brainwashandrzejr: got some new observations, the gtk3 indicator panel box turns transparent when another indicator is loaded later on00:22
brainwashandrzejr: and this only happens if the panel is set to have no background style -> 'none (use system style)'00:24
brainwashI cannot reproduce this glitch after defining a background color (panel settings)00:25
brainwashI'm currently trying to understand the recent transparency fix for xfce4-panel and wrapper-plug.c in general00:29
Unit193brainwash: Oh, in case you didn't notice, xfwm/xfdesktop built for Saucy and Trusty, no need to be on Trusty to test as long as you get a PPA for the greeter.02:17
elfyUnit193: saw that - must have picked it up last night, if it's supposed to get rid of the grey then it's masquerading as something else here08:36
Unit193elfy: Versions for xfdesktop4, xfwm, and lightdm-gtk-greeter?08:37
elfy4.11.2-2.1~14.04 and 4.11.1-1ubuntu2.1~14.04 and 201401231722~ubuntu14.04.108:38
Unit193I'm calling dad on you...08:39
Unit193brainwash: Hey, see anything amiss?08:39
Unit193elfy: So that all looks good to me, I don't have daily gtk-greeter and I have my packages, but nevertheless...08:40
elfyUnit193: so I guess it should be working with them then 08:41
Unit193Well, what's the source of xfwm, just to double check?08:41
Noskcajbluesabre, Do you want me to try the greeter merge tomorrow or do you think you'll get to it soon?08:50
Noskcaj(although i'll probably fail it)08:50
Unit193elfy: And I'd presume you've restarted/restarted lightdm after getting the last of the packages?08:51
elfyupdated xfwm last night - so that was here when I booted, last update for xfdesktop4 was on the 19th and greeter was 24th08:52
Unit193Noskcaj: You testing this?08:52
elfyI was just looking at the when08:52
Unit193Well then you should have had everything.08:52
NoskcajUnit193, I don't have time tonight, might try tomorrow08:54
Noskcajknome, Don't disturb him, he's busy coding. ;)09:01
NoskcajAnd probably will be for the next week09:01
knomeNoskcaj, umm, yes i will disturb him09:02
* Noskcaj really should go and do something else09:03
elfymorning knome 09:05
knomehello elfy 09:05
bluesabreknome, Noskcaj: or sleeping11:46
knomebluesabre, debdiff11:47
bluesabreI'll do that now11:47
bluesabreand then move on to the greeter merge11:47
bluesabreso, what needs to be inside of a deb, and what am I diffing against?11:47
knomelp:xubuntu-docs/precise what needs to be inside11:48
knomeand diff against 11.10.0 or 12.04.0, whichever you please11:48
bluesabrealrighty then11:49
bluesabreknome: done, where do I need to upload this debdiff?12:06
knomethe bug12:07
knomebug 120749312:07
ubottubug 1207493 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu Precise) "[SRU] Documentation does not match shipped system version (11.10 shipped with 12.04)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120749312:07
knomeok, can you do one more thing?12:14
bluesabrewhats up?12:14
knomepoke seb128 in #ubuntu-devel and tell you've uploaded the new debdiff12:14
bluesabrenow, the waiting game12:16
bluesabre*chuckle* https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm-gtk-greeter/+bug/127265212:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 1272652 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "lightdm-gtk-greeter-1.7.0: infobar for PAM has red background" [Undecided,New]12:23
bluesabreso, what should the severity of a bad password be? :)12:23
elfypolka dots12:23
elfyred background - red dots12:24
knomebluesabre, btw, did you check the package? :))12:28
bluesabreno, I assumed that since it was all self-contained (debian and all) it had already been thoroughly tested and all changes were already there12:28
bluesabredon't let me down knome!12:29
knomeif you upload the new package you created, i can test it (as i said)12:29
bluesabreI'll try to pbuilder it now12:29
bluesabrejust a few minutes, hopefully I'll have a package then12:32
bluesabreknome: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rbfwdd90upfyv7j/QGV9kuZ6MZ/xubuntu12:42
knomecan't see file names without js enabled12:42
bluesabreyou disable js? craaaaaaazy12:43
bluesabreor you turn it off before clicking on a link from anybody in -team12:43
bluesabreprobably a safe idea12:44
knomei use noscript12:45
knomeso js is disabled by default12:45
knomei'll allow as needed12:45
knomebluesabre, worksforme, ta12:58
bluesabredidn't even have to try that hard :)12:58
knomejust wondering if we need a bigger version number than .013:00
knomebut... that's solvabl13:00
bluesabreagain, just went with what you left me :)13:00
knomewell i said you can debdiff to either 11.10.0 or 12.04.0, which implies that there is a 12.04.0 package13:01
bluesabreyeah, didn't see one though13:01
bluesabrethe precise package is 11.1013:01
knomeprecise-proposed is 12.04.013:01
knomethat's the earlier SRU upload13:02
bluesabreit takes too long for a package that only affects one single distro to make it back to the -updates repo13:03
ochosihey folks13:24
ochosibluesabre: do we have an ETA on the greeter landing in trusty btw? (i presume it'll go via debian?)13:26
bluesabreochosi: well, if we consider it stable, let's fix any new bugs, make it 1.8.0, and push it to debian13:32
bluesabrein which case, I'll hold off on the debian merge for 1.6.1-513:32
bluesabrethat will basically be our "feature freeze"13:32
bluesabrethat will get us quite a bit more testing too13:33
Unit193ochosi: Every time I bring up the tabwin I get xfwm4-Message: (nil)  in startxfce4.log13:35
bluesabreochosi: also, let's make sure to merge the xfce4-display-settings branch we have this weekend13:36
ochosibluesabre: sounds like a good plan, let's make a shortlist for 1.8.013:37
ochosiwhat did you think about my suggestion to include a settings-UI?13:37
ochosiUnit193: hmm, is that something you can also confirm with the last state of master there without the extra tabwin code?13:37
Unit1934.11.1 count?  It's newer.13:38
ochosibluesabre: (i mean one that also allows setting the light-locker stuff optionally)13:38
bluesabreochosi: sounds like a good idea, but I'd like to get one together for light-locker13:38
ochosilight-locker has so little options, that i think a settings UI for the greeter that includes those makes more sense13:38
bluesabreyeah, but then every lightdm project that uses light-locker has to implement their own13:39
bluesabrewhich, maybe that's something we should discuss with robert ancell13:39
bluesabreslickymaster: are you around?13:42
bluesabreI'm going to upgrade my dokuwiki to the latest stable today, but don't want to interrupt your work13:42
* bluesabre gives some time to respond13:44
ochosibluesabre: ubuntu doesn't need a settings UI13:44
ochosithey control everything with gnome-settings-daemon13:45
ochosiso they can easily include light-locker settings somewhere (the timed locking is done in ubuntu with g-s-d as well)13:45
ochosiand there arent *that* many greeters...13:45
ochosii think kde also has one13:46
bluesabreit might also be a good idea to make light-locker configurable via dbus13:46
ochosibut they would want a settings ui in qt13:46
bluesabreso that light-locker can worry about setting timeouts and whatnot13:46
bluesabreor maybe not13:46
* bluesabre still doesn't know enough about x to make a good decision on that stuff13:47
ochosiwe didn't implement an extra ticker in light-locker and decided to rely on X11's screensaver extension signal instead13:47
ochosiso that's the crucial setting13:47
bluesabregot it13:48
bluesabreokay, so want to make a lightdm-gtk-greeter_1.8.0 wiki page?13:48
bluesabrea blueprint on the launchpad page13:48
bluesabrebut I'd prefer the wiki myself13:48
ochosiyeah, the wiki is more responsive13:50
ochosibluesabre: furthermore we already have a wiki page :) http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=greeter-roadmap13:53
brainwashochosi: so no settings gui for light-locker?13:54
bluesabreochosi: you gotta tell me these things :)13:54
brainwashbasically a front-end for xset13:54
ochosibluesabre: hehe, well i haven't used it for a while, but andrew got his inspiration on what to implement from there13:55
* bluesabre still thinks xfce-power-man should handle that stuff13:56
ochosiyeah, but we have more control over the greeter13:56
ochosiand getting a new powerman release will probably not happen for trusty13:56
brainwashalready took some time to get full systemd support :D13:57
ochosiwell there's a branch now where eric merged in all the stuff, but parts of it are still todo, so...13:57
brainwashbut wait.. you can remove power manager and still use light-locker13:57
brainwashpower manager is optional13:58
bluesabreyeah, but power manager has options for screen timeout and whatnot13:58
bluesabreand they don't seem to actually do anything13:58
brainwashonly dpms13:58
brainwashit does not change the screen saver timeout13:59
brainwashxscreensaver does/did13:59
MigouHi people, I'm glad to tell you I'm ready for beta testing! I found time for resizing a partition, and succesfully installed a Xubuntu from a usb key using testdrive-gtk.14:00
ochosibluesabre: how long do you think would it take you to set up a basic settings UI?14:00
bluesabrethat's why I think light-locker needs a settings gui14:00
bluesabresince its made to replace xscreensaver14:00
brainwashbug 119371614:00
ubottubug 1193716 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Xfce Power Manager does not override the screen saver timeout (X11 Screen Saver extension)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119371614:00
brainwashbluesabre: yes, I think so too14:00
brainwashsome basic gui, only few switches, nothing fancy14:01
bluesabreochosi: dunno14:02
bluesabreideally not long14:02
bluesabrebut c/vala take 20x longer than a python gtk app14:02
bluesabreif we have any vala people in this channel, they could probably do it quickly14:02
ochosiyeah, i dunno, what settings would light-locker-settings even include?14:02
bluesabretimeout, enabled14:03
bluesabrelock on suspend/hibernate14:03
bluesabrey'know, the xscreensaver stuff, minus the screensaver14:03
ochosiwell for light-locker it'd also mean adding a settings-file14:04
bluesabreor using gsettings or something, but the config file would be best14:05
brainwashyou can enable locking on suspend via xfce4-session (it will call xflock4), and light-locker already does it automatically via dbus14:05
brainwashthis might confuse the user14:05
bluesabrejust things to consider14:06
ochosiyeah, i thought implementing one or two locker-settings in the greeter might mean less settings-duplication14:06
ochosiand it already has a settings-file, so..14:06
bluesabrebut that makes it a system-wide config14:09
ochosihmmm, true :/14:10
bluesabremaybe try to talk cavalier into it?14:11
bluesabreI'd do it, but obviously I've got a whole other list atm :)14:11
ochosiyeah, i knw14:11
ochosihumm humm14:12
ochosiwhat are you working on atm?14:12
bluesabrethen menulibre2.1 and mugshot14:12
bluesabrethen catfish14:12
bluesabreshould also do a parole release today14:13
bluesabrebut I can't compile it as is14:13
bluesabreneed to find a way to not die on deprecation warnings14:13
bluesabrefigure out where that flag is getting toggled14:13
ochosihmm :/14:16
ochosii'd really hate to see 0.5 in another LTS release...14:17
ochosidon't wanna keep supporting that foreever14:17
bluesabreI'm ready to make it 0.6 any time14:18
ochosiyeah, i think we should really consider that14:19
ochosii mean, doing a stable release soon14:19
bluesabreI think we're done adding features anyway14:19
ochosibut it doesn't help if it doesn't build with gtk3.10 :/14:19
bluesabreI'll try to work on that today too14:19
ochosiwell mostly wanting to add that menuitem14:20
ochosifor the docs14:20
ochosiand then it's release-ready i'd say14:20
bluesabresince you're not on trusty14:20
bluesabreplease try both commands:14:20
bluesabre./autogen.sh --enable-debug=full --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-gtk-doc --with-gstreamer=0.1014:21
bluesabre./autogen.sh --enable-debug=full --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-gtk-doc --with-gstreamer=1.014:21
bluesabreand make them both14:21
bluesabreto see if there are any build issues14:21
bluesabreyou can also 'make distcheck' too after that14:22
bluesabreif there are any issues, let's resolve those14:22
bluesabreotherwise, not quite release-ready :)14:25
ochosibluesabre: with-0.10 works fine, only docs warnings (which we already know about)14:41
ochosisame with 1.014:44
ochosiso on saucy / gtk3.8 everything is fine14:44
bluesabregreat, thanks14:44
bluesabreochosi: ok, it builds in trusty14:55
bluesabrejust not with enable-debug=full14:55
ochosiwe've had that one before...14:55
bluesabrebut since distcheck works, thats fine by me14:55
bluesabreI'll do a release tonight14:55
ochosiyup, we can fix that in 0.6.114:55
bluesabreget any fixes you want in now :)14:55
ochosibut don't forget to add the menuitem ;)14:55
ochosihehe, ok14:55
bluesabreif you can, please do ;)14:55
ochosigotta go to shop, bbiab14:56
bluesabrestill cleaning around here15:00
ochosibluesabre: so wait, the problem with compiling with enable-debug=full comes from the deprecated stuff and gtk3.10?15:19
brainwashochosi: what color does the selection rectangle have in thunar?15:23
ochosinot sure anymore15:23
ochosinothing we set in the theme though15:23
bluesabreochosi: yes15:24
bluesabreenable-debug=full turns on the fail on warning15:24
brainwashochosi: it's grey here, but blue in every other app15:25
bluesabreyeah, confirmed grey here too15:26
bluesabredidn't use to be that way :\15:26
brainwashthunar seems to ignore the color specified by the theme15:29
brainwashbug report time again15:30
bluesabreslickymaster: upgraded my wiki, you can use it without any concerns again :)15:43
sergio-br2hey ochosi, take a look at my elementary branch16:13
ochosihey sergio-br2 16:13
ochosiwhat will i see when i look there?16:13
sergio-br2i changed calculator and transmission icon, and initial 96 px release, and others stuff16:14
ochosiokeydokey, currently i'm re-setting up my laptop (new ssd, install trusty...) so it might take a bit16:15
ochosibut sounds great16:15
sergio-br2but it not ready yet, i'm doing revision in each thing i commit.16:15
sergio-br2ochosi, will you change trash icon? I remember that you talk of it. If not, i will put in places/9616:16
ochosisergio-br2: yeah, i'm still considering it, but haven't had the time to finish it16:22
ochosii mean i have a local proposal for it16:22
sergio-br2hum, ok, then i will wait16:23
ochosiyeah, no rush with that16:23
ochosithe trash is hardly ever visible in 96px ;)16:23
ochosi(hardly anyone puts their sidebar to that size i guess)16:23
ochosiok, gotta try to install trusty now, bbiab16:23
sergio-br2anyone, whisker-menu will be at trusty?16:24
ochosisergio-br2: yeah, it's planned16:49
ochosiok, installation of trusty daily went smoothly i have to admit16:50
bluesabrebah, merges are no fun17:00
ochosibluesabre: in bzr?17:00
bluesabredebian -> ubuntu17:00
ochosioh, mh17:01
bluesabreNoskcaj: let's wait on that sync, we'll be pushing 1.8 in a few days, which will get rid of some of the debian patches17:05
bluesabreochosi: let me know when you've added the menuitem to parole17:07
ochosibluesabre: still working on the migration to trusty..17:07
bluesabreno hurry :)17:07
ochosibut yeah, i'll try to look into it asap17:07
ochosibluesabre: contents-item added to the menu and pushed17:39
bluesabreochosi: great, thanks!17:39
ochosinp, wasn't too hard or time-consuming17:40
bluesabreI'll do the release today17:40
bluesabre0.6.0, right?17:40
ochosiyeah, i'd say we go for it17:40
ochosiunless there are bugs you wanna fix first17:40
bluesabreout of bugs that are easy to fix17:40
bluesabrewe'll get plenty of bug reports once this hits sid/trusty17:41
ochosii guess so17:41
ochosii think it's ready to go stable, we might have to do a 0.6.1 soon anyway ;)17:41
bluesabreor once an arch user picks it up :)17:41
ochosiand this way we at least get more testing17:41
sergio-br2ochosi, there is a pull request from Noskcaj in elementary, is somethin missing in his branch?17:49
ochosisergio-br2: can't remember to be frank :/17:50
ochosiit's been a long time since he submitted that17:51
ochosisergio-br2: feel free to check whether the icons are ok and work as expected17:54
ochosiif so, we can merge it17:54
sergio-br2hum, ok17:55
sergio-br2i will see17:55
ochositime to switch back to trusty...17:57
bluesabreochosi: parole 0.6.0 released18:12
bluesabrewant to ping Corsac about getting it into debian?18:12
ochosibluesabre: thanks, and done18:16
ochosiand i'm on trusty now, finally18:16
ochosistill gotta set up my dev-env, but i think i'll get there18:16
bluesabrethanks ochosi18:16
ochosithanks for doing the releases18:17
bluesabreyup, releases are easy so np18:17
ochosisergio-br2: started to look at your branch now. i think the calculator change can be fine, but i'd tone down the color of the number a bit. it's ok that it's readable, but it's not important, so it shouldn't be too much in the foreground19:01
ochositransmission also looks good, the changes seem very subtle to me, so i think you can pursue that19:06
ochosiapps/128/preferences-desktop-sound looks a bit too small for being in that folder :)19:08
bluesabre09:05  bluesabre: Noskcaj: let's wait on that sync, we'll be pushing 1.8 in a  few days, which will get rid of some of the debian patches19:10
Noskcajok, sounds good19:10
Noskcajplus that will be put in unstable rather than exp19:10
NoskcajFYI: gmusicbrowser's new version is now in unstable19:11
Noskcajand gthumb is in exp19:11
ochosinice, so gmb will hopefully be synced to ubuntu soon19:12
brainwashUnit193: new xfwm4 package from your PPA works fine here, according to elfy's feedback there might a problem with nvidia + open source driver19:25
Unit193Oh bah, always a problem with that.  drivers: nvidia (unloaded: fbdev,vesa,nouveau)  (though it's tad older.)19:26
brainwashI cannot test it with the nouveau driver, because I got no nvidia card at home :)19:27
brainwashUnit193: new patch for xfdesktop available https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1060519:29
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10605 in General "Desktop icons/labels are not properly themed after login" [Normal,New]19:29
brainwashthis time I'll test it locally, no need to abuse your PPA19:31
Unit193I'm planning on making a package, but not in PPA.19:32
brainwashfor your own use?19:33
Unit193Test it, yeah.  Whoever else might want to. :P19:33
brainwashsounds good19:34
sergio-br2ochosi, you mean, in what size of calculator?19:48
sergio-br2i forgot to resize the preferences-desktop-sound in 128... my bad19:49
sergio-br2i think i changed the calculator button color only in the small icons19:55
sergio-br2indeed, i have the right  preferences-desktop-sound 128 icon... but forgot to commit19:56
Noskcajbluesabre, Were there any dependency changes from parole 0.5.91 to 0.6.0?19:57
bluesabreNoskcaj: pretty sure there were not19:59
Noskcajthen i should be up to the nagging corsac for uploads stage of packageing in half an hour19:59
bluesabreoh, don't we already bugged him :)20:01
Noskcajbluesabre, As in, i just committed the packaging, it's in need of upload20:25
bluesabredo we sync parole from debian?20:26
Noskcajbluesabre, We would if corsac wasn't quite so against autoreconf. Or did you update the macros with this release?20:30
ochosisergio-br2: i looked mainly at the 48px version of the calculator when comparing current/proposed20:30
bluesabredidn't touch any of that20:30
NoskcajThe merge i guess20:30
ochosimeh, annoying bug in gtk3.10 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71090920:49
ubottuGnome bug 710909 in .General "Buttons are cut in some windows" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]20:49
ochosi(just in case anyone thinks of reporting this as a bug against greybird)20:49
ochosisergio-br2: btw, for your 96px icons to be actually used, the index.theme file has to be updated20:57
NoskcajWhen can we expect 512x icons? They are now part of hicolor ;)20:59
sergio-br21 or 2 icons in 512 px :D20:59
sergio-br2i will fix this ochosi, thanks21:01
ochosithing is, as long as icons aren't used anywhere in that size, it makes no sense to draw them21:01
ochosiother than that, i think your merge-request looks ok21:02
ochosigotta look at it a bit more, but then we can merge it in21:03
sergio-br2i will fix somethings, then you can merge21:04
sergio-br2elementary has a new package-x-generic mime, you saw?21:06
sergio-br2btw, i put labels to this package mime in 64 and 96 (zip, tar.gz...)21:06
ochosisergio-br2: yeah, saw it, maybe we should also do that for 128px then...21:16
ochosimimes are lots of work, because there are so many icons21:17
ochositook me a while to do all the 64px ones21:17
sergio-br2but i think i will merge this package update from elementary21:17
sergio-br2then i change it in 128. A lot of work...21:17
McLovinI just use gimp and then resize and save in the proper folders21:17
McLovinfor doing icons?21:19
ochosiyeah, but we work with svg21:19
McLovinthere has to be a way to do a batch job to take care of it21:19
NoskcajMcLovin, not really21:20
McLovinoh, svg you really don't have to change the size, as it resizes itself auto21:20
sergio-br2actually, it is not only resize... each size, is a different icon. You have to change many things, and see if it fits well in png21:22
McLovinwell, yeah, some icons do change depending on what it is21:23
McLovinbut I use png for icons that have to change with size21:23
ochosisergio-br2: weird, the package icon in elementary looks the same: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-2014-01-25-222332.php21:24
McLovinfor anything that is uniform in all sizes, I just set an svg, and I'm done with it21:24
sergio-br2no, there is a little change21:24
sergio-br2i get from launchpad, using bzr21:25
ochosime too21:25
sergio-br2you get the svg?21:26
sergio-br2in 48, it is a little different21:26
ochosiok, yeah, very subtle change21:29
ochosithey also have a new photoshop mime icon amongst others21:29
sergio-br2yeah, can see here21:31
ochosi(we don't even have that, i guess we could symlink it)21:31
sergio-br2you will merge this?21:31
sergio-br2btw, gimp opens photoshop files?21:32
ochosinot sure yet, if i have time, maybe21:32
ochosiyeah, gimp opens them21:32
sergio-br2the package mime, you like the color? I think we can merge the others detail, but stay with old color21:33
ochosii like that the shadow is less pronounced in the new version21:34
ochosii'm fine with staying with the old colors21:34
ochosialthough i don't think that ppl on average monitors will see much difference21:34
knomedoing really minor changes for downstream is a bit meh in general.21:37
ochosiyeah, i usually never do it21:38
ochosithe terminal icon was a bit of an exception21:38
ochosiknome, pleia2: since you both seem to be around, when would be good for you to do the wallpaper voting? or would you wanna do it now?21:38
knomei have time to do it today21:39
pleia2sure, now is fine21:39
knomeok, so give me some time21:39
knomein 20 mins?21:39
ochosisounds good21:39
knomeok, brb21:40
pleia2I need to look at them anyway :)21:40
pleia2omg there are like 4000 of them21:41
ochosihehe, not really21:41
brainwashochosi: you were right, trying to fix visual glitches in usc is really a waste of time :D21:41
pleia2ok, 165 :)21:41
ochosiknome took down the tarball of his server already...21:41
pleia2I gave you the link, if you need21:42
pleia2ah, this file includes the little ones too21:45
knomemy server? :)21:46
ochosiyup, you need to rm *250*21:46
knomeit was on pleia2's server!21:46
ochosiwell, anyhoo, i migrated to a new ssd and havent pulled everything along yet21:47
ochosibrainwash: yeah, it is... well unless you get in touch with upstream and make them fix it or submit patches21:48
* pleia2 votes for all the pink ones21:50
knomeshall we flood the channel, or create a temporary one?21:52
ochosicreate a temp i guess21:58
ochosisince i presume there might also be some casual discussion in between21:58
knomemy proposal is another channel, then pastebin the log (or create a new meeting minutes page) and paste the link to this channel21:58
knome(everybody is free to join of course)21:59
knomesee your invite, or the backlog22:15
sergio-br2ochosi, why places type in index.theme are fixed? The others like apps are scalable22:37
ochosisergio-br2: i'll get to it once the voting is over22:37
ochosisergio-br2: yeah, agreed, the index.theme should be revisited22:58
sergio-br2ok, i will do that22:59
ochosiwould be good to test how that affects apps22:59
ochosibest way to test is xfdesktop22:59
ochosibecause you can set the icon-size manually in 1px steps23:00
sergio-br2small icons are fixed type...23:03
ochosiyeah, that's ok23:03
ochosiyou can also check gnome23:03
ochosiwe don't want apps to scale e.g. toolbar icons23:04
ochosi(which they do, which is why they are fuzzy when you use the same theme in svg)23:04
ochosi(prominent example: inkscape)23:04
sergio-br2humm, ok23:04
sergio-br2but places 48, 64, 96, 128, are fixed too?23:05
ochosii know, that is something we can change i think23:06
ochosibut i'd like to test it23:06
ochosiusually apps don't use random icon-sizes23:06
ochosiso setting all to scalable isn't a great idea23:06
ochosiyou can also control icon-sizes with xsettings23:06
ochosiand if you just set them to some random size, you'll end up with fuzzy icons23:07
sergio-br2i included only 96 things.23:10
ochosisergio-br2: what do you mean exactly?23:18
sergio-br2included only 96 things in index.theme. Better not change the others :)23:18
ochosiok, i'll test how the desktop handles them and will update the index.theme23:19
ochosibluesabre: what does mugshot 0.2 do that 0.1 didn't?23:51
bluesabreochosi: gets accepted into debian is really the main feature23:52
ochosiwhy didn't 0.1?23:52
bluesabreother than than, python3 by default, help goes to url, etc23:52
bluesabrebasically the person that reviewed it hated the packaging23:52
ochosiok, i see23:53
bluesabreso, I've upgraded the packaging23:53
bluesabreand Noskcaj can now help :)23:53
NoskcajWill do23:53
bluesabreI'll have that release probably tonight23:54
bluesabreand menulibre-2.0.1 tomorrow23:54
bluesabrecatfish sometime this week23:54
bluesabregoing to be a productive time for me :)23:54
NoskcajAnd 14.04 will be a great release23:54
knomeit was always going to be!23:55
ochosiwhat's needed for catfish?23:55
bluesabrejust some minor updates to appease the debian folks23:55
knomean aquarium, and some food23:55
bluesabreNoskcaj: do you have the link to the debian issues?23:55
Noskcajone sec23:55
Noskcajplus https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/catfish23:56
Noskcajpexpect is a fairly big issue really23:56
bluesabreand now that python3-pexpect is available, we're in pretty good shape23:57
Unit193ochosi: xfwm 4.11.1 doesn't do it.23:58
* Unit193 back to tabwin.23:58
Noskcajyep, although i think i have some work to do on pexpect in debian23:58
ochosibluesabre: they all sound manageable, what icon-name are you using now btw?23:58
ochosiUnit193: :)23:58
bluesabreochosi: ?23:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 1258713 in catfish (Ubuntu) "Catfish crashing with gi._glib.GError: Icon 'camera-photo' not present in theme" [Undecided,New]23:59
Unit193ochosi: So you borked stuff?23:59
bluesabreyeah, thats fixed in trunk23:59
ochosiUnit193: what where who?23:59

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