Hypnotoadholstein: Only you and astraljava from the Ubuntustudio team (that I know of, joejaxx may have been Studio.)00:57
TheDrumszequence: How do you mean you want to track Xubuntu closer?  I just branched both settings, and am spotting quite a few changes in xdg-$flavor/ (though yes, may be better to hold off until next release.)04:34
TheDrumshttp://paste.openstack.org/show/61873/ FWIW.  Already spotted some that should be changed (s/greybird/Greybird/)04:38
zequenceTheDrums: We've been talking about adding support for multiple DEs, and I11:12
zequence..I've been looking at how to do that11:13
zequenceOne way would be to depend on other DEs completely - just override a few things11:13
zequenceOther *-desktop packages, that is11:13
zequenceXFCE would be on the DVD. The rest installable with ubiquity if you have an internet connection11:14

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