljust moved to legacy boot19:21
charla.k.a. working boot19:21
Kiloswe need someone to work on that and sort it out so he can help us19:22
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:30
Kilossee ya all tomorrow19:31
captineinetpro: no such option.  but managed to get it installed now.  will re-join channel from ubuntu.19:32
somaunngoing to sleep guys19:35
somaunnsee you tomorrow19:35

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