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dunpealHi. I just installed 13.10 from USB. Installation was ostensibly successful, but when I try to boot the monitor just turns black. How do I debug this?00:46
Unit193!nomodeset | Perhaps this?00:47
ubottuPerhaps this?: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:47
dunpealUnit193: would that apply despite the LiveCD itself (Try Xubuntu) loading without issue?00:49
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Unit193dunpeal: I wouldn't think so, but may as well check it.  What happens if you remove the boot options  'quiet splash'  ?01:19
Unit193(It will give a lot more output, should hit on what's up.)01:20
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dunpealUnit193: it's not exactly a black screen.... It's like a terminal screen with a flashing cursor.01:31
dunpealwow, it doesn't look like the bootloader is loading at all01:31
Unit193Then this sounds like it's sitting at tty 7> with no X on that screen.01:31
dunpealI don't know what's going on :(01:31
Unit193Left Shift to show it during boot.01:32
dunpealther'es no tty prompt01:32
Unit193Blinking curser is what happens with the TTY's higher than 7 when X isn't on them.01:32
dunpealsomething is seriously messed up01:32
Unit193How new is this computer?01:32
dunpealUnit193: not sure what you mean?01:32
dunpealholding left shift doesn't do anything01:33
dunpealUnit193: it's pretty freaking new, it's a Lenovo S30 workstation01:33
dunpealmoi expensive01:33
Unit193So UEFI?  Amd64 install?01:33
dunpealyes and yes01:33
dunpealI had Xubuntu 13.04 installed on it before, and it worked01:34
dunpealnow I wiped the drive and installed 13.10, and got this01:34
Unit193When I installed on a UEFI computer once, I had to use that boot repair tool (nothing went wrong, part of the uefi instructions.)01:35
Unit193Did you see the UEFI guide?  I presume so since you had 13.04.01:35
dunpealUnit193: which guide?01:35
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:35
dunpealUnit193: do you mean this tool? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair01:36
Unit193Note, I've used/installed Linux on UEFI once, not my strong point.01:36
dunpealthe UEFI guide seems to basically boil down to "Run Boot Repair" for me01:37
Unit193Heh, yeah, noticed that? :P01:37
dunpealUnit193: I ran boot repair, did everything it asked, and Xubuntu still won't boot :(01:47
dunpealUnit193: this is the paste it gave me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6811800/01:48
Unit193"Please do not forget to make your BIOS boot on sda1/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi file"  At the top of the file it says /dev/sda has no MBR, does it after installing grub?  At the POSIX screen, should give you a boot option (likely where you selected your USB device), do you have an Ubuntu (or other interesting options.) there?01:54
* dunpeal checks01:57
dunpealUnit193: what's "POSIX screen"?01:58
Unit193s/POSIX/POST/  the thing that comes up and says "Dell" before booting.01:58
dunpealUnit193: no interesting options01:59
Unit193As I don't know UEFI -> #ubuntu ?02:00
dunpealUnit193: thanks... maybe I should just install in legacy mode?02:00
Unit193Unless you want to mess with UEFI, I would.02:01
dunpealUnit193: is there a good set of instructions about it somewhere?02:01
Unit193dunpeal: Not that I know of, I've been looking up some stuff but so far mainly geared towards QEMU because I have no hardware with it.02:02
dunpealUnit193: there's no file sda1/EFI02:02
dunpealit's an empty directory02:03
dunpealwhere do I get the file that's supposed to be at sda1/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi?02:04
Unit193Shim is for when Secure Boot is enabled.02:06
xubuntu509Hi :p02:09
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:11
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xubuntu824i have a problem with my xubuntu 12.04 while installing kmail04:12
holstein!info kmail04:12
ubottukmail (source: kdepim): full featured graphical email client. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.11.3-0ubuntu0.1 (saucy), package size 1302 kB, installed size 4770 kB04:12
holsteinxubuntu824: you have a problem withthe distro xubuntu 12.04 while installing the appplication kmail?04:13
xubuntu824yes i have a problem while istallig04:13
holsteinxubuntu824: feel free and share the problem here for one of the volunteers to look at04:13
xubuntu824it shows there are additional packages to be selected and doesnot install kmail04:14
holsteinxubuntu824: it? it is a package manager?04:14
xubuntu824yes i tried through synaptic package manager04:15
holsteinxubuntu824: how about this.. close everything managing packages.. open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kmail"04:15
Unit193Accept those packages and it'll install.04:15
holstein!paste | xubuntu824 share any errors04:15
ubottuxubuntu824 share any errors: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:15
xubuntu824k Mr.holstein i will check with the command you gave, and thanks for the reply as i m newbie to linux04:16
dunpealUnit193: btw, I installed in Legacy mode, and now it's booting without a hitch04:42
Unit193Yeep.  Nice to have it working, everything else good then?04:42
dunpealUnit193: so far, so good...04:48
heavyammoI have this issue with my Skype icon in the indicator plugin tray... I click on on it and instead of opening skype it shows the menu that you would see if you right clicked - Recent chats, all status changes etc. and  there is no way to open skype...09:08
heavyammoI need to quit and reopen skype so it pops up again09:08
heavyammoI tried using a desktop shortcut to Skype but it tries to open another instance, so it doesn't work09:16
Unit193Normally the top choice is "Activate"09:17
heavyammoMine is Recent chats09:17
Unit193Click and hold, or just click?09:21
heavyammoDouble click, any click, it's always that right click menu09:24
heavyammoand if I right click I get the Indicator plugin menu Move, Remove, Panel09:24
heavyammoI used this guide to make it start in the first place09:26
ethermonkuse pidgin?09:52
ethermonkinstall all the add ons like skype09:52
baizonpidgin can use the skype protocol?09:56
Unit193Using Skype's API, so have to have both open.09:56
baizondidn't know that, thats nice :)09:57
baizona ok, but that isn't a good solution :/09:57
ezrhinohello. can anyone help me with this screen image? http://imgur.com/ekTD0Ef   the font is all wrong and i dont know the default font name to try setting it back10:40
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade13:31
manjarouserhi, how can i check system info and which video drivers free or proprietary are in use in therminal in xubuntu?13:52
bekkslspci -k13:52
manjarousercould xubuntu run ok with GPU Nvidia Vanta 16 MB ?13:53
koegswhy not :)14:51
itsme_I like to use my printer/scanner on my new machine with adapter (bidirectional parallel/usb). Which cable should I buy15:09
misugihi all16:13
misugiis there someone?16:13
misugii've problem with my xubuntu16:14
misugiaudio is very low16:14
baizonthere is always someone here :)16:15
baizonjust ask your question :)16:15
misugithank you :)16:15
misugii've just istalled xubuntu16:16
misugibut audio is very very low16:16
misugii've tried with alsamixer to increase volume but nothing16:16
misugino results16:16
baizonmisugi: have you tried pavucontrol?16:17
starratsIs all your audio turned on?16:17
starratsmy xubuntu works fine just listened to youtube.16:17
misugibaizon i'm not so much expert...what i should do in order to try pavucontrol?16:18
baizonmisugi: install it :)16:18
misugiyes starrats all is on and to the top of power16:19
baizonmisugi: with that tool you can configure pulseaudio16:20
baizonthat should help16:20
starratsah okay, I have made that error myself not realizing my speakers were off and volume was low.16:20
baizonstarrats: :)16:22
starratsjust saying, you get all excited about something and you forget a few things, lol!16:23
misugibaizon...i search pavucontrol in software center but pavucontrol and pulseaudio are the same thing?...I tried even with pulseaudio but nothing...there is the movement of the audio(I don't know how to say) but i can hear sound only with speaker next to my ear16:24
baizonmisugi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio16:26
misugino result16:33
misugii've reset pulseaudio user configuration but now it doesn't show me even the audio bar that increase and decrease16:34
baizonmisugi: which version?16:36
baizonof xubuntu i mean16:36
misugilast one 13.1016:38
baizonmisugi: http://askubuntu.com/questions/360806/volume-indicator-issue-after-xubuntu-13-10-upgrade16:41
baizonits a known bug16:41
misugii try...thank you very much...hope this will fix it16:47
misugibut i have only update?16:47
burningzoulhello everybody , who can help me a little bit with a xubuntu install?17:44
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netrickhow can I have "adwaita" theme in xubuntu? I think it's one of xfce default themes, it is available in almost every xfce distro. Unfortunately it's not present in xubuntu, is there any way I can install adwaita gtk theme in xubuntu?20:42
poeticrpmnetrick: download it from the web, unpack it, place the adwaita folder in ~/.themes, then launch appearance settings and select it. You might need to restart X for everything to take effect20:44
poeticrpmnetrick, I need to use lxappearance to set the theme for some strange reason, but im on Arch for now. Something to keep in mind if the above doesnt work20:45
netrickpoeticrpm: okay, I understand, however I can't find adwaita theme on the web... only modified versions of adwaita, but I cant find orginal adwaita. Do you know maybe where can  I download it?20:46
poeticrpmnetrick, good one. I cant find it either. Hold on20:49
netrickI downloaded xfce source but there is only source code, no themes... Maybe it's included with gnome?20:50
netrickupdate - I found themes in xfce source (there in xfce-gtk-manager archive), but there is no adwaita... so adwaita doesnt ship with xfce. However most distros do have adwaita on xfce (like fedora or manjaro)20:52
Sysiadwaita is gnome default theme20:54
netrickis it default for gnome3 as well?20:54
Sysidefault since gnome320:54
netrickSo I will download gnome3 source and most likely adwaita should be there20:54
poeticrpmnetrick, https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=7501820:55
poeticrpmI know its for Arch, but it gives you a link. Does that link take you to the source or give you an error?20:55
netrickerror :/20:56
poeticrpmI built a package for you, but now I cant find a place to host it20:56
netrickhmm lemme look for a host20:56
netrickcould you try uploading it there?20:57
Sysiit might not work without adwaita theme engine20:57
poeticrpmnetrick, http://www.sendspace.com/file/gujmd020:59
netrickadwaita is for sure portable to xfce, maybe it will work with just theme files20:59
netrickthank you!20:59
poeticrpmnetrick: the sizes are different on my disk vs what it shows on the site. Double check to make sure its all there21:00
poeticrpmand Sysi is prolly right... the theme I use doesnt need an "engine" beyond the one I had21:01
poeticrpmnetrick, let me know if it works21:01
netrickgive me a second21:01
netrickworks like a charm! big thanks!21:04
poeticrpmnetrick, awesome21:04
netrickadwaita is my favourite theme and I really wanted to use it with xubuntu21:04
poeticrpmSysi, LOL21:05
Sysimight need this too https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+files/gnome-themes-standard-data_3.10.0-0ubuntu1~saucy1_all.deb21:05
Sysibut if you got it, nice21:05
netrickwow, .deb package, thank you as well Sysi21:05
netrickthank you both for help again.21:09
poeticrpmnetrick, np- save both in case of new install lol21:13
netrickyea, I saved both on pendrive21:17
z4nD4Rhi all. :)23:16
soshiHi all, can anyone suggest a place to get started for setting up remote access into xubuntu from Windows?23:17
z4nD4Rsoshi: remote access means what? ssh? nfs? samba? vnc?23:18
soshiI don't have anything currently set up, I am looking for the best place to start googling23:18
z4nD4Rsoshi: so maybe it'll be good to start with answer to my question :)23:19
kRushfirst figure out what kind of access you want23:19
soshiapologies, I think VNC is what I want? I'm looking for a full desktop remote control23:19
soshinot just a command line23:19
kRushI've only ever used nxclient for that, works fine. no idea how much of a pain it is to set up the server side tough23:24
z4nD4Rthere are many ways how to accomplish this... ssh with x11 option, vnc server...23:25
soshiz4nd4r, I will look into the different types of connection. Since I don't know much, I was looking for a good starting point. Thank you23:33
z4nD4Rsoshi: not at all.. :)23:35
z4nD4RAll, are you using a conky? If yes, show some, I need inspiration..23:35

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